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Acrylic Mirror Sheet

Most of our Weprofab Acrylic Mirror Sheet meets the right standards. So, you are ensuring that all of the Weprofab acrylic mirror sheets we deal with have the highest quality performance, unlike many competitors.

Get WeProFab Acrylic Mirror Sheet to Delight Your Customers

As a professional manufacturer of an acrylic mirror sheet, we can produce rose gold acrylic mirror sheets, silver acrylic mirror sheets, colored acrylic mirror sheets, and many more.

Rose Gold Acrylic Mirror Sheet

Our acrylic sheet has a color rose gold tint which makes it great for decorative projects and design.

Silver Acrylic Mirror Sheet

You can purchase cut to size or 3 mm thick silver acrylic mirror sheet from Weprofab guaranteed fast delivery.

Acrylic Mirror Sheet Manufacturer

We are a professional Acrylic Mirror Sheet Manufacturer from China for 2 decades.

Colored Acrylic Mirror Sheet

Weprofab Colored Acrylic Mirror Sheet is in stock in many brilliant colors. It is manufactured through our most advanced technologies.

Acrylic Mirror Sheet Cut-to-Size

At Weprofab, you can order the cut-to-size Acrylic Mirror Sheet. Weprofab has a wide selection of stock sizes available.

Acrylic Wardrobe Doors Mirror Sheet

Weprofab acrylic sheets are great for wardrobe doors. We have all kinds of acrylic sheets for kitchen cabinet door, wardrobe doors, and many more.

WeProFab: Your Leading Acrylic Mirror Sheet Manufacturer

WeProFab is a joint-venture company between WeeTect Material Limited and a Chinese local fabrication manufacturer. We tend to offer you a one-stop solution for plastic fabrication and metal fabrication.

Weprofab is one of the leading acrylic mirror sheet manufacturers in China. We are proud to offer you different types of acrylic mirror sheets based on your needs.

As we hold various types of advanced technologies and advanced components, we at WeProFab can offer you a complete solution for the acrylic mirror sheet.

As a leading acrylic mirror sheet manufacturer, Weprofab strictly cohered to the management of ISO 9001. All of our acrylic mirror sheets are exceed and meet various standard parameters such as Rohs and UL.

We are your reliable one-stop solution where you can custom acrylic mirror sheets.

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Custom Acrylic Mirror Sheet to Skyrocket Your Brand

Patterned Acrylic Mirror Sheet

Choose from our various types of patterned acrylic mirror sheeting in many sizes and colors.

Customized Cutting Shape Acrylic Mirror Sheet

All acrylic sheet from weprofab is flexible, lightweight, and strong. We offer custom shapes and sizes for your acrylic mirror sheet.

Two Way Clear Acrylic Mirror Sheet

Weprofab Two Way Clear Acrylic Mirror Sheet is manufactured through our advanced and modern technologies.

Acrylic Mirror Sheet for Decoration

The acrylic mirror sheet for decoration is widely used in furniture, signages, and other decorating applications. It achieves the highest and most uniform quality.

Acrylic High-Reflective Mirror Sheet

The acrylic high-reflective mirror sheet can be customized in various colors, thicknesses, and other details. It gives a better and good reflection effect.

Extruded Acrylic Mirror Sheet

Extruded acrylic mirror sheet exhibits outstanding optical properties. It has uniform thicknesses and low-stress levels. Available at friendly and reasonable prices.

1mm Acrylic Mirror Sheet

1mm acrylic mirror sheet is applicable for product display design, shop design, furniture, composite sheet manufacturing, and other industries.

PMMA Colored Acrylic Mirror Sheet

PMMA colored acrylic mirror sheet is not easy to break, high reflective, outstanding visual quality, and good impact resistance. They are easy to fabricate and can be laser, cut, or engraved.

Acrylic Mirror Panel Sheet

Acrylic mirror panel sheet is lighter and safer than glass. Moreover, it can be formed and manufactured easily in any outlook and design.

Glossy Acrylic Mirror Sheet

Glossy acrylic mirror sheet is characterized by lightweight, high-quality, and unbreakable properties. Available in a wide range of colors and sizes.

Black Acrylic Mirror Sheet

An acrylic mirror sheet features weather-resistant and has a good appearance. It can be decorated, fabricated, cemented, finished, and painted easily.

Mini Acrylic Mirror Sheet

Mini acrylic mirror sheet is available with new thermoformable film-masking. They can be processed easily. Mini acrylic mirror sheets can be line-bent, heated, and laser cut.

Perspex Acrylic Mirror Sheet

The perspex acrylic mirror sheet has high-impact resistance and good thermal stability. It is formed and well-fabricated using the finest materials or substances.

Acrylic Mirror Sheet for Wedding Decoration

The acrylic mirror sheet for wedding decoration has the highest hardness index and higher thicknesses tolerance. It is passed with international standards and qualifications.

Acrylic Glitters Mirror Sheet

This ensures excellent clarity, weather ability, and high strength. Has the highest hardness index. The thickness tolerance is much higher than the national standard.

Large Acrylic Mirror Sheet

Large acrylic mirror sheets are mainly used in exhibition stands, showcases, reflectors, decorations, and other applications.

Way Acrylic Mirror Sheet

2-way acrylic mirror sheet achieves good chemical and corrosion resistance. The price is lower than the glass. It is also easy to maintain, clean, and fabricate.

Acrylic Mirror Sheet for Sign Holder

The acrylic mirror sheet for the sign holder has an excellent surface finish, durability, and reliable hardness. It can be thermoformed and machined easily.

Flexible Acrylic Mirror Sheet

A flexible acrylic mirror sheet is good for decorative mirror wall decorations, dressing, and other purposes. It has a clean surface and stable performance.

Double-Sided Acrylic Mirror Sheet

A double-sided acrylic mirror sheet is available in white, black, clear, yellow, fluorescent, and other customized colors. It retains the perfect appearance and can withstand exposure to intense sunlight.

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Why WeProFab Acrylic Mirror Sheet

Are you looking for a reliable manufacturer of acrylic mirror sheet? Look no further than Weprofab.

Weprofab is more than 20 years in this field where you can rely on it.

We are an expert when it comes to acrylic mirror sheet manufacturing.

Acrylic mirror sheet from Weprofab is the best alternative wherever glass may shatter or crack.

Weprofab acrylic mirror sheets can be used in different industries.

Mirrored Acrylic Sheet

You can use our Weprofab acrylic mirror sheet for decorative displays or outdoor applications.

You can also use our Weprofab acrylic mirror sheet for security, point-of-purchase, marine, cosmetics, and automotive applications.

If you are relying upon an acrylic mirror sheet from Weprofab, your customers won’t get disappointed.

Because our Weprofab acrylic mirror sheets are manufactured in our advanced technologies and advanced components.

Most of all, Weprofab acrylic mirror sheets are tested in durability, lightweight, flexible, shatter-resistant, and many more unique features.

Additionally, our weprofab acrylic mirror sheet is more resistant to impact and breakage.

This kind of acrylic mirror sheet is what customers are looking for.

Cut-to-size Acrylic Mirror Tiles

We can also manufacture a plastic mirror sheet. It can easily shape or cut to fit a frame and any particular set of needs.

Whether drilled, cut, bent or shape with a strip heater, Weprofab knows that you won’t be disappointed choosing the Weprofab acrylic mirror sheet for your next project.

Weprofab is your reliable one-stop-shop solution for the acrylic mirror sheet no matter what kinds of projects you have.

At Weprofab, we can produce your acrylic mirror sheet at different edge finish and polishing.

Weprofab acrylic mirror sheets come in a variety of thicknesses, sizes, and colors.

You can choose our polished edges acrylic mirror sheet, beveled or rounded edges acrylic mirror sheet, or radius/rounded acrylic mirror sheet.

Further, we can provide Weprofab acrylic mirror sheet in different sizes. We are also capable to provide you custom cut-to-size acrylic mirror sheets.

Acrylic Mirror Tiles

Weprofab engineering teams maintain and develop world-class acrylic mirror sheets that make our customers’ dreams into actuality.

If you rely on us, we provide all info regarding in designs, installations, and cost of our products.

At Weprofab, we aim to always develop new designs and patents for our products every year.

We hope to be your most trusted distributor and manufacturer for all kinds of acrylic mirror sheets.

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Acrylic Mirror Sheets: The Ultimate FAQ Guide

Let me tell you one secret – don’t import acrylic mirror sheets before reading this guide.

It covers some of the hidden secrets that no one else will tell you.

But guess what, today I will answer all questions you have about acrylic mirror sheets.

Let’s dive right in.

What is Acrylic Mirror Sheet?

It is a lightweight, highly reflective mirrored thermoplastic material used in different applications in various sectors.

The thermoplastic material is plexiglass, which in some instances is referred to as Lucite.

Specifically, acrylic mirror sheet is common in applications where safety is a concern.

Even so, it can serve in settings where appearance is a necessity.

You can always find these types of sheets in a wide range of sizes, thicknesses, and colors.

Of course, it is vital since it widens your choice options when looking for one that suits your needs.

 acrylic mirror sheets

 acrylic mirror sheets

Are Acrylic Mirror Sheets Better than Glass Mirror Sheets?


Technically, acrylic and glass are the popular materials used as mirror sheets.

However, acrylic mirror sheet offers much better features, practicality, and performance than glass mirror sheet.

For instance, acrylic is highly reflective compared to glass.

These sheets allow for light transmission of up to about 92%.

On the other hand, glass transmits up to about 88% of light.

Acrylic mirror sheets also have a better gloss than glass mirror sheets.

Essentially, the material used for making the former has a naturally softer light reflection than that of the latter.

In many cases, glass mirror sheets tend to turn somewhat cloudy when they go beyond a particular thickness.

It is comparatively easy to cut acrylic mirror sheets into size than glass mirror sheets.

Essentially, this allows you to obtain the ideal size, which fits your application depending on its size demands.

Moreover, acrylic mirror sheets are quite stronger compared to glass mirror sheets.

Of course, the former can endure high pressure better than the latter.

Acrylic is shatterproof, a clear indication of its ability to resist high impact.

On the contrary, glass is somewhat fragile and thus shatters easily upon high impact.

In terms of weight, acrylic mirror sheet is about 50% less glass mirror sheet of the same dimensions.

In essence, this makes it easy to handle it, especially during installation.

It also enhances convenience during transportation, which is quite critical.

glass mirror sheet

glass mirror sheet

What are the Common Applications of Acrylic Mirror Sheets?

Acrylic mirror sheets are used in a wide range of applications across various residential, industrial and commercial settings.

The common ones include the following;

Signage – This material makes some of the best signage you can ever find in different organizations and business establishments.

The sheet is sturdy, clear and resistant to numerous elements making it an ideal choice to consider for signage.

Gym Studios – Many gymnasium halls and indoor workout spaces also use acrylic mirror sheets.

These sheets enhance the overall training experiences since they allow the individuals to monitor workout procedures and progress.

Displays – In various commercial and retail stores, acrylic mirror sheets are used for displaying products to potential customers.

They are clear and can be modified to attract buyers by appealingly displaying the items.

Roofing – Most buildings, both for residential and commercial purposes, incorporate different types of acrylic mirror sheets as roofing materials.

They form some of the best roofing components since they entail a wide range of favorable features suitable for rooftops.

Banks – Two-way acrylic mirror sheets are used in banks and other security-oriented establishments for surveillance.

This material offers suitable features for hiding security cameras hence necessary in this application.

Showrooms – Acrylic mirror sheets enhance the aesthetics of space, making the showroom appear brighter and livelier.

Building and construction – You can also use these sheets in different aspects of building and construction of modern houses.

Windows, living room, bathroom, kid’s rooms, and patio are examples of where you can install this item.

Can Acrylic Mirror Sheet Break?


Naturally, acrylic material, which is used in making this mirror sheet, has an exceptional tensile strength greater than 10,000 lbs per square inch.

The molecules, which form this component are strongly integrated with formidable manufacturing process.

Moreover, it is has a high impact resistance of about 20 times stronger than ordinary glass mirror sheets.

Under normal circumstances, this material will hardly break even when subjected to high mechanical pressure.

And if it breaks due to deliberate attempts, it will never shatter.

Instead, it cracks into large pieces with dull edges, which is an essential safety feature.

What are the Benefits of Investing in Acrylic Mirror Sheets?

Acrylic mirror sheets offer a wide range of benefits such as the following;

a) Weather-resistance: Hardly will you find high-quality acrylic mirror sheets discoloring or fading due to exposure to weather elements.

It retains its color for the longest time possible, whether you expose it to sunlight or rainfall.

b)Easy to clean and maintain: You only need to use recommended substrates, clean water, and a soft cotton cloth to wipe and rinse surface material of this sheet.

No specialized cleaning or maintenance routine is required in acrylic mirror sheets.

c) Lightweight: Almost half the weight of a standard glass, it allows you to install and handle it easily across many applications.

It also enhances convenience and easy transportation when shipping it from manufacturer to your destination.

d) High optical clarity: The surface material is clear and allows a sufficient amount of light to pass through it, proving the best view.

e) Cost-effective: Ultimately, you’ll save a considerable amount of money when you purchase and use acrylic mirror sheets in your respective application.

f) Safety: These components hardly break, and in case they do, they never shatter but crack in large pieces with dull edges.

They are thus child-friendly and safer to use, especially where there is high human traffic.

g)Resistant to clouding: This allows you to maintain reflectivity, which is fundamental particularly in outdoor applications such as displays and showrooms.

Do Acrylic Mirror Sheets Scratch?

Not necessarily, but it also depends on some factors.

Generally, acrylic material is hard-surfaced in raw form.

This means it has better resistance to different types of abrasive materials.

Moreover, most acrylic mirror sheets in the market come with integrated anti-scratch-resistant surface coating treatment.

The coating treatment protects the surface material from scratches due to scrubbing from abrasive and sharp components.

Specialized anti-scratch films are also commonly used after-market options for enhancing scratch-resistance.

However, acrylic mirror sheets made from substandard raw materials can scratch easily.

Therefore, it is important to ensure that you choose a high-quality acrylic mirror sheet for your application.

How Do You Determine the Quality of Acrylic Mirror Sheet?

When assessing the quality of acrylic mirror sheets, several elements can guide you to determine the right one.

Some of these factors include the following;

Type of Rear and Front Surface

Essentially, this entails determining the side of the acrylic mirror sheet surface, which is reflective, and the other that goes behind the substrate.

It makes it easy to figure out best way to position this component in your respective application.


This is a critical quality determinant aspect.

It becomes easy for you to figure out factors surrounding fabrication of these sheets, such as bending, drilling, cutting, etc.

Surface Coating Treatment

The type of surface coating treatment integrated into the sheet is an essential aspect for determining quality.

Ideally, a well-coated material has a longer life-span since it can endure different conditions, whether mechanical or environmental.


This refers to the light intensity the specific mirror sheet absorbs versus the amount of light it reflects.

Of course, these materials have varying light reflectivity levels, thus the need to determine best quality based on your application demands.


This is the level of evenness of the mirror sheet, which determines the accuracy of reflected image or substance.

It is a fundamental aspect in figuring out the quality of reflection you ultimately attain.

Which is Better Between Acrylic and Polycarbonate Mirror Sheets?

Ideally, acrylic and polycarbonate are the popular thermoplastic materials used for making mirror sheets.

They share several properties in almost equal measure thus can be used interchangeably as alternatives for either.

However, they have slight differences, which makes polycarbonate to override acrylic regarding overall quality.

For instance, polycarbonate is stronger than acrylic material.

Essentially, the former is about 250-300 times stronger than glass compared to the latter.

This   is about 17-20 times stronger than glass.

Regarding reflectivity, polycarbonate also outshines acrylic, given it allows absorbs more light than the latter.

 polycarbonate mirror sheets

 polycarbonate mirror sheets

How Can You Make Acrylic Mirror Sheet UV resistant?

Acrylic, which is base material used for manufacturing this type of thermoplastic mirror sheet, is derived from natural elements.

Therefore, it exhibits better resistance to ultraviolet rays, whether in a virgin or recycled state.

However, when subjected to high intensive sunlight for long, it might start yellowing due to gradual weakening of the molecules.

You can always use different techniques to make this material resistant to UV.

Majorly, you’ll need to ensure the surface material of this sheet is treated using a strong anti-UV coating.

It enhances its resilience to ultraviolet rays even when exposed to direct sunlight for long.

Another technique is to apply an aftermarket specialized anti-UV film.

This is a thin coat often integrated on the surface material of the acrylic mirror sheet to prevent UV rays from attacking the component.

You may also choose not to expose the component to direct sunlight, especially those designed for outdoor applications.

This makes polycarbonate mirror sheets a better option to consider, particularly for outdoor applications.

In terms of ease of fabrication, polycarbonate is still better than acrylic.

The former is quite supple, and you can easily fabricate it using various techniques without losing its dimensional stability.

Similarly, the latter also exhibits ideal flexibility properties and can be fabricated using numerous means.

However, its degree of suppleness does not surpass that of polycarbonate.

The bottom line is both polycarbonate mirror sheet sand acrylic mirror sheets can serve same purpose.

But the former comes out a better option to consider, especially where cost is not necessarily a concern.

 uv resistant acrylic mirror

UV resistant acrylic mirror

How Can You Cut Acrylic Mirror Sheets to Size?

The essence of cutting acrylic sheets to size enables you to attain the right size suitable for your project from a larger piece.

You can use several techniques to cut this material to size as long as you have the right tools for the task.

However, cutting using a handsaw is regarded as the most suitable approach, particularly for DIY projects.

But it requires meticulousness to prevent possible damaging of the edges.

As such, always ensure the hand saw you are using has sharp and uniform teeth.

You can also opt to use a scoring knife to cut acrylic mirror sheets.

It is the easiest method since it hardly requires a power saw or any particular heavy-duty electrical apparatus.

Alternatively, you can use a laser cutting machine to reduce the size of acrylic mirror sheets accordingly.

In this case, you must have a preprogrammed laser cutter connected to a computer.

This method is arguably, the best to use for cutting acrylic mirror sheets to size.

It allows you to easily cut this material into intricate shapes and still attain accuracy.

What are the Common Acrylic Mirror Sheet Designs Available?

They come in numerous designs based on a particular manufacturer.

You can find standard and customized designs depending on your preference.

WeProFab, a leading Chinese plastic fabrication company, offers a wide range of acrylic mirror sheet designs such as the following;

  • Acrylic Clear Extruded Mirror sheet
  • Acrylic Mirror Sheet cut to size
  • Colored Acrylic Mirror Sheet
  • Customized Acrylic Mirror Sheet
  • PMMA Acrylic Mirror Sheet
  • Acrylic Bronze Mirror Sheet
  • Acrylic Gold Mirror Sheet
  • Acrylic Silver Mirror Sheet
  • Acrylic Yellow Mirror Sheet
  • Rose Gold Acrylic Mirror Sheet

Is there Design Limitation for Acrylic Mirror Sheets?

Not at all.

The ideal design of this component is dependent on your specific needs.

Different applications require various designs of acrylic mirror sheets.

Therefore, you are likely to find a wide range of acrylic mirror sheets in terms of size.

For instance, large-scale projects require relatively bigger acrylic mirror sheets and vice versa.

Moreover, you can always fabricate this material either by bonding or welding it if you need it larger.

On the other hand, you can reduce it to size by cutting if your application requires a smaller piece.

What Are the Suitable Surface Treatment Options for Acrylic Mirror Sheets?

The best surface treatment option for this material is dependent on the specific application.

For instance, if you are using it as a roofing material, the most suitable option would be an anti-UV coating.

It prevents the surface of this material from the effects of ultraviolet radiation attacks, which often lead to dulling.

Moreover, anti-UV coating in such applications enables the material to maintain its glossiness for a long time.

If you are using the material for outdoor applications, the best surface coating would be anti-fog treatment.

This treatment prevents moisture from accumulating on the surface material leading to a blurry view.

Anti-reflective coating is also an ideal surface treatment you may consider, especially for acrylic mirror sheets used as displays.

This surface treatment prevents excess light from reflecting on the material, thus enhancing visibility.

You may also consider anti-scratch coating for acrylic mirror sheets used in relatively high human traffic applications.

How Safe is Acrylic Mirror Sheet?

It is extremely safe to use in various environments.

Technically, the material used for manufacturing these mirror sheets is synthetic.

It cannot break easily when subjected to high impact pressure.

And if it breaks for whatever reason, it can never shatter.

Instead, it cracks into relatively, large pieces making it difficult to cause any form of harm.

Moreover, the large pieces fracture into dull edges, making it less risky even to children.

Secondly, this material is 100% recyclable.

As such, you can reuse it to mold other DIY items such as acrylic stools, bookshelves, and tabletops among others.

Since it is fully recyclable, you can be sure it will never fill the landfills, leading to environmental degradation.

What is the Cost of Acrylic Mirror Sheets?

There is no definite cost of acrylic mirror sheets.

It is determined by a host of variables, which include the following;

  • Minimum Order Quantity
  • Specific quality of acrylic material used for making the mirror sheets
  • Brand
  • Size and thickness of the acrylic mirror sheet
  • Level of customization
  • Auxiliary elements such as loading, shipping, unloading, etc.

These are the core aspects, which influence the exact cost of purchasing acrylic mirror sheets.

However, they may vary from one manufacturer to another, thus the importance of window shopping to find out the most suitable.

What is the Minimum Thickness of Acrylic Mirror Sheets?


Ideally, most applications of this material rarely use anything short of 1.5mm thickness.

What Makes Acrylic Mirror Sheet to Yellow in Sun?

Typically, several elements can contribute to yellowing of acrylic sheets.

But the main element is over-exposing it to direct sunlight for a prolonged period.

Acrylic material is made from natural elements such as gas and petroleum.

This makes it somewhat soft hence UV rays emitted by sunlight can easily penetrate through its surface material.

When the UV rays penetrate through the surface of this sheet, it attacks the molecules, which gradually weaken.

The moment the molecule units become weak, the surface material of this component starts to yellow.

However, this is a rare occasion with modern acrylic mirror sheets since they’re integrated with a strong anti-UV surface coating.

Another common feature, which results in yellowing of this material in the sun is choice of a substandard quality grade.

Of course, acrylic material is available in different grades.

A low-quality grade easily yellows when subjected to sunlight since its building units are weak to resist UV attack.

Also, the manufacturing process of this component influences yellowing in the sun.

If you choose a poorly manufactured acrylic mirror sheet, chances are high it shall turn yellow over time when exposed to sunlight.

 yellow acrylic mirror

yellow acrylic mirror

How Do You Clean Acrylic Mirror Sheets?

Notably, acrylic mirror sheets are quite easy and straightforward to clean, handle and maintain.

To maintain optimum results in your project, you’ll need to clean this component regularly.

The basic procedure for cleaning the surface material involves the following;

a) Removing all dust particles and debris from the surface using a lint-free piece of cotton cloth.

b) Using lukewarm water or mild detergent to wipe down the surface evenly using the soft cotton cloth.

This enables you to obtain a streak-free gloss.

c) Use another piece of dry and soft cotton cloth to wipe the surface of the acrylic mirror.

You’ll have a super clean and shiny acrylic mirror sheet and, in turn, enhance the functionality of the component in your project.

Nonetheless, it is recommended never to use organic solvents since they may damage the surface of your acrylic mirror sheet.

Acrylic Mirror Sheets is Available in How Many Colors?

You can find these sheets in multiple colors.

Ideally, acrylic material in its raw form comes as a colorless material.

However, you can always inject it using different types of color hues depending on what works for your needs.

Acrylic mirror sheets are available in almost every color you may think of.

Most manufacturers provide up to about 50 color options to choose from.

Of course, this is fundamental when it comes to making your preferred choice since it guarantees what you exactly need.

Can You Get Customized Acrylic Mirror Sheets?


Ordinarily, acrylic mirror sheets are designed for different types of uses in various settings.

Therefore, you can always go for custom-built designs to ensure you find sheets, which suit the specific demands of your applications.

Moreover, manufacturers of this thermoplastic sheet have invested in various technologies, enhancing production of customized units.

The most important thing is making sure you provide the right customized designs.

Alternatively, you can consult with your supplier to ensure you get the right custom-built design.

customized acrylic mirror sheets

customized acrylic mirror sheet

Are Acrylic Mirror Sheets Shatterproof?


Acrylic mirror can never shatter irrespective of mechanical pressure subjected to it.

Instead, it can only break and fracture into large pieces with dull edges.

Can You Repair Acrylic Mirror Sheets?


There are several means you can use to repair acrylic mirror sheets.

However, the specific technique is dependent on the nature of damage on the sheets you are repairing.

In most outdoor applications, the common damage on these sheets is often light scratches.

Fading is also likely to happen over time, and so are visible light cracks.

In such instances, polishing is the better repair technique you can use to restore the sheet to its original state.

Polishing entails removal or debris, stick dirt, and light scratch marks from the surface material of this component.

There are several polishing options you may choose to explore depending on the extent of damage and scalability of the project.

Vapor, flame, and buffing are the common alternatives of polishing this component that you can always choose.

Do Acrylic Mirror Sheets Alter Images?

Technically, acrylic material is flexible.

Therefore, it can conform to various irregularities of the supporting surface with time.

In the end, it leads to a non-planar, non-smooth surface that ultimately triggers localized bending of mirrored sheet.

As a result, the images may end up altered from a particular viewing distance.

Moreover, an acrylic material, which is somewhat thinner, is likely to compromise optical integrity than a thicker sheet.

In this case, the former is more flexible than the latter.

How Do You Maintain Acrylic Mirror Sheets?

One major advantage of acrylic mirror sheets is they hardly require specialized maintenance techniques.

Mostly, cleaning and minor repair are the common maintenance methods you are likely to use on these components.

Cleaning acrylic mirror sheet for indoor applications entails the following procedure;

a) Removal of any visible dust particles on the surface material using different recommended solutions and lint-free cotton.

b) Using lukewarm water or mild-detergent to wipe down the surface material uniformly to obtain streak-free gloss.

c) Drying the surface material using a different piece of a soft cloth.

Ideally, never use solvents since they are likely to cause irreversible damage to this component.

For outdoor acrylic mirror sheets, you won’t necessarily need to clean them often since they are self-cleaning during rainy season.

However, you may polish them from time to time, especially if they have scratched-marks or are fading or yellowing.

How Do You Select Acrylic Mirrors Sheets Manufacturer in China?

Technically, the manufacturer of acrylic mirror sheets is fundamental as far as quality aspects are concerned.

In China, you’ll come across different manufacturers of these materials, making it somewhat difficult to choose the most suitable one.

Even so, here are important elements to look into when seeking a suitable manufacturer for acrylic mirror sheets;


Before negotiating and closing the deal, it is always vital to ensure you are dealing with a reliable manufacturer.

Find out from other customers by reading customer reviews to get a hint of reliability of the company.


Manufacturing process of acrylic mirror sheets is relatively intensive.

You need to ensure the company you’re dealing with has certifications from relevant agencies permitting and accrediting the process.

ISO 9001 certification is specifically fundamental since it demonstrates manufacturer’s ability to produce quality products.


An ideal manufacturer of this product must have adequate and modern facilities to perform the task.

Mostly, a company with good machinery and equipment can produce different types of acrylic mirror sheets.


In some instances, you may come across a small-scale manufacturer that might not fulfill your order accordingly.

Therefore, it is imperative to establish whether your preferred acrylic mirror manufacturer has adequate capacity to service your order.


A suitable manufacturer for this component should be versatile in many aspects.

For instance, choose a company offering flexible MOQ since the demands will always vary on a customer-by-customer basis.

Also, go for a manufacturer that provides flexible lead-time for processing the order irrespective of the prevailing circumstances.

Quality Product and Affordability

In the end, the quality of the product you are purchasing is what matters most, given it reflects directly on the respective application.

When choosing a supplier, go for one with a superb reputation in the industry as far as quality and pricing is concerned.

Always make sure the quality of acrylic mirror sheets you purchase are worth the cost you are paying.

What are Disadvantages of Acrylic Mirror Sheets?

The shortcomings of acrylic mirror sheets include the following;

1) It is relatively flammable thus unsuitable for applications surrounding open flame or high-temperature flames.

2) Depending on size, thickness, design, and actual type, acrylic mirror sheets can be a bit expensive compared to other materials serving a similar purpose.

As you can see, there are many factors you must consider before importing acrylic mirror sheets.

The best part, WeProFab offer perfect solution when it comes to high grade acrylic mirror sheets.

In case you have any questions or inquiry about acrylic mirror sheets, feel free to contact us right away.


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