• Acrylic Sign Holder

Acrylic Sign Holder

Weprofab is your number one supporter in manufacturing your acrylic sign holder in outstanding quality. From molding plastics materials, custom-made acrylic sign holders are formed. Manufacturing acrylic sign holders highly include machining, glazing, and improving the clarity of the product. Send your own ideas about acrylic sign holders, expect immediate responses.


Get WeProFab Acrylic Sign Holder to Delight Your Customers

Weprofab excessively innovates acrylic sign holders into the highest grade. Wide customization of these products is available for inexpensive rates. We consider and check the coating quality of our productions first before ship to designated locations.

Acrylic Letter Size Sign Holder

For the important development of your business, acrylic letter-size sign holders offer by Weprofab are truly stunning. In very good quality yet offered at lower-costs.

Acrylic Manufacturing name plate Holder

When finding an unbreakable quality of acrylic manufacturing nameplate holder for own application or for business addition, Weprofab offers different classifications at a very friendly price.

Acrylic Sign Holder with Magnets

Is it hard where to ask help from a manufacturer that absolutely fabricates your desired acrylic sign holder with magnets? Well, Weprofab can handle your requirements and fulfilling any of your needs.

Custom UV Printed Acrylic Sign Holder

To protect your printed names attached to acrylic holders, customize UV printed type is more appropriate for you. Performed the best for personal uses.

Vertical Stand up Acrylic Sign Holder

Execute long-lasting applications. Weprofab is well-known for innovating reliable and tough acrylic sign holder in vertical stand up type. And then, offer it for very low-costs yet competitively.

Double-sided Acrylic Sign Holder

Weprofab is your one-stop-shop-solution when purchase double-sizes acrylic sign holder. We customize your desired product and present it for a very affordable price.

WeProFab: Your Leading Acrylic Sign Holder Manufacturer

When wanting the best quality yet in 80% cheaper products, Weprofab is the one appropriate for you. We manufacture and offer full services internationally.

All our acrylic sign holders are made authentic and rugged for severe applications. We also provide UV resistance and weatherproof acrylic sign holder types for your strict qualifications. We have complete and outstanding quality acrylic sign holders to complete your projects.

Send us your design and let us know some of your concerns now!

Custom Acrylic Sign Holder to Skyrocket Your Brand

Acrylic sign Frame Holder

Weprofab acrylic sign frame holder is responsible to protect the authenticity of the product. It provides long-last use.

Rectangular Acrylic sign Holder

Weprofab rectangular acrylic sign holder strongly has dustproof and break-free protections. Consist of different featured designs.

Acrylic Window Sign holder

Weprofab acrylic window sign holder obviously placed at window areas. You can place here your personal name and other important papers.

Wood Base Acrylic Table Wedding Sign Holder

Acrylic table wedding sign holders have sturdy and trendy wood bases. Perfect for fashionably presenting a variety of products in your space. It is composed of high-quality raw materials to ensure long-term performance and stability.

T-Style Acrylic Sign Holders 8.5 x 11

Weprofab T-style acrylic sign holders measuring 8.5×11 is ideal for promotions, restaurants, classrooms, photo frames, etc. Great for both home and professional use. Made of high-quality crystal transparent acrylic with polished edges.

Wall-mount LED Acrylic Sign Holder

Wall-mounted LED acrylic sign holders are built of the highest-quality materials, thus providing optimum durability and best quality. It’s adaptable, has multiple roles, and may be used in a variety of settings.

A5 Acrylic Wedding Sign Holder

A5 acrylic wedding sign holders are perfect for holding stuff like brochures, photos, advertising pamphlets, etc. Made of acrylic, synthetic material, providing optimum clarity. Simple to clean and update with new photos.

Tabletop L Shape Acrylic Sign Holder

Weprofab tabletop L-shaped acrylic sign holder has a slanted back that displays photographs and posters clearly and effectively. It is easy to stand and display upright thanks to its strong base.

Custom Blank Acrylic Signs Holder

Blank acrylic signs holders are manufactured from high-quality thick clear acrylic. Thick and sturdy, won’t scratch easily, and will keep you away from cheap, flimsy acrylics or plastics.

4X2CM Mini Clear Acrylic Sign Display Holder

Weprofab 4x2cm mini clear acrylic sign display holders are eco-friendly and waterproof. Acrylic, Perspex, and Lucite are the material options. Thickness is 3mm or can be customized.

Free-Standing A4 Acrylic Poster Menu Holder

Free-standing A4 acrylic poster menu holders are both modern and efficient. Made to tilt back, to provide a better line of sight for seeing the information in the holder. Equipped with diamond polished sides.

Wholesale Magnetic Acrylic Sign Holders

Wholesale magnetic acrylic sign holders are great for retail and commercial businesses like galleries, museums, retail stores. Holders come in ceiling hanging, wall mount, and magnetic backed options.

Portrait Acrylic Sign Display Holder

Portrait acrylic sign display holder equipped with powerful permanent adhesive strips. Mountable to any flat surface. Ideal for office, home, store, and restaurant. Made of thick premium clear acrylic material.

Custom Acrylic Sign Holder 8.5 x 11 Clear Restaurant Menu Stand

The acrylic sign holder measuring 8.5 x 11 is built with high-quality clear acrylic, which makes it a shatter-resistant material. Feature durable T-shaped base that allows the holder to stand vertically on its own.

A6 T Shaped Acrylic Sign Holder

A6 T-shaped acrylic sign holder is made of a high-quality, shatter-resistant acrylic material that will last for years. Can be used both indoors and outdoors. Well-suited for shows, restaurants, retailers, etc.

A5 Size Custom T-shape Acrylic Sign Holder

Weprofab A5 custom T-shape acrylic sign holder is great for displaying menus, signs, and advertisements. Ideal for increasing brand awareness, boosting sales, enhancing brand identification, and so on.

Acrylic Sign Holder Gold Borders

Acrylic sign holder gold borders are made of premium crystal super clear acrylic. It’s robust and stable in landscape position on the table. Widely used for advertisement, menu, poster, and displaying a photo.

4x6 Inch Wall Mount Acrylic Sign Holder

Weprofab 4×6-inch wall mount acrylic sign holder is easy to install and versatile capable of holding flyers, signage, schedule, notice, photos, etc. Available in multi-size options with powerful 3M adhesive tape.

Clear Acrylic Sign Holder U-Style

Clear acrylic sign holder U-style features a viewing surface of 11 by 8 1/2 inches. The transparent acrylic guarantees that the information shown in the plastic sign holder is always visible and has a professional appearance.

Acrylic Hanging Sign Holder 

The acrylic hanging sign holder is easy to maintain, can be used on fixtures or doors up to 1.63″ thick. The transparent acrylic holder is simple to clean and keeps lettering visible at all times.

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Why WeProFab Acrylic Sign Holder

Weprofab Acrylic sign holder is certainly originated from injection molded plastics for economical costs.

And well-known for having inclined back designs, help for having clearer appeal and flaunted signs.

These are usually used for any industrial applications and promote market announcements or events.

Acrylic sign holders manage to hold heavy-weight signage. And authorize implementers and business owners to print their brands and announcements.

These are also easy to use, to locate, and be printed. With overall performances, these have topmost loading potentials for speedy graphic transformations.Acrylic Sign Holder

Acrylic sign holder that comes from Weprofab hands is definitely incredible and awesomely manufactured.

These even have capabilities to managed 8.5×11 signage weight and locate in slanted compositions.

All acrylic sign holder designs are handcrafted through our united engineers and industrious manufacturer`s efforts.

And because acrylic sign holder comes from injection formed plastic, affordability of the material have a huge impact with all our wholesale purchaser`s budget and they economically saved a lot of money.

Weprofab also offered desktops economically for your acrylic sign holder demands.

These also come from molded plastics and can purchase in bulk ways.

For any business areas, our high-quality acrylic sign holders are easy to use and have sturdy ash proof as an addition.

It can be used for long-terms and have powerful endurance in weather conditions.

Acrylic Sign Holder

Besides, you cannot just purchase an acrylic sign holder, you can also purchase its different types includes frame displays, slanted sign holders, etc.

Each type is applicable for dissimilar industry applications, which include retail markets, banks, movie auditorium, and more.

In movie auditoriums, slanted sign holder is very appropriate to use. They use it to endorse their limited time offer.

And even promote their latest movie liberates.

With this, customers from movie auditoriums will inform and easily saw complete announcements.

However, in the retail market, they usually used plastic-framed acrylic sign holders on check-out procedures.

Customers from a particular market will convince to open credit cards or come back for promotional circumstances.

The plastic material used in the acrylic sign holder will surely synchronize with where it has been located.

Not just giving advertisements and announcements for some specific event, an acrylic sign holder at the same time easy to use as decorations.

Acrylic Sign Holder

These have different designs for highlighting your important announcement and let your customers see it automatically.

Printed displayed graphics attached to the product are also removable.

These are also easy to change into other graphical announcements depending on your style.

This model truly brings a good aesthetical environment when used.

For booming your own brand and company`s reputation, these elegant acrylic sign holder has a wide variety of designs right for your specific applications.

We, Weprofab encourage you to purchase in bulk ways.

This way, your retail buyers will purchase numerous amounts from your business market.

To keep you informed of our latest product, we offer partnerships.

You only encounter true and honest business partnership with us.

We have wealth experiences in manufacturing, that`s why your all demand acrylic sign holders in magnificent quality will be provided very soon. Contact us now.

Ultimate FAQ Guide to Acrylic Sign Holder

Acrylic sign holders are very useful to help you hold up signs for various purposes.

For example, colorful signs can help you attract prospective clients and customers and grow your business.

If you have a question about acrylic sign holders, this FAQ guide is exactly what you need in order to find out more about what it is, how it is manufactured, its various uses and other details.

What Is An Acrylic Sign Holder?

Acrylic Sign Holders

Acrylic Sign Holders

Acrylic sign holders such as acrylic sign holders for walls or slant back acrylic sign holders are made from acrylic.

These are perfect for displaying signs in your retail store or your trade show booth.

What Do You Use Acrylic Sign Holders For?

If you are running a business of some kind or provide services, you may need to put names, logos, certificates, posters or pictures on display.

Acrylic sign holders help you display them in a professional way that draws attention from your partners and clients.

Acrylic Sign Holder

 Acrylic Sign Holder

They can be used for the following:

1. Display Names

Acrylic sign holders can display the name and the logo of your company as a signboard in front of your office.

These sign holders are sometimes termed as acrylic name sign holders.

Acrylic sign holders can also be used to display employee names at office desks.

Name Plate Acrylic Sign Holder

Name Plate Acrylic Sign Holder

2. Large Displays

Large acrylic sign holders are available so you can display large advertisements or announcements outdoors or indoors.

3. Display Restaurant Menus

Acrylic menu sign holders can display restaurant menus and special offers at dining tables.

This makes it convenient for customers to read through your menu without having to flip through a menu or even wait for waiters to bring the menu to them during busy times.

4. Paper Sign Holder

Maybe you need to display signs to direct people to events or to label doors with event names.

These change frequently so it is not worth to create a permanent sign for each event.

With paper sign holders, you can print off new event names and directions on pieces of paper and slot them into paper sign holders.

These work great for signs that change frequently.

5. Mattress Sign Holder

Mattress Sign Holder

Mattress Sign Holder

Mattress sign holders are large standing sign holders that can hold brochures or information sheets about mattresses.

They’re very often used in shop selling mattresses and are placed next to displays to provide information to potential buyers.

Since the mattresses on display can change, most shop owners print off new brochures and slot them into the mattress sign holder.

6. Door Sign Holder

Door Sign Holder

Door Sign Holder

Door sign holders are great for holding names for office doors or signs to show if your business is open or closed.

For most doors, acrylic sign holders with adhesives or bolts will work.

For glass doors, you can specifically use acrylic sign holders with suction cups that will stick to your glass door or hanging sign holders.

7. Outdoor Sign Holder

You will find that outdoor sign holders are used for outdoor exhibits or any outdoor information panel.

Acrylic sign holders are relatively weather-resistant and impact-resistant.

Hence they can be used for outdoor signs.

What Are The Benefits Of Acrylic Sign Holders?

1. Variety Of Shapes Available

As acrylic sign holders are made from acrylic sheets, they can easily shaped into any structure under heat.

As examples of acrylic sign holders in different shapes, you can have L shaped acrylic sign holders, mattress sign holders, door sign holders and more.

2. Lightweight

Acrylic sign holders are extremely light compared to other materials such as glass or wood.

This makes them more suitable for use as door sign holders or restaurant menu holders.

However, being prone to scratches, acrylic sign holders have to be packaged properly.

3. Comes In Various Colors

Acrylic sign holders can come in various colors which gives you lots of flexibility in the type signs you want to display.

If you want to emphasize a certain sign, having it in an acrylic sign holder in a different color can provide contrast.

4. Cheap

Acrylic sign holders are much cheaper than glass, wood or metal signs and holders.

They are also relatively weather-resistant so they can be used outdoors.

5. Easy to Clean

Acrylic sign holders are relatively easy to clean.

For this purpose, a specialized anti-static clean solution needs to be used with a soft cloth.

By using a special cleaner, discoloration or unwanted scratches can be prevented.

How Can You Make Wall Mounted Acrylic Sign Holders?

You can DIY your acrylic sign holder if you wish, and you can do it with the following steps.

1. Determine the dimensions of your acrylic sign holder

First of all, you have to select the size of the sign holder per your needs.

For example, maybe you need an A4 sized acrylic sign holder to put on your door.

2. Cutan acrylic sheet to your required dimensions

Measure out your dimensions on an acrylic sheet and make sure to add a little bit of length and height so that your sign can fit easily into the acrylic sign holder.

You can use a plastic-scoring blade to score the acrylic sheet a few times and break off the piece you need.

You can also use more traditional blades such as a table saw, band saw or jigsaw.

3. Glue your acrylic sheets

Use solvent-based glues to glue your sheets together to form your acrylic sign holder.

You can use a squeeze-bottle applicator to apply the glue on the edges of the sheet and hold the pieces in place for a few minutes.

You can clamp the acrylic sheets together while allowing the glue to set in for about 1-2 days.

4. Attachscrews

If you are creating a standoff sign holder, this is when you attach your standoff screws.

If you are creating any type of acrylic sign holder that needs screws, choose the screw that fits your needs.

Remember to take into account the weight factor of the whole wall holder.

The screws you choose have to be sufficiently strong to withhold the gravitational weight of the acrylic sign holder.

5. Polish the edges of your acrylic sign holder

You can sand or flame polish the edges to smoothen out the edges of your acrylic sign holder to get a better finish.

Cutting and sawing normally create rough edges so this is the time to polish your acrylic sign holder edges.

6. Fixing your acrylic sign holder to your wall

A light-duty stapler can be used to staple your sign sheet to the frame of the acrylic sign holder.

If you think it is too much of a hassle to make your own acrylic sign holder, you can always order a custom acrylic sign holder.

You can even outsource steps in the process such as getting a supplier to cut the acrylic sheet to size for you.

What Are The Different Types Of Acrylic Sign Holders?

There are many different types of acrylic sign holders and they can come in horizontal or vertical acrylic sign holders.

1. Wall Mounted Acrylic Sign Holders

Wall Mounted Top Loading Acrylic Sign Holder

Wall Mounted Top Loading Acrylic Sign Holder

Wall mounted acrylic sign holders are mounted on the wall with the help of two or four pins.

They can have top inserts or top loading, meaning that you insert your sheet from the top of the acrylic sign holder.

They may also have side inserts so you insert your sheet from the side.

You also have various options for how you can adhere to your acrylic sign holder.

You can bolt your acrylic sign holder or you can find acrylic sign holders with Velcro adhesive or hook and loop adhesive.

You can also find acrylic sign holders with suction cups.

Acrylic sign holders with standoffs make your acrylic sign holder stand out from the wall and create a contrasting effect to help your sign pop and get noticed.

Acrylic Sign Holder With Standoff

Acrylic Sign Holder With Standoffs

2. Tabletop Sign Holders

These are acrylic sign holders that you place on your desk, table or counter.

You will hear of them as desktop sign holders or countertop sign holders.

You will find there are different types of tabletop holders listed below.

· Placard Acrylic Sign Holder

Placard Acrylic Sign Holder

 Placard Acrylic Sign Holder

Placard sign holders are especially popular for restaurants and cafes but you can use them for any purpose that requires you to have your sign on top of a table or counter.

· Slant Back Acrylic Sign Holders

Slant Back Acrylic Sign Holder

Slant Back Acrylic Sign Holder

The slant back acrylic sign holder is one of the most common tabletop sign holders.

You can use this for absolutely any purpose to display your brochure, menu, or information sheet.

· Acrylic Sign Holders With Magnets

Acrylic Sign Holder with Magnets

 Acrylic Sign Holder With Magnets

Acrylic sign holders can be held together by magnets and so you can insert your sheet either from the top or from the sides.

This gives you some flexibility in how you can insert your sheets.

· Acrylic Sign Holder With Brochure Pocket

Acrylic Sign Holder With Brochure Holder

Acrylic Sign Holder With Brochure Pocket

Acrylic sign holders with brochure pockets provide you a place to put brochures that your customers can take and bring home.

They can also take brochures to pass out to people they know.

· Acrylic Sign Holder With Business Card Holder

Acrylic Sign Holder With Business Card Holders

Acrylic Sign Holder With Business Card Holder

If you want to advertise your services and provide your business card so people can contact you, you can use an acrylic sign holder with business cardholders.

You may want to use such acrylic sign holders when you advertise at shops or restaurants that you do not own.

· Triangle Acrylic Sign Holder

 Triangle Acrylic Sign Holder

Triangle Acrylic Sign Holder

Triangle acrylic sign holders are widely used in cafes and restaurants and are placed in the middle of tables.

· Tent Acrylic Sign Holder

Tent Acrylic Sign Holder

 Tent Acrylic Sign Holder

Tent acrylic sign holders are commonly used as name plates in conferences or meetings.

They are typically small sized and are propped up to allow participants to see each other’s names clearly.

· Acrylic Sign HolderWith Metal Base

Acrylic Sign Holder With Metal Base

 Acrylic Sign Holder With Metal Base

Acrylic sign holders with metal bases provide a sleek look.

They can help to provide a more upscale and professional look to your table.

  • Acrylic Sign HolderWithWood Base

Acrylic Sign Holder With Wood Base

Acrylic Sign Holder With Wood Base

Acrylic sign holders with wood bases can also provide a more premium look compared to typical acrylic sign holders.

These are very commonly used to go with décor in dining areas.

3. Standing Sign Holder

Standing Acrylic Sign Holder

StandingAcrylic Sign Holder

Standing acrylic sign holders allow people who are standing to view information or advertisements.

They can be large in size or small enough to fit an A4 piece of paper.

You will find they are especially commonly used as outdoor acrylic sign holders.

4. Acrylic Sign HolderWith LED

Acrylic Sign Holder LED

Acrylic Sign Holder LED

You can also find acrylic sign holders with LED lights that will illuminate your sign.

This is a great way to make your sign be noticed and to stand out.

Your sign can also be seen clearly at night if it carries an important notice or advertisement.

5. Acrylic Sign Holder With Clamp

Acrylic Sign Holder With Clamp

Acrylic Sign Holder With Clamp

If you need to attach your acrylic sign holder to a handlebar or a pipe, you can find acrylic sign holders with clamps that allow you to do so.

This is especially useful if you need to save space or you have a small sign to display that does not warrant the need for a full standing acrylic sign holder.

6. Hanging Acrylic Sign Holder

Hanging Acrylic Sign Holder

 Hanging Acrylic Sign Holder

Hanging acrylic sign holders may come with an extension that allows you to hang it on the top of a wall or door, or a metal chain so you can suspend the acrylic sign holder.

You will find this useful if you need to have a sign positioned close to the top of a door or wall.

What Is The HS Code Of Acrylic Sign Holders?

The HS code of acrylic sign holders is 39269099.

You can use the HS code for import purposes as this is the code required for tariffs.

What Sizes Of Acrylic Sign Holder Are Available?

There are various sizes available including the following:

  • 5” x 5”
  • 5” x 8.5”
  • 4” x 6”
  • 5” x 7”
  • 8” x 10”
  • 8” x 11”
  • 5” x 5.5”
  • 5” x 11”
  • 5” x 11.5”
  • 5” x 14″
  • 11” x 17”

Acrylic Sign Holders

Acrylic Sign Holders

If you’re looking for paper sizes, acrylic sign holders are available in sizes of A2, A3, A4, A5, A6, and A7.

Alternatively, if you cannot find any acrylic sign holders in the size you want, you can always order a custom acrylic sign holder.

How Can You Mount An Acrylic Sign Holder On The Wall?

This video will show you how to install and mount an acrylic sign holder on the wall.

You have to follow these steps to hang an acrylic frame:

1. Position the acrylic print on the wall to make sure it’s level

Before the acrylic sign holder can be mounted with the use of standoff bolts, you need to decide where it will be placed on the wall.

Make sure that all sides are even and straight.

2. Mark the drill holes on the frame using a pen or a pencil

Most wall mounted acrylic sign holders will already have four holes in the corners at the time of purchase.

After you have positioned it, trace the holes so that you know where to drill at the time of drilling.

3. Drill the anchors according to the circles you drew

The anchors will be placed in the circles that you have traced on the wall.

In this step, you have to use an electric drill to drill each anchor.

If anchors were not provided with the acrylic sign holder when you purchased it, you can purchase it online or from the store.

Standoff Bolts

Standoff bolts

Unscrew the standoff bolts.

Take the base of the screw and put a wall screw through it so that it can be installed into the wall.

4. Attach the standoff bolts to the wall using a drill

Drill the base screw into the wall.

Make sure that the bolts are properly tightened against the wall so that the acrylic sign holder is supported well.

5. Install your acrylic sign holder

Position the acrylic frame on the wall, so that the bolts are lined up with the pre-drilled holes in the frame.

Ask someone to help you hold the acrylic sign holder so that you can attach the covers.

6. Screwing the standoff caps and using the washers.

Place the washers on the standoff caps before screwing them to the bases.

Make sure you’re completely satisfied with the position of the frame before you tighten the standoff caps.

When screwing in the caps, keep them a bit loose.

What Is The Difference Between Acrylic Sign Holders And Glass Sign Holders?

Acrylic sign holders weigh less compared to glass sign holders and can be half the weight f glass.

They are also more resistant to breaking and shattering compared to glass.

Acrylic sign holders have a slightly better light transmittance rate of 92% as compared to the light transmittance rate of about 90% for glass.

Standard acrylic sign holders have better UV light resistance than glass frames.

High quality acrylic sign holders do not yellow even when exposed to sunlight as opposed to glass.

The acrylic sign holders provide a softer reflection of light as compared to glass, even when placed at an angle.

Glass sign holders do not get scratched as easily compared to acrylic sign holders.

However, it is fairly easy to remove small scratches from the acrylic sign holder using sandpaper and polish made for acrylic.

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