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If you want to prolong the life of your mobile device and shield it from damage, acrylic cases are the best option.Acrylic cases can give your mobile device safety. Aside from that, they add a touch of elegance and beauty to mobile devices.

Choose WeProFab Acrylic Phone Case to Skyrocket Your Business

WeProFab offers acrylic phone cases that are fully customizable in size, color, and other specifications. We aim to provide you with excellent customization services, competitive prices, and excellent customer services to build strong business relationships.

Acrylic Phone Transparent Case New

The acrylic phone transparent cases feature high transparency. They are used to showcase your mobile’s design. They will not block the true design of your phone.

Acrylic Frosted Phone Case
Acrylic Frosted Phone Case

The acrylic frosted phone cases have an elegant matte or frosted finish. They are also resistant to scratches and fingerprints.

Acrylic TPU Edge Phone Case

The acrylic TPU edge phone cases have clear acrylic back and soft TPU edges. They feature 4 corners that can cushion your phone.

Clear Acrylic Silicone Rim Phone Case

The clear acrylic silicone rim cases will give your mobile device a smooth feel. They are also scratch-resistant.

Acrylic Phone Rainbow Case (1)

The rainbow acrylic phone cases have gradient and colorful rainbow designs. They also have slim design and texture effects.

Acrylic Leopard Print Phone Case

The acrylic leopard print phone cases can have leopard print designs that will not fade easily. They feature scratch resistance and shock resistance.

Acrylic Leopard Print Phone Case

The mirrored acrylic phone cases come in a wide range of colors including rose gold, silver, gold, and more. Custom colors are also available.

Acrylic Floral Phone Case

The acrylic floral phone cases feature beautiful and fade-resistant floral prints. They add an aesthetic touch to your mobile device.

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Variety of Advantages

Lightweight & Slim

Phone cases made from acrylic are light in weight. They also have a slim design. Thus, they will not make your phone feel bulky and heavy.

Excellent Yellowing Resistance

The acrylic cases feature polishing ability. That means that their clarity and original appearance will last for a long time. They are also resistant to discoloration and yellowing, unlike silicone or TPU phone cases. And so, the acrylic cases will be still visually appealing after years of use.

Easy Cleaning

You can clean the acrylic cases easily because of their smooth surface.

Dirt, dust, smudges, and fingerprints can be removed easily.

Additionally, phone cases made from soft materials usually trap dust and dirt. However, acrylic cases will not trap dust particles since they are hard and smooth.

High Transparency

Compared to other materials such as polycarbonate phone cases, acrylic cases have higher clarity. Due to their transparency, the original color, beauty, and design of your phone can still be clearly seen. They will showcase the true aesthetics of your phone.

Suitable for Wireless Charging

Clear acrylic phone cases do not affect power transfer between the phone and the charging pad. For that reason, they are suitable for wireless charging. The phone can be charged without taking off the case.

Superior Protection

Since acrylic cases can withstand dents, scratches, accidental drops, wear, and impacts, they can surely protect your mobile device. They can save your phone from becoming damaged.

Perfect Fit

We design acrylic phone cases with highly accurate cuts for the borders, charging ports, speaker ports, camera parts, and other buttons.

WeProFab | Your Professional Acrylic Phone Case Manufacturer in China

At WeProFab, we are capable of producing acrylic phone cases that are suitable for various phone models and brands such as Samsung, iPhone, and many more. Our professional production team, cutting-edge manufacturing equipment, and rich experience will assure you that we can provide your personalized business needs.

Moreover, we carry out rigorous quality control to make sure that our acrylic phone cases meet the quality standards and surpass your expectations. Our professional QA team always checks and inspects all the acrylic phone cases before their shipment to ensure you get the highest quality and durable products.

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