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Acrylic Sneeze Guard

Wanting to have safety and protection for your businesses especially nowadays? WeProFab has good news for that since we fabricated the very essential and practical acrylic sneeze guard. It has plenty of types that is suitable for your needs. Message us now!

Get WeProFab Acrylic Sneeze Guard to Delight Your Customers

Our acrylic sneeze guard is ideal nowadays since it gives protection and safety for everyone. Many types of acrylic sneeze guards are suitable for various types of businesses.

Indoor Acrylic Sneeze Guard

Our indoor acrylic sneeze guard is very applicable in all types of indoor businesses since it has perfect protection for everyone. It has a durable material that is not easily cracked.

Acrylic Sneeze Guard Manufacturer

As we are the main producer of acrylic products in China, we can assure that our acrylic sneeze guard can fit your business demand. Our acrylic sneeze guard products can be accessible in very durable material.

Clear Acrylic Sneeze Guard

Our clear acrylic sneeze guard protects any time. It is perfect for any purpose. It has a crystal clear appearance in which you can distinctly see each other.

Custom Acrylic Sneeze Guard

WeProFab offers to customize the acrylic sneeze guard to suit your necessity. We can assure you to have satisfied with the product since we produce based on your designs.

Isolation Board Acrylic Sneeze Guard

At WeProFab, the isolation board acrylic sneeze guard is perfect for designating hospital patients with an infectious or contagious disease. It can be also applicable to other business types.

Transparent Acrylic Sneeze Guard

Our transparent acrylic sneeze guard has a clear appearance and is easy to clean up. It provides an effective barrier against carrying since it is durable and lightweight.

WeProFab: Your Leading Acrylic Sneeze Guard Manufacturer

If you want to have a safety shield for your business or personal use, WeProFab can be your one-stop solution. We produce plenty of types in our acrylic sneeze guards that are suitable for every need. You can pick from our acrylic sneeze guard that’s suited for your desk usage, or have portable since it is easy to carry.

You can have also a freestanding and spit divider for your acrylic sneeze guard. Or you can send us your personalized acrylic sneeze guard and we produce it reaching your expectation from your desired design. Since we perform a product procedure that includes CNC cutting, thermoforming, and bonding. We strictly manage the quality of our products before delivering them to you.

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Custom Acrylic Sneeze Guard to Expand Your Brand

4mm Acrylic Sneeze Guard

If you want to have 4mm for your acrylic sneeze guard, WeProFab can provide it for you. It can still have great protection for everyone’s use.

Acrylic Desk Sneeze Guard

Using our acrylic desk sneeze guard you can have more spaces for your paperwork, documents, and more. It provides you with a safe environment.

Acrylic Portable Sneeze Guard

If you are looking for easy to move an acrylic sneeze guard to another place, WeProFab has a solution for you. It gives you any time protection.

Freestanding Acrylic Sneeze Guard

It can be easily polished and disinfected. It can be also a barrier between customers and employees since it can be used anywhere.

Spit Divider Acrylic Sneeze Guard

Our glossy protective barriers keep your work environment free and virus free. It has protection and safeness in all works.

Acrylic Protective Sneeze Guard For Car

The cars’ acrylic protective sneeze guards have high resolution, affordable, and durable advantages. They are suitable, especially for taxi applications where random people are exposed. These protection materials are excellent sneeze, cough, and mouth droplet barriers.

Acrylic Screen Window Sneeze Guard

Acrylic sneeze guards with screen windows are ideal protection for workers and employees. These sneeze guards prevent the spreading of infectious viruses. They are easy to disinfect and clean using mild solutions. Their dimensions and level of transparency are customizable.

Acrylic Wrap Around Sneeze Guard

The acrylic wrap-around sneeze guards are suitable for student protection at school. They are easy to carry, handle, and install. Using these acrylic sneeze guards will reduce bacteria exposure. They also have wrap-around white acrylic for personalization and marks.

Acrylic Partition Divider Sneeze Guard

Acrylic sneeze guards as partition dividers reach more than 92% transparency. Depending on customers’ choices, they have customizable sizes, thicknesses, and styles. These acrylic sneeze guards have glossy surfaces on both sides or are frosted at one side.

Acrylic Market Stall Sneeze Guard

The acrylic market stall sneeze guards are available in various shapes, including squares. They are easy to assemble and clean. These acrylic sneeze guards protect foods or other displayed items from dust, dirt, and sneeze droplets.

Multifunctional Folding Acrylic Sneeze Guard

Multifunctional folding acrylic sneeze guards are easy to handle and install. They are applicable for various applications, including banks, hotels, schools, offices, and more. Their acrylic composition makes them more durable, not easy to break, and yellowing.

Three Sides Acrylic Sneeze Guard

The acrylic sneeze guards with three sides have customizable sizes and thicknesses, depending on applications. Their three-sided design fully protects the employees from droplets caused by coughs and sneezes. They are perfect for offices where staff can safely work.

Compact Acrylic Sneeze Guard

The compact acrylic sneeze guards feature durability, eco-friendly, foldable, and easy to carry properties. They are adequate protection when at office works and schools. These acrylic sneeze guards are in-demand nowadays, especially for preventing the spread of Covid viruses.

Acrylic Countertop Desk Sneeze Guard

Acrylic sneeze guards for countertop desks will remain longer without yellowing. They are designed with no sharp edges, making them stylish and safe to use. Their sizes, thicknesses, and level of transparency are customizable.

Acrylic Table Stand Sneeze Guard

The acrylic table stands sneeze guards have opened holes for transmitting. They are practical, durable, and stylish protection from sneeze and cough droplets. These acrylic sneeze guards are easy to install for public places. They help prevent saliva spreading and disinfection.  

Acrylic Floor Standing Sneeze Guard

Acrylic floor standing sneeze guards are suitable for hotels, shopping malls, indoor offices, retail shops, exhibitions, and more. They are supported with metal frames for stable standing positions. These acrylic-made sneeze guards are easy to assemble and have lighter weight.

Acrylic Desk Divider Sneeze Guard

The acrylic sneeze guards desk divider comes in various colors and dimensions. They are easy to assemble and indeed suit desk measurements. These sneeze guards are made from eco-friendly and durable acrylic materials.

Modern Acrylic Protective Sneeze Guard

Modern acrylic protective sneeze guards are an affordable substitute for glass. They have lighter weight, customizable shapes, sizes, and unbreakable features. Using them at work or school will enhance health safety and prevent from spreading of viruses.

Acrylic Food Screen Sneeze Guard

The acrylic screen sneeze guards for foods have metal frames and high transparency acrylic sheets. They are suitable for canteens, restaurants, store displays, and more. Their metal frames are painted with customizable hues. 

Ceiling Mounted Acrylic Sneeze Guard

Ceiling mounted acrylic sneeze guards are the best protection from splashes, coughs, and sneezes. They are mounted on the top and hang under ceilings. There are immense ranges of thicknesses and sizes available to suit specific utilization.

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Why WeProFab Acrylic Sneeze Guard

The great supplier WeProFab has plenty of products that can be helpful in daily living especially nowadays.

During the coronavirus difficulty, we produce acrylic sneeze guards to have safety in health since that is also our top primacy at the point of sale.

Over 20 years in the industry, we have plenty of experience in fabricating acrylic products so you can rely on WeProFab.

Acrylic Sneeze Guard

Concerning your safety and protection, you can choose various types of our acrylic sneeze guard.

We have an indoor acrylic sneeze guard, transparent acrylic sneeze guard, isolation board acrylic sneeze guard, and many more. Our acrylic sneeze guard has the purpose of protecting food or people from the exhibition from droplets that can be dispensed when sneezing or coughing.

Our acrylic sneeze guard can be applied outdoor and indoor. It is applicable in point of purchase location or any customer service that includes drug stores, grocery stores, hospitals, hotels, banks, gas stations, offices, and many more.

It can be applied to the workplace in archives, libraries, and laboratories. Also, our acrylic sneeze guard can be ideal in restaurants for checkout, cashier, buffet, and counter.

WeProFab acrylic sneeze guard can be ideal in canteens and bakeries also as for the selling of food in buffets since it is necessary to prevent food from contamination.

Acrylic Sneeze Guard

WeProFab acrylic sneeze guard is adaptable and easy to install. It is lightweight so you can easily transfer them or carry them to a different location. It can be accessible in modern design with a good look.

Our acrylic sneeze guard has a glossy appearance and has a corresponding color. It has a UV resistant so it is ideal also in outdoor use since it has great outdoor durability.

Acrylic Sneeze Guard

WeProFab offers to customize acrylic sneeze guard which you can choose your sizes, shapes, colors, and designs.

We can do our best to fabricate your acrylic sneeze guard base on your specifications. If you are an acrylic sneeze guard dealer or customizing acrylic sneeze guard, WeProFab can be your best choice for that.

To know further information regarding our acrylic sneeze guard products, please message us now.

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