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Acrylic Table

We, Weprofab is worldwide certified acrylic table manufacturers. We create countless selections of acrylic tables to satisfy your projects and business missions. We strictly manage safety procedures on the entire process. We always want to give you the best of the best acrylic table finish! Send your ideas now.

Get WeProFab Acrylic Table to Delight Your Customers

With the help of our modern, latest machines and technologies, we produce numerous high-quality acrylic tables for your business project needs. We rigorously checked all the quality products with the help of our watchful staff.

Acrylic Coffee Table

Discuss with us your specified sizes and layout design od the acrylic coffee table. Weprofab is most reliable manufacturer of any acrylic table, especially for coffees` handling.

Acrylic Console Table

Are you looking for an acrylic console table provider? No worries because you already bump to the right place. We fabricate based on your given specifications.

Acrylic C-style table

For home indoor decorations, these acrylic C-style tables work very suitable. Don`t hesitate on demanding your own designs, we make best fabrications at Weprofab.

Acrylic Table Top with Shelf

Weprofab has the full ability to reach the high demands of an acrylic tabletop with a shelf. You can put books and magazines here.

Factory-Custom Acrylic Table

Factory-custom acrylic tables are made with simplicity features. Available at different color options, shapes, and sizes.


Smoke Acrylic Table

Usually, smoke acrylic tables from Weprofab is positioned on dining and living areas. They are one of effective home decor solutions.

WeProFab: Your Leading Acrylic Table Manufacturer

Weprofab is operating in mainland China for 20 years already. We provide the best, most excellent solutions every now and then for your satisfaction. We always tend to offer no-hassle purchase solutions and provide assistance if you find difficulties.

We have complete machines and equipment for a precise fabrication process. We have done rigorous research for perfect production.

As one most reliable supplier of excellent acrylic tables finishes, we can be your long-term partner. We will guide you, assist you in every process you need to undertake.

Send inquiries now and get our latest acrylic table productions.

Custom Acrylic Table to Skyrocket Your Brand

Acrylic Cocktail Table

Weprofab fabricates lots of acrylic tables on cocktail designs for competitive yet affordable rates. Customization services are also offered to gain huge profits for a business.

Acrylic Dining Table

We provide acrylic dining tables for home dining applications. There are many options and quality choices to present for every interested customer.

Springer-style Acrylic Table

We have plenty of stocks of springer-style acrylic tables on our designated markets. You can obtain different sizes, shapes, and designs of our high-quality acrylic table.

Iridescent Acrylic Tall Table

The iridescent acrylic tall table has high light transmission, excellent UV resistance, sleek design, and dazzling iridescent hue. It has the colors of the rainbow and it changes depending on the viewing angle. It is made from premium quality acrylic plastic. It can be used in the living room, hotels, restaurants, bedrooms, and more.

Clear Acrylic Folding Tray Table

The clear acrylic folding tray table saves a lot of space since it can be folded up when it is not in use. It is light in weight, non-yellowing, easy to fold, and highly transparent. It has a modern design, excellent impact resistance, high weight capacity, etc. It is suitable to use for any room.

S-Shaped Acrylic Table

The s-shaped acrylic table will add a modern style to any interior. It has the clarity of glass yet it is more lightweight, durable, and safer than glass. It is perfect to use as a sofa table, end table, and side table. It is also suitable to put them in workplaces, living rooms, bedrooms, hotels, and other places.

Iridescent Acrylic Coffee Table

The iridescent acrylic coffee table is ideal to put in the living room, home office, bedroom, hotels, etc. It has shatterproof qualities, lightweight design, rainbow colors, modern design, and excellent sturdiness. When the viewing angle changes, its color also changes.

Clear Round Small Acrylic Side Table with Metal Post

The clear round small acrylic side tables with metal posts have modern and luxurious designs. They have a smooth, transparent, and round shape tabletop. They have high transparency, high surface hardness, and excellent resistance to weathering. They are made of thickened and sturdy acrylic material.

Clear Round Acrylic Side Table

The clear round acrylic side tables have a modern style and crystal-clear look. They look like glass. However, they are lighter and sturdier than glass. They will surely suit any room. They can be used in hotels, home bars, apartments, living rooms, and many more.

Transparent Acrylic Breakfast Bed Tray Table

The transparent acrylic breakfast bed tray table has a U-shaped design and 2 oval handles on the 2 sides for an easy carrying. It is made up of high-quality and high clarity acrylic material. It is durable enough to hold laptops, books, breakfast, snacks, etc. It is widely used in many luxury hotels and even at home.

Z-Shaped Acrylic Table

The Z-shaped acrylic tables are suitable to use as a side table, nightstand, and coffee table. They can be used in coffee shops, offices, living rooms, bedrooms, hotels, and many more. They are lightweight so moving them is easy. They are also stylish, durable, transparent, and space-saving.

Acrylic Table with Neon Color Shelf

This type of acrylic table has a clear frame and a shelf that comes in a variety of neon colors such as red, orange, yellow, blue, etc. It can be used as a modern end table, office table, side table, and kid’s nightstand. Also, it is eco-friendly, lightweight, smooth, and sturdy.

Rectangular Acrylic Wedding Banquet Table

The rectangular acrylic wedding banquet tables have strong legs, smooth surfaces, and stable structures. They are commonly used in hotels, restaurants, wedding parties, event rentals, and many more. They have glass-like transparency, elegant design, excellent impact resistance, and lightweight design.

Colored Transparent Acrylic Waterfall Table

The colored transparent acrylic waterfall tables are available in many different colors such as amber, pink, blue, purple, and many more. They have a thick and sturdy acrylic construction. They have a modern appeal, large tabletop, smooth surface, and glass transparency.

Round Clear Acrylic Dining Table

The round clear acrylic dining tables have high transparency up to 98%. They have strong corrosion resistance, outstanding weather resistance, excellent impact resistance, and stylish design. They are made from non-toxic, crystal-clear, and eco-friendly acrylic material.

Modern Clear Acrylic End Table

The modern clear acrylic end table has high impact resistance. It is 200 times more durable than glass and other types of plastics. It has a transparent, smooth, and shiny surface. It is very modern and suitable to put in any room.

Round Italian Acrylic Dining Table

The round Italian acrylic dining table can be used in hotels, apartments, coffee shops, and at home. They have sturdy legs, a large tabletop, high transparency, and high durability.

Modern Clear Acrylic Coffee Table

This type of acrylic table has a unique shape and crystal-clear transparency. The modern clear acrylic coffee tables can be an attractive addition to your hotels, coffee shops, bedroom, living room, hallway, lounge area, and many more.

Minimalist Acrylic Side Table Nordic Style

The minimalist acrylic side table Nordic style is multi-purpose. It can be used as a business negotiation table, bedroom table, coffee table, etc. It has a smooth texture, strong bearing capacity, high transparency, stable and solid construction.

Clear Acrylic Floating Side Table

The clear acrylic floating side table is very unique. It has a shape like a skirt. This acrylic table has lines and ripple designs. Also, this table looks like it is about to float off the ground. It is made from clear, non-toxic, eco-friendly, and durable PMMA material.

Acrylic Faux Stone Coffee Table

The acrylic faux stone coffee table is made of high-quality mirrored acrylic plastic. It has a marble design on its surface. Also, it has a high surface hardness, durable acrylic construction, and great weather resistance. It is suitable to use at home or at workplaces.

Round Clear Pedestal Table

The round clear pedestal table is crafted from highly transparent, eco-friendly, and non-toxic acrylic material. It has a strong base, thickened tabletop, crystal-clear appearance. It can be placed at home, in hotels, or anywhere you want. It gives off a contemporary vibe.

White Marble Acrylic Round Dining Table

The white marble acrylic round dining table has a scratch-resistant surface, stone-like surface, and sturdy base. It has a glossy and smooth surface finish. Due to that, it looks very classy and elegant. It can be used in hotels, restaurants, at home, and other places.

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Why WeProFab Acrylic Table

Be wise about choosing the right acrylic table manufacturer! Choose the most responsible and reliable one. Luckily, you come here! Weprofab has been trusted by many for over 20 years. Our range of acrylic tables is a leading solution to any glass or even metals. The transparency and glossiness of the acrylic table we offer has huge similarities between any glasses. But unlike glass, our acrylic tables are lightweight and bring high elegance to any areas it locates.

Due to the shatterproof and durability functions, Weprofab acrylic table is produced for life-long uses. Our wide-range options of acrylic tables are sold in pre-custom dimensions, sizes, and shapes designs. With any order amount you need, our huge stocks of acrylic tables are considered very useful.

Acrylic Table

Weprofab Acrylic table comes from different features and useful characteristics. The glass-like constructions of acrylic tables are used for home décor applications. They keep the area from being mess up and they add comfy, airy storage space to any home applications.

But its transparency designs are helpful for letting other furniture to glow. They can be paired with a statement sofa and boldly decorated upholstery. Acrylic tables have space for books, magazines, and more. Whatever you think perfectly paired to your acrylic tables, in general, they create the elegance you desire.

Acrylic Table

Weprofab has a skillful team that can customize and follow the instructions you discuss in manufacturing your ideal acrylic tables. They are formed onto different sizes within the entire thermoforming procedures.

Our Acrylic tables are offered with extreme break-proof, glossy color choices and clarity visions finish. All the colors you want are open for selections, especially when you`re ODM or OEM clients. We offer the best among the best acrylic table productions to meet your satisfaction.

Acrylic Table

Weprofab offers trusted quality services within 20 years. Try to deal with us and see what we`ll bring to your business.

We provide you the premium-quality Acrylic Tables at most cheap prices yet not cheap in quality.

Acrylic Table: The Ultimate FAQ Guide

Probably, you’d like to get high quality and durable acrylic table, that’s why you’re here.

Or, you just want to learn more about acrylic table.

In this guide, you will find all information you need about acrylic tables.

So, if you want to learn more about acrylic tables, this is the right guide for you.

What is Acrylic Table?

It is a type of furniture made from plexiglass material designed for a wide range of uses in different settings.

Acrylic table is versatile and comes in numerous designs depending on your preference since the material is easy to mold.

You can find it in different sizes, shapes, and colors, thus providing a better alternative to the traditional tables.

acrylic table

Acrylic table

What are the Designs of Acrylic Table Available?

Acrylic table comes in various designs.

Ideally, the primary material for making this furniture is relatively flexible.

Therefore, you can easily mold it to obtain the particular shape or design you need.

However, here are some of the common designs of acrylic table you are likely to find in the market;

Decorative end Acrylic table

It is a simple and modern design but offers high versatility.

You can fit it in different spaces due to its compact design, including living rooms, patios, bedrooms, workspaces, etc.

This table design is transparent, but you can find it in different col hues based on your preference.

Also, it features nice little rounded edges making it somewhat child-friendly.

Folding Tray Acrylic Table

Designed for temporary use and often stored when not required to declutter the room and save space.

It is also versatile, and you can use it for serving drinks, snacks, or displaying items whenever you need to.

Moreover, you can place it anywhere, whether indoor or outdoor.

Folding tray acrylic table features a simple and modern design and can blend in with any type of décor.

Square-Circular Acrylic Table

This stylish acrylic table design features a circular top and is supported by four legs.

You can find it in different sizes, from small to large, but the material and finishing give it an elegant look.

Its dimensions are straightforward, and you can place it in the living room by the sofa.

You can also use it in the reading corner or use it as a display stand wherever you need to.

Sawhorse Writing Acrylic Table

A unique design with an unusual look featuring eight legs rather than the standard four, which most tables have.

This design is inspired by sawhorse, but it is sleek, modern, and fits aesthetically in contemporary minimalistic spaces.

Acrylic Computer Desk

Often used in offices or workspaces.

This design is quite common in modern workplaces.

It is sleek, lightweight, and comes in different sizes to fit different office spaces.

Other common types of acrylic tables include the following;

  • Bedside acrylic table
  • Conference acrylic table
  • Dining room acrylic table
  • Table tennis acrylic table
  • Picnic acrylic table
  • Dressing acrylic table

What are the Properties of Acrylic Table?

One element, which makes acrylic tables relatively popular in the recent past is their various practical properties.

These tables feature some of the useful properties, making them ideal in many applications.

Some of the key features of this table include the following;


Naturally, acrylic material is comparatively lightweight, about half the weight of glass of similar dimensions.

Therefore, it makes it easy to handle or move it around in different spaces hence making it quite a popular choice.

Excellent Strength

Acrylic tables have high tensile and impact strength.

As a synthetic material, acrylic derives its strength from its structure, which is chain-like and quite rare in natural materials.

This enables it to withstand any form of mechanical pressure or stress.

Ultimately, it can live for many years without breaking or damaging, irrespective of the conditions it is exposed to.


Naturally, acrylic material used for manufacturing this table hardly breaks easily.

It is the reason you can mold a table of your preferred shape or design.


You can use this table in any setting, whether indoor or outdoor, without worrying about any weather-related damage.

Acrylic table has incredible resistance to scratch, corrosion, moisture, and industrial fumes among others.

This furniture can stay in direct sunlight longer than other thermoplastic materials but rarely fades.

Excellent Clarity

Ideally, acrylic has a better ability to control and transmit light.

It allows up to about 92% of light to pass through hence relatively transparent.

This gives it a sleek and attractive appearance.


You can always inject acrylic material with your preferred color to attain a complete spectrum of different hues.

Translucent, opaque, and transparent colors are some of the options you can go for where there is a need.

Where Can You Use Acrylic Table?

Acrylic tables are used in various settings, be it residential, commercial, and industrial.

The common places where the use of this furniture tends to be common include the following;

  • Office spaces
  • Bedrooms
  • Living rooms
  • Picnic sites
  • Bars and restaurants
  • Hotels
  • Conference rooms
  • Patios
  • Table tennis courts
  • Dinning spaces

What are the Benefits of Acrylic Table?

Acrylic table presents many advantages making it a worthwhile investment.

Some of these benefits include the following;

a) Offers sturdy surface material making it relatively difficult to break.

Technically, it can resist any form of mechanical impact and won’t break nor shatter.

The advantage, in this case, is you will never worry about replacing or repairing your table often.

b) You can easily customize an acrylic table to obtain your preferred design or shape.

This is important because you are guaranteed to geta specific design suiting your demands and liking.

c) Acrylic table is lightweight, and this is necessary because it enhances convenience during transportation.

Moreover, it is easy for you to move it from one point to another within the same space without seeking assistance.

d) It is incredibly durable since it features different resilient features. For instance, it has excellent resistance to abrasion, corrosion, UV, impact, and moisture.

Thus, this table can last for many years since it can withstand different unfavorable climatic conditions.

e) This type of furniture also enhances the general aesthetics of the space. It comes in a variety of colors.

Thus you can select one, which matches your requirements in complementing other features of the room.

f) Acrylic table is easy to clean and maintain. Ordinarily, you won’t require to carry out any special cleaning or maintenance procedures.

And this is vital since it guarantees an appealing appearance even with minimal maintenance.

g) It gives excellent versatility since you can use this table in different settings. You can use it in the workspace, patio, bedroom, and for serving snacks and drinks.

Is Acrylic Table Shatterproof?


Acrylic, the base material for making this furniture, has a tensile strength greater than 10,000 lbs. per square inch.

Besides, it offers an impact resistance of about 17 times greater than ordinary glass material.

Therefore, under high pressure, this table will never shatter at all.

If, in any case, it fractures due to excessive deliberate pressure, it only fractures into fairly large, dull-edged pieces.

And this is a fundamental safety feature for this table, especially where there is lots of movement or children playing.

Does Acrylic Table Yellow in the Sun?

It is largely dependent on many variables.

The grade of acrylic material used for manufacturing the furniture is one factor, which determines whether it yellows in the sun.

Usually, acrylic comes in different types such as cast, extruded, continuous cast, marine-grade, specialty type, etc.

All different grades have varied features as far as resistance to UV radiation is concerned.

Another element is type duration acrylic table is exposed to direct sunlight.

Ideally, direct sunlight emits UV radiation, which can be harmful to molecules forming the component of this furniture.

If the effects prolong, such radiations weaken the molecules completely, leading to yellowing of the surface material.

However, nowadays, manufacturers of these furniture incorporate different types of UV surface coating materials.

These materials prevent or minimize the effects of UV radiation’s attack on surface material of the table.

In the long run, it hardly yellows irrespective of how long it is exposed to direct sunlight.

Can You Repair Acrylic Table?


However, the specific repair procedure is dependent on the type of restoration you want to do.

In rare cases, your acrylic table might develop a few scratch marks due to continuous exposure to abrasive materials.

Repairing such marks is quite a simple DIY process, especially if they are light scratches.

In such as case, you need to clean the table using clean lukewarm soapy water and a soft cloth.

Allow it to dry and apply toothpaste and rub it gently on the scratched surface in a circular motion for about 20 seconds.

Once it dries, rinse the surface using clean water, and all scratch marks will be gone.

On the other hand, if you repair deep scratches, it would be ideal for polishing the surface.

Polishing, especially using the buffing method, would be a better approach to restore the table to its original state.

This technique uses a work-wheel and cream, which you smear on the scratched surface.

Once done, the table retains its original glossiness and clarity.

It is the approach you can undertake when removing yellowness on the surface of this furniture.

What Types of Acrylic Material Are Used for Making Tables?

Manufacturers use different types of acrylic materials when making this furniture.

The commonly used types include;

  • Cast acrylic
  • Continuous cast acrylic
  • Extruded acrylic
  • Marine-grade acrylic
  • Specialty acrylic

How Does Acrylic Table Compare with Polycarbonate Table?

Both acrylic and polycarbonate tables share numerous features hence can be used interchangeably in various applications

However, there are slight variations between these two types of furniture, which include the following;

Polycarbonate table is a bit stronger than an acrylic table.

The latter can withstand more impact than the latter under similar conditions.

Another difference is that acrylic table has better scratch resistance compared to polycarbonate table.

Ordinarily, acrylic’s surface is a bit hardy; hence can resist scratch as opposed to polycarbonate, which has a softer surface.

Both polycarbonate and acrylic have incredible light transmission abilities.

They allow over 90% of light to pass through them, making them quite clear.

However, polycarbonate appears clearer than acrylic.

In terms of tensile strength, polycarbonate table outdoes acrylic significantly.

The former is almost 250 times stronger than glass, whereas the latter is about 17 times stronger than glass.

They are both lightweight, almost 50% lighter than ordinary glass of same dimensions.

Additionally, they both have great tolerance to extreme temperatures but are relatively flexible. Cleaning and maintaining these furniture is also easy and straightforward.

Which is Better Between Acrylic Table and Glass Table?

Acrylic table is far much superior to glass table by all standards.

The properties of acrylic are what make it better compared to glass.

For instance, acrylic table is lightweight, almost 50% lighter than a glass table, which makes it relatively portable.

Acrylic glass is also versatile, and you can use it in various settings for different purposes as long as it can fit the space.

On the other hand, most glass tables tend to restrict you to a specific purpose it is designed for.

Also, an acrylic table is durable and can last for many years without cracking or breaking.

But glass table is susceptible to impact, and any slight mechanical stress can crack or break it into pieces.

When it comes to safety, acrylic table exhibit better qualities given it rarely breaks but hardy shatters.

Glass table, on the other hand, breaks and shatters into smaller pieces, making it a safety threat and unfriendly to children.

What are the Best Methods of Maintaining Acrylic Table?

First, maintaining acrylic table is simple, but it is a better way to enhance this furniture’s longevity.

The specific maintenance procedure is dependent on the actual usage of the table.

However, one of the general maintenance techniques is frequent cleaning.

Cleaning this furniture is easy and requires use of lukewarm soapy water and a soft cotton cloth.

As such, you need to wipe the surface material using the soft cotton gently to remove dust and any unwanted foreign material.

Another maintenance method you may consider is polishing the surface material of acrylic table.

Often, the surface may become dull, fade, yellow, or develop horrid scratch marks due to abrasion.

Polishing is a vital way of restoring shininess and clarity of this furniture.

Depending on the polishing technique you undertake and frequency of using the table, you can always do it once every year.

How Long Does an Acrylic Table Last?

Generally, acrylic is reasonably durable.

Under favorable conditions, it can last for more than 20 years.

However, the actual longevity is based on various factors.

For example, the type of acrylic material used for manufacturing the table.

Low-quality acrylic material won’t last longer compared to a premium quality type.

Also, the specific conditions acrylic table is exposed to determine its longevity.

For instance, acrylic furniture exposed to direct sunlight for a prolonged period may have a shorter lifespan than otherwise.

Nevertheless, if all aspects remain constant, acrylic tables can last for as many as 30 years or more.

Is There Color Limitation for Acrylic Table?


Acrylic comes in a variety of color shades.

Ordinarily, the standard color of acrylic is transparent.

Even so, you can always inject your favorable color when manufacturing the acrylic table.

The extensive color variation for acrylic table makes it possible for you to obtain the ideal hue, which matches your needs.

And this is essential since it allows you to find the exact spectrum you need, especially for beautifying your interior décor.

How Can You Customize Acrylic Table?

There are several techniques you can use to customize acrylic table.

customized acrylic table

Customized acrylic table

Essentially, this makes it easy to get the uniqueness, which matches your specifications.

Some of these techniques include the following;

  • Polishing
  • Cutting to size
  • Surface coating treatment
  • Shaping
  • Coloring
  • Labeling
  • Printing

What is the Best Size of Acrylic Table?

Technically, you can find acrylic table of any size you would wish to have.

In many instances, the best size depends on your preference and the actual use.

For example, a dining room acrylic table will be reasonably bigger than a reading acrylic table.

Also, a table tennis acrylic table must be of the standard size as required by the stipulations of the game.

Moreover, the space intended for placing acrylic table is another crucial element determining size of acrylic table to choose from.

Smaller spaces will require smaller tables and vice versa.

In other words, the ideal of acrylic table is dependent on many factors, including the ones mentioned above.

What Factors do You Consider when Buying Acrylic Table?

Quite a number of elements must be factored in when purchasing acrylic table.

The fundamental ones, however, include the following;

Application – Essentially, you need to figure out the type of acrylic table based on the specific type of use.

Ensure you choose the correct type, which fits the right usage or application.

Material quality–Acrylic is available in different types and quality grades. You can always get this furniture in any of the grades.

But make sure the material you choose suits your specific needs.

Size – Practicality, and convenience of acrylic table is highly dependent on its size.

This furniture is available in numerous sizes, thus the essence of choosing the right size for your needs.

Design – Acrylic tables are available in broad designs. You can always find a particular design, which suits your preference.

You can also get customized units offering uniqueness meeting your demands.

Brand – The manufacturer is also a vital aspect you must never overlook when buying acrylic table.

They are several in the market, but it is recommended to choose a brand with reputation and reliability to its name.

Construction – When choosing an ideal acrylic table, always check out its overall construction.

A sturdy construction goes a long way to guarantee durability,

Affordability – It is a factor, which determines all other elements. Importantly, ensure you get acrylic table at a cost worth the money you spend on it.

Is Acrylic Table Suitable for Outdoor Applications?


Acrylic is resistant to different weather conditions, making it one of the best materials for outdoor furniture.

As such, acrylic table can withstand extreme temperatures, moisture, abrasion, sunlight, and corrosion.

Therefore, you can use it in any outdoor setting.

table and cake stand in a wedding

Acrylic table and cake stand in a wedding

Is there Shape Limitation for Acrylic Table?


Since acrylic material is quite flexible, you can mold it in different ways to obtain the preferred shape.

Thus you can create an acrylic table of any shape that your creativity can yield.

Are There any Quality Standards that Acrylic Table Conforms to?


The quality standards for acrylic tables are largely based on the specific targeted markets.

acrylic solid surface table top

Acrylic solid table top

Most of the standards used in different markets but accepted universally include the following;

  • American Society for Testing and Material (ASTM)
  • ISO 9001
  • UL
  • Restriction of Hazardous Substances Directive (RoHS)
  • SGS

Other standards are ratified and implemented regionally or locally.

Nonetheless, it is important to understand that these quality standards are essential since they enhance consumers’ health and safety.

Is Acrylic Table Eco-Friendly?


Acrylic material is synthetic and 100% eco-friendly.

At times it is known as Perspex;

an eco friendly white acrylic table top

An eco-friendly white acrylic table top

This material is easy to use.

It is recyclable, albeit under thorough process, but you can use the recycled pieces for making other components.

Also, you can reuse it by remolding it into various features such as tabletops, displays, and shelves among others.

Moreover, this furniture hardly reacts with any environmental aspect making it one of the most eco-friendly choices.

Are There any Disadvantages of Acrylic Table?


  • It is relatively expensive compared to other materials such as glass, which can also offer similar functions like acrylic table.
  • At times it can be difficult to repair acrylic table in case it cracks to an extreme level.

Why is China the Best Place to Purchase Acrylic Tables?

  • China offers a wide variety of styles, designs, and shapes of acrylic table that you may want.

As such you can be guaranteed of getting any type of this furniture you may require.

  • The pricing model in China tends to be quite favorable.

Manufacturers are in plenty, which increases competition and making it easy for sellers to negotiate prices with prospective buyers.

  • Quality of acrylic tables in China is beyond reproach.

The manufacturing process is intensive, and quality raw materials ensure the final product meets your expectations.

  • In China, manufacturers collaborate with other players in the supply chain, such as shippers, freight forwarders, etc.

This ensures an effective order fulfillment process and enhancing convenience.

  • There is flexibility when it comes to placing your order for acrylic tables when ordering from China.
  • MOQ and turnaround time are also flexible when dealing with Chinese suppliers.

This makes it easy for you to obtain different quantities depending on your budget.

At WeProFab, we not only manufacture acrylic table, but also acrylic chairs.

In fact, if you need any type of acrylic furniture, you will find it right here.

We follow strict quality control (QC) ensuring all our acrylic products conform to the recommended market standards.

Contact us today for all your acrylic tables needs.

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