Acrylic Pet Tags

Acrylic Pet Tags

Acrylic pet tags are also referred to as acrylic ID pet tags. These tags are used so pet owners can identify their pets easily. They can also be printed with contact information so the pets will be returned when they get lost.

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Acrylic Bone-Shaped Pet Tags

The acrylic bone-shaped pet tags have well-polished edges. They also feature smooth surfaces.

Acrylic Round Pet Tags

The acrylic round pet tags can be used as pet ID tags, keychains, etc. They have excellent durability.

Acrylic Heart Pet Tags

The acrylic heart pet tags feature good resistance to fading and scratches. They also have a stylish design.

Acrylic Rectangle Pet Tags

The acrylic rectangle pet tags are suitable for pets, decoration, promotion, and other applications.

Acrylic Paw-Shaped Pet Tags

The acrylic paw-shaped pet tags are very fashionable. They are suitable for your beloved dogs.

The acrylic oval pet tags can be used for craft projects, ID tags, and promotions. They are light in weight.

Acrylic Clear Pet Tags

The acrylic clear pet tags feature high clarity and resistance to yellowing. They are ideal for DIY projects.

Acrylic Cat Face Pet Tags

The acrylic cat face pet tags can be a great fashion addition to your cats or kittens. They are very stylish.

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Main Features

  • Lightweight: Your pets can carry or wear the acrylic pet tags comfortably since they are lightweight.
  • Smooth Edges: The edges of acrylic pet tags are polished. As a result, they are smooth and not sharp. They won’t hurt the skin of your pets.
  • Excellent Durability: Acrylic pet tags are not easy to break. They are also resistant to cracking, wear, and tear.
  • Attractive: The acrylic pet tags come in various attractive designs. They also have sharp and vibrant colors or text that make them more attractive.
Acrylic Pet Tags

Variety of Applications

Acrylic pet tags are used for various purposes. They are used as a pet name tag and to add style to your dogs, cats, and other pets.

Moreover, acrylic pet tags are also used as a decorative item. They can be hung on windows, Christmas trees, walls, and other areas in your home for decoration. Also, they can be used for arts and DIY projects.

Aside from that, acrylic pet tags are also used for promotion, as gifts, or as souvenirs.

Why Choose WeProFab as Your Acrylic Pet Tags Manufacturer

WeProFab offers high-quality and sturdy acrylic pet tags that can be printed with custom contact information, pet name, text, artwork, etc. The acrylic pet tags can be imprinted on only one or both sides depending on your demand. Your logo can also be imprinted to promote your business or brand. We can print on the acrylic pet tags by thermal transfer printing, UV printing, engraving, digital printing, silk-screen printing, and other printing techniques. Custom printing process is also accepted.

Our acrylic pet tags also have high-quality printing. The printed text, name, or logo will not fade easily or peel off. Their vivid colors will also last for a long time.

For more details about our acrylic pet tags, contact us now!

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