Acrylic Music Plaque

Acrylic Music Plaque

Acrylic music plaques are acrylic sheets or blocks printed with song titles, artist names, album photos, etc. They are ideal for featuring favorite songs,friendship anthems, or songs that remind of special occasions.These plaques are also used as decorativeitems or for personalized gifts.

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Acrylic Block Music Plaque

The acrylic block music plaques have about 12mm of thickness. They have crystal-clear transparency and are also free-standing.

Framed Acrylic Music Plaque

The framed acrylic music plaques can be displayed on the table or hung on the walls. They have a sturdy rectangular frame.

Acrylic Apple Music Plaque

The acrylic Apple music plaques have the Apple music layout printed on their surface. They can be printed with a scannable Apple music code.

Acrylic Spotify Music Plaque

The acrylic Spotify music plaques have Spotify-like icons or appearance. They are also usually printed with a scannable Spotify music code.

Acrylic Marble Music Plaque

The acrylic marble music plaques are designed with marble patterns. They are not clear but have a high-gloss surface.

The acrylic keychain music plaques have a keyring so you can put them on your wallet, bags, backpack, etc. They are lightweight yet durable.

Acrylic Wall-Mounted Music Plaque

The acrylic wall-mounted music plaques are designed with holes in their corners. Therefore, you can mount them easily on the walls.

Acrylic Music Plaque with Acrylic Base

The acrylic music plaques with an acrylic base feature high clarity. Their base also has excellent stability. They won’t fall.

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Acrylic Music Plaque

  • High Transparency – The acrylic music plaques are made from clear acrylic. They have a resemblance to glass. Their transparency will also last for years.
  • Shatter-Proof – Acrylicmusic plaques are shatter-proof which makes them safer than glass music plaques. They are durable and resistant to tear and wear.
  • Stylish – The acrylic music plaques can be used as décor in the office, home, etc. They will surely grab attention.
Main Features
What are the Additional Features for the AcrylicMusic Plaques?

The acrylic music plaques can be added with bases made from either acrylic or wooden materials. It depends on your requirements.

To enhance the aesthetics of acrylic music plaques they can be added withLEDlights. Various colors of LED lights are available.

The acrylic music plaques can also be designed with frames.

WeProFab | Leading AcrylicMusic Plaque Manufacturer

WeProFab manufactures acrylic music plaques in different sizes, shapes, and designs. Our acrylic music plaques usually come in 3mm, 5mm, 10mm, or custom thicknesses.

They can also be printed with custom album art, song artist, song title, codes, and other text and icons you request. Your brand logo or name can also be printed to skyrocket your business. We can print them by UV printing, laser engraving, or other printing processes you need. The prints of our acrylic music plaques are guaranteed to last. They will remain vibrant and sharp. Also, they will not peel off.

All our acrylic music plaques have fully customizable options to meet your particular application or business needs.

For more information about our acrylic music plaques, please contact us.

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