• Acrylic Table Top

Acrylic Table Top

We, WeproFab is certified and qualified plastic and metal fabrication. We created plenty of selections of products such as acrylic tabletop. In this industry, we are capable to hold many safety processes. We provide the best and effective suggestions and advice. We prioritize your designs through our expert engineering team.

Get WeProFab Acrylic Table Top to Delight Your Customers

Trough our modern effective and functional machines, we created the acrylic table top suitable for your needs. We strictly checked all fabricated products through our watchful and skilled staff.

Acrylic Table Top Cut-to-size

Send your own layout and sizes at WeProFab. We can customize the acrylic tabletop according to your project needs. Select your ideal features and get the best options.

Acrylic Table Top Manufacturer

Finding the best provider is the most important in managing a business. You don’t have to worry about the quality you received. All the processes at WeProFab are safe.

Clear Acrylic Table Top

For outdoor applications, the clear acrylic tabletop is popular, especially for commercial applications. You can demand your own design and features at WeProFab.

Colored Acrylic Table Top

WeProFab can meet your demands by supplying guaranteed colored frosted acrylic tabletop. Any volume of orders you need, we can supply enough products.

Frosted Acrylic Table Top

Frosted acrylics for table tops are unique and elegant. Available at different shapes, colors, and characteristics.

Portable Acrylic Table Top

Commonly, a portable table can be seen in living room areas. There are many people chooses this type of table only for home or hotel decoration. Find your desired acrylic tabletop at WeProFab.

WeProFab: Your Leading Acrylic Table Top Manufacturer

WeProFab provides the best solutions every now and then. We are a one-stop shop for no-hassle purchasing. As a joint-venture company between Weetect Limited and a Chinese local fabrication manufacturer, we ensure all the safe fabrication.

We have a lot of equipment for manufacturing. From, frosted, clear, heat resistant for outdoor application, and many more, we have all the research for perfect production.

With our high-quality acrylic table top and many other products, we are certified with ISO 9001. With different standards like RoHS, REACH, and UL, we can satisfy your needs.

As an expert supplier and manufacturer, We are trusted as your long-term partner. We guide and support any of your projects. Send your inquiry now and get our profitable acrylic tabletop.

Custom Acrylic Table Top to Expand Your Brand

Decorative Acrylic Table Top

WeProFab manufactured lots of decorative acrylic tabletops. Affordable with high-quality standards. Get your desired customization to gain the best profits.

Multi-color Acrylic Table Top

Multi-color acrylic table top commonly use for bars and many others. We have many options to offer to every client. We can customize your own design to satisfy your needs.

Round Acrylic Table Top

We have many stocks for round acrylic table top at the market. Any colors, shapes, and sizes we have are durably created with our experts.

Acrylic Table Top Card Display Stand

Acrylic Table Top Card Display Stand is suitable for different displays that are needed with 3mm thickness. It is used in malls, restaurants, companies, and retail stores.

Acrylic Disks for Table Top

Acrylic Disks for Table Top is eco-friendly, highly versatile, lightweight, and high impact with a glossy surface. It’s used as a cake disc or DIY sign with an ISO9001 certificate.

Acrylic Mirror Table Top

It has moldable material, high-impact resistance, and is lightly used in various applications. It has 93% transparency with 1.2g density and 1.8-30mm thickness.

Wedding Acrylic Mirror Table Top

It has exceptional visual qualities, a consistent thickness, and a minimal strain rate. Wedding Acrylic Mirror Table Top is a weather-resistant substance that is flexible.

Table Top Magnetic Acrylic Sign Holders

The Table Top Magnetic Acrylic Sign Holders sizes are customizable if it’s a special size with a base thickness of 10mm. It’s used in hotels, offices, trade shows, and restaurants.

Acrylic Table Cube Glass Mirror Top

Acrylic Table Cube Glass Mirror Top is mostly used as a modern coffee table in the kitchen, bedroom, or living room. It’s available in gold, silver, or even colorful colors you request.

Table Top Acrylic Flip Over Menu Stand

Table Top Acrylic Flip Over Menu Stand is usually used as a menu holder for restaurants and bars. It features up and down pages with 5mm thickness.

Acrylic T-Type Sign Holder Table Top

Acrylic T-Type Sign Holder Table Top is composed of 100% acrylic, perspex, plexiglass, and PMMA available for OEM and ODM. It’s used as home decoration and display photos.

Acrylic Triangle Table Top

Acrylic Triangle Table Top is a sign holder style with transparent color that has CE, RoHS, and EMC certification, and it’s composed of clear acrylic.

Round Top Acrylic Table

It has a modern appearance and an antique style that can be used in wedding parties, homes, and restaurants. Round Top Acrylic Table is available in various colors and materials.

Clear Ghost Surface Acrylic Table Tops

Clear Ghost Surface Acrylic Table Tops specific as dining tables and wedding tables; can also be applied in hotels, dining rooms, and living rooms.

L-Type Magnetic Acrylic Table Top

L-Type Magnetic Acrylic Table Top function for coffee shop display, hotel or even restaurants with transparent color and its color can be customizable.

Portrait Frame Acrylic Table Top

It’s great for bars, offices, events, exhibitions, festivals, conferences, and more. It’s composed of a premium quality material with high transparency and durability.

Acrylic Shoes Display Stand Table Top

It is used for promotion and display stands available in any color. It features an eco-friendly material with customizable sizes and has a simple design.

Double Side Acrylic Mirror Table Top

Double Side Acrylic Mirror Table Top is applied for makeup products, advertising, furniture, and interior decoration. Its surface has PE film with 0.65-6mm thickness.

Acrylic Menu Stand Table Top

It is usually available in clear and transparent color, but it can be customized composed of 100% acrylic material. It features durable material and is eco-friendly.

Acrylic Wedding Table Top Holders

Acrylic Wedding Table Top Holders is a modern style holder that has SGS certification with clear color and features an eco-friendly material.

Acrylic Table Top Plate Holder

It is composed of environmentally friendly acrylic material. It is used in baby showers, birthday parties, and hotels and restaurants.

Marble Black Acrylic Table Top

Marble Black Acrylic Table Top is a multi-purpose use like in bathroom or kitchen with customizable colors and sizes. It also accepts OEM and ODM services.

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Why WeProFab Acrylic Table Top

Acrylic Table Top

The best material for tabletops is acrylics. It has many advantages to provide for every user. It is easy to maintain and easier to install type. Scratches are easy to remove. They are durable beautiful and suitable for any applications. It is useful for hotels, residential, or commercials. It cannot be broken easily.

It is UV resistant which cannot be faded from direct sunlight. Because of its capability, it is strong and durable for outdoor applications.

Plenty of options at WeProFab guaranteed at a lower cost. It helps you gain outstanding profits because of its affordable yet negotiable and high-quality products.

WeProFab offers extensive products of acrylic tabletops to support client’s projects. Any applications such as indoor or outdoor applications, our acrylic tabletops are durable and strongly fight against direct sunlight.

We have plenty of features for you to offer. You can select your desired tabletops from sizes, shapes, colors, and customizations. You can also send your planned layouts at WeProFab for your great satisfaction.

Don’t worry about product quality. We have much staff that can make sure to manufacture quality acrylic tabletops. We’ve done much research before fabricating acrylic tabletops. Our experts at the engineering team are trusted in making designs.

According to your needs for projects, we can customize and provide safety fabrication at all times. In many years in this industry, we are an expert supplier and manufacturer of plastic and metal production. With ISO 9001, WeProFab is a popular provider worldwide.

Choose the right supplier and manufacturer for your business safety. Be vigilant in terms of choosing the right acrylic tabletop provider. It can help you save your time, effort, and cash at the same time.

From assembling, packing, to moving products, we strictly ensure all the quality and safety. A flexible packing for travel safety and well-assembled products for long term usage provided and guided by WeProFab.

Dealing with us is so easy and convenient. We have wide variety of options for easy purchasing. Supporting projects of every clients is our main purpose why WeProFab developed.

If you have some questions and clarifications, just send your inquiries today and get some informative processes. Be our successful clients like others did.

Ultimate FAQ Guide ToAcrylic Table Top

Tabletops are prone to different damages and scratches every day.

Acidic spills and pointed edges of pencils or knives lead to unpleasant marks on tabletops.

Cleaning furniture with abrasive and bleaching by sunlight also cause wear and tear.

All these factors reduce the longevity of the furniture, especially tabletops.

Acrylic tabletops save you from the trouble of buying new tables after every few years.

It looks exactly like glass and provides a protective covering to tabletops.

Acrylic table tops are one of the cheapest ways to shield your tabletops from any form of damage.

If you have a question about acrylic table tops, you have come to the right place.

Read on to find out everything that you need to know about acrylic table tops.

What Are Acrylic Table Tops?

Acrylic table tops are clear and look like glass.

It is light-weight and much more durable than glass.

Acrylic table tops stick to your furniture tops and protect it from scratches and spills.

You can cut them to various shapes and fit perfectly on top of tables.

It is easy to clean and does not break, unlike glass.

Once the acrylic table top is damaged, you can easily replace it with a new one.

Acrylic Table Top

Acrylic Table Top

What Are Acrylic Table Tops Made Of?

The chemical compound of acrylic is known as polymethyl methacrylate or PMMA.

It is a transparent thermoplastic that is mostly available in the form of sheets.

Acrylic is gaining popularity as an economical alternative to glass in various industries.

Unlike glass, acrylic is light in weight and shatter-resistant.

You will find it also has better tensile strength, polish, and UV tolerance in comparison to polycarbonate.

Acrylic does not contain harmful bisphenol units, which are commonly found in polycarbonate.

Easy processing and handling of acrylic make it a suitable substitute for polycarbonate and glass.

You can form PMMA through the process of bulk polymerization or emulsion polymerization.

Cell casting produces high quality of PMMA, and subsequent rubber toughening helps to overcome its brittle nature.

Polycarbonate vs Acrylic

Polycarbonate vs Acrylic

What Are The Advantages Of Acrylic Table Tops?

Acrylic glass has many beneficial qualities over its alternatives.

That is why acrylic is given preference over glass in many applications.

Some of the most important properties of acrylic table tops are as follows:

· Optical Clarity And Transparency

Acrylic table tops look like glass and are transparent.

It merges with the table top very easily.

Hence it does not obstruct or change the appearance of your furniture in any way.

In fact, with acrylic table tops, your furniture will look newer and expensive.

· High Temperature Resistance

It can tolerate high levels of temperature and is more thermal resistant than most polymers.

You do not have to worry in case you drop hot coffee, tea, or a matchstick as it will not harm the acrylic table top in any way.

· Impact Resistance

The impact resistance of an acrylic table top is 17 times the impact resistance of glass.

Even if kids drop the ball or something heavy falls on the tabletop, it will not crack.

· Chemical Resistance

Acrylic table tops are highly resistant to different chemicals and hence do not develop marks after spills.

You can easily clean off paint or any chemical from the acrylic table top without leaving any stains.

It does not let any chemicals leach down to the furniture surfaces protecting it for a long time.

· Shatter Resistance

It is two times stronger than glass and does not break easily.

If under certain circumstances it shatters, it breaks into big pieces and not tiny shards.

This makes it much easier to clean and is safer for the kids.

How Can You Get An Acrylic Table Top For Your Table?

Acrylic table tops are widely available in the market at an extremely low price.

You can measure your table top and get a customized acrylic table top for your furniture.

The acrylic sheets can be of any shape, including round, rectangle, and square.

You can also choose the thickness of the acrylic sheet according to your needs.

The thickness of 3mm is ideal for most furniture tops.

If your tabletop has a frame underneath, you can go for a 10mm thick sheet.

Thicker acrylic sheets will give more rigid acrylic tabletops.

Polishing the edges will give a shiny appeal to the table.

Is It Possible To Make An Acrylic Table Top At Home?

Yes, it is possible to make an acrylic table top at home.

For that, you need to have a table with lips around its edges.

If you do not have any lips for your table, the epoxy glue will drip off the edges of the table.

You can make your acrylic table top by following these steps.

Clean the table with mild soap and water and allow it to dry completely.

For customization, you can paint the table in any color you like.

Allow it to dry for more than 4-5 hours.

Make sure you wear rubber gloves before working with epoxy.

You need to mix two parts of epoxy, with one part of resin and one part of hardener.

Add a little more hardener so that the epoxy hardens properly on the table and mix it well.

Pour the mixture in the middle of the table and spread it.

The mixture should cover all the corners of the table and form a uniform layer.

A uniform layer of ¼ inch will serve the purpose of protecting your table.

Set a hairdryer to high heat and use it over the epoxy.

This is to remove any air bubbles that might have formed during the previous step.

The dryer should be 2 inches away from the layer of epoxy.

Allow the epoxy to rest completely.

You will have to wait for a week before you can start placing things on your table.

Why Do You Need An Acrylic Table Top?

You may have furniture pieces that you love.

However they do wear off with time and you need to either replace them or keep them in the storage if you do not want them to wear off.

Furniture is expensive and buying new ones every few years can be a huge expense.

Acrylic table tops are a sustainable way of protecting your furniture for a very long time.

It makes the furniture look new and helps it last much longer than usual.

Here’s why you need an acrylic table top for your table:

· Protection Against Spills

You may mostly keep our tea or coffee on our tables while drinking.

Accidental spills on wood or sunmica can leave stains that are difficult to clean.

Wine spills can cause more harm to wood tops due to its acidic nature.

Such stains ruin the beauty of your furniture, and you need to find ways to conceal it.

An acrylic table top is resistant to all these spills and protects your furniture from damage.

These tabletops are very easy to clean and leave no permanent stains.

Tea spill on acrylic table top

 Tea spill on the acrylic table top

· Protection Against Scratches

Pen and pencil scratches are very common on the study table and working desk.

Cleaning with an abrasive cloth can also lead to scratches on tabletops.

These scratches look ugly and are very hard to get rid of.

The only way you can remove the scratches is through polishing.

Acrylic table tops do not develop scratches easily.

If you see a few scratches over time, getting a new acrylic table top is cheaper than polishing the furniture.

· Protection Against Dust Particles

Table tops and other furniture tops have a layer on dust that settle on them after every few days.

With an acrylic table top, you can easily wipe off the dust with a cloth each morning.

The acrylic sheet shines like glass and makes the table top look clean and spotless.

What Are The Different Quality Standards Available For Acrylic Table Tops?

Acrylic sheets are used in a variety of industries and every household.

The extensive use of acrylic sheets makes it essential to maintain its quality.

It is mandatory to perform some tests to ensure the sheets can serve their purpose.

Manufacturers need to perform these checks before the product is sent to the market.

The quality standards for acrylic sheets are:

· ASTM Standards

ASTM provides a variety of quality standards for PMMA molding and extrusion.

Each standard evaluates the product based on different parameters and properties.

Some of the standards are as follows:

  • D570

This is the test for water absorption.

This tests the resistance of transparent plastics to surface abrasion.

  • D638

It is for testing the tensile properties of the polymer.

· IS 14753

This standard encompasses the methods of sampling and testing acrylic sheets.

You will find that the standards undergo revisions frequently to ensure the most reliable tests for the product.

Some of the tests performed are as follows:

  • ISO 527-I

It tests acrylic sheets for tensile properties.

The rupture at elongation should be more than 4 percent.

  • ISO 13360(Section 6)

This test is to evaluate the optical properties.

It measures haze and luminous transmittance of transparent plastics.

  • ISO 13360(Section 5)

This test is to monitor the appearance of the sheets.

There should be no surface defects larger than 5mm2.

No foreign particle inclusions or bubbles should be present within the sheets that could sabotage its potential.

Do Acrylic Table Tops Come In Different Colors?

Acrylic table tops come in a range of colors in the market.

You can also get a customized color for your table top.

Not only are they available in all colors, but they come with patterns and designs as well.

So, if your table top has marks and scratches, you can go for a colored or patterned acrylic table top.

You can change an office table to a kid’s study table by just getting a more colorful acrylic table top for your table.

It is the same as buying a new table but at a very low price.

Acrylic table top in patterns

Acrylic table top in patterns

How To Clean Acrylic Table Tops?

Acrylic table tops are fairly easy to clean in comparison to glass or wood.

With the help of regular cleaning, acrylic table tops don’t lose their shine and look new for a long time.

This process works best if done once in two weeks and does not take much time.

To ensure proper cleaning and maintenance of these tabletops, you can take the following steps.

Make sure you do not use any cleaner that has ammonia in it.

Ammonia causes acrylic to become cloudy, and it is irreversible.

Any ammonia-free cleanser is fit for cleaning acrylic table tops.

Do not use an abrasive cloth to clean the surface.

A soft cloth dipped in the cleanser will clean the table top very easily.

Slowly spread the cleanser all over the acrylic table top.

Dip the cloth in water and remove the excess water.

Wipe the surface of the acrylic table top gently.

Make sure there are no water or cleanser marks on the surface.

Allow it to dry in a covered place.

Do not keep it in the sun for drying.

Once the entire surface is dry, you can place things again on the table.

How Much Does An Acrylic Table Top Cost?

Acrylic table tops are significantly cheaper than glass tops of the same size.

Therefore, most people now prefer them over glass or wood.

The colorful acrylic table tops are costlier than the transparent ones.

Similarly, you will find that acrylic table tops with patterns are the most expensive.

The cost also depends on the size and the thickness of acrylic table tops.

Do Metal Objects Harm Acrylic Table Tops?

Sometimes sharp-edged metal objects might scrape off parts of the acrylic table tops.

To avoid this problem, you can put objects on top of adhering pads instead of the acrylic surface.

Adhering pads come in a variety of designs and make your tables look very more attractive.

They also protect the acrylic surface underneath from any damage due to sharp edges.

Adhering pads to protect tabletop

Adhering pads to protect tabletop

How Can You Remove Scratches From Acrylic Table Tops?

If you find a scratch on your acrylic table top, you can easily get rid of it.

You will need 800 grit sandpaper, 1200 grit sandpaper, plastic polish, and water.

Wet the 800-grit sandpaper with a little water.

Then rub in on the scratch in a circular motion.

Repeat this process with dry sandpaper.

You can alternate between the wet and dry sandpapers for 3 minutes.

Your table shop might get frosty, but it will disappear during the procedure.

Now you can take the 1200 grit sandpaper and repeat the same process.

Clean the area with a soft dry cloth.

Apply plastic polish, and the acrylic table top will look exactly like it was before scratches.

Scratches on acrylic sheets

Scratches on acrylic sheets

If the scratch is deeper, you need 600-grit sandpaper along with the 800 and 1200 grit sandpapers.

Use the 600-grit wet sandpaper first and then the dry one.

Repeat the process with 800 grit sandpaper and 1200 grit sandpaper, respectively.

Apply plastic polish, and your acrylic table top will be clear of scratches again.

If the scratch is deeper than 5mm, then it is best to get a new acrylic table top for your table.

You can watch this video to find out how to remove scratches from any acrylic surface.

Are Acrylic Table Tops Breakable?

The impact resistance of the acrylic sheet is 17 times the impact resistance of glass.

Hence it is unlikely for your acrylic table top to break if some small object falls on it.

Under a large load, the acrylic table tops are breakable.

It breaks into big pieces and does not form shards upon breaking.

Thus, you will find it is safer and easier to clean.

How Are Acrylic Table Tops Manufactured?

This happens through a process called bulk polymerization.

The monomer (methyl methacrylate) and a catalyst (mostly organic peroxide) are placed in a mold.

You then seal and heat the substances so that the reaction to produce the polymer takes place.

Once the reaction is over, the sheets undergo another process, which is curing.

It takes about 10-12 hours to cure thin acrylic sheets.

The thicker ones take several days to cure.

You open the molds and cool them.

Bulk polymerization has types that are batch cells and continuous polymerization, respectively.

The batch cell is suitable for making acrylic sheets with a thickness lying between 0.06 to 6 inches.

Continuous bulk polymerization is faster and requires less labour.

This process is for producing sheets with a thinner thickness than those produced by the batch cell.

Manufacturing of epoxy resin with acrylic table top

Manufacturing of epoxy resin with acrylic table top

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