• Acrylic Name Plate

Acrylic Name Plate

In China, Weprofab has wide capabilities to create acrylic nameplate according to your objectives. Acrylic is the best in making this kind of nameplates. It`s our big pleasure to work with you, as our valued business partners. Send your basic queries now!

Get WeProFab Acrylic Name Plate to Delight Your Customers

Weprofab is capable to produce acrylic nameplate in numerous styles, designs, sizes, and colors. These products can surely delight your costumers.

Tabletop Acrylic Name Plate

Weprofab has plenty to offer when it regards to acrylic nameplates. We are proud to offer our inelastic acrylic nameplate at inexpensive costs.

Printable Acrylic Desk Name Plate

You can print your own logos with our printable acrylic desk nameplate. At our factory, you can choose different sizes, styles, and fonts for this plate.

Laser Cutting Acrylic Name Plate

Weprofab has a good deal of acrylic nameplate finishes. It is very lightweight, useful for expanding your business faster.

Customized Acrylic Name Plate

We guarantee that our acrylic nameplate with customized designs will never get scratches nor break easily. It is designed for long-term purposes.

Acrylic Name Plate Manufacturer

As the dominant acrylic nameplate manufacturer in China, Weprofab really ensures that you`ll get benefits from our products.

2-Sided Acrylic Name Plate

Weprofab Acrylic nameplate is made from high-quality and eco-friendly materials. Weprofab is the best, whenever you are planning to export an acrylic nameplate from our factory, we are ready to support you.

WeProFab: Your Leading Acrylic Name Plate Manufacturer

At Weprofab, all of our products were helpful to gain huge business profits. We offer them at negotiable yet affordable prices. For your business, if you`re in need of acrylic nameplates products, we are right here to support you.

We are sure about our acrylic nameplates` quality. We always make that prioritized. Even before we get started on the fabrication process, we do studies and research on the materials to use. In order to make you satisfied, we also consider your technical specifications in producing your acrylic nameplates` orders.

We accept large orders, contact us for fast transactions.

Custom Acrylic Name Plate to Skyrocket Your Brand

Wooden Base Acrylic Name Plate

Believe Weprofab to handle the expansion of your business very well. Weprofab is the best manufacturer to manage your business necessities.

Self Adhesive Acrylic Name Plate

If you want to import a self-adhesive acrylic nameplate from our factory, we got your back! You can avail any of our products for fair prices.

Personalized Acrylic Name Plate

Our personalized acrylic nameplate is the best seller among other products in the global market. It has great features as an addition.

Acrylic Business Card Name Plate

For business intentions, our acrylic business card nameplate is great support. You can get your ideal acrylic nameplate from the best factory, Weprofab.

Acrylic Name Plate for Home Decor

Weprofab is the best producer of the acrylic nameplate in China. We can manufacture according to your plans.

Clear Acrylic Office Desk Name 

Clear acrylic office desk name adds a touch of class to every desk. Text in a white/frosted color. These acrylic nameplates are customizable with any text, logo, or custom design.

Acrylic Name Plate with LED

Wepro acrylic name plate with LED has a high-gloss black finish. Its laser cutout acrylic design looks great at night and is equally attractive during the day. A beautiful printed golden texture enhances the look even more from the back.

Acrylic Rectangular Name Plate

Ideal for use in hotels, schools, offices, airports, and other public spaces. Full-color printing on acrylic with unique shapes and brackets. This name plate has brushed-silver metal mounting brackets that give it a modern, sleek style.

Insertable Acrylic Name Plate

Insertable acrylic name plates are great for businesses or schools that need to quickly alter a room name, a teacher’s name, or an employee’s name. Available in various sizes like 2×8 inches and 2×10 inches.

Admin Office Acrylic Name Plate Sign

The admin office acrylic name plate sign is composed of clear acrylic for a simple yet unique and professional look. Screws are used to mount the brackets to any wall or door quickly. Scratch-resistant will last for years.

Golden Acrylic House Name Plate

Golden acrylic house name plates are fashionable, elegant, and customizable. It complements every home’s entrance. It is manufactured entirely of high-quality acrylic paint.

Frosted Acrylic Name Plate

There is excellent use in schools, offices, hotels, airports, and other public spaces. Easy to install on any wall or door. Employees, lobbies, directional signs, reception spaces, and more can benefit from this design.

Clear Acrylic Nameplate Table Stand Sign

This clear acrylic name plate table stands sign is scratch-resistant, bright, and eye-catching. These plates can be personalized with your logo, graphics, text, and nearly anything else.

Acrylic Name Plate with Light 

Acrylic nameplates with light are made with a unique technology to shine in the backside light. UV, moisture, water, and termite resistance are all features of this product.

Black Acrylic Name Plate 

A black acrylic nameplate is composed of a black coating engraved through for a beautiful look. It is made of sturdy acrylic and has a fashionable and professional appearance with a personalized touch.

Acrylic Name Plate for Walls

Acrylic nameplates for walls come in various stylish shapes and possibilities for offices. Names, titles, logos, and more are printed in bright full-color and manufactured following industry standards.

3D Acrylic Name Plate

The 3D acrylic nameplate is well-known for its superior features and low cost. It fits your home and workplace. It made entirely high-quality acrylic sheets. Available in various sizes and colors.

Acrylic Name Plate with Slant Back 

An acrylic nameplate with a slant back design is ideal for a desk, cubicle, or wall. Also great for reception areas and executive suites. Make a space look more professional.

Blue Marble Acrylic Name Plate

This blue marble acrylic nameplate is thick acrylic with a blue marble design in the backdrop. It can be laser engraved with your name, title, or logo.

Acrylic Glass Block Name Plate

Our acrylic glass block nameplate is excellent for business owners, executives, teachers, etc., Made from nicely finished transparent acrylic pieces with a cut slant at the base.

20 Products Found.

Why WeProFab Acrylic Name Plate

Weprofab has the complete selections of the acrylic nameplate and offers them for economical prices. We are experts in making an acrylic nameplate which gives shiny as window looks. Weprofab acrylic nameplates usually placed at offices` tabletop or desk and giving the professional looks in the surrounding. As a professional provider in China, Weprofab can provide huge supplies of these products from 100% acrylic materials.

Acrylic Name Plate

From assembly until the shipping process, we will never let you feel disappointed. Our products and services are proven quality that could also meet international standards as well. For over 2 decades of expertise in fabrications, we could create as timeless as it`s the elegant acrylic nameplate. These come from varieties of sizes, shapes, and designs that surely meet upon your own standards.

Weprofab acrylic nameplate featured easy to read and clear text which appeared catchy on eyes. Our sorts of acrylic nameplates are custom printed, so you can print your own logo designs to the material. You can print your name, your brand or logo names, and much more. It also featured unique and has glass-look designs at more friendly rates.

Acrylic Name Plate

On any desk or tabletop applications, our acrylic nameplate surely looks the best and attractive. Your customers will surely enjoy using our acrylic nameplate. Aside from its eye-catching looks, it is also easy to clean and durable, making it perfect for any of your plans and applications. Definitely, unlike glass, our kinds of the acrylic nameplate cannot be broken easily when accidentally drop.

We are sure about our acrylic nameplates` quality. We always make that prioritized. Even before we get started on the fabrication process, we do studies and research on the materials to use. In order to make you satisfied, we also consider your technical specifications in producing your acrylic nameplates` orders.

Acrylic Name Plate

At Weprofab, all of our products were helpful to gain huge business profits. We offer them at negotiable yet affordable prices. For your business, if you`re in need of acrylic nameplates products, we are right here to support you.

Contact us, and get more clarifications about Weprofab services and Weprofab acrylic nameplates productions.

Acrylic Nameplate: The Complete FAQ Guide

An acrylic nameplate is a plaque that identifies and displays a person, object or product’s identity.

They are different from most nameplates because they are cut out of acrylic sheets. Instead, this is a solid synthetic plastic that looks like glass.

This guide answers the most pressing questions regarding acrylic nameplate to help you make an informed purchasing decision.

Acrylic nameplate

acrylic nameplate

What Are The Advantages Of Acrylic Nameplate?

Acrylic nameplates have several advantages that make them a worthy investment. They include the following.

  • Affordability is an important aspect of any purchase, and acrylic nameplates take the win on this one.Since acrylic is readily available, its products are cheap.
  • Given acrylic is a strong material resistant to breaking and shattering, these nameplates are also durable.Therefore, you won’t keep buying replacements due to frequent damage regardless of how and where you are using the nameplate.
  • Acrylic nameplates are classy and beautiful for office and home use.They give your space a professional or welcoming feel depending on the setting because they are versatile.
  • An acrylic nameplate is easy to clean and maintain.

Where Can You Use Acrylic Nameplate?

Nameplates usually serve an informative purpose to indicate ownership of a space or product.

They can also be used in a commercial role to advertise brands. You can use them in any of the following areas.

  • On an office desk to show the name of its owner and their position.
  • Acrylic nameplates are screwed to office doors to show whose office it is
  • In commercial settings like hotels, schools, malls, and hospitals, acrylic nameplates show where different services are located.
  • You can have a nameplate in your home to show the house address. It is placed on the front door or gate.

What Surface Coatings Are Ideal For Acrylic Nameplate?

Surface treatments are necessary for acrylic nameplates since they are environmentally and mechanically exposed.

In addition, the coating protects the nameplate by reducing its susceptibility to damage.

The surface coatings that are most relevant for an acrylic nameplate include:

  • Anti-UV radiation treatment is excellent for nameplates for outdoors applications.Acrylic, like most plastics, is susceptible to sun radiation and yellowing when left outside.This treatment prevents the damage keeping the plate looking new and shiny for longer.

    The treatment also protects a colored acrylic nameplate from fading.

  • Anti-scratch surface coating is also crucial for an acrylic nameplate.Acrylic is sensitive to scuffing, and scratches can leave it looking old and damaged.This surface treatment does not entirely protect the nameplate, but it reduces the likelihood of damage.

    However, it would help to take care when cleaning to protect the nameplate from unnecessary scratching.

How Do Acrylic Nameplate Compare With Other Materials?

Acrylic nameplate

Acrylic nameplate

Many people opt for acrylic nameplates as they are superior to those of other materials in many ways.

Here is how they compare with other materials.

  • An acrylic nameplate will cost less than metal or wood ones.Acrylic is a synthetic, readily available and cheap.The process involved in making acrylic nameplates is also easier and cheaper, contributing to the final product cost.
  • Compared to wood and metal, acrylic is easy to mold and cut.You can get many unique acrylic nameplate designs that are impossible or hectic to achieve with other materials
  • Wood and metal are not recommended for outdoor use, but acrylic nameplates fit perfectly in any environment.Acrylic can withstand different extreme weather conditions without sustaining damage.It does not oxidize, and rust like metal does or get dump and rot like wood.

    Additionally, acrylic does not fade or break down as most plastics do.

  • Acrylic nameplates are Durable compared to wood, plastic, and metal.In addition, since acrylic is inert, it does not react with any environmental compounds.Which may cause deterioration in other materials.

Which Acrylic Nameplate Designs Are Available?

There are several acrylic nameplate designs to choose from.

You can always design your unique nameplate and send the specifications to the manufacturer for production,

The standard nameplate designs include:

  • Nameplates with different shapes. Acrylic nameplates are usually rectangular.You can get another shape, including square, oval, circle, triangle, hexagonal, et cetera.Custom designs may include nameplates curved in the shape of a name or object.
  • When it comes to the message, the acrylic nameplate can be laser engraved or printed on.Engraving scores the words and drawings into the acrylic, making them permanent.Printing applies a layer of paint on the nameplate’s surface.
  • There are clear acrylic and colored nameplate designs.Clear nameplates do with any decor or use, but you can choose a colored option to suit your preferences.
  • You can fit an acrylic nameplate with lighting fixtures to light it up. LED lights are usually used for this.This design is popular for commercial and home use but not for offices.
  • Designs can vary based on the type of acrylic sheet that was used for the project. For example, some nameplates have clear acrylic, while others come from colored or frosted sheets.

How Is Acrylic Nameplate Made?

Making an acrylic nameplate is a straightforward process that takes a few steps.

However, it is essential to follow the steps to create an excellent and quality end product.

Here are the steps to follow:

  1. The first step is to have a design of the nameplate.Come up with a good design to guide the process.Then, you can draw it on paper or create the template on a computer program for better visualization.
  2. Select an appropriate acrylic sheet from which you will carve out the design.There are different types and qualities of acrylic sheets. Each of them is best suited for specific designs.
  3. Next, cut the acrylic to size by measuring the dimensions, marking them on the sheet, and cutting.Again, you can use a hand tool or a machine for this, depending on your capacity.If you buy cut to size sheets, you can skip this step.
  4.  Smoothen the edges of the cut sheet to make it perfect.Again, cut-to-size sheets come with this feature, so you can skip the step if that is what you have.
  5. Add the design of the nameplate in this next step.You can either opt to print the design or engrave it using a computerized laser machine. The option that is best here depends on your production capacity, budget, and preference.
  6. In the last step, clean and polish the nameplate.Then, it is ready for installation.

It would be hard to go through all these steps without the right equipment for the job.

This is where we come in. You can avoid the hustle of making your nameplate by ordering one from us.

We have a variety of designs and budget options to choose from.

You can also order a custom nameplate at an affordable price. Contact us for more information on this.

Is Acrylic Nameplate Shatterproof?

Yes. An acrylic nameplate is resistant to shattering. It is about 25 times the impact resistance of glass.

You can drop or bang on it without being worried about cracks or breakage.

Still, do not expose the nameplate to high-pressure impact intentionally.

The most significant advantage of being shatterproof is that this protects the nameplate during engraving and installation.

This quality also makes the nameplate very durable.

How Do You Install Acrylic Nameplate?

Acrylic name board

Acrylic name board

The right way to install an acrylic nameplate depends on where it should be placed.

If the plaque is meant for desk or shelf use, it comes with a stand. All you must do is unbox the nameplate and place it on the surface.

Installation of acrylic nameplates on vertical surfaces is more complex as you need a mechanism to keep the plaque in place.

You can glue the plaque in place using an adhesive solvent for soft walls made of plywood, plastic, or drywall.

This method is more suited for colored nameplates so that the glue lines will not be visible.

For solid walls, doors, or gates, you can drill the nameplate onto the surface. This option is neat and more long-lasting than gluing.

Do Acrylic Nameplate Last Long?

Yes, it does. One advantage of an acrylic nameplate is it is durable.

Some of the reasons for this include the following:

  • Acrylic nameplates do not break easily
  • They do not corrode or degrade when exposed to environmental factors.In addition, acrylic is inert, so it does not react to compounds that could cause damage.
  • Acrylic does not deteriorate from sun or water exposure, so it lasts for long without sustaining damage even when used outdoors.

How Do You Choose The Best Acrylic Nameplate?

The best way to pick the appropriate acrylic nameplate is to focus on what works for you in terms of:


  • Each item will be priced differently depending on the nameplate’s design, quality, size, and custom features.
  • It is essential always to consider these factors against your budget to choose a plaque that you can afford.


  • The right size of an acrylic nameplate depends on its use.

For example, if you need a plaque to be visible from a distance, a large one is more appropriate.

  • Acrylic nameplates for desk use are better made small to perform their function without crowding the space.


  • This is a matter of preference because the shape of a nameplate does not hinder its functionality anyway.

However, nameplates meant for official use are best made in rectangular or square shapes.

  • Decorative nameplates can take any shape as long as they remain functional and fit your taste.


  • Color can determine the visibility of information written on the nameplate depending on the background on which it is set.

There are clear, translucent, solid plaques in our catalog.

The latter two options come in a variety of shades to suit different tastes and decor.

  • Ensure that there is a contrast between a plaque and the background for better visibility.

When in doubt, always pick a clear nameplate as it blends with any existing decor.

Design And Additional Features

  • Custom acrylic nameplates have additional features to either increase functionality or for aesthetic appeal.

Some standard features include engraved patterns and images and lighting fixtures.

  • You can choose the best nameplate based on the features you like.

Is Acrylic Nameplate Used Outdoors?


You can always use an acrylic nameplate outside without worrying about damage.

These plaques may be placed on doors or gates to indicate addresses or other important information.

Acrylic is resistant to yellowing and fading.

So you can have it for a long time, and it will still look new without much need for maintenance.

Additionally, acrylic is not affected by water or humidity.

Therefore, it does not rust or rot even when exposed to these conditions.

What Color Options Are Available For Acrylic Nameplate?

There are no color limitations when dealing with acrylic nameplates.

You can get any color you might like.

We have solid and translucent colored acrylic nameplates to suit all your needs.

Some clients opt for combination-colored acrylic nameplates, combining two complementary colors or a clear and colored side.

It is an excellent option for brands represented by more than one color.

colored acrylic nameplate

colored acrylic nameplate

Is Acrylic Nameplate Recyclable?

You can easily recycle acrylic nameplates. Unlike other plastics, acrylic can be reused several times without losing its value.

Damaged acrylic plaques can be cleaned, cut up, and melted to mold new acrylic sheets.

These sheets will then be used to make other products.

The recyclability of acrylic makes it sustainable as it reduces the harmful processes involved in its initial production.

What Is The Ideal Size For Acrylic Nameplate?

The ideal size of an acrylic nameplate depends on its use.

For example, an office desk name plaque has a standard size of 2 by 8 inches.

However, these dimensions can increase to 1.5 by 12 inches and 3 by 12 inches, depending on how large you need it.

House nameplates are relatively larger.

The standard size is 16 by 10 inches since they need to be visible from a greater distance than desk plaques.

How Can You Personalize Acrylic Nameplate?

Personalized nameplates are made to reflect the preference and needs of the client.

personalized acrylic nameplate

personalized acrylic nameplate

They are different from mass-produced nameplates because they have additional features that make them unique.

Some of these include the following:

  • color patterns
  • printed images
  • calligraphed fonts
  • laser-cut designs
  • lighting fixtures
  • unique shapes

Can You Print On Acrylic Nameplate?


printed acrylic nameplate

printed acrylic nameplate

Printing on an acrylic nameplate is necessary as this is the only way to display information on it. There are two main methods used to print on these plaques.

Screen Printing

This process transfers ink onto the nameplate by placing a stencil on a mesh screen and flooding it with ink using a roller.

The plaque is then cured to set the ink.

Laser Engraving

This technique uses a computerized laser machine to focus a laser on the acrylic nameplate following the path of a pattern set on the computer.

The nameplate is allowed to cool before the melted acrylic residue is cleaned out with soap and water.

Are There Blank Acrylic Nameplate?


We have blank acrylic nameplates in our catalog.

You can purchase them if you run a shop offering printing and engraving services.

Rather than go through cutting acrylic sheets to make their plaques, they buy them ready-made.

It makes their work easier as clients only have to choose a plaque design from the shop and have it engraved.

How Much Does Acrylic Nameplate Cost?

Acrylic nameplates cost anywhere between $15 and $50.

Generally, high-quality nameplates are priced higher than low-quality ones.

Other factors that affect the cost of a nameplate include the following.

  • Size of the nameplate
  • Brand or manufacturer
  • Location of the manufacturer due to shipping costs
  • Nameplate design where custom-made plaques are more expensive than mass-produced ones.

You can always look for the best price to fit your budget.

How Do You Clean Acrylic Nameplate?

It is easy to clean an acrylic nameplate if you follow a few key steps. They are:

  1. Start by dusting the nameplate using a soft brush.Removing dust particles makes it easier to deep clean the nameplate without scratching it.
  1. Using soap and water, clean the nameplate well, making sure you wipe off any smudges left in it.Always use a microfiber o soft cotton cloth to protect the acrylic from scratching.Avoid harsh cleaning products that contain ammonia as they break down the acrylic molecules, causing hazing.
  1. Always rinse off the nameplate using clean water to remove soap water stains that may reduce its clarity.Remember that acrylic resembles glass, so any smudges on it are apparent.
  1. Allow the nameplate to dry well.

What Are The Advantages Of Customizing Acrylic Nameplate?

Custom-made acrylic nameplates are a great option because they add unique features to the plaque, personalizing it for your interests.

The advantages of customizing an acrylic nameplate are:

  • Customized nameplates are unique as they have features that reflect your likes.In addition, they are versatile because they can be made in any design you choose.
  • They also reflect your style as you can choose a color and shape that matches your existing decor.Customized nameplates give you a chance at self-expression as they reflect your taste.
  • Custom-made acrylic nameplates tend to have higher quality because you choose everything from the type of acrylic.You also choose on the  paint, and printing method to be used.

What Types Of Acrylic Are The Best For Acrylic Nameplate?

Although many different types of acrylic sheets are available, these three are the main ones used to make acrylic nameplates.

Cast Acrylic

It is a type of acrylic sheet that combines clarity and strength. It is the highest quality and most expensive kind of acrylic available.

Cast acrylic is the best for clear acrylic nameplates because it maintains its glass-like appearance.

However, it can also produce colored acrylic sheets if high quality is what you are looking for.

Continuous Cast Acrylic

This type of acrylic sheet is almost similar to cast acrylic, but the production process is different. It has reduced clarity, but it makes up for in strength.

House nameplates are best made from continuous cast acrylic.

It can withstand the drilling required during installation without cracking.

It is also the best for colored acrylic nameplates due to its reduced clarity.

Extruded Acrylic

Extruded acrylic nameplates are the cheapest option available.

They are suitable for low-budget purchases since this type of acrylic is relatively more affordable than the rest.

Unfortunately, extruded acrylic has a lower quality than the other two types.

What Are The Disadvantages Of Acrylic Nameplate?

The only disadvantage of an acrylic nameplate is that it scratches easily.

Acrylic is a material that is highly susceptible to scratching, and this can affect its appearance.

Therefore, take care when cleaning the nameplate to avoid this.

It can be hard to protect a nameplate from scratching, primarily if it is located outdoors or near other objects.

Therefore, you can also invest in an acrylic nameplate with an anti-scratching coating to reduce the plaque’s susceptibility to damage.

Can You Repair A Damaged Acrylic Nameplate?

Generally, it is possible to damage an acrylic nameplate. However, the practicality of the repair depends on the type of damage sustained.

Scratching can be repaired by sanding off the scuff marks.

Start with 300-grit sandpaper to remove the most prominent marks.

Next, use 600-grit sandpaper dipped in a bit of water to smooth it over. Finish with 1200-grit wet sandpaper for a final finish.

Always work in a small circular motion to ensure you cover it all.

After you finish removing all the scratches, clean and polish the nameplate.

Be sure not to sand off any of the paint.

When an acrylic nameplate is broken, there is no point in repairing it because it will leave an ugly seam where it is joined.

Since these products are relatively cheap, it would be better to replace them.

What Are The Benefits Of Buying Acrylic Nameplate From China?

Acrylic Nameplate

Acrylic nameplate

The benefits of exporting acrylic nameplates from China are:

  • Chinese manufacturers have affordable prices since they have access to cheap labor and raw materials.
    This advantage reduces the cost of production.
  • There are high-quality nameplates from China due to their advanced technology to produce them.
  • Chinese manufacturers have a vast network of transport infrastructure to serve their clients.

It means that you can order from China regardless of your location in the world.

At WeProFab we design and manufacture a range of custom acrylic nameplates.

Contact us for all your acrylic nameplate needs.

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