• Acrylic Sphere

Acrylic Sphere

Weprofab is a certified manufacturer and supplier of acrylic spheres in China. Our business is to achieve our customers’ fascination through professional service. Let Weprofab become your top provider of extraordinary acrylic spheres and related products. We are capable enough to fabricate acrylic-made products. We are eager to help you with OEM/ODM  one-stop solution.

Get WeProFab Acrylic Sphere to Delight Your Customers

At Weprofab, you can get any acrylic spheres that suited to your business and project applications. If you will make Weprofab your number one supplier of the valuable acrylic sphere, then trust your business sales will boost to a higher level.  


500mm Acrylic Clear Sphere

Weprofab manufactured a 500mm acrylic clear sphere as a decorative solution. These are the best for car parking and some amenity lighting.

12 Inch Acrylic Sphere Sculpture

Weprofab 12 inch acrylic sphere sculptures are abstract lucite featured.  Viewing from every angle, it reveals various colors. This is known as a rare example of laminated Acrylic Artwork.

30mm Diameter Acrylic Sphere Ball Yellow

These have a 30mm perfect size in diameter,  round-shaped, and smoothly finished. 30mm diameter acrylic sphere ball yellow usually has a hard surface.  These are scratch-proof and stab-resistant.

Clear Acrylic Sphere

Weprofab clear acrylic sphere has the resistance ability to stab and scratch while using. These are perfect for games, educational toys, and juggling. Clear acrylic balls are also best for model-making.

Polished Clear Plastic Acrylic Spheres Balls

Polished clear plastic acrylic spheres balls are totally solid transparent spheres. These kinds of acrylic spheres are high quality with a polished gloss smooth finish.

Clear Plastic Craft Ball Acrylic Sphere

Weprofab clear plastic craft ball acrylic sphere best for wedding decorations. These will make wedding venues full of love and more harmonious. The light bulbs inside of it will make them stun on the wedding day.

WeProFab: Your Top Acrylic Sphere Manufacturer

Weprofab acrylic spheres are made of quality materials.  Acrylic sphere has its lasting purpose to satisfy the needs of your business. This acrylic sphere can help your rooms, and living rooms to have more amazing looks. Weprofab acrylic spheres that are made of high-grade acrylic are durable and safer to use. 

We are designing and customize the type of acrylic sphere depending on your specifications. You can send us the specific size, color, and thickness of your selected acrylic sphere type. Weprofab acrylic spheres prices are negotiable depends on the number of your orders. Safe shipping is Weprofab priority service.

Custom Acrylic Spheres to Boost Your Brand

12 Inch Smooth Acrylic Sphere

These smooth12 inch smooth acrylic spheres are made for post tops for both residential and commercial. It also best for pendant applications. 

Clear Solid Acrylic Sphere Ball with Hole

These are a large selection among the acrylic sphere.  Clear solid acrylic sphere ball with holes is made of high-quality acrylic materials.  Customized order designs are welcome.

Cast Acrylic Spheres

The cast acrylic spheres are beautiful kinds of acrylic spheres. These use as decorations knobs, and accents.  These have flawlessly smooth with a polished surface. 

Transparent Hollow Acrylic Sphere Hanging Decor

Weprofab can customize your transparent hollow acrylic sphere hanging decor order. It helps your home decors look more elegant.

1½ Inch Transparent Acrylic Sphere

These are low-cost and excellent acrylic spheres. The 1½ inch transparent acrylic sphere mostly used as an alternative to glass.

18 Inch Clear Acrylic Sphere with Hole

These kinds of acrylic spheres are cost-effective and attractive.  These are easy to hang for it is lightweight.

Solid Black Acrylic Spheres

A shiny black acrylic sphere comes in perfect size and color. Best for adults and teens, and for some smaller hands people. These are perfect and best for isolations.

Acrylic Reflective Spheres

These acrylic reflective spheres are perfect for holding with a small hand in any street art and costume play. They have a flawless quality and friendly price. Acrylic reflective spheres are scratched-resistant. 

Drinking Party Cups Acrylic Sphere

These have the most functional and fun applications. Completely recyclable and reusable that will help you save money and reduce waste. Drinking party cups acrylic sphere have trusted quality.

Body Rolls and Head Balances Acrylic Sphere

Body rolls and head balance acrylic spheres made of high-grade acrylic material. These have free of seamless, one-piece, and internal distortions.  Mostly these types of acrylic spheres are highly handmade polished. 

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Why WeProFab Acrylic Sphere

Why you should choose Weprofab acrylic sphere? Weprofab is a professional manufacturer of any kinds of acrylic products.

Then products from professional manufacturers are the most trusted and reliable products. If you are looking for those kinds of quality products, Weprofab is your best choice!. 

 Acrylic Sphere

We are fabricating acrylic sphere products with the most durable acrylic materials. Weprofab acrylic spheres are made of different sizes, colors, and designs.

Perfect sizes of acrylic spheres and shapes made them more elegant and beautiful. Some kinds of acrylic spheres are so functional. They have their unique use on every occasion to make it unforgettable.  

Weprofab designs various types of the acrylic sphere that exactly suits your applications. The quality of our products is our priority.

Acrylic Sphere

Weprofab acrylic spheres have great quality and benefits. You can use them as decorations, juggling balls, playing games, and more. 

Weprofab acrylic spheres are intended to offer a competitive price with the best appearance.  Weprofab acrylic spheres are mostly reusable convenient.

These can be used after you wash,  easy cleanup, and for a quick dry.  Weprofab acrylic spheres are made of top-grade, lead-free, and 100% clear crystals.

Acrylic Sphere

Weprofab designed acrylic spheres with no bubbles, flawless, and no scratches for the best appearance. You will not regret choosing us to manufacture and supply your needed acrylic sphere.  Considering our achievements, we are your one-of-a-kind manufacturer by producing high-quality products.

 Contact us now for more information, especially about the acrylic sphere!


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