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Acrylic Podium

Werofab is leading manufacturers of the acrylic podium in China. We offer the nicest quality of acrylic podium products. We are professionals in creating all kinds of acrylic podiums for your business and personal applications. Send us your inquiries right away!

Get WeProFab Acrylic Podium to Delight Your Customers

As an expert OEM acrylic podium supplier and manufacturer, we can also help you boom your brand in the global market. Please trust us!

Modern Clear Acrylic Podium

Weprofab Modern clear acrylic podium is highly in-demand in the global market. If you are needing also, we can offer the best design.

Frosted Acrylic Podium

Weprofab is fully committed to fabricating good quality of frosted acrylic podium. We can create base on your own preferences.

Clear Plexiglass Acrylic Podium

Clear plexiglass acrylic podium from Weprofab is very easy to assemble and to used. If you are in need of reliable manufacturer, we are here to serve you!

Assembled Acrylic Podium

Weprofab is continuously providing great quality of assembled acrylic podium. For a competitive prices, you can avail of our products.

Acrylic Podium Reading Stands

Weprofab has special abilities to create the most unique acrylic podium reading stands. We strive to give you an excellent finish.

Acrylic Podium Manufacturer

Weprofab is a reliable acrylic podium supplier and manufacturer. We have superior skills to design an acrylic podium for you.

WeProFab: Your Leading Acrylic Podium Manufacturer

We, Weprofab is a company operating with the combination of Chinese local fabrication manufacturer and WeeTect Material Limited. We are professionals, tend to presents direct-stop solutions for metal & plastic fabrication.

Weprfoab is the best, most trusted acrylic podium supplier in China. We are more focused on giving clients` priorities and needs for a business. We offer our complete line of products for cost-effective.

We will never ignore you if you come and contact us!

Custom Acrylic Podium to Skyrocket Your Brand

Acrylic Podium with Shelf

Weprofab Acrylic podium with shelf is more appealing than any kind. We are a reliable manufacturer to produce your ideal acrylic podium design.

Square Acrylic Podium

As your one-stop square acrylic podium provider in China, Weprofab is very glad to help you. We offer different kinds fo acrylic podium to satisfy you.

Rounded Acrylic Podium

Weprofab rounded acrylic podium is ideal for offices, schools, andto any applications. Weprofab can custom your favorite designs.

Ghost Acrylic Podium

Weprofab, as one unified team, produces the most unique ghost acrylic podium to complete your business necessities.

Clear Acrylic Podium

Weprofab is your ideal supplier of the clear acrylic podium. You can order any amount 0f acrylic podium for your business.

Double Tube Acrylic Podium

The double tube acrylic podium is suitable for school, office, and multimedia. It is made from acrylic materials. Guaranteed high-quality, high transparency, and durability.

Clear Acrylic Podium for School

A clear acrylic podium for school is made from durable, high-grade acrylic. It is designed to resist frequent use. This podium has the following features: middle shelf, base, and top surface. It comes with rubber feet allows protecting flooring from scratching and scuffs.

Floor-Standing Acrylic Podium

The floor-standing acrylic podium is widely used for church and school. The floor-standing acrylic podium is guaranteed beautiful and sturdy. Easy to clean with a soft cloth.

Black Acrylic Podium

This black acrylic podium is designed with an aluminum base and an aluminum pole. It is designed for different uses such as conducting an orchestra, award recipient or displaying menus. Made for durability. Its base and post are anodized to guarantee years of use.

Modern Acrylic Smart Podium

The available color for the modern acrylic smart podium is clear, transparent, or customized. It is widely used for school, church, and office.

Acrylic Podium for Church

The acrylic podium for the church is made from 100% acrylic materials. It can guarantee a high-quality, sturdy, and elegant look.

Acrylic Lectern Podium for Meeting Room

The acrylic lectern podium for the meeting room integrates an optimum environmental protection plate. The decorative plate that places on the top that serves as a protecting board is waterproof, hard, fireproof, and waterproof.

LED Light Acrylic Podium

The LED light acrylic podium is eco-friendly, waterproof, high gloss, and easy to clean. This podium is used in the office.

Acrylic Podium with Optional Shelf

The acrylic podium with an optional shelf is an alternative to podiums made from wood. The modern design acrylic podium with an optional shelf is an ideal match for different worship houses such as churches. Additionally, it is the best choice for focusing the attention of the audience on lectures, sermons, or public speeches.

Z-Shape Acrylic Speaking Lectern Podium

The Z-shape acrylic speaking lectern podium is an ideal choice for public speeches, sermons, or lectures. It is made from acrylic materials, guaranteed high-quality, and durability.

Acrylic Podium with Curved Brushed Stainless-Steel Side

The acrylic podium with curved brushed stainless-steel side is eco-friendly, sturdy, safe, and recyclable. Depending on the customer’s requirements, this podium can be customized according to color, size, and design.

Detachable Acrylic Podium

The detachable acrylic podium has a modern look, ideal for any conference room. It enhances in any conference room, church, or special event. The detachable acrylic podium is lightweight yet durable. It can stand the time test in any environment.

Clear Acrylic Podium with Open Back and Shelf

The clear acrylic podium with open back and shelf is designed for any church, school, office, and many other environments. Some businesses use a clear acrylic podium with an open back and shelf for corporate events or meetings.

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Why WeProFab Acrylic Podium

Weprofab is your great choice when it comes to fabricating an acrylic podium. Podiums made from acrylics are guaranteed in quality and has tough constructions. Unlike glass, our acrylic podiums cannot easily get scratched or broken. These have glass-look due to its glossy and high transparency appearance. However, sourcing acrylic podium from Weprofab would be the best choice!

Acrylic Podium

We are all familiar with acrylics, and these are very rigid making it more suitable for making podiums. Here in Weprofab, we have a lot to offer at very competitive prices.

Weprofab are experts in all acrylic podiums fabricating. Any reliable kinds of acrylic podium, whether in simple designs or elegant, we are glad to work for your success. Weprofab Acrylic podium can be avail in custom sizes, shapes, dimensions, and designs. We manufacture acrylic podium in accordance to your preferences and taste. It is better to substitute for glasses, aside from its affordability, these are also lightweight, impact resistance, and unbreakable as well.

Acrylic Podium

As your number one provider in China, Weprofab is grateful for working with you also. So keep on trusting us, and we won`t fail you. We manufacture acrylic podiums to be used in various applications, just like for office applications.

Whether you need classy and on-trend acrylic podiums, you can fully count on Weprofab. We make sure to provide the most guaranteed acrylic podium for your business sake.

Plus! Weprofab is a fully committed factory that works in China. We are manufacturing acrylic podiums that are the best option for any intentions. These are highly protected from scratches, cracks, or even breakings. It is the most functional and highest performing product in your trading industry, which also conducts huge advantages to your business.

Acrylic Podium

Weprofab is a certified SGS, ISO 9001, and C.E company. We work completely on plastic and metal fabrications. We are here to always satisfy your business necessities.

Yes! We professionally conduct acrylic podium fabrications. Send your specified requirements and we will do the rest procedures for you.

Please contact us immediately!

Acrylic Podium: The Ultimate FAQ Guide

Choosing the best acrylic podium can be an overwhelming task without the right information.

That’s why today’s guide will answer all questions you have been asking about acrylic podium.

Let’s dive right in.

What is Acrylic Podium?

It is a reasonably raised stand designed with a slanted top often use to hold a book, manuscript, notebook, or manuscript.

The essence is to allow the reader or speaker to easily reach the notes when making a speech or presentation to the audience.

This particular component is made of plexiglass material vital in raising something to a short distance above its surroundings.

Acrylic podium comes in various designs, colors, sizes, shapes, and material thicknesses suited for different environments.

acrylic podium

acrylic podium

Where Can You Use Acrylic Podium?

Ordinarily, acrylic podium is used in various environments where there is a need for providing sermons, lectures, and speeches among others.

Some of the common places you’re likely to find this component include the following;

Church – Acrylic podium is used in churches for holding bibles when the preachers are providing sermons to the congregate.

Lecture halls – Instructors and lecturers use this component for holding their books and notes when offering lectures to students.

Press conference – You’ll find acrylic podium at different press conferencing places while addressing political, social, and economic issues.

Product launch – Organizations often use this component when launching new products to the media and/or target clientele.

The speaker places the product on the podium to explain or demonstrate what it is and how it works, benefits, price, etc.

Restaurant– Different speakers use it in restaurants during business luncheons or other corporate events such as annual stakeholders general meetings.

Political rallies – Mostly used by various political seat candidates during debates as they sell their respective manifestos to the audience.

Technically, you can use acrylic podium in any setting, which requires the speaker to address the audience from a central point.

And the above-mentioned are some of the popular places where this component is largely used.

What are the Types of Acrylic Podium Available in the Market?

You can find different types of acrylic podiums in the market, both standard and custom-built.

For customized units, you’ll need to be specific since such designs often involve different elements for uniqueness.

Nevertheless, the available types of this component are numerous but somewhat limited to a specific manufacturer.

In other words, the type of customized acrylic podium available depends on your needs and the manufacturer’s designs.

For example, WeProFab, a leading Chinese plastic fabricating company, offers a wide range of personalized and standard designs.

Some of WeProFab’s acrylic podium designs available in the market include the following;

frosted acrylic podium

 frosted acrylic podium

  • Acrylic Podium Reading Stands

 acrylic reading stand

 acrylic reading stand

  • Clear Plexiglass Acrylic Podium

4 plexiglass acrylic podium

pexiglass acrylic podium

  • Modern Clear Acrylic Podium

 modern clear acrylic podium

 modern clear acrylic podium

  • Assembled Acrylic Podium

 assembled acrylic podium

assembled acrylic podium

  • Acrylic Podium with Shelf

 acrylic podium with shelf

acrylic podium with shelf

  • Square Acrylic Podium

 square acrylic podium

square acrylic podium

  • Rounded Acrylic Podium

 ghost acrylic podium

rounded acrylic podium

  • Ghost Acrylic Podium

 ghost acrylic podium

ghost acrylic podium

  • Clear Acrylic Podium

 clear acrylic podium

 clear acrylic podium

Can You Replace Parts of Acrylic Podium?


Most podiums, especially from WeProFab, have a modular design.

It thus means that any part of this component is replaceable.

As such, if a key, key hook, lock, drawer, wheel, or any other part gets damaged, you can simply order and replace it.

Of course, this is advantageous since it allows you to save a considerable amount of money you’d rather have spent purchasing a complete unit.

What is the Best Acrylic Material for Manufacturing Podium?

Acrylic material comes in numerous variants.

You can use almost all the available acrylic variants to make a podium.

However, not all shall provide the best results in terms of quality and finishes.

Ideally, the best material variant depends on the specific environmental and mechanical conditions the podium will be subjected to.

It is also based on the particular properties you need your podium to have.

Nonetheless, here are some of the common acrylic material variations you can use for a podium;

 Extruded Acrylic Sheet

Regarded as one of the best materials to consider for a podium, especially if you are working on a tight budget.

Ordinarily, it is somewhat cheaper to produce it compared to most available acrylic materials since it isn’t quite involving.

It offers limited thickness options, but most acrylic podiums made using this material are relatively affordable.

Cast Acrylic Sheet

Often considers as one of the best quality materials for making acrylic podiums.

It guarantees excellent strength, incredible optical clarity, and exceptional impact resistance.

You can find it in different thicknesses and color variations, which is essential since it broadens your choice options.

Cast acrylic sheet is suitable for manufacturing relatively large podiums since it is strong.

Continuous Cast Acrylic Sheet

It is more or less similar to cast acrylic sheet, only that it has relatively improved properties.

Ideally, production process of continuous cast acrylic material involves cooling and heating to regulate curing.

But it has better optical clarity, enhanced tensile and impact strength compared to ordinary cast acrylic material.

You may consider it for larger acrylic podiums or those used in comparatively hostile environments such as political rallies.

Other types of acrylic material variants you may also consider for making podiums include the following;

  1. Frosted acrylic sheet
  2. Perforated acrylic sheet
  3. 2-way acrylic sheet
  4. Reflective acrylic sheet
  5. High-gloss acrylic sheet
  6. Engraved acrylic sheet
  7. Light-up acrylic sheet

Why Choose Acrylic Podium over Other Materials?

Acrylic podium comes out as a better alternative to customary materials such as glass and wood.

It presents several advantages making it a worthy investment over other materials.

Some of these beneficial reasons why you need to consider this type of podium include the following;

Highly secure – The primary material used for manufacturing this component is inert.

It hardly releases toxic fumes or elements irrespective of the solvent’s surface material comes into contact with.

Exceptionally durable – Since the surface material is strong, it exhibits great resistance to impact, making it possible to outlast other traditional materials.

Incredible optical clarity – It is transparent since a significant amount of light passes through it. This makes it quite appealing to the eye.

Easy maintenance – You majorly need to clean the surface material of this component to keep it in good form always.

You can also polish it from time to time to maintain its clarity and glossiness.

Easily customizable – The surface material of acrylic podium is somewhat soft, making it easy to fabricate using various techniques.

This allows you to customize it to meet your specific taste, preference, and requirement.

Lightweight – Generally, acrylic material weighs about half the weight of traditional materials such as fiberglass.

This makes it portable, which is essential, especially when you have to shift it from different positions often.

Variety options – You can find acrylic podiums in large varieties based on color, size, design, and material thickness.

Of course, this makes it possible for you to attain the best choice suitable for your needs.

How Do You Set Up Acrylic Podium?

Typically, acrylic podium often leaves the manufacturer or supplier as parts to be assembled once they arrive at the preferred destination.

Essentially, this improves safety during shipping by reducing incidences of podium scratching or cracking.

It also reduces the bulkiness of the podium, thus reducing the space occupied during transportation.

However, once you receive the consignment, assembling the parts is relatively easy.

Moreover, manufacturers usually attach the user manual to guide you in easy and faster set up.

Here is a simple procedure to use when setting up acrylic podium;

1) Unfold the base

2) Attach the extendable legs into the base and screw it

3) Flip over the frame

4) Fix the retainer bar

5) Connect any other components appropriately and tighten them on the component

Nonetheless, acrylic podiums come in different designs, which may require a different approach to assemble.

It is the reason all manufacturers are mandated to provide user manuals to allow buyers to easily fix these components.

How Do Acrylic Podium and Fiberglass Podiums Compare?

For the longest time, fiberglass has been a common material for making a wide range of podiums for different settings.

 fiberglass podium

fiberglass podium

However, in the recent past, acrylic is becoming popular, making it the preferred alternative for manufacturing podiums.

Even so, these two materials differ significantly in different aspects surrounding the properties, practicality, and endurance.

Ideally, acrylic podium is more lightweight than a fiberglass podium. The former weighs about 50% less than the weight of the latter.

Another comparison is in regards to strength.

Acrylic is about 20 times stronger than fiberglass of similar dimensions.

It shows the former can endure hostile mechanical and environmental conditions better than the latter.

You can fabricate acrylic podium to suit your respective needs, such as color, size, style, and design since the surface material is soft.

On the other hand, fiberglass podium is a bit stiff, making it difficult to customize it to fit your specific needs.

Acrylic podium has better dimensional stability than fiberglass podium.

As such, the former can endure changes in temperatures in different settings without deforming, unlike the latter.

Regarding clarity, acrylic podium comes out as a better option than a fiberglass podium.

Ideally, acrylic material permits more light to pass through its surface material than the amount fiberglass material allows.

In terms of safety, acrylic podium is superior to fiberglass since it can’t break easily under normal circumstances nor shatter.

Fiberglass is a bit risky since it can break, crack and shatter on high impact.

However, fiberglass podium has better resistance to scratches compared to acrylic podium since it has hard-surfaced material.

Overall, acrylic podium is much better than fiberglass podium in all aspects, making it a suitable choice for such components.

How Do You Order for Acrylic Podium?

When ordering acrylic podium from WeProFab, the first thing to do is determining the actual design you need.

It is important since it makes it easy for the manufacturer to establish several factors surrounding the particular design, such as cost.

For custom-built units, you’ll need to provide a prototype to the manufacturer to assess and figure out ways of manufacturing it.

Nevertheless, you can request a sample for a podium already in stock.

The essence here is to enable you determine whether it meets your requirements, especially in terms of quality and overall design construction.

And since this component is a bit large, you’ll pay for the sample to facilitate shipping costs, which is reimbursed upon making the ultimate order.

Once you establish the actual design, color, and size of acrylic podium, you’ll go ahead and place the order.

You can order directly from WeProFab’s website and ensure you provide all the relevant details to facilitate faster order fulfillment process.

Make payment as agreed and wait for processing of the order within the provided timeframe.

Alternatively, you may consider visiting the factory physically to make your order directly.

Once the order is processed, it is dispatched to the respective address using preferred shipping method.

How Do You Choose Best Acrylic Podium?

Here are some of the fundamental variables you need to consider when choosing the most suitable acrylic podium;


Ordinarily, acrylic podiums are designed to suit different applications such as worship places, restaurants, political rallies, etc.

Always choose a specific one based on the respective place you are going to use it.

Type of Acrylic Material

Of course, acrylic material is available in numerous types, which often reflect the quality grade.

Ensure you choose a podium made using the right acrylic material that suits your demands.


Notably, you can find acrylic podiums in a wide range of designs, including customary and custom-built.

If you are going for a customized design, make sure it’s manufactured to suit particular demands, tastes, and preferences.

Add-on Features

Some acrylic podiums come with additional features, especially for customized units.

Always consider whether such features are necessary for your podium and if you’ll need yours to have.

For instance, you can add drawers, locks, engraved photos or logos, etc.

Material Thickness

The thickness of acrylic material is an essential element you must consider when purchasing a podium.

It is a vital element since it determines several aspects of the podium, such as overall strength, durability, and mechanical resistance.


What you pay for acquiring acrylic podium is also a vital consideration, which you must never overlook.

Ideally, the price often varies based on numerous fixed and prevailing factors.

Nonetheless, you must ensure the value of acrylic podium you are purchasing is worth the quality and design construction.

Which is better Between Clear Acrylic Podium and Opaque Acrylic Podium?

They are more or less similar since both are derived from acrylic material.

As such, the more suitable choice is largely dependent on your preference, especially as far as color shade is concerned.

If you prefer a tinted or colorful shade, then an opaque acrylic podium would be your ideal choice.

Moreover, if the component is used in applications where a bit of privacy is a concern, opaque finish would be more suitable.

On the other hand, if you do not necessarily fancy colors for your podium, the transparent option would be better.

Also, if there are no privacy concerns in the specific applications of this component, a clear finish comes out as a better choice.

The upshot is that an ideal one is utterly dependent on your preference.

Can You Get Custom-built Acrylic Podium?


Most buyers nowadays go for customized acrylic podiums for their different settings.

Essentially, people have different needs and preferences when it comes to various factors regarding design construction of these components.

For instance, color, shape, style, and add-on features such as locks and drawers are some factors, which vary among many people.

Therefore, to get a unique design of this unit that suits your demands, manufacturers have seen the need for customization.

If you need a custom-built acrylic podium, make sure you provide a prototype design to the manufacturer.

It allows the manufacturer to configure and produce the exact unit.

customized acrylic podium

 customized acrylic podium

What is the Cost of Custom-Built Acrylic Podium?

It fluctuates based on numerous variables.

Mostly, the manufacturers tag prices for these units depending on the specific type of acrylic material used to make them.

For instance, continuous cast acrylic podiums are more expensive than extruded acrylic podiums of similar dimensions.

The reason here is the quality of the former is relatively higher than that of the latter.

Another cost determinant for this product is material thickness.

Essentially, the thicker the surface material, the more expensive it costs and vice versa.

In other instances, order quantity also influences the actual price you’ll pay for the unit.

Manufacturers such as WeProFab often offer better discounts for purchases of more units.

Moreover, the customization level for your acrylic also determines the exact cost you’ll pay for it.

Technically, the more customization specifications, the higher the cost and vice versa.

In a nutshell, there is no fixed for acrylic podiums.

Can You Repair Acrylic Podium?


You can use numerous ways to repair acrylic podium.

Still, the specific repair technique depends on the type and extent of damage on the podium.

Most repair needs for this component revolves around removing scratches, whether light or deep.

It is because, in many instances, podiums are exposed to abrasive materials, especially the top surface.

Fortunately, it is simple to remove scratches from the surface material of this furniture using various methods like cleaning and polishing.

Another destruction likely to require repair is fading, discoloring or yellowing.

Ideally, this is a common occurrence, especially if the component is often exposed to direct sunlight and other weather elements.

As such, the molecular structure weakens, leading to fading or yellowing of the acrylic surface.

Repairing this kind of damage is straightforward since it mostly involves polishing the surface material and applying acrylic gloss.

What Coating Treatment Can You Add on Acrylic Podium?

Anti-static coating –Refers to an electrically-conductive surface coating applied on the acrylic podium to reduce or prevent static-electrical charges and resultant effects.

It is essential since most acrylic podiums are often connected to electrical connections such as a microphone.

 Anti-fingerprint Coating – Commonly abbreviated as AFP, prevents fingerprints on the surface material of this component from being visible at all by naked eye.

Anti-scratch coating- Prevents abrasive materials from causing scratch marks on the surface material of acrylic podium.

Anti-reflective coating – Applied to reduce reflection of light and to bar excessive light from penetrating through the podium’s surface component.

It is essential for acrylic podiums used at night in well-lit areas to prevent light from reflecting the audience.

Anti-fog coating – A critical surface coating treatment for acrylic podiums used mostly in outdoor spaces.

This coating prevents moisture or fog from accumulating or sticking to the surface material of this component.

Is Acrylic Podium Safe?


First, acrylic, which is the base material for making this furniture, is inert.

Therefore, it means it does not emit toxic fume even when it comes in contact with chemical spillage or any corrosive solvents.

Secondly, the material is unbreakable because it has a strong molecular structure.

In essence, it cannot break even when subjected to high impact pressure.

Moreover, acrylic podium is shatterproof, which means it can never crack.

If it cracks, it fractures into long and dull edges.

Thirdly, it is lightweight, making it easy to shift from different points as you may need.

How Can You Polish Acrylic Podium?

You can use various polishing techniques to polish the surface material of acrylic podium.

But the popular ones include the following;


This is a polishing technique, which uses a relatively abrasive surface, work-wheel, and leather strop to refine the finishing of the furniture.

An acrylic cream is applied on the leather strop attached to a work-wheel then used for polishing the surface material.


Also known as flame-polishing, it entails exposing the furniture to heat or flame.

Once the surface material melts briefly, surface tension starts smoothening the surface, making it attain high gloss.


This technique involves exposing this acrylic component to chemical vapor to cause the surface flow and ultimately enhancing surface finish.

What is the Ideal Material Thickness for Acrylic Podium?

The most appropriate material thickness for acrylic podium varies depending on your preference.

However, you may consider a thickness of between 20-100mm.

It is also dependent on the specific add-on features and customization elements you want to incorporate on the surface material.

The specific molding design of the furniture is also an essential element when choosing suitable material thickness.

Nonetheless, there is no fixed material thickness for making acrylic podium.

Is there a Viable Alternative for Acrylic Podium?


Polycarbonate is seemingly the best alternative material to consider in place of acrylic for making podiums.

Ideally, polycarbonate and acrylic materials tend to share a lot of features making its podium a suitable replacement.

For instance, polycarbonate acrylic is stronger than acrylic podium, becoming more resistant and durable even in hostile surroundings.

Another thing is polycarbonate podium has better optical clarity than acrylic podium, albeit slightly.

It is also easy to mold polycarbonate material into different shapes, just like you would do to acrylic.

Bottom line is that a polycarbonate podium is a viable alternative to consider for acrylic podium.

Does Clear Acrylic Podium Yellow in the Sun?


In most instances, an ordinary acrylic podium will yellow in the sun if it is exposed continuously for reasonably long.

As such, the ultraviolet rays emitted by direct sunlight attack and penetrate the surface material of this furniture.

Once they penetrate the surface, they weaken the molecular structure resulting in yellowing of the outer layer.

This is a common occurrence when the furniture is possibly manufactured using a relatively low-quality acrylic material.

Modern acrylic podiums, however, rarely yellow in the sun irrespective of the duration you subject it to sunlight.

Ideally, they are integrated with UV additive, which plays a fundamental role in preventing ultraviolet rays from attacking the surface material.

The additive blocks all the UV rays from penetrating through the material.

Moreover, the quality of material used in manufacturing these furniture is of high quality.

As such, they can endure such hostile conditions without deforming or degrading.

What is the MOQ of Acrylic Podium?

It varies from one manufacturer to another.

Some manufacturers often place a fixed MOQ depending on the actual design of the acrylic podium you are purchasing.

Other manufacturers also tag MOQ on unit price of the podiums.

But most of them, such as WeProFab, always offer flexible MOQs depending on how you negotiate and agree.

Therefore, you need to find out from your preferred manufacturer regarding the MOQ they offer.

What is the Average Turnaround Time for Manufacturing Acrylic Podium?

Several factors determine the average timeframe for manufacturing acrylic podium, such as the following;

Extent of customization – Ordinarily, a customized acrylic podium will consume more time to manufacturer compare to a standard design.

It involves several elements such as designing, altering the machining systems, etc.

Therefore, the more customization details to incorporate on this furniture, the more time it will take.

Pending orders – Most manufacturers often process the order on a first-come-first-serve basis.

What it means is your order is likely to be processed faster if there are few pending orders from other manufacturers.

Manufacturer’s policy – Some manufacturers usually adhere strictly to their specific regulations surrounding turnaround time.

However, others such as WeProFab are relatively flexible and can negotiate on an ideal time suitable for both parties.

Order quantity – Technically, the more units you order, the longer it is likely to take to manufacture and vice versa.

Thus, there’s no specific turnaround time for manufacturing acrylic podiums.

But you can always negotiate with your preferred manufacturer if your order is urgent.

Most have the provision allowing urgent processing of the order within shortest time possible irrespective of prevailing factors.

But you will always incur the convenience cost.

At WeProFab, we offer the best acrylic podium in the industry.

Our podium are made from high grade acrylic material that guarantees optimal performance.

Contact us today for all your acrylic podium needs and requirements.

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