• Acrylic Ring Box

Acrylic Ring Box

Weprofab is the leading provider and a one-stop-shop solution for your acrylic ring box. We can be able to provide plenty of stocks and create your own layout. We have plenty of designs to offer at very affordable rates. Weprofab can support your project requirements. For complete information, send your questions today!


Get WeProFab Acrylic Ring Box to Delight Your Customers

We fabricated an acrylic ring box made from top graded raw materials. We have high-tech machines to support our perfect production. We can support your personal or business needs with our great quality and negotiable products.

Acrylic Ring Box Manufacturer

Badly need an acrylic ring box? WeProFab is the greatest and reliable provider in China. We can supply acrylic ring boxes worldwide. We finalize products from assembling, packing, to offering the best services.

Clear Acrylic Ring Box

WeProFab clear acrylic ring box is more eye-catching than other ring boxes. Provide the simplest yet unique looks. Find your ideal clear acrylic ring boxes at WeProFab.

Decorative Acrylic Ring Box

For decorative acrylic boxes, WeProFab fabricates a lot of selections. We offer eye-catching and durable from any circumstances. Accessible with a lot of features.

Personalized Acrylic Ring Box

WeProFab can personalize your ideal acrylic ring box. Send your design and let us make it perfect for your business or personal needs. Affordable in any type.

Squared Acrylic Ring Box

To meet your special requirement in handling business, WeProFab is qualified to handle the whole of your process. We have plenty of skilled employees to guide you.

Transparent Acrylic Ring Box

WeProFab transparent acrylic ring boxes are common in finding reliable ring boxes. Commonly used for gifts and weddings. Offered at a very competitive price according to your order volume.

WeProFab: Your Leading Acrylic Ring Box Manufacturer

We have a complete and the best solution for plastic fabrication in this industry. Send your layout at WeProFab and let us finalize your designs and follow the details.

We can be able to fabricate a lot of features to meet your needs.

Select your ideal acrylic ring box which offers a competitive price.

Send your questions today and enjoy our quality service!


Custom Acrylic Ring Box to boost Your Business

Custom Engraved Acrylic Ring Box

WeProFab offered a wide range of custom engraved acrylic ring box. Strongest and unique acrylic ring boxes that offer lots of business benefits.

Diamond Acrylic Ring Box

WeProFab is a one-stop solution that offers an acceptable total cost of products according to its features. Your ideal finished can be followed.

Heart Acrylic Ring Box

WeProFab can customize your heart acrylic ring box to support your requirements. Lots of studies for perfect production. Certified in many years to prove quality services.

Acrylic Hexagon Ring Box

An acrylic hexagon ring box is an alternative to a ring pillow. It holds rings down the aisle. It will add the ideal finishing touch to weddings or engagements. It is made of transparent acrylic material that is both attractive and long-lasting.

Acrylic Wedding Ring Box

An acrylic wedding ring box is a distinctive ring box made of clear acrylic and may be used instead of a ring pillow or standard wedding ring box. It adds a touch of modernity to a wedding.

Small Personalized Acrylic Ring Box

This stunning small acrylic ring box is the perfect exhibit for priceless wedding bands. One-of-a-kind ring box, engraved with names, phrases, etc. It can be added with blooms, lace, foliage, or other unique accessories.

3x3 Clear Acrylic Ring Box

Our 3×3 clear acrylic ring box is eco-friendly with romantic style. It is included with a detachable divider inside. It has two compartments: a lower compartment with ornamental accents and an upper compartment.

Acrylic Ring Box with 2 Ring Slot

Weprofab modern minimalist acrylic ring box with two ring slots, one for 6-8 ring sizes and the other for 9-13 ring sizes. It is made of the highest quality acrylic; each ring box is carefully constructed with expert artisans.

Transparent Acrylic Crystal Ring Box

A transparent acrylic crystal ring box comes with various colors, shapes, and several compartments. It also comes in different dimensions and weights.

4x4cm Transparent Acrylic Ring Box

Weprofab 4cm x 4cm transparent acrylic ring box is the best way to show and store jewelry rings. It’s ideal for personal and professional use – in a shop or on a dressing table.

Mr. & Mrs. Block Personalized Acrylic Ring Box

This Mr. & Mrs. Block personalized acrylic ring box with names and event dates can be customized. Available in various sizes and shapes. The cushions may be removed easily after being used.

Monogrammed Acrylic Ring Box

Rings shine beautifully within the monogrammed acrylic ring box. Perfect place to display calls. Personalized engraved monogram initials turn the box into a pretty, cool, and unique keepsake.

Acrylic Ring Box with Custom Vinyl

The acrylic ring box with custom vinyl is ideal for any theme such as personalized, shabby chic, vintage, rustic, and more. Vinyl is available in silver, gold, white, or black.

Octagon Acrylic Ring Box

Weprofab octagon acrylic ring box is an excellent collection, storage, packing, and gift. Can customize the size, color, style, shape, and open way. Perfect for special occasions.

Acrylic Proposal Ring Box

Acrylic proposal ring boxes are incredibly fashionable and attractive in design. They are very environmentally friendly too. It comes in various styles and can be purchased at meager prices.

Championship Ring Display Case Acrylic

Championship ring display case acrylic is transparent and stackable. This case allows you to see your ring from all sides, bringing out the intricacy on all sides. Fits most size seven and above rings perfectly.

Clear Acrylic Double Ring Box

Clear acrylic double ring boxes come with cushioning and two ring slots. However, it can be combined into one large compartment. It can be decorated with modern, vintage, or antique ornamental trinkets.

Crystal Acrylic Personalized Ring Box

Our crystal acrylic personalized ring boxes’ gorgeous aesthetics and designs let you beautifully store rings. It is built from high-quality materials that will last a long time.

Acrylic Ring Box Wholesale

Acrylic ring box wholesale is tear-resistant and composed entirely of recycled materials, quite environmentally friendly: various styles, sizes, designs, colors, and material quality.

Custom Acrylic Ring Bearer Box

Acrylic ring bearer boxes can be custom-made into different shapes and sizes. It includes magnetic boxes, sliding boxes, flip-top boxes, drawer boxes, etc. They are ISO, CE, and SGS certified.

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Why WeProFab Acrylic Ring Box

WeProFab Acrylic Ring Box designed to provide unique and unforgettable memories. Rings are popular in many ways of giving lovely gifts for loved ones.

When we talk about acrylic, its more durable and long-lasting materials for your ring boxes. WeProFab fabricates ring boxes using acrylic because of its capabilities.

Acrylic is also known as poly or methyl methacrylate. Tradenames of acrylic, Plexiglas, Perspex, etc. Acrylics are a transparent thermoplastic that commonly used for sheets.

Acrylic Ring Box.

Acrylics are the easiest materials when fabricating. Easy to form all the desired shapes.

Acrylics are useful in many ways. It can be used for signs, panels, glazing, and most unique for making ring boxes. It has a quality performance.

When we talk about ring boxes, we have a lot of options to choose from. We have many designs and types to offer. An excellent quality we fabricated for acrylic ring boxes was proven by many big-time clients.

As a joint-venture company, we are capable t handle plastic fabrications in this industry. We can support by offering the best solutions for customers. We can be able to support the client’s designs to provide their satisfaction when purchasing.

Acrylic Ring Box

In handling business, it’s not always an easy task. Being vigilant and watchful every step of the way is more important. Find a qualified provider who will guide and provide your needs.

If you want to purchase acrylic ring boxes and want to save your cash, WeProFab supplied lower-cost products worldwide.

For urgent processes, you can trust WeProFab. We can only focus on your orders for safety. Find a supplier who manufactures only a product you need.

In China, WeProFab has a high level of productivity. A profitable acrylic ring boxes in the business will bring the best profits in the long run.

The quality yet acceptable rates of our products are the reason why many people choose to trust WeProFab in many years. A lot of people prefer WeProFab as their long term business partner.

Acrylic Ring Box

We, WeProFab is a great producer and being an international provider so we can assure our best quality services.

Deal with us and experience our outstanding services offered. No products quality worries, packing service, and many more. Be one of the WeProFab successful customers who expand their business rapidly. Save your cash, effort, and time when handling a project. Relax and let WeProFab handle the rest of your processes.

Send your inquiries today and get our quicker actions!

Acrylic Ring Box: The Ultimate FAQ Guide

This acrylic ring box FAQ guide has everything you’re looking for to skyrocket your import or OEM business.

It answers all questions you have on acrylic ring boxes.

Let’s take a look:

What is Acrylic Ring Box?

It is a type of frameless container uniquely designed from acrylic material, specifically to hold wedding rings.

This kind of box provides an ideal alternative for the conventional ring box and helps in bringing a modern touch to the wedding.

It also comes in a wide range of shapes, designs, as well as sizes depending on various elements.

You can as well find them in different shades, even though in most cases, they are always transparent.

You can use acrylic ring box to hold the rings during wedding as a way of making it look upscale.

Also, you can use it after the wedding to serve as a daily reminder of the event.

 Acrylic ring box

Acrylic Ring Box

What is the Benefit of Acrylic Ring Box?

It has quite a number of benefits, and some of the major ones include the following;

  • It enables the wedding ring to appear more upscale. And this is critical as far as enhancing the value and quality of the product is concerned.

The value of items, such as wedding rings, often matters a lot.

That’s why it is always ideal to ensure that you make it appear as valuable as possible, especially using this type of container.

  • It helps significantly in marketing and promoting your company, especially if your business entity deals with such items.

You can choose to customize the ring box using your business brand name hence exposing it to potential clients.

  • It assists in securing the wedding rings since it prevents them from various elements.

For instance, this box can prevent the rings from water, UV radiations, squeezing, shaking, or even exposure to abrasion.

  • Using an acrylic ring box is an ideal way of demonstrating sincerity to the recipients. Additionally, it also a suitable approach for enhancing creativity.

How is Acrylic Ring Box used?

It comes mostly as an enclosure, which allows you to place the ring(s) and other accessories.

It has a holder that ensures that ring does not fall or shake when moving with it.

Since it has a lid, you can close it or choose to let it open, depending on your preference or that of the end-user.

Acrylic ring box with lid

Acrylic ring box with lid

Does Clear Acrylic Ring Box Yellow in the Sun?

Not necessarily but to a certain extent.

What happens is that acrylic box, as the name suggests are made from acrylic material.

Now acrylic material is available in different grades.

And this merely implies that they have different properties.

Given that acrylic comes from inert gases, particularly, in solid-state, UV radiation would somehow cause some disastrous effects on surfaces of such material.

And this is mainly the relatively inferior grades of acrylic material.

In such instances, the surface of the material would yellow mostly when exposed to such radiations for long and many years.

However, when you get a ring box made from high grade acrylic material, it will hardly yellow irrespective of how many years you expose it to the UV radiations.

It is regarded as the highest acrylic grade with some of the excellent qualities hence never yellow at all.

Is Acrylic Ring Box Scratch Resistant?

Not necessarily. Acrylic material is naturally prone to abrasion.

And this, of course, arises from the fact that it is a soft material.

So this makes it prone to scratches from both sharp and blunt objects.

On the flip side, though, there is always an anti-scratch surface treatment that is usually done on these types of ring boxes.

So that it enhances the surface’s scratch-resistance and, at the same time making it easy for you to remove any possible scratches.

The anti-scratch coating on acrylic ring boxes also plays an essential role in ensuring that it is relatively durable.

And even though this item has a comparatively inferior resistance to scratch, it is also important to note that removing such scratches is quite easy.

In which ways can you Personalize Acrylic Ring Box?

Some of the major techniques you can use to customize acrylic ring box include the following;

Personalized acrylic ring box

Personalized acrylic ring box

Printing – The good thing with acrylic material is that you can easily print on its surface.

So it makes it possible for you to personalize it by imprinting an image or text on it that communicated a specific message to the recipient.

Partitioning– It merely refers to dividing the acrylic boxes into various partitions.

Such partitions can be used for placing the ring and other items that you’d wish to accompany it, including accessories, among others.

Also known as organizer, the number of such partitions would definitely, depend on the size of the box.

Shaping – It is the common customization technique for most acrylic ring boxes.

It merely involves modeling the ring box to a particular shape of preference.

You can always opt for different configurations.

Lockable lid – This narrows down to the design.

But you can as well choose to fix a lockable lid on your acrylic ring box.

It prevents theft of the ring in any case and also securing it, especially during shipping.

Coloring – There is also a way you can tint the acrylic ring box to a particular shade that suits your preference.

The essence of tinting as far as personalizing these items is concerned is that it helps in complementing the ring and accessories that accompany it.

What Printing Techniques can you use for Acrylic Ring Box?

You can use many technique in acrylic printing. Some of the most common options include:

Solvent printing – It is an ideal printing technique that involves use of solvent inks and solvent printers.

It is a perfect choice since it helps in attaining better results such as direct UV exposure tolerance, as well as water resistance.

Laser printing– It refers to a printing process, which involves electrostatic digital elements that leads to production of excellent quality text and graphic.

It works by repeatedly passing a laser beam back and forth on acrylic material to form the image or graphic.

Inkjet printing – This refers to the type of computer printing technique that involves recreation of digital graphics or texts by propelling droplets of ink on acrylic substrates.

It is arguably the most common printing technique that many suppliers use for acrylic ring boxes.

Face mounting – This mostly involves printing of images on the surface of the acrylic ring box.

What happens, in this case, is that the image or text is first printed on a high-quality material then face-mounted on acrylic ring box.

The essence of this is to provide excellent color quality as well as vibrancy.

Alternatively, you can choose to print directly on the acrylic ring box.

What are the Features of Acrylic Ring box?

Superb optical clarity – The acrylic material naturally has an excellent light transmittance, far much better than even glass.

It has a light transmittance of up to about 90%, which shows why it has ideal optical clarity. This also adds on to the fact that it has high reflectivity of about 92%

Lightweight – It is also light, which makes it suitable, especially when it comes to matters concerning portability and storage.

Excellent impact strength – Since acrylic material is naturally hardy, it becomes difficult for it to shatter or break even when hit with high intensive impact.

And this is vital because it shows that it can last for long, irrespective of knock and other forms of impact.

Temperature resistance – Acrylic ring box has excellent tolerance to various degrees of temperature.

Easy to maintain – You only need to use recommended detergents to clean and restore the surface material of this item to its original shape.

Solid construction – The fact that this item is used for handling and storing precious metals it has a solid assembly, attention to detail, and a high level of artistry.

Machinable – You can fabricate acrylic ring boxes to suit specific requirements.

For instance, you can choose to cut to size, thermoform, shape, drill, and bond, among others.

Are there are Dimensional Limitations for Acrylic Ring Boxes?

Acrylic ring box

 Acrylic ring box

Not necessarily. Given that this material is quite easy to fabricate, it makes it possible for any size of acrylic ring box regardless of the dimensions.

You can choose to cut it to size to ensure that it suits the specific dimensions that you require.

Moreover, you can as well decide to bond it to get the actual dimension that you need.

Apparently, it is the reason many people choose to go for customized acrylic ring boxes since there are not definitive dimensional limitations.

Why invest in a Custom Acrylic Ring Box?

Acrylic ring box offers many advantages, thus worth investing in its custom made.

Some of the reasons include the following;

  • It has excellent clarity since the surface material of this item is quite clear and allows up to about 92% of light to pass through it. This helps in enhancing the customization needs of this item.
  • It is lightweight, and this is vital because it enables you to carry it on the go and also store it quite easily.
  • It has a high resistance to weather and UV radiation. That’s the reason you’ll hardly find high grade acrylic ring yellowing even in the sun. The essence here is that it maintains its stature for long and serving the intended purpose.
  • It is easy to clean and maintain acrylic ring box. All you need to do is get and use the recommended solutions and procedures.
  • This material is naturally strong hence cannot break easily even when you subject it to high intensive pressure. Additionally, it is also shatterproof, and this is vital since it helps in cost saving.
  • It is safe to have it around, given that it doesn’t break, and even it breaks, it never shatters.
  • It is resistant to many elements such as fog and reflection, which makes it stand out as one of the accessories in your bedroom.
  • This item is versatile, and you can as well use it as a decoration accessory. And this helps in augmenting the overall appearance of your space.
  • It is also relatively affordable, thus making it worth investing in.

How much does Acrylic Ring Box Cost?

The value of acrylic ring box is contingent on several aspects.

For instance, the design, shape, size, and type of acrylic material are some of the elements that determine the cost of this box.

Additionally, the extent of the personalization of the box also determines the price largely.

The reason, in this case, is that the finishing level will evidently, be different.

And most importantly, aspects revolving around shipping and taxes also define the cost of a particular acrylic ring box.

Simply put, there is no definitive value for a specific acrylic ring box.

Even so, to get the best deals, it would be advisable to shop for these items from reputable suppliers such as WeProFab.

What do you need to know before Buying an Acrylic Ring Box?

Quite a lot, which this guide has highlighted in general.

Nonetheless, some of the specifics that you must have in mind when purchasing acrylic ring box include the following;

Design – acrylic ring boxes come in different designs, given that the recipient’s preferences also vary.

Always ensure that you go for a particular design that suits your requirements or that of the end-user.

That is that the only way using this item would make it valuable and not necessarily a formality.

Type of acrylic grade used – evidently, acrylic material comes in various grades.

And these grades respond differently to multiple elements such as weather, temperature, scratch, and UV, among others.

So knowing the specific grade would be a fundamental element to have in mind.

Supplier – it is also important to look into the specific manufacturer you are purchasing this item from.

Usually, all suppliers always position their products as the best in the market.

But it is vital to ensure that you look into further elements such as warranties and reliability of such suppliers before buying an acrylic ring box.

Shape – acrylic ring boxes are available in various shapes of different sizes.

Essentially, you can get any configuration of this item that you require or that suits your needs.

Is there an Alternative to Acrylic Ring Box?

Most definitely!

The most preferred alternative for this item would be polycarbonate ring box for obvious reasons.

One is that they both share quite several properties, with only a few overlapping one another.

For example, they both display excellent impact resistance, weatherability, temperature resistance, and dimensional stability.

Furthermore, they both make lightweight ring boxes with excellent optical clarity.

The only area where polycarbonate seems to be extremely superior to acrylic is abrasion-resistance.

Nonetheless, it stands out as the better thermoplastic material that you can use in place of acrylic making ring boxes.

Which types of Acrylic Ring Boxes do WeProFab offer?

WeProFab offers a wide range of acrylic ring boxes designs including the following;

Engraved acrylic ring box– This is mainly designed with engravings on its different parts of the surface. It is suitable for customization needs.

Heart acrylic ring box – It refers to the type that resembles or takes the shape of a diamond.

It is quite unique, has a solid construction and appealing to the eye.

Squared acrylic ring box – As the name suggests, this one takes the shape of a square cube.

The sizes might vary, of course, depending on your requirements.

Transparent acrylic ring box – It is suitably designed to meet your needs.

It is clear and undoubtedly perfect for weddings as well as gifts.

Decorative acrylic ring box – This is designed for holding or storing rings but also adds a component of decoration to your space.

And for that reason, they are engineered to ensure that they add a touch or complement your space.

Heart acrylic ring box – It is a type that resembles the shape of a human heart.

It is among the most commonly preferred designs from WeProFab.

How does WeProFab ensure the Quality of Custom Acrylic Ring Boxes?

This company ensures that it adheres to all the quality standard measures put in place.

It also takes all the acrylic ring boxes they manufacture to several quality tests before providing them to the market for the end-users.

For example, WeProFab will ensure that it tests these products by considering their properties based on several conditions.

Such properties include temperature tolerance, stress tolerance, Freon compatibility, and surface coating, among others.

WeProFab also ensures that all its acrylic ring boxes conform to the set or approved quality standards.

This is a great way of demonstrating that indeed the products are of high quality and attain the minimum set standards.

Some of the core quality standards that the acrylic ring boxes from this supplier conform to include ISO 9001, UL, REACH, and RoHS, among others.

Can you use Polycarbonate as an Alternative for Acrylic for Ring Boxes?

Absolutely. It has all the ideal properties for manufacturing ring boxes.

However, you ought to know that polycarbonate is quite expensive.

Therefore, it limits it as a perfect alternative for acrylic ring boxes.

 Acrylic ring box

 Acrylic ring box

Which method is used to Fabricate and make Acrylic Ring Boxes?

Laser cutting is the most appropriate method for machining and making acrylic ring boxes.

What happens is that this method guarantees high precision, which is quite a fundamental aspect when manufacturing this item.

So using laser methods ensures that you cut all the sides and smoothen the surfaces for ideal finishing.

Secondly, this method is also common and suitable for fabricating this item because it is set to cut within the confines of defined dimensions.

So this is essential since it prevents distortion or warping.

Moreover, this technique is fast and can as well adapt perfectly to the changing requirements in manufacturing of these items.

How do you order for Acrylic Ring Boxes?

There are three common ways that you can use to make your order for acrylic ring boxes from WeProFab.

The first method is by visiting our website and send your specifics revolving around the acrylic box, and you’ll get an instant quote that you’ll use for making the order.

It is quite simple since you will only need to provide your email address, your name, and your query.

The other way of ordering your acrylic ring box is by making a phone call.

We have sales representatives who will pick your order, book, and process it for shipping or delivery.

And the other way you can opt to use is by sending an email with details of your order, which we shall process accordingly.

While at it, you ought to know that you can as well order even from overseas using the same means, and your order shall be processed accordingly.

Do Acrylic Ring Boxes dull over time?

Not necessarily but to some extent. And for them to dull, it implies that they have stayed for several years under exposure to unfavorable conditions.

The other possible reason could be that they are subjected to poor maintenance.

So over time, they seem to wear out and thus becoming dull.

However, there are some detergents and techniques that you can always use to eliminate the dullness, especially by buffing and polishing.

Can you polish Acrylic Ring Boxes to Restore their Shine?


It is arguably the most preferred and recommended method to use for restoring the shining element of acrylic ring box when it dulls.

What it basically does is creating a shiny and smooth surface by rubbing it hence leaving a specular reflection.

Are there Disadvantages of Acrylic Ring Box?

Yes, but they are quite a few.

One is that this item is vulnerable to scratches.

Even light abrasions tend to create some unlikable marks on its surface.

This reduces its attractiveness as much as it is also easy to remove the scratches.

The other shortcoming of this item is that some grades of this material might yellow or become dull when subjected to unfavorable conditions for long.

In the long run, it affects the quality and clarity of this item.

Also, acrylic ring box has relatively dissolvable obstruction and inaccessible adaptable evaluations.

Therefore, it makes the box vulnerable to pressure as well as in some instances.

I hope you found this FAQ guide useful.

Still, if you have any questions or inquiries on acrylic ring boxes, you can contact WeProFab now.

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