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Acrylic Patio Covers

WeProFab acrylic patio covers are great for your business enhancement. We offer you a lot of kinds of acrylic patio covers that contain extruded acrylic patio covers, texture acrylic patio covers, and a lot more. You can select your own dimensions and sizes and WeProFab can handle your aspiration.

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Get WeProFab Acrylic Patio Covers to Delight Your Customers

WeProFab acrylic patio covers are one of the most ideal in the industry. It has many options, and it can be applicable to your business demand.

Sunspace Acrylic Patio Covers

WeProFab Sunspace Acrylic Patio Covers can block harmful UV rays. It also protects the outcomes of inclement weather without the sacrifice of the sun’s original light.

Clear Translucent Acrylic Patio Covers

WeProFab Clear Translucent Acrylic Patio Covers shields the covered area from the components. But it also still concedes adequate light to shine through.

Outdoor Balcony Acrylic Patio Cover

WeProFab Outdoor Balcony Acrylic Patio Cover has the fittest place for hanging out clothes, manage out wind and rain. It also has no harm even if it’s rain while you are outside.

Polycarbonate Roofing Acrylic Patio Covers

WeProFab Polycarbonate Roofing Acrylic Patio Covers has a much lighter material than glass. It also features a thermoplastic due to its incredibly flexible and versatile.

Outdoor Pergola Acrylic Patio Covers

WeProfab Pergola Acrylic Patio Covers used to cover an area but still leave it exposed to the elements and nature. It is a unique acrylic patio covers.

Sunspace Acrylic Patio Covers

WeProFab Sunspace Acrylic Patio Covers is designed as a patio cover and a sunroom roof. This will manage high light transmission completely the durability of the product.

WeProFab: Your Leading Acrylic Patio Covers Manufacturer

WeProFab is one of entrusting fabricator of acrylic patio cover products since we fabricate to make use of our newest technology equipment. Our acrylic patio cover is very ideal in progression for business and for home.

We, WeProFab are very pleased to serve our dear customer. To gain customer satisfaction, we produce our acrylic patio cover in high-quality, very durable, and can be purchase at affordable costs.

WeProFab is now over 20 years as a certified supplier and manufacturer in China. We are a qualified supplier worldwide which provide a one-stop solution.

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Custom Acrylic Patio Covers to Boost Your Brand

Seattle Patio Covers

WeProFab Seattle Patio Covers are constructed using high-quality aluminum extrusions. Also with a baked enamel coating or a choice of almost each wood species.

Classic Style Acrylic Patio Covers

WeProFab Classic Style Acrylic Patio Cover includes aluminum hanging rail with end caps and flashing. It is also customized with optional elongated post heights and alternate or additional beams.

Cathedral Acrylic Patio Covers

WeProFab Cathedral Acrylic Patio Covers include aluminum ridge beam with ridge cap and flashing. WeProFab will help you determine your customizations if needed. 

Solid Acrylic Patio Covers Contemporary

WeProFab Solid Acrylic Patio Covers Contemporary are attracted to bright colors. WeProFab provides an acrylic patio covers that are surely reliable and durable. 

Standard Acrylic Patio Covers

WeProFab Standard Acrylic  Patio Covers can provide you an excellent environment for your outdoor conditions. It will also bring maximum light into your home.

Corrugated Acrylic Patio Cover

The corrugated acrylic patio cover affords privacy and protection from sunlight. Suitable as material for patio roofing because it is UV-stable. Offers the advantage of remaining brilliant and not yellowing, even after years of usage.

Hard Coated Acrylic Patio Cover

A hard-coated acrylic patio cover is available in a wide range of colors and surface textures. Guarantees to match the structural requirements and personal taste. Perfect for use as pergola covers, patios, and sunrooms.

Multi Wall Acrylic Patio Cover

Multi-wall acrylic patio cover offers 100% protection while allowing sunlight to shine through. Reduces heat transmission and keeps the rain off. Custom made to any kind of space’s specifications.

Ribbed White Acrylic Patio Cover

The ribbed white acrylic patio cover maintains high light transmission throughout the long life of the product. 100% naturally UV stable and softens harsh light. Designed to offer protection from inclement weather.

Solid Acrylic Patio Cover

The solid acrylic patio cover retains 90% light transmission and clarity for 30 years. Allows for a seamless installation and a virtual maintenance-free roofing solution. Available in a range of solar tints and shapes.

UV Block Acrylic Patio Cover

UV block acrylic patio cover allows various levels of light transmission and heat reflection. A cost-effective solution for most commercial applications. Extends the life of the deck and outdoor furniture.


Impact Resistant Acrylic Patio Cover

Add your home’s perfect view with an acrylic patio cover. It has excellent property of resistance which protect from heat, impacts, rain, and more. Lightweight and secure from unexpected earthquakes.

Bulletproof Acrylic Patio Cover

Acrylic patio covers are widely used in many facilities, commercial and industrial. Perfect in a coffee shop, resorts, roof-tops, and any outdoor facilities. It has great UV resistance which protects from heat.

Light Diffuser Acrylic Patio Cover

A patio cover is made with a light diffuser acrylic sheet to provide a smooth and warm under. A patio cover increases property value. The best investment that provides outdoor space usability. Attractive for your small business.

Tinted Acrylic Patio Cover

There are tinted acrylic patio covers with high impact and heat resistance. Suitable for outdoor applications for industrial, commercial, and residential purposes. The best use for entertaining guests and customers.

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Why WeProFab Acrylic Patio Covers

WeProFab Acrylic Patio Covers is very ideal for the industry since we are the particular fabricator of acrylic patio covers in China for exceeding 20 years.

We also manufacture different types of our Acrylic Patio Covers that include a Translucent Acrylic Patio Covers, Aluminum Acrylic Patio Covers, Polycarbonate Acrylic Patio Covers, and a lot more.

Our Acrylic Patio Covers are a cost-effective solution for most homeowners and commercial applications. Since WeProFab Acrylic Patio Covers is also significant for the transportation industry.

We fabricate it that offers Custom-Made Patio Covers, that are designed to fit the size, style, color, and match the exterior decor of your home, adding extra value, uniqueness, and protection from the elements and cool shade.

In our Acrylic Patio Covers, we can assure our dear customer’s that it was durable, it’s designed to render protection from inclement weather and harmful UV rays, without blocking the natural light.  What can we assure more for our dear customers?

If purchasing the WeProFab Acrylic Patio Covers, we guarantee our all costumer to justify satisfaction with our product. Since our product made of 100% acrylic material, it can be also produced in high-quality, resistant, and can be purchase at affordable prices. You can count on us!

We fabricate as specified by our customer desire. As a purchaser in WeProFab products, you can free to choose your own design, your own shapes, your own sizes, and more.

WeProFab accepts customize designs since we have a production process such as CNC cutting, thermoforming, bonding, and a lot more. WeProFab is very reliable for your preference.

As an ISO 9001 certified acrylic manufacturer company, we make use of administering diligently quality in our types of equipment. We fabricated our products in exerting our latest machinery tools to gain customer satisfaction and meet the requisite aspiration of our dear customers.

We have also a highly efficient worker to handle the services and give you the commendable services we have. In regards to delivering our products, we vastly ensure you that it can be delivered to the exact time and date.

We can handle everything from the ordered products, the services, and the delivery set-up. Regarding those circumstances, you can count on us!

Besides Acrylic Patio Covers, we also have fabricated other Acrylic Patio Covers products like Acrylic Patio Covers, Plexiglass Acrylic Patio Covers, Traditional Acrylic Patio Covers, and a lot more.

We are very pleased to serve you with the very best of us. Don’t forget to transmit us your customized design so that it can be produced immediately at the time you needed it.

WeProFab is a trusted manufacturer in China. WeProFab offered products that are highly acknowledged for their long working life, easy installation, sturdy construction, and less maintenance. WeProFab always renders their clients’ satisfying problem. 

If you are in need of Acrylic Patio Covers feel free to contact us for assistance.

What are Acrylic Patio Covers?

The acrylic patio covers refer to an acrylic-made roof installed on the patio at home or business. 

An acrylic patio cover keeps supreme light transmission yet filters Ultraviolet rays.

What are the Features and Benefits of Acrylic Patio Covers?

Installing acrylic patio covers offers multiple features and benefits, which includes:

  • Storm protection
  • Controls condensation
  • Most solid panel
  • Shatter-resistant glazing
  • Backed up heavy snow loads
  • Equal light distribution
  • Provides maximum light transmission
  • Provides natural light
  • Long time warranty against yellowing
  • Controls heat and save energy
  • Resist stains, rust, and corrosion

Other benefits:


Acrylic-made patio covers are rigid material that guarantees 30 years effective life span. 

Their smooth feature assures less maintenance and durability.


Acrylic patio cover performs well. 

They protect your sunspaces for an extended period. 

Provides Stylish Looks

Installing an acrylic patio cover also gives stylish, great looks.

Acrylic patio covers with tints are also available to add more color and beauty.

Protects from Harsh UV Rays

The acrylic patio covers are the perfect solution for enjoying outdoor activities yet protected from UV rays.

It prevents the skin from sunburns.

What are the Available Colors for Acrylic Patio Covers?

The column square color available are white, driftwood, bronze, and black.

And the acrylic colors you can use are transparent, solar calm, heatstop pearl.

Are the Acrylic Patio Covers Affordable?

Yes, it is.

The patio covers made from acrylic are more affordable than glass.

Are Acrylic Patio Covers Easy to Install?

Yes, they are.

Acrylic patio covers are easy to install due to their lightweight features.

Can we have Customized Acrylic Patio Covers?

Manufacturers allow acrylic patio covers customization according to customers’ applications.

They are applicable for single or multi-story houses. 

Acrylic patio covers are also designed for structural and non-structural systems.

You can also request your preferred surface textures and solar tints.

Are Acrylic Patio Covers Eco-Friendly?

Yes, they are.

All acrylic-made building products, including patio covers, help maintain a healthier environment.

They are all recyclable.

How Long Will it Take to Install Acrylic Patio Covers?

Installing acrylic patio covers will usually take two to three days.

But it depends upon your customized desire and your schedule.

Below are some causes to consider – slows installation time.

  • Your additional customization requests
  • Attaching or detaching acrylic patio covers
  • Your requested dimensions and sizes
  • Life or work schedule
How to Clean the Acrylic Patio Covers?

The acrylic-made patio covers are easy to maintain and clean.

They already have a self-cleaning feature.

You can rinse your acrylic patio cover using water in a hose.

Light rain can also clean the acrylic patio covers.

What are the Different Types of Acrylic Patio Covers?

Below are some acrylic patio covers types perfect for specific applications.


Unlike pergolas, the awning is flexible.

You can adjust them raised or lowered.


Pergolas acrylic cover provides open and airy space.

You can also request private or open space acrylic pergolas.

Thatched Roofs

Acrylic cover with the thatched roof is the perfect style to have a relaxing staycation in your backyard. 

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