• Acrylic Poster Holder

Acrylic Poster Holder

As a superior supplier and fabricator of acrylic poster holder, WeProFab ensures to supply effective and durable. We have wall mount, hanging, freestanding, and advertising acrylic poster holders. Message us now!

Get WeProFab Acrylic Poster Holder to Delight Your Customers

A professional supplier and manufacturer always ensure the quality of every product fabricated. WeProFab is a reliable and responsible acrylic poster holder producer worldwide.

Acrylic Poster Holder Manufacturer

We can be your amazing partner in running a business. If needed a large order of acrylic poster holder, your project needs will be fulfilled.

Clear Acrylic Poster Holder

WeProFab is the leading clear acrylic poster holder producer worldwide. It is applicable for the wall, ceiling, hallways, and a lot more applications.

Custom Acrylic Poster Holder

WeProFab is an expert in customizing every customer’s desired designs and features for their acrylic poster holder orders. It is affordable to purchase.

Indoor Acrylic Poster Holder

WeProFab created an effective acrylic poster holder for indoor applications.  There are many styles of acrylic poster holders and sizes to choose from.

PMMA Acrylic Poster Holder

WeProFab acrylic poster holders can be purchase with different features and types. Request your desired acrylic poster holder with an acceptable cost.

Resistant Acrylic Poster Holder

WeProFab always created an effective different resistant for acrylic poster holders. It can be water-resistant, scratch-resistant, dustproof, etc.

WeProFab: Your Leading Acrylic Poster Holder Manufacturer

WeProFab is a joint-venture company with WeeTect Material Limited and a Chinese local fabrication manufacturer. We are providing excellent solutions that can delight customers.

We, WeProFab is an ISO 9001 qualified supplier of acrylic poster holders. We are one of the suppliers who can supply a large volume of orders around the world. We are controlling the safety standards of every product supplied from different locations.

If dealing with us, you don’t have to worry about our supplied products. We will ensure you the qualified and tested acrylic poster holders. Get yours now!

Custom Acrylic Poster Holder to Expand Your Brand

Advertising Acrylic Poster Holder

We will help your operation smoothly. Request your desired size for advertising acrylic poster holder. We will give you an acceptable offer.

Free stand Acrylic Poster Holder

WeProFab free stand acrylic poster holders are perfect for hallway applications, office, entrance, and other public areas.

Hanging Acrylic Poster Holder

Hanging acrylic poster holder is commonly used in hallways, department store areas, and lots of suitable target application.

Movable Acrylic Poster Holder

We are offering an affordable movable acrylic poster holder for your business. This will help you expand your business rapidly.

Wall Mount Acrylic Poster Holder

WeProFab wall mount acrylic poster holder is perfect for indoor and outdoor application. It can be resistant, advertising, etc.

Acrylic Vertical Poster Holder

The acrylic vertical posted holders are suitable for restaurants, malls, retail stores, companies, etc. They have replaceable, eco-friendly, durable, and lightweight features. These poster holders have a secured panel design to prevent posters from falling. 

Acrylic Desktop Leaflet Poster Holder

The acrylic desktop leaflet poster holders are ideal for billboards, menu signs, etc. They have customizable thicknesses and sizes to suit specific applications. Also, these acrylic leaflet poster holders are practical for restaurants, libraries, hotels, counters, etc.

Acrylic Menu Poster Holder for Tables

Acrylic poster holders for tables conveniently display menu posters with price tags. They have customizable sizes, thicknesses, shapes, and colors. These acrylic holders are easy to handle and assemble with inserting poster methods. 

Acrylic Poster Holder Frame with Screws

Acrylic poster holders frames with screws are in rectangular or customizable shapes. They are applicable for showrooms, marketing suites, reception areas, etc. Additionally, these holder frames have screws that are easy to mount into the walls.

Acrylic Floor Standing Poster Holder

The acrylic floor standing poster holders come with different heights and thicknesses. The posters can be placed on the slanting top of these holders. Various bottom colors are available with enough dimensions for free standing. They are ideal for sales departments and business halls.

Acrylic L-Shaped Poster Holder

Acrylic L-shaped poster holders are suitable for various placement areas, including offices, churches, schools, hospitals, restrooms, stores, etc. They feature high plasticity, durability, and rigidity. Their acrylic compositions make them not easy to break and scratch.

Acrylic Glorifier Unit Poster Holder

The acrylic glorifier unit holders show off posters with retail products. These poster holders are designed with screwed two halves units using the provided fixings. They are ideal for promoting cosmetics, perfumes, candles, or more with displayed, printed posters.

Acrylic Wooden Base Poster Holder

Acrylic wooden base poster holders have multiple purposes; they are also suitable for holding pictures, papers, prices, etc. Their wooden base can be in U and customized shapes. They come with multiple dimension selections to perfectly suit particular placement usages.

Acrylic Poster Shelf Rack Holder

The acrylic poster shelf and rack holders are practical for business, promotions, hotels, schools, and home applications. They are available in multideck, rectangular, or customized shapes as requested. These types of poster holders are easy to install on the walls.

Acrylic Pamphlets Poster Holder

Acrylic pamphlets poster holders have front pockets where flyers, posters, papers are placed. They have crystal clear colors that give elegance and an attractive appearance. These poster holders are single-sided with slanted back designs.

Acrylic T-Shaped Poster Display Holder

The acrylic T-shaped poster display holder is a durable and ideal material to display signs anywhere. It comes with a base and double-sided view for optimum display purposes. The product specifications are open for customization, meeting any needs and demands.

Acrylic Double-Sided Poster Holder

The acrylic double-sided poster holders are ideal for back-to-back or both sides display. These durable poster holders come from top-quality acrylic and fine edges for safety. They are advantageous for various purposes such as leaflets, menus, or any printed material display. 

Acrylic Gold Border Poster Holder

Preserve any photo, ticket, or memorabilia in this contemporary designed acrylic gold border poster holder. Moreover, you can promote any business through a fancy display of brochures, menus, price lists, etc. It is available in various dimensions and orientations (portrait and landscape). 

Rotating Acrylic Advertising Poster Holder

The rotating acrylic advertising poster holders feature a minimal and contemporary design. They are ideal for cost-effective pictures, brochures, and advertisements. It comes with a 360-degree sturdy rotating base. Additionally, assembling them saves time and energy.

Polished Acrylic Display Poster Holder

The polished acrylic display poster holders come from a quality acrylic manufactured to last more than a decade in service. They are environmentally friendly materials, recyclable, and do not contain harmful chemicals during production. 

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Why WeProFab Acrylic Poster Holder

WeProFab acrylic poster holder is designed perfectly for commercial o local applications. It is perfect for stores, restaurants, offices, schools, hospitals, and many other big and small establishments.

WeProFab supplied in many of these establishments in a long time. They have trusted us as their long term partner.

Acrylic Poster Holder

WeProFab acrylic poster holders are easy to install and clean which is more durable and strong unlike glass. It is more advantage than glass because of the lightweight material which is suitable for hanging and mounting because of the unbreakable capability.

WeProFab acrylic poster holders are very useful for every promotional showcase, launching a business, announcing an event and a lot more. WeProFab will surely provide an attractive poster holder with acrylic durable material. It will be your customer’s first choice.

Acrylic Poster Holder

In many types of posters and applications, WeProFab acrylic poster holders are also suitable and applicable for countertop, table tops, establishment entrance, hallways, and anywhere in public areas. Our expert engineers can create a unique acrylic poster holder that will be fitted on your requirements.

If you are looking for durable acrylic poster holders, WeProFab has a lot to offer. We have poster holders for table such as free stand, flip, double sided, etc. We can offer a lot of stocks ready to ship ahead of time.

For walls, WeProFab has wall mounted and hanging type of acrylic poster holders. It is versatile and attractive which surely customers could pick.

If your purpose in purchasing is for business, WeProFab is the best choice. We have high class acrylic poster holders to offer. It has negotiable appearance which is perfect in generating profits.

Acrylic Poster Holder

If you want to deal with us, WeProFab can provide your request. We will help your growing business expand more than you expect.

It is not easy to handle a project. But keep in mind that being vigilant and building a great relationship with your supplier is the best key for a success. Send your inquiries and drawings at WeProFab.

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