• Acrylic Stamp Block

Acrylic Stamp Block

Weprofab is one of the largest factories operating in China. We fabricate different kinds of acrylic stamp blocks to fill your business needs. We are very familiar with the entire manufacturing process, so you don`t have to worry! Now, if you got so many questions, let our staff give you the exact answer. Contact us!

Get WeProFab Acrylic Stamp Block to Delight Your Customers

If you face difficulties in looking for acrylic stamp blocks, try to check on Weprofab. We offer the top-selling acrylic stamp blocks for your business.

Wholesale Acrylic Stamp Block

Weprofab highly recommends our acrylic stamp blocks for business advantages.  When you`re retailer, we allow you to purchase in bulk and wholesale ways.

Transparent Acrylic Stamp Block

Weprofab has ultimate solutions especially when you`re in need of transparent acrylic stamp blocks. We are capable to manufacture your ideal products instantly.

Swing Acrylic Stamp Block

Weprofab Swing acrylic stamp block is perfect for business display. Weprofab is an executive and committed manufacturer of all acrylic stamp blocks.

Custom Size Acrylic Stamp Block

Gladly, Weprofab can custom your ideal acrylic stamp blocks into different sizes, designs, and shapes. There are available for friendly prices.

Acrylic Stamp Mounting Block

Weprofab is a well-known acrylic stamp mounting block distributor and manufacturer as well. At competitive price ratings, you can get our high-quality products.

Acrylic Stamp Block Manufacturer

If you want your business to roar in an instant, get profitable products such as acrylic stamp blocks from Weprofab. Here, you can choose whatever you want.

WeProFab: Your Leading Acrylic Stamp Block Manufacturer

We, Weprofab always care about our client`s business that`s why we want to help your business expand by making acrylic stamp blocks and other related products. So, if you are dreaming of excellent acrylic stamp blocks for business, Weprofab is the best choice provider.

At our facility, we manufacture not only acrylic stamp blocks, but also acrylic pipe, acrylic table, acrylic squares, and many others.

If you got so many questions regarding our latest Acrylic Stamp, contact us now!

Custom Acrylic Stamp Block to Skyrocket Your Brand

Solid Acrylic Stamp Block

Weprofab is a certified fabricator of solid acrylic stamp blocks in China. We import/export acrylic stamp blocks all across the globe.

Perfectly Clear Acrylic Stamp Block

Finding the best finish of clear acrylic stamp blocks, stay updated with Weprofab latest production. There`s a lot of options open for selections.

Handmade Acrylic Stamp Block

Weprofab operates professionally in creating acrylic stamp blocks with great customizations. We offer them for friendly costs.

Acrylic Stamp Block for Rubber Stamp

Visit Weprofab to discover the finest varieties of acrylic stamp blocks. They are obtainable for competitive prices.

Acrylic Stamp Block with Grids

Weprofab acrylic stamp block with grids is super ideal for business additions. We provide all sorts of acrylic stamp blocks.

Acrylic Stamp Block for Scrapbooks

Acrylic stamp blocks for scrapbooks are made of high-quality acrylic that is robust, solid, and long-lasting. The curved edges of the acrylic stamping blocks are designed to fit fingers snugly and provide a secure hold.

Customize Acrylic Mounting Stamp Block

Acrylic mounting stamp blocks come in various shapes and sizes, making them a fascinating creative activity for kids and adults. It can be customized to meet specific design requirements.

Blank Lucite Stamp Block

The blank Lucite stamp block has polished, rounded corners and beveled edges. It has a human-friendly design. The shape of the circular bead on the block’s edge helps grip the blocks more comfortably and safely.

Acrylic Stamp Block for Soap

The acrylic stamp block for soap is both simple to use and store. Practical and long-lasting transparent acrylic soap stamp set. This stamp set is made of high-quality acrylic, so it’ll last a long time.

Flower Shape Acrylic Stamp Block

The flower shape acrylic stamp block is both functional and easy to use. Each package’s size, shape, and stamps differ depending on the topic. Their modern styling will give any project a fresh new look.

16x10CM Acrylic Stamp Block

The 16x10cm acrylic stamp block features an easy-grip design. It is versatile as it can be used to stamp on scrapbook pages, notebooks, stamps, and others. The blocks with rounded corners provide a comfortable and secure grip.

Acrylic Stamp Block for Crafts

The acrylic stamp block for crafts is designed is made to be used with clear cling stamps. It comes in both a large and small block, allowing you to choose the ideal size for your stamp. Because the blocks are clear, you have a better view of where you’re stamping on the page.

Carton Figure Acrylic Stamp Block

The one side of the carton figure acrylic stamp block has a lace design. It has round, smooth, and pleasant edges, which is cute and exciting. The other side of the block comprises a clear and visible grid design.

Acrylic Logo Stamp Block

There are three sizes available for acrylic logo stamp blocks. Allows precisely mount cling stamps. It has an alignment grid that allows evenly set stamps on both the mount and the stamping destination.

Acrylic Stamp Block with Handle

The acrylic stamp block with handle is built from high-quality acrylic that is both strong and long-lasting. The sucker absorbs well on the stamp block, making it easier to use. Typical uses include scrapbooking, diary, journal, postcard decorating, and more.

Acrylic Stamp Block with Grid 3x3CM

The acrylic stamp block with a grid measuring 3x3cm features grids and lines to assist users in positioning stamps. Available in various materials, features, size, weight, logo, and more.

Acrylic Stamp Block 10X6CM

The acrylic stamp block 10x6cm is of good quality is, strong, sturdy, and durable, and is not quickly broken. It will last a long time. It can create colorful stamps using transparent stamps and ink.

Round Acrylic Stamp Block 70CM

The round acrylic stamp block 70cm is a clear and smooth acrylic block. The see-through properties of the crystal-clear acrylic stamping block are a huge advantage for unmounted stamps.

4X4CM Acrylic Stamp Block

The 4x4cm acrylic stamp block is available in many colors, such as gold, dark blue, black, pink, green, gold, and more. Gridlines make alignment a breeze. Available in all sizes and custom sizes.

Acrylic Stamp Block 6X6”

The acrylic stamp block is constructed of acrylic and may be used with clear stamps. The 6×6-inch alignment grid includes 0.5-inch thick laser polished rounded corners and beveled edges.

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Why Weprofab Acrylic Stamp Block

Weprofab is the #1 manufacturer and supplier of acrylic stamp block in China. Simpler in looks, with Weprofab`s amazing collections of acrylic stamp blocks. Weprofab has the capacity to produce thousands of acrylic stamp blocks supplies. For your business to reach the desired growth, we produce products that are long-lasting and profitable at the same time.

Acrylic Stamp Block

At Weprofab, you can shop our huge selections of acrylic stamp blocks, featuring modern and unique designs. You can choose different types including acrylic stamp block with grids, solid acrylic stamp blocks, and many more to mention. It would help your trading name gain trust and a lasting impression on your customers.

So, if you are looking for a firm, strengthened acrylic stamp blocks, Weprofab has the biggest quality selections. All of them were built to lasts and has great-structured.

You will never regret choosing Weprofab as your supplier of acrylic stamp blocks. We are expert enough to fabricate acrylic stamp blocks according to your technical specifications.

Acrylic Stamp Block

On the other hand, our acrylic stamp blocks are very popular because it is both functional and has a good appearance. Its functionality is making it perfect for a wide variety of applications, whether for business or personal applications.

Weprofab knows a lot in producing acrylic stamp blocks with extreme toughness that completely makes lasting products. When also talk about its cost, you don`t need to worry. It is cheaper in price yet not cheap in quality.

These have a very catchy appearance, enough to delight each of your customers. As an executive manufacturer, we present ourselves that we can fabricate acrylic stamp blocks with the design you want.

Acrylic Stamp Block

We, Weprofab always care about our client`s business that`s why we want to help your business expand by making acrylic stamp blocks and other related products. So, if you dream to have excellent acrylic stamp blocks, Weprofab is the best choice provider.

At our facility, we manufacture not only acrylic stamp blocks, but also acrylic pipe, acrylic table, acrylic squares, and many others.

Got so many questions regarding our acrylic stamp blocks? Contact us without any hesitation.

Acrylic Stamp Block: The Ultimate FAQ Guide

Acrylic stamp block refers to a tool used with stamps, are transparent and available in different sizes.

This guide answers all questions you have about acrylic stamp block.

So if you want to learn more about acrylic stamp block, read this guide.

What Are The Available Types Of Acrylic Stamp Block In The Market?

acrylic stamp block

acrylic stamp block

They are quite several in the market presently.

However, you can find both standard and custom designs based on your preference.

The actual designs available are dependent on a particular manufacturer since each has unique designs for their respective clientele.

Nonetheless, the common designs you are likely to find at WeProFab include the following;

  • Transparent Acrylic Stamp Block

transparent acrylic stamp block

transparent acrylic stamp block

  • Swing Acrylic Stamp Block

swing acrylic stamp block

swing acrylic stamp block

  • Acrylic Stamp Mounting Block
  • Custom Size Acrylic Stamp Block

What Are The Uses Of Acrylic Stamp Block?

Acrylic stamp block is primarily used to accurately position your image on a particular surface when stamping an image, logo, letter, or text.

This is important since the precision enhances the overall attractiveness, which increases the value of the final product.

You can also use acrylic stamp blocks as mounts for your own cut-foam stamps.

What Is The Difference Between Acrylic Stamp Block And Photopolymer Stamp Block?

In most instances, you’ll always come across acrylic or photopolymer stamp blocks as the ideal thermoplastic options available.

acrylic stamp block

acrylic stamp block

However, it is necessary to know they tend to vary on various aspects, including the following;

  • Acrylic block stamp is relatively affordable than photopolymer stamp block.
  • Photopolymer stamp block are relatively of higher quality material than acrylic stamp block.
  • Photopolymer stamp block is more durable than acrylic stamp block
  • It is easier to store and use acrylic block stamps than photopolymer stamp block

 photopolymer stamp block

photopolymer stamp block

How Do You Clean Clear Acrylic Stamp Block?

Notably, cleaning acrylic stamp blocks is a great cause of concern to the larger stamping community.

You can use various methods to clean this component though the specific techniques work best for different people.

Nonetheless, cleaning this component involves removing the ink or paint stains from its surface material.

The common methods you can always use when cleaning clear acrylic stamp blocks include the following;

  • Using baby wipes – Often, baby wipes tend to be relatively moisturized; thus can easily clean this stamp block by clearing the ink stains.Baby wipes are an ideal solution since they leave the least lint on the surface material.
  • Using a stamp shammy – It is arguably the most recommended technique to use when cleaning a clear acrylic stamp.Essentially, you need to wipe down stamp block after inking using this particular tool.
  • Using mild soap and warm water – This is the better option, especially when cleaning clear acrylic stamp block after multiple uses.
  • Using a scrubber and stamp cleaner – If you’re cleaning relatively stubborn ink, this would be the appropriate method to use.You need to spray the stamp cleaner and use the scrubber to scrub the stamp block and allow it to air dry.

Why Is It Advisable To Store Acrylic Stamp Block In A Cool Place?

Acrylic stamp block is made from a thermoplastic material.

As such, it is necessary always to store it in cool places since it is prone to distorting when exposed to extreme heat.

Acrylic material has a relatively low tolerance to extreme heat.

And this could result in warping distortion or, in some instances melting of the material.

Therefore, it is always recommended to store this component in a cool place each time it is not in use.

What Is The Suitable Size Of Acrylic Stamp Block?

It is available in a wide range of size varieties.

Typically, you’ll find acrylic stamp blocks of small, medium, and large sizes.

The most important aspect is ensuring the actual size of the stamp fits on the block.

Additionally, you can find this item in a custom size.

This simply implies you instruct the manufacturer to produce a particular acrylic stamp block based on the specific dimensions you provide.

The significance of personalized acrylic blocks is you can get a suitable size matching your demands.

Is Acrylic Stamp Block Durable?


It is made from acrylic material, which is a thermoplastic derived from natural petroleum and gas products.

During the manufacturing process, this component forms a sturdy molecular bond making it resistant to several mechanical and environmental factors.

This makes it relatively durable since it implies it can withstand different unfavorable elements it is exposed to.

However, the actual durability in most instances is primarily dependent on the particular usage and environmental conditions it is subjected to.

For instance, acrylic stamp block used in comparatively high-temperature surroundings is likely to have a shorter lifespan and vice versa.

Also, an acrylic stamp block exposed to intensive usage in a busy stamping environment will likely wear out faster and vice versa.

Nonetheless, when all factors remain constant, a typical acrylic stamp block can last for at least 30 years.

What Is The Ideal Color For Acrylic Stamp Block?

Typically, acrylic stamp block needs to be clear or transparent.

The essence of using this block is to have clear visibility of the surface you are stamping.

A transparent acrylic stamp block makes it possible for you to attain such visibility.

Also, you need a clear stamp block, in this case, to enable you to realign the pattern, text, or logo on surface before stamping.

And the most suitable way to achieve it is by using a clear acrylic stamp block.

In a nutshell, you can find this component in different shades, including primary, secondary and tertiary colors.

The choice of an ideal color is based on your taste and preference.

However, clear shade is the recommended one to use for efficiency and reliability.

What Are The Features Of Acrylic Stamp Block?

When shopping for a suitable acrylic stamp block, it is always important to understand its features.

It makes it easy to select the right one for your specific needs.

Acrylic stamp block exhibits several features, but the main ones include the following;

  • Lightweight – The base material for making the component is derived from natural components, which are typically light.This makes it relatively lightweight, about half the weight of a glass stamp block of similar dimensions.
  • Excellent optical clarity – Notably, acrylic material allows sufficient light to pass through its surface material.This makes the stamp block incredibly transparent, allowing you to see through, which is essential when stamping.
  • Flexible – The surface material of acrylic stamp block is relatively soft and supple.Thus, you can easily modify it to attain a specific configuration of your choice.
  • Good impact resistance – It has a sturdy surface resulting from its solid molecular structure.This makes it an incredible impact-resistant element, which is vital in enhancing its durability.
  • Better chemical resistance – Acrylic stamp block can withstand abrasive chemical inks without degrading or damaging the material.
  • Excellent dimensional stability – It can tolerate extreme temperatures for long without its shape deforming or the material degrading.

How Does Acrylic Stamp Block Compare With Glass Stamp Block?

Glass and acrylic materials are commonly used nowadays in making contemporary and classy stamp blocks.

glass stamp block

glass stamp block

However, they tend to vary on various aspects, which include the following;

Optical Clarity

Acrylic stamp block permits a more significant amount of light to pass through it compared to the amount glass stamp block permits.

Thus, the former exhibits better optical clarity than the latter.

It implies acrylic stamp block is more transparent and glossier than glass stamp block.


Acrylic material is naturally lightweight. Compared to glass, acrylic is about 50% less than the weight of glass of a similar dimension.

This makes acrylic stamp block comparatively lightweight than glass stamp block.


Acrylic stamp block is sturdier hence has a better impact resistance than glass stamp block.

Glass stamp block can easily crack or break when subjected to intense pressure, which is unlikely to happen on acrylic stamp block.


You can mold and remold acrylic stamp block to particular shapes or designs since it has a softer and flexible surface material.

On the other hand, glass stamp block is relatively rigid, making it difficult to reshape once it is set into a particular design during manufacturing process.


Acrylic stamp block exhibits better resistance to a wide range of harsh or abrasive environmental or weather conditions.

On the other hand, glass stamp blocks can only tolerate harsh weather conditions to a limited extent.


Glass stamp glass has a relatively rigid and hard surface material making it better scratch-resistant than acrylic stamp block.

How Do You Cut Acrylic Stamp Block To Size?

You can use several techniques to cut acrylic stamp blocks.

In many instances, the particular method you use is dependent on the final product design you intend to obtain.

Nonetheless, here are the main methods you may consider when cutting acrylic stamp block to size;

Laser cutting – It is cutting technology, which utilizes a computer software program integrated into a laser machine to cut this component into ideal size.

This method is fast, efficient, and yield accurate results.

Using a saw – You can use different types of saws to cut acrylic stamp block to size.

Jigsaw is commonly preferred, but you need to ensure it has sharp teeth to prevent damaging the edges of this component.

What Is The Ideal Surface Coating Treatment To Apply On Acrylic Stamp Block?

The most preferred surface coating treatment for acrylic stamp block is anti-fingerprint.

Ideally, this component is used more by pressing it on the stamping surface using the fingers.

Therefore, there is a high likelihood of the fingerprints leaving different marks on the surface material, which in many instances can be awful.

Anti-fingerprint coating thus comes in handy to prevent the fingerprint marks from forming on the surface material.

Also, you may consider applying anti-scratch surface coating treatment.

It prevents this component from unavoidable abrasion marks emanating from different scratchy materials such as knives and nails.

Moreover, adding a UV additive would also be a suitable option, particularly if the acrylic stamp block is used outdoors often.

The anti-UV coating safeguards the component from ultraviolet radiation likely to attack and make it dull with time.

Does Acrylic Stamp Block Fade With Time?

Not necessarily.

This component is made using tough acrylic material with a strong structural bond.

It is thus somewhat difficult for it to fade when subjected to ordinary conditions.

Furthermore, it is mainly used indoors where there is limited or no sunlight rays reaching its surface material.

Thus, it rarely fades as long as you clean, maintain, and store it properly after use.

Is Acrylic Stamp Block Reusable?


Just like the traditional stamp blocks, you can reuse acrylic stamp block as many times as possible.

The most important aspect is ensuring you clean it thoroughly using recommended substances.

This allows you to remove stain immediately after using it and making it easy to reuse it on the next project.

You reuse acrylic stamp block repeatedly and still attain desired results.

How Safe Is Acrylic Stamp Block?

Technically, it is derived from natural material in inert state.

This means it can hardly emit toxic substances even when it comes in direct contact with chemical materials.

As such, it is safe for both the environment and the people within the surrounding of its application.

Secondly, it can hardly break nor crack irrespective of the amount of pressure you may exert on it when stamping.

This makes it safe to use since you are guaranteed it can never cut your fingers when pressing it on a stamping surface.

Additionally, you can reuse it repeatedly on a wide range of projects with just a mere cleaning.

It means you will rarely dispose them of; hence difficult to find them in the landfills to cause environmental degradation.

In essence, it is a safe component to use around in various settings.

What Ideas Can You Use To Customize Acrylic Stamp Block?

You can apply several ideas to personalize the acrylic stamp block.

One way is by including a handle on its surface material.

The handle comes in handy since it allows you to hold and press the stamp on its respective surface easily.

customized acrylic stamp block

customized acrylic stamp block

You may also choose to include markings on the acrylic block in form of straight lines crisscrossing each other.

The essence of such lines is to enable you to position the object accurately on a surface when stamping to enhance precision.

Another customization option you may consider is cutting it to size.

This often depends on preferred dimensions of the specific acrylic stamp block.

What Is The Ideal Thickness For Acrylic Stamp Block?

The suitable thickness for acrylic stamp block is dependent on your preference.

However, since it is easy to customize acrylic stamp block, you can always find an ideal thickness that fits your needs.

A minimum thickness of 15-20 mm would be ideal since it provides sufficient surface for you to hold the stamp block effectively.

Is Acrylic Stamp Block Expensive?

Not really.

But the exact cost varies based on several factors.

An ideal way of obtaining better results is by purchasing in bulk.

Most manufacturers offer discounted rates on high-volume purchases compared to what you get when you buy a small quantity.

Also, the design of the acrylic stamp block you are purchasing determines the price.

Simple designs are quite cheaper than complex ones.

Moreover, the particular manufacturer you are buying this item from also influences the actual pricing.

In a nutshell, acrylic block is not necessarily costly, but the actual price is dependent on several factors, including the few mentioned above.

How Do You Maintain Acrylic Stamp Block?

It is pretty simple to maintain a typical acrylic stamp block.

The ideal ways include the following;

  • Cleaning it often immediately after stamping. This prevents ink stains from drying on the surface material of the component.
  • Always storing in a cool place if not in use. It enhances its service lifespan since it prevents, which ultimately saves replacement costs.
  • Cleaning the surface material using recommended non-abrasive substances.

What Are The Benefits Of Acrylic Stamp Block?

This component offers several benefits among them include the following;

  • Enhances creativity since it allows you to be as innovative as possible by designing different shapes and patterns.
  • Promotes emotional, communication, and social skills, especially among children. It enables kids to cooperate and control their efforts.
  • Instills task analysis ability since you can use stamping to break down a complex project into smaller manageable sections.

Can Acrylic Stamp Block Break?


The material used for making acrylic stamp block is shatterproof hence cannot break.

You can exert as much pressure as possible on acrylic stamp block, but it will never break nor shatter.

Technically, it has a solid molecular structure achieved from the natural components it is derived from.

During manufacturing process, several strength additives are also integrated, making it extremely strong to break easily.

Can You Repair Damaged Acrylic Stamp Block?


Even so, the type of repair is determined by the extent of damage on the surface material of acrylic stamp.

In many instances, you’ll hardly find a broken or cracked acrylic stamp block.

Nonetheless, the common impairment you are likely to find on acrylic stamp block is scratching.

Removing scratches is easy since all you need is to carefully polish the surface material of this component using a suitable method.

Flame, vapor, and buffing are the types of polishing techniques you may choose to remove scratches from acrylic stamp block.

Moreover, it enables the component to retain its glossiness and clarity.

Is There MOQ For Acrylic Stamp Block?


However, this is usually dependent on the particular manufacturer you are purchasing from.

Some often tag higher MOQ, whereas others offer low MOQ.

Nevertheless, most acrylic stamp block manufacturers offer flexible MOQ when buying this component.

Thus, you’ll need to negotiate and agree with the manufacturer to arrive at a suitable MOQ based on various prevailing factors.

How Do You Test Quality Of Acrylic Stamp Block?

There are numerous tests that manufacturers always subject acrylic stamp blocks to ensure they meet the minimum quality requirements.

Impact resistance, temperature tolerance, chemical resistance, and other such related test are used in gauging the quality of this component.

Moreover, several quality standards certification agencies carry out independent tests to verify the quality of acrylic stamp block.

For instance, RoHS, ANSI, SGS, and ASTM are among the main agencies, which conduct independent tests to determine the quality standards of this component.

Therefore, it is recommended that you purchase acrylic stamp blocks with quality standard marks from reputable firms.

For all your acrylic stamp blocks, you can contact WeProFab now.

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