• Acrylic Picture Frame

Acrylic Picture Frame

WeProFab is the premier manufacturer of acrylic picture frames in China. We are able to supply acrylic picture frames with plenty of features and different sizes effective for your application. We have full capacity for customizing and design your acrylic picture frame order. Send your drawing now!

Get WeProFab Acrylic Picture Frame to Delight Your Customers

WeProFab is a trusted supplier of the acrylic picture frame. We assured all customer satisfaction since our products made of the number one raw materials and 100% acrylic material.

Clear Acrylic Picture Frames

WeProFab is one and leading fabricators of the clear acrylic picture frame in China. It has lightweight material it also has a crystal clear and glares look appearance.

Custom Acrylic Picture Frames

We, WeProFab, manufactured custom acrylic picture frames to gain more satisfaction with the product. Here you can free to choose whatever sizes and designs you want.

Cut-to-size Acrylic Picture Frames

WeProFab will always provide what you wished for your business. Whether you need different sizes, customizations, and shapes you want, we can consider your order.

Dust Proof Acrylic Picture Frames

WeProFab dustproof acrylic picture frames are perfect for your option. It makes the picture frames stay neat and clean. If you need this, it offers a friendly price.

Magnetic Acrylic Picture Frames

WeProFab also fabricates magnetic acrylic picture frames in demand for business purposes. Whatever you are looking for this kind of acrylic frame you can count on us!

Waterproof Acrylic Picture Frames

WeProFab manufactures waterproof acrylic picture frames with a lot of features. This is the right selection for your business purposes since many of the customers find this type of feature.

WeProFab: Your Leading Acrylic Picture Frame Manufacturer

WeProfab is a certified acrylic picture frames maker with ISO 9001. We strictly control and check all fabricated products through our very watchful and skilled team. Through our excellent engineers, we created unique and elegant acrylic picture frames that surely catch every customers attraction.

We have plenty of experience regarding manufacturing all types of acrylic picture frames and this was our major desire to serve you the best and high- quality products.

Send your drawing and let WeProFab make your desired design. Contact us now!


Custom Acrylic Picture Frame to Grow Your Business

Acrylic Block Picture Frames

WeProFab is a trusted supplier and manufacturer of acrylic block picture frames in China. It has a unique design that makes your photos or images stay in a clean and hanging display.

Arc Acrylic Picture Frames

An arc acrylic picture frames are manufactured by WeProFab since it has a unique design to make more attractive. It has a curved-shaped and gets more attention to the buyers.

Hanging Acrylic Picture Frames

WeProFab hanging acrylic picture frames is lightweight material and high quality which is safe to hang wherever you want. It can make all photos more interesting since it will be hanging on.

Table Top Acrylic Picture Frames

WeProFab is a specialist in manufacturing tabletop acrylic pictures since it has a memorable moment. You can purchase plenty of stocks according to your business requirements.

Wall Mounted Acrylic Picture Frames

WeProFab wall mounted acrylic picture frames are perfect for offices, hotels, etc. It gains more attention to buyers.

Souvenir Acrylic Picture Frames

The acrylic picture frames for souvenirs come in various sizes, depending on customers’ choices. They can be valuable gifts, display ads, and decorations. Your customized logos can be printed or engraved on the frame. They have high-quality transparency to see clear pictures.

Acrylic Plastic Picture Frames

Acrylic plastic picture frames can be wall-mounted, standing, box, displayed. They are not easy to break even on hard impacts and falls. Their minimum size is about 5mm or customized. These acrylic picture frames are also available in different colors.

Acrylic Double-Sided Block Picture Frames

The acrylic block picture frames with double-sided styles are fashionable and perfect for decorations. They have magnets to ensure photos inside the frame. There are numerous sizes options available that suit your images and location applications.

Acrylic Freestanding Picture Frames

The freestanding acrylic picture frames suit your office and bedroom tables, tradeshows, and more. Their thicknesses are customizable, according to customers’ requests. They can have glossy, matte, or customized finishes.

Round Corner Acrylic Picture Frames

Acrylic picture frames with round corners are easy to assemble and secure photos inside. They have high-quality transparency to see images. They are not easily scratched and broken. These acrylic picture frames have two ultra-thick acrylic panels fixed with magnets.

Wall Magnet Acrylic Picture Frames

Wall magnet acrylic picture frames are sturdy materials with super clear frames. You can easily change pictures you like using these unique picture frames. They have durable and sturdy acrylic frames that last for a long time.

Acrylic Picture Frames with Wooden Base

The acrylic picture frames with a wooden base are perfect for wedding gifts, home decorations, birthday gifts, desk displays, and more. They are made with eco-friendly and virgin materials. These acrylic picture frames are available in various shapes and sizes.

Acrylic LED Picture Frames

Acrylic LED picture frames are unbreakable with flexible shapes. You can have extraordinary picture frame decorations at affordable costs. You can also request to print or engrave your approved logos on the frames.

Personalize Acrylic Picture Frames

The personalized acrylic picture frames are suitable for your fridge and even in photo booths. You can put multiple pictures in one frame. They are simple to use and assemble. These acrylic picture frames have various dimensions that suit your image sizes.

Acrylic Floating Picture Frames

Acrylic floating picture frames are double-sided with durable wooden frames. There are numerous thicknesses and color selections. They are made with eco-friendly materials with the different dimensions you desire for your applications.

Digital Acrylic Square Picture Frames

The digital acrylic square picture frames are available in multiple color frame selections. They are in square shapes that can also assemble into a diamond style. These picture frames made from acrylic are durable and will never discolor over the years.

Acrylic Rotating Picture Frames

The acrylic rotating picture frames are stylish and unique, perfect for decorations. They have customizable thicknesses and sizes that suit your taste and style. You can easily set up your pictures at every angle of frames. 

High-End Acrylic Picture Frames

High-end acrylic picture frames are used for home and wedding decorations. They are designed with fluorescent color acrylic materials to add frames’ beauty. These acrylic picture frames have hooks and hang on cars or trees for ornaments.

Heart Shape Acrylic Picture Frames

The heart-shaped acrylic picture frames are romantic gifts for loved ones. You can see them in hotels, supermarkets, offices, homes, offices, and more. They feature scratch resistance, durability, and lasting qualities.

Mini Glittered Acrylic Picture Frames

Mini glittered acrylic picture frames have shinny funny and stunning glitters inside. They are easy to use, perfect presents for our friends and families. They have customizable sizes and glitter colors, depending on customers’ 

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Why WeProFab Acrylic Picture Frame

WeProFab is a trusted manufacturer of an acrylic picture frame. We are a professional manufacturer of the acrylic picture frames in China for over 20 years. You can assured 100% of our acrylic picture frame quality at the same time.

There are different types of acrylic picture frames, WeProFab specialists in most acrylic picture frame manufacturing. Mostly are magnetic acrylic picture frames, cut-to-size acrylic picture frames, custom acrylic picture frames, and more.

Acrylic Picture Frame

WeProFab acrylic picture frame extensively used in schools, offices, hospitals, establishment, and other business purposes. Whether you are an acrylic picture frame retailer or custom acrylic picture frame business unit, WeProFab has a solution to you. Just don’t forget to send us the detailed process about our acrylic picture frame. WeProFab can really assure you the best and high-quality product since we have plenty of experience with regard to manufacturing all types of our acrylic picture frames.

What do we guarantee you? Well, WeProFab acrylic picture frame is made of 100% acrylic material.  WeProFab acrylic picture frame is more affordable, lighter, and durable than other acrylic picture frames. We have different dimensions, colors, and styles. You can free to choose from it. You can use our WeProFab acrylic picture frame in large or small picture frames, in posters and also used in large format frames. Makes your picture frame displays gorgeous, neat, and looks more interesting.

Acrylic Picture Frame

You can really assure us to give you a high standard of all of our products. It has uniqueness in every design. If you’re looking for an acrylic picture frame or customizing the acrylic picture frame, WeProFab has plenty of options. The following production processes include thermoforming, CNC cutting, and many more.

As a professional acrylic picture frame manufacturer, WeProFab could offer you the best acrylic picture frame based on your drawing. No worries since WeProFab can handle it. WeProFab is your attested manufacturer and supplier of an acrylic picture frame in China. When purchasing our acrylic products, WeProFab guaranteed all of our products are completely check before delivering it to you. It does not take time with regard to delivering your ordered products since we can deliver it at scheduled time as soon as possible. Since our acrylic picture frame is affordable, you can assure your money is worth it.

Acrylic Picture Frame

As an SGS certified acrylic picture frame manufacturer, WeProFab manages the quality of the acrylic picture frame accurately. In order to fabricate high-quality acrylic products, we make use of our newest technology equipment to reach our client’s expectations. We pursue to improve our quality products to gain customer trust.

Aside from the acrylic picture frame, WeProFab could also manufacture acrylic frames, acrylic photo block, acrylic box frame, and many more. Don’t forget to send us your inquiry about the acrylic picture frame. We are glad to serve you!

What are Acrylic Picture Frames?

Acrylic is a renowned alternative to glass as a framing material. 

This frame does an excellent job of providing transparency and preservation on any illustration.

Acrylic-made picture frames are incredibly advantageous when presenting photographs and artwork.

Is Acrylic Great for Picture Frames?

The good news is, Yes, acrylic picture frames have gained popularity as the best material to cover, conserve, and display your framed art illustration and pictures. 

Do Acrylic Picture Frames Break?

Acrylic material is more lightweight, meaning it is less likely to break.

Yet, you can bow or bend the frame over time due to the acrylic-made flexible feature.

How Do you Use Acrylic Frames?

Acrylic-made picture frames are ideal for treasured artwork or photos providing a modernized display. Moreover, it is suitable for:

  • Presenting certificates
  • Authorization cards 
  • Painting
  • Artwork
  • Collage
  • Wedding photos
  • Product price tags 
  • Label plates
How Do You Hang Acrylic Picture Frames?

Acrylic is your new best friend to suspend all your artwork and prints on acrylic.

It shows off the art and saves you some money on expensive framing. 

The following materials are needed:

  • Acrylic
  • Command strips
  • Glue Dots
  • Measuring Tape
  • Acrylic Knife
  • Tape

Here is how you do it:

Step 1: Determine your preferred acrylic frame dimension.

Step 2: Place artwork out on an acrylic frame. Plus, make sure you do it on a flat and even surface without slopes or bumps.

Step 3: Utilize glue dots to attach the artwork into acrylic. 

Step 4: Fasten command strips to the back of the acrylic.

What are the Salient Features of Acrylic-made Picture Frames?

The following are exceptional features of acrylic picture frames.

  • It fulfills several display functions
  • Lightweight prevents severe damage if it drops.
  • Non-toxic and no harmful scent
  • Genuine Acrylic
  • Highly reflective facet
  • Resistant to impact or shock
  • Has dull edges to avert harm
  • Invulnerable to ultraviolet rays
  • Firm design
  • High-durability
  • Excellent thermal insulator
  • Shatterproof
  • Easily relocated
What are the Typical Dimensions for an Acrylic Picture Frame?

The readily available standard dimensions are 2“x6″, 4″x4”, 3.5″x 5″, 4″x 6″, 5″x 7″, 6″x 8″.

Some suppliers allow customers to choose their preferred acrylic picture frame measurements that satisfy their needs.

Acrylic Picture Frames are Perfect for What Purposes?

High-quality acrylic-made picture frames are suitable for various display purposes. Such as for business or retail, workplace, and home. 

Furthermore, the acrylic frame can be adorned and adjusted according to display, anywhere you want.

An acrylic picture frame is a renowned option for framing original art compositions.

There’s no fear of rips or harm from shattered glass. 

More extensive painting and photographs suit sufficiently with acrylic framing since it reduces weight risk.

Why Should I Purchase Acrylic Picture Frames?

Below are numerous reasons why choose acrylic picture frames.

  • Ideal for Gifts

Acrylic picture frames are high-quality yet low-cost gifts for our loved ones. 

There are a lot of designs and types available.

  • Emphasizes the Prints than its Frames

Using acrylic picture frames emphasizes the image inside.

They are more straightforward that allow prints or images to float.

  • Stylish Look

The acrylic picture frames match any decor colors.

They added a classy and fabulous look at home or any building application.

  • Perfect for Office Environment

Many office building owners prefer acrylic picture frames to ensure and display all certificates and documents at the office.

The wall-mounted type is ideal for such applications.

  • No glasses are in Acrylic Picture Frames.

Acrylic picture frames provide more explicit images.

It secures images and is not easy to break like glass.

  • Less Bulky Than Traditional Framing

You can place more images if you choose acrylic picture frames. 

Its small borders make them glossy and compact.

  • Custom-made Sizes

A lot of manufacturers allow customization sizes of acrylic picture frames.

You can have your desired sizes of frames according to your applications.

What to Keep in Mind When Purchasing an Acrylic Picture Frame?

There is an acrylic frame purposely suited for desktop or table displays. Some cannot be attached or hung on a wall. 

Therefore,  you need to decide what acrylic picture frame will satisfy your demands and enhance your space. 

Acrylic-made picture frames are also more inclined to problems with static, causing this the bad alternative for charcoal-based art.

Acrylic picture frames can scratch easily, so it is best to use this framing material in minimal contact situations.

How to Appropriately Sanitize Acrylic Picture Frames?

A plexiglass cleaning cloth and cleaner are the essential materials you need to remove dust, fingerprints, or undesirable marks on your acrylic picture frame.

Spray the cleaner onto the cleaning cloth and wipe in a circular motion.

Is an Acrylic Picture Frame More Costly than a Standard Glass Frame?

Acrylic-made picture frames can be more pricey than glass but present numerous benefits. 

Acrylic is more transparent than glass and lighter weight, allowing acrylic picture frames to be more cost-efficient when exporting.

Which is the Most Satisfactorily Acrylic Picture Frame Cover Finish?

Two main options would be ideal for various art types: precise and non-glare finishes.

A clear finish will be the most suitable alternative if your art is bright.

It would prevent softening any of the hues in your photograph and artwork.

We highly recommend a non-glare finish if your overall composition is entirely black and white or does not have radiant colors.

The non-glare finish will not soften any of the hues. 

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