Acrylic Stamp Block

Acrylic Stamp Block

Acrylic Stamp Block Customization Expert in China

Acrylic Stamp Block is a clear, transparent stamp block for stamping and handcrafting. It provides a sturdy, flat surface for mounting clear stamps, helping to position them accurately on paper or other surfaces. The transparency of the block allows you to see exactly where to place the stamp, allowing for precise alignment for a better stamp impression. They are commonly used in card making, scrapbooking and other paper crafting projects.
And our acrylic stamp blocks have rounded curved edges, smooth and comfortable for your daily use, so you don’t have to worry about scratching your hands. We have a variety of shapes and sizes to accommodate different stamp designs.

Detailed Specification for Reference
Size80x80x40mm, 95x95x20mm, 100x60x15mm, 120x55x25mm, 120x120x25mm, 130x50x25mm, 150x70x20mm, 180x110x20mm or customized
LogoSilkscreen or Engraved
TransparencyUp to 92%
ColorClear, crystal, red, black, yellow, white, any color is available
curved acrylic stamping block
Curved Acrylic Stamping Block
acrylic stamp block with handle
Acrylic Stamp Block With Handle
acrylic stamp block for Crafts
Acrylic Stamp Block for Crafts
Clear Acrylic Stamp Block
Clear Acrylic Stamp Block
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Stamping Simplified: Unveiling the Best Acrylic Block Features

Acrylic stamp blocks have many outstanding features for mounting and positioning clear or cling rubber stamps for various crafting projects.

First of all, acrylic stamp blocks have high transparency for easy and precise stamp placement. Our blocks have grid lines to help accurately align the stamps. Our blocks are durable, resistant to breakage, easy to clean, and can withstand prolonged use. What’s more, they are suitable for all kinds of stamps, whether they are clear stamps, paste stamps or mounted rubber stamps.

Stamping Simplified: Unveiling the Best Acrylic Block Features

Creative Acrylic Block Applications

Creative Acrylic Block Applications
Creative Acrylic Block Applications

People tend to choose acrylic stamp blocks for a variety of craft and DIY projects. They are suitable for embossing images onto surfaces such as paper, fabric and wood. Acrylic blocks make it easy to align multiple stamps to create layered or dimensional effects for your projects. Faux letterpress effects are achieved by using acrylic blocks as printing plates with embossed folders or textured surfaces. You can also use acrylic printing blocks for the heat embossing technique. What’s more, create watercolor backgrounds or effects with acrylic blocks by applying ink or watercolor to the block and transferring it to the project surface.

How to clean acrylic stamp blocks?

All you need to do is clean it with soapy water or alcohol, or wipe it with a sponge and air dry it naturally. Please remember that you must not use harsh chemicals, abrasive cleaners to wipe the acrylic blocks.

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