• Acrylic Shoe Box

Acrylic Shoe Box

Trust Weprofab when it all comes to your Acrylic Shoe Box needs. We have broad product knowledge and understandings to manage your quantity of orders. We used our high-end machines and ultra-modern technologies in order to create a high-quality acrylic shoe box. Send your favorite designs of an acrylic shoebox, and we promise to create for you.

Get WeProFab Acrylic Shoe Box to Delight Your Customers

As most knowledgeable manufacturers in China, we make sure you are satisfied with our acrylic shoe box productions.

Stackable Acrylic Shoe Box

Weprofab has been in the fabricating industry for over 20 years now. So you can rely upon us if you are in need of any acrylic shoebox, such stackable styles.

Small-Large Acrylic Shoe Box

Weprofab has wide knowledge in making different sizes of acrylic shoe boxes- small to large. You can select ideal sizes for acrylic shoe box fabrications.

PMMA Acrylic Shoe Box

Weprofab offers long-term partnerships in creating a PMMA Acrylic shoebox for your business. Together, we`ll make grow for your business.

High Transparency Acrylic Shoe Box

If you are wanting for a simple yet glossy-finish of an acrylic shoe box, check out Weprofab! We provide high-transparency acrylic shoebox to satisfy your needs.

Customized Clear Acrylic Shoe Box

Whether you want customized or non-customized clear acrylic shoebox, you can ask guidance from Weprofab. We are ready and happy to serve you.

China Acrylic Shoe Box Manufacturer

Weprofab is the most excellent provider of a high-quality acrylic shoe box with friendly-budget prices. We manufacture your ideal product to suit your preferences.

WeProFab: Your Leading Acrylic Shoe Box Manufacturer

As your reliable manufacturer of an acrylic shoe box and a supplier as well, Weprofab strictly adheres to ISO 9001 systems. We want to manufacture your ideal acrylic shoe box that meets your expectations.

We, Weprofab has an important job, which is to give the best of the best acrylic shoe box products you need. We offer a one-stop-solution to achieve the growth of your business.

Contact us through e-mail and we promise to make fast replies.

Custom Acrylic Shoe Box to Skyrocket Your Brand

Sneaker Acrylic Shoe Box

Weprofab is very dedicated to making the best quality of sneaker acrylic shoebox for your trade missions. Different designs are offered at competitive prices.

Luxury Clear Acrylic Shoe Box

Weprofab is your ideal luxury clear acrylic shoebox manufacturer and supplier in China. Plenty of stocks are ready to ship.

Foldable Acrylic Shoe Box

Don`t choose any acrylic shoe box fabricators, instead of Weprofab! We have an excellent foldable acrylic shoebox option for you.

Acrylic Shoe Storage Box

Weprofab has modern and classic designs of the acrylic shoe storage boxes in our factory. We highly present them for affordable prices.

Acrylic Shoe Box Organizers

As top-provider of acrylic shoe box organizers in China, we always want to satisfy you. We provide any number of stocks you require to operate some business.

Acrylic Sneaker Shoe Box

The acrylic sneaker shoebox is perfect for displaying goods. It is made from 100% acrylic materials, guaranteed durable, strong, and eco-friendly.

Storage Acrylic Shoes

The storage acrylic shoe is a fashionable, cool, and smart look. it is dust-free, bug-free, and waterproof. Storage acrylic shoe is used for all types of shoe classifications.

Acrylic Stackable Drop Front Shoe Box

The acrylic stackable drop front shoe box provides a clean and tidy look. It is a portable design for easy opening and closing. An acrylic stackable drop front shoe box is solid, durable, lightweight, dust, and moisture-proof.

Acrylic LED Shoe Box

An acrylic LED shoebox is available in the cube, cuboid, and custom shapes. Different colors, thicknesses, and sizes can be customized based on your special needs.

Acrylic Transparent Shoe Storage Box

The acrylic transparent shoe storage box provides convenient stacking, convex, and concave design. It has an arc pull lid design for easy closing and opening. The acrylic transparent shoe storage box is moisture-proof and insect-free.

Moisture Proof Acrylic Shoe Box

The moisture-proof acrylic shoebox is guaranteed high-quality, durable, strong, and impact resistant. This box is available in many different sizes and designs.

Acrylic Stackable-Sneaker Storage Drawer

An acrylic stackable-sneaker storage drawer has a glossy finish. Perfect for displaying or storing goods.

Dustproof Huge Transparent Sport Shoe Box

The shape of a huge transparent sports shoebox can be square or rectangle. It comes in many colors for your selection. This box is guaranteed high-quality, durable, and lightweight.

Custom Transparent Acrylic Shoe Box

We can custom transparent acrylic shoe boxes according to your special needs. It is highly customizable according to your specific size, color, design, and thickness.

Men's Transparent Foldable Acrylic Shoe Box

The men’s transparent foldable acrylic shoebox can save storage space. It is easy to clean and easy to pick your items. This box is available in many sizes, thicknesses, and designs.

Dustproof Acrylic Basketball Shoe Box

The dustproof acrylic basketball shoebox is strong, durable, eco-friendly, bug-free, and moisture-proof. This box is easy to clean with a smooth cloth.

Spring Sign Acrylic Clear Transparent Shoe Box

The spring sign acrylic clear transparent shoe box has three popular styles available: with lid (the opening is from the top), with a magnet (the opening is from the side), and with drawer. This box is high-end, crystal, and luxurious.

Women Flip Shoes Box

A women’s flip shoe box is made from high-quality materials. It can guarantee safe, reliability, increase space, multi-purpose, and ease to store. This box has good-looking and durable.

Clear Acrylic Shoes Box for Nike

The clear acrylic shoe box for Nike is suitable for retail shops. The box is eco-friendly, durable, moisture-proof, and dustproof.

Magnetic Acrylic Shoe Boxes

The magnetic acrylic shoe boxes are made from high-quality cast acrylic sheet materials. It can guarantee strength and durability. It is also eco-friendly, dustproof, and moisture-proof.

Waterproof Stackable Shoe Container

The waterproof stackable shoe container is transparent. It is available in customized printing, color, size, and thickness.

Stackable Acrylic Sneaker Shoe Box

A stackable acrylic sneaker shoe box comes with a fashionable design. They are transparent and large. Perfect for large size of shoes. The stackable acrylic shoebox is also suitable for model protection.

Professional Stackable Shoe Display

Professional stackable shoe display is widely used for displaying any kind of shoe. It is durable, sustainable, and reliable.

Cabinet Shoe Acrylic Box

The cabinet shoe acrylic box integrates multifunction and foldable design. It is fabricated with a cast acrylic sheet that can guarantee high quality, durability, and strong.

High-End Acrylic Shoe Box

Our high-end acrylic shoebox is available in any size, color, thickness, and design. They are moisture-proof, dust-proof, and insect-proof.

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Why WeProFab Acrylic Shoe Box

Weprofab is glad to offer the tough constructed acrylic shoe box. It is designed to provide reliable protection to any kind of shoes, whether branded or not. Weprofab is your ideal manufacturer in all terms of acrylic shoe box fabrications. The acrylic shoe box we offer is popular as the best glass replacement.

Acrylic Shoe Box

Several engineers and other manufacturers use acrylic because it has tough, easy to maintain and scratch-resistant properties. It has amazing features as well. Weprofab acrylic shoe box has the highest quality and standard to offer, which is great in keeping items such as shoes.

All of our acrylic shoe box products are durable, more lightweight, easy to use, and has higher strength. These guarantees excellent longevity and glossy finish to the box. As an expert for creating acrylic products, Weprofab is happy to work with all your necessities.

Acrylic Shoe Box

Most of our customers avail of these kinds of products because of their fantastic features which in-demand in the global market. Additionally, all of our acrylic shoe box stocks have elegant and fancy looks with accurate measurements and highly admired by our worldwide customers.

Being the most leading acrylic shoe box manufacturers, we are able to give the well-satisfying product you want for the business. In Weprofab, we can design and produce an acrylic shoe box depending on your specifications.

We are outstanding manufacturers who really prioritize your basic business essentials. All types of acrylic shoe box we offer is rigorously tested by our professional designers. We produce a product that goes beyond your expectations and satisfaction.

Acrylic Shoe Box

We highly presents cheap rated acrylic shoe box yet not cheap in quality. We are professionals in all terms of ODM and OEM acrylic products. We make sure we deliver your ideal products timely. We are world-wide producer offers a broad range of acrylic shoe box.

If you are looking for high-quality acrylic shoe box, message us through e-mail.

Acrylic Shoe Box: The Ultimate FAQ Guide

If you have any questions about acrylic shoe box, you will find the answer right here.

From definition, properties, design, uses, price and manufacturing process among other vital aspects.

Keep reading to learn more.

What is Acrylic Shoe Box?

It refers to a type of container made from plexiglass thermoplastic material used for delivering or selling footwear.

In some instances, you may also use it as a storage space for different items such as tops, socks, scarves, hair bows, gloves, etc.

Often, this container comes in various sizes depending on the actual footwear.

Nevertheless, the thermoplastic material used for making this type of shoe box is durable, attractive, and relatively durable.

acrylic shoe box

Acrylic shoe box

Is Acrylic Shoe Box Scratch Resistant?


The base material for manufacturing this shoe box has a hard surface.

It makes it somewhat resistant to numerous forms of abrasive or sharp elements, thus preventing its surface from scratching.

Under ordinary conditions, it becomes a bit difficult for normal scratches to form on the surface material of this container.

Also, many manufacturers such as WeProFab normally incorporate anti-scratch coating treatment on the surface material.

This strengthens the scratch-resistance of acrylic shoe boxes;hence it can endure abuse from relatively abrasive elements.

What are the Benefits of Acrylic Shoe Box?

Acrylic shoe box presents a wide range of benefits such as the following;

Instant Identification

The box contains shoe model, color, and size.

It allows the personnel and customers to instantly identify all these important elements without removing them from the container.

Moreover, the cashier can easily check correct size without necessarily opening the container.

Flexible Stacking

You can easily pack the footwear into this shoe box and still fit appropriately.

The box’s design allows you to meticulously fit them into this component, which is vital for proper storage and delivery.

Enhances Branding

Most acrylic shoe boxes are branded to reflect the name and logo of a particular company dealing with the footwear.

Therefore, it enables you to expand your brand to various potential customers since the package also acts as promotional material.

Highly Portable

The material used for making this container is naturally lightweight.

Thus it makes it an ideal option since it improves its portability, which is essential in increasing convenience.

Appealing to the Eye

Unlike traditional materials for making shoe boxes, acrylic exhibits an attractive packaging feature.

It has incredible optical clarity and is available in a wide range of colors.

Therefore, it comes out as relatively appealing to the eye, which is an important way of attracting more customers to your business.


Acrylic material is derived from inert gases hence cannot emit any toxic fumes when it reacts with different compounds.

Of course, this is important since it portrays its eco-friendliness and safety.


Other than storing shoes, you can use this type of container for keeping your socks, jewelry, gloves, scarves, etc.

How Does Acrylic Shoe Box Compare with Polycarbonate Shoe Box?

Both acrylic and polycarbonate materials are often used to make different sizes of shoe boxes.

These thermoplastic materials tend to share quite a lot of properties, albeit with a marginal variation between the two.

In comparison, polycarbonate and acrylic shoe boxes are both strong.

The materials are derived from natural organic elements and processed to form solid components.

However, polycarbonate is slightly stronger than acrylic; hence the former exhibits better resistance to impact than the former.

Another comparative aspect is regarding weight. Both materials are lightweight, almost half of what glass of similar dimensions weighs.

In terms of optical clarity, the difference is quite marginal since polycarbonate allows 94% of light and acrylic permits up to 92% of light.

Both acrylic and polycarbonate shoe boxes have incredible dimensional stability.

As such, they are hardly affected by changes in temperature, whether high or low, since they have strong tolerance.

Regarding scratch resistance, acrylic shoe box is seemingly better than polycarbonate.

Ideally, acrylic is a comparatively hard-surfaced material, making it difficult for abrasive or sharp elements to scratch it.

Polycarbonate, on the other hand, is a bit softer thus tends to be more susceptible to scratchy components.

In terms of cost, polycarbonate shoe box is somewhat more expensive than its acrylic equivalent. However, the difference, in this case, is relatively minimal.

In general, both polycarbonate and acrylic shoe boxes offer great features worth considering for your footwear package and delivery.

Both can serve a similar purpose and still yield desired results.

polycarbonate shoe box

Polycarbonate shoe box

Is Acrylic Shoe Box Breakable?


It is impossible under ordinary circumstances.

Technically, the specific thermoplastic material used for manufacturing this shoe box is naturally sturdy.

Since it is derived from natural elements, it forms strong building units, which are hard to break.

Typical acrylic material is almost twenty times stronger than an equivalent glass material.

Furthermore, the overall design construction and extent of workmanship are quite solid.

These reinforce the strength to endure any form of ordinary impact.

Therefore, acrylic shoe boxes can hardly break or crack unless subjected to deliberate attempts under high-impact pressure.

And if it breaks or cracks under such deliberate attempts, it can never shatter into smaller pieces.

Is There Any Difference between Clear and Colored Acrylic Shoe Box?

The major difference between these two varieties of acrylic shoe boxes is largely tagged on the hue.

Ideally, a clear acrylic shoe box is utterly transparent.

It thus allows you to have a clear view of the shoes and any other content inside the box.

On the other hand, colored variant comes in different shades.

Acrylic offers up to about 50 different color hues to choose from.

A colored acrylic shoe box is somewhat translucent and does not totally reveal all the container contents from face value.

colored aacrylic shoe boxes

Colored acrylic shoe boxes

What are the Types of Acrylic Shoe Boxes Available in the Market?

Since acrylic material is reasonably in large supply, you can find shoe boxes of various designs in the market, both standard and customized.

However, the specific design of shoe box is largely determined by the manufacturer.

Different manufacturers offer various designs of these shoe boxes depending on their patented company designs.

However, you can also find custom-built acrylic shoe boxes, which is ideal for OEM business.

Some of the available designs from WeProFab include the following;

  • Stackable acrylic shoe box

stackable acrylic shoe box

Stackable acrylic shoe box

  • Small-Large acrylic shoe box
  • PMMA acrylic shoe box
  • High transparency acrylic shoe box
  • Customized clear acrylic shoe box

customized clear acrylic shoe box

Customized acrylic shoe box

  • Sneaker acrylic shoe box

sneaker acrylic shoe box

Sneaker acrylic shoe box

  • Luxury clear acrylic shoe box
  • Foldable acrylic shoe box
  • Acrylic shoe box organizer

How is Acrylic Shoe Box Manufactured?

The acrylic shoe box manufacturing process can be simple or complex based on the specific design you are making.

Nevertheless, you must make sure you have all the relevant tools, materials, and equipment at your disposal.

The basic step by step process of making this type of container involves the following;

Prototype Designing

It entails conceptualizing design ideas in a blueprint to overview what the container should look like.

While at it, you’ll need to incorporate all the necessary details before approval of the design for subsequent process.

Cutting the Acrylic Sheet

Ensure you choose an acrylic material with your preferred thickness.

Of course, acrylic material is available in varied thicknesses.

Cut it into smaller pieces, preferably using a laser cutting machine, or a sharp cutting saw.

Ensure the dimensions of the pieces you are cutting correspond to the size of the shoe.

Join the Pieces

Join the different pieces respectively to form a small compartment once you are done with cutting the acrylic sheet.

Always use acrylic cement as an ideal adhesive component for joining these pieces and tape them until the joints cure fully.

Place the bottom part perpendicular to the side pieces and apply the glue, then secure it tightly using acrylic tape.

Fix the Opening Lid

At this point, you only need to apply acrylic adhesive around any exposed edges.

Line up the open-lid part, then press it into glue.

Make sure you align the edges accordingly to prevent an overlap.

Finish the Process

Place the acrylic shoe box and determine if you need to personalize it to fit your demands.

Complete other finishing aspect such as polishing and let the box cure.

You can start using the box for keeping your footwear.

As you can see, the entire process for a simple acrylic shoe box is quite easy and straightforward.

However, for advanced pieces, the process is automated, making it quite faster and efficient in overall production process.

Can You Include Decorative Features on Acrylic Shoe Box?


There are plenty of decorative elements, which you can incorporate in acrylic shoe box.

Some of these features include the following;

  • Stacks
  • Lids
  • Locks
  • Engravings etc.

What is the Cost of Acrylic Shoe Box?

Typically, the cost of acrylic shoe box is determined by numerous variables.

First, the specific type of acrylic material used for making the box plays a fundamental determinant role in determining the pricing model.

Since acrylic is available in numerous variants, each varies depending on the grade and quality.

Second element is the material thickness of acrylic shoe container you are manufacturing.

Ordinarily, thicker acrylic material is somewhat more expensive than a thinner one.

Moreover, the order quantity you place for these items is another vital factor, which determines the pricing model.

In many instances, you’ll notice higher order quantity attracts better-discounted rates compared to lower quantities.

Also, the customization extent of acrylic shoe boxes influences the purchasing cost.

The more the details to be incorporated in the custom-built acrylic shoe, the higher the cost is likely to be and vice versa.

And most importantly, the specific manufacturer you are purchasing the acrylic shoe boxes from also influences the pricing.

Some companies have stringent prices on their products since they have a strong brand foundation and reputation.

On the other hand, other companies have more affordable rates, especially the relatively less known brands.

Above all, there is no fixed amount for acrylic shoe boxes.

The pricing depends on a wide range of factors, including the few mentioned above.

Can You Print on Acrylic Shoe Box?


You can use various techniques to print different designs, logos, texts, images, or graphics on the surface material of acrylic shoe box.

It is imperative since it enhances brand visibility, given it displays your company name on the box.

Moreover, it enhances instant identification, making you determine the correct shoe size without necessarily opening the box.

Instant identification also allows the cashier to find the specific details of the footwear, increasing convenience.

printed acrylic shoe box

Printed acrylic shoe box

Some printing techniques you can use on acrylic shoe box include the following;

Digital Inkjet Printing

This method allows you to print high-quality graphics in full color on the surface material of the acrylic shoe box.

It requires minimal set up making it ideal for one-off prints or short production runs.

Laser Printing

Involves use of a laser machine configured to print specific details on the surface material of acrylic shoe box.

Ensure you set the right printing temperature because excessive heat can melt the plastic inside the printer, which can be disastrous.

Screen Printing

It is still a viable option you can choose to consider for some acrylic shoe boxes.

This technique uses blocking stencils on a fine silk mesh.

Ink is squeegeed to transfer stencil design on a substrate.

Drying of the ink under high-powered UV light is initiated to attain a durable print with bold and strong colors.

UV Litho Printing

This method achieves high-definition prints in a wide range of colors.

However, it utilizes UV drying units, which bake ink on the surface material of acrylic shoe boxes.

The initial set-up for this process can be quite time-consuming, but it is worth it for longer production runs.

Pad Printing

Arguably, the simplest printing technique where a graphic is etched on a silicon plate and flooded with ink, and wiped clean.

The resultant effect leaves ink in the etched area only.

Immediately ink’s surface becomes tacky; it causes it to cling to the printing and sealing the side of ink film.

How Can You Verify Quality of Acrylic Shoe Box?

In many cases, the ideal verification of acrylic shoe quality is determined by undertaking different tests.

These tests outline the specifications or standards the component should attain before its quality is approved.

Wet and dry acrylic shoe box behavior is one of the tests often carried out.

The essence is to determine the stress level of this container when subjected to both wet and dry environments.

Freon compatibility and temperature tolerance are another set of tests used to figure out the quality of acrylic shoe boxes.

Most quality assurance tests are usually carried out in well-equipped laboratories.

That’s why you need to always buy source such products from a reputable manufacturer such as WeProFab.

Nonetheless, a number of universally accepted quality standard agencies also enforce production of acrylic shoe boxes, which meet stipulated requirements.

For instance, ISO, SGS, RoHS, and ASTM are the common agencies, which test and approve quality of acrylic shoe boxes.

Therefore, always make sure you buy the pieces, which contain a relevant quality standard certification from such organizations.

What is the Most Suitable Adhesive for Bonding Acrylic Shoe Box?

Acrylic cement.

It is highly regarded as the best type of adhesive element to use for bonding acrylic shoe boxes.

This element works as a solvent, which diffuses acrylic joints.

To get the best results when using acrylic cement, make sure you do not leave space between acrylic parts you’re joining.

What are the Features of Acrylic Shoe Box?

They are quite a several, but the most outstanding ones include the following;

a) Excellent strength – It portrays great resistance to impact, making it difficult to break or shatter when subjected to mechanical pressure.

Essentially, this is vital since it can last for several years and thus use it for keeping other things.

b) Lightweight – Of course, the primary material for making this shoe box is naturally lightweight.

As such, you can pack or move around with it quite easily hence more practical and convenient.

c) Exceptional optical clarity –Naturally, acrylic material has higher light transmittance than glass.

This makes it aesthetical appealing, which is ideal for improving appearance of the package.

d) Incredible dimensional stability – It hardly alters its shape irrespective of the temperature it is subjected to.

e) Sturdy construction – You can store any type of shoes inside this box, and it will never weaken.

It features solid construction, quality workmanship, with keen attention to detail.

How Does WeProFab Support OEM Acrylic Shoe Box Business?

WeProFab uses high-quality raw materials approved by regulatory authorities to guarantee a durable and well-constructed OEM shoe boxes.

Also, WeProFab has a competent in-house design section, which offers services that require prototype build-up.

The essence here is to help OEM businesses attain unique acrylic shoe box designs for their respective businesses.

WeProFab also plays a significant supportive role to OEM business by ensuring these products are affordable.

You can always negotiate and agree with the manufacturer regarding affordable costs and a flexible payment plan.

In the long run, it enhances the sustainability of most of OEM businesses.

Moreover, WeProFab plays a significant role when it comes to helping the OEM entities in shipping the products.

Once the manufacturing process is over, the company can facilitate shipping of the respective client’s destination.

Also, this manufacturer offers branding services, which is critical in OEM business for companies selling shoes.

Branding is vital in enhancing awareness to existing and potential clients, which may result in increased turnover.

And lastly, at WeProFab, there is flexible MOQ on purchase of these types of shoe boxes.

Of course, this is a vital support in OEM business since some can only require a few customized sets.

Which is the Best Acrylic Material for Making Shoe Box?

Ideally, acrylic material comes in numerous variations, but there are only a few, which you can use for shoe boxes.

The commonly used ones include the following;

  • Cast acrylic sheet
  • Continuous cast acrylic sheet
  • Extruded acrylic sheet
  • Reflective acrylic sheet
  • High gloss acrylic sheet
  • Frosted acrylic sheet

What is the Suitable Thickness for Acrylic Shoe Box?

There is no standard thickness for acrylic shoe box.

It largely depends on the specific design since numerous designs require varied surface material thickness.

However, the ideal thickness should range from 4mm to 10mm.

What is the Ideal Size for Acrylic Shoe Box?

The most suitable size of acrylic shoe varies depending on numerous elements.

One of these factors is the actual size of the shoe you are packing inside the box.

Of course, the bigger the shoe size, the larger the box, and vice versa.

Another determinant element is the number of shoes you are stacking inside the box.

Some boxes design can hold up to four pairs of shoes or more based on the customization needs.

Essentially, such boxes will be a bit larger than those designed for one pair of shoes.

Also, acrylic shoe box for men tends to be larger than that for women.

In other words, there is no specific size for acrylic shoe box since it varies based on factors mentioned above

However, the standard size for this box is 13 X 14 X 5 inches, but this may differ from one manufacturer to another.

Can You Customize Acrylic Shoe Box?


There are several ways you can use to customize acrylic shoe boxes.

For instance, you can brand the container using your logo and other relevant information regarding your business.

You can also paint the box to adapt an ideal color for your shoe box.

Moreover, you may also add a lockable lid and later use it for keeping items such as jewelry.

customized clear acrylic shoe box

Customized clear acrylic shoe box

How Do You Clean Acrylic Shoe Box?

It is a straightforward process, which involves using clean water, soft cotton cloth, and a simple solution with no adverse side effects.

Damp the soft cloth in clean water and rinse the surface material to remove any dirt from it.

Soak another piece of soft cotton cloth in a solution of clean water and ordinary cleaner and wipe the surface material.

Rinse it using another clean water and allow the acrylic shoe box to air-dry.

How Many Shoes Can Fit in Acrylic Shoe Box?

Typically, the standard acrylic shoe box is designed to fit one pair of shoes.

However, you can get customized designs that can fit your preferred number of shoes.

Such designs come in form of stacks and fit up to 4-8 pairs of shoes.

How Eco-Friendly is Acrylic Shoe Box?

Ideally, acrylic material, which is used for manufacturing the shoe box, is derived from natural organic elements and inert gases in solid form.

As such, it means the compound cannot emit toxic gases to the environment, unlike other types of plastics.

It is also easy to reuse. If need be, you can recycle it to form other acrylic items by melting and reshaping to new products.

These many alternatives make acrylic shoe boxes environmentally friendly.

How Do You Maintain Acrylic Shoe Box?

Primarily, the best maintenance technique for acrylic box is regular cleaning.

It allows you to remove light scratch marks and make the container in glossy form all the time.

Another ideal way you may consider is polishing.

This method is essential, especially for acrylic shoe boxes, which are seemingly fading or discoloring.

It helps in restoring the glossiness of the surface material.

What is MOQ for Acrylic Shoe Box?

It is largely dependent on the manufacturer you are purchasing the acrylic shoe boxes from.

Usually, some set specific MOQ, particularly for customized units.

On the other hand, you can find others who offer flexible MOQ depending on various factors surrounding the order.

What are the Shortcomings of Acrylic Shoe Box?

  • It can be a bit expensive, especially if you are ordering relatively customized pieces.

This can be disadvantageous if you are ordering such units in bulk.

Depending on the type of acrylic shoe box you need, WeProFab offers a perfect solution for your business.

Talk to us now for competitive prices on all your acrylic shoe box.

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