• Acrylic Ornaments

Acrylic Ornaments

As a premier supplier and manufacturer of acrylic ornaments in China, we prioritize every customers demand for designs. We can custom every design you need. Send it now!

Get WeProFab Acrylic Ornaments to Delight Your Customers

WeProFab is a professional one-stop solution provider for your ideal products. We fully support project needs through our watchful staff who are working 24/7.

Acrylic Ornaments Manufacturer

WeProFab will be your professional producer of acrylic ornaments. We have many stocks to supply with many features, designs, and customizations.

Clear Acrylic Ornaments

If you need cleat acrylic ornaments, you can choose different designs and sizes you needs. We are offering an acceptable price.

Colored Acrylic Ornaments

WeProFab manufactured different awesome colors for acrylic ornaments. WeProFab professionally supply an affordable acrylic ornaments for budget-saving.

Custom Acrylic Ornaments

Send your designs at WeProFab for a better result. We can custom your orders that will suits on your applications. We will offer you reasonable rates.

Engraved Acrylic Ornaments

WeProFab are able to engrave acrylic ornaments professionally in a friendly price. We have plenty of designers who create an amazing design.

Laser Cut Acrylic Ornaments

We are expert in laser cutting process. WeProFab can laser cut acrylic ornaments based on your request intended for the business projects.

WeProFab: Your Leading Acrylic Ornaments Manufacturer

WeProFab is a joint-venture company between WeeTect Material Limited and a Chinese local fabrication company. We tend to offer an effective solution for plastic fabrication including metal.

In many years, WeProFab experienced a lot of hard times. But through our special service offered, we are certified as one of the trusted and qualified supplier and manufacturer of plastic fabrication.

We professionally check all the product quality we supply. If you want to purchase acrylic ornaments, WeProFab can supply a large amount at a competitive rate. Get your project needs at WeProFab.

Custom Acrylic Ornaments to Boost Your Brand

Acrylic Ornaments Balls

WeProFab acrylic ornament balls can be fillable or not. It is accessible at different colors and sizes which is perfect for many applications.

Fillable Acrylic Ornaments

Color powder glitters, and many more are perfect for fillable acrylic ornaments. It provides amazing looks which is attractive to all customers.

Personalized Acrylic Ornaments

WeProFab has the capability to sustain the customer’s requests. We can personalize what’s your business desire. You can get an amazing offer.

Printable Acrylic Ornaments

There are many shapes of acrylic ornaments you can choose. It can be printed with letters or images. Get your ideal shapes to support your special needs.

Stars Acrylic Ornaments

Star shapes are popular for acrylic ornaments. It is perfect for Christmas occasions for amazing decorations.

Crystal Acrylic Rainbow Decorative Flower Vase Ornaments

The crystal acrylic rainbow decorative flower vase ornaments have good transparency and vivid rainbow colors. They can be used for table decoration and wedding decoration. They are suitable for holding dried flowers, silk flowers, or fresh flowers. They can also be used as pen or brush holders.

Clear Acrylic Round Hollow Christmas Ball Ornaments

The clear acrylic round hollow Christmas ball ornaments can be used for wedding favors, interior decoration, Christmas tree decorations, home garden décor, and more. The ball can be separated into 2 parts. So, they can be filled with small colorful balls, dried flowers, glitters, and other decorative items.

Round Colored Mirror Acrylic Blanks Ornaments with Holes

The round colored mirror acrylic blanks ornaments with holes are commonly used for fabricating gift tags, Christmas tree decorations, table numbers, Christmas signs, and other craft projects. They are highly reflective and are available in various colors such as gold, silver, rose gold, red, blue, and more.

Clear Iridescent Acrylic Snowflake Ornaments

The clear iridescent acrylic snowflake ornaments are ideal to use for Christmas tree decoration and party decoration. They have iridescent colors that change and reflect rainbow colors depending on the light settings.

Acrylic Dog Bone Ornaments

The acrylic dog bone ornaments can be customized with your pet’s name. They are commonly used for making pet ID tags, gift tags, Christmas tree decorations, or name tags.

Clear Acrylic Fillable Light Bulb Ornaments

The clear acrylic fillable light bulb ornaments are shatterproof, durable, and ready to hang. They can be filled with a wide range of items such as candies, glitters, papers, mistletoe, small plastic balls, and other small items. They can be used for Christmas tree decoration, party decoration, and interior decoration.

Clear Acrylic Heart-Shaped Fillable Ornaments

The clear acrylic heart-shaped fillable ornaments can be used for window display, Christmas tree decoration, DIY projects, bath bomb molding, and Valentine’s Day. They can be split divided into two parts so you can fill them with glitters, candies, fabrics, shredded papers, and other decorative items.

Clear Acrylic Deer Christmas Ornaments

The clear acrylic deer Christmas ornaments can be used for designing Christmas trees, walls, and windows during Christmas day. They are easy to hang, long-lasting, lightweight, non-toxic, and easy to hang. They are resistant to fading, high impact, and moisture.

Clear Acrylic Star Ornaments

The clear acrylic star ornaments are ideal to use for fabricating necklace pendants, key chains, Christmas hanging charms, name tags, interior decoration, and other craft projects. They have high transparency, weather resistance, and scratch resistance.

Clear Acrylic Booze Balls Ornaments

The clear acrylic booze balls ornaments are lightweight, durable, leakproof, and fillable. You can fill them with whiskey, gin, and other alcohols, sweets, and other decorative items. They are made from clear, safe, durable, eco-friendly acrylic material. They are shatterproof and can hold liquid securely.

Clear Acrylic Angel Figurine Ornaments

The clear acrylic angel figurine ornaments can be used for office décor, interior design, table decoration, and other occasion decoration applications. They are perfect to display on a fireplace mantel, shelf, as a memorial gift, tabletop centerpiece, etc. They are also widely used during Christmas days.

Acrylic Crystal Dangle Drop Ball Christmas Ornaments

The acrylic crystal dangle drop ball Christmas ornaments can be hung on the walls, Christmas trees, windows, etc. They are transparent, clear, and look just like a real crystal. They can also be used as wedding table centerpieces, sun catchers, and chandelier prisms pendants.

Hanging Clear Acrylic Snowflake Ornaments with Octagon Beads

The hanging clear acrylic snowflake ornaments with octagon beads are made from crystal-clear, high-quality, non-toxic, and sturdy acrylic material. They have high transparency, great durability, shatter resistance, and long service life. They can be hung on the Christmas tree, staircases, windows, walls, etc.

Acrylic Crystal Icicle Ornaments

The acrylic crystal icicle ornaments have high clarity and look just like a real icicle. They are durable and do not break easily when dropped. You can use them for decorating Christmas trees, potted plants, windows, walls, and so on. They are exuding a Christmas atmosphere to your interior.

Red Baubles Acrylic Ornaments

The red baubles acrylic ornaments come in many different designs. They have strings so you can hang them on the Christmas tree or walls. They are also as decoration for weddings, anniversaries, Halloween parties, or at home. They are eco-friendly, shatterproof, and have great durability and elegant design.

Acrylic Merry Christmas Cake Topper Ornaments

The acrylic merry Christmas cake topper ornaments are made from high-quality, eco-friendly, food-grade, non-toxic, and super strong acrylic material. They are used as a finishing touch to cakes during Christmas day. They are washable, reusable, stylish, durable, and can last for many years.

Luminous Acrylic Christmas Tree Ornaments

The luminous acrylic Christmas tree ornaments are glowing when lit by an LED light. They are translucent, dazzling, and durable. They are perfect for Christmas decoration, souvenirs, tabletop decoration, office decoration, and other decorative applications. They have an elegant design, long service time, and light diffusion.

Custom Laser Cut Clear Acrylic Ornaments

The custom laser cut clear acrylic ornaments can be designed based on your requirements. They are suitable for Christmas decoration, interior decoration, or souvenirs. They are made from high-quality, crystal-clear, and eco-friendly acrylic plastic. They have high clarity, durability, and non-yellowing features.

Acrylic Striped Candy Cane Ornaments

The acrylic striped candy cane ornaments are made from premium acrylic material. They have a hanging design, cute appearance, and great durability. They are commonly used to decorate Christmas trees. They can also be a great gift for the children.

Glitter Acrylic Angel Wing Ornaments

The glitter acrylic angel wing ornaments have glitter designs that glow and reflect when lit. They are highly decorative and are ideal for gift-giving, Christmas tree decoration, and other decoration purposes. They also have great UV resistance, high durability, attractive design, light weight, and waterproof.

Acrylic Badge Pin Brooch Christmas Cartoon Ornaments

The acrylic badge pin brooch Christmas cartoon ornaments are available in many different attractive and fashionable designs such as snowflakes, snowman, Santa Claus, Christmas designs, and other Christmas designs. They can be used for decorating your clothes, backpacks, jeans, bags, hats, etc.

Acrylic Dancing Ballerina Ornament

The acrylic dancing ballerina ornaments are made from high clarity, durable, and premium quality PMMA material. They have a luxurious appearance, elegant design, and transparent design. They are non-yellowing and timeless. They can be a perfect gift, Christmas tree decoration, and home decoration.

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Why WeproFab Acrylic Ornaments

WeProFab acrylic ornaments are designed for fundraisers, holiday decorations or tree decor, souvenirs, gifts, and a lot more. It has many uses that will surely support your business. This will surely help you gain a better income when running a business.

WeProFab acrylic ornaments offered at a competitive rate. If you are saving your cash, better to rely on WeProFab. Our affordable acrylic ornaments are accessible in plenty of stocks.

 Acrylic Ornaments

WeProFab manufactured the best quality of stocks like acrylic ornaments. Through this, we can fully support every project.

WeProFab acrylic ornaments are durable for any applications and uses which are available in color printing.

 Acrylic Ornaments

You can demand your desired designs. Whether it is stars, snowman, ball, dove, bell, tree, and a lot of styles, we can supply your orders.

All of these styles are completely designed and fabricates with modern technologies. We can be your outstanding partner who could offer a better shipping rate.

 Acrylic Ornaments

You can always ensure the safety of your orders by choosing a trusted supplier. WeProFab has various quality acrylic ornaments perfect to run your business.

A WeProFab acrylic ornament has a lot of colors available. We are customizing for souvenirs, Christmas decorations, gifts, or fundraisers. It is also useable for festivals, weddings, birthdays for men or women.

Whatever your application needs for acrylic ornaments, we can cater to your demands.  We can provide a one-stop solution.

WeProFab has the capability to handle the fabrication process through the complete technology for better assistance. We can manufacture your required designs.

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