Acrylic Sign Board

Weprofab is your number one manufacturing master. We are fully certified for manufacturing high-quality acrylic signboards finishes. We cut it to different variety sizes for your specifications fulfillment. We also did machining, trimming and product molding for your advertising implementations. For your bulk orders, send us now your selected types.

Get WeProFab Acrylic Sign Board to Delight Your Customers

Weprofab has the fullest dynamic capabilities to manufacture your desired acrylic signboards. Each of our products definitely helps for a productive business. And there`s a lot of types and designs, good for your intended applications. We tailored and made standard products for you.

Acrylic Sign Board Manufacturer

Weprofab introduced a durably-made acrylic signboard with different cut out sizes. With your exact and specified sizes, you will receive excellent quality from a trusted manufacturer.

Advertising Acrylic Sign Board

It is required to have the best advertising sign boards for an important succession of a business. Acrylic-Formed signboards are good in advertising your own brands and promote them nationwide.

Cut-to-size Acrylic Sign Board

Cut-to-sizes acrylic sign board is indefinite classical quality. These are important especially when in fitting processes. Weprofab already cut acrylic sign board into different sizes for your needs.

Laser Cut Acrylic Sign Board

When searching preeminent laser cut acrylic sign board, Weprofab offers numerous quality finishes. These are perfect for your applications and presenting your own brands.

Outdoor Acrylic Sign Board

Weprofab offers an outdoor acrylic sign board with tough waterproof designs and dust resistance, keep it all clean and safer to use. Have 100% good quality guaranteed.

Surface LED Acrylic Sign Board

Surface LED acrylic sign board from Weprofab is made from the highest durability purposes. Weprofab made it adaptable to any motive applications.

WeProFab: Your Leading Acrylic Sign Board Manufacturer

Weprofab has been in this industry for many years, and continue conducting good quality services throughout every nation`s demands. We provide plastic and metal-made solutions with strong UV resistance for user`s protection as well.

We serve local and even worldwide needs in terms of manufacturing good quality finishes. Weprofab is your direct provider and distributor of trusted products to enhance your business brands.

For your initial concerns and orders, we have staff ready to entertain you within working hours.

Custom Acrylic Sign Board to Skyrocket Your Business

Backlit Acrylic Sign Board

Weprofab is your trusted provider of backlit acrylic sign boards. We have numerous types and different designs for your suitable implementations.

Decorative Acrylic Sign Board

Acrylic sign board have a different industrial purpose. That includes decoration in your area and you can even print your own brand and name on it.

Transparent Acrylic Sign Board

Weprofab innovates transparent acrylic sign board into the highest quality level. When you want your own design will be used, send that to us and we will follow your desired designs.

Acrylic Music Board Sign

Acrylic music board sign is made of acrylic plexiglass, a professional-quality board. Perfect for any occasions like thanksgiving, Christmas, Halloween, birthdays, etc. Available in a range of sizes to choose, 20x30cm, 15x20cm, 10x15cm are some.

Cast Acrylic Board Sign

Cast acrylic board signs are formed of a colorless, transparent, and long-lasting cast polymer. Frequently used as a directional, lobby, architectural signage, etc. Show off the company’s brand or logo excellently.

Acrylic Sheet Board Bulletin Sign

Acrylic sheet board bulletin sign exhibits elegant aesthetics in any space. Due to its depth, clarity, and beauty, it becomes must-have material in business, office, or professional environments. It is completely customizable.

Acrylic Sign Advertising Board

Provide excellent shatter resistance and durability. Applicable for outdoor, wall, and indoor like shop, office, and home. Acrylic sign advertising boards have studs for convenient installation on a variety of surfaces.

3D Acrylic Illuminated Sign Board 

3D acrylic illuminated sign board gives crisp, much clear, and modern marketing strategy. Ideal for indoor and outdoor signage purposes. Given their versatility and complexity, you must figure out how to apply them to your business.

3MM Acrylic Perspex Sign Cast Acrylic Board

Weprofab 3mm acrylic Perspex sign cast acrylic board is easy to machine and fabricate. It is durable, weather-resistant, and highly transparent. Can be utilized for lighting applications, outdoor signs, architecture work, and so on.

Custom Acrylic UV Printing Sign Board

Weprofab can custom acrylic UV printing sign boards are UV-resistant, removable, and easy to clean. Available thicknesses include 3mm, 5mm, 8mm, 1cm, etc. Great for wall art, signage applications, home decor, and photo block.

10mm Acrylic Sign Board

Weprofab 10mm acrylic sign board is perfect for outdoor advertising. Waterproof and wall-mounted. Available in various shapes – rectangle, square, etc. Features attractive appearance, fine finish, durable and elegant design.

Acrylic Room Number Sign Board

Acrylic room number sign boards have high tensile strength and rigidity, are lightweight, and have good impact resistance. It is the best choice for applications requiring critical visual performance and durability.

Custom Clear Acrylic Sign Board

Weprofab clear acrylic sign board can be custom-made as per request. Whether they need it for hotels, stores, events, or parties, this clear acrylic sign board by Wepro got you covered. Available shapes include square, circle, rectangle, oval, etc

Acrylic Board LED Neon Sign

Acrylic board LED neon signs are simple to install and are ideal for identifying rooms in large buildings such as schools, companies, and hospitals. Add a room number and choose from a variety of colors and fonts to make your personalized acrylic sign.

Acrylic Sign Board with Laser Engraved Logo

Weprofab acrylic sign board with laser engraved logo provides durability and exceptional quality. Passed certifications include ROHS, CE, and UL. Among features are super slim, long life span, etc. Can be customized colors, shapes, and sizes.

Tabletop Information Display Acrylic Sign Board Card Holder

Tabletop information display acrylic sign board card holder comes with many features to present a variety of contents. Available in a wide range of options. Inlays of various formats are supported by the different models. A7 to A6, A5 to A4, and finally A3.

LED Sign Board Acrylic Advertising Light Boxes

Weprofab LED sign board acrylic advertising light boxes are waterproof and leakage-proof. Available colors include blue, red, orange, yellow, green, purple, etc. Fully approved with ROHS, CE, and UL standards.

Hanging Acrylic Sign Board 

Hanging acrylic sign boards are top-notch quality products available in various specifications. The board type, material, shape, length, and thicknesses vary upon request. Sturdy and reliable, very long-lasting.

Advertising Sign Board Single-sided LED Acrylic

Weprofab advertising sign board single-sided LED acrylics are highly-efficient, completely customizable. Capable of showing your advertisements in crystal clarity and displaying them in flair. Appear in a range of forms and sizes to meet your needs.

Anti-scratch 5MM Round Acrylic Sign Board

Anti-scratch 5mm round acrylic sign boards are offered with certifications such as ISO, SGS, and more. Available in a variety of colors and are extremely long-lasting and energy-efficient.

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Acrylic Sign Board Manufacturing

Why Weprofab Acrylic Sign Board

Weprofab Acrylic sign board is designed attractively and with improved quality offers.

This enables varying commercial districts for advertising and for their own brand promotional grounds.

Particularly used for promoting product capacities and informed customers for some special events.

An acrylic sign board usually is seen when passing by street walks, commercial stores and markets, and many more.


acrylic sign board
acrylic sign board

Acrylic sign board through Weprofab advanced technology systems are enhanced thoroughly. It comes from varying sizes and identifications.

Our acrylic sign boards are attractive-to-see, viable, standardized in quality and sizes, trusted, etc.

These performed with amazing and colorful lights attached to it.

With these colorful lights, this gives your advertisement easy to glimpse and attractive at the same time.

Weprofab acrylic sign board is not just attractive to see, this is also attractively offered for market price assortments.

Factory priced bases as well. All of our acrylic sign board types are featured with superb quality and formed into quality standards.

Acrylic sign board1

These are commonly placed indoors and often outdoors.

In indoor use, these consume 12v up to 48v power voltages. And definitely made from durable acrylic materials.

An acrylic sign board is in the shape of a lightbox and applicable for gathering important information.

The longevity of our acrylic sign board is what makes it the very best option nowadays.

Have both weather and water resistance. Weprofab acrylic sign board is made from 100% excessive-quality and directed by acrylic materials.

These are all-inclusive for industrial applications, with elegant production as of now.

These have classy light effects, brings elegance to the sign board. With the lighting, people outside and your retail customers will be convinced to read what information is in your acrylic-made sign boards.

Acrylic sign boards are fabricated in varying types such as opaque, router-cut, and even transparent style.

An acrylic substance used let lights to filter through and consequently used originally for light signage effects.

Light effects generate filtered clear, smooth, and smudge radiant. Acrylic sign boards are a combination of printed letters and decorated images.

Acrylic sign board

Make it more modernized for both indoor and outdoor uses.

Quality lighting is very important when installing at your acrylic sign boards.

You can find very elegant selections at Weprofab. Even product constituents such as standard lights are here.

Lighting with different colors and designs are offered at budget prices for your advantage.

More than what you imagined, our quality product will bring up luckiness in your developing business.

Weprofab is your direct source of various acrylic sign boards.

Acrylic sign board2

We are sourcing in different international areas since our company was established.

We will help and assist you for faster sourcing transactions. Your experience with us surely unregretful and promisingly guaranteed.

For cheaper products yet not cheap in quality finishes, kindly contact us now.

Acrylic Sign Board: The Ultimate FAQ Guide

Here, you will get all the information you need about acrylic sign boards.

Whether you want to learn about the cost, quality, where to buy, or why you need acrylic sign boards.

You are lucky today.

This guide has all the answers to these questions and more.

By the end of this guide, you will be an expert in this industry.

Let’s get started:

What is an Acrylic Sign Board?

Acrylic sign board

 Acrylic sign board

An acrylic sign board is a structure used as a directional, lobby and architectural signage.

Acrylic sign boards are usually seen when passing restaurants, markets, commercial stores, and street walks among others.

It is made from high-quality and strong acrylic that is transparent, colorless and durable.

It occurs in the shape of a tight-box.

Acrylic sign board is used in gathering very important information.

Also, the acrylic sign board is the perfect substitute for typical glass sign boards.

It is made using two grades of acrylic.

These grades are cell cast acrylics and extruded acrylic.

Even so, cell cast acrylic is the best grade as it is high quality acrylic.

This implies, even the final product is high quality.

Why do you need an Acrylic Sign Board?

An acrylic sign board enables light to permeate thus used in signage for light effects such as smooth, smudge and clear effects.

An acrylic sign board is a beautiful look for offices.

It is not only elegant but has a smooth and glossy finish.

What are the benefits of an Acrylic Sign Board?

Acrylic sign board

 Acrylic sign board

An acrylic sign board is durable thus the best type in signage currently.

It can be used in a wide range of applications due to its special qualities.

They are high-quality cast acrylic combined with a classy and elegant finish.

Acrylic sign boards improve professionalization – Professionalism requires a permanent impression to possible clients for your business as well as great attention.

The elegant and smooth feature of acrylic sign boards improves the professionalism appeal of your business.

They are weather and water proof – As compared to other raw materials, acrylic sign boards are resistant to water and other weather.

They can withstand both water and extreme weathers.

They are customizable – Acrylic sign boards allow for customization to fit the various applications as well as parameters.

For example, you can have a very thick and large acrylic sign board or small and thin one.

Similarly, you can have an acrylic sign board with unique print which suit your needs as the client.

With an Acrylic Sign Board, you get the precise acrylic board sign that fits your needs.

What are the Types of Acrylic Sign Board

There are several types of acrylic sign board.

· Advertising Acrylic Sign Board

This type of acrylic sign board is great for advertising your business and products.

You can use it to promote your business.

· Cut-to-size Acrylic Sign Board

This is classical quality acrylic sign board.

They are highly relevant when fitting because of their unique sizes

WeProfab has cut their acrylic sign boards in sizes.

All you have to do is just collect them.

· Outdoor Acrylic Sign Board

Outdoor Acrylic Sign Board
Outdoor Acrylic Sign Board

This type of acrylic sign board is mostly used outdoors.

As such, it has unique qualities such as dust resistant and water resistant.

Their quality is 100% guaranteed.

You should just keep it clean at all times, and safer to use.

· Surface LED Acrylic Sign Board

This type of acrylic sign board is made from high quality acrylic material.

It is made adaptable to any application.

What are the different designs of Acrylic Sign Board?

There are three main designs of acrylic sign board:

· Backlit Acrylic Sign Board

There are different designs of backlit acrylic sign board.

They differ based on a client’s needs and expectations.

An example is LED backlit acrylic sign board.

The use of LED lights on the back of the acrylic sign board improves the visibility of the board.

· Decorative Acrylic Sign Board

This type of acrylic sign board mostly contains decorations.

You can print your brand or name on it.

Decorative acrylic sign boards are often used indoors but they can also be used outdoors.

They are less costly.

· Transparent Acrylic Sign Board

This design is of clear and transparent acrylic sign boards.

Client designs are used to create quality transparent acrylic sign boards.

Can you get customized Acrylic Sign Boards?


Acrylic sign boards are 100% customizable.

You can get customized acrylic sign boards as this is done based on varied features to meet the precise specifications made by customers.

These features could include size, shape, and thickness.

The materials used to make customizable acrylic sign boards include:

LED lighting, acrylic frame, customized shapes as well as size.

Materials, however, vary depending on the designs chosen.

Is it possible to print on Acrylic Sign Boards?


You can print directly on the acrylic materials.

Doing so gives the acrylic sign boards a more durable finish.

You can print anything you wish on the sign boards.

You can print directly on the acrylic surface or mirror print on acrylic sign boards.

Is Acrylic Sign Boards better than Glass Sign Boards?


Acrylic sign board offers a wide range of advantages over glass sign boards.

First, acrylic is different from the glass as it is a hard plastic.

Acrylic Sign Boards are better than glass sign boards because they are durable.

Glass easily breaks upon contact with a hard surface as compared to acrylic.

Acrylic Sign Boards are chemical, scratch, and water resistant as compared to glass.

Besides, due to the transparency and clarity of acrylic sign boards, they are used in signage for light effects contrary to glass sign boards.

If handled with care, acrylic sign boards provide a beautiful yet professional look on a clear rigid material.

Acrylic sign boards have a beautiful printed appearance which is not the case with glass.

Acrylic sign boards are versatile as they can be used in a wide range of applications.

Also, the acrylic sign board is easy to fabricate hence reducing the general cost.

Acrylic sign board

 Acrylic sign board

How does Acrylic Sign Board and Acrylic Sign Holder compare?

First and foremost, acrylic sign holder and acrylic sign board are different.

Figure 4

· Function

Acrylic sign holder is a structure used to hold acrylic signs in place.

It holds the acrylic sign in purpose during mounting and installation time.

Acrylic sign holders have to be strong enough to withstand the weight of the acrylic signs as well as durable.

Acrylic sign board, on the other hand, is a structure that is used for signage.

They are used to show directional, locations or promote a brand.

· Raw Material

Both acrylic sign holder and acrylic sign board are made using acrylic material.

The only difference could be the grade of acrylic material used in making each of the structures.

· Design

The design of these structures are different.

Even so, they are made using the same manufacturing process.

· Printing

Both structures can be printed using unique drawings, letters, and symbols.

· Cost

The cost of acrylic sign holder and acrylic sign board varies depending on several factors such as:

  • Design
  • Additional accessories used
  • Fabrication variation
  • Size
  • Thickness among others.

Apart from Acrylic, is there alternative Material for Sign Boards?

Mainly we substitute acrylic sign board with polycarbonate.

· Polycarbonate

Polycarbonate is a material with good properties enabling its use for creating sign boards.

Polycarbonate can be bonded using different techniques.

It is also very flexible hence can be used in creating different designs.

Polycarbonate is similarly weather resistant, transparent, versatile and durable.

They enjoy better strength against environmental conditions than acrylic.

Even when exposed to UV rays, polycarbonate sign boards do not lose their strength and quality.

They still have a longer life span.

Other materials include wood, glass, plastic, and metal.

Polycarbonate is however expensive as compared to acrylic.

· Wood

Wood signs boards are made using plywood.

They are easy to make, smooth finish and lightweight.

Wood can also be printed.

· Glass

Glass is a transparent and brittle material.

Glass sign boards can be easily mounted on walls.

You can also print glasses.

Glass sign boards are also smooth, glossy and elegant.

They are however vulnerable to break, scratch and different weather.

· Metal

Metal sign boards are made with metals such as aluminum.

They can also be easily printed.

They have a smooth and glossy surface.

If outdoor spray paint is used on metal, they do not age easily.

They are lightweight hence hangs easily on the walls.

Metal sign boards are perfect sizes with well-rounded edges.

They can be mounted through scaffold bolts and wires for hanging.

· Plastic

Plastic sign boards are made using plastic sheets.

Corrugated plastic is advised for use.

It is usually waterproof, reusable, recyclable, sturdy,

Corrugated plastic is also visually pleasing.

Besides, all plastics are waterproof.

They can be easily printed.

Is Acrylic Sign Board resistant to Ultra Violet Rays?


Acrylic Sign Board are resistant to Ultra Violet Rays.

Depending on the type of acrylic used, acrylic sign boards could fade or change color on exposure to Ultra Violet Rays.

Acrylic could yellow on exposure to UV rays thus losing their strong visual appeal.

They can similarly disintegrate, crack, become less flexible and lose strength.

You should be concerned about the right material to use for sign boards when using it for outdoor structures.

Outdoor sign boards are exposed to environmental conditions such as the UV rays.

The best material is therefore acrylic.

Acrylis sign board

 Acrylic sign board

Is Acrylic Sign Board water and Weather Resistant?


Acrylic Sign Boards are water and weather resistant.

They can withstand environmental conditions such as strong rains or extreme temperatures without incurring serious damage.

Therefore, you do not have to worry about hanging your acrylic sign boards outside where they are exposed to different weather or water.

Besides, companies often print directly on acrylic surface of the sign boards with Ultra-Violet ink.

Ultra-Violet ink are fade, weather, and abrasion resistant.

Is Acrylic Sign Board Scratch Resistant?


Acrylic sign board are not 100% scratch resistant.

However, your acrylic sign board should not scratch in normal day to day use.

Your goal should be to avoid scratching your acrylic sign board.

And, take extreme care when handling it so that it does not come into contact with hard surfaces or sharp objects.

Printed options are highly likely to scratch off.

Handle them with care during manufacturing, installation, and cleaning.

Of course, there are those that have a treatment that prevent possible scratching of the surface.

What are the different Industrial purposes of an Acrylic Sign Board?

There are different industrial purposes of acrylic signs boards:

Firstly, acrylic sign boards are mostly used for promotional purposes.

In areas such as malls, schools, hospitals, cinemas, commercial settings, and shops.

Secondly, they can be used for emergency display.

Often, emergency displays are in hospitals.

The goal is to help people read the information and take necessary precaution.

Thirdly, acrylic sign boards are used for information purposes.

Acrylic sign boards are used to provide certain information to specific audience.

Where are Acrylic Sign Boards used?

Acrylic sign boards are used in different places.

The most common uses are indoors in office buildings, lobby, and hallways.

They are also used for exterior purposes such as business signage in the entrance of buildings and business parks.

You can still use acrylic sign boards in professional service settings such as accountant’s offices, lawyer, doctor, and dentist offices due to their professional look and aesthetic appeal.

When visitors or clients see these sign boards, they associate the brand with high level of professionalism.

You can use acrylic sign boards in restaurants and retail spaces for marketing purposes.

The goal is to show that there are businesses in such locations engaging in specific activities.

These sign boards are attractive hence improving personal appeal.

They are used for increasing attraction purposes as well as ease of identification.

When people see their beautiful and bright lights, they are influenced to visit the locations and see the businesses.

How do you mount Acrylic Sign Boards?

Backlit acrylic sign board

Backlit acrylic sign board

You mount Acrylic Sign Boards by fixing them to rigid surfaces such as metal, wood, drywall or concrete.

With drill holes, it is easy to post your acrylic sign boards in the desired spots.

You must, however, have tools such as a lever, drill, screwdriver and a ruler.

Firstly, you drill a pilot hole and then insert the anchor.

Second, drill your screw into the specific anchor in the rigid surface.

Thirdly, screw on the standoff cap for every drilled hole on your acrylic sign board.

You can also mount the acrylic sign boards through using the drilled holes as well as accessories such as zip ties or rope.

The best way to achieve a professional look is by mounting the sign boards with standoffs.

The two main mounting methods are placing standoff bolts, andusing a wire.

Why choose WeProfab’sAcrylic Sign Boards?

WeProfab’sacrylic sign boards is designed attractively and with enhanced quality offers.

WeProfab has an advanced technology system helps improve the quality and aesthetic of acrylic sign board thoroughly.

The acrylic sign boards are standardized in sizes and quality.

They are trusted, viable and attractive to see.

WeProfab’s acrylic sign boards are attractively offered for market price assortments

They have superior quality and developed into quality standards.

WeProfab also offers factory-based prices for their acrylic sign boards.

Besides, WeProfab is a reputable company in China producing high quality products.

Are there Size and Shape Limitations for Acrylic Sign Boards?


Acrylic sign boards occur in different sizes and shapes.

You can also get custom sizes that you may need as long as the dimensions are not extremely big or smaller than set standard sizes.

There are several different shape options to choose from for your Acrylic Sign Boards ranging from:

  • Custom shape
  • Standard shapes such as round, rectangular, square, or other irregular shapes.

How can you clean Acrylic Sign Board?


I have heard several people pose questions on how to clean their acrylic sign boards.

Some even ask whether it is that important to clean acrylic sign boards.

It is, however, imperative to understand that acrylic sign boards have to be cleaned.

Use a damp non-abrasive clothe to clean the surface of sign board.

You can similarly use cloth with a mild detergent or with water.

It is important to understand that acrylic is different from glass, metal or wood hence they require special care.

You should clean your acrylic sign board regularly to ensure that the sign remains vibrant and clear.

Firstly, blow the dirt or dust away from the surface of the board as acrylic has a high affinity for dirt.

Dust may cause scratches on the surface of the board as dirt causes cloudiness.

Do not use a dry cloth to clean the dirt as it causes the dirt to spread all over the surface.

After blowing the dirt and dust, clean the sign board using a soft and damp cloth.

Following cleaning your acrylic sign board with the above substances, you have to dry it using a very soft and dry cloth.

This is done by blotting the acrylic sign board using a soft fabric.

Avoid using any cleaning solution that contains chemicals or ammonia that could react with the acrylic sign board.

Since glass is different from acrylic, avoid using glass cleaners on acrylic sign boards

Avoid using rough material in cleaning the surface of the board as it causes scratches.

Why use Acrylic Sign Board for Advertisement?

Acrylic sign board for advertisement

Acrylic sign board for advertisement

In a nutshell, acrylic sign boards have an elegant final touch

They are often placed in strategic positions where people can see them.

Acrylic sign boards produce beautiful light effects that are visually appealing.

Acrylic lets light filter through making it great for signage effects.

Besides, acrylic sign boards are a combination of decorated images and printed letters hence best for advertisement.

What is the cost of Acrylic Sign Board?

Acrylic sign boards are sold at competitive prices.

There is no standard price for the acrylic sign boards.

They may be cheaper in one factory and costly in another.

The same for the countries of purchase. If you buy in China you will get good prices because you buy in bulk.

Also, they are cheaper because of low economies of scale.

Customized pieces may be costly as compared to the standard pieces because of the unique requirements.

Their costs vary depending on design, grade of material used, size and several other accessories.

Can Acrylic Sign Board be used both Indoor and Outdoor?


There are several businesses using acrylic sign boards in their premises.

They use acrylic sign boards both outdoor and indoors.

They are used in hallways, or lobby within the buildings.

Businesses similarly use acrylic sign boards outdoors for marketing, directional and marketing purposes.

There is increased scratch damage if acrylic sign boards are used indoors.

The damage are mostly scratches because they are exposed to dust as well as touch during cleaning.

As such, it is better to use them outdoors where they are exposed to limited scratch damage.

But then again, when used outdoors, they are exposed to other damages such as environmental conditions which could impact their quality.

When used indoors, acrylic sign boards consume 12v and even up to 48v power voltages.

Besides, both of them are made using high quality acrylic material.

Acrylic signage

Acrylic signage

Does Acrylic Sign Board have High Longevity?


It is true that acrylic sign board have a long span of life.

And, this is due to its durability property.

Also, a longer life span is due to the particular design specifications for each acrylic sign board.

For increased longevity, place the acrylic sign boards in locations that are not in direct sunlight for longer periods.

In doing so, you reduce the negative effect of UV rays on the acrylic sign boards.

An acrylic sign board may have a longevity of more than 5 years depending on the quality of care and placement.

Hence, people should strive to care for the acrylic sign boards.

Acrylic Sign Board are Fabricated into which Types or Style?

In a nutshell, acrylic sign board can be fabricated into different styles.

There are three main variations:




· Opaque

Opaque acrylic sign boards are those which can block light from passing through the sign boards.

Objects cannot be seen through opaque acrylic sign boards.

However, when it is backlit, opaque acrylic sign board can still glow.

Again, this depends on the thickness of the opaque acrylic sign board.

· Transparent

Transparent acrylic sign boards are clear acrylic sign boards.

It is possible to see objects through them.

It is more transparent than glass.

Light passes through the acrylic producing beautiful lighting effects.

· Router-Cut

Router-Cut acrylic sign boards are those fabricated into unique shapes and designs.

They cut the acrylic into desired shapes and anything is engraved on them to appear unique.

Fabrication is done using a router.

They are cut into different shapes, sizes or thickness.

What are the Important Factors to Consider when Installing at your Acrylic Sign Board?

Quality of lighting is fundamental when installing at your acrylic sign board.

The quality of lighting used will determine if the sign board will look beautiful or elegant or professional.

Product constituents such as standard lights are used in lighting of the acrylic sign boards.

Lighting is done using different designs and colors.

Also, it is important to consider the voltage of light used in lighting acrylic sign boards is important.

What is the Manufacturing Process of Acrylic Sign Board?

The manufacturing process of acrylic sign boards involves the following:

· Machining Acrylic

Cutting the Acrylic sheet into the desired shape of your Acrylic Sign Board is known as machining.

You must apply caution when doing this to avoid destroying the whole acrylic sheet

You can use either manual cutting or laser cutting.

The best cutting method, however, is laser cutting.

· Bonding Acrylic

Bonding of acrylic is the nest stage.

It involves taking several acrylic sheets and then bonding them together using a special adhesive.

Bonding has several advantages and the most important one is strengthening the acrylic sign board to enable it to withstand extreme weather conditions.

· Polishing Acrylic

The next stage after bonding is polishing acrylic.

Polishing helps in giving acrylic sign boards a clean and smooth finish.

For the best polishing, you have to remove all of the dirt on the surface of the acrylic sign board then apply fresh paint on the same surface.

Wait for a short time for the acrylic sign board to dry.

Additionally, apply a layer of polish for the shiny and glossy surface.

Through this, the acrylic sign board looks attractive.

· Engraving Acrylic

Engraving entails drawing the symbols and drawings on the acrylic sign boards.

Etching and laser graving are the best ways of engraving on acrylic sign boards.

i. Etching

Etching involves the use of chemicals to achieve the desired acrylic sign board.

What happens is that the specific chemical is applied to the acrylic to form the specific symbol or drawing.

As compared to other engraving techniques, etching is not the best.

You must make sure that a chemical does not destroy acrylic or harm you before using it in the engraving process.

ii. Laser

Laser engraving involves the use of a laser machine to engrave a drawing or symbol on acrylic.

It is the best and cost-effective technique of engraving acrylic because of its precise accuracy.

It can be used for engraving different patterns for a short period of time.

Excess heat can burn the acrylic sign board hence it is important to control the heat you use.

You can use a cooling mechanism to prevent this challenge or pause during laser engraving.

A professional is however needed to do this as they can control the amount of heat used.

· Printing on Acrylic

You can print the surface of your acrylic sign boards if you want to.

Printing is a common technique in the manufacturing process.

It is easy to print symbols, drawings or letters on the surface of your acrylic sign boards.

There are customers who seek customized pieces with unique specifications and requirements.

In such cases, the best printing technique can be used to meet client needs.

After all, each customer has their unique design option, and the cost they are willing to pay which all dictates the appropriate printing technique.

You can print on one side of the acrylic which is not against the wall.

The front of the acrylic sign board is the best.

You can print directly on the surface of acrylic.

Also, you can use second surface printing.

It involves mirror printing of the graphics on the back of a clear acrylic sign board.

As a result, the printing appears inside of the acrylic sign boards.

The final acrylic sign board has a clear and smooth face with graphics at the back.

Can you Drill Holes on Acrylic Sign Boards?

Dirilling acrylic

 Drilling acrylic

Certainly, you can drill holes on acrylic sign boards if you wish.

You can drill holes in:

  • Every corner of the boards.
  • Custom hole placement
  • Top, corners and bottom center
  • Top corners only
  • Bottom and top center

These holes are placed when a client quotes them in their design options for custom pieces.

You can display your acrylic sign board by mounting it on a rigid surface like a wall.

And, this can be done by drilling holes in the above ways for your sign board.

You can use any popular drill with the right bit.

You must use protective gear such as safety goggles when drilling holes on the acrylic sign boards.

The small acrylic bits that are produced during drilling can cause damage to your eye.

Certainly, you have learnt a lot about acrylic sign board.

At WeProFab, we offer the best acrylic signboards at competitive prices.

Contact us now to learn more about our acrylic sign boards.

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We have a strong and efficient team which can offer you and instant and professional quote.

Our product manager will give you a quick demand portrait according to your design, drawing, standard, testing methods and other requirements. And we have a strong supporting team to fulfill your demand with our deep technology and know-how base. We can offer you a solution or a few options. And you will decide which one you prefer.

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