• Acrylic Medal

Acrylic Medal

Weprofab is a skilled expert on manufacturing acrylic medals. In the manufacturing process, we make molding acrylic substances to successfully form favorable acrylic medals. We do acrylic extrusions, machining, thermoforming, cutting, etc. These are the processes to produce durable quality acrylic medals. When you are finding fitted finishes and asking for assistance, we appoint active staff to do the task.

Get WeProFab Acrylic Medal to Delight Your Customers

Since then, we are determined and engaged in serving necessary assistance for customers. And as skillful manufacturing institution, we do custom and tailoring every customer product demands. Here are some of the offered products.

Acrylic Glass Medal

Weprofab produces acrylic glass medals in unique and customized designs. These just prove how powerful Weprofab is when does manufacturing activities.

Acrylic Medal manufacturer

If you do searching perfect manufacturer to give you suited performances, Weprofab can do versatile production skills. Weprofab able to serve you quality services you need.

Custom Acrylic Medal

A custom acrylic medal that is offered by Weprofab is available with different shapes and configuration styles. You can choose perfectly designed and custom acrylic medals with cheaper prices.

Laser cut Acrylic Medal

When you are looking for a laser-cut acrylic medal with tough standards, there`s a lot of offers here. We did acrylic molding to produce this nice and elegant finishes.

Personalized Printed Acrylic Medal

We make personalized printing for an acrylic medal also. We based upon your demands on what to print in these products. These are consist of unfaded letters, symbols, images, and logos.

Sport Acrylic Medal

Weprofab also manufactures sport acrylic-made medals. The most common medal used for awarding in sports contests and events. Useful for having great business capacities.

WeProFab: Your Leading Acrylic Medal Manufacturer

Weprofab is trustworthy manufacturing institution group whose integrated with Chinese local factory manufacturer and WeeTect Material Limited. Weprofab handles the different state of manufacturing performances, give sufficient services in relates to manufacturing.

All of our acrylic medals are dustproof, easy-to-handle, UV protected, etc. We can support the manufacturing of all desired production designs. We, as your trusted manufacturer and distributor promising good quality finishes supporting your next projects.

To have the support you need, Weprofab is ready to help you.

Custom Acrylic Medal to Skyrocket Your Brand

Acrylic Medal frames

Acrylic medal frames are fabricated into the highest level of durability. When wanting the frames, we serve complete designs.

Classic plain Acrylic Medal

Weprofab wants to grab the opportunity to work with you. So, when you necessarily need classic plain acrylic medals, talk to us and expect effective solution you need.

Acrylic Medal Box

Our acrylic box for medals is fabricated long-lasting. Helps your acrylic medals be protected from any harms probably occurs.

Acrylic Trophy Crystal Medal

Weprofab Acrylic Trophy Crystal Medal features a custom size and logo. It has a 4mm thickness and is excellent for movement medals used.

Transparent Acrylic Marathon Medal

Weprofab Transparent Acrylic Marathon Medal is an antique imitation style perfect for sports themes. It is also ideal for souvenir use.

Custom Acrylic Kids Medal

Weprofab Custom Acrylic Kids Medal can be 2D or 3D style. It may be hollowed out in a circular form with metal texture, baking paint coloring procedure for bright color.

OEM Blank Acrylic Medal Trophy

Weprofab OEM Blank Acrylic Medal Trophy typically has a thickness of 1.8mm to 5mm. It also features different surfaces such as soft enamel, printed, synthetic enamel, hard enamel, etc.

Souvenir Sports Acrylic Medal

Weprofab Souvenir Sports Acrylic Medal is engraving and antique imitation style. It is perfect for holiday gift and decoration use.

Round Blank Acrylic Medal

Weprofab Round Blank Acrylic Medal features thickness from mm to 5mm thickness. It is a sports medal style that has lead-free material.

Blank Military Acrylic Medal

Weprofab Blank Military Acrylic Medal has a matte or mirror with a 2D or 3D effect. It features a gold, nickel, silver, and other antique finish.

Marathon Acrylic Medal with Ribbon

Weprofab Marathon Acrylic Medal with Ribbon is a round shape medal with gold, silver, or copper plating. It is ideal for back-to-school occasions.

Transparent Small Acrylic Medal Display Box

Weprofab Transparent Small Acrylic Medal Display Box is ideal for exhibition usage and sports and games; thank you gifts. It features a laser engraving and silk printing logo.

Custom Sports Acrylic Medal

Weprofab Custom Sports Acrylic Medal is an antique imitation style ideal for patriotism theme. It has a polished technique and is gold-plated.

Marathon Awards Acrylic Medal

Weprofab Marathon Awards Acrylic Medal is an art and collectible used. It features different shapes such as 3D, 2D, full 3D, double side, or single side.

Honor Glory Acrylic Medal

Weprofab Honor Glory Acrylic Medal is 2D, 3D, flat, double side, and single side shapes. It also features a ribbon and medal box attachment.

Crystal Acrylic Medal with Case Frame

Weprofab Crystal Acrylic Medal with Case Frame features customized sizes and 2.5mm to 10mm thickness. It is ideal for promotional gift or souvenir item usage.

Personalized Acrylic Sports Medal

Weprofab Personalized Acrylic Sports Medal has a soft enamel, printing with epoxy coating, and hard enamel color. It can also be a folk art and customized style.

Body Building Carnival Acrylic Medal

Weprofab Body Building Carnival Acrylic Medal is a folk art style ideal for promotional gifts usage. It features a custom color, size, shape, and logo.

Custom Wooden Acrylic Crystal Medal

Weprofab Custom Wooden Acrylic Crystal Medal is a folk art style that is great for sports themes. It features a casting technique with die casting or die-struck process.

Custom Souvenir Acrylic Medal

Weprofab Custom Souvenir Acrylic Medal features gold, silver, and bronze plating. It also features a ribbon rope neck lanyard with free designs.

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Why Choose WeProFab Acrylic Medal

Weprofab acrylic medal is manufacture stylish-formed.

Excellently manufacture for business specifications. It comes from the top quality materials that include acrylics.

One top product used for some honoring activities which occasional.

Acrylic materials used are not pricey, though, these are offered low priced.

That is why we made quality medals highly originated from acrylic materials.

The acrylic medal is featured with wider type selections. These are speedily designed through our advanced and improved high-tech types of machinery.

Acrylic Medal

Faster manufacturing has been operated for your quick necessities.

Acrylic medals can be personalized into different figures and measurements as well.

We produce medals from acrylic substances to meet your low budget.

In general, acrylic medals are used and only received when someone wins over the battle.

These are used at talent shows, in which the winner only received elegant-appealed medals. That is made actually from acrylic substances.

All acrylic medals are elegant to glance, that’s the reason why several people prefer medals made completely from acrylics.

A suitable metal type for sports contest, corporate awarding ceremonies, and talent shows of course.

Acrylic Medal

Since it`s cheaper, it is also with general usage which makes it special.

You will find wide product ranges here at Weprofab.

Acrylic medals with required precisions are available here. We accommodate all your budgets and measurements required.

We also offer acrylic medals with free logo prints and texts. Just add variable prices.

These special services are offered to all interested clients across the globe.

We also highly consider your own layout designs for specific acrylic medals designs.

We have the full capability to follow each drawing instructions to produce an unexpected composition of acrylic medals.

Weprofab acrylic medals excel the appearance oppositions, longevity, and cost offers.

These are commonly used by some companies or known groups to have well-arranged and customized acrylic medals.

Acrylic Medal

Weprofab continues supplying the global needs of acrylic medals.

We manufacture your acrylic medals and deliver it into your warehouse places excellently.

With our powerful strength in manufacturing, you will experience good quality services.

We customized and personalized all incorporated acrylic-made medals.

Your desired designs, we are ready to manufacture that totally in time schedules.

We, Weprofab an original source of plastic nor acrylic made medals. We are specifically located in China.

But then offers loyal services throughout global fabricating needs. We are masters in any manufacturing system.

For your rush orders, we definitely provide rush services as well.

When searching for an effective solution for quality-made acrylic medals, we are here consistently.

Contact now for orders and delivery.

Acrylic Medal: The Ultimate FAQ Guide

Today’s guide has answers to all questions you have about acrylic medals.

Probably, you want to know the benefits, custom options, colors, engraving techniques, manufacturing process or printing options.

All the answers are all here.

Let’s take a look:

What is Acrylic Medal?

Acrylic medal refers to a small portable thermoplastic artistic object that bears a description designed to commemorate a particular event or award as a distinction to different individuals.

In most instances, the acrylic medals typically have a commemorative purpose.

Acrylic medal

Acrylic medal

What are the Benefits of Acrylic Medal?

  1. It is relatively easy to customize acrylic medal hence making it more upscale and adding value to the recipient.
  2. It is a piece of artwork. Therefore, it helps in enhancing creativity, especially when crafting and engraving elements in customized acrylic medals.
  3. This piece is quite durable, which allows the user to keep and have it for the longest time possible, thus serving as memorabilia.
  4. It is an ideal way of increasing professionalism, thus playing an important role is brand positioning, particularly for corporates.
  5. Customized acrylic medals also enable the participants to distinguish your event from others.
  6. Acrylic medals also make it possible for you to communicate the precise message that you would wish other people to know.

How can you Order for Acrylic Medal?

If you are ordering from WeProFab, then it is quite simple.

You can choose to contact us via the website and fill the form accordingly.

We have representatives who will get back to you within the shortest time possible and work on your order too.

The other approach is by sending an email to the supplier.

In such emails, you’ll need to provide precise, all the nitty-gritty pertaining to the acrylic medal order.

And the other method that you can opt for is making a telephone call.

This is arguably the fastest approach that you can use to make your order.

We have several sales personnel that will always ensure that they take, pre-book, and supply your order.

Can you get Customized Acrylic Medals?


In fact, most acrylic medals are often customized to meet the specific requirements for a particular purpose.

Depending on your supplier, you can always provide prototypes for your acrylic medals.

In other instances, the supplier can decide to offer pre-existing samples for you to choose from or modify.

Custom acrylic medal

Custom acrylic medal

What Color Options are available for Acrylic Medal?

It is available in a wide range of colors.

What happens is that acrylic material always comes in clear, colored, or multicolored shades.

So you can decide the specific shade that you deem ideal for your acrylic medals.

And the good thing with this is that it makes it possible for you to have many options on the table as far as color shade is concerned.

What are Acrylic Medals used for?

i. To reward employees who have demonstrated outstanding performance as far as specific aspects are concerned in a corporate setting.

This acts as an ideal approach for celebrating their efforts and input as well as appreciating their performance.

ii. To appreciate customers, suppliers, shareholders, and other stakeholders for their specific incredible contributions to the sustainability and success of the business.

iii. To reward learners, teachers, heads of departments, and other stakeholders in a learning institution setting for excellent performance in a particular area.

It could top performance in a learning area or co-curriculum activity.

iv. To honor top athletes who have displayed exemplary performance in a particular sporting area. For example, athletics, swimming, tennis, soccer, taekwondo, and volleyball, among others.

Can you Engrave Acrylic Medal?

Most definitely.

Most acrylic medals are always engraved as a technique of inscribing the texts, logos, or graphics on the surface.

And several engraving methods are always available for acrylic medals.

For example, you can choose to go for rotary engraving, CNC engraving, hand engraving as well as laser engraving.

Engraving is one of the best ways that you can use to customize acrylic medals, especially if you want to inscribe the marks permanently.

You should, however, ensure that you have the relevant tools and expertise in whichever method you decide to go for.

What is the Best Size for Acrylic Medal?

Personalized acrylic medal

Personalized acrylic medal

The ideal size for acrylic medal is dependent on its actual shape, and you can make this type of medal of any size.

What happens in most instances is, the size for acrylic medals of different shapes is usually determined by the highest or widest points.

That notwithstanding, it would vital to understand that for the standard shapes that are commonly used, the diameter should be between 40mm and 70mm.

Acrylic Medals come in Which Shapes?

They come in a wide range of shapes and designs.

What happens in most instances is that people always opt or shapes that match the logo or brand of the organization or institution.

And that is vital because it helps in making the medal more upscale.

It also enables the recipient to appreciate the value and reward.

A fact, nonetheless, is that the acrylic medal can make utterly any form or shape that you’d desire to have.

And this is reinforced by the fact that it is quite easier to fabricate or mold acrylic material to attain any shape.

Generally, though, there are typical shapes that are often available, which you can as well decide to pick for your acrylic medal.

Some of these shapes include the following;

  • Hexagon
  • Oval
  • Circle
  • Square
  • Triangle
  • Drop
  • Abstract
  • Star
  • Heart
  • Diamond
  • Rectangle

Are Acrylic Medals Impact Resistant?

Most definitely!

These medals are made from acrylic material, which naturally is strong.

Ideally, the molecules that make up this material are quite sturdy.

This enables it to be resistant to any impact, even high intensive pressure.

And this explains why in most instances, it is always difficult to break the acrylic medals, whether accidental or deliberate.

How do you Manufacture Acrylic Medals?


You can use a wide range of techniques, but the perfect method is dependent on the tools and equipment that you are using.

But primarily, it starts with cutting an acrylic panel into smaller parts, depending on the dimension or size of your preferred acrylic medals.

On many occasions, manufacturers use a prototype to reduce the acrylic sheet into the required sizes of this item.

Then you move on to engraving as well as incorporating the other add-on features on each acrylic medal.

And this is often preferred if you are producing a large number of these medals at once.

Once you are done with this, you can choose to do the necessary finishing.

And the type of finishing, in this case, is dependent on your preferences.

If you are using clear acrylic, you might need to incorporate anti-scratch film to prevent it from abrasive materials that would easily create unpleasant marks on the surfaces.

Once everything is set, you can have your acrylic medal in place.

Also, remember that you can make a homemade acrylic medal if at all, you have all the necessary equipment, tools, and materials. It is quite a simple process.

Is there Plastic Material that can Replace Acrylic Medal?

Absolutely yes!

Several thermoplastics can be used to make medals. However, it is the only polycarbonate that provides something close to what acrylic offers.

What happens is that polycarbonate and acrylic materials tend to share quite a lot of features.

And it the reason it would be wise to consider choosing polycarbonate when thinking of substituting acrylic.

Just like acrylic, polycarbonate can make lightweight medals.

The weight of both these materials is almost the same, although polycarbonate is more lightweight.

You can as well fabricate polycarbonate material using different techniques to mold a medal that suits your requirements.

And since medals mostly come customized, this material would then be a suitable replacement for acrylic, if need be.

Polycarbonate is also stronger, more than acrylic.

It thus implies that you can use it to make durable medals that are impact-resistant and cannot break or shatter.

What’s more is that polycarbonate also has better resistance to several elements such as extreme temperatures, weatherability, and has great dimensional stability.

And most importantly, polycarbonate material has high optical clarity, even better than acrylic.

It allows light transmission of up to 94% compared to acrylic’s 92%.

It thus shows why it would make ideal medals with shiny and clear surfaces.

How do you Print on Acrylic Medal?

Generally, it depends on what you are actually printing.

You can print photos, texts or graphics on the acrylic medal.

Ideally, you can use several techniques to print any of the above on your acrylic medal.

However, the most commonly used method for attaining this is through laser printing.

The first step, in this case, is sending the image, logo, or graphic document from the particular computer machine to the laser printer for processing.

The cleaning follows as a second step.

It merely involves removal or previous printing task and, at the same time, preparing the photosensitive drum the new print task.

Cleaning is an electrical and physical process altogether.

Acrylic award

Acrylic award

After cleaning, you get to conditioning.

It entails applying a negative charge to the drum unit and the acrylic through the transfer roller.

The essence of using the negative charge to the acrylic is to enable the transfer of the image electrostatically to the page.

It is then followed by exposing the image to the laser beam and then developing.

In developing, you apply toner to the latent image on the drum, and then you transfer it.

Transferring essentially entails applying a positive charge to the acrylic.

So the image is transferred to the acrylic surface, but it still maintains the position due to a positive charge.

Then the final step in this process is fusing.

It is where heat and pressure are applied to the toner, thus enabling it to generate permanent bond.

Also, it is this permanent bond that is then printed on the acrylic medal.

It is quite an intensive and complex process.

However, it yields best results, with high precision within the shortest time possible.

Are there Quality Standards for Acrylic Medal?

Absolutely yes!

The quality standards for acrylic medals are stipulated by a wide range of agencies, both national and international.

Each standard has its specifications in as far as the quality of this item is concerned.

  1. ISO 9001 – It refers to an international standard that outlines the specific requirements for suppliers to demonstrate ability to produce high-quality products.

This quality standard is vital in acrylic medal because it enforces consistency in the production of products that meet the regulatory and customer requirements.

  1. ASTM – It refers to an international standard agency that develops and publishes voluntary consensus standards for different types of products.

It intends to address and establish standards that would higher quality products, including acrylic medal.

  1. UL – It refers to an official quality agency that mainly deals with setting different standards and tests for product categories to ensure they meet the safety requirements.
  2. CE – This is a quality standard mark, which indicates that the specific product conforms to all the necessary safety, environmental, and health protection standards.

Acrylic Medal vs. Glass Medal; How do they compare?

Glass awards

Glass awards

These two materials, glass, and acrylic are commonly used in making different types of medals.

However, they tend to have a few comparisons, which include the following;

The acrylic medal is somewhat lightweight compared to glass medal.

Again, the former is about half the weight of the latter.

The other comparison is that acrylic medal is more durable than glass medal.

This, of course, is quite obvious because acrylic is generally a stronger material, about 17 times more than glass.

It thus explains why acrylic medal does not break easily compared to glass.

Also, it indicates why acrylic medal is shatterproof compared to glass, which easily shatters upon impact.

It is relatively easier to fabricate acrylic medal compared to glass medal.

Of essence, it is the reason you can customize the former to come up with different designs compared to glass medal.

Acrylic medal has excellent resistance to a wide range of elements.

For example, it can withstand extreme temperatures without breaking or deforming; it can resist UV rays and has ideal dimensional stability.

On the other hand, glass material has a relatively low resistance to elements such as extreme temperatures and UV resistance, among others.

Another ideal comparison is that acrylic medal is more transparent than a glass medal.

In fact, acrylic has a higher optical clarity since it allows up to about 92% of light to pass through it.

Glass medal, on the contrary, is also clear but can’t match the clarity displayed by acrylic medal.

Additionally, in as much as it is a hardy material, acrylic medal has a softer surface compared to glass medal.

This makes it more susceptible to scratches from abrasive elements, which can compromise its appearance and quality.

Glass medal, on the other hand, has a hard surface, which makes it more resistant to scratches compared to acrylic medal.

Do Acrylic Medals Discolor over time?

It depends on how they are stored and the prevailing conditions that they are exposed to.

In essence, if you expose them to direct sunlight for a prolonged period, they tend to show some signs of discoloration.

What often happens is that the ultraviolet rays usually weaken the molecules that make up the acrylic medals.

And once they become weak, the medal starts to lose its clarity gradually.

However, if you keep the medals in ideal places as recommended, they will never discolor, irrespective of how many years they last.

How do choose Acrylic Medal?

When choosing acrylic medal, it is always vital to ensure that you look into a number of factors.

Such factors allow you to get medals that suit your wide-ranging requirements. Some of these elements include the following;

You have to consider the design of the specific acrylic medal when purchasing it.

Of course, they are available in various designs, which also makes it possible for you to attain an ideal one based on your needs.

It is also necessary to look into the purpose of this type of accolade.

In essence, different activities or events would require different types of acrylic medal.

Therefore, ensure that you find out the intent of the event to allow you to choose medals that befit the same.

The budget that you are working on is another fundamental aspect when it comes to choosing acrylic medal.

It is what determines the type, quality as well as quantity that you will get when buying this particular item.

The possible customization needs are another ideal element that enables you to choose acrylic medal.

Often, most of these medals are customizes, to ensure that the recipients get attachment and value of the same.

Therefore, it would always be essential to ensure that you look into this particular element.

Is Acrylic Medal Scratch Resistant?

Scratch resistant acrylic medal

 Scratch resistant acrylic medal

Generally, acrylic is always sensitive to scratch, especially when rubbed against relatively abrasive elements.

It thus means that any slight abrasion would certainly, scratch the surface and create a few marks on it.

However, it would also be essential to understand that acrylic can be resistant to scratch if the surface is coated with anti-scratch surface treatment.

This surface coating makes it possible for it to prevent the surface from such scratches even when rubbed against abrasive components.

How much does Acrylic Medal Cost?

The cost of acrylic medal often varies depending on numerous factors.

In most cases, you’ll find the design of these items is a fundamental determinant of its cost.

Primarily, the customization needs for your acrylic medal and other preferred add-on features will determine the price.

In some instances, the MOQ  is also a significant factor when it comes to cost of acrylic medal.

Some suppliers will offer better deals if you order for more quantity than less.

Furthermore, your location also defines the amount you’ll spend to acquire this item.

If you’re importing the acrylic medals from China, let’s say to overseas countries, the shipping and related tax costs will inflate your cost.

And most importantly, it is the specific brand that you are buying.

Different suppliers often price their products differently, depending on many prevailing elements.

Is there MOQ for Acrylic Medal?

It depends with the supplier that you are sourcing this item from.

For example, at WeProFab, we often provide a flexible MOQ that would suit your business demands.

We do this since we understand that different businesses have different capacities. Therefore, it would be unreasonable to limit the MOQ.

I hope you learnt a lot about acrylic medals from this guide.

At WeProFab, we offer cost competitive and custom acrylic medals that can boost your business.

So, whether you need acrylic medal or you would like to learn more about these accessories; contact us today.

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