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Crafted with high-quality acrylic material, our acrylic ruler is a measuring tool which is commonly seen in workshops, schools, households and factories. Our acrylic ruler has undergone smoothing to achieve a smooth surface and edge via flame polishing or sanding techniques. It can be used for sewing, crafting, etc. Meanwhile, it is applicable for both right-handed and left-handed users. Its transparent surface can enhance the visibility of the object it measures and also improve the precision for measurement. Here we can offer both standard and custom acrylic ruler according to your request. Moreover, our acrylic rulers, usually marked with imperial and metric measurements, are in various widths and lengths. It is an ideal solution for the tasks where precision is highlighted and necessary.

Item Specifications

Width15 cm, custom
Length3 cm-100 cm, custom
Triangular Acrylic Rulers
Triangular Acrylic Rulers
Rectangular Acrylic Rulers
Rectangular Acrylic Rulers
Circular Acrylic Rulers
Circular Acrylic Rulers
Square Acrylic Rulers:
Square Acrylic Rulers
T-shaped Acrylic Rulers:
T-shaped Acrylic Rulers
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Acrylic Ruler Present Prominent Features to Enlighten Your Life

Durability: The acrylic-made ruler is built to last. Plus, the thickness of acrylic ruler can enhance its durability and sturdiness. Therefore, it can enjoy a long service life.

Great precision: Designed with simple lines and marked with both centimeters) and inches units, the acrylic ruler stands out for  its accuracy. 

Outstanding clarity: Acrylic ruler is typically transparent in color, which can elevate the visibility of the measured objects and also aid the aligned measurement. 

Non-slip surface: The slip-resistant surface can further enhance its performance, which can prevent slipping or sliding while measuring so as to enhance the accuracy and safety of meansurement.

Easy to clean: It doesn’t cost a great cost  and labor for cleaning the acrylic ruler. What you need is just wet cloth and mild cleaning agents. And its smooth surface allows you to wipe out the dust or debris easily.

Versatility: Our acrylic has seen applications in a wide array of applications. It is an ideal solution for cutting, sewing, quilting and DIY projects.

Acrylic Ruler Present Prominent Features to Enlighten Your Life

Why Choose us?

There are multiple reasons for choosing us. First of all, We endeavor to provide acrylic ruler with superior quality which is worth every penny, for we adopt premium acrylic material and also manufacture it with great craftsmanship to elevate its precision. Secondly, the simple and transparent design of our acrylic ruler enables you to measure your work more efficiently. Meanwhile, its slip-proof surface can ensure the safety of the measuring work. Thirdly, we strive to supply perfect after-sale service and quick delivery. Fourthly, our products can help you achieve versatility, which can be applied in many scenarios and used by different groups of people, like quilters, sewing enthusiasts, and DIYer. Last but not least, we can offer both custom and standard options for you. If you need a customized acrylic ruler, we are glad to offer custom service.

Wide Applications of Acrylic Ruler to Enrich Your Lifestyle

Wide Applications of Acrylic Ruler
Wide Applications of Acrylic Ruler

Acrylic ruler is known for its multipurpose. The scenarios it has been applied include the following:

Crafting and DIY projects: Acrylic ruler is preferred by artists and DIYer, for it can be used for measuring, cutting and aligning materials in woodworking, scrapbooking, and card making.

Sewing and fabric crafts: Acrylic ruler is also favored by seamstresses and tailors, for they can use acrylic rulers to measure and mark fabric accurately before cutting.Thus, precise seams and patterns can be achieved.

Engineering and technical drawing: The measurement and layout tasks in mechanical drawings and blueprints more often than not entail acrylic rulers to achieve measurements.

Quilting and patchwork: Tailoring fabric pieces also entails acrylic rulers to achieve exact measurement, which can ensure accuracy and uniformity in quilt patterns and blocks.


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