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Acrylic Suggestion Box

Weprofab is one of the manufacturing experts in mainland China. We can offer you the great promising quality of acrylic suggestion box for your business. We can also manufacture an acrylic donation box, an acrylic box with a lock, a clear display box, etc.

Get WeProFab Acrylic Suggestion Box to Delight Your Customers

Weprofab is an expert in manufacturing all acrylic sheets in China. So, we can expertly produce different products such as acrylic suggestion boxes for your business! Weprofab is offering cost benefits to give you a budget-priced acrylic suggestion box with real promising quality.


Clear Acrylic Suggestion Box

Weprofab is the leading Clear Acrylic Box for Suggestions supplier and fabricator. We make sure every product’s quality and durability.

Small Lockable Colored Suggestion Box

Weprofab is the number one source for Small Lockable Colored Suggestion Box. Depending on your business, thousand of stocks are prepared.

Wall Mounted Suggestion Box

Weprofab produces a Wall Mounted Suggestion Box in different thicknesses, colors, sizes, etc.

Suggestion Ballot Box

We proudly offering high-quality finishes of Suggestion Ballot Box for competitive rates.

Ballot Suggestion Box with Lock

Weprofab Ballot Suggestion Box with Lock is made from durable acrylic materials. Weprofab can produce them in various thicknesses.

White Acrylic Suggestion Box

Weprofab specializing in fabricating the White Acrylic Suggestion Box. Give us your ideal design and we`ll do fabrications.

WeProFab: Your Leading Acrylic Suggestion Box Manufacturer

WeProFab is a joint-venture company between WeeTect Material Limited and a Chinese local fabrication manufacturer. We tend to offer you a one-stop solution for plastic fabrication and also metal fabrication.

In China, Weprofab is one of the great manufacturers of acrylic sheets. We can provide you with an acrylic suggestion box with tight incorporates. All great, proper types are proposed for important uses.

Find and select the finest quality acrylic suggestion box at Weprofab. Other plastic sheets such as polycarbonate sheets are also available.

Send us an inquiry now; we will respond to you immediately!

Custom Acrylic Suggestion Box to Skyrocket Your Brand

Custom Acrylic Suggestion Box

Weprofab is a certified OEM company offering high-quality Custom Acrylic Suggestion Box. Choose your own design now, and we got you backed up!

Small Clear Acrylic Suggestion Box

Weprofab is your one-stop solution provider for Small Clear Acrylic Suggestion Box that can cater to each customer’s needs.

White Acrylic Ballot Box

If you are wanting some White Acrylic Ballot Box for retail store applications, Weprofab can help you! According to your detailed guidelines, we can manufacture acrylic products.

3MM Acrylic Suggestion Box

Our 3mm acrylic suggestion box is easy to install and carry can guard against tampering. It enhances the business. It’s appropriate for both business and charity. Available in a variety of standard configurations.

Acrylic Suggestion Box with Brochure Holder

This acrylic suggestion box with brochure holder is made of strong transparent acrylic, durable and long-lasting. Perfect for entry forms, suggestion cards, etc.

Acrylic Suggestion Box with Insert

Weprofab acrylic suggestion box with insert features crystal clear finish, medium insert holder, and countertop design. Included with lock and keys to ensure contents are kept safe and cannot be easily accessed.

Acrylic Suggestion Box 4MM

Acrylic suggestion box measuring 4mm can be applied with crystal polishing or a high gloss finish surface. Available in various shapes, colors, thicknesses, mounting options, and so on.

Clear Acrylic Suggestion Box with Card Pocket

This clear acrylic suggestion box with a card pocket can be mounted on a wall or placed on a tabletop. Each box features a top-hinged locking door secured by a metal lock.

Acrylic Suggestion Box with Header and Lock

Acrylic suggestion box with header and lock encourages clients and visitors to your business to leave suggestions. This box can be customized to meet your needs.

Acrylic Black Suggestion Box

Weprofab acrylic black suggestion boxes have competitive prices. The locking mechanism unlocks the item from the front, and two keys are included. It also has keyholes on the back to be mounted on a wall.

Orange Acrylic Suggestion Box

Orange acrylic suggestion box entire line has incredible qualities such as fracture resistance, elegance, ease of installation, long life, fantastic design, and more. It also has keyholes on the back. Other colors are available upon request.

Office Acrylic Suggestion Box

Made of durable acrylic, the office acrylic suggestion box is opaque and hides the contents inside. It also has a sturdy lock with two keys to protect the contents inside. Fully customizable for a personalized message.

Square Clear Acrylic Suggestion Box

Ideal for exhibitions, retail counters, offices, reception desks, and more. This square clear acrylic suggestion box has a removable base for easy access. It is made of black, precise, or white acrylic with no logo or branding.

Extra Large Acrylic Suggestion Box

Weprofab acrylic suggestion box in X-large size is available in white and clear acrylic. It can be used to raise funds for a good cause, a drawing, a gift, a ballot, sweepstakes, a ballot, and more.

Medium Acrylic Suggestion Box

A medium-size acrylic suggestion box is perfect for coins, business cards, entry forms, raffle tickets, and more. It can collect various data like forms, surveys, slips, and business cards.

Large Acrylic Suggestion Box

Our sizeable acrylic suggestion box is lightweight yet robust, plus it’s shatter-resistant. This box is fully customizable, allowing you to include a personal message without going overboard.

Acrylic Suggestion Box with Trifold Dispenser

This acrylic suggestion box with a trifold dispenser has a removable lid and a trifold leaflet dispenser. Perfect use as questionnaire box, suggesting box, entry box, and much more.

Acrylic Cube Suggestion Box

An acrylic cube suggestion box is secure storage featuring stabilized structure, accurate thickness, and high-quality material. It has a high level of resistance to all types of external factors that may cause damage.

6" Acrylic Suggestion Box

Weprofab 6″ acrylic suggestion box is excellent for gathering employee or customer suggestions. With high-quality and durable construction, the case will serve for many years to come.

Employee Acrylic Suggestion Box

Employee acrylic suggestion box has a wide front-facing acrylic pocket for bespoke graphics. Robust acrylic construction allows the case to last for many years.

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Why Weprofab Acrylic Suggestion Box

Are you looking for the finest quality suggestion box for your business?

Make sure that the suggestion box you are going to find is made up of acrylic sheets.

Since you are here, you found the best manufacturer for your suggestion boxes needs.

As a leading manufacturer of acrylic sheets in China, Weprofab can fabricate acrylic suggestion box products.

Weprofab is the best manufacturer of the acrylic suggestion box because we are in this industry for more than 20 years.

So, we could offer you a wide variety of Weprofab acrylic suggestion box.

We have a huge range of Weprofab acrylic suggestion boxes for use at different applications.

You can use our wide array of Weprofab acrylic suggestion box for conferences meetings and events use.

As we have a huge range of Weprofab acrylic suggestion boxes, you can choose different options like acrylic suggestion box colors.

We have available white suggestion box, clear suggestion box, black suggestion box, red suggestion box, green suggestion box, yellow suggestion box, and many more.

Weprofab acrylic suggestion box offers a very flexible solution to your data collection whether at events and meetings or in the workplace.

Weprofab acrylic suggestion box is available in a wide range of slot sizes to enable you to collect business cards, to recycle badges, competition entries, and surveys.

We could offer you our crack free, portable, perfect finish, high durability, and lightweight acrylic suggestion boxes based on competitive prices.

Weprofab is your reliable and one-stop solution for your acrylic suggestion box needs.

Whether you are looking for a Clear Acrylic Suggestion Box, Small Lockable Colored Suggestion Box, Wall Mounted Suggestion Box, Suggestion Ballot Box, Ballot Suggestion Box with Lock, White Acrylic Suggestion Box, and many more.

We will definitely help you boom your business!

Besides, Weprofab has been the best business partners in different industries around the world.

We can distribute the world-class array of Weprofab acrylic suggestion box worldwide.

As a leading plastic sheet manufacturer, we can also offer you a polycarbonate sheet, acrylic sheet, plexiglass, ABS sheets, etc.

Weprofab company has obtained international certifications such as SGS, ISO 9001, CE, and much more.

For more information about our acrylic suggestion box, please don’t hesitate to contact our team.

We have a friendly team to assist you.

Just send us your inquiry for the acrylic suggestion box.

You will receive an instant quote for your next orders.

Ultimate FAQ Guide To Acrylic Suggestion Box

With its success as a means to improve efficiency and boost morale, the acrylic suggestion box has found many applications in meetings, conferences, and events.

 Acrylic Suggestion Box

 Acrylic Suggestion Box

Lightweight and highly durable, these acrylic suggestion boxes come to you at competitive prices with perfect finishes to collect surveys, competition entries, and business cards.

Read on for the ultimate FAQ guide to answer all your questions about acrylic suggestion boxes.

How Is The Acrylic Suggestion Box Made?

Bulk orders offered by professional acrylic box makers are assembled with laser-cut, highly-polished acrylic panels.

However, you can use the DIY approach to cut these panels and assemble your acrylic suggestion box at home using materials that are easily available in the market.

· Panel Materials And Tools

Choose your Plexiglass or Perspex acrylic sheet or assemble with cut-to-size acrylic panels of the required thickness.

Keep a measuring tape, fine-tip permanent marker, straight edge, DIY metal-cutting saw, scoring knife, file, and duct tape handy.

You can get the acrylic glue to bond finished acrylic panels in the local market.

· Cut To Size Acrylic Suggestion Box Panels

Even if you use cut-to-size acrylic panels for your acrylic suggestion box, you may need to make further cuts to meet your box size requirements.

Cut six pieces of the acrylic material to assemble a square or rectangular box.

Also, cut four small square pieces to support the top panel at the four corners of your box.

Use the file and sandpaper to remove burrs or scratch marks at the edges.

Create a slit of the required size over the top panel with the help your scoring knife.

The panel thickness must be less than ¼” for this to work properly. Otherwise, use a ready cut-to-size panel with slit.

· Acrylic Suggestion Box Assembly

Place the bottom piece on your flat work table.

Check if all the panels fit appropriately over this bottom piece in line with its outer surface.

Use acrylic glue to bond the side panels with the bottom piece and each other, one after another.

You must get a perfect square or rectangular shape when the bottom and 4 side panels are in place.

Cover the edges with tape and allow the panels to bond.

You can watch this video to find out how to assemble and glue your acrylic suggestion box.

· Acrylic Suggestion Box Top Panel Assembly

 Assembled Acrylic Suggestion Box

Assembled Acrylic Suggestion Box

Once the side panels have bonded with the bottom panel, it’s time to assemble the top panel.

Use acrylic glue to bond the small square pieces at the four corners of the box.

Make sure each square piece rests equally over the two side panels

Apply acrylic glue to bond these square pieces within the top outer edges of these side panels.

Once they are dry, place the top panel with a slit over these pieces at the four corners.

The acrylic suggestion box is assembled.

You can add many features like hinges, colored panels, and printing options to your acrylic box.

Your design will decide if you need a wall-mounted or floor-standing acrylic suggestion box.

What Advantages Does Your Acrylic Suggestion Box Offer?

The acrylic suggestion box offers several advantages that make it a lucrative and cost-effective suggestion box solution for multiple applications.

· Highly Transparent And Glossy

Plexiglass and Perspex materials used to make acrylic suggestion boxes are highly transparent and glossy.

They draw the attention of viewers.

· Rigid And Impact Resistant

Acrylic is extremely rigid and has high impact-resistant properties.

You can use it as a stand-alone suggestion box.

· Lightweight

Transport your lightweight acrylic suggestion box easily from one event to another with effortless ease.

· Availability

These acrylic boxes are easily available in the market and in different sizes.

Therefore, it is a cost-effective and practical OEM/SME suggestion-box solution.

· Adjustable Box And Slit

Decide on custom slit and box sizes to collect and stack envelopes, letters, and ballot chits.

· Bonding Capability

Acrylic suggestion boxes are easily assembled with permanently bonded acrylic panels.

You can watch this video to find out how to permanently bond your acrylic panels.

· Resistance To Chemicals

You can collect inorganic chemical samples in your suggestion box. Acrylic does not react with these chemicals.

· Durability

Made of highly durable material, the acrylic suggestion box can be safely used in both indoor and outdoor conditions.

Perspex and Plexiglass acrylic materials have excellent UV-resistant and weather-resistant capabilities.

Can You Print Messages On Your Acrylic Suggestion Box?

 Screen Printing Acrylic Suggestion Box Panel

 Screen Printing Acrylic Suggestion Box Panel

Yes, the professional acrylic box maker can print your logo, brand name, custom design and message on your acrylic suggestion box.

After cleaning acrylic panels with denatured alcohol and distilled water, manufacturers use digital- or screen-printing techniques to create acrylic suggestion boxes with custom messages.

· Digital Printing On Acrylic Suggestion Boxes

Digital printing on acrylic suggestion boxes is a cost-effective and durable process.

Depending on design and application requirements, UV-cured or solvent-based inks are used to digitally print on acrylic panels.

Drop On Demand (DOD) or continuous flow techniques are used to achieve high-quality printing results.

· Screen Printing On Acrylic Suggestion Boxes

Large OEM/ODM orders are usually fulfilled by screen printing on acrylic suggestion boxes.

It is a faster and more viable process to achieve consistent paint viscosity across several batches.

Laser-created designs and mesh openings ensure bold and complicated designs are achieved with great ease.

Your acrylic suggestion box manufacturer can provide all the information you need to decide on printing options for specific applications.

What Are The Different Types Of Acrylic Suggestion Boxes?

· Clear Acrylic Suggestion Box

Clear Acrylic Suggestion Box

 Clear Acrylic Suggestion Box

Made of high-quality durable acrylic material, the clear acrylic suggestion box is created using standard and custom designs to fulfill large OEM/ODM requirements.

Custom-sized box sizes ensure you get flexible suggestion box solutions that can be used in different applications.

Environmentally friendly Perspex or Plexiglass material is used to create these reusable clear acrylic suggestion boxes.

You can easily access content from the underside of the box.

Attach replaceable posters on the inside of the side panel.

Ask for a leaflet holder on the side panel to offer information to visitors.

· Small Lockable Colored Acrylic Suggestion Box

 Small Lockable Colored Suggestion Box

 Small Lockable Colored Acrylic Suggestion Box

Popular among businesses, the small lockable colored acrylic suggestion box is a readily available stock item that you can order with very short lead times.

The built-in front pocket design allows you to mount this suggestion box on the wall or use it as a tabletop option.

Available in custom colors, the small lockable colored acrylic suggestion box comes with optional wall-mounting hardware and foam pads for using it on flat surfaces.

Easily open the lockable hinged lid to remove contents after every event or suggestion drive.

You can place suggestion forms and other paper material inside the built-in front pocket of the small lockable colored acrylic suggestion box.

· Wall Mounted Acrylic Suggestion Box

- Wall Mounted Suggestion Box

Wall Mounted Acrylic Suggestion Box

Available in different sizes, thicknesses, and colors, the wall-mounted acrylic suggestion box is a high-quality, long-lasting suggestion box crafted with a scratch-resistant finish to extend durability.

This suggestion box comes with a uniquely-designed front compartment to store ad materials, brochures, coupons, or flyers.

A lockable hinged top panel protects your stored contents.

You will find that the wall-mounted acrylic suggestion box is ideally suited for use in large corporate and industrial areas to gather anonymous suggestions from employees and visitors.

Its space-saving design allows you to easily mount and dismount the box and place it on any flat surface to remove the contents.

· Ballot Acrylic Suggestion Box

Suggestion Ballot Box

Suggestion Ballot Box

Designed to collect confidential and secret ballot chits, the ballot acrylic suggestion box comes with a high-quality finish and is offered at competitive rates.

This suggestion box has a compact design that offers a lockable box solution, both in free-standing and counter-standing positions.

Based on the number of estimated voters, you can implement custom box and slot dimensions.

Consider boxes with additional heights to increase capacity without affecting their compact designs.

Slots are designed for custom use and allow folded ballot chits into the box.

For added safety, your ballot acrylic suggestion box can be sealed and opened only on breaking the seal.

· Ballot Acrylic Suggestion Box With Lock

Ballot Suggestion Box With Lock

Ballot Suggestion Box With Lock

Manufactured from durable acrylic materials, the ballot acrylic suggestion box with lock is stocked in different sizes and thicknesses.

Custom locks with two or more keys are provided to increase safety.

You can opt for a lockable slide that seals your suggestion ballot box when not in use.

Large and convenient, these boxes are designed with custom-sized slots to collect bills, suggestion forms, ballot sheets, etc.

The ballot acrylic suggestion box with lock has holes on its backside that allows clear views of the contents stored in the box.

You can also use these holes to attach wall-hanging fixtures.

· White Acrylic Suggestion Box

 White Acrylic Suggestion Box

White Acrylic Suggestion Box

Fabricated according to your custom design, the white acrylic suggestion box is a counter-standing suggestion box option with a leaflet and poster holder that attracts immediate attention.

You will find that the box dimensions are set to display A4 or custom-sized posters over the box.

Counted among the most commonly used collection containers, the white acrylic suggestion box is ideal for displaying headers and advertising materials.

Its elegant and simple design allows you to use the box to collect suggestions and cards.

Attractive printed or painted messages are easily visible over the white background.

· Custom Acrylic Suggestion Box

Custom Acrylic Suggestion Box

Custom Acrylic Suggestion Box

Choose your own design, and the professional acrylic box manufacturer will back you up and deliver a custom acrylic suggestion box that meets your exact application requirements.

Durable and functional lids are attached to these boxes with customizable slit dimensions.

The custom acrylic suggestion box is easy to clean with just soap and water.

You can select a suggestion box with a clear or colored base.

Opt for a custom-made lock to increase safety and confidentiality.

Dust-free acrylic material is used to sustain high visibility levels through your custom acrylic suggestion box panels.

Glossy, premium looks are achievable in transparent and opaque colors to complement your design.

· Small Clear Acrylic Suggestion Box

 Small Clear Acrylic Suggestion Box

 Small Clear Acrylic Suggestion Box

Affordable and easy to make, the small clear acrylic suggestion box caters to the individual needs of each of your customers.

It provides ample storage for suggestion and ballot chits.

You can place these small clear acrylic suggestion boxes on countertops that offer very little space for display items.

Manufactured in stylish combinations from durable material, this small suggestion box comes with clear or transparent colored panels.

The small clear acrylic suggestion box is made of 100% acrylic material and loaded with value-added features like magnetic and hinged lids.

Practical PMMA material designs offer difficult to break acrylic suggestion boxes with inherent chemical stability and excellent weatherability capabilities.

· White Ballot Acrylic Suggestion Box

 White Acrylic Ballot Box

White Acrylic Ballot Box

Specifically designed for retail store applications, the white ballot acrylic suggestion box is made from premium-quality acrylic material of increased thickness for better durability.

It’s easy to handle these sleek boxes with diamond-polished edges.

The white ballot acrylic suggestion box has a locking mechanism on its top surface that comes with two or more keys.

Slot dimension may vary depending on end usage.

You can keep confidential contents safe and secure in this opaque white ballot acrylic suggestion box.

How Do You Remove Scratches From The Acrylic Suggestion Box?

Acrylic does tend to develop scratches after regular use.

However, its very easy to remove these scratches.

First sand the affected areas with 600-grit sandpaper, running it over in a clockwise or counterclockwise direction at a steady pace.

You can alternate between wet and dry sandpapers, and increase the grit size to 800 and 1200 respectively, depending on how deep the scratches are.

Clean the sanded areas with a piece of clean cotton cloth.

Apply acrylic polish to finish the process and restore clarity.

You can watch this video on how to remove scratches from your acrylic suggestion box.

How Much Does The Acrylic Suggestion Box Cost?

You need to consider variable factors like custom locks, hinges, thickness, and dimensions to arrive at the estimated cost of manufacturing your acrylic suggestion box.

Added features like screen-printing options, decorative elements to increase aesthetic value, pockets and compartments may add to the overall cost.

Even with a high level of customization, the professional acrylic box manufacturer can offer you laser-printed and color-blended unique acrylic suggestion box designs at affordable prices.

How Are OEM/ODM Acrylic Suggestion Box Orders Fulfilled?

Sophisticated color-blending and fabrication mechanisms are in place to fulfill large OEM/ODM orders quickly and accurately.

Professional acrylic box manufacturers have teams of experienced designers and experts that can release prototypes for approval in very little time.

Warranties ensure that your orders meet international standards and norms.

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