• Acrylic tank

Acrylic Tank

Weprofab is most professional and an expert in manufacturing acrylic tanks based on your designs. We operate mainly in China yet fully serve manufacturing strategies internationally. Through machining up until the delivery schedule, Weprofab greatly customizes each product you wish for. For further details and quantity orders, contact us for speedy transactions.

Get WeProFab Acrylic Tank to Delight Your Customers

Weprofab has full capacity in terms of manufacturing. We have prosperous experiences in fabricating since our company was established. We keep up good manufacturing services for your specifications. And we also fabricate products from quality acrylic substances.

Acrylic Breeding tank

Weprofab acrylic-formed breeding tanks are with trusted quality. This also has various measurements offered. We are most professional in doing manufacturing activities.

Acrylic tank Decoration

We fabricate professionally-made acrylic tanks, especially for decoration purposes. These are for commercial, industrial and even residential decorating accessory.

Acrylic tank Manufacturing

If still searching for a reliable and honest manufacturer to manage your product fabrications, Weprofab offers high-quality services and product finishes.

Curved Acrylic tank

Weprofab manufacture curved acrylic tanks for customer`s requirements to be fulfilled. These functions quite impressive especially in giving fishes good habitats.

Cut-to-size Acrylic tank

We, Weprofab have brilliant skills to cut-to-size your acrylic tanks. To achieve your desired designs, this is the only way. We customize it into different sizes for your needs.

Quality-checked Acrylic tank

Weprofab rigorously checked the quality of each acrylic tank. Before shipped to its destined journey, these are required to be in magnificent quality for specific or motive applications.

Explosion-Proof Acrylic Fish Tank

The explosion-proof acrylic fish tank is made from high perspective acrylic materials. The product is convenient and lightweight.

Acrylic Glass Fish Tank

Acrylic glass fish tanks can be equipped with led lights. There is also a complete filtration system. Acrylic glass fish tank is available in many sizes.

Creative Clear Acrylic Small Fish Tank

Our creative clear acrylic small fish tank is sustainable. They are suitable for fish culture purposes. Creative clear acrylic tank is available in many designs.

WeProFab: Your Leading Acrylic Tank Manufacturer

From manufacturing, molding, coating, and machining different categorized acrylic tanks, Weprofab continue doing services for plastic fabrications. For almost years in this industry, we become well-known for our trusted and extraordinary services.

With the great partnership between WeeTect Material Limited and Chinese local plastic manufacturers, assurance for great manufactured products will be encountered thoroughly. Safe to use finishes are offered with factory based prices.

For certain orders, contact us immediately.

Custom Acrylic Tank to Skyrocket Your Brand

Acrylic tank holder

Weprofab acrylic tank holder was formed from complete quality materials. These are also made customizable for your assurance.

Acrylic aquarium tank

Weprofab manufacture acrylic aquarium tank with wide-variety sizes. For specific applications, these are made polished and tailored.

Double-drive Water Acrylic tank

Weprofab generates standard quality double-drive water acrylic tank and offer it for a friendly budget price. A perfect home for fishes.

Large Clear Transparent Acrylic Tank

A large clear transparent acrylic tank is suitable for a fish tank, swimming pool, underwear tunnel, and more. Our large clear transparent acrylic tank is high-quality and sustainable.

Custom Sizes Acrylic Fish Tank

Custom size acrylic fish tank has excellent light transmittance, water absorption, and is weather resistance. They are ideal to place in hotels, restaurants, and homes. Custom size acrylic fish tank is made from high-quality materials.

Custom Thickness Aquarium Acrylic Fish Tank

Custom thickness aquarium acrylic fish tank is perfect for flat panels, tunnels, and cylinders. The color of the tank is transparent and has high brightness. Easy to clean and maintain.

Acrylic Desktop Aquarium Mini Fish Tank

The water in the acrylic desktop aquarium mini fish tank can be run circularly. It can be equipped with decorative pebbles and artificial plants. The product is reliable quality, has multi-functions, and has creative designs.

Acrylic Clear Small Fish Tank

The acrylic clear small fish tank is available in different colors: white, clear, yellow, red, purple, blue, brown, etc. The acrylic clear small fish tank is made from 100% virgin raw materials.

Acrylic Multi-Grid Fish Tank

The acrylic multi-grid fish tank is lightweight, suitable for aquarium tank ornament purposes. You can avail different sizes of acrylic multi-grid fish tanks as well as customized designs.

Acrylic Turtle Tank

Acrylic turtle tank is multi-function. It can be used as a mini desktop fish tank, which has a built-in filter system. The product is suitable for room space like a countertop, desktop, patio, kitchen, and many more.

Acrylic Reptile Tank

Acrylic reptile tank provides excellent habitat to successfully feed your reptile pet. It could be the best choice for your amphibians and reptiles to thrive. The tank has a unique window ventilation design.

Aquarium Acrylic Isolation Small Fish Tank

Aquarium acrylic isolation small fish tank comes with many creative and unique designs. We can offer custom design, sizes, and thicknesses according to our customer’s requirements.

LED Acrylic Round Column Aquarium Fish Tank

LED acrylic round column aquarium fish tank is perfect for the following applications: bar, restaurant, wedding, party, home, aquarium decoration, and hotel.

Acrylic Cylindrical LED Lights Jellyfish Tank

Acrylic cylindrical LED lights jellyfish tank comes with the following features: LED remote control, Led light, water flow control valve, water pump, bacterial ball, power supply, and biochemical filter cotton.

Acrylic Fish Tank with Divider

Acrylic fish tank with divider comes with outstanding designs. Available in many different sizes. It can be equipped with an LED lamp at the bottom and can heat the water as a heater.

Floor Stand Acrylic Fish Tank

Floor stand acrylic fish tank comes with LED light, inlet pipe, oxygen increasing pump, outlet pipe, and filter tank. We can customize the floor stand acrylic fish tank based on your requirements.

Mini Acrylic Ecological Small Fish Tank

Our mini acrylic ecological small fish tank can be available in many colors and sizes. It has a touch switch LED light, anti-jump cover, feeding holes, and wire mount.

Acrylic Post Column Fish Tank

Weprofab acrylic post-column fish tank is manufactured using eco-friendly strong acrylic materials. You can avail of different colors and designs for acrylic post-column fish tanks.

Acrylic Transparent Rectangular Fish Tank

It is made from 100% acrylic materials. Our acrylic transparent rectangular fish tank can be available in many colors, sizes, and thicknesses.

Acrylic Bowl Fish Tank

The acrylic bowl fish tank can be wall-mounted. We produce different designs of acrylic bowl fish tank that meets your expectations. It is made from acrylic materials and is light in weight.

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Why Choose Weprofab Acrylic Tanks

Weprofab Acrylic tank seizes the awesomeness of creative living activities.

These were custom-tailored from acrylic aquariums and truly captivate beautiful exhibits.

These are also fabricated with a broad range and attractive to see. Amazingly eye-catching product, very best and useful for industrial upcoming projects.

Acrylic tanks by Weprofab are executively manufactured and come from advanced technology systems.

Acrylic tanks can produce wonderful aquariums and make fishes live quietly.

Aquariums can be installed in interior houses and museums as well.

Acrylic Tank

This kind of tank aquarium is in absolute quality. These also consist of LED lighting, make it more appealing for customer`s eyes.

The best and appropriate product for business inclusions and personal implementations.

Our broad and experienced skills in manufacturing can help thousand of business establishments expanse faster as expected.

Our acrylic tanks are combined with water features. Best for fulfilling your custom motives and projects.

Then, these also offered perfect exhibits and habitats for your special pets like fishes.

With our newest implement technology complex, our acrylic tanks have enhanced durability and approved as one of the world-class units.

Most preferable by several consumers to have their pets take care of stringently. And well-protected from dangerous insects outside the tank.

Acrylic Tank

In Weprofab, you will experience good and friendly entertaining staff.

They can help you through Internet assistance. They can appropriately give you your demands when it comes to product designing.

Very easy to install acrylic tanks and have strong dustproof providers are accessible every now and then.

Aquariums made from acrylic materials are 100% proven long-lasting.

These acrylic tank aquariums are available in larger and even smaller sizes. All are with an 80% cheaper price range.

Acrylic Tank

We, as your international manufacturing partner, provide you very great services you honestly deserved.

For your custom projects that highly regards acrylic tanks, we can provide instant assistance for the sake of your business future.

Highest quality acrylic tanks are also offered for competitive yet based in factory prices.

Before the manufacturing procedures, we first consult you and give you 3D sample layouts for your eagerness and excitement also.

From what you see in the picture, expect more from our manufacturing skills.

But when wanting your own design to be implied than ours, we are also equipped and strictly follow all given sample drawings.

For your satisfaction, we made it with elegance and accent more spaces to suit your essentials.

All our acrylic tanks made ultra-cleared, scratch proof, and won`t turn yellowish easily.

And inexpensively offered by Weprofab. All our engineers and staff constituents are well-trained and oriented.

We, as one, enhance our overall potentialities to serve you without the hassle and completely trouble-free.

When searching out clean-appealing acrylic tanks with quality LED lighting, Weprofab able to assist you for your business brighter future.

Astonishing acrylic tanks systems are offered affordable with numerous quality provisions.

We create a huge difference for the sake of your business improvement.

Contact us for further details and updates.

Ultimate FAQ Guide to Acrylic Tank

Acrylic tanks are widely used for many applications with the most common being aquariums as it is more economical than glass.

If you have any questions about acrylic tanks, you have come to the right place.

This guide will tell you all you need to know about acrylic tanks.

What Is An Acrylic Tank?

It is a large rectangular box that is made of acrylic.

Acrylic is a thermoplastic polymer that is transparent and similar to glass.

Its chemical name is poly-methyl acrylate (PMMA).

You can use acrylic in many applications that require impact resistance and transparency including lenses, paint, medical devices, furniture, windows and enclosures.

Most commonly, acrylic tank is used as an aquarium.

An aquarium is a container or enclosure of any size having at least one transparent side in which aquatic plants or animals are kept and displayed.

Acrylic Aquarium

Acrylic Aquarium

When Was The Acrylic Tank Introduced In The Market?

The first acrylic aquarium tanks were first introduced to the market in the 1970s while glass aquarium tanks were first invented in 1832.

Is It Safe To Use An Acrylic Tank?

Acrylics are impact resistant so it is guaranteed to be safe to use at home or even as huge aquariums for water parks.

Even though acrylic is a porous material, it still has the ability to hold on a huge amount of water.

Why Are Acrylic Tanks Safer Than Glass?

The strength is part of its appeal.

Acrylic tanks will not shatter unlike glass and it has higher impact resistance.

If you live in an earthquake-prone zone, this is a better choice because the force of the earthquake will shatter glass easily.

If you have a risk of breakage due to flying objects such as balls, you definitely want to choose an acrylic tank.

What Are The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Acrylic Tanks Over Glass Tanks?

If you are choosing between the glass and acrylic tanks, here are some advantages of acrylic tanks over glass:

1. Price

If you are buying large tanks that contain over 150 gallons, it is highly recommended to get an acrylic tank as the material is cheaper than glass.

If you are looking for smaller tanks, there will be cheap glass tanks available in the market but acrylic tanks are still a good option.

2. Lightweight

Acrylics are extremely lightweight so it is very easy to transport and install.

This makes it more convenient to use compared to glass.

The image below shows the same sizes of glass and acrylic tanks.

However, glass tanks are much heavier than acrylic tanks of the same size.

Difference in Weight of Glass and Acrylic Tank

Difference in Weight of Glass and Acrylic Tank

1. Impact Resistance

Tanks made of acrylic can withstand the strong impact that makes it more resilient than glass.

Glass, on the other hand, may break or chip easily.

2. Versatility

It can be moulded into different shapes and configurations.

You can basically have an acrylic tank custom made in the shape of your choice.

3. DIY Installation

Due to its lightweight, you can build your own acrylic tank at home.

Joining, sealing and drilling acrylic are way easier than glass.

It is easier to move and transfer from one place to another if you want to rearrange your room from time to time.

However, if you don’t want the hassle of building your own acrylic tank, you can always buy one.

In spite of all the advantages of acrylic tanks, below are the lists of its disadvantages:

1. Easily Scratched

Acrylic tanks can be scratched even if you have properly packed them for transportation.

You can scratch acrylic tanks with pieces of jewelry, clothing, backpack, and other household items.

Glass is more difficult to scratch.

2. Difficult to Clean

Because acrylic tanks are easy to scratch, you may need to be more cautious when cleaning to avoid leaving a mark on your tank walls.

3. Discoloration

Poor quality acrylics may discolour over time, whereas glass is less likely to yellow with time.

UV exposure causes the acrylic to be brittle and turn yellow.

It may also become cloudy due to exposure to the elements.

However, if you buy high quality acrylic tanks, the material is less likely to yellow over time.

4. Ability to stand without support

Acrylic tanks require a stand that will support the entire bottom of the tank.

This is because acrylic is not as strong and the bottom of the tank may fall out under the weight of the water.

It requires much more support across the top of the tank to keep the acrylic from bowing apart and either splitting seams or spilling water.

5. Market Availability

It is harder to find large acrylic tanks in retail stores.

You will find they are usually custom made through special orders.

Which Is Better In Terms Of Cost On Repairing, Acrylic Or Glass?

Acrylic can be repaired to remove cracks and imperfections without replacing the entire panel.

Glass, even if it is scratch resistant, is not exempted from cracks and usually, the only way to repair the glass is to change the entire panel and reseal the tank.

Hence, acrylic tanks are cheaper to repair.

How Can You Build An Acrylic Tank?

You can watch this video that shows you how to build your very own acrylic tank.

The detailed steps are as follows:

1. Choose your acrylic sheet sizes

Calculate the right side of the tank that you want.

If you are intending to use the tank as an aquarium, you should consider the number of fish that you want to put in, including all the necessary accessories such as filters, tubing, and cords.

It is better that you have fixed dimensions so you can ask the supplier to cut it out for you.

Always choose the thicker sheets for your aquarium to increase its strength.

2. Cut your acrylic sheets

Assemble your materials in a spacious and open workspace.

You can use a table saw with closely spaced teeth to avoid chipping the plastic.

If you don’t have this table saw, it will be best if you ask your supplier to cut it for you.

There are four sides you need to consider, 1 piece to serve as the bottom, 2 longer pieces to serve as the front and back of the tank and 2 short sides.

You may use sandpaper to smooth out the edges.

3. Proper assembly

You need to start your bottom piece on a level surface to support your sheet.

It will prevent your sheet from bending due to the weight of the water.

Attach the back piece to the bottom first.

You may attach the piece with small tapes or clamp to hold it in place.

These tapes and clamps will support the sheet not to move while you’re putting on the glue or cement.

You may use a syringe to put the glue into the joint and leave it for a couple of hours.

Don’t forget to remove the pins while putting on the glue.

It is advisable to let each piece with cement to sit for 4 hours individually for the best results.

You may repeat the process to the other pieces.

Attaching Tank Panels

Attaching Tank Panels

4. Testing the tank’s integrity

Test your tank to make sure there are no gaps that may lead to leaks.

Don’t hesitate to put more glue if necessary, in case you found some leaks then let it sit again before testing once more.

Repeat the process until you’re satisfied with the result.

This video shows you how to do a leak test for your acrylic tank if you are using it as an aquarium.

Can I Use Hand Held Blade Saw Instead Of Table Saw?

Yes, you may use a handheld saw blade of 10″ carbide tipped circular saw with 80 teeth if you do not have a table saw to cut your acrylic sheets to build your acrylic tank.

How Can You Safely CleanTheAcrylic Tank?

Drain the water first before cleaning.

This makes it easier for you to remove all the sand and debris from the tank slowly as possible in order not to damage the walls.

Only choose cleaning products that are made especially for acrylic tanks as the ordinary sponges and paper towels are too rough and may leave marks on your tank.

Use only soft cotton or microfiber cloth.

Take time to wipe the tank walls.

Don’t scrub too hard and never add pressure on scraping marks if you don’t want to add more scratches on it.

How Often Do You Have To Clean An Acrylic Tank?

This will depend on the size and type of your tank.

If you’re using it as an aquarium, it will also depend on the type of filtration and lighting installed, the amount of livestock you have and your feeding routine.

You can clean your tank weekly, biweekly, or monthly.

In general, the more often you clean your aquarium, the quicker you can respond to growing algae and other early signs of problematic issues.

How Do I Measure The Volume Of Water In An Acrylic Tank?

1. Rectangular tanks

Measure the length, width, and depth of the tank using a tape measure.

You can measure from the inside of the tank or, if preferable, measure the outside and then subtract the width of the tank walls to determine the inside measurement.

Next, multiply the length, width and depth measurements in order to find the cubic volume in cubic inches.

For example, if the measurements are 20 inches by 12 inches by 12 inches, the volume is 2,880 cubic inches.

2. Cylindrical tanks

Measure the height and radius of the tank.

The radius is the distance from the centre of the tank to its outer edge.

Another way to find the radius is to divide the diameter, or width, by two.

Square the radius by multiplying the radius times itself and then multiply it by 3.1416, which is the constant pi.

Multiply this number by the height to determine the cubic volume in inches.

For example, if you have a tank that is 12 inches in diameter and 20 inches high.

Divide the cubic volume in inches by 231 in order to find the volume of water in a tank in gallons.

Can You Buff Or Polish Your Acrylic Tank?

Yes, you can buff or polish your acrylic tank.

You may use a unique plastic cleaner that contains special microscopic diminishing abrasives that enables it to actually remove scratches by removing small particles of plastic surrounding the scratches.

You use a polishing tool that can be used with a drill to buff the acrylic tank and remove any scratches.

Polishing Tool

Polishing Tool

If this doesn’t work to get the smooth surface you want, you can use sandpaper to sand out the scratches in your tank.

This video shows you how to polish your acrylic tank.

Do Acrylic TanksLeak?


It can leak even if it is durable and can resist a strong impact.

However, you can repair acrylic tank leaks.

How Can You Repair Acrylic Tank Leaks?

Leaks on this kind of tank can be fixed with thick and clean liquid glue.

For small cracks with the acrylic material still tightly joined, use liquid glue

For larger cracks that exhibit more separation, use thicker liquid glue.

Allow the glue to sit on for 30 – 60 seconds until it dries.

Letting it sit overnight is advisable to ensure that it dries completely.

Can You Remove The Glue If YouPut It By Mistake Or Accidentally On The Tank?

Once you have applied the glue and it has already set for some time, you may not be able to remove it on your acrylic tank.

The solvent eats into the acrylic and leaving a slight outline where the solvent was located.

If you do remove the glue, you might try to buffing out to smooth the surface.

What Is The Recommended Number Of Hours Required To Let The Tank Glue Sit?

For best results, let the tank sit for a couple of days.

This tightens the bond of the glue on the tank before testing.

However, you are in a hurry and cannot wait for the number of days, 24 hours are enough to let it sit and you can proceed to test your tank.

Can An Acrylic Tank Explode?

Acrylic tanks are more likely to leak than explode and the basic reason is that the sealant has worn out and needs to be repaired immediately.

There is only a 1 out of 200 chance that acrylic tanks will explode especially when it is built by a manufacturer.

Can You Flame Polish The Acrylic Tank?

Flame Polishing

Flame Polishing

You can polish the edges of the tank by flame with a torch using MAPP gas.

Propane gas is not suitable to use because it has a low heating ability.

Don’t burn it directly as the glue may catch fire.

This video shows you how to flame polish acrylic in a tank.

Are Acrylic Tanks Clearer Than Glass?

Acrylic has a light transmission of 93%.

Glass, on the other hand, has 82% light transmission.

Acrylics are more transparent than glass providing the audience with better views because of curved front corners.

It doesn’t distort the image on the other side of the panel.

You’ll be able to admire your goldfish in all their glory and they will appear as their actual size, compared to the glass tank which makes the object inside appears bigger.

Why Is Polycarbonate Not Used Instead Of Acrylic In Tanks?

Polycarbonate contains bisphenol-A as known as BPA.

Hence, even though polycarbonate is more durable than acrylic, it is not suited for aquarium use.

How Thick Is Acrylic Tank Compared To Glass?

Acrylic has a range of thickness from 4mm – 10mm.

Glass has a range of thicknesses from 6mm – 20mm.

How Will You Know That The Acrylic Tank Is Of Good Quality?

A good quality tank does not bow out easily even when it is filled with water and other tank equipment and décor.

It also has beautifully polished edges and provides high transparency and optical clarity to get a great view of the tank.

Is There Any Difference In Color Viewing Between Acrylic And Glass?

Acrylics have higher light transmission which will give you a better view with sharper colors.

Glass aquarium

 Glass aquarium

Is It Safe To Drill Acrylic Tanks?

Yes, it is safe to drill and cut acrylic tanks.

Can I Put Holes On My Acrylic Tank?

Yes, you can customize your tank and put some holes as you desire.

Holes can be drilled in your tank.

Do Acrylic Tanks Need Metal Frames?

No, metal frames are not necessary unless you have a very large tank.

Are Acrylic Tanks Temperature Controlled?

You can install thermometers and heaters in your acrylic tank to control the temperature inside the tank, especially if you’re living in a cold climate.

The heater should contain a thermostat that will trigger the heater then the tank gets too cold.

If your house can get very warm, you can add a chiller which can also be triggered by a thermostat.

Which Accessories Do You Need To Use For The Acrylic Tank?

If you are using your tank as an aquarium, accessories like hoods and stands need to be ordered specifically fitted to your aquariums.

Tank manufacturers often sell accessories in standard sizes which would fit if your tank is in the standard size.

What If There Is ADeep Scratch In The Acrylic Tank?

Sand the scratch with a 400 grit sand paper.

Once the scratch is removed, you can use wet 600 grit sand paper.

Buff out the acrylic using super duty rubbing compound and a high speed bonnet buffer.

How Can You Clean Deep Scratches On Acrylic Tanks?

You can watch this video on how to repair scratches on an acrylic tank.

This is a wet process as you need to do it outside of your house.

First, you need to wash out the tank until it is clean and remove the dust before starting to sand the panels using 2000 grit sandpaper from inside and out.

You can repeat the process until the scratches are out.

Don’t worry if the tank gets cloudier as you can buff it afterward to polish and clear it.

omparison of Before and After Tank Polishing

 Before and After Tank Polishing

Is It Safe To Put LED Lighting On The Acrylic Tank?

To enhance the beauty of your tank, it is safe to put LED lighting but be very careful that the wirings do not touch the watery surface.

What Are The Standard Tank SizesAn Acrylic Tank Can Offer?

Usually, you’ll find acrylic tanks in the following sizes: 10, 20, 25, 29, 55, 75, and 90 gallons.

Is It Safe To Use Glass Cleaner On The Acrylic Tank?

No, it is not.

There are certain cleaners that you can use for acrylic tanks.

Do not use a glass cleaner as it will damage the walls and will make it hazy.

How Long Does An Acrylic Tank Last?

Acrylic tanks can last for more than 20 years.

However, this is on the condition that the tank is built well and maintained well.

Glass aquariums last for an average of 10 years.

What Are The Chances That An Acrylic Tank Will Crack?

Though a very sharp impact will crack or shatter a piece of acrylic, the amount of force needed for this damage is far greater than it is with a glass tank.

On the other hand, almost any impact on an acrylic tank will leave a scratch or mark, even those that would not have marked a glass tank but most definitely will not crack.

What Is The Average Difference In Pricing Between Acrylic And Glass Tanks?

For a smaller tank size of around 20 gallons, acrylic tanks tend to be more expensive and there is an average price difference of 40%.

Your basic 20-gallon acrylic aquarium will go for about $130 to $140.

A basic 20-gallon glass aquarium will cost about $50.

Are Acrylic Tanks Available For Marine Fish Tanks?

Saltwater or marine fish tanks are available in both acrylic and glass.

If you want a marine fish tank, it is recommended that you use acrylic tanks as you will need larger tanks for your fish.

What Is TheSmallest Tank Size Used For An Acrylic Marine Fish Tank?

The smallest size you should consider will be 30 gallons.

A fish tank of this size will provide sufficient surface area to allow an adequate exchange of oxygen into the water and to provide a comfortable swimming environment for your marine fish.

What Is The Smallest Size Used For Fresh Water Acrylic Tank?

The smallest size you can find is around 2.5 gallons.

It is taller than it is wide with 9.5 x 9.5 x 11.2 inch dimensions.

With this size, you’ll need to limit yourself to a handful of very small fish.

2.5 Gallons Acrylic Tank

 2.5 Gallon Acrylic Tank

Where Is The Best Location To Install A Marine Acrylic Tank?

You can install the tank anywhere.

However, try not to put a saltwater fish tank in areas exposed to sunlight.

This is because sunlight will cause algae to grow in your tank which will ruin the appearance of your acrylic tank.

Also, avoid any locations close to room heaters or where the tank will be exposed to drafts.

Can You Clean The Acrylic Tank With Detergent Soap?

Do not clean your acrylic tank with soap or detergent.

It’s very difficult to completely remove soap, and even a trace can be harmful to fish.

Usually, a good scrub with an algae scraper in warm water will remove the algae and dirt from rocks and plants.

What Is The Temperature I Need To Maintain On The Acrylic Tank?

This depends on your fish or species you’re keeping in your tank.

You can keep your tank at a temperature ranging from 76° to 80°F (25° to 27°C).

A few species need to be kept several degrees warmer, and some species require temperatures a few degrees cooler.

Do I Need To Buy Heater Especially Made For Acrylic Tank?

This is not needed.

An acrylic tank has good insulation properties are means you can achieve the same running temperature with a smaller heater.

You can also save money on the electricity bill.

Which Is Best To Use ForAcrylic Tank Decorations: Real Or Plastic Plants?

Both kinds can provide good decorations and a hiding place for your fish.

It is also possible to grow real plants in your aquarium but bear in mind it is not easy to do so as some plants require special lighting to grow.

What Causes Bubbles To Appear On The Acrylic Tank’s Seam?

Bubbles can appear due to stress and age of the tank.

Depending on where the bubbles are and the size of the bubbles, it is possible to use acrylic cements or glues to remove the bubbles and repair the tank.

However, if you receive an acrylic tank from a manufacturer with bubbles on the seam, you may want to request an exchange.

What Are The Major Factors Causing Acrylic Tanks To Fail?

1. Poor bonding of acrylic panels creating a weak seam

The vitality of the tank may depend on how it was properly sealed.

Upon buying a tank, make sure to test the integrity of the tank before pouring water into it and storing your fish.

This allows you to report any defects immediately to the manufacturer.

2. Improper installation

Acrylic tanks may be damaged if it is being installed inaccurately.

If it is your first time installing an acrylic tank, you may want to ask an experienced person to help you out.

3. Poor quality acrylic sheets

Using poor quality acrylic sheets will result in poor strength and stiffness of the acrylic tank.

Make sure you purchase your acrylic tank from a supplier with a good reputation.

If you’re building your own acrylic tank, make sure you source your acrylic sheets from a good supplier.

What Are The Shapes Available For Acrylic Tanks?

Different shapes are available such as cylindrical shapes, curved shapes, rectangular shapes, and many others depending on the design you have in mind.

You can customize the design and shapes as you wish.

Acrylic Tank Shapes

 Acrylic Tank Shapes

What Is A Bowfront Acrylic Tank?

Acrylic Bowfront Tank

Acrylic Bowfront Tank

A bowfront acrylic tank has a unique look and has a curved front face.

You can buy a bowfront acrylic tank if you do not want the conventional rectangular tank shape and want something different.

What Is A Cylindrical Acrylic Tank?

Acrylic Cylindrical Tank

 Acrylic Cylindrical Tank

Cylindrical acrylic tanks allow you to get a 360 degree view of your aquarium.

They make a great centre piece in a room as you watch the fish swim around.

Are There Acrylic Tanks For Hamsters?

Yes, you can use acrylic tanks for your hamsters.

Acrylic tanks may be a better option than cages to protect your hamsters from small children and other pets.

You can also reduce the odour from your hamsters.

However, remember to keep the tank in a place with good ventilation that is free from drafts so that your tanks will not overheat and become uncomfortable from your hamster.

You also need to clean your tank more regularly so that odours and harmful gases will not stay in the tank and harm your hamsters.

Are There Acrylic Tanks For Terrariums and Vivariums?

Yes, there are.

You can also use these acrylic tanks for your reptiles and snakes.

While acrylic tanks can get scratched easily including from your animals, they are much lighter compared to glass and are thus easier to transport around.

They are also optically clear so sufficient sunlight can be let in for your plants.

The clarity and transparency also mean you can clearly view your plants and animals which creates a better aesthetic appearance.

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