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Acrylic Sign Letters

As a leading acrylic sign letter provider worldwide, we ensure the products we supplied always in good and quality. We can support your fast success with our negotiable and profitable acrylic sign letters. For more satisfaction, you can send your own layout and expect our excellent and quick response. Contact us now for more information!

Get WeProFab Acrylic Sign Letters to Delight Your Customers

Any types, sizes, shapes, and customizations of WeProFab acrylic sign letters undergo lots of research to make it perfect and suitable for your business. We have lots of selection at the market. Select your ideal acrylic sign letters features and let us send your orders on time. Before we move out your ordered products, we make sure the quality and safety of packaging first.

Acrylic Sign Electrical Letters

Using our modern technology machines, WeProFab fabricates high-graded acrylic sign electrical letters. In this industry, we have been trusted supplying plenty of stocks.

Acrylic Sign Letters Manufacturer

If your business needs to find an excellent provider, WeProFab is the best choice. We can surely meet your special requirements in the long run. Select your ideal acrylic sign letters at our market.

Backlit Acrylic Sign Letters

Are you looking for backlit acrylic sign letters? WeProFab known as the leading plastic fabricator in china such as acrylic sign letters. We are certified provider in many years that supplied profitable products.

Clear Acrylic Sign Letters

Commonly, from residential to commercial applications, clear acrylic sign letters are popular. A lot of designs, sizes, and shapes we made suitable for your project needs.

Custom Acrylic Sign Letters

Your own design can be followed details to details according to your plan. We can meet your needs with the help of our high-skilled designers. Send your layout at WeProFab.

Heat Resistant Acrylic Sign Letters

Acrylic sign letters can be apply outdoors. If finding durable acrylic sign letters, heat resistant has a long lasting offer. Strong from any weather conditions.

WeProFab: Your Leading Acrylic Sign Letter Manufacturers

If you need your acrylic sign letter order badly, we can focus on your process to make sure the delivery arrives on time to the location required. We have lots of friendly and watchful service staff to guide all the processes.

Don’t worry about the products. We are certified in many years because of our quality products. We are trusted by many people in business not only because of the quality but because of the offered product rates.

Look what we have done in this manufacturing industry. Wetness our manufacturing and be one of our successful clients.

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Custom Acrylic Sign Letters to Expand Your Brand

Decorative Acrylic Sign Letters

For stronger sign letters, you can purchase our high-quality decorative acrylic sign letters. Acceptable rates of products with a lot of options to choose from.

Mini Acrylic Sign Letters

WeProFab customized different mini acrylic sign letters. Send your own layout and we can follow your plan.

Outdoor Acrylic Sign Letters

Sturdy and durable outdoor acrylic sign letters founded at one of the outstanding providers in China. Capable of assembling, packing, to moving products.

Wall Mounted 3D LED Acrylic Sign Letters

Wall-mounted 3D LED acrylic sign letters are ideal for hospitals, buildings, schools, shops, parks, etc. Certificated by ISO, CE, ROHS, and other relevant standards. Can customize colors.

Acrylic Mini LED Channel Letter Sign

Acrylic mini LED channel letter sign is perfect for indoor, outdoor, decorative, and advertisement purposes. Extremely suitable for small, medium, large, and customize signage. 500, 000 hours working lifetime.

Custom Led Neon Sign Letters Advertising

Weprofab LED neon sign letters advertising can be custom made to order. It is made high-quality, cost-effective, and easy to install. Widely suitable for store decor, signage letters, home decor, and more.

3D Clear Acrylic LED Neon Letters Sign

Our 3D clear acrylic LED neon letters sign comes with UL, CE, and ROHS certificates. Features low-consumption which makes it suitable for long-term work. It has over 50,000 hours of lifespan.

LED Channel Letters 3D Acrylic

LED channel letters 3D acrylic provide a contemporary approach to communicating your message to the general public and anyone who sees them. It’s incredibly flexible, readily programmed, and produces great advertisements with stunning videos, images, and messages.

Acrylic Backlit Light Letters

Acrylic backlit light letters are composed of high-quality acrylic and provide consistent illumination throughout the entire alphabet. Constructed of acrylic material, featuring a red, blue, white, and green background.

Sign Acrylic 4ft Marquee Number Letters

Sign acrylic 4ft marquee number letters are ideal for weddings, events, and parties. It is easy to install and waterproof. White powder coating treatment and anti-rust paint are used on both the interior and exterior.

Acrylic Letters Sign for Wall Signage

Acrylic letters sign for wall signage is quite attractive and classy, and they’re frequently seen in conference rooms, lobbies, and office walls. They are lightweight, scratch-resistant, and long-lasting.

Acrylic Letter Reception Sign For Shop

Weprofab acrylic letter reception sign for a shop is robust, precise, polished edges, and a high-quality aesthetics. It is lightweight and sturdy, with a lifetime warranty against fading, chipping, or cracking of the paint.

Outdoor LED Neon Lights Acrylic Sign Letters

Outdoor LED neon lights acrylic sign letters are properly made to meet your advertising demands. They’re simple to set up in any setting, and they’re also simple to maintain. In addition, extended life, efficient operation, and high-quality outputs.

3D RGB Acrylic LED Bar Letters Sign

Weprofab 3D RGB acrylic LED bar letters sign is applicable for store front, entertainment, and venue. Installation can be back bracket, screw, and free-standing. Available in a wide range of specifications.

Indoor Advertising Acrylic LED Letter Sign

This indoor advertising acrylic LED letter sign is ideal for parks, bars, coffee shops. Major qualities include high visibility, uniform light output, and most importantly, no maintenance. Various sizes are available.

High-Quality 3D Channel Letters Mini Acrylic Sign

High-quality 3D channel letters mini acrylic signs have low consumption and waterproof features. Excellent for long-term use, simple installation, good visual effect, and so on. CE, Rohs, UL, and ISO9001-approved.

Custom Acrylic 3D Backlit Alphabet Letter Sign

Acrylic 3D backlit alphabet letter sign can be custom-made to particular needs. They are easy to install on any surface – in exterior brick, interior office drywall, stucco, metal siding, and so on.

Room Acrylic Letter Decorative LED Neon Light Sign

Room acrylic letter decorative LED neon light sign comes in a range of colors, such as pink, red, blue, white, green, etc. Available at a more competitive price. Can be customized as per desired specifications.

Advertising Acrylic LED Letter Sign

Made of high-quality, transparent material. Available in a variety of styles for promotion and advertising applications. Features good gloss finish, high-cost performance. Comes with fine cutting and grinding.

Frosted Acrylic Letters Signs

Weprofab frosted acrylic letters signs are extremely versatile in terms of style and function. These signs are lighter in weight, sturdy, and can be custom painted to match any style.

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Why WeProFab Acrylic Sign Letters

WeProFab fabricates sturdy and durable acrylic sign letters for your project support. Acrylic sign letters are commonly seen at buildings whether commercial or industrial buildings. Commonly, coffee shops, book stores, convention centers, department stores, and many more selling areas.

For sign letters, acrylic is the most popular. Aside from affordable, acrylics sign letters are not heavy to prevent accidents. It is easy to install and lesser maintenance, unlike the other sign letters.

Acrylic sign letters are the most eye-catching signage. Aside from the quality of acrylic materials, it provides unique and amazing looks.

You can select acrylic sign letters such as heat resistant, customized, clear, and any features. We have plenty of stocks to supply so we can support your business.

WeProFab acrylic sign letters have great weatherability which can strongly fight sunlight. It has excellent strength and dimensional stability at the same time. Acrylic sign letters ahs low mold shrinkage.

Unlike other significant letters such as glasses, acrylic sign letters is an organic substance which is popular in making signage.

Acrylic sign letters are more effective than laminated glass sign letters. Acrylic has a lower thermal conductivity which provides the best insulation in buildings from heat.

If you find the best acrylic sign letters, WeProFab has a lot of features to choose from. We have our own skilled designers from engineering for perfect production.

As a professional and trusted supplier and manufacturer of acrylic sign letters in China, we have the capability to ensure the safety of each product you purchased. We have a wide range of acrylic sign letter fabrication with competitive rates to offer.

In this industry, we are a one-stop-shop solution for plastic production. We can help you save your cash with our affordable acrylic sign letters. We can lessen your efforts with our easy installation and fewer maintenance sign letters. Whatever your desired application for your acrylic sign letters, we can give the best suggestion and supply suitable for it.

WeProFab can supply finished products so you don’t have to worry about where to fix your desired letters for signage.

We prioritize the client’s designs and layouts to provide their great satisfaction when purchasing our products.

We can easily curved acrylics to form required letters and shapes. We have excellent facilities to support perfect production. For perfect plastic fabrication, we have our own modern technology machines.

In handling a business you need to find a trusted and long term business partner. But be vigilant when choosing the best one. Choose a certified manufacturer who can support the whole of your needs in processes.

For better results, don’t hesitate to deal with us. We can give all the information for a secure process. Send your inquiries on WeProfab and be successful in handling a project.

Acrylic Sign Letters: The Ultimate FAQ Guide

Whether you want to learn more or buy acrylic sign letters, this guide is for you.

It has everything you should know about acrylic sign letters – Starting from the benefits, color choices, uses, features, sizes to quality standards.

Let’s have a look:

 What are Acrylic Sign Letters?

They refer to relatively large letters or symbols, which are derived from a popular thermoplastic known as acrylic.

These letters or symbols are often organized in a manner that enables them to create a meaningful word or spell out the name of a business, location, address, or any sign.

They are always available in many options when it comes to size, color as well as finishes.

Moreover, you can use acrylic sign letters both for internal and external applications.

Clear acrylic letters

Clear acrylic letters

Why should you Invest in Acrylic Letters?

  • It gives your business or commercial premise, a professional and lasting impression, especially to your potential customers.

This goes a long way in increasing revenue and subsequent business sustainability since you’ll be attracting many clients to your premises.

  • These letters are incredibly versatile. Therefore, it means, you will be able to use them in a wide range of business sectors both for indoors and outdoors surfaces.

And this is fundamental since it enables you to cut on costs related to creating such acrylic signs.

  • Acrylic sign letters have solid construction of high-quality in addition to a professional and durable finish.

It thus implies that they can last for many years, which is advantageous since you will also save costs related to replacement of the same.

  • They are strong and have incredible resistance to impact.

The benefit of this is that they create a safer environment for all users since they do not break nor shatter.

  • These items are relatively affordable compared to others that might be offering the same solution.

Therefore, you do not need to spend a significant amount of money to acquire and install this type of sign letters.

  • They make the building look a bit more upscale, which is vital, especially as far as enhancing the value of your business is concerned.

And this is also essential when it comes to increasing brand awareness and encouraging potential clients to visit the outlet.

  • It is easy to clean and maintain acrylic sign letters. This is vital because it shows you can use them for longer periods without thinking of replacing them.
  • These signs are also lightweight. The essence of this is that it makes it easy for you to install it within your premises.

In fact, you can effortlessly install these types of letters as a DIY project without the need for support.

  • You can customize acrylic sign letters to suit your particular requirements.

In most instances, you can come up with unique fonts, colors, size, and also add-on features such as LED lights, among others.

Do Acrylic Sign Betters break?

Not at all.

The signed letter is made from acrylic, which naturally is a hardy material.

It has a high resistance to impact and hence cannot break.

It is approximately 17 times stronger than glass, thus showing how difficult it is to break it.

However, in the unlikely circumstance that is subjected to deliberate condition to break it, these sign letters might break but never shatter.

3D Acrylic letters

 3DAcrylic letters

Acrylic Sign Letters come in which Colors?

They come in multiple colors to choose from.

The essence of this is that it gives you the flexibility to determine the ideal color for your specific application.

The wide range of colors for acrylic sign letters also enables you to get one that is in line with the theme or your corporate color.

Different colors of acrylic letters

Different colors of acrylic letters

Acrylic Sign Letters are used Indoors or Outdoors?

You can use acrylic sign letters for both indoors and outdoors applications.

Letters for such applications tend to vary when it comes to a few elements such as weatherability, temperature tolerance, color choice, and other related elements.

Nonetheless, since acrylic is a versatile material, you can always create sign letters that suit both indoors and outdoors.

Of course, they will depend on specific conditions and requirements.

Are Acrylic Sign Letters expensive?

Not necessarily.

The cost of these sign letters is often based on various factors, such as the type of font, size, color, and customization needs.

The extra add-on features might also determine the price of this item.

In general, though, these letters are quite affordable, given the quality and functionality that they offer.

Compared to other materials that might offer the same solution, acrylic sign letters come out as relatively affordable.

How can you make Sign with Acrylic Letters?

You can use several techniques to make sign with acrylic letters.

The preferred method is dependent on the particular supplier, of course, depending on a wide range of aspects, including the availability of materials and return on investment.

The most common approach, is the use of a laser cutting machine.

In this case, all you need to have is the acrylic sheet of ideal thickness and other relevant tools such as a pencil and other markers, among others.

You will use dummy letters to guide you in getting the preferable acrylic letter signs.

In most instances, the laser cutter will always perform this function automatically.

All you need to do is ensuring that all the settings of the machine are right.

The good thing with laser cutting as a preferred method for making acrylic sign letters is that it is multipurpose.

In simple words, you can use it to cut, engrave, as well as polish these letters.

Furthermore, it is faster, highly efficient, and offers incredible precision and accuracy when making these sign letters.

Can you make Custom Fonts and Logos with Acrylic Sign Letters?

Absolutely yes!

In fact, the essence of creating acrylic sign letters is to make customized fonts and logos.

What happens is that businesses and other establishments are quite different in many ways.

It is thus necessary to ensure that you come up with something unique that will enable you to stand out.

Customized logos and fonts are what ideally, define your business by giving it the identity.

The ideal way of attaining this, of course, is by making customized acrylic sign letters fonts and logos.

Making such letters is easy as long as you have a blueprint of what and how you would like it to appear.

The designs will always guide the manufacturer in making these customized logos and fonts.

How Long do Acrylic Sign Letters Last?

Generally, the overall lifespan of acrylic sign letters is dependent on several factors, particularly the environment.

Also, it depends on how you take care of acrylic sign letter.

Besides, it will also depend on the environmental conditions.

Acrylic sign letters for indoor applications will, of course, last longer than those designed and installed for outdoor applications.

Remember, acrylic sheet has excellent resistance to many factors such as impact, weatherability, temperature, and UV radiation.

Therefore, they have a longer lifespan.

On the low, with all factors constant, acrylic letters should last for at least 5 years before it starts to deteriorate.

That notwithstanding, it can last for close to 15 years or more if in the right conditions and well maintained.

What are the Features of Acrylic Sign Letters?

Acrylic sign letters

Acrylic sign letters

Lightweight – These letters are almost half the weight of glass sign letters.

This is essential since it makes it easy to install them without any support, especially for DIY projects.

Sturdy – They have incredible resistance to impact and hence cannot easily break. They are about 17 times stronger than glass sign letters and an indication of how solid they are.

High optical clarity – Acrylic sign letters allow sufficient light to pass through them, about 90%, hence increasing their optical clarity.

UV resistant– They block UV rays from getting into the material hence preventing them from discoloring or yellowing, easily.

Easy to fabricate – Acrylic sign letters are quite popular in the market since you can easily fabricate them to produce preferable shape, size, font, and finishing, among others.

The essence of this is that it allows for easy customization of your specific logo or sign for that matter.

Temperature tolerant – These types of sign letters also have incredible tolerance to extreme temperatures.

They can withstand high and low temperatures for a prolonged period without deforming.

Robust construction – Acrylic sign letters have high-quality construction and a high level of artistry.

And this is fundamental since it enhances the upscale appearance of such items.

Dimensional stability – They portray ideal dimensional stability and relatively low mold shrinkage, thus necessary for outdoor applications.

Where can Acrylic Letters be used?

These items are common in most commercial and industrial buildings, as well as a few residential areas.

Acrylic letters are vital in places since they help to create the identity and necessary information regarding the same.

Some of the examples of such buildings and establishments include the following;

  • Coffee shops
  • Bookstores
  • Department stores
  • Convention centers
  • Hotels and eateries
  • Companies
  • Learning institutions
  • Government premises
  • Entertainment joints
  • Fashion outlets
  • Automobile bazaars
  • Gas stations
  • Hospitals
  • Stadiums and sports facilities
  • Religion centers

As you can see, acrylic sign letters are used in almost all the establishments that have names and logos.

Can you Polish Acrylic Sign Letters?

Polished acrylic letter

Polished acrylic letter

Most definitely!

Acrylic sign letters can be polished using numerous techniques as a way of enhancing their clarity and glossiness.

One typical way of polishing these letters is through buffing.

Buffing, primarily, refers to removal of unwanted coat or film that has formed on the surface of these acrylic sign letters.

It involves eliminating the accrued debris or any form of dirt that is stuck on the surface material of this item.

Buffing is an ideal way of polishing acrylic letters, given that it utilizes an effective paste together with a work-wheel.

The paste is applied on the surface of these letters, and the work-wheel scrubs the paste at a relatively fast speed. It then results in shiny acrylic sign letters.

The other ideal method that you can utilize is to polish acrylic sign letters is known as vapor polishing.

This technique uses solvent vapor, which tends to flow over the surface of acrylic sign letters, thus producing a clear finish.

The result of vapor polishing is dependent on how the original finish of these letters was before polishing.

Before vapor polishing, it is always ideal to ensure that the surface is spotless.

Then there is flame polishing.

This refers to a polishing method for acrylic sign letters that involves the use of fine, high temperature, hydrogen-based flame.

This flame has flowed over the surface of these letters, which leads to glossy finish if done appropriately.

Do Acrylic Sign Letters scratch easily?

Not necessarily.

What happens is that most suppliers always incorporate anti-scratch coating on the surface of these sign letters.

This coating prevents any abrasion from easily scratching or creating marks on the surface of these letters.

Nonetheless, the acrylic sign letters also do not scratch easily.

It is because, in most instances, they are always mounted on a raised surfaced.

Even though acrylic is generally a soft material that is prone to scratches, this aspect of mounting the sign letters reduces the possibility.

In other words, the exposure to possible abrasive factors is reduced by mounting acrylic sign letters on raised surfaces.

What are the Types of Acrylic Letters that are available?

They are quite a several, and some of the most common ones come in two primary categories, which include the following;

3D Acrylic sign letters – They are also known as built-up acrylic sign letters.

They are regarded as the most outstanding sign letters currently in the market.

Also, they create an eye-catching 3D effect hence ideal for attracting attention.

3D Acrylic letters

 3D Acrylic letters

In most instances, these types of acrylic letters are often combined with LED lights.

And this is what creates a halo illumination ideal for making your establishment to stand out.

It is currently, the typical type of acrylic sign letters that are used in various sectors, both indoor and outdoor.

Also, it comes in different categories to match the user’s preference.

Manufacturing of these types’ of letters varies, but in most cases, CNC machining is often used.

They include the following;

  • Acrylic sign electrical letters
  • Backlit acrylic sign letters
  • Clear acrylic sign letters
  • Decorative acrylic sign
  • Polished acrylic signs with chrome fittings
  • Acrylic sign letters with broader
  • Beaded acrylic sign letters
  • Painted acrylic sign letters
  • Vinyl acrylic sign letters

Flat cut acrylic letters – They are also popular, especially in conservative establishments.

This type also provides a wide range of possibilities making it easy to choose the ideal suitable for your needs.

Acrylic flat cut letters

Acrylic flat cut letters

Additionally, you can as well make flat cut acrylic sign letters of different shapes, sizes, and a wide variety of font styles.

Color option is also unlimited in this type of acrylic sign letter.

If you are looking for an ideal option to create an elusive yet professional look, this is your best bet.

How do you Install Acrylic Letters?

There are several varying techniques that you can use to install acrylic letters and numbers.

One of the most important aspects is making sure that you determine the surface of installation and the size of the font.

It also depends on the type of acrylic sign letter that you are installing.

For instance, when installing a flat cut acrylic letter, you won’t necessarily need a completely flat surface.

Even so, it helps in making sure that the display of lettering is correct.

Ideally, there are two significant ways that you can use to fix this material;

Acrylic sign letter

Acrylic sign letter

Acrylic flush fixing – It involves the use of a commercially double-sided adhesive tape to the rear section of each letter.

The protective film that captures this adhesive tape is then removed upon installation.

This is to allow these letters to fix onto the surface easily.

There is a template, which is then placed into a position of on to the wall that indicates precisely where every letter needs to be placed.

Use of adhesive tape in this installation process helps in enhancing clean fixing by preventing contacts with messy glue.

This tape also forms a sturdy bond between the letters and the wall surface.

It also helps in ensuring that these letters are firmly fixed for durability.

Acrylic raised-off-the wall fixing – It is the second method that you can use to install acrylic sign letters.

It involves using a two-part wall bracket to affix the letters tightly on the wall.

The female part is fixed on the wall, whereas the male part is fixed on the rear side of each letter or number.

These two parts are fixed using a screw and a wall plug.

You’ll then position a paper template up on the wall upon installation.

It helps in creating marks where all the female fixings need to be placed.

And once all the female fixings are in position, the letters or numbers that have male fixings pop into place.

This installation technique allows for the sign to be moved at a later date.

This two-part fixing ensures a sturdy fixing ideal for durability.

Even so, if you’d wish for permanent fixing, you’d still use adhesive to fuse these two fixings to prevent detaching.

For complicated designs, it would always be vital to seek assistance from a professional.

Do Acrylic Letters yellow in the Sun?

Generally, prolonged exposure of acrylic sign letters to direct sunlight would lead to yellowing.

What happens is that units, which form acrylic material, tend to get weaker the more it continues to be exposed to UV rays.

Therefore, once these units start to become weak, acrylic sign letters start to lose clarity gradually, turning yellow.

The yellowing can be intense, depending on the grade and type of acrylic material that the sign letters are made of.

It is also essential to know that not all types of acrylic sign letters yellow in the sun.

Some specific grade usually maintains the color and clarity to eternity.

All you need to do is making sure that you polish it often as a way of restoring clarity and color.

What is the Ideal Size of Acrylic Sign Letters?

It entirely depends on your preference and where you are going to install it.

You see, these sign letters are always used to display some form of identity or branding.

It is thus necessary to ensure that whatever the size you are selecting, they have to be visible.

In a nutshell, if you are placing these sign letters outdoor, you have to ensure that size is reasonable enough for people to have a clear view.

Letters with different fonts

Letters with different fonts

How do Acrylic Sign Letters compare with Glass Sign Letters?

Acrylic sign letters are often lightweight compared to glass sign letters.

The former is almost half the weight of the latter.

Acrylic sign letters also have high resistance to impact, UV, extreme temperatures, and exceptional dimensional stability than glass sign letters.

Furthermore, acrylic sign letters are relatively easy to fabricate hence making it possible to customize them into your preferred size, shape, and color.

On the other hand, glass sign letters can be difficult to mold hence posing a challenge when it comes to personalization.

Acrylic letters are also safer to use than glass letters.

First, they are eco-friendly, and secondly, they do not break easily or shatter hence posing close to zero hazards.

Glass letters, on the other hand, are not friendly to the environment.

Moreover, they also pose a hazard in high human traffic areas since they can easily break and shatter.

It is easier to clean and maintain acrylic sign letters than it is to glass sign letters.

In many instances, the outdoor acrylic signs would possibly self-clean, especially when it rains.

Also, with regards to scratch-resistance, glass sign letters stand out as superior to acrylic letters.

Even so, it would be so tricky for acrylic letters to get scratches since they are mounted on raised surfaces.

Which Material can you use in place of Acrylic Letters?

There are two types of materials that you can use in place of acrylic sign letters, which include glass and polycarbonate.

Glass is relatively inferior to acrylic.

Still, it can be used in making these signs, albeit it doesn’t possess excellent features.

Polycarbonate material, on the other hand, stands out as a better alternative for acrylic letters.

Polycarbonate and acrylic tend to share more or less similar features with slight variances.

For instance, it is equally, more impact resistant, lightweight, UV resistant, and has incredible dimensional stability.

Moreover, polycarbonate is also easy to fabricate and has better optical clarity, just like acrylic material.

What Factors do you need to Consider before choosing Acrylic Sign Letters Design?

Font size – It is unquestionably an essential aspect to consider in any choice revolving around acrylic sign letters design.

You need to ensure that you’re going for a font size that is clearly visible from a particular distance.

Font type – You also need to check and determine the right type of font that is ideal for your establishment. Some people would

Can you Illuminate Acrylic Sign Letters?

Backlit acrylic sign letters

 Backlit acrylic sign letters

Absolutely! Most of these sign letters are connected with LED lights.

These lights illuminate the letters making eye-catching and, at the same time, enhancing the functionality and efficiency of this item.

Why import Acrylic Sign Letters from China?

The quality of the acrylic sign letter made in China is top-notch.

Remember, you can always use these types of letters, but it is the quality that makes your business stand out.

Another reason is that most of these items are relatively affordable in China than any other parts of the world.

This, of course, enables you to save quite a significant amount of money that you’d otherwise channel to other equally important projects.

China also has advanced technology as far as the manufacturing of these sign letters is concerned.

Chinese manufacturers have knowledgeable personnel, adequate high-quality raw materials, and sophisticated equipment for producing these letters.

Chinese acrylic sign letters also come in a wide range of variety.

The significance of this is that it broadens your options.

This way, you’ll be able to get the specific type that suits your particular requirements.

Reliable Chinese suppliers such as WeProFab also provides valid warranties upon purchasing these items.

The customer support before, during, and after the purchasing this item is also top-notch, thus making it easy for you to make the right choices.

How can you check the Quality of Acrylic Sign Letters?

There are specific tests that are used to determine the quality of acrylic sign letters.

Some of these tests include the following;

  • Scratch-resistance tests as a way of determining the quality of manufacturing
  • Chemical resistance test
  • Heat resistance tests
  • UV resistance tests
  • Dimensional stability tests
  • Refractive index tests

Additionally, there are also a number of quality standards, which ideal acrylic sign letters need to conform to before even getting to the end-users.

Some of the common standards include ISO 1183, CE, RoHS, and ASTM, among others.

As you can see, there are a number of factors you should consider when buying acrylic letters.

We hope, you got answers to all your questions about acrylic letters.

Now, we would like to hear from you.

Can you share your experience with acrylic sign letters?

For custom acrylic sign letters, contact WeProFab now.

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