• Acrylic Risers

Acrylic Risers

WeProFab acrylic risers can be applicable in a type of setting as well as commercial and residential areas. No need to search elsewhere, sine here in WeProFab you can choose various types in our acrylic risers that suits for all your display needs.

Get WeProFab Acrylic Risers to Delight Your Customers

It is ideal for all types of businesses and market demand. It can be accessible in high-quality and durable material so we can assure you of the quality products we have. It leaves a glassy look and smooth appearance.

Black Acrylic Risers

If you’re looking black color for your acrylic riser, WeProFab can provide you sufficient solution for that. Our black acrylic risers are made from sturdy acrylic material for reliable uses.

Carving Acrylic Risers

WeProFab can perform carving in your acrylic risers, just send us your specified sizes and design for your acrylic risers. We can guarantee you to meet your desire designs.

Clear Acrylic Risers

WeProFab clear acrylic risers create a good and classic environment. It shows up the beauty of the objects and gains attention. Make some display more fascinating with our clear acrylic risers.

Custom Acrylic Risers

As WeProFab is the main fabricator in China, we can produce customize acrylic risers that suit your demand. We have various sizes available to reach some of your display needs.

Non-toxic Acrylic Risers

It can be ideal for home and shop use. In using our non-toxic acrylic risers, we can guarantee you the best and safest to use. It is accessible in high-quality, very sturdy, and inexpensive cost.

Solid Acrylic Risers

At WeProFab, the solid acrylic riser has a shiny edge and outstanding look. It can be ideal for all display purposes since it is tough and attractive to look at.

WeProFab: Your Leading Acrylic Riser Manufacturer

As WeProFab is your one-stop-shop for all your necessities, we can provide you lots of our acrylic products. We have fabricated acrylic risers which are very attractive and very useful for commercial and markets needs. You can choose lots of types in our acrylic risers and you can free to send your customize acrylic risers.

As we are exceeding 20 years in the industry, we guarantee you the best product we have since we have plenty of experience and lots of capabilities. Our acrylic riser products are obtainable in high-quality, very durability, and low cost.

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Custom Acrylic Riser to Grow Your Business

Acrylic Desktop Risers

It can save more spaces for your desktop and supply room to keep all the paper works and keyboard.

Acrylic Pedestal Risers

It can be multipurpose since it displays your delicious cakes and desserts it has eye-catching candle decorations, and create an amazing display.

Acrylic Stair Risers

It is ideal for cosmetic products and it is useful to display that can improve your retail sales since it is very attractive to look at.

Single Tier Acrylic Risers

If you wanted to have a single-tier for your acrylic riser, we can provide it to you and make it satisfied with the product.

Table Top Acrylic Risers

It is ideally used for tables and it is accessible in extremely durable yet still lightweight.

Luxury Acrylic Riser

The luxury acrylic risers are designed with anti-UV advantages. They have customizable shapes, sizes, and logos. These acrylic risers are eco-friendly and waterproof. They are suitable for various processes, like laser cutting, hot bending, carving, and more.

Acrylic Showcase Riser

Acrylic showcase risers are the perfect elevation for candies, cakes, and other desserts. These acrylic risers have polished surface treatments. They have a light-duty style. They have customizable sizes and designs with logos that can be printed, based on customers’ requests.

Acrylic Buffet Enhancement Riser

The acrylic buffet enhancement risers are ideal for displaying foods at parties and events. Their edges are smooth and polished for safety usage. These acrylic risers are available in multiple options of thicknesses, colors, and sizes. They can also be used for showcasing vase collections.

Acrylic Shoe Slant Riser

Acrylic shoe slant risers are eco-friendly materials showcasing shoe products. These lightweight acrylic risers are easy to transport, handle, and clean. They are durable materials, practical for business. Acrylic shoe slant riser lasts for a long time of utilization.

Acrylic Stone Minerals Riser

The acrylic stone minerals risers hold the collected stones or minerals beautifully at home or museums. Their thicknesses are customizable to suit specific display collectibles. They are available in various shapes like round, square, and more.

Acrylic Plinth Stand Riser

Acrylic plinth stand risers are the perfect material for showcasing jewelry, candles, artifacts, and more products. They are made with lightweight acrylic, making them easy to ship even in bulk orders. The acrylic plinth stands riser are available in small to large sizes.

Acrylic Macaroon Tray Riser

The acrylic macaroon tray risers are suitable for elevating display desserts, biscuits, cookies, and more. The acrylic food tray risers are for retail stores, trade shows, showrooms, and shopping malls. They are eco-friendly and non-toxic material-made.

Acrylic Monitor Stand Riser

Acrylic monitor stand risers are ideal for merchandise jewelry, shoes, and display fossils. They are made from recyclable materials excellently display products with easy to clean features. Their sizes and thicknesses are customizable, based on customers’ requests.

Mirror Finish Acrylic Riser

The mirror finish acrylic risers have an interchangeable lid and base. They are perfect for wedding and event applications. The box height, thicknesses, and logos are customizable according to specific orders. They have mirror finishing, making them more attractive and fashionable.

Acrylic Ice Cream Cone Riser

Acrylic cone risers feature luxurious, multi-functional, and eco-friendly properties. Your approved logos can be silk-screen printed on the products. They are perfect at home, offices, restaurants, bars, hotels, and more.

Acrylic Round Cylinder Riser

The acrylic round cylinder risers have customizable dimensions and thicknesses. They are ideal for advertising and promotional applications. These acrylic-made round cylinder risers attractively show off watch jewelry and other small selling items.

Adjustable Acrylic Riser Set

Adjustable acrylic riser sets have at least five pieces of display stands. They have a lighter weight than glass, making them safe to transport and handle. These acrylic riser sets have adjustable stand heights. Collectibles and jewelry will stand out using them.

Acrylic Eyeglass Riser Display

The acrylic eyeglass riser displays are perfect for exhibition display applications. They are eco-friendly materials with easy to clean and arrange characteristics. Acrylic-made eyeglass risers have a high impact strength and are not easy to break.

Acrylic Hollow Round Riser

Acrylic round risers with hollow designs are high-quality and environmentally-friendly materials for displaying various products. They are an affordable replacement instead of using glass. Their logos can be printed or laser engraved. 

Solid Acrylic Riser Blocks

The solid acrylic riser blocks come in various thicknesses and sizes. Their clear color makes them emphasize more the selling items. They are made with 100% new acrylic with lasting qualities. Solid acrylic riser blocks are ideal for displaying bottled candies, foods, and jewelry.

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Why WeProFab Acrylic Risers

WeProFab acrylic products made to resists long term commercial use. Above 20 years in the industry, we have full capabilities and well experienced regarding fabricating acrylic products.

One of our acrylic products is the acrylic riser which has plenty of applications in the industry and made attractive for markets.

We fabricate lots of types in our acrylic riser to attain the necessity. We have clear acrylic risers that gain a transparent appearance. We also have solid acrylic risers, carving acrylic risers, non-toxic acrylic risers, and much more.

Acrylic Risers

Our acrylic riser provides an effective display for merchandising and brings attention to markets in a nice yet finest style.

WeProFab acrylic risers produced useful tools in which it gains attraction and catching the eye of a prospective client also keeping the concern of our dear customers. Our creative acrylic riser can be applied in homes, offices, museums, antique stores, boutiques, and more. It is also perfect for in-store displays or retail and perfect for decoration.

WeProFab acrylic riser can be ideal for displaying cosmetics, jewelry, boxed goods, accessories, presents, or virtually some smaller object in your shelves, counters, shop windows, and display cabinets.

Acrylic Risers

We can assure our customers to have satisfaction with the products since we produce it made of quality acrylic material, non-toxic, and safe to use. It can be accessible in high-quality, very durable, and lightweight. It also leaves a smooth and glossy appearance.

You can choose our finished acrylic riser products or you can free to send your desire designs and sizes for your acrylic risers.

We offer different sizes that can reach your needs. We perform various types of product processing like thermoforming and CNC cutting.

Acrylic Risers

As a CE certified, we strictly control the quality of our products before transporting to you. So less bother if you purchase in our acrylic riser products since we can handle and strictly follow the exact date of your delivery.

So please contact us for further information or concerned about our acrylic riser product and we will provide you a satisfactory solution as soon as possible.

What are Acrylic Risers?

Acrylic display risers arrange any flat surface together with a contemporary display design. 

They are obtainable in various sizes – small or large display risers and come in different designs. 

What are the Different Types of Acrylic Risers?

Multiple types of acrylic risers suit every application.

Below are some designs you can customize for your acrylic risers.

  • Acrylic Block Risers

This block riser has a diamond polished and crystal clear finish to catch customers’ attention.

They are also available in various sizes to perfectly present any of your selling items.

  • Acrylic U-shape Risers

U-shaped risers are stable and straightforward acrylic-made. 

You can usually see them with black, frosted, or clear acrylic colors.

They are formed into a U-shape, ideal for your displayed items.

  • Acrylic Cylinder Risers

This multi-purpose acrylic cylinder riser the three various functions.

It helps elevate your items, can be upside-down or as rounded display items.

  • Acrylic Platforms Riser

The acrylic platform risers are accessible with standoffs or legs. 

They are manufactured in multiple styles to carry any selling items.

  • Acrylic Mirrored Riser

This riser is also a U-shaped riser with mirror surfaces. 

It offers an elegant and straightforward riser displaying your best-selling products.

  • Acrylic Pedestal Riser

Pedestal risers made from acrylic are commonly used in museums, schools, art displays, or shops. 

  • Acrylic Tiered Riser

The tiered risers are reachable in various colors that suit your displayed items.

They can be stair-stepped styles with various levels.

Easy to disassemble for higher portability.

What are the Benefits of Acrylic Risers?

Using acrylic riser for any application provides a lot of benefits, which includes:

  • High transparency to emphasize more the items than the riser.
  • Sturdy and not easy to break
  • Available in various colors and styles
  • Secure you displayed items
  • They are known for their lightweight feature
  • It lasts longer compared to wood risers
  • Show-offs beautifully your items
Where Can We Use the Acrylic Risers?

Acrylic risers are popular and practical in numerous various applications.

The following are most locations where we can use different acrylic risers.

  • Retail stores
  • Museums
  • Casinos
  • Bakeries
  • Jewelry shops
  • Art galleries
  • Exhibition halls
  • Bookstores
  • Boutiques
  • At home
What are Available Sizes of Acrylic Risers?

Choose the perfect size according to your needs.

You can also request your suppliers for customized acrylic riser measurements.

Multiple sizes available for acrylic risers include:

  • 7.08 x 3.14 x 1.57 inches
  • 7.87 x 3.14 x 2.36 inches
  • 8.66 x 3.14 x 3.14 inches
  • 9.44 x 3.14 x 3.93 inches
  • 10.23 x 3.14 x 4.72 inches
How to Maintain Your Acrylic Risers?

Acrylic-made products, including acrylic risers, are easy to clean and maintain.

You can keep them shiny using a clean, soft cloth. 

Always use a fresh cloth on wiping to prevent marks or scratches. 

Maintaining and cleaning your acrylic riser maximizes its quality and looks.

What are the Effective Ways of Using Acrylic Risers

There are effective ways of using acrylic risers for displaying your products. 

Below are some tips to consider – gaining more customers’ attention.

Choose Acrylic Risers that Suits Your Store’s Style

To catch more customers’ attention, you must consider the colors and edges of your chosen acrylic riser.

Make your acrylic riser more suitable for your store’s style.

Consider the size and design that occupies the necessary spaces in your store.

Display Your Items with Objective

Using various designs of acrylic risers helps you organize your item.

Acrylic risers are available with different levels to show off your items by group.

Choosing the perfect style acrylic riser surely attracts customers’ eyes.

Keep Things Well-Proportioned

Keepincustomers’portioned display items are essential for business.

You can place one item on top and another two items at the lower place of the riser. 

You can also place decorations or props beside your acrylic risers to add a more catchy display.

Trust Experts

Consulting experts is the best solution if you are unsure how to utilize acrylic risers properly. 

Your supplier can guide you for the best displays items using acrylic risers.

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