• Acrylic Shadow Box Frame

Acrylic Shadow Box Frame

In China, WeProFab recognizes as the top leading acrylic shadowbox frame manufacturer. We have full capabilities to provide you with all your needed acrylic shadowbox frames for your specific applications. However, all of our product adheres to ISO 9001 approval. It is professionally designed and constructed by using the sturdiest sort of materials. We welcome any drawings and customization requests for each of our products. Contact us right away!

Get WeProFab Acrylic Shadow Box Frame to Skyrocket Your Business

Here at WeProFab, you can get your desired design and acrylic shadowbox frame sizes. Our product has an excellent structural configuration and is beneficial for long-term use. It also carries explicit features and specification that makes you satisfy of. Our product is the most affordable one and perfect for your fast-growing business.

Modern Acrylic Shadow Box Frame

The modern acrylic shadowbox frame offers UV acrylic protection solution with 3D framing. It is designed to fit most designs and is available in custom frame sizes and depths.

Acrylic Neon Color Shadow Box Frame

It features with magnetic base and is crafted by adding versatile neon colors. This will also increase the beauty of any photograph and create something unique to your rooms.

Acrylic 3D Shadow Box Frame

The acrylic 3D shadow box frame is perfect for home decorations, offices, exhibitions, and gifts. It has an open, unambiguous cover for your photos. It sizes 7”*5”*1.5” and 3mm thickness. 

Acrylic Wooden Deep Framed Shadow Box

It features traditional crafting and unique wooden frames. The structure is not easy to crack and is a perfect choice for your photos collection and frame decorations. 

Multi-Sized Acrylic Shadow Box Frame

A tightly enclosed acrylic shadow box framed type that safely displays and holds your valuable image or objects. It comes in multiple sizes, custom frame logos, colors, and decorations. 

Wall-Mount Acrylic Shadow Box Frame

This wall-mount acrylic shadow box frame is made with eco-friendly and durable materials. Any sizes, colors, design, and logo customization is available for your preferences. 

WeProFab: Your #1 Acrylic Shadow Box Frame Manufacturer in China

WeProFab is a joint-venture company in China that is trusted to provide a one-stop acrylic box frames solution. Our acrylic shadow box frame is one of our company’s top-charting products, which has gained massive popularity from our global customers due to its explicit and unparalleled features.

On the other hand, WeProFab acrylic shadow box frame is suitable for different displays and decorative applications. It is made from high-quality materials that also guarantee excellent performances. We offer different acrylic shadow box frames in various sizes, designs, depths, and shapes. 

However, WeProFab has a complete acrylic shadowbox frame manufacturing line. We have also controlled quality from IQC, IPQC, OQC that warrants the quality performance of our products. We are dedicated to supporting our customers and providing the highest quality product at a reasonable price.  

Custom Acrylic Shadow Box Frame to Delight Your Brand

Front Open Acrylic Shadow Window Box Frame

It is specially designed with a front open panel for easy opening and filling decorations. It is clear enough to perfectly displays your treasured images and designs in the frame.  

Advertising Acrylic Shadow Window Box Poster Frame

Our product has the sturdiest construction, ideal for any advertising display. Depending on your certain applications, it is available in custom sizes and other specifications. 

High Polished Acrylic Framing Shadow Box

It is a multi-functional and high-end frame intended for wall decoration, ar,t, and photo display. Available in sizes 12*12*3-20*20*3 and can be customized, depending on your request. 

3-Compartment Acrylic Shadow Box Photo Frame

This kind of acrylic shadowbox frame will give you versatile and fashionable displays in different themes and styles—perfect embellishments for homes, offices, cafes, etc.

Functional Acrylic Shadow Box Frame

A wide range of our functional acrylic shadowbox frames is open for any customization. It features high visual clarity and resistance in any of your memorabilia and exhibitions. 

Clear Framing Acrylic Shadow Box

It is elegantly precise where it gives you high transparency and perseverance of all your display photos, designs, and decorations. It is designed intended for different occasions.    

Custom Acrylic Shadow Box Frame

WeProFab offers high-uniqueness custom acrylic shadow box frames at an economical amount. It is made from high-end materials and is beneficial for long-term use.

High-Transparency Acrylic Shadow Box Frame

This is made with an acrylic thickness of 3mm-5mm. It features high transparency, is sleek, waterproof, easy-to-clean, and is not easy to crack even for long-term use. 

2-Side Shadow Box Acrylic Frame

The 2-side shadow box acrylic frame is exceptionally durable. It is likely suitable for displaying family and friends’ photos, posts, trading and name cards, stamps, ticket stubs, etc. 

Fluorescent Acrylic Shadow Box Frame

The fluorescent acrylic shadow box frame is ideal for any living space and is open for customization. It has a comprehensive option for colors, and the advanced product configuration allows convenient removal and installation of any artworks your creative heart desires.

UV-Printed Acrylic Shadow Box Frame

The UV-printed acrylic shadow box frame has a front panel accessible like a box. Easy for users to display any decorations with durable backing. This adorning art piece boosts the amenity of contemporary and minimalistic abodes.

Acrylic Shadow Money Box Frame

The acrylic shadow money box frame offers a fancy and contemporary way of traditionally saving money. It comes with a tested and durable lock for extra protection. The design and other configurations are open for customization. Notably, they can handle any bills and coins.

Acrylic Shadow Box Frame for Art Collection

The acrylic shadowbox frames feature a polished shatterproof acrylic finish. They are advantageous for preserving memories such as cards, tickets, photos, and many more. These frames can hang on any wall or be displayed on a table or cabinet for installation.

Tabletop Acrylic Shadow Box Frame

The acrylic shadow box frames for tabletop are a modern and minimalistic display material with a magnetic lock door feature. They have attached a 180-degree hinge that allows easy access to any display. It will complement any interior project design. 

Acrylic Shadow Box Jersey Frame Display

The acrylic shadow box frames for jersey display feature quality framing material, durable acrylic panel, and soft felt backing inside along two anti-theft locks. They are fully customizable and offer a three-way display style- metal hanger, pinboard, and wood hanger. 

Paper Craft Acrylic Shadow Box Frame

The shadow box frames for papercraft acrylic feature a durable and shatterproof acrylic panel in the front. They are beneficial in preserving illustrations, pictures, cards, tickets, and memories. Each shadow box comes with pins for a convenient and firm display of souvenirs.

Contemporary Acrylic Shadow Box Frame

The seamless contemporary acrylic shadow box frame is ideal for users who delight in collecting memorabilia collections and crafts. The interiors and exterior dimensions are open for customization. The structure is said to be acid-free for efficient storage and object display.

Acrylic Shadow Box Frame with Linen Back

The acrylic shadow box frames’ modern and sturdy design makes them an excellent addition to any interior. Their linen back adds elegance and showcases any display. Moreover, the specifications are customizable for a nice personal touch.

Double Acrylic Shadow Box Frame

The double acrylic shadow box frame has a unique design since it attaches two brackets in one through a durable 180-degree hinge. The acrylic is moisture-proof, so pictures inside are protected. Also, there is a space inside between the glass and the image.

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Why WeProFab Acrylic Shadow Box Frame

If you are looking for the most fashionable, versatile, and excellent quality acrylic shadow box frame, WeProFab is the right place to visit! For decades, we have been leading as the top-notching acrylic shadowbox frame manufacturer and supplier.

WeProFab is the home of durable and long-lasting acrylic products. We engaged in producing different products, precisely the acrylic shadow box frame. 

Benefits of Using Acrylic Shadow Box Frame:

  • Provides side, top, and front view of the items
  • Easy to fill with decorations
  • Suitable in various decorations tyle
  • Easy to clean
  • Not easy to cracked or broken
  • Offers high explicitly of all displays

The acrylic shadowbox frame holds and displays all valuable items securely. It comes with a deeper frame that is perfectly useful in displaying all your sentimental things, photos, objects, arts, awards, and souvenirs you treasured the most. Nevertheless, WeProFab is also lightweight; it can easily be placed and installed in any area where you want to.

Applications of Acrylic Shadow Box Frame:

  • Home decorations
  • Offices
  • Museums
  • Rooms
  • Schools
  • Exhibition 
  • Store displays
  • Restaurant
  • Cafeteria
  • Gallery hotel
  • Tabletop desk
  • A gift on certain occasions

WeProFab has a high level of intelligence in developing and innovating numerous acrylic shadow box frames. We are equipped with the most advanced production line and assisted by our professional and well-experienced team and staff. WeProFab is 24/7 always ready to support and provide all your acrylic shadow box frames based on your statistical standards. 

As an ISO 9001 certified plastic fabrication company, we guarantee the reliability, consistency, and assurance of using our products. We ensure that each product undergoes strict product monitoring, inspections, and testings. 

WeProFab ensures that all your ideas and design will turn into reality. We are privileged to receive any of your blueprints regarding our product and give you prompt responses. 

You can trust WeProFab at all costs. So if you need further clarification and information concerning our product, please do not hesitate to send us your email here at sales@weprofab.com or our hotline +86 13816905765.

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