• Acrylic Stool

Acrylic Stool

Weprofab has been in the acrylic manufacturing industry for more than 20 years. We are fully equipped with different classes of acrylic stool like acrylic counter stool, classic acrylic stool, shower stool, contemporary stool, acrylic bar stool, stationary stool, and many more. Send us your inquiry!

Get WeProFab Acrylic Stool to Delight Your Customers

As one of the largest manufacturers in China, Weprofab can cater even your huge amount orders. Choose your own acrylic stool in our latest and top-rated acrylic stool products.

Acrylic Counter Stool

When it comes to choosing the best acrylic counter stool, look for those who are trusted and expert in producing acrylic products, and that is Weprofab. We have a lot of great choices that you can choose from.

Classic Acrylic Bar Stool with Back

If you have a business regarding acrylic stool, you can consider Weprofab as your trusted supplier. We are experts in molding different kinds of classic acrylic bar stools perfect for your business.

Acrylic Shower Stool

At Weprofab, you can always get good condition acrylic shower stool. You can ensure that its 100% genuine acrylics.

Contemporary Acrylic Stool

If you are looking for not-so-ordinary acrylic stool, Weprofab can provide you with a classic and elegant type of acrylic stool that you surely like.

Acrylic Bar Stool

Weprofab acrylic bar stool gives an essence of comfort and accuracy. It always gives a modern yet classy ambiance.

Acrylic Stationary Stool

Weprofab has a lot to offer regarding acrylic stationary stool. We even customizing acrylic stool based on your style.

WeProFab: Your Leading Acrylic Stool Manufacturer

WeProFab is a joint-venture company between WeeTect Material Limited and a Chinese local fabrication manufacturer. We tend to offer you a one-stop solution for plastic fabrication and metal fabrication.

If you are looking for a reliable source of acrylic stool, Weprofab is an expert producer of acrylic stool in China. We have a lot of stools made from acrylic. You can always have our acrylic stool at a very low price.

As the leading manufacturer of acrylic stool, you trust Weprofab in dealing with all your acrylic stool needs.

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Custom Acrylic Stool to Skyrocket Your Brand

Acrylic Swivel High Back Stool

In order to make an acrylic stool, Weprofab uses different techniques and high-end equipment to achieve world class acrylic products.

Acrylic Shearling Stool

At Weprofab, all our acrylic stool are safe and can attract attention to anyone.

Acrylic Stool with Magazine Holder

In Weprofab, we will glad to help you in customizing your acrylic stool to in order to fill your needs in acrylic stool.

Acrylic Vanity Stool

Whether you need an acrylic vanity stool for your business, Weprofab offers one great solution for all your acrylic vanity stool needs.

Modern Acrylic Stool

If you are having a trouble in finding supplier for your acrylic business, Weprofab can give you an instant solution for your acrylic stool problem.

Modern Acrylic Bar Stool

The seat and back of this modern acrylic bar stool are translucent. Features brushed satin cast aluminum frame with fixed stretchers. The seat is slightly bent for added comfort.

Acrylic Stool with Velvet Seat

With its rounded design and lush grey velvet seat, the acrylic stool with velvet seat oozes luxury. Made of 100% acrylic, with brilliant edge shine and a super clear surface and edges.

U-Shape Acrylic Stool

Weprofab U-shape acrylic stool produces a visually lighter and pure design. It has smooth edges and a slim frame. The simple U-shape makes the stool a versatile piece that fits practically any decor.

Backless Clear Acrylic Bar Stool 

This backless clear acrylic bar stool is made of thick acrylic glass, which is stained and water-resistant. It’s super easy to clean. Available in an extensive range of styles, sizes, and designs.

Acrylic Lucite Single Step Stool

Acrylic Lucite single step stool has a sleek, modern design ideal for exquisite bar or kitchen island. A wide selection of form, colors, and height criteria is available.

33-Inch Acrylic Counter Stool

Weprofab 33-inch acrylic counter stool is a bright and comfortable counter-height seat in any space. The back and seat of the chair are composed of a single piece of curved translucent acrylic, giving it a barely-there appearance.

Acrylic Accent Stool

Acrylic accent stool base is made of durable squared metal in your choice of available finish. Stability is provided by three-sided stretchers/footrests. Commercial-quality.

Clear Acrylic Shower Bench

Our clear acrylic shower bench is constructed from the highest quality furniture grade acrylic, available in various finish options. Custom sizes are available.

Acrylic Round Counter Stool with Open Back

Acrylic round counter stool with open back features a rounded Lucite backand, a white or grey faux leather seat cushion, or any choice of color. This is an elegant counter seat for a bar or kitchen island.

26" Acrylic Counter Stool

The 26″ acrylic counter stool base is composed of metal, while the seat is made of acrylic. This stool will look great in a bar or kitchen – ideal for dining and spending time with loved ones.

King Acrylic Counter Stool, Gold

The king acrylic counter stool in gold is a sophisticated mix of materials. Iron and clear acrylic are the materials used in this project. This stool creates a modern, streamlined aesthetic.

Classic Clear Acrylic Stool with Back

Classic clear acrylic stool with back is 3/4′′ thick acrylic, and the seat is 1′′ thick acrylic. The legs are made of a single piece for added strength and durability. There are a variety of colors to choose from.

Acrylic Stool Purple

Acrylic stool purple is a stunning piece of furniture that will add a touch of luxury and personality to any room. Its rich, purple acrylic translucent seat has a sturdy backrest.

Acrylic Cross Bar Stool

Weprofab acrylic cross bar stool is an elegant, modern design. Available in any style and dimension, extremely weatherable and chemically resistant. It’s easy to clean and maintain.

Black Acrylic Bar Stool with Chrome Base

Our black acrylic bar stool with a chrome base is designed to be both comfortable and elegant. These beautiful chairs are meant to last, with a chrome finish metal frame and a heavy-duty acrylic seat.

20 Products Found.

Why WeProFab Acrylic Stool

Acrylic Stool

In choosing the most perfect acrylic stool, you don’t have to look for another instead go for Weprofab.

We are one of the popular manufacturer of lightweight and durable acrylic stool in China.

We have huge range capabilities in terms of producing a genuine acrylic stool.

If you are in need of acrylic stool, Weprofab is the best option.

Acrylic Stool

Today, acrylic can be used in different industries and sectors and well-known in the market.

Most of the business owners prefer the acrylic stool because it compliments and easy to blend in different styles.

And for you, we have a lot of trendy and interesting design that spice up in terms of your taste in choosing the right one for your customers.

In Weprofab, we manufacture all types of stunning acrylic stool in different designs and styles.

Whether you want it to become partial back, full back, and backless, we can give it to you.

You can also request directly to us to make it customize your own acrylic stool.

Acrylic Stool

For more than 20 years now, the Weprofab assures our valued clients in order to obtain their trust. We continue to improve and produce the finest quality acrylic stool.

We are your one-stop solution in all your acrylic stool needs. We have thousand of acrylic stool that are ready to ship from our factory.

In order to achieve the customer’s satisfaction we always work hard together with our expert staff and engineers.

If you have questions regarding our acrylic stool products, contact us now!

Acrylic Stool: The Complete FAQ Guide

Acrylic stools are popular acrylic furniture.

They come in many designs and shapes, depending on your specific needs and requirements.

However, choosing the best acrylic stool can be an overwhelming task.

That’s why this guide explores everything you need to know about acrylic stool.

Keep reading to learn more.

What is Acrylic Stool?

Stools were among the first types of furniture created by man.

They are similar to chairs in that they have a top meant to be seat one person but are different by their lack of a back and armrests.

They also have a base that may consist of one to four legs.

An acrylic stool is made from acrylic sheets and acrylic rods molded in the desired shape and design.

These pieces of acrylic furniture may also be made by cutting and combining different pieces of acrylic.

acrylic stool

Acrylic stool

What are the Main Types of Acrylic Stool designs available?

Acrylic stools come in different designs depending on their use.

Each design is specially made to fit the purpose of the stool.

Some of the main design types include the following

  • Acrylic Counter Stool

acrylic counter stool

Acrylic counter stool

  • Acrylic Bar Stool

acrylic bar stool

Acrylic bar stool

  • Acrylic Stationary Stool
  • Acrylic Shower Stool

 acrylic shower stool

Acrylic shower stool

  • Acrylic Classic Stool

acrylic classic stool

Acrylic classic stool

  • Acrylic Contemporary Stool

acrylic contemporary stool

Acrylic contemporary stool

What are the Main Parts of Acrylic Stool?

An acrylic stool is made up of different parts.

They come together to provide comfort and stability in the stool.

These components also enhance the functionality of the stool.

They include the following

  • Seat
  • Base
  • Incorporated floor protectors
  • Collars and Gas lift column
  • Footrest

How Can You Order Acrylic Stool?

The process of ordering an acrylic stool is straightforward.

You can do it from the comfort of your home.

Below are some useful tips.

i. Choose the appropriate stool for your needs

ii. Contact a manufacturer with your specifications and get a price quote

iii. Negotiate with the manufacturer and finalize the transaction

iv. Wait for your order to be shipped to you.

Where Can You Use Acrylic Stool?

Acrylic stools have numerous uses.

They are versatile pieces of furniture that are suitable for both indoor and outdoor seating.

Some of the most popular places where you can use these stools are:

  • In the kitchen
  • As a bar and restaurant, stools
  • In the bathroom
  • As step stools
  • In the bedroom, living room or office space

Stools are wonderful for areas that are exposed to the elements since they are resistant to damage.

They are also suitable for multi-use areas as they can be easily moved around or even stacked in some instances.

Since they take very little space compared to chairs, acrylic stools are best used in high-traffic areas. This leaves plenty of room for movement.

They are also great for decluttering small spaces.

What are the Features of Ideal Acrylic Stool?

Acrylic stools have many desirable features that make them an ideal choice for use in any spaces.

Here is a list of some of the features that this furniture has to offer.

a) Strength – Acrylic stools exhibit tensile strength and are impact resistant.

They are made from acrylic sheets, which are made to withstand high levels of stress.

This makes them durable even with repeated use in households and commercial spaces.

b) Lightweight – Acrylic is a lightweight material despite its strength.

Even thick acrylic stools are lighter than those made from wood or metal.

This property makes the stool easily portable and ideal for moving from one spot to another.

c) Weather resistance – Another advantage of using acrylic stools is that they can withstand exposure to different weather conditions.

This makes the furniture suitable for use even in the outdoors.

They can withstand direct sunlight, precipitation, and other unfavorable weather conditions without damage.

d) Optical clarity – One of the best features of Acrylic is that it resembles glass.

This allows it to pass light through just like glass would.

However, unlike glass, it is more durable and impact resistant.

Acrylic stools, therefore, look classy and will complement any style of décor.

Why Should You Invest in Acrylic Stool?

There are several reasons why investing in an acrylic stool is the way to go.

Acrylic, the material used to make this furniture, has many positive attributes.

Therefore you get real value for your money when you buy acrylic stools

Some of these reasons include the following

a) Acrylic stools are durable, so you spend less on replacement furniture with this option.

b) Weather resistance means that these stools are the best option for outdoor use.

c) The sturdiness of acrylic stools means that they do not break easily.

They can also support repeated use without sustaining damage.

d) Acrylic is a safer alternative to glass. If you need that glass feel for your décor, it is the best option to invest in.

e) It is easy to customize acrylic to suit the design and style you prefer.

What are the Benefits of Custom-Built Acrylic Stools?

Customization is a process that applies additional features to an acrylic stool to fit the customer’s specifications.

This can include changing the size dimensions, adding decorations, coloring the sheets, labeling them, and applying special designs

There are many benefits to customization, including the following.

a) You get exactly what you want and need for your space.

For instance, a themed restaurant can get bar stools that perfectly suit its décor.

b) You are assured of quality with custom-made stools.

The manufacturer pays special attention to custom orders to give the client exactly what they want.

c) Since the customer decides all the stool features, they can pick the best materials for aesthetics and strength.

d) Custom-made acrylic stools allow for self-expression. You can have the stools made in a style that matches your taste.

e) Adaptability is another benefit that custom-built stools offer.

Since they fit into the customer’s aesthetic, they can fit in with any changes made to the décor.

How do You Select Suitable Acrylic Stool Manufacturer?

It is important to select the right manufacturer as it guarantees high-quality products.

The process of finding the right manufacturer is quite straightforward.

First, you decide what you need for the acrylic stools.

These are the features that will narrow down the search.

They include size, color, thickness, design, and custom details.

Next, search for manufacturers who offer products with the desired features.

This can be a physical search in your local area.

You can also make an online search if you are looking at manufacturers abroad.

Once you narrow down possible options, contact each one of them to get their offer.

Different manufacturers will charge varying fees for their products.

This step allows you to compare their options.

Lastly, select a manufacturer with the best offer according to your budget.

Inquire about their service pricing, expertise, customization option, and after-sale services among others.

What is the Ideal Thickness of Acrylic Stool?

The ideal thickness of an acrylic stool varies depending on its use.

However, these stools are meant to hold up a lot of weight and for repeated use.

Therefore, a thickness of ¾ to 1 inch is ideal. It ensures sturdiness and durability.

The stool’s seat can be slimmer if the base is made from other materials such as wood or metal.

These can be ½ an inch thick without causing any problems.

Nonetheless, to be safe, it is best to get the thicker dimensions.

How High Should Acrylic Stool be?

The height of an acrylic stool varies. It largely depends on the use of the acrylic furniture.

For instance, bar stools need to be higher than shower stools.

The former are meant to reach the tall countertops usually found in bars.

Stools meant for use by little children are also shorter so they can reach them.

Counter height stools are generally 24 to 27 inches, while classic stools are about 18 inches from floor to seat.

A rule of thumb is to have the stool match the counter or table it is meant for.

Length of 10 to 12 inches between the stool and counter is ideal.

This does not apply when the stool is not for use with a counter or tabletop.

Is there Color Limitation for Acrylic Stool?


There are no color limitations when choosing acrylic stools.

The best color depends on your preference.

You can also get translucent and opaque acrylic stools in any color you prefer.

It is also possible to combine colors on the same stool.

For instance, you can have one color on the seat and another for the base.

One for the top and another for the base.

Never go wrong with transparent acrylic stools because they go with everything.

Their glass-like appearance makes them classy and versatile.

colored acrylic stool

Colored acrylic stool

Which is better Between Acrylic and Polycarbonate stool?

Acrylic and polycarbonate are very similar materials, and they are often used interchangeably to make furniture.

Still, there are some undeniable differences between stools made from each material.

Since each material has both pros and cons, it can be difficult to choose which is better.

Here are some comparable features.

i. Acrylic stools have a more attractive appearance compared to polycarbonate ones.

The base material clearer, shinier, and easier to maintain.

Polycarbonate is more susceptible to UV damage and abrasion.

ii. The cost of acrylic is higher than polycarbonate.

Therefore, acrylic stools are more expensive than those made from polycarbonate.

This price increase is worth it since acrylic has a higher quality.

iii. When it comes to strength, polycarbonate is more impact resistant.

It is harder to shatter or break. This quality comes in handy for sturdiness when making stools.

iv. It is easier to fuse pieces of acrylic sheets together.

Unlike polycarbonate, acrylic has smoother and clearer edges even when two pieces are joined.

Overall, acrylic has more cumulative advantages compared to polycarbonate.

This makes acrylic stools superior to polycarbonate ones.

polycarbonate stool

Polycarbonate stool

Is Acrylic Stool Durable?


Acrylic stools can last for a long time without damage, even when exposed to environmental stress.

Surface material does not fade easily or crack with sun exposure.

Neither does it rot when exposed to water.

They are also sturdy because acrylic is a strong material.

Thus, they will not buckle overweight and continued use.

Weather-resistant hence it does not rot or fade with exposure

Proper care is the best way to extend the lifespan of an acrylic stool.

This means regular cleaning to minimize scratching.

Polishing the stool often maintains the shine and keeps it looking new for longer.

How Does Acrylic and Fiberglass Stool Compare?

Although fiberglass can be used as an alternative to acrylic, it does not offer the same benefits.

Here are some of the comparable qualities between fiberglass and acrylic.

i. Acrylic stools are stronger than fiberglass. Acrylic is a solid sheet compared to fiberglass, which is composed of layers fused together.

Furniture made from acrylic can be up to 20 times stronger than fiberglass products.

ii. Strength comes hand in hand with durability.

Additionally, fiberglass is held together with a resin that can wear off and compromise it.

iii. Acrylic drawers are more resistant to UV radiation, so it stays clear for longer.

Fiberglass stools will definitely yellow with exposure to the sun.

iv. Acrylic also has more optical clarity compared to fiberglass.

This is because they are better able to let light pass through them.

Acrylic stools are more attractive and retain their gloss for longer.

fiberglass stool

Fiberglass stool

What is the Best Way to Remove Scratches from Acrylic Stool?

Acrylic is prone to scratching, so having the right techniques to remove these scratches is crucial.

Here is a list of steps to follow

i. Clean the stool to remove any surface dirt.

Any dust particles on the acrylic can scratch it further, compromising the process.

ii. Start with 300 grit sandpaper and roughly sand the scratches from the surface.

Work in small circular motions to ensure you cover the surface evenly.

iii. Next, use 600 grit sandpaper to further refine the stool’s surface.

Follow this with a 1200 grit sandpaper and a little water to completely buff out any rough lines

iv. In the final step, use plastic-friendly polish to gross out the stool.

This will make it shine.

With these easy steps, a scratched acrylic stool will look good as new within no time.

What Can Make Acrylic Stool to Yellow on Sun

Yellowing is an effect of UV ray exposure that affects most plastics.

Although acrylic is highly resistant to yellowing, its susceptibility depends on many elements.


The quality of acrylic material used to make a stool determines how easily it yellows.

Low-quality sheets are cheaper, but they are not ideal for making outdoor stools.

They will produce furniture that will deteriorate when exposed to the sun.

They have molecules, which can breakdown faster due to ultraviolet radiation.

Protective Coating

It is possible to protect acrylic furniture from UV exposure by applying an anti-UV coating.

This is a treatment resin added onto the acrylic surface to reduce molecule breakdown from sun exposure.

Nevertheless, there are different qualities to these coatings. High-quality coatings last longer and offer more protection.

The best strategy is to ensure that only acrylic stools that are made for outdoor use are exposed to the sun,

This means using high quality coated acrylic

What are the Tips for Cleaning Acrylic Stool?

Proper care of acrylic is necessary to maintain its glass-like luster.

This is achieved by proper cleaning.

Below are some expert tips to follow

The first step is to arm yourself with the right tools.

These include

  • A microfiber cloth
  • Soap and water
  • Cleaning agents

Ensure that none of the cleaning agents are ammonia-based because ammonia breaks down plastics, including acrylic.

Using such products would fog the stool’s surface, and that is impossible to fix.

Always wipe down with soap and water to remove surface dirt before starting the deep cleaning.

This prevents scratching during the cleaning surface.

Rinse the stool’s surface with clean water. It ensures that there are no soap marks and smudges left of the acrylic.

Check acrylic chairs

Is Acrylic Stool Expensive?

Acrylic stools can vary in cost depending on some factors.

One of these variables is the quality of acrylic used to make the stool.

High-quality sheets are more expensive than low-quality ones, and so are their products.

The size of the stool also affects the price.

The larger a stool is, the more materials it requires to make, thus increasing the cost.

Customization also increases the price of a stool.

Therefore, in most cases, an acrylic bar stool may cost than a bathroom stool.

Brand is something else that affects the price.

Some manufacturers offer premium prices for their products because they are custom built.

Such acrylic stools cost more than the generic mass-produced ones.

All these factors come together to determine the price of an acrylic stool.

Are Acrylic Stools Suitable for Children?


Acrylic stools have properties that make them suitable for use with children.

This includes the following.

i. The stools are lightweight so that children can move them about safely

ii. They are safe as there is minimal risk of breakage are lightweight

iii. It is easy to customize the furniture to make them attractive to the children

iv. Cleaning acrylic stools is great since children soil themselves easily

How Can You Polish Acrylic Stool

Plastic polishing is a useful practice for owners of acrylic furniture.

It keeps the piece looking shiny and beautiful regardless of its age.

There are three main techniques that you can use to polish acrylic stools.

Vapor polishing

You apply a chemical vapor compound to the surface of the stool.

This sticks to the acrylic, making it smooth and improving its clarity.

Fire polishing

This method exposes the acrylic surface to heat.

The pressure and tension soften and smoothens the material but not enough to melt it down.


While the first two methods are mostly used in an industrial capacity, this is the most common method to polish acrylic.

It uses an abrasive material, usually sandpaper, to remove any unwanted particles.

Cream polish is then rubbed on the stool’s surface and buffed until it shines like glass.

This is the easiest method to use at home for small-scale projects.

How Sustainable is Acrylic Stool?

Acrylic stools are sustainable and environmentally friendly compared to those made from other materials.

Acrylic is derived from natural gas, which makes it inert.

This means that unlike other plastics, it does not emit harmful particles like Bisphenol-A (BPA).

Acrylic stools are therefore safe to use around people, and they do not harm the environment.

This furniture is also easily recycled, which reduces pollution.

You can repurpose an acrylic stool by using it as something else like a nightstand.

The stool can also be cut up, and the pieces melted to form new sheets of acrylic.

These sheets may be used to create other items.

This recycling process applies to acrylic countless times, making it quite sustainable.

What are the Shortcomings of Acrylic Stool?

Like most things, despite its many advantages, an acrylic stool has a downside.

a) As a thermoplastic, acrylic is sensitive to high heat.

It is not advisable to use these stools in high heat areas since they are prone to melting.

Open flames can also bend the surface and compromise structural integrity and aesthetic beauty.

b) Acrylic can be quite expensive to buy and maintain.

This cost goes high when you need a custom-made acrylic stool.

Regular cleaning and polishing to keep the stools scratch and damage-free are also costly and time-consuming.

There are cheaper alternatives in the market.

Despite these shortcomings, advantages such as strength, durability, convenience, and beauty make acrylic stools a worthy investment.

What is the Turnaround for Manufacturing Acrylic Stool?

The turnaround time refers to the time it takes the manufacturer to move from raw material to getting the finished product to the customer.

The turnaround time for making acrylic stools depends on several variables, including the following.

i. The size of the order– The more stools an order requires, the more money time it takes to make them.

ii. Customization details– Mass-produced stools take less time to make than custom-built ones.

The latter requires a certain attention to detail which may take longer.

iii. Human errors– it can be impossible to predict whether a manufacturing process will advance without a glitch.

This should be accounted for since the process relies on human labor.

iv. Breakdown of the supply chain- This can delay any part of the manufacturing process, including delivering raw materials or even shipping to the customer.

Why Is China the Best Place for Buying Acrylic Stools?

China is one of the most reliable places to buy acrylic stools.

When you import from China, you are guaranteed to receive high-quality products.

Manufacturers from this region have access to high-quality raw materials and the best technologies to produce them.

This gives you leverage and an assurance that only the best will get to you from China.

Chinese manufacturers also offer competitive prices without compromising on quality.

They have access to cheap labor and raw materials, which significantly reduce the cost of production.

These benefits are passed on to the customer at low prices.

China has reliable transportation infrastructure to get your product to you regardless of your location in the world.

Enjoy these benefits and more by investing in a Chinese manufacturer.

At WeProFab, we help you find the best acrylic stool for all your applications.

In case you have any question or inquiry about acrylic stool, contact WeProFabe now.

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