• Acrylic Menu Holder

Acrylic Menu Holder

Looking for an acrylic menu holder that matches your business needs? WeProFab has a solution for that. We produce an acrylic menu holder to suits your demand. We have plenty of types on our acrylic menu holder you can choose that perfect for your business progression. Message us now!

Get WeProFab Acrylic Menu Holder to Delight Your Customers

We fabricated plenty of types in our acrylic menu holder that suits your types of business and demand. You can free to choose what’s best and needs for your business.

Clear Acrylic Menu Holder

Our clear acrylic menu holder provides a superior quality stand that can be used to place graphics and menus around.

Counter Acrylic Menu Holder Display

It displays brochures, magazines, leaflets, and information sheets impressively. It can create a polished display and look attractive.

Custom Acrylic Menu Holder

WeProFab accepts custom-make for your acrylic menu holder and we can assure you to have satisfaction since we produce your acrylic menu holder based in your designs.

Flexible Acrylic Menu Holder

Our acrylic menu holder can be flexible to produce applications for a variety of different display stands. It can acquire different shapes and it can be either square or rounded corners.

Handheld Acrylic Menu Holder

WeProFab handheld acrylic holder can be hand carry and lightweight. It is accessible in high-quality, durable, and low cost.

Waterproof Acrylic Menu Holder

Using our waterproof acrylic menu holder you can assure that your menu will be protected from food spills, waters, and other common damages.

WeProFab: Your Leading Acrylic Menu Holder Manufacturer

WeProFab is one of the entrusting acrylic fabricators in China and we provide you a one-stop-shop. We can offer you lots of types on our acrylic menu holder and you can either customize or choose the finished acrylic menu holder products we have. Our acrylic menu holder can be ideal for all types of businesses that you operate.

We guarantee our dear customer’s to have satisfaction with our products since it is made of quality 100% acrylic material. It can be obtainable in high-quality, very durability, and affordable cost. As we are an ISO 9001 certified, we can manage and control the quality of our products before delivering them to you.

Need some information about our acrylic menu holder? Contact us now!

Custom Acrylic Menu Holder to Expand Your Brand

Advertising Acrylic Menu Holder

Using our advertising acrylic menu holder, it has an excellent way to get attention when you advertise something.

Flip Acrylic Menu Holder

It stands nicely and a suitable display for your drink list and weekly specials. We can custom your order affordable according to features.

L Shaped Acrylic Menu Holder

If having L shaped is your desire for your acrylic menu holder, WeProFab can be your best option for that.

Table Stand Acrylic Menu Holder

It is ideal for all types of businesses since it can stand free standing and very tough.

Triangle Acrylic Menu Holder

If you wanted to have a triangle shape for your acrylic menu holder, you can free to message us now.

Black Acrylic Card Menu Holders

Black acrylic card menu holders are useful in stores, exhibitions, and supermarkets. Highly made from environmentally acrylic materials.

Mini Acrylic Menu Stand Holders

Mini acrylic menu stand holders have achieved excellent weather resistance, perfect overall performance, and are free from toxic or harmful substances.

Acrylic Menu Holders with Gold Boarders

Acrylic menu holders with gold borders can be customized to any detail depending on the customer’s requests. It can be printed with a logo and graphic design.

Table Slanted Acrylic Menu Holders

Table slanted acrylic menu holders have a fashionable and elegant design. It has consisted of high hardness, a strong surface, and high transparency.

Acrylic Restaurant Menu Holders

Acrylic restaurant menu holder is versatile and serves a lot of purposes. They can stand themselves on any table, desktop, or flat surface.

Acrylic Double-Sided Menu Holders

Acrylic double-sided menu holders are clear, durable, and have good resilience. Achieve a smooth corner, long lifespan, and other good properties.

Acrylic Menu Holder Rack

The acrylic menu holder rack has good visibility, allowing you to conveniently see the menu’s content. Perfect for restaurants, lobbies, and other applications.

Acrylic Menu Holder with Wooden Base

Acrylic menu holder with wooden base stands upright and sturdy. Available in different dimensions and comes with professional looking.

Solid Acrylic Menu Holder

Solid acrylic menu holder is easy to insert menu information. It won’t slip, scratch, and leak easily. Offered at affordable and friendly rates.

Rectangular Acrylic Menu Holder

The rectangular acrylic menu holder is lighter in weight, easy to carry, and comfortable to touch. They are much stronger than other materials.

Acrylic Book Style Menu Holder

Acrylic book style menu holder has perfect polished edges. Great for displaying menus, and counter-advertising. A wide range of measurements is available.

10mm Acrylic Menu Holder

10mm acrylic menu holder offers convenient usage and is easy to clean. It keeps the menu safe and presentable even it is used oftentimes.

Single Sided Acrylic Menu Holder

Single-sided acrylic menu holder is good for displaying brochures, menus, and more—one of the functional devices in restaurants, reception areas, and airports.

Acrylic Desk Menu Holder

The acrylic desk menu holder has a simple yet elegant design. Ideal for prices promotion, item promotion, and so on. It can be customized according to your specifications.

Free-Standing Acrylic Menu Holder

Free-standing acrylic menu holder is suitable for tabletop and buffet display labeling. Can be positioned in landscape or portrait.

Square Acrylic Menu Holder

Square acrylic menu holder features a square prism shape and consists of 4 sides viewing. Offers an excellent displaying menu solution.

Acrylic Cross Menu Holder

Acrylic cross menu holder has a cross-shaped and vertical orientation. It is designed for quad-side viewing that is great for restaurants and coffee centers.

Acrylic Menu Holder Base

Acrylic menu holder base is extremely durable and reliable. The base creates an excellent and secure grip to show the menu’s information.

3-Sided Acrylic Menu Holder

3-sided acrylic menu holder enables you to view the menus on 3 sides. It is made from safe and non-toxic materials ensuring healthy performance.

Promotional Acrylic Menu Holder

Promotional acrylic menu holder is a popular device in most commercial industries. The surfaces are extremely attractive, unique, and perfect.

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Why WeProFab Acrylic Menu Holder

WeProFab fabricated plenty of acrylic products that can be applied in most demands.

Since we are the leading fabricator in China, we fabricate acrylic products for the purpose of supplying the needs of everyone. Our acrylic menu holder is a multipurpose addition to your businesses. We produce lots of types on our acrylic menu holder including counter acrylic menu holder display which is very useful in your marketing.

We also have a flexible acrylic menu holder, handheld acrylic menu holder, waterproof acrylic menu holder, and a lot more.

Acrylic Menu Holder

Our acrylic menu holder can bend over as a business menu holder. It has plenty of applications on your business and markets. Our acrylic menu holder is a significant addition to any benchtop, bar areas, shops, cafes, libraries, school cafeterias, and much more.

Since our acrylic menu holder can remain your message stable and safe, it can occupy minimum space on your restaurant tables and give you an excellent presentation but also protecting your menu from food spills and common damages. It can be a shelve base to hold an imprinted message or logo.

Acrylic Menu Holder

WeProFab acrylic menu holder is not just exhibiting menus, but any business information like present offers or upcoming events. It can be ideal for displaying your brochures since it has a stunning style, creating their own encouragement by each module’s easy to take design.

Our acrylic menu holder can be perfect for tabletop displays it can be also perfect for displaying photos, stands free-standing, and many other things.

Whether you work in a restaurant or market store, looking for a perfect menu holder for your business can be hard. Our acrylic menu holder is just right for your business needs since we offer a wide range of acrylic menu holders.

Because of its best visual clarity and the durability of our acrylic menu holder, we can guarantee you the best product we have.

Acrylic Menu Holder

If you want an acrylic menu holder or customize acrylic menu holder for your types of businesses, you can count on WeProFab. We can guarantee you to have satisfaction with our products since we have plenty of experience in regard to fabricating acrylic products.

We perform product processing like thermoforming and CNC cutting to meet the desire expectation of your designs.

If you’re interested in our acrylic menu holder products, sending us a quote is your best alternative.

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