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Acrylic Skylights

WeProFab is one of the premier acrylic skylight manufacturers in China. We offered excellent range of quality acrylic skylights that can skyrocket your business. We have the full capability to offer custom solutions for you. Send us your drawings today!

Get WeProFab Acrylic Skylights to Delight Your Customers

As a professional acrylic skylight manufacturer, WeProFab is dedicated to manufacture real promising top-quality acrylic skylight. We offer a variety of skylight shapes, types, and sizes. WeProFab can provide the most professional service for you.

Acrylic Skylight Manufacturer

As an experienced acrylic skylight manufacturer, we have a wide understanding to develop outstanding products according to specifications. Products offered at competitive prices.

Acrylic Sheet Manufacturer

WeProFab as an acrylic sheet manufacturer, we could offer high-quality acrylic skylight products at an affordable cost. Great raw material advantage is a cost.


Acrylic Skylight Cut to Size

WeProFab can cut to size acrylic skylight precisely through following your layout and specifications. Save time and cost as waste of material and processing method is prevented.

Pyramid Acrylic Skylight

WeProFab can design an ideal pyramid acrylic skylight to meet project requirements. WeProFab is glad to help you from concept to production.

Acrylic Dome Skylight

If you need an acrylic dome skylight for some specific application, WeProFab got your back. We have professional engineers to manage every process of the whole production.

Tinted Acrylic Skylight

Different thickness and size of tinted acrylic skylight is attainable in WeProFab. You can discuss with your requirements, as we could adjust and give you perfect tinted acrylic skylight suits your need.

WeProFab: Your Premier Acrylic Skylights Manufacturer

WeProFab is a joint-venture company between WeeTect Material Limited and a Chinese local plastic fabrication manufacturer. We tend to offer you a one-stop solution for plastic fabrication.

WeProFab acrylic skylight offers perfect for room illumination. Whether installed in commercial or residential buildings, our kind of acrylic skylight is your ideal solution. We’re proud to produce and offer the industry’s premier acrylic skylight.

We keep developing new, innovative, unique products to meet every client’s needs. Find the best way to make your business productive with WeProFab. Send us an inquiry today ; we will not fail your expectations.


Custom Acrylic Skylights to Skyrocket Your Brand

Curb-mounted Acrylic Skylight

WeProFab curb-mounted acrylic skylight offers secure thermal sealing and outstanding water management. Redesigning units to meet specific needs can be managed by our efficient team.

Custom Acrylic Skylight

Whether you need acrylic skylight for you retail store or other projects, WeProFab is your solution. We offer complete customization of product within our innovative control room.

Clear Acrylic Skylight

Find perfect clear acrylic skylight in WeProFab. As leading manufacturer with broad experienced, we have great capability to design you new high quality clear acrylic skylight.

Blue Acrylic Skylights

Blue Acrylic Skylights are a great acrylic skylight offering excellent value for money. It provides outstanding versatility with multiple dome configurations.

Bronze Frame Acrylic Skylights

Bronze Frame Acrylic Skylights are available with a thermal barrier. It is available in a range of dimensions to suit any daylighting specification.

Double Dome Acrylic Skylights

Double Dome Acrylic Skylights are made from the highest quality extruded acrylic. It is long-lasting skylights expected life for more than 20 years with regular maintenance.

Half Round Acrylic Skylights

Half Round Acrylic Skylights is finished with an aluminum exterior frame and crafted to deliver superior durability and stability. It is impact-resistant and withstands harmful outdoor elements.

Hip-Ridge Acrylic Skylights

Hip-Ridge Acrylic Skylights provide superior water management and secure thermal seal. It is easy to install with a new and improved frame design.

Octagonal Acrylic Skylights

Octagonal Acrylic Skylights are designed with a metal-framed structure. It offers virtually unlimited design possibilities for a fully customized specification.

Round Acrylic Skylights

Round Acrylic Skylights is available with a wide choice of high-performance glazing and finish options. This skylight offers architects unlimited options for amazing, cost-effective designs.

Single Slope Acrylic Skylights

Single Slope Acrylic Skylights are built to meet energy conservation codes. It is designed simple yet suitable for a wide variety of projects and applications.  It can be customized to cover extensive spans and use any glazing type.

Structural Ridge Acrylic Skylights

Structural Ridge Acrylic Skylights are available on any roof pitch and nearly any size. We can do custom powder coats and finishes to exceed your requirements.

Trapezoidal Acrylic Skylights

Trapezoidal Acrylic Skylights have great profiling and bending rigidity. They are ideal for installation in areas where a high insulating value is not required.

UV-Resistant Acrylic Skylights

UV-Resistant Acrylic Skylights are made from UV-resistant & waterproof covers, high tensile strength & long-lasting material. Weprofab is capable of producing today’s high-performance glazing.

Wedge Rectangular Acrylic Skylights

Wedge Rectangular Acrylic Skylights are popular for their compactness of the material and a longer lifespan. It guarantees long-term usability with a surface virtually spotless.

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Why WeProFab Acrylic Skylights

WeProFab acrylic skylight tends to be a more practical choice for public skylights. They can be used in gymnasiums, lobbies, recreation rooms, reception rooms, libraries, machine shops, and laboratories. Also, this is suited in classroom buildings, offices, drafting, and reading areas. While in the home, it can be perfectly installed in stairways areas, stockrooms, locker rooms, washrooms, kitchens, dining areas, and baths.

WeProFab acrylic skylight has the ability which sunlight can pass through in many angles. As a result, more light enter the rooms. Clear acrylic skylights are perfect for room illumination while acrylic skylight with tint is the best choice if you want to soften the light and eliminate the glare. Certainly, acrylic skylights are best used on flat roofs with large openings. Acrylic dome skylights have good heat insulation and light control ability. It can block the majority of harmful UV radiation and build a comfortable and healthy indoor environment.

Acrylic Skylight

Acrylic dome skylights are produced through advanced thermoforming techniques using high-quality acrylic sheets. These can be manufactured in different sizes, shapes, styles, and colors. Different colors available are white, bronze, clear, etc. And we can offer acrylic dome window, acrylic bubble skylights, acrylic pyramid skylights, acrylic round skylight, depending on the dimensions in your area. WeProFab acrylic dome perfect fit for areas where extreme temperature variations. It allows for lesser energy transfer. Another thing is acrylic is easier to clean has strong shatter-resistant. Moreover, because it is lighter in weight, an acrylic dome can be move, lift and installed easily.

These acrylic dome skylights are cost-effective than glasses. And it can be made much larger than other materials. Though all materials worked well for most of skylight installations, acrylic domes is perfect for your specific application. Our acrylic dome skylights are manufactured along with our advanced in-house equipment. It has proven as weather-resistant and maintenance-free.

Acrylic Skylight

WeProFab fabricates acrylic domes do some special surface treatments such as anti-fog, super abrasion resistant, anti-scratch, anti-glare, and so on. As a certified ISO 9001 plastic fabrication company, WeProFab performs strict quality control and after-sales. We are dedicated to being your one-stop-shop solution on acrylic domes. Whether you need small or large acrylic dome volumes, WeProFab will meet your needs. Acrylic dome skylights prices are reasonable.

WeProFab as one of the best acrylic dome skylight manufacturers, we provide full technical assistance to each of our customers. For that so, they and you could save effort and lesser cost. Acrylic dome skylight’s lightweight, high impact resistance, excellent light performance and weather resistance, WeProFab acrylic dome skylights serve as the best choice for every skylight installation.

For your acrylic skylight needs, please don’t hesitate to consult us. Our technical staffs are glad to advise and help with your planning. Also, our site provides in-depth information about our products and services. To get a quote on acrylic dome fabrication, kindly contact us. Let us know your requirements and allow us to deliver you satisfying products right away.

The Ultimate FAQ Guide to Acrylic Skylight

Skylights are structures that transmit light and form part of a roof.

They are used for daylighting to allow natural sunlight to light up the rooms inside a building.

Acrylic skylights are made from acrylic, a thermoplastic that is often used as an alternative to glass or polycarbonate.

This ultimate guide will answer all the frequently asked questions you may have about acrylic skylights.

How Long Do Acrylic Skylights Last?

Acrylic skylights can last up to 15 to 20 years.

However, improper installation of the skylight can affect its lifespan as leaks from the skylight edges can damage the skylight.

Skylights can also be damaged if they are hit by something.

What Is The Difference Between Glass And Acrylic Skylights?

glass skylight

Glass skylight

Acrylic skylights typically have a dome or bubble shape.

They are lighter than glass and suitable for installation on roofs with low slopes or flat roofs.

The dome shape stops water from collecting on the surface.

Acrylic skylights, due to their dome shape, can take in sunlight from many angles.

This allows more light to pass into the room.

Hence, acrylic skylights are more suitable if your objective is to ensure the room is well-lit with natural sunlight.

They will not shatter, unlike glass.

Acrylic skylights are also more cost-effective than glass.

Glass skylights, on the other hand, are usually flat in shape and used on pitched roofs.

They are typically installed at an angle to prevent water from collecting on the surface on the flat glass surface.

They allow more direct sunlight to pass through the glass into the room while preventing less ultraviolet rays from passing through.

It is also more sound-proof compared to acrylic skylights.

Glass also does not allow as much heat transfer compared to acrylic so it is better for insulation.

It also has a clearer appearance as acrylic skylights can get cloudy with age due to ultraviolet rays and sun exposure.

Glass also does not crack as easily during hailstorms, especially glass that has been treated for higher performance.

What Is The Difference Between Polycarbonate And Acrylic Skylights?

polycarbonate skylight

Polycarbonate skylight

Polycarbonate skylights are 15 times stronger than standard acrylic skylights which make them suitable for use if you are in an area with hailstorms.

It is almost entirely shatter-proof and will not bend, break or crack during harsh environmental conditions.

What Are The Different Types Of Acrylic Skylights?

There are three main types of skylights.

1. Fixed skylights

Fixed skylight

Fixed skylight

Fixed skylights are great for rooms that need additional light but do not provide any ventilation as you cannot open fixed skylights.

They are designed for areas which are out of reach and provide great external views that add to the aesthetic of a room.

However, they cannot open to let out excess humidity in a room.

2. Vented skylights

Vented skylight

Vented skylight

Vented skylights bring more natural sunlight into rooms and you can open vented skylights to provide ventilations for kitchens and bathrooms.

They are easy to clean and can be put in areas that are out of reach.

There are vented skylights that you can open manually or open via remote control.

You can open them to allow heat to escape during summer or closed during rain.

3. Tubular skylights

Tubular skylights are a good choice to bring natural sunlight into enclosed spaces such as hallways and foyers.

A shaft is connected from the roof into the space you want to illuminate.

tubular skylight

Tubular skylight

The interior of the shaft acts as a continuous mirror that reflects light along the length of the tube.

This ensures that the intensity of light shining into the skylight is preserved and carried into the room.

They fit into smaller and tighter spaces especially when the roof or attic has obstructions such as venting or wiring.

However, tubular skylights do not provide a view outside the house, unlike fixed and vented skylights.

What Are The Different Styles Of Acrylic Skylights?

1. Dome skylights

dome skylight

Dome skylight

These skylights have a dome shape which is the most resistant to hail.

They minimize energy transfer and gather light from many angles due to its shape.

A clear acrylic dome is ideal for you if you want to ensure a room is fully illuminated.

Dome skylights also do not collect water and allow water to run off quickly.

It also has less tendency to contract and expand and hence less likelihood of damage.

2. Polygon skylights

polygon skylight

Polygon skylight

Polygon skylights have a polygonal base, such as an octagon, and project upwards in a curved shape.

They add a dramatic effect to skylights and are made up of flat panels in a polygonal shape.

The polygon skylight does not collect water as water will roll down the surface.

3. Pyramid skylights

pyramid skylight

Pyramid skylights

Pyramid skylights are shaped like pyramids with a rectangular or a square base.

Water will roll down a pyramid skylight instead of collecting at the top and causing damage.

With its sharp corners, it is aerodynamic and will not buckle under strong wind.

Light that shines into the prism of the pyramid skylight is transferred at a wide angle and illuminates the room better than other shapes.

What Are The Different Types Of Acrylic Skylight Domes?

There are single, double and triple domes.

Single domes are suitable for areas where energy efficiency is not a top priority for you.

Double domes, consisting of an outer dome and inner dome, provide more insulation and hence are more energy efficient than single domes.

Triple domes are not as common and consist of 3 domes taped together.

These are used if double domes do not provide enough insulation for you.

Is It Possible To Have Tinted Acrylic Skylights?

Yes, it is possible to have white, bronze and grey acrylic skylights.

White acrylic skylights appear translucent and fully diffuse light.

They transmit light well with low heat transfer.

Bronze acrylic skylights appear transparent with a slight bronze tint.

Light that passes through bronze acrylic skylights has less glare and light and heat are not very diffused.

Grey acrylic skylights appear transparent with a slight grey tint.

Similar to bronze acrylic skylights, grey acrylic skylights have less light glare and the heat and light will not be very diffused.

Are White Opaque Acrylic Skylights or Clear Acrylic Skylights Recommended?

White skylights reflect heat and keep a house cool.

By diffusing the light over the room it is in, it provides even lighting throughout the room and requires less maintenance.

You may need to clean clear skylights because any debris that falls on the skylights would make them look ugly.

They provide better views as you can see outside, but clear acrylic skylights also let in more heat.

What Is A Curb Mounted Acrylic Skylight?

curb mounted skylight

Curb mounted skylight

A curb mounted skylight has a box frame for the acrylic skylight to be mounted on.

This frame has to be fastened to the roof and flashed by installing thin material to prevent water from leaking in around the skylight, before the skylight can be attached to the top of the curb frame.

This allows you to replace skylights easily without having to re-flash the skylight, reducing the labour required for replacement.

Curb mounting is required for roofs that have slopes less than 14°.

However, a curb-mounted acrylic skylight has a higher profile on the roof which makes it less aesthetically pleasing.

What Is A Deck Mounted Acrylic Skylight?

deck mounted skylight

Deck mounted skylight

A deck mounted acrylic skylight is nailed directly to the roof deck.

It has a flat profile on the roof which may be more pleasing to the eye.

The deck mounted acrylic skylight also has higher energy efficiency as the curb is the skylight itself.

Deck mounting is suitable for roofs that have slopes more than 14°.

Are There Coatings For Acrylic Skylights?

Yes, coatings can strengthen acrylic skylights and make them more resistant to weathering and ultraviolet light from the sun.

They can also ensure that acrylic skylights do not get cloudy which would decrease the light transmission of the natural sunlight into the building.

Are Acrylic Skylights Easy To Clean And Maintain?

Acrylic skylights are easy to clean and maintain and soap and water is sufficient to clean acrylic skylights.

You can rinse the skylight with water to remove dust and grit.

After that, you can use a clean sponge or cloth with mild household detergent (20% detergent and 80% water) to wash the skylight.

Rinse off the detergent with a high power cold water rinse.

You can dry the skylight with a chamois or moist sponge to prevent water spots.

Finish off with a plastic cleaner to have a waxed finish for your acrylic skylight.

This video demonstrates how to clean skylights.

A cleaner with alcohol or an abrasive cleaner cannot be used on acrylic skylights. An abrasive cleaner will scratch acrylic skylights.

You should also not clean the skylight in direct sunlight or at hot temperatures.

You should not use squeegees or anything that can trap stones or grit to clean your skylight.

Can Acrylic Skylights Crack?

cracked skylight

Cracked skylight

Yes, they can crack when hit by objects such as hailstones or tree branches.

You can easily fix cracks by using acrylic caulking, acrylic solvent cements or replacing the acrylic skylight.

How Scratch-Resistant Are Acrylic Skylights?

Acrylic skylights can be scratched by debris.

Polycarbonate skylights can also be scratched by debris, while glass is less likely to be scratched.

How Can Scratches Be Removed From Acrylic Skylights?

Minor scratches can be removed or hidden with auto wax.

There may be small abrasives in the wax or polish that can remove scratches and buff the acrylic skylight until it is clear.

What Are The Benefits Of Acrylic Skylights?

  • Reduce consumption of electricity

Acrylic skylights allow natural sunlight to be used to light up a room and reduce the need for artificial lighting.

This increases the energy efficiency of your home.

  • Reduce the buildup of mold in damp areas

With natural lighting, damp areas such as basements and bathrooms will have less harmful organism and mold that form.

  • Better looking buildings

Acrylic skylights which are transparent and clear allow natural sunlight to come in which increases the aesthetic appeal of a room.

WhenShould You Replace An Acrylic Skylight?

The most common time to replace an acrylic skylight is when you replace your roofing system.

This is because it is cheaper to install new skylights together with a new roof, instead of opening holes in your roof to replace old skylights.

If the seal between the skylight and the roof fails, the entire section around the skylight will be have to be removed which incurs extra cost.

This video shows a step-by-step guide to replacing an acrylic skylight.

Are There Coverings For Acrylic Skylights?

Yes, there are.

Wire cages can be fitted around acrylic skylights to prevent damage from hailstorms and for general safety.

Skylight screens are also available to limit glare from the sun or ultraviolet exposure.

skylight screen

Skylight screen

If you would like the ability to control the amount of glare from the sun, skylight blinds or shades can be utilized.

skylight blind

Skylight blinds

These are fabric covers that are wrapped around the exterior of the skylight.

Will Acrylic Skylights Increase The Room Temperature?

It will not increase the temperature significantly if you purchase high quality acrylic skylights that can insulate heat very well.

The extent to which acrylic skylights transmit heat can be determined by looking at the insulation value and solar heat transmission values of the material.

To further reduce heat transfer, double glazed or triple glazed acrylic skylights can be used.

The direction of a skylight is another important factor.

A skylight that is installed in the south of a roof gets more light than heat during the day.

Will Acrylic Skylights Increase The Ultraviolet Exposure Of A Room?

Acrylic skylights that have a UV resistant coating and increased diffusion will reduce the amount of ultraviolet rays passing into a room.

To further reduce ultraviolet exposure, clear diffusers can be attached to acrylic skylights to soften the glare of the sun and reduce the transmission of ultraviolet rays.

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