• Acrylic Photo Block

Acrylic Photo Block

Weprofab, as the best supplier and manufacturer in China, provides various series of high-quality Acrylic Photo Block. If you demand a customized acrylic photo blocks, no problem! We are equipped to help you finalize your projects. Allow us to help you!

Get WeProFab Acrylic Photo Block to Delight Your Customers

Trust our capabilities in producing your ideal acrylic photo blocks in most swift ways. We always tend to provide acrylic photo blocks suitable for your applications.

Standing Acrylic Photo Block

Weprofab is a well-reputed manufacturer of standing acrylic photo block good to include for your business. Not only in China, but we also provide acrylic photo blocks nationwide.

Photo Printed Acrylic Photo Block

Are you looking for a non-toxic and beautiful photo printed acrylic photo blocks? No need to worry! Weprofab is a reliable provider of any acrylic photo blocks.

Personalized Acrylic Photo Block

To keep memories and photographs in one place and in an organized way, a personalized acrylic photo block is the best solution! It has strong dust-proof protections.

Magnetic Acrylic Photo Frame Block

If you are searching for a unique, magnetic form of acrylic photo frame block? Searching no more! Weprofab supplies acrylic photo block with precise and attractive designs.

Custom Acrylic Photo Block

Looking for a custom acrylic photo block for personal or business application? Try to explore Weprofab factory, you surely find the best one to fit your applications.

Custom Sizes Acrylic Photo Block

Weprofab is the magnificent manufacturer of any acrylic photo block. You can avail of custom designs and sizes of acrylic photo blocks for very competitive prices.

WeProFab: Your Leading Acrylic Photo Block Manufacturer

Weprofab is associated with two potential companies; the Chinese local plastic suppliers and WeeTect Material Limited. We are proficient in providing the most valuable and quality-proven acrylic photo blocks.

We, Weprofab gain popularity for over 20 years working in this industry. We are operated in China continue to show our commitment to each of our high-valued customers and client.

Contact us immediately when you need our guidance!

Custom Acrylic Photo Block to Skyrocket Your Brand

Transparent Acrylic Photo Block

Weprofab develops a transparent acrylic photo block with dustproof and unbreakable benefits. We use our state of the art technologies in producing this material,

Mini Acrylic Photo Block

Weprofab mini acrylic photo black featured lightweight and elegant designs. Used as display or decor at any homes.

Heart Acrylic Photo Block

Weprofab offers a heart-shaped of the acrylic photo block that doesn`t contain any poisonous substances. We are ready to custom your orders!

Acrylic Photo Block with Glitter

Acrylic photo block with glitter has polished edges and solid construction. Ideal customized gift for any occasion like birthdays, Christmas, Valentine’s Day, Father’s Day, Mother’s Day, etc.

Acrylic Photo Block 4x4

Weprofab acrylic photo block 4×4 solid and super clarity features make it top of the line. It’s easy to use; two blocks keep the picture together with four pairs of magnets, ensuring that each corner is securely linked.

3D Acrylic Photo Block

Our 3D acrylic photo block is available in two options, standalone or hung. Available in pano size, large, or bespoke. Incredibly vivid, providing a stunning 3D effect.

Acrylic Magnetic Photo Block

Acrylic magnetic photo block is well-made, sturdy, and thicker. In both portrait and landscape orientations, the frame is designed to be solid and stable. Baby photos, trading cards, cash, family photos, and other items can all be displayed in this case.

8x10 Acrylic Photo Block

Weprofab 8×10 acrylic photo block has the cleanest reflection, with the most depth and detail of your images. It is self-contained. It’s simple to clean. It lasts a hundred years.

Acrylic Photo Block with Engraving

Acrylic photo blocks with engraving are printed edge to edge and in standard sizes. These self-standing blocks look great on a bookshelf, tabletops, nightstand, etc. A striking black base with a reflective mirror is available as an option.

Acrylic Photo Block A7

Acrylic photo block A7 provides vibrant color and incredible detail on fantastic-looking acrylic gift items. It has impressive attention to detail and optical clarity. The standard press was used to create this image.

Acrylic UV Printing Photo Block

Clear, black, white are some of the available colors of acrylic UV printing photo block. It can customize into any shape like a rectangular square. Available in various sizes or can be bespoke to desired specifications.

Large Acrylic Photo Block

Large acrylic photo blocks meet the highest quality standards. The blocks are thick and essentially screen the light. These freestanding blocks are available in standard or express shipping options.

Frosted Clear Acrylic Photo Block

Manufactured in crystal clear acrylic, frosted clear acrylic photo block comes in a range of thicknesses ranging from 10mm to 50mm. White, black, opal and frosted blocks are also available.

Acrylic 4x6 Block Picture Frame

Weprofab acrylic 4×6 block picture frame looks great on counters, windows, or shelves. It can be made of clear acrylic or Perspex. Comes with a diamond polished for a high-quality finish.

Acrylic Rectangular Photo Block

Acrylic rectangular photo blocks are made on acrylic sheets, but it’s a lovely way to commemorate a particular occasion. These blocks have been diamond polished, adding brightness, depth, and print quality.

Acrylic Photo Block With Text

Our acrylic photo block with durable text blocks is ideal for busy households. It can be displayed vertically or horizontally. To achieve a glossy finish, the edges are sanded and buffed. Available in a series of sizes.

Custom Acrylic Photo Block

Weprofab can custom acrylic photo block ready to show right out of the box. It can be set on a desk, preferred table, surface, and viola. These photo blocks are a terrific way to highlight your favorite photos and make great gifts.

20MM Acrylic Photo Block

Our 20mm acrylic photo blocks are simple to install and have a compression load function that allows them to handle any weight you put on them. Can affix photo on the back of the acrylic.

5X7 Acrylic Photo Block

This 5×7 acrylic photo block is ideal for bookshelves and desks. Without a frame, it’s a great way to showcase photos as a bookend or desk item. There’s no need for any hardware because it’s freestanding.

25MM Acrylic Photo Block

Weprofab 25mm acrylic photo block features eco-friendly, recycled, classic, highly polished finishes. Available shapes include rectangles squares or could be customized.

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Why WeProFab Acrylic Photo Block

Weprofab creates the most unique acrylic photo block that contributes a lot to your business progress. Our series of acrylic photo block is available in many shapes, colors, or prints. Available with different shapes like horizontal, vertical and square.

Weprofab`s line of acrylic photo block has a good use for any photographs like wedding photographs, childhood photographs, and many more. It helps the photo remains even used for many years. We, Weprofab have the great privilege to create an acrylic photo block to satisfy you and your customers’ needs.

Acrylic Photo Block

When you need a rush order of acrylic photo block, our team is ready. As a primer acrylic photo block source in China, Weprofab can provide the most fabulous one! In able to get customers` attention, we produce an acrylic photo block featured with contemporary and vibrant appearances.

These fabulous pieces seize light to enhance depth and color to all photographs. It brings fantastic and elegance to landscapes, portraits, and multicolor images.

Acrylic Photo Block

In Weprofab, you can choose different colors, layout and sizes options of acrylic photo block that make the photo breath & alive! We also offer personalized options for competitive yet at affordable prices. Weprofab has complete design tools and equipment that make the design process fun and fast!

When choosing Weprofab as your source of high-quality acrylic photo blocks, expect to receive a scratch-resistant and sturdy finish. We won`t make you unsatisfied with every acrylic photo block we present to you. So pick the most adorable design of acrylic photo blocks only here in Weprofab! Send the layouts of your ideal acrylic photo block, and we will make the customization procedure as fast we can.

Acrylic Photo Block

Weprofab is offering high-quality acrylic photo blocks to all nationwide brands. If you`re in need of an acrylic photo block, you know where to go!  Weprofab can produce your ideal acrylic photo blocks with unique and fantastic designs.

Feel free on asking guidance to Weprofab, we have numbers of staff to give you prior attention in the whole Acrylic Photo Blocks fabrications.

Acrylic Photo Block: The Ultimate FAQs Guide

I know you’re looking for the best acrylic photo block in the market.

Or, you would like to start acrylic photo block business.

That’s why this guide will help you choose the best acrylic photo block for your business.

Keep reading to learn more.

What is Acrylic Photo Block?

This is a colorless synthetic sheet where you can mount photos.

Some may come in different colors.

Acrylic Photo Block

Acrylic Photo Block

How do you Engrave Picture on Acrylic Photo Block?

An acrylic photo block is unique as it can absorb specific types of light wavelengths.

It will absorb the energy from the lasers as you engrave photos.

This implies that you can make engravings even when using lasers that have low watts.

When engraving, always measure twice and cut once.

To engrave the acrylic photo block, ensure the acrylic has no scratches or cracks.

Next, you will focus the laser beam on the acrylic photo block.

The power should be set to 25 to 50 percent while the speed should be 350mm/min.

After this, you can proceed with the engraving process.

Once it is complete, allow it to cool then remove the residue by the use of soap and water.

How Do You Make Acrylic Photo Block?

There are two distinct processes you can use:

Continuous Bulk Polymerization

This process is like that of batch cell bulk polymerization.

However, since it forms thin and small sheets, the processing time to manufacture these blanks is shorter.

It starts by introducing a syrup of catalyst and monomer on one end of horizontal stainless steel sets.

These sets run parallel to one another.

The distance between these belts will influence the thickness of the sheet that forms these acrylic blanks.

Also, these belts will hold the monomer and catalyst syrup that reacts.

Then it will move it via zones that involve heating and cooling all according to the appropriate temperature cycle.

This temperature cycle assists in the curing process of the materials.

Electric heaters or warmer gases will then drain the liquid when it passes out from the end of the belt.

After all this, you will trim the sheets to size and then apply a masking paper of a plastic film on it.

Batch Cell Bulk Polymerization

This process begins by assembling the mold that produces these acrylic sheets in two plates.

These two plates have polishes and a flexible window-frame spacer separates them.

The spacer lies on the outer edges of the surface of the glass plates which forms a secure cavity between the plates.

Also, the flexible spacer will allow the cavity mold to shrink when the polymerization process is taking place.

This allows it to compensate for the contraction volume of the substance while the reaction continues.

The reaction happens so that it forms linking polymers from individual polymers.

In some manufacturing applications, the metal plates that have polishes will replace glass material.

Also, it is possible to stack several plates together, with top surface of one plate becoming the lower surface of the other.

Spring clamps will help in clamping all the plates and spacers together.

Thereafter, you will fill every mold cavity with a catalyst and methacrylate monomer liquid syrup.

In some scenarios, you can add methyl methacrylate prepolymer.

Prepolymers are substances of polymer that form partial chains that assist in the polymerization process.

Liquid syrup runs into the mold cavity to fill it.

Thereafter, you will seal and apply heat to assist the catalyst to begin the reaction process.

The reaction may generate heat independently as the reaction process proceeds.

You can fan off the air within the ovens or place the molds in water baths.

A programmed temperature loop will then follow.

This is to ensure proper treatment time avoiding unnecessary vaporization of the monomer blend.

Also, it inhibits the formation of bubbles.

Thin acrylic sheets will cure within 10 to 12 hours while thicker sheets may take many days to cure.

Once the acrylic cures, you can cool and open the molds

Thereafter, you will clean and reassemble the metallic plates ready for the upcoming batch.

One can use the acrylic blank as it is or you can anneal it by heating them for many hours between 140-150°C.

This will lower residual stress on the material which can cause warping or dimensional instabilities.

Thereafter, you will trim the excess material off the edges of the acrylic blank.

A paper mask or plastic film on the surface can protect the acrylic blank during the shipping and handling processes.

This paper mask or film has information like handling procedures, brand identity, and size.

It also contains standards relating to building codes and safety.

Acrylic Photo Blocks are Available in What shapes?

There are several shapes you can find in an acrylic photo block, with rectangular and square being the most popular shapes.

Also, one can customize the shape, but this will cost you extra.

How Do You Stick Images on Acrylic Photo Block?

Here is the process of sticking images on Acrylic Photo Block:

Cut the Print and Adhesive

When printing your photo, ensure there is at least one-quarter of an inch of bleed around the photo.

After printing, trim 3 sides of the edges and leave 2 inches on one side of the print.

Thereafter, cut the piece of adhesive and ensure it matches the print size.

Once you do this, place the adhesive on the print.

Attach the Photo on the Adhesive

Separate and cut a tiny strip of adhesive on the remaining edge and secure it with a squeegee.

After that, place the photo and the adhesive inside a laminator.

Use a no-lint cloth to wipe the print down.

Peel back the adhesive as the print passes via the laminator.

Prepare the Acrylic Photo Block

Attach a wide leaderboard that is the length of the print with tape.

Take off the pre-mask from one edge using tape.

This will lift off the pre-mask of the acrylic.

Also, twist the tape securely to an empty tube.

Use even pressure to wrap the pre-mask off the acrylic photo block as you wrap the tube.

Then, use a cloth with rubbing alcohol to clean the acrylic photo block.

Preparation of Acrylic Photo Block

Preparation of Acrylic Photo Block

Stick the Photo to the Acrylic Photo Block

Begin by placing on the clean acrylic the photo facing down.

Align the print to the acrylic and secure the leading edge with a leaderboard.

Attach an electric tape to the middle of the print edge once you flip the print over.

Then, pull a second release liner out of the adhesive.

Release the liner at the laminator with the assistance of the electrical tape on the tube.

Apply tension to the acrylic as it passes the laminator.

Use the other hand to wipe the acrylic photo block using a lint-free cloth.

Final Touches

Use a new and sharp blade to trim the bleed edges aster placing the acrylic photo block face down.

Trim the final edge after you remove the leaderboard.

Then, peel the remaining pre-mask off the acrylic photo block.

Clean the acrylic with a lint-free cloth.

What are the Benefits of Using an Acrylic Photo Block?

There are several advantages of Acrylic Photo Block which include:

Highly Transparent

This is one of the major advantages of acrylic photo blocks.

Acrylic photo blocks retain its optical clarity meaning it does not turn yellow as it ages hence remains transparent.

Besides, it does not turn yellow or fade when you continuously expose it to sunlight.


These materials allow you to customize them in terms of the shapes and colors of your choice.


You can, even after decades of usage, reuse acrylic photo blocks.

This is because they contain the very same strength and consistency of the content.


It is cheap to manufacture and purchase thus a great alternative to glass and plastic.

Ease of Molding

This is one of the important advantages of acrylic photo blocks as they offer several possibilities.

When you heat acrylic photo blocks to 100 degrees Celsius, you can mold them into various shapes.

Lighter in Weight

This material is lightweight.

Thus, it makes it easy and comfortable to handle.


Acrylic photo block has a tensile strength that is greater than 10000 pounds per square inch.

It also has up to 17 times greater impact resistance than ordinary glass.


Heat resistance is also another reason for the widespread use of acrylic photo blocks.

Using a standard plastic sheet may induce it to harden and crack in a few years.

However, acrylic photo blocks can last for years as they have a small expansion index.

They are an excellent item for use since they are heat tolerant up to 160 degrees Celsius.

Ease of Maintenance

Use a wet microfiber cloth to clean an acrylic photo block with small blemishes and dirt and to remove the material.

Also, it is vital to ensure that the particles and grit are entirely withdrawn from your cleaning fabric.

This is because unintentional scraping of coarse dirt or unwanted particles will lead to further scratching of acrylic.

Ease of Processing

Standard plastic or glass is at greater risk of cracking during processing stage, however, there is no issue with acrylic photo block.

They provide nearly infinite production choices.

You can saw, mill, drill, engrave, glue, polish, and bend with the use of heat.

How Does Acrylic Photo Block Compare to Glass Photo Block?

Here is the comparison between Acrylic Photo Block vs. Glass Photo Block:


Glass will weigh twice as much as acrylic photo blocks of the same dimension.

Impact Resistance

Glass has less impact resistance than acrylic photo blocks.

This means the glass will crack easily.


Acrylic photo blocks will offer more insulation than glass.


It is expensive and energy-intensive to mold and extrude glass than acrylic photo blocks.


It is easy to saw, mill, and bend acrylic photo blocks than glass.

Scratch Resistance

It is easy to scratch acrylic photo blocks than it is to scratch glass.

However, you can apply a scratch-resistant coating to acrylic photo blocks to provide extra protection.

Light Transmittance

Acrylic photo block has a light transmission of 92% while that of glass is 90%.


Acrylic will offer a softer reflection of light than glass.

UV Light

A standard acrylic photo block can allow UV light to pass.On the other hand, glass will not allow UV to pass.

Alternatively, you can have UV filters on acrylic photo blocks to prevent UV light from passing through.

Will Acrylic Photo Blocks Soften at High Temperatures?

Yes, acrylic photo blocks will start to soften at temperature levels of and above 80°C.

Which Type of Saw Should You Use when Cutting Acrylic Photo Block?

One can use one of the following saws to cut acrylic:

  • Band saws
  • Fret saws
  • Hack saws
  • Jig saws
  • Power saws

Are there Limitations of Using an Acrylic Photo Block?

These are some of the disadvantages of Acrylic Photo Block:


Cast transparent acrylic photo blocks will cost a lot more than their counter alternatives.

Special features such as molding, printing, and extra material strength may increase the cost


Acrylic photo blocks have a mean temperature tolerance of around 160 degrees Celsius, which is much lower than glass.

Exposure to fire or extremely high temperatures will set acrylic photo blocks on fire.

Also, this will lead to leakages of poisonous gases as a residue.

Therefore, always use in an area that does not have extremely high temperatures.


The method of producing acrylic photo blocks can generate highly toxic gases.

Ensure all workers use protective equipment and clothing.

There is also a chance that acrylic photo blocks may explode during polymerization if you are not careful.

Hard to Recycle

These materials are hard to recycle as they are not biodegradable.

Ease of Distortion

This may occur when you are manufacturing acrylic photo blocks as they tend to bend.


The first drawback to using acrylics photo blocks is that it scratches more quickly than glass.

This suggests that more attention would be necessary while treating to decrease the occurrence of scratching.

Can Photo Block Turn Yellow in the Sun?

Acrylic photo blocks originate from natural gas and when in solid form, they are completely inert.

Therefore, they tend not to discolor by turning yellow in the sun.

Clear Acrylic Photo Block

Clear Acrylic Photo Block

Is Acrylic Photo Block Scratch-resistant?

No, they are not scratch-resistant.

When you run a rough material on the surface of an acrylic photo block, it will form scratches.

However, you can apply a scratch-resistant film on its surface to minimize the chances of it scratching.

What Safety Measures Should you take when Cutting Acrylic photo block?

It is suitable to wear safety goggles to protect your eyes from shattering pieces.

Also, wear protective clothing and ensure you are in an environment that has good ventilation.

How Does Acrylic Photo Block and Polycarbonate Photo Block Compare?

Here is some vital information on the comparison between Acrylic vs. Polycarbonate:

Polycarbonate Photo Block

Some advantages of polycarbonate material include:

  1. It has a great strength than an acrylic photo block.
  2. Besides, it is not as flammable as acrylic is to high temperatures.
  3. One can drill it without cracks forming.
  4. It is more resistant to chemicals than acrylic.
  5. Also, it is more flexible at room temperature than acrylic.
  6. It is also lightweight than acrylic.

Some of the disadvantages of Polycarbonate include:

  1. It will scratch easily.
  2. One cannot polish it.
  3. Besides, it forms dents easily.
  4. Also, it is more translucent than acrylic.

Acrylic Photo Block

Some advantages of using acrylic is that:

  1. It is shinier than polycarbonate and has better glue bonding.
  2. One can polish it for scratches and cleaning the edges.
  3. Also, it is affordable than polycarbonate.
  4. It is simple to machine it that it is for polycarbonate.

The disadvantages of acrylic over polycarbonate include:

  1. It is more rigid and likely to chip.
  2. Also, it can crack when you are drilling.
  3. Besides, it is also highly flammable to extremely high temperatures.

What Colors do Acrylic Photo Blocks Come in?

An acrylic photo block is available in several colors.

The most popular one is the transparent one.

Acrylic Photo Block

Acrylic Photo Block

How Do You Clean Acrylic Photo Block?

It is easy and simple when it comes to cleaning acrylic photo blocks.

Use clean micro-fiber clothing and some soapy water to clean small blemishes, fading, dust, or dirt.

Apply the soapy water on the cloth and lightly wipe the area.

Do not apply too much pressure as it may form scratches.

Also, avoid using ammonia-based solutions.

This is because they have harmful chemicals and will make the acrylic photo block have a cloudy appearance.

Furthermore, avoid using paper towels as they might cause scratches to form.

How Do You Remove Papermask from Acrylic Photo Block?

Simply add water to the paper mask and peel it out.

Also, you can add a small mixture of alcohol to water then spray on the paper mask.

Besides, there are paper masks that you can easily peel off.

Is Standard Acrylic Photo Block Conductive?

Yes, standard acrylic photo blocks are conductive materials.

It is possible to use a spray coating when you need it to be non-conductive.

Can You Drill Acrylic Photo Block?

Cracks may appear when drilling acrylic photo blocks.

Fast drilling speed or too much pressure on the drill can enhance the cracking.

Excess pressure occurs when you are exiting the hole that is on the lower side of the acrylic photo block.

Ensure you place another piece of acrylic or even plywood on the underside of the acrylic photo block.

This deters the drill does not pass through the solid substance.

How can You Sand Acrylic Photo Block?

Some materials you need are to sand acrylic photo block are:

  • Plastic or acrylic polish
  • Sandpaper with varying grit levels
  • Water that will soak the sandpaper

Soak the sandpaper and rub in a circular motion on the acrylic photo block.

Then, use the same process with dry sandpaper.

Alternate the dry and wet sandpaper for three minutes.

Dry the area with clean cotton material and apply acrylic polish.

Can You Cut Acrylic Photo Block?

A plastic scoring blade is a tool that can cut acrylic photo blocks.

Apply adequate pressure to score the acrylic severally on the same line.

Place the acrylic on the edge and apply a light pressure to snap along the score.

What are the Uses of Acrylic Photo Block?

The main use is to mount photos.

Use of Acrylic Photo Block

Use of Acrylic Photo Block

What Factors Do You Consider When Selecting Acrylic Photo Block?

The main factors to consider during selection of acrylic photo block are:

  • Cost
  • Supplier
  • Quality and strength
  • Color

Will Heat Cause Acrylic Photo Block to Bend?

Yes, extreme heat can cause it to bend.

Depending on your unique specific needs and requirements, WeProFab offer perfect solution for all your acrylic photo block needs.

Contact us today for the best prices of acrylic photo blocks.

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