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Acrylic Sunglass Display

Weprofab offers acrylic sunglass display with impeccable quality of products. Since you have a business that are need acrylic sunglass display, we have a lot of great products that you can choose from. Contact Weprofab regarding your acrylic sunglass display orders!

Get WeProFab Acrylic Sunglass Display Delight Your Customers

As the world’s largest fabricators of acrylic sunglass display, you can ensure that our acrylic sunglass display is high quality.

Wall Mount Acrylic Sunglass Display with Hardware

Among all manufacturers of acrylic sunglass display, Weprofab is one of the trusted manufacturers in China. All our acrylic sunglass display looks elegant whenever you use it.

Acrylic Sunglass Display Rack

You can browse acrylic sunglass display here in Weprofab. When purchasing acrylic sunglass display whether for personal use or not, always choose Weprofab.

Acrylic Sunglasses Counter Display

If you want your sunglasses to be noticed by people easily, you get acrylic sunglass counter display. Accessible to people’s eyes. Easy to carry and remove.

Acrylic Stairs Sunglass Display

Choose your acrylic sunglass display in Weprofab. You can ensure that all of our acrylic products are inexpensive and perfectly fit for your store.

Rotating Acrylic Sunglass Display

In Weprofab, we can provide all kinds of acrylic sunglass display that you surely like. It has a large capacity to display many acrylic sunglass even in a tiny place.


Floor Standing Acrylic Sunglass Display

Here in Weprofab you can choose different kinds of acrylic sunglass display. Thousands of finish products are stored in our warehouse.

WeProFab: Your Leading Acrylic Sunglass Display Manufacturer

WeProFab is a joint-venture company between WeeTect Material Limited and a Chinese local fabrication manufacturer. We tend to offer you a one-stop solution for fabrication.

In times that you are needing an acrylic sunglass display in displaying your unique and different types of sunglass, Weprofab offers its one-of-a-kind acrylic sunglass display for our dearest customers.

If you want that your acrylic sunglass displays to be customized, we can cater to all your requests and demands to fill your satisfaction.

To get an instant quote, message us directly!

Custom Acrylic Sunglass Display to Skyrocket Your Brand

Acrylic Bicycle Shape Sunglass Display

Weprofab is one of the professional manufacturers of acrylic sunglass display. In terms of sizes, styles, and shapes, we have plenty of acrylic sunglass display in our factory.

Slatwall Sunglass Display

If you want to maximize your store space, you can pick our top selling acrylic sunglass display. Our slatwall sunglass display will help you to make your store more spacious.

LED Acrylic Sunglass Display

Wanting to showcase your sunglass to your customers? Weprofab has acrylic sunglass display with LED.

Acrylic Ladder Sunglass Display

All acrylic sunglass displays are available in Weprofab. If you want to have a best and has a stunning look you can choose an acrylic ladder sunglass display.

Clear Acrylic 5 Tier Sunglass Display

Choose Weprofab in choosing acrylic sunglass display for your business. You can guarantee great performance with great quality.

Acrylic Sunglass Display Cabinet

An acrylic display cabinet is an advertising tool that influences your business sales. This durable acrylic display cabinet can help market sunglasses by presenting them efficiently. The sizes, thicknesses, and other specifications are open for customization.

Modern Acrylic Sunglass Display Rack

The modern acrylic sunglass display rack is ideal for eyeglass stores, exhibitions, supermarkets, and relevant enterprises. This product meets international certifications such as ISO9001. Thus, it possesses a top-quality finish and meets various user demands.

Acrylic Sunglass Display Shelf

An acrylic sunglass display shelves are available in different designs, colors, and layers tailored to various necessities. It can also handle logo customizations. The acrylic shelf installment is convenient using a screw or other material to mount on walls.

High-End Acrylic Sunglass Display Stand

The advanced acrylic sunglass spinning display stand is perfect for when you need to save space. It holds multiple sunglasses in one display. Moreover, the top comes with a clear stand for a poster, the bottom part rotates, and an attached drawer is available.  

Acrylic Sunglass Display Storage Tray

The most favored acrylic sunglass display tray can come with fine white velvet and a quality finish. There are numerous colors available for this storage tray. But, if you prefer an elegant display, champagne cold and milky are the most suitable.

Acrylic Sunglass Showcase Display

Remarkably, an acrylic sunglass showcase display is available in different finishes- perfect glossy, matte lacquer, polish, and more. It is an ideal showcase display for exhibition shows, specialty shops, and related stores. The sunglass showcase display is luxurious and fashionable. 

Wall Mounted Acrylic Sunglass Display

The wall-mounted acrylic sunglass display undergoes different advanced processes- cutting, bending, welding, polish, painting, and powder coat to ensure a quality product display. Some acrylic sunglass displays come with a LED light behind the panel and a lock.

Acrylic Sunglass Decoration Display

The contemporary acrylic sunglass decoration display is open for customization as per requests. The acrylic decoration display production accepts OEM and ODM. Additionally, it is perfect for various purposes and can enhance your display in no time.

Tree-Shaped Acrylic Sunglass Display

The tree-shaped acrylic sunglass display features an eco-friendly raw material while providing a unique and modern display design. It can hold up to 5 pairs of sunglasses and more depending on the user’s needs. Moreover, it is portable and easy to assemble.

Acrylic Sunglass Frame Stand Display

The high-quality acrylic sunglass frame stands display features three nose holders for displaying your collections; two pieces of frame risers that can hold up to six eyeglasses frames. It is functional for displaying sunglasses, optical glasses, ski goggles, or more.

U-Shaped Acrylic Sunglass Display

A U-shaped acrylic sunglass display is known for its durability and eco-friendly product. This sunglass display is suitable for supermarkets, exhibitions, promotion/advertising, price display, and more. The U-shaped acrylic display specifications are available for customization.

Countertop Acrylic Sunglass Display

The countertop acrylic sunglass display accepts logo customization through laser cutting, laser marking, engraving, silk-screening, UV printing, inkjet printing, rotary printing, sticker label, and more. Additionally, it is versatile for storing, displaying, and protecting your valued products.

Multifunctional Acrylic Sunglass Display

The versatile multifunctional acrylic sunglasses display is ideal for displaying multiple items including cellphone accessories. The clever design allows customization and saves a lot of space. As being said, different styles and custom designs are welcome.

Fashionable Acrylic Sunglass Display

The renowned fashionable acrylic display comes from top-quality and durable acrylic that passed the SGS certification. It accepts logo customization based on your needs; it can be silk printed with your brand name and company logo, ideal for promotion. 

Acrylic Sunglass Display Box

The versatile acrylic sunglass display box is suitable to display your products, such as sunglasses, along with the best visual impact- a perfect tool for promotion. Moreover, any size, colors, and designs are available. It can lure many users due to its modern and sophisticated composition.

Transparent Acrylic Sunglass Display

The transparent acrylic sunglass displays allow you to store your products at various locations for your valued users. Due to their minimal design, these acrylic eyewear displays do not occupy much space but allow functionality. 

Acrylic Sunglass Display Holder

An acrylic sunglass display holder is perfect for showing any eyewear piece. The holders are available for multiple tiered designs to fit your specific display circumstances. As for convenient installation, it comes with a metal screw for fastening from the back panel.

Acrylic Sunglass Display Organizer Case

The acrylic sunglass display organizer case is ideal for eyewear essentials display on an unbending surface. This display organizer is durable since they are constructed solely from quality acrylic materials. The product’s average weight depends on the size and quantity.

Clear Acrylic Sunglass Display Drawer Box

A new way to store eyewear is through a clear acrylic sunglasses organizer with a drawer. It neatly keeps all your sunglasses and eyeglasses. Constructed of heavy-duty clear acrylic, it features four drawers or more depending on your needs.

Glossy Acrylic Sunglass Display

The sunglass display with a glossy finish comes from sturdy and high transparent clear acrylic. This acrylic display is available to customize in any size. It can be a vertical or horizontal style for fitting different sizes or scales.

Acrylic Sunglass Display Case with Lock

An acrylic sunglass display case with a lock features an antitheft better solution and saves a lot of space with its contemporary design. It professionally displays any eyewear on all countertops. Moreover, this sunglass case comes from sturdy acrylic. 

Single Acrylic Sunglass Display

The single acrylic sunglass display is suitable for sunglasses and other small accessories storage in one minimal and excellent design. Thus, it can store the eyewear pieces well and exhibit the sunglasses in many ways. It is perfect for personal and retail purposes. 

Acrylic Sunglass Displays for Ten Pairs

A fantastic way to store eyewear is utilizing acrylic sunglass displays for ten pairs. The versatile and functional design provides no limits when it comes to application. The product’s specifications- dimensions, design, and color are available for customization.

Custom Logo Acrylic Sunglass Display

A custom logo acrylic sunglass display offers an excellent way to market and promote eyewear products. The logo customization can be through laser cutting, laser marking, engraving, silk-screening, UV printing, inkjet printing, rotary printing, sticker label, and more.

Rotating Locking Acrylic Sunglass Displays

The modernized rotating locking acrylic displays are suitable for various applications, such as optical Stores, cosmetic shops, medical shops, supermarkets, shopping malls, and more. The product specification can vary depending on designs and preferred dimensions.

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Why WeProFab Acrylic Sunglass Display

Acrylic Sunglass Display

If you are looking for a standard and outstanding sunglass display, then choose those sunglass display that are made from acrylic.

You don’t have to worry now since Weprofab has its very own acrylic sunglass display that you use in engaging sunglass display.

As the premier manufacturer of acrylic sunglass display in China, you can enjoy the benefits of our acrylic sunglass display for your business in a very competitive price.

As the leading manufacturer of acrylic sunglass in China, Weprofab has its own potential in fabricating and producing several types of acrylic sunglass display that we could offer to our dear clients.

Acrylic is ideal for making sunglass display.

That’s the reason Weprofab can be able to produce acrylic sunglass display in different diameters, styles, shapes, and sizes.

And also, we do customization of acrylic sunglass display as per clients requests.

Acrylic Sunglass Display

Our acrylic sunglass display is best in displaying or holding your sunglass and other eyewear that customers may bring attention to it.

The best thing about having acrylic sunglass display in your store is tha it is very useful to maximize the space of your store.

If your one of the a retailer or distributors of acrylic sunglass display and want to have this kind of sunglass displays, you can choose Weprofab brand.

All our acrylic sunglass displays brings unique and versatile sunglass display for your business.

Acrylic Sunglass Display

Weprofab has been in the manufacturing industry for more than 20 years now.

We are knowledgeable, skilled, and expert enough in fulfilling your needs when it comes to acrylic sunglass display.

We gurantee that we can be able to provide an excellent quality of acrylic products that could offer for your customers.

Furthermore, the have severe quality control system in inspecting the quality of our products to ensure its performance along the way.

If you have questions with regards to our products, please don’t hesitate to contact us!

What is an Acrylic Sunglass Display?

The acrylic sunglass display is the perfect item you can use to show off sunglasses products.

Its acrylic-made material catches more attention of customers.

They can easily see and try your selling types of sunglasses.

Where can We Use the Acrylic Sunglasses Display?

Below are some places where you can display the acrylic sunglasses display. You can see them in:

  • Retail stores
  • Brand sunglasses stores
  • Shopping malls
  • Exclusive stores
  • Exhibition display
  • At home as personal sunglass storage
What are the Features and Benefits of Acrylic Sunglass Display?

Using an acrylic sunglass display at your store offers several benefits.

Below are some features and benefits of having an acrylic sunglass display at your store.

  • High-quality acrylic display
  • Accommodates various items
  • Removable display with numerous tier options
  • Suitable for any applications
  • High transparency
  • More robust than glass
  • Excellent weather resistant
  • Lightweight
How Long Does the Acrylic Sunglass Display Last?

The acrylic sunglass display stand lasts at least five years or more.

You can guarantee more years of using acrylic sunglass displays if you store or maintain them properly.

Below are some influential factors that may affect acrylic sunglass display lifespan.

  1. Sun exposure
  2. Bad environment
  3. Scratches
  4. Collision

Therefore, the acrylic sunglass display lifespan not only depends on the quality of the material.

How Many Layers of the Acrylic Sunglass Display are Available?

There are 3-7 layers of acrylic sunglass displays available.

They can accommodate 6-24 display sunglasses.

Some designs can hold more sunglasses, like the rotating one.

What to Keep in Mind when Cleaning Acrylic Sunglass Display?

Like other acrylic products, acrylic sunglass displays must be clean and maintained.

But you have to consider some factors when cleaning acrylic-made sunglass displays.

And here are some of them:

  • A cleaner with a clear and anti-static solution is recommended.

It prevents acrylic surfaces from the accessible attraction of dust and dirt.

  • Using scouring or chemical cleaners is not advisable.

They will not provide the best results for acrylic product surfaces.

For Cleaning Procedure:

Use a microfiber cloth to wipe on and off the dust on acrylic sunglass display layers or boxes.

Using anti-static formula removes scratches from acrylic display surfaces.

What are the Types of Acrylic Sunglass Display?

There are multiple selections of acrylic sunglass display types, including:

Acrylic Rotating Sunglass Display Holder

This rotating acrylic display accommodates 20 pairs of sunglasses.

It measure about 10″ in W x 10″D x 19 1/2″H size.

Acrylic Sunglass Display Holder

This acrylic holder can hold about 24 pairs of sunglasses.

Perfect for displaying all styles and types of sunglasses.

Acrylic Lockable Sunglass Display

Acrylic sunglass display with a lock is more secure yet show-offs your items.

They are designed with a top mirror. 

Acrylic Sunglass Display Rack

This sunglasses rack holds up to 40 pieces of sunglasses.

It is a four-sided rotating acrylic sunglass display rack.

Acrylic Sunglass Display with Spinning Base

This type of acrylic display features easy access to sunglasses.

It has about 2 inches apart nose placement.

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