Acrylic Mirror

WeProFab is one of the professional acrylic mirror manufacturers. We manufacture real promising high-quality acrylic mirror sheet with different thicknesses, colors, and size. We could also manufacture shatterproof mirror, acrylic mirror tiles, full-dome mirror, custom acrylic mirror, and more.

Get WeProFab Acrylic Mirror to Delight Your Customers

WeProFab is an acrylic sheet manufacturer and an acrylic mirror manufacturer. It offers WeProFab great cost advantage to provide you cheap acrylic mirror sheet with a promising quality level. At the same time, WeProFab can custom acrylic mirror for you with our capabilities on anti-scratch, anti-fingerprint, anti-reflection, shatterproof and cut to size service.

Acrylic Sheet Manufacturer

WeProFab is a professional acrylic sheet manufacturer who can produce both cast acrylic sheet and extruded acrylic sheet. That’s why we can provide you a quality product with competitive price.

Acrylic Mirror Manufacturers

WeProFab is one of the professional acrylic mirror manufacturers. We can manufacture acrylic mirror sheet 4×8 and other sizes. Gold mirror acrylic is also our product.

Acrylic Mirror Sheet

WeProFab can produce acrylic mirror sheet in different sizes, colors, and thicknesses. We can add scratch-resistant, anti-fingerprint, anti-fog, anti-glare features on the surface,

Shatterproof Mirror

If you need a shatterproof mirror for some applications, WeProFab is glad to help you. We are glad to offer you full-length shatterproof mirror, the unbreakable mirror for the gym, children’s acrylic mirror.

Gold Mirror Acrylic

WeProFab gold mirror acrylic sheet is made by a metal finish to our acrylic sheet. We could also produce other colored acrylic mirrors such as a pink acrylic mirror, blue mirror acrylic, rose gold mirror acrylic sheet, bronze acrylic mirror, and more.

Acrylic Mirror Cut to Size

WeProFab can offer acrylic mirror sheet cut to size service. So you can custom acrylic mirror with your own design with different colors, thicknesses and shapes.

WeProFab: Your Leading Acrylic Mirror Manufacturer

WeProFab is a joint-venture company between WeeTect Material Limited and a Chinese local fabrication manufacturer. We tend to offer you a one-stop solution for plastic fabrication and also a metal fabrication.

WeProFab can make a different kind of acrylic mirror sheets for you. They are plexiglass mirror, shatterproof mirror, acrylic wall mirror, gold mirror acrylic, gold mirror acrylic sheet, silver acrylic mirror sheet, cheap acrylic mirror sheet, acrylic bathroom mirror, and so on. 

The raw material of your custom acrylic mirror could be extruded acrylic sheets or cast acrylic sheets. We will choose suitable manufacturing processes to make your acrylic mirror sheets by different thicknesses and colors.

We could also add other unique features on your custom acrylic mirrors such as anti-scratch, anti-glare, anti-fingerprint, shatterproof, and more.

As an ISO 9001 certificated acrylic mirror sheet supplier, WeProFab controls the quality of acrylic mirror sheet strictly, in order to offer you consistent high-quality products always.

As a professional OEM factory of acrylic mirror sheet, WeProFab boasts the promising quality with competitive price. Our full capacity of plastic fabrication and metal fabrication can give you a one-stop solution. So you can focus on how to deliver value to your customers. Send us an inquiry now; we will give you back with a perfect product.

Custom Acrylic Mirror to Skyrocket Your Brand

Fog Free Shower Mirror

WeProFab is an OEM factory of WeePro fog free shower mirror. We can custom your own fog free shower mirror with our acrylic mirror sheet or polycarbonate mirror sheet.

Custom Acrylic Mirror

WeProFab is a one-stop solution provider who can customer your own acrylic mirror with different thickness, size, shapes, colors and surface treatments.

Shatterproof Mirror

If you have some special applications such as unbreakable mirror for a gym, children’s acrylic mirror, WeProFab can make a shatterproof mirror for you according to your specification.

2mm Acrylic Mirror

Weprofab 2mm acrylic mirrors are a great plastic featuring lightweight, impact-resistant, and shatter-resistant. It is less expensive and more durable than glass.

5mm Acrylic Mirror

5mm acrylic mirror sheets can be utilized as an alternative to traditional glass mirrors for various applications and industries. It can be cut-to-size to your exact customization.

Acrylic Mirror Disc

For your acrylic mirror disc needs, it’s all here in Weprofab. Acrylic mirror disc is ideal for indoor and outdoor applications. It has a glossy shiny and reflective surface.

Blue Acrylic Mirror

You can get an economical blue acrylic mirror at Weprofab. It can easily be mounted onto flat surfaces or display for wedding and party decorations, etc.

Coloured Acrylic Mirror

Weprofab offer superior quality coloured acrylic mirror available in the various color you require. It includes rose gold, bronze, blue, amber, and custom colors.

Flexible Acrylic Mirror

Our range of flexible acrylic mirrors can be mounted into a solid frame or surface to avoid distortion. It is an optical grade plastic mirror with highly reflective optical and visual quality.

Impact-Resistant Acrylic Mirror

Our acrylic mirrors are designed impact-resistant and 10 times stronger than glass. You can avail of it in different sizes, thicknesses, shapes, colors, designs, and surface coatings.

Red Acrylic Mirror

Weprofab red acrylic mirror has a beautiful colour suitable for many decorative applications. It is manufactured using high-quality raw materials for long-lasting use.

UV-Resistance Acrylic Mirror

Weprofab UV-Resistance acrylic mirror has high UV filtering features and is designed with a crystal clear edge. It has a strong surface hardness and good weather resisting characteristics.


Yellow Acrylic Mirror

Weprofab yellow acrylic mirror is designed using vacuum metalizing for a mirror finish. It is flexible, easy to fabricate and form to your custom shape. This sheet is great for design and decorative projects.

Two-Way Clear Acrylic Mirror Sheet

Two-Way Clear Acrylic Mirror Sheet is silver and tea brown color with 1.2g density and a 70% reflection. It’s applied for advertisement, furniture, laser engraving, etc.

PMMA Acrylic Sheet Mirror Gold

It’s applied for makeup products, interior decoration, advertising, furniture, and more 0.65-6mm thickness. Its also available in rose gold, blue, silver, etc. color with 1.25g density.

Rose Gold Wedding Favors Acrylic Mirror

It has high surface hardness and a high polished surface that can be used as shields, barriers, and windows. Its thickness is 2-8mm with a 1.2g density.

Textured Mirror Acrylic Sheets

It’s applied in arts and decoration in places like cafes, kitchens, and salons. It has good quality material, features an easy fabrication, is lightweight, and can be cut and engraved.

Korean Irregular Acrylic Mirror

It features a convenient, eco friendly, and efficient. It’s designed for home decoration, it’s a novel design and has a reasonable price.

Golden Mirror Acrylic For Home

The application of Golden Mirror Acrylic For Home is for decoration that features eco-friendly material with 1.2g density and 0.65-6mm thickness.

Double Sided Acrylic Mirror

It’s used for creative projects that call for an eye-catching design with its unique rainbow color surface. It has 1-3mm thickness, and it provides size customization.

Silver Acrylic Mirror Sheet

Silver Acrylic Mirror Sheet features up to 93% transmittance, weather resistance, eco-friendly, and flame resistance. It’s applied in construction and advertising with 1-25 thicknesses.

Large Extruded Cast Acrylic Mirror Sheet

Large Extruded Cast Acrylic Mirror Sheet is mostly used in home decor, LED boxes, and aquariums with ISO9001:2008 certificate with 2mm thickness and 1.2g density.

Black Mirror Acrylic Sheet

Black Mirror Acrylic Sheet is easy to fabricate, non-toxic, durable, lightweight, and high-strength. The size of it is customizable with 1-120mm thickness.

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Why WeProFab Acrylic Mirror

WeProFab acrylic mirror is a great alternative for glass mirrors. Acrylic mirror has solid impact-resistant, light in weight and really cost-effective which makes it a versatile product. For those reasons, the acrylic mirror can be fit around the home – to bathrooms and home gardens. Also, this is widely used in shops, department stores, restaurants, museum, dance studios, hospital, schools, and any other environments.

WeProFab mirrored acrylic is perfect use in decorative displays and outdoor applications. The entire acrylic mirror can be mounted with screws and an adhesive with relative ease. Round edges, rout edges, radius corners, and holes are also offered. Mirrored acrylic can be easily cut, shaped, drilled and bent to fit a frame and to match with a specific set of needs. Acrylic mirror serves as your best option for your next project needs. Now, WeProFab happily offers a wide variety of mirrored acrylic in sort of colors, thickness, and sizes. Therefore, you are already in the right place.

Each sheet is manufactured with high standard materials along with our advanced in-house production. Our acrylic mirrors meet the highest commercial quality. These sheets offer great resistance to impact. And multiple times greater than that of glass. WeProFab fabricates acrylic sheet using plastic injection molding, plastic extrusion, CNC cutting, 5-axis machining, silkscreen, die-cutting, bonding, and thermoforming based on your design. Additional services include anti-fog, anti-scratch, super abrasion resistant, anti-glare, anti-reflective and other special surface treatments in advance on mirrored acrylic before further processing.

The acrylic mirror is not as rigid as glass mirrors yet it can be easily installed. This acrylic mirror can also be supplied with a protective plastic film. WeProFab acrylic mirrors wear unique designs for signage, fabricated parts, and security applications. We assure you that all your orders and required mirrors are treated professionally. We are dedicated to providing you the right acrylic mirrors, quality products with affordable prices.

WeProFab acrylic mirrors are developed with the most advanced cutting edge manufacturing technology and aim to gain customers’ trust. We master ourselves to continuously improve everything in manufacturing acrylic mirrors. WeProFab intends to be the premier manufacturer and distributor of these particular products.

Acrylic mirror from WeProFab supremely reflective mirrored surface with tough hard panel in all sides. It also contains shatter resistance and high impact strength. We guarantee that our customers can depend on us for high-quality acrylic mirrors, good services, and exceptional value.

WeProFab is an ISO 9001 certified plastic fabrication company. WeProFab performs strict quality controls quality and after-sales. In most cases, we can support customers’ demands through optimizing designs. WeProFab acrylic mirror offers at a very competitive cost. Our extensive knowledge and experience allow us to offer an extensive range of the acrylic mirror. However, we still develop highest quality mirrored acrylic that met your standards.

WeProFab is looking forward to be your next provider, manufacturer and distributor for tour needs in acrylic mirrors. We devoted ourselves to be the best partner in this industry. If you need further info, feel free to contact us. We are pleased to serve our dear customers.

Acrylic Mirror: The Complete FAQ Guide

If you’re looking for an alternative to glass mirrors, then you should try acrylic mirrors.

They are the best shatterproof mirrors or plexiglass acrylic mirror sheets you can find in the market.

But, how can you choose high quality and reliable acrylic mirror?

Well, this ultimate FAQ guide has everything you need to know:

Are Acrylic Mirrors better than Glass Mirrors?

Most definitely.

Let’s compare some fundamental aspects:

i. Strength of Acrylic Mirror vs. Glass Mirror

Acrylic mirrors are many times stronger than glass mirrors.

Apparently, acrylic mirrors can withstand high pressure better than glass mirrors.

Acrylic is almost shatterproof hence has better impact resistance.

Glass mirror, on the other hand, is comparatively fragile, hence shatters quite easily.

Glass mirror

Glass mirror

Acrylic mirror

Acrylic mirror

i. Reflectivity of Acrylic Mirror vs. Glass Mirror

In regards to reflectivity, acrylic mirrors tend to be more reflective than glass mirrors.

They allow for the light transmission of up to 92%.

Glass mirrors, on the other hand, allows for light transmittance of up to about 86%.

iii. Weight of Glass Mirror vs. Acrylic Mirror

When it comes to weight, acrylic mirrors tend to be comparatively lightweight.

Actually, acrylic mirrors weigh less than half of glass mirrors.

Of course, the essence of this is that it helps in easy movement or portability, especially for outdoor applications.

iv. Scratch Resistance Property of Glass Mirror vs. Acrylic Mirror

In regards to scratch resistance, glass mirrors appear to be more superior to acrylic mirrors.

What happens is that glass is naturally a hardy material.

This makes it somewhat difficult to scratch, even when using sharp objects.

Even so, you can as well use an anti-scratch coating treatment on acrylic mirrors.

This way, they’ll have better resistance to scratches.

Additionally, it becomes easier to use eliminate scratch on the surface of the acrylic mirror when it has the anti-scratch treatment.

v. Gloss Property of Acrylic Mirror vs. Glass Mirror

Acrylic mirrors also have better gloss than glass mirrors.

In essence, acrylic material naturally has a softer light reflection compared to glass.

It happens that glass mirrors tend to become somewhat cloudy when beyond certain thickness.

vi. Cutting Acrylic Mirror vs. Cutting Glass Mirror

Additionally, it is also relatively easy to cut acrylic mirror into shape and allowing it to fit into a frame than a glass mirror.

This is to say that acrylic mirrors are easily machinable compared to glass mirrors.

Also, acrylic mirrors are seemingly comparatively affordable than glass mirrors.

Do Acrylic Mirrors Distort Images?

Mirror made from acrylic

 Mirror made from acrylic – Photo courtesy: Home Depot

Well, it happens that the acrylic mirror is somehow flexible.

It thus implies that possibly in time, it can conform to some irregularities of the supporting surface.

This obviously results in a non-planar, non-smooth surface, which eventually leads to localized bending of the mirrored sheet.

At the end of it, the images get distorted as a result of a reflected image.

Moreover, it is also possible for acrylic mirrors to distort images, especially, as a result of viewing distance as well as the thickness of the acrylic mirror.

In other words, if the acrylic mirror is relatively thick, its optical integrity will be better since it is less flexible.

Can you Cut Acrylic Mirror to Size?

Most definitely.

Acrylic mirror is a flexible material that comes in different sizes.

But since applications for the same might vary, there’d be a need for sizing the mirror to fit the specific application.

So you can easily cut it to the required size without chipping or splintering.

Do Acrylic Mirrors Break?

Not necessarily because it has a tensile strength, which is greater than 10,000 lbs per square inch.

This is in addition to the impact resistance of between 6 to 17 times greater than any ordinary glass mirror.

It thus clearly shows that even under the high impact, the acrylic mirror will not necessarily break or shatter.

And in the unlikely event that it breaks, the acrylic mirror tends to fracture into large, dull-edged pieces.

Why Invest in Mirrors made from Acrylic?

It has so many benefits thus making it worth investing in including the following;

Acrylic mirror sheet

Acrylic mirror sheet

  • It shatters proof: The material naturally is strong and cannot break easily, even when subjected to excessive pressure. This helps, particularly in cost-saving since you’re confident of using this material for quite a long time.
  • Resistant to clouding: It is advantageous since you’ll be able to maintain reflectivity, which is vital, especially when it comes to displaying your goods and other outdoor applications.
  • Easy to clean and maintain: Acrylic mirrors do not require any special type of cleaning or maintenance. As long as you use recommended products, clean water and pieces of soft cotton cloth, you are good to go.
  • Highly transparent: Acrylic mirrors give you the best view. The surface is clear since it allows up to about 92% of light to pass through it.
  • Resistant to weather: You’ll hardly find that an acrylic mirror discolors as a result of exposure to a particular weather element. It doesn’t matter whether it sunlight or rain; this material retains its color for as long as possible.
  • It is safe: This item is shatter-proof, but if it breaks, it fractures into large, dull-edged pieces. Now this shows that it is safe to use, especially in high human traffic areas such as schools, public bathrooms, hospitals as well as other commercial buildings where safety is paramount.
  • It is lightweight: This helps you to install it in a wide range of applications easily. It also enables you to transport it to different locations easily.
  • It is affordable: Perhaps this one comes out as a distinct aspect, especially when comparing it to glass mirrors. The truth, however, is that the price is a significant determinant factor since you’ll be able to save quite a considerable amount of money on a quality product.

Are there Disadvantages of Acrylic Mirrors?

Of course, there are a few cons of using acrylic mirrors that include the following;

  • It tends to scratch quite easily. The implication of this that it will certainly require more attention and care when handling to reduce instances of scratching.

But should it scratch accidentally, it’s also somewhat easy to restore it to its original form.

  • The other disadvantage is that acrylic mirrors tend to get easily stained by grease or oil. For that reason, it’s not ideal for applications where the use of such substances is common.

Even so, it is also easy to clean out the mess from the surface of such mirrors.

  • Acrylic mirrors also happen to distort images often. The reason here is that acrylic as a flexible material tends to bend quite easily even during installation.
  • Another possible disadvantage, depending on your budget is that the moment you choose to switch to acrylic mirror, your expenses will somehow shoot.

This happens when you decide to go for a customized piece.

Also, remember that the acrylic mirror requires intensive care and maintenance.

Nonetheless, I can guarantee you that the cost is worth it.

The outcome of using this piece gives you an appealing, high quality and top of the art workmanship.

  • Acrylic mirrors also come out as less strong compared to some of the synthetics in the market. Therefore, they’re seemingly less resistant to matting.
  • Also, acrylic mirrors are not necessarily bio-degradable, even so, they are recyclable, though with a bit of difficulty.

Nevertheless, you can re-use acrylic mirrors, only by reducing its size into smaller pieces and forming them into a wide range of related products.

Do Acrylic Mirrors Scratch?


Acrylic mirrors seem to scratch more easily than glass and polycarbonate mirrors.

It happens that the surface of this material is somehow soft, thus making it prone to scratches.

On the flip side, though, you can always remove the scratches and restore it to its original state with a lot of ease.

Additionally, if the scratches are too extreme, you can cut it into pieces and use them to form other products.

Virtually, it a versatile material that you can always use for something.

The good news is, modern acrylic mirror have anti-scratch coating.

This makes their surfaces scratch resistant hence the surface will always be in good condition.

 Foldable acrylic mirror

 Foldable acrylic mirror

How can you tell if Mirror is made from Acrylic?

By confirming if the mirror has the following characteristics;

  • It needs to be supple.
  • Excellent dimensional stability
  • Relatively lightweight
  • Can be bent or curved if need be
  • Excellent weather ability
  • Soft, thus easy to machine, drill or fabricate
  • Offers excellent optical clearance
  • Resistant to fog and glare

How are Acrylic Mirrors made?

From a continuous acrylic sheet using a process commonly referred to as vacuum metalizing.

In this process, the acrylic sheet is given a mirror finish, which is solidified by a durable protective coating.

Table top acrylic mirror

 Table top acrylic mirror

Are Acrylic Mirrors better than Polycarbonate Mirrors?

Well, both acrylic and polycarbonate offer great alternatives to glass as far as mirrors are concerned.

You can use either, but it’s also vital to point out some of the differences between these two materials.

Polycarbonate mirrors appear to be relatively stronger than acrylic mirrors.

Ideally, the former will not smash easily.

And any attempt of vandalism such as spray-paint on the surface will merely wipe-off.

Therefore, it becomes more suitable than acrylic for public places, where susceptibility of damage is high.

Of course, acrylic mirrors are far much stronger than glass acrylic, almost 17 times stronger.

However, polycarbonate mirrors seem to be the strongest amongst the three materials.

It tends to perform quite better than acrylic mirror, especially for outdoor applications since it is weather resistant.

Moreover, it can expand and contract without substantially damaging.

Polycarbonate mirrors have better resistance to scratch compared to acrylic mirrors.

This gives them an edge since it means that you can comfortably use them in public projects where there’s a possibility of the surface getting scratched.

Both polycarbonate and acrylic materials are lightweight, almost half the weight of glass mirrors.

At the same time, they are both supple, which essential for easy handling.

For that reason, they are both easy to handle and to transport.

And in terms of clarity, acrylic seems to be more reflective than polycarbonate.

This, however, never implies that polycarbonate mirrors are inferior choice regarding reflectivity since they are better than glass mirrors.

In regards to cost; polycarbonate seems to be a bit expensive than acrylic mirror.

Even so, it makes a better choice for long-term applications.

In a nutshell, both polycarbonate and acrylic mirrors are better options to go for. You can use either in similar applications.

Polycarbonate has a slight advantage, especially in terms of excellent impact and scratch resistance.

Acrylic mirror sheets

 Acrylic mirror sheet

How do you Make Acrylic Mirrors Fog Resistant?

In most instances, there is an anti-fog coating that is usually applied on the surface of acrylic mirror.

There are two main techniques that you use to apply this coating.

First, is to apply it manually by spraying the anti-fog solution and allowing the mirror to dry.

While at it, you need to ensure that you use the correct quantity of the substrate as well as applying it uniformly on the acrylic mirror’s surface.

The second technique that you can also use is commonly known as anti-fog treatment.

Mostly, it’s usually done in laboratories since it involves quite an intensive integration process.

It is done during manufacturing of the acrylic mirror by reliable suppliers such as WeProFab

Normally, these processes produce high quality fog free shower mirror.

Fog free shower mirror

 Fog free shower mirror

What are the Benefits of Acrylic Fog Free Shower Mirror?

  • Enhances efficiency and convenience as far as showering experience with steamy water is concerned. It prevents the bathroom acrylic mirrors from fogging hence enhancing a clearer hygiene experience.
  • It is economical compared to the commercial anti-fog sprays, which require frequent application. In other words, once you have acrylic-fog free shower mirror, you’ll never use the typical anti-fog sprays anymore when taking steamy water showers.
  • It offers 100% visibility and fog-free surrounding, which enhances the safety of grooming practices such as shavings.
  • The mirror has a unique feature that allows it to absorb moisture from the surface of the acrylic. This leads to the formation of a uniform screen and clear surface.
  • It is durable and provides a relatively long-term performance even when under extreme humidity conditions.

How do you Install Acrylic Mirrors?

There are two main ways of installing acrylic mirrors;

a) Adhesive Installation of Acrylic Mirror

This method involves applying a specific type of glue of adhesive to the back of the acrylic mirror and fixing it to the wall directly.

Arguably, this method is thus far the most preferable and attractive form of installation.

It is apparent since you’ll not necessarily have any sort of unsightly brackets around the space that could possibly distract the mirror or its reflection.

Moreover, you also need to have it in mind that this installation method is a permanent way of fixing the acrylic mirror.

In other words, it would be somewhat challenging to remove or detach acrylic mirror installed with adhesive.

In most cases, it leads to damage of the wall behind it, or even shattering of the mirror given that you’ll have to use excessive force.

And for that reason, it is always advisable to ensure that you are fully committed before deciding to go the direction of adhesive installation

b) Bracket installation of Acrylic Mirror

As the name suggests, this method involves mounting of an acrylic mirror on the wall using brackets that you screw on the wall.

This method doesn’t necessarily give you seamless results compared to applying adhesive.

However, it gives you the alternative of taking the mirror down if need be.

It also allows you to change the position of the mirror, later on, should you decide that it should be elsewhere.

When choosing this option, it is always advisable to find a professional who has the knowledge and experience of bracket installation.

The essence of this is that poorly installed acrylic mirrors can easily pull out from drywall.

And this risks your mirror to a great extent.

Either of these two methods provide desirable results depending on your specific needs.

Therefore, it’s upon you to decide which one suits you correctly based on your preference and other factors.

What are Decorative Acrylic Mirrors?

Decorative acrylic mirror

 Decorative acrylic mirror

It is a type of mirror that is often used as an ornamental element.

It is used to provide beautification of the specific spaces as a way of complementing the aesthetic aspects of the space.

In other words, decorative acrylic mirrors act as jewelry for the interiors as well as making the room optically bigger and livelier.

They come in different sizes, designs, colors, as well as for instructions attached for a precise montage.

The good thing with this type of mirror is that you can always go for a customized design, which suits your needs and predilections.

What are the Benefits of Two Way Acrylic Mirror?

First off, a two-way acrylic mirror is one that looks like a regular mirror on one side and a tinted mirror on the other side.

It is designed to protect the reflective coating and ensuring that reflection of all light forwarded to the individual standing in front of the mirror.

What this implies, in essence, is that people on one side can easily see-through, but at the same time, people on the other side cannot see through.

One advantage of a two-way acrylic mirror is that you can use it to provide security for your premises.

You can choose to hide security cameras behind two way acrylic mirror thus disguising itself as a regular mirror.

This becomes fundamental in offering security to your property, family and other valuables within your home.

2 Way Acrylic mirror

 2 way acrylic mirror

Secondly, this type of mirror offers ideal surveillance, especially in commercial and retail settings.

Of course, surveillance is a critical aspect as far as protecting your clients, business and valuables are concerned.

Another benefit is that a two-way acrylic mirror helps in opening up living space; hence you can use it to conceal your television set.

You can install your TV set behind the two way acrylic mirror.

It thus means that whenever your TV is not in use, it acts as a mirror, which makes your space free from distraction hence ideal for gatherings.

And when the television is switched on, it becomes the focal point of the room.

It can also be used to create a smart mirror by installing an old tablet behind two way acrylic mirror.

This way, you’ll have a mirror that displays various components within your space, such as time, temperature, or any other fundamental information.

Where can you use Acrylic Mirror?

This is a component that you can use in various places within a building, whether commercial or residential.

Some of the familiar places where you can install and use it include the following;

Bathroom – Acrylic fog-free mirrors are commonly used in bathrooms.

They help in enhancing the overall bathing experience, mainly when using steamy water and aesthetics of the space in general.

Hallways – They are usually hanged on hallways, particularly if the hallways are somewhat narrow and dark.

They help in making such passages feel relatively large, and if advantageously positioned, they can help in reflecting light into the hall hence creating better-lit spaces.

Entryways – Acrylic mirrors are used in entryways and tend to give such spaces a classy look.

Kid’s rooms – Acrylic mirrors are also installed in kid’s rooms as a way of enhancing their excitement each time they see themselves on them.

It is also ideal to use this type of mirror in such spaces since it is safe hence reduces any chances of accidents.

Banks – Two-way acrylic mirrors can be used in banks to offer surveillance.

Remember this type of mirror provides the best features for hiding security cameras thus ideal for this application.

Showroom – You can as well use acrylic mirrors in showrooms as a way of enhancing the aesthetics of the space.

It also makes the showroom space to feel large and livelier.

Living room – Acrylic mirrors can also be used in a wide range of living room designs.

It helps in giving the room a spacious and decorative feeling, thus making it warm and cozy.

Gym studios – You can also use acrylic mirrors in gymnasium halls.

In such spaces, they enhance the fitness training experience of individuals working out, given that they provide better reflection and also do not fog.

Is there Design Limitation for Acrylic Mirrors?


Most of the acrylic mirror designs that you find are customized in line with the customers’ requirements.

Of course, there are general designs for particular applications that you can simply order, receive and install.

However, reliable suppliers of this product, such as WeProFab will always give you a wide range of design options that suit different types of applications.

What should you Look for when Buying Acrylic Mirror Sheet?

Acrylic mirror

Acrylic mirror

Purpose – The specific application for acrylic mirror sheet is a significant determinant when it comes to buying the product.

Ideally, you can use this product in various applications.

Some of these applications are showrooms, gym studios, security surveillance, and decorative purposes, among others.

It, therefore, means that you’ll need to figure out the specific purpose, which in turn enables you to know the best one that fits it.

Size – They come in different sizes. Your application will also require a specific proportion of acrylic mirror sheet as a way of enhancing efficiency.

Therefore, ensure that you find the correct dimensions whenever you’re shopping for this product.

Design –Acrylic mirrors are available in different designs, given that they are also used in various applications.

When shopping for them, it is always essential to ensure that you choose the appropriate design for your application.

You can always opt for customized design depending on your needs.

WeProFab can customize the design of your acrylic mirror sheet that suit your requirements.

Type of acrylic material – It is quite evident that acrylic materials are available in different grades.

The type of material you go for is thus a determinant factor, especially when considering the precise application.

Of course, various applications will require different types of acrylic mirror material.

For instance, shower acrylic mirrors will need fog-free acrylic material.

Cost – It is an important aspect that you have to look into when buying this item.

Of course, the value ranges from one type to another.

However, it is always advisable to shop around in different stores as it increases chances of landing a better offer.

Additionally, you also need to ensure that the quality of the acrylic mirror sheet you’re procuring is worth its value.

Manufacturer – Well, this is another fundamental element that you need to consider when buying acrylic mirror sheet.

Several suppliers are in the market, and everyone is posing to offer the best products and deals.

The truth nonetheless is that only a few are reliable all-round.

You thus need to be careful and meticulous when it comes to determining the specific manufacturer that offers competent services and products comprehensive.

It helps significantly as far as attaining the efficiency of acrylic mirrors is concerned.

Installation – When choosing an acrylic mirror sheet, you ought to determine the preferable mode of installation.

Some are installed using adhesives, whereas others are installed using brackets.

If it’s for permanence, the former suits it, however, if it is something you’ll keep on moving from spot to another bracket installation would be suitable.

What are the Features of Acrylic Mirror?

Lightweight; such that you can easily transport, install and handle it.

The fact that this material is less than half lighter than glass mirror gives it an edge in the market.

Impact-resistant; it is reasonably strong hence cannot easily shatter even when hit with an object or upon being stumbled on.

Flexible; you can bend or curve acrylic mirror, which is quite feasible, particularly when installing in applications that require such features.

Versatile; acrylic mirrors can be used in a wide range of applications ranging from security surveillance, shower mirrors, decoration, and display among others.

Machinable; it is easy to fabricate acrylic mirrors to suit a specific application.

You can drill, or cut to size among others.

High optical reflectivity – It allows up to about 92% of light reflectivity, making it reasonably clear.

Easy to maintain – acrylic mirrors are arguably the best when it comes to cleaning, repair and maintenance.

You only need to use recommended detergents to clean and restore it to its original state.

How can you Cut Acrylic Mirror to Size?

Silver acrylic mirror

 Silver acrylic mirror

You can use several ways or techniques to cut this material into size.

Some of the tools that you would require for cutting acrylic mirror to size include power saws, laser machines, hand saws, and acrylic dowel, among others.

Cutting using a hand saw is a preferable method for acrylic mirror cutting for DIY projects.

However, it requires meticulous concentration not to damage the edges.

It is thus recommended that you use a hand saw with sharp and uniform teeth to attain the best results.

Cutting using a scoring knife is arguably the easiest method.

This technique does not require the use of power saw or any other heavy-duty electrical equipment.

The steps for this process include the following;

  • Start by marking the specific area on the acrylic mirror that you want to cut.
  • Take you scoring card and use it to cut a narrow groove in the acrylic mirror sheet.
  • Put the mirror over a hard edge and ensure that the groove faces upwards.
  • If need be, you can clamp the groove. But you need to be careful when doing so not to scratch the mirror surface.
  • Curve the overhanging side of the mirror with fast and uniform motion.
  • The more the mirror curves, the more the groove deepens since the crack tend to propagate throughout the entire sheet.
  • Bending leads to separation of two acrylic mirror pieces with clean, straight and uniform edges.

Laser cutting is also another ideal option that you can use to cut acrylic mirror to size.

All you need is to connect laser machine to a computer.

You then install and use specific software to cut the mirror to size.

It is possibly the best technique, especially for cutting acrylic mirrors into intricate, and creative shapes.

What is the Minimum Thickness of Acrylic Mirrors?

The thickness of acrylic mirrors may vary depending on the unique requirements of customs.

However, in most cases, the minimum thickness is 1.5mm.

How do you Check Quality of Acrylic Mirror?

There are a wide range of elements that you need to look into when assessing the quality of acrylic mirror, which include;

Reflectivity – This is amount of light that the mirror surface absorbs versus the amount of light that is reflected.

Flatness – It refers to the level of evenness of the acrylic mirror surface that attends to determine the accuracy of reflected image.

It is essential in defining the quality of reflection that you attain.

Rear and front surface type – It basically involves determining the side of the mirror surface that s reflective and one that goes behind the mirror’s substrate.

This helps you in knowing the ideal side to place accordingly.

Surface coating – This element is essential because it enables you to determine the longevity of the mirror.

Such coatings also help in minimizing undesirable surface reflection effects.

Mirror thickness – It is a critical aspect when it comes to determining issues revolving around bending and decorating.

What makes Acrylic Ideal for Mirrors?

The fact that acrylic is lightweight makes it an ideal choice for mirrors.

This feature enables you to install and handle the mirrors quite easily, including installation.

Acrylic also has a soft surface.

It thus implies that it has a high gloss that increases reflectivity, which is a critical aspect of mirrors.

Acrylic is also supple.

For that reason, it can be used in many applications that require curved mirror surfaces.

Additionally, acrylic has excellent resistance to impact.

So, you can be confident of attaining durability when used for manufacturing mirror.

It is also one of the safest materials to use in public areas or locations where safety is a concern.

The fact that it does not break or shatter easily makes it an ideal choice for mirror.

How do you Clean Acrylic Mirrors?

One advantage of acrylic mirrors is that they are so easy to clean, maintain and handle.

If you must attain best results always, it means you’ll still have to clean and maintain this item.

Cleaning it involves the following procedures;

  • Remove any dust particles that you see on the surface using a lint-free piece of cotton
  • Use a mild detergent or warm water and wipe down the surface uniformly using a soft cloth to attain a streak-free shine.
  • The get another piece of soft dry cloth and use it to wipe the mirror.
  • Never use solvents since they might cause irreversible damage on the surface of your acrylic mirror.

Cleaning your acrylic mirror surface allows you to maintain and enhance the radiant appearance of your mirror.

Are there Surface Treatment Options for Acrylic Mirrors?

Bronze acrylic mirror

Bronze acrylic mirror

Definitely, and some of the most commonly used include the following;

Anti-fog coating – This one is critical, especially when it comes to mirrors designed for bathrooms.

Anti-fog coating helps in preventing the mirrors from fogging irrespective of the level of possible fog around.

Anti-glare coating -It is also another common surface treatment option for acrylic mirrors.

Remember, these mirrors need to be reflective and not necessarily glare.

Anti-scratch coating – It is arguably one of the popular surface treatment options for this type of mirror.

Remember acrylic is soft hence tend to scratch easily.

However, integrating this treatment prevents it from scratching.

And should it scratch, it also makes it easy to remove the scratch from the surface of the mirror and restoring its shining state.

UV Coating – This is another essential surface treatment for acrylic mirrors.

UV coating helps the mirror from yellowing that might result from the ultraviolet rays.

Are there Quality Standards for Acrylic Mirrors?

Most definitely. ISO, REACH, UL and RoHS are among some of the quality standards used in acrylic mirrors.

How much does Acrylic Mirror Cost?

There is no definite price for acrylic mirror.

The cost is dependent on a wide range of factors including size, design, thickness, and overall quality of the mirror.

Are Acrylic Mirrors Safe?

Extremely safe.

The fact that acrylic mirrors do not shatter even when a hit is a clear demonstration that they are safe.

Additionally, it’s also important to note that should acrylic mirror break; they fracture into large, dull-edged pieces

How do you Choose Acrylic Mirror Supplier in China?

The popularity of acrylic mirror is growing all over the world, and China is not an exception.

In fact, in China, many industries use this piece in various applications.

However, finding an ideal supplier in China for an acrylic mirror can be relatively daunting, especially if you’re not meticulous.

Some of the factors that can help you in selecting a suitable supplier include;

  • Reliability – Your preferred supplier must demonstrate that they are trustworthy before even negotiating on how to procure these pieces from them.
  • Excellent facilities – Manufacturing acrylic mirrors require a high level of machines. An ideal supplier must have all the necessary equipment to facilitate efficient manufacturing of this product.
  • ISO certified – It is also appropriate to ensure that you’re dealing with a supplier that is ISO certified. This certification is vital since it demonstrates that a company complies with all the necessary international standards.
  • Versatility – An ideal acrylic mirror should also be able to produce a different type of these mirrors that suit various applications. In other words, it should be able to customize mirrors to suit your needs.

With this information, you should be able to choose a suitable mirror for your unique applications.

Whether you need mirrors for walkways, bathrooms or commercial places, acrylic material offer a perfect alternative.

Talk to us today for the best prices on acrylic mirrors.

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