• Acrylic Nightstand

Acrylic Nightstand

WeProFab is one of the global source of acrylic nightstand. We offer unlimited products of acrylics that surely suitable your likings. Our acrylic nightstand is made from pure acrylic resins. WeProFab can provide a one-stop-shop for all your acrylic nightstand needs.

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Get WeProFab Acrylic Nightstand to Delight Your Customers

WeProFab offers a high quality of acrylic nightstand. As the leading manufacturer of acrylic, we can produce thousands of acrylic products to supply the demands of your business.

1-Drawer Acrylic Nightstand

WeProFab produces eye-catching acrylic nightstand to get the attention of your customers. All of our acrylic nightstand are elegant good for your business.

Waterfall Acrylic Nightstand

When looking for a trusted supplier of acrylic nightstand, choose Weprofab. We manufacture all types of acrylic nightstand with different variants of style.

Crystal Clear Acrylic 2 Shelves Nightstand

If you’re looking for a reliable manufacturer of acrylic nightstand, then go for Weprofab. We have a wide range of high quality acrylic nightstand to offer you.

Acrylic Nightstand with Book case

Whether you are in need of classic and modern look acrylic nightstand, Weprofab proud to offer our one of a kind acrylic nightstand.

Colored Acrylic Nightstand

Weprofab is a professional manufacturer that manufactures acrylic nightstand that matches exactly in your own preferences and styles.

Luxury Acrylic Nightstand

If you are in need an acrylic nightstand, Weprofab has a lot of choices. We have all the trendy styles of acrylic nightstand that surely passed the standards in your customers.

WeProFab: Your Leading Acrylic Nightstand Manufacturer

WeProFab is a joint-venture company between WeeTect Material Limited and a Chinese local fabrication manufacturer. We tend to offer you a one-stop solution for plastic fabrication and metal fabrication.

Weprofab is an eminent manufacturer of all kinds of acrylic nightstand in China. If you are looking for an elegant yet sophisticated type of acrylic nightstand, then Weprofab has it all. We offer our acrylic nightstand at a very competitive price.

As the leading acrylic nightstand manufacturer expert, we have a wide range in fabricating all types of acrylic products. We even customizing acrylic nightstand depending on your product requests.

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Custom Acrylic Nightstand to Skyrocket Your Brand

Bed side Table Acrylic Nightstand

At Weprofab, we supply different varieties of acrylic nightstand for your business.

Multipurpose Clear Acrylic Nightstand

Weprofab is your one-stop solution in all your acrylic nightstand needs.

Wooden Acrylic Nightstand

Weprofab wooden acrylic nightstand offers a unique and outstanding design. Choose our wide varieties of acrylic nightstand.

Rectangular Acrylic Nightstand

Weprofab rectangular acrylic nightstand gives an outstanding feature which is great to gain attention to the customers. We produce a lot of acrylic nightstand for you to choose from.

Kids Acrylic Nightstand

Weprofab kids acrylic nightstand is excellent for keeping the children’s things safe. We produce acrylic nightstand at a very affordable price.

Acrylic Bedside Nightstand

It is a contemporary and fashionable decorative piece that immediately raises any area. It is composed of top-quality material with a 5mm thickness with an SGS certificate.

Acrylic Nightstand with Drawer

Acrylic Nightstand with Drawer features high light tranparency and is eco-friendly; it is also used to save space. Its sizes, color, and thickness are customizable.

Multifunctional Acrylic Nightstand Shelf

It is generally used as home furniture but can also be applied in hotels or hospitals. It is available in transparent color and accepts OEM service for design and features.

Acrylic Nightstand Table

Acrylic Nightstand Table is mostly used in home, shop, and office with a modern appearance of 2-50mm thickness. It uses high-grade quality material with customizable sizes.

Modern Acrylic Nightstand Table

Modern Acrylic Nightstand Table is appropriate for every area with great modern design. It has a simple modern design with a customizable size in transparent color.

Acrylic Nightstand Computer Desk

It is a modern multipurpose nightstand that features a lower shelf with two protective sides. Its mostly used as living furniture with a fashionable modern style.

Acrylic Lucite Nightstand Table

Acrylic Lucite Nightstand Table is suitable for many areas like leaving room and bedroom with durable, modern, steady, and universal features.

Acrylic Nightstand End Table

It has a modern appearance with 12mm thickness but is customizable. It is applied in office, exhibition, and home decoration for OEM service.

Acrylic Semicircle Nightstand with Shelves

It contains three tiers of counters with three wheels beneath that serve as a convenient storage area for any stuff you choose to keep on access.

Acrylic Nightstand For Bedside

Acrylic Nightstand For Bedside is stable, durable, and strong with a modern appearance. It’s composed of acrylic, wood, and metal with clear color.

Clear Acrylic Display End Nightstand

Clear Acrylic Display End Nightstand is a modern minimalist style applied in hotels, offices, living rooms, and more. It accepts OEM with high-quality material.

Minimalistic Acrylic Nightstand

Minimalistic Acrylic Nightstand is multipurpose with two shelves to save space for organizing things. It’s an excellent idea for gifts, and it’s easy to clean.

Contemporary Acrylic Nightstand

Contemporary Acrylic Nightstand is foldable and a multipurpose nightstand with a modern appearance and design style. It features an eco-friendly and durable nightstand.

Portable Acrylic Nightstand Table

Portable Acrylic Nightstand Table is not a foldable nightstand but is mostly used in bedrooms, kitchens, offices, and more. It accepts OEM and ODM services.

Acrylic Office Nightstand

It blends in effortlessly with the rest of your home or office furniture. It is simple, sturdy, and durable and is constructed of quality transparent acrylic and textured metals.

Trendy Acrylic Home End Nightstand Table

It features non-toxic, non-flammable, high transparency, and eco-friendly with various colors. It has a modern appearance that accepts OEM and  ODM services.

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Why WeProFab Acrylic Nightstand

Weprofab manufactures acrylic nightstand for more than 2 decades.

If you are in need of acrylic nightstand or any acrylic products, Weprofab has it all.

We manufacture all kinds of acrylic nightstand best for your acrylic business.

Weprofab acrylic nightstand is a modern and stylish type of nightstand.

Made from 100% acrylic resins.

When it comes to solidness and trustability you can count on Weprofab acrylic nightstand since it a great feature.

Acrylic Nightstand

Many of the retailers nor a distributor like this acrylic nightstand because it’s trendy and has a beautiful appearance compare to an ordinary nightstand.

Your client will definitely earn the satisfaction to it.

Weprofab will absolutely help you to skyrocket your business to the market.

When it comes to selecting a certain acrylic nightstand, always consider the Weprofab brand.

As the leading manufacturer of acrylic nightstand we have a strong capacity in producing acrylic nightstand.

Whether you are purchasing small or large orders we will cater all your acrylic orders.

Acrylic Nightstand

Weprofab is one of the well-known producers of acrylic nightstand that always secure their acrylic nightstand qualities and other acrylic products to ensure the safety of the customers.

So you will not be worried since it passed the international standards and quality.

Whether you are looking for a nightstand with acrylic legs, clear acrylic side table, clear nightstand, lucite nightstand, acrylic and wood nightstand, black acrylic nightstand, white nightstand, and many more. Weprofab will provide all your acrylic nightstand demands.

Acrylic Nightstand

Since we are one of the trusted suppliers and manufacturers of the acrylic nightstand in China, we will glad to inform you that we are doing our best to produce a one of a kind acrylic nightstand.

In order to continue and boost your business to reach until the top.

We make sure that all the products that you receive from us are in good condition and ready to use.

If you have questions regarding our acrylic nightstand product, contact us immediately!

Acrylic Nightstand: The Ultimate FAQ Guide

If you have any questions about acrylic nightstand, you will find the answer right here.

This guide covers everything including uses, color options, cost, quality standards and designs, among other critical aspects.

So, keep reading to learn more.

What is Acrylic Nightstand?

It is a small table or cabinet made from acrylic material designed to stand beside a relatively bigger piece of furniture like a bed or table.

In some instances, it is referred to as acrylic bedside table, acrylic night table, or acrylic bedside cabinet.

Most acrylic nightstands have one or more drawers and or shelves with a small door.

Importantly, this furniture is used for supporting different items, which might be essential during the night.

It comes in a wide range of designs size and designs, both standard and custom-built.

You can also find it in a variety of color shades and material thickness based on your preference.

acrylic night stand

acrylic night stand

What are the Design Variations of Acrylic Nightstand?

Acrylic nightstands are available in numerous designs, both standard and customized.

However, the custom-built variations are limited to the specific manufacturer you choose to purchase them from.

WeProFab, a leading manufacturer of acrylic nightstands, offer a variety of designs to select, such as the following;

  • Waterfall acrylic nightstand
  • Colored acrylic nightstand
  • Luxury acrylic nightstand
  • 1-drawer acrylic nightstand
  • Crystal clear acrylic 2-shelves nightstand
  • Acrylic nightstand with bookcase

Other customized units you can always get from WeProFab include;

  • Rectangular acrylic nightstand
  • Wooden acrylic nightstand
  • Kids’ acrylic nightstand
  • Bedside table acrylic nightstand
  • Multipurpose acrylic nightstand

What Can You Use Acrylic Nightstands For?

The primary use of acrylic nightstand is to support different useful items, which may require access during the night.

For instance, you can use it as an alarm clock, book, cell phone, desktop intercom, and table lamp.

You can also use it for supporting medication, alarm clock, eyeglasses, a drink, snack, or anything else you’d wish to keep beside the bed.

Secondly, acrylic bedside tables are also useful for storing different belongings.

Most designs, both customized and standard, have drawers and shelves, allowing you to store the valuables.

Moreover, these drawers have lockable small doors, which is imperative in ensuring there is not access to your items.

Thirdly, this acrylic furniture can also be integral in anchoring the bed.

 acrylic sidebed nightstand

 Acrylic side bed nightstand

In essence, it supplements your bed so that it does not appear like it is floating inside the room.

As such, it enhances the overall aesthetics of the room, thus creating an upscale and lively ambiance.

What Should You Consider When Purchasing Acrylic Nightstand?

When buying this piece of furniture, there are several elements you’ll need to look into to get the desired one.

The main factors, however, include the following;

Overall Quality

Quality of the finished product is a core element, which you must always consider when purchasing an acrylic nightstand.

In many instances, you’ll find varied qualities based on several aspects such as construction material, artistry, or pricing.

Nevertheless, you must ensure the overall quality of this furniture gives value for your money.


Mostly, you’ll find acrylic nightstands of different dimensions.

However, it is upon you to choose the specific one, which fits well within your space.

This should depend on the available size in your room or number of items you’re likely to place on the surface area.


In many instances, you can find acrylic night tables in clear surface material.

But you can always choose one with a particular color that suits your needs.

The essence here is to ensure you find something, which complements your bedroom décor to increase aesthetics.


It is imperative to determine whether you are going for a standard or customized design.

Ordinarily, most standard designs tend to be a bit basic compared to custom-built pieces.

Always make an informed choice based on your different needs.


You should never overlook the cost of purchasing this furniture when making your selection.

Of course, they are available at different rates based on a wide range of variables.

Nevertheless, it is always imperative to ensure you get the value for your money based on the quality of the acrylic nightstand.


It is equally vital to figure out the best means possible you can use to transport the furniture from the supplier to your destination.

This is often dependent on the minimum order quantity, but it is fundamental to choose a cost-effective method regardless.

What is the Difference Between Acrylic Nightstand and Acrylic Stool?

 Acrylic stool

 acrylic stool

An acrylic stool is a type of furniture resembling a chair but does not have a back or armrest.

It is quite simple and features a single seat for one person at a time.

The base of this furniture comes in one, two, three, or four legs.

Additionally, the size may vary from small to relatively big, but you can find it in different designs.

On the other hand, acrylic nightstand is a small cabinet usually placed on the bedside to hold things often used at night.

It is relatively big than acrylic stools, but the actual size is based on the specific items placed on it.

Moreover, acrylic nightstand contains drawers or shelves and comes with lockable doors.

Can You Find a Colored Acrylic Nightstand?


Typically, the original acrylic material used for manufacturing night table is clear.

However, you can always inject different color shades on this material to find the most suitable one for your needs.

You can find acrylic nightstands in as many as 50 colors or more.

This is vital because it makes it possible for you to choose this furniture in a color shade that suits your demands.

Moreover, there are some, which come in multi-colored shades.

Ideally, these are varieties that consist of two colors or more in one acrylic nightstand.

It is a suitable choice if you love rainbow colors.

colored acrylic nightstand

 acrylic colored nightstand

What is the Cost of Acrylic Nightstand?

The cost of purchasing acrylic bedside table varies based on a wide range of elements such as the following;

MOQ: Most manufacturers usually price their products based on the minimum order quantity.

Ideally, when ordering a customized acrylic nightstand, the supplier is likely to set a relatively high MOQ than purchasing a standard design.

As such, in most cases, the higher the MOQ, the lower the unit cost, and vice versa.

Quality of material: Acrylic material is available in different grades ranging from relatively inferior to high-quality material.

Of course, the higher the quality of acrylic material used for making this furniture, the costlier it is and vice versa.

Design: Mostly, pricing of acrylic nightstand is often based on specific design you are selecting.

Standards designs are usually cheaper than personalized acrylic night tables.

Most custom-built designs often entail several details, which may require several resources and manpower.

Notably, the more details on a customized unit, the higher the cost.

Brand: Acrylic nightstand is manufactured by thousands of companies across the world.

All these companies have different rates for these products based on numerous aspects.

In many instances, a popular brand with a reputable history of reliability and manufacturing high-quality products tend to be a bit expensive.

This doesn’t necessarily imply that little-known brands produce quality units.

It is only that their positioning in the market doesn’t work in favor of high pricing.

As you can see, the cost of an acrylic night table is dependent on numerous factors such as the ones explained above.

Which is Better Between Acrylic Nightstand and Glass Nightstand?

Acrylic and glass are among the commonly used materials for manufacturing different designs of nightstands.

However, these materials possess different properties making their respective nightstands vary considerably.

For instance, acrylic bedside table is relatively strong.

It is designed from acrylic material, which naturally is hardy with excellent tensile and impact pressure.

Glass material, on the other hand, is somewhat fragile and can only endure mechanical pressure up to certain limits before it cracks.

Another element is acrylic nightstand is quite lightweight.

The material weighs about half the weight of a normal glass of similar dimensions.

This makes it quite convenient, especially when transporting it in bulk from the manufacturer to your place, unlike a glass nightstand.

Additionally, acrylic night table has a better optical clarity given it allows a considerable amount of light to pass through it.

On the other hand, glass nightstand also has relatively good clarity but not to the levels of acrylic.

It allows light of about 86% to pass through it.

And importantly, acrylic bedside table is safer since the material does not break nor shatter even when subjected to high impact pressure.

Glass nightstand, however, is relatively fragile and can easily break and shatter when placed under impact pressure.

As such, nightstand made using acrylic material comes out better than those manufactured using glass material in all major aspects.

 glass nightstand

 glass nightstand

Is Acrylic Nightstand Breakable?

Not at all under ordinary conditions.

This night table is manufactured using acrylic material, which is synthetic and derived from natural elements.

It is quite strong and can withstand strong impact rendering it unbreakable.

Moreover, it comes in wide-ranging thicknesses, which translates to the larger it is, the harder it becomes.

However, under some deliberate attempts, it may crack when exposed to extremely intensive impact pressure.

But it can never shatter irrespective of the amount of impact pressure exerted on it.

Does Acrylic Nightstand Dull Over Time?

Not under normal circumstances.

During manufacturing process of this furniture, several treatment coatings are often integrated into the material.

The treatments are designed to ensure it enhances and maintains the original properties for the longest time possible.

One of these treatments is a UV stabilizer.

This additive enhances the glossiness of the surface material, thus making it difficult for it to fade or dull over time.

Can You Repair Cracked Acrylic Nightstand?


But the specific repair technique is dependent on the nature of impairment on the surface material of this furniture.

In many instances, light scratches and cracks are the commonly visible elements, which may require repair of acrylic nightstand.

The best way to remove these elements is by polishing using the ideal method.

Polishing is essential since it restores the surface material of this piece of furniture into its original state effectively.

Moreover, it smoothens the surface material and makes it shiny.

What is the Best Type of Acrylic Material Grade for Making Nightstand?

Acrylic material is available in different types and variations.

The specific one varies mostly, depending on your preference.

Some of the available options you may consider include the following;

  • Cast acrylic
  • Extruded acrylic
  • Continuous cast acrylic
  • Reflective acrylic
  • Perforated acrylic
  • High gloss acrylic
  • Frosted acrylic
  • Non-glare acrylic

What is the Suitable Substitute Thermoplastic Material for Acrylic Nightstand?

You can try polycarbonate sheet.

In many instances, polycarbonate is used as an alternative thermoplastic material to acrylic when making night tables.

Essentially, polycarbonate tends to possess slightly better features compared to acrylic material.

For instance, polycarbonate is fairly stronger thus has excellent resistance to impact compared to acrylic.

Moreover, this material has better optical clarity, which is a vital aspect when choosing a thermoplastic nightstand.

Polycarbonate is also easy to fabricate, just as acrylic, given that it is relatively soft and supple.

Therefore, it comes out as a better alternative to consider for a nightstand in place of acrylic material.

How close to the Bed Should Acrylic Nightstand Be?

Technically, the idea of having an acrylic nightstand beside your bed is to make it easy for you to reach what you need.

However, this furniture should not necessarily be so close that you knock off items as you sleep.

For an average-sized acrylic nightstand, two inches from your bed is an ideal placement distance.

But for relatively large nightstands or bedrooms, you may consider a little more space between the furniture and the bed.

Notably, always ensure you do not place this component more the four inches away from your bed.

As such, it will be pointless to have it since the essence is to keep all the items you need within reach in that particular space.

How Long Does Acrylic Nightstand Last?

Acrylic nightstand is naturally durable since it is manufactured using a sturdy material.

However, the actual durability of this furniture is relative.

In other words, it can vary from one type to another depending on a wide range of factors.

Since acrylic material is available in various grades, it is apparent the durability may depend on precise quality.

Essentially, nightstands made from high-quality acrylic material will last longer than those manufactured from substandard quality.

Another element, which determines the exact longevity of this component is the material thickness used.

Often, thicker acrylic night tables tend to last longer than those designed using somewhat thin material.

Thicker material has better resistance to several elements such as impact thus can outlive one with a thinner surface.

The workmanship involved in manufacturing process of this furniture also plays a fundamental role in determining its durability.

A well-crafted acrylic bedside table will last longer than a poorly manufactured one.

Of course, the quality of the former in terms of fabrication and finishing allows it to endure different elements and increasing its longevity.

And importantly, the maintenance practices you undertake also determine the overall durability of this component.

In a nutshell, acrylic nightstands can last for as many as 30 years or more.

However, this is dependent on several factors, such as ones explained above.

What are the Common Customization Techniques You Can Apply on Acrylic Nightstand?

Since acrylic material is relatively flexible, it means you can use various ways to fabricate it.

And this is vital, especially when you want to attain a customized piece.

Some of the common techniques you can use on this furniture include the following;

Cutting to size – It is merely about reducing the size of this component to required dimensions, which fit your needs.

Drilling – Creating a hole or holes on the surface material of this piece of furniture using a drilling machine and drilling bit.

Welding – Joining different surfaces of this material by melting using high heat and allowing them to fuse after cooling.

Laminating – It involves applying a thin film as a surface coating treatment to bar the furniture’s from different foreign elements.

You can also opt for it to enhance the aesthetics, styling, and durability of the acrylic nightstand.

Why Should You Consider Custom-Built Acrylic Nightstand?

Customized acrylic nightstands offer various benefits since they are designed to suit your specific demands.

Some of the reasons why you need to consider such designs include the following;

1) Allows you to create intricacy and a class atmosphere.

When you choose a customized acrylic night table, you will likely obtain a lively ambiance in your space.

2) It becomes easy for you to improve safety of your belongings, which you place inside the furniture.

Mostly, custom-built designs feature lockable drawers, which enables you to restrict access from unauthorized persons.

3) A personalized acrylic bedside table is relatively easy to organize. Ideally, as you choose it, the intention is to ensure you attain the design fitting your needs.

As such, you’ll be able to go for one with dimensions that fit your items accordingly hence easy to organize.

4) It increases practicality given that the custom design consideration factors in all elements surrounding the items and space.

Of course, this is vital since it enhances efficiency, which is quite essential in attaining desirable results.

5) Customized acrylic nightstands are also easy to market to prospective buyers since the designs are unique.

Custom built acrylic nightstand

custom built acrylic nightstand

What is the Suitable Size for Acrylic Nightstand?

Ideally, the suitable size for this piece of furniture is largely dependent on your needs.

You need to choose a specific size depending on the number of items you want to place on it.

Also, the size of your space determines the ideal size of acrylic nightstand you need to consider.

Generally, most acrylic nightstands are designed with beds in mind.

In many instances, the average height of ordinary mattresses is 25 inches, and most nightstands are about 24-28 inches tall.

This height is vital since it accommodates the combined mattress, bed frame, and bed soring heights.

Regarding width, you’ll notice many commercially available acrylic bedside tables can range from 20-40 inches wide.

Relatively minimalist design considerations may use acrylic night tables narrower on the side.

Some medical equipment such as CPAP machines tends to take bigger spaces, thus require wider acrylic nightstands.

Therefore, a wider acrylic bedside is more practical if you need medical equipment and want a bedside alarm clock and lamp.

In terms of depth, most acrylic bedside tables, which come as part of bedroom set, are about 20 inches deep.

Even so, this furniture can be deeper or shallower based on factors such as customization.

In general, it is advisable to avoid anything with a depth of more than 24 inches.

It can make it awkward when getting in and out of bed.

Is Acrylic Nightstand Child-friendly?


This furniture never breaks even when subjected to high impact pressure.

Irrespective of how heavy it falls, it hardly breaks.

Since it is lightweight, it becomes relatively safe to use it in an environment with playful kids.

Moreover, the acrylic night table is shatterproof.

As such, in case it breaks for whatever reason, it can only fracture into large pieces with somewhat dull edges.

Overall, this is a safety feature, which makes it relatively child-friendly.

Which Quality Standards Should Acrylic Nightstand Conform to?

They are quite several based on a specific target market.

However, the commonly used ones across different market regions include the following;

  • ISO 9001
  • SGS
  • Restriction of Hazardous Substances Directive (RoHS)
  • UL
  • American Society for Testing and Material (ASTM)

Are Manufacturers of Acrylic Nightstand in China Reliable?


In China, most manufacturers and suppliers of this furniture are registered and regulated by different authorities.

This way, it becomes easier to trace the whereabouts of the company you are dealing with if the deal goes wrong.

Secondly, the acrylic nightstand manufacturers in China work with different partners across the world.

At WeProFab, we will help you get the best designs for all your acrylic nightstands.

Also, we will also support your OEM business.

So, in case you have any inquiries or questions about acrylic nightstands, contact WeProFab now.

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