• Acrylic Tray

Acrylic Tray

Weprofab is the largest conducting acrylic trays manufacturer and supplier in China. We can custom and cut acrylic trays based on your technical specifications. Weprofab has a skilled design team. So please allow our team to do the design of acrylic trays you dream of. We have enough expertise in the whole process.

Get WeProFab Acrylic Tray to Delight Your Customers

If you`re business in need of acrylic trays to delight your own customers, Weprofab is your reliable source. We have the designs appropriate for various applications. When you are with us, we will help you boom your business!

Acrylic Tray with Dividers

Weprofab is very popular as the best manufacturer & global provider of acrylic dividers with different numbers of dividers. You can trust Weprofab regarding the acrylic trays fabrications.

Acrylic Tray with Handle

If you specifically want an acrylic tray with durable handles on each side for safe handling, Weprofab has plenty of supplies that can provide you.

Clear Acrylic Replacement Food Tray

Don`t go far from Weprofab when you are looking for high-graded clear acrylic replacement food trays. Weprofab has a lot of product offers for you.

Clear Serving Acrylic Tray

Weprofab has the classic and most modern designs of clear serving acrylic trays for any food preparation applications. We offer them for competitive rates.

Colored Acrylic Paper Tray

As the first-class provider and manufacturer of the high-quality colored acrylic paper tray, Weprofab can provide you any amount of stocks you need to run a business.

Personalized Rectangular Acrylic Tray

Weprofab is presenting the most unique personalized rectangular acrylic tray designs for varying applications.

WeProFab: Your Leading Acrylic Tray Manufacturer

As a joint-venture company working in China for over 20 years, Weprofab operates in between of the greatest Chinese local plastic fabrication manufacturer and WeeTect Material Limited institutions.

Weprofab is a very faithful and committed manufacturer that can create various acrylic trays for a broad mix of applications.

Allow our salespeople to know about your own acrylic trays ideas in advance! Get instant quotes now.

Custom Acrylic Tray to Skyrocket Your Brand

Extra Large Acrylic Tray

In China, Weprofab manufactures different acrylic trays in custom sizes. They are intentionally produced to support your business.

Acrylic Jewelry Storage Tray

Weprofab operates in China for over 20 years now and continues producing your ideal acrylic jewelry storage to satisfy you.

Acrylic Organizer Tray

As your faithful and committed partner, Weprofab has the duty to produce the type of acrylic organizer tray you desire.

Acrylic Tray with Gold Handles

Acrylic trays with gold handles are built of clear premium acrylic. It is sturdy and durable. Available with two vanity strong gold handles for easy serving. Perfect storage for kitchen.

Acrylic Tray with Lid

Acrylic trays with lids are spill-proof. No leakage on wine and drinks input in the tray. Suitable for serving food and beverages like dessert, fruit, breakfast, etc. Simple to clean and ideal for everyday use.

Acrylic Tray with Cover

Weprofab acrylic tray with cover has appealing aesthetics. Excellent for all types of events, parties, residential or business usage. It is composed of durable materials that will endure a long time and survive daily use.

Clear Acrylic Serving Tray

A clean acrylic serving tray is multi-purpose, perfect for serving meals and snacks. Strong and durable for everyday usage. The tray’s strong metal handles make carrying takeout much easier.

Colored Acrylic Tray

This colored acrylic tray is customizable and simple to clean. It is BPA-free, strong, and reliable. Ideal for indoor and outdoor use (home or store). A colored acrylic tray is perfect for any decor. Built with open unsealed corners.

Acrylic Methacrylate Tray

Acrylic methacrylate trays come in a variety of sizes and finishes, including transparent, black, and white. It is hard, durable, and easy to form with heat. Around 93% transparency. High impact resistance, UV-resistant and weatherproof.

Acrylic Food Serving Tray

An acrylic food serving tray is ideal for hotel, restaurant, and home use. It has good wear resistance, stability, and corrosion resistance to various chemicals. It also has high toughness and is not easily broken.

Gold Hide Print Metallic Acrylic Tray

Our gold hides print metallic acrylic trays are a transparent and one-of-a-kind way to serve some style. There are multiple sizes available. Hand holes in the medium size allow for easy carrying.

Rectangular Acrylic Tray

The rectangular acrylic tray is eco-friendly and comes in a variety of sizes and shapes to suit a variety of applications. Great application for bars, restaurants, hotels, home kitchens, and other places.

Square Acrylic Tray

Square acrylic tray available in a diverse range of shapes, sizes, colors, handle design, and models. Made of plastic materials for long-lasting quality. These trays are ISO certified.

Acrylic Pastry Display Tray

The acrylic pastry display tray is made of long-lasting, easy-to-clean acrylic material. Ideal for pastries, doughnuts, and other baked goods. Can be included with 2, 3, and 4 trays. Food does not slip off because of the raised edges.

8x16 Acrylic Tray with Handles

Weprofab 8×16 acrylic tray with handles are the ideal size for a variety of uses. Customers may easily observe merchandise while they are kept orderly. Color, sizes, and other specifications can be customized.

Acrylic Tray for Notepad Stationery

Acrylic tray for notepad stationery high-quality acrylic body and a stainless steel front door. Elegant memo tray for quick and one-handed dispensing. Available in contemporary style.

Decorative Acrylic Tray with Handle

Decorative acrylic trays with handles are composed of high-quality acrylic, making them both durable and fashionable. Simple to remove off a shelf and transport. Suitable for use in the hotel, kitchen, bathroom, and other areas.

Modern Clear Acrylic Tray 18”

Weprofab modern clear acrylic tray 18” has a contemporary aesthetic with modern finishes. It has clear acrylic and a modest scale. Handles made of chrome. Thicknesses may vary upon request.

Neon Acrylic Tray

Neon acrylic tray is constructed from acrylic material. The elegant and stylish neon acrylic appears to be lighted. An ideal present for any woman, adolescent, or girl who enjoys beauty, fashion, and makeup.

Plain Red Acrylic Tray

Weprofab plain red acrylic tray is transparent and one-of-a-kind way to serve style. Sizes, shapes, and designs can be modified as per preference. We have optimal series of a plain acrylic trays for various uses.

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Why WeProFab Acrylic Tray

Are you in need of the best acrylic trays? Stay in touch with Weprofab. Weprofab acrylic tray has wide uses on storing any kind of jewelry, makeup, and many more. An idea of adding acrylic trays for your acrylic business is a brilliant one! And if you are run out of acrylic tray stocks for business, no worries! Weprofab has the solution you need.

Weprofab manufactures different kinds of trays designs so you are free to select the right one for your business. These acrylic trays from Weprofab have a lot of advantages and properties to offer. Usually used to all local retail business for eye-catching display purposes.

Acrylic Jewelry Storage Tray-art

This is a great solution to display your products and catch your own customers` attention. Weprofab can produce the most attractive and remarkable acrylic trays to support your business. Weprofab acrylic tray is featured with dividers and durable handles on each side. It is very lightweight and you can`t worry about breaking, unlike glasses. Available in various styles, colors, and elegant designs.

Acrylic Tray

Weprofab Acrylic tray offered an efficient and interesting solution to arrange different kinds of products on your business. Anything and whatever designs you want, Weprofab is able to provide you.

Whatever the applications that required acrylic trays, we make sure our productions are versatile. Don`t worry about the quality of the acrylic trays we offer. We do quality checkups before the shipping methods worldwide.

Acrylic Tray

At our factory which currently operating in China, we are experts from acrylic tray assembly, designing, packing, and delivery services. Almost all business holders are being satisfied with our capabilities and make us the most endorsed companies across the globe. Please be one of them and trust us to manufacture your ideal acrylic trays. Weprofab is now professional in giving support to your business.

Send your inquiries today; we will make a response as soon as possible.

Acrylic Tray: The Ultimate FAQ Guide

Venturing in acrylic tray business can be lucrative.

But this is only possible if you choose high quality acrylic tray, understand all the critical aspects such as design, customization options, uses, and properties, just to mention a few.

So, before you import acrylic trays from China, read this guide.

What is Acrylic Tray?

An acrylic tray is a circular, square or rectangular-shaped platform that is designed for carrying items.

It has low sides without a top side and can be used for holding almost anything that you wish to for as long as it fits in.

Acrylic trays are made of high-gauge acrylic sheets that are sturdy and as well as stylish making.

Many people consider acrylic trays as compared to trays made of other materials.

 acrylic tray

acrylic tray

What are the Different Types of Acrylic Tray?

There are different items that acrylic trays will be used to carry.

It is here that the different types of acrylic tray emerge. The types are:

  • Appetizer serving tray

 appetizer serving tray

appetizer serving tray

  • Fast food serving tray

fast food acrylic tray

 fast food serving tray

  • Serving tray with compartments

 serving tray with compartments

serving tray with compartments

  • Tea serving trays

 tea serving tray

Tea serving tray

Other types of acrylic trays mainly depend on their use.

Are Acrylic Shower Trays any Good?

 acrylic shower tray

acrylic shower tray

Acrylic shower trays are so good.

At first glance, you may think that it is glass.

It is very durable and its maintenance is easy compared to its counterparts.

Also, it will demand very few repairs from you.

It is a safe and flexible material that is customized to give you unique shower tray designs.

The shower trays are made to serve you for a long before showing any signs of breakage.

They provide a water resistance experience without corrosion.

Its installation is quite easy and very light in weight.

Although it may look expensive in the beginning, it becomes worth it due to the low costs of maintenance as well as the few chances of repair.

Another good thing is that they give you a choice of colour among 200 available options as well as custom designs.

What are the Features of Rectangle Acrylic Tray?

Acrylic trays are mostly made of 4 side panels and a bottom part.

They usually do not have a top but for customized acrylic trays, the design can be built.

The ordinary acrylic trays are used for carrying items or holding a group of items.

As such, the top does not become very necessary.

Some will have attached handles from a different material just to give it a good look like metal or wood.

But for a majority, the handle is a hollow section where you insert your fingers to lift it.

Acrylic trays are quite simple but elegant.

The more complicated the design gets, the more expensive they become.

What is Acrylic Trays Used for?

Acrylic trays are very amazing when it comes to versatile and relatively cheap elements that can add some decorations to your house.

It is a multi-purpose tray that cuts across the kitchen, sitting room to the bedroom.

Apart from the kitchen works, acrylic trays can be used in:

Corral and Organization

It helps in organizing items on a horizontal surface.

This helps to declutter spaces.

Grouping things in trays help in making a room more organized and easy access to items.

Cut Down on Visual Clutter

When there are a group of items on one tray, the brain can process and interpret a tray as one item in a space other than several items.

This makes the place not only organized but also makes you feel organized and less cluttered.

Making Up Party-Friendly Spaces

Acrylic trays are very great in entertainment functions for serving food and drinks.

It makes it easy to put food or drinks where they are needed and can easily be cleaned once you are done.

It does not matter whether it is a small party or a large holiday party or even serving a book with a drink.

Grounding Decor

If you feel like your décor is missing something, throwing clear acrylic trays around can help revive the whole place.

Whether they are holding anything or just empty, acrylic trays will help in putting the area afloat.

Is Acrylic Tray Heat Resistant?

Acrylic trays are heat resistant to up to 160 degrees Celsius.

They are much preferred for many uses due to this factor including restaurants.

This is because it is durable, shatterproof and easy to clean.

How do You Install Acrylic Shower Tray?

Measure and Buy the Appropriate Shower Tray

Before starting, take measurements of the shower tray area.

Go and buy the acrylic tray that meets the measurements.

Preparation of the Floor

Clean and level the floor before you place the acrylic shower tray on it.

If the level of your floor is not even, you can add a layer of sand and use a towel to cover it.

You can leave it to dry for a day before covering it with another thin layer of mortar to give it an even finish.

Installing the Acrylic Shower Tray

Attach some waste traps on the acrylic shower tray.

Use a thread to cover the waste trap joints before repeating the same with the duct tape.

Place the acrylic tray on the prepared floor.

Securing the Acrylic Tray

If there were screws that came with an acrylic tray, take a drill and place them rightly.


You can use boards to add aesthetics on the sides of the acrylic tray as well as covering the pipes.

Fill the corners of the cover-ups mortar to seal them.

How do You Repair Light Scratches on an Acrylic Tray Surface?

To remove light scratches on the acrylic tray surface, follow the steps below:

Step 1

Use a damp sponge to wash the scratched section with warm water and dishwashing liquid.

After this, thoroughly rinse it with warm water.

Step 2

Avoid using ant kind of abrasive cleaning chemicals or pads.

Take a keen look at the cleaning instructions labelled to ensure they are safe for use on acrylic.

Step 3

Dampen fine-grit sandpaper and use it to apply even and circular strokes on the scratched section.

Step 4

Use a damp sponge to wipe the section clean and rinse it thoroughly

Step 5

Take some white polish compound. Use a clean and soft cloth, polish the compound with water.

Rub gently in a circular motion as you polish and buff the area.

Step 6

Wipe off the excess residue with warm water.

Take a clean and soft cloth to dry the surface.

The scratches are gone and back as new.

How do You Remove Deep Scratches from Acrylic Tray Surface?

Deep scratches on acrylic sheets will require more effort to remove than the light ones.

For you to understand how deep a scratch is, try rubbing it over with your fingernail.

If you feel it catch, then it is deep and you can follow the below procedure to remove it.

If you however realize that the scratch is 5mm deep or so, it may not be worth doing.

It is almost similar to the process we use when restoring it from light scratches.

Differently though, here we start with 60-grit sandpaper.

You will need to have:

  • Acrylic polish
  • 1200, 800 and 600 grit sandpaper
  • Water (To soak the sandpaper)

Wet a piece of 600 grit sandpaper and use it to rub the scratched area in a circular motion.

Repeat the same with dry 600 grit sandpaper.

Continuously and interchangeably rub with both the dry and wet sandpaper for about 3 to 3 minutes.

Do not be scared when you start seeing the acrylic tray looking more scratched or frosty as this will soon go away as we continue.

Take the 800 grit sandpaper and do the same thing we did with 600 grit sandpaper for a few minutes.

You can then move to 1200 grit sandpaper.

Keep rubbing until it is clear that all the scratches are gone.

To finish, dry the section with a dry, soft and clean cotton cloth.

Apply the acrylic polish on the surface of the acrylic tray and you will see the surface coming out as it has never been scratched.

The polish restores the acrylic tray to a different and attractive level of shine.

How can You Polish Acrylic Tray?

Acrylic can be polished using a sandpaper or propane touch.

The sandpaper will give the acrylic tray a smooth and polished finish.

The propane torch will give the acrylic tray a glass-like finish.

Both of the methods will work perfectly fine.

When using a propane torch:

Buy a propane torch from the local hardware.

They are not so expensive and you may also use them for other things in your house.

Try out the propane on some waste acrylic sheet.

This will give you a feeling of how you will handle the torch.

In case of any mistakes, you can learn from them easily without any losses.

Now you can work on the acrylic tray.

Move the torch quickly over the edges.

Moving it slowly may melt or burn the acrylic tray thus ruining it.

It will be much safer if you can pass the torch until you can touch the surface with your hand before passing touch again.

This will prevent burning.

It normally takes a few minutes before the acrylic tray can cool down for you to touch.

It usually takes a couple of minutes for the acrylic to cool off after it’s been torched, so wait at least that long before touching it.

Be careful not to get burnt.

This way the acrylic tray will come out very shiny.

How Can You Make an Acrylic Tray?

Making a clear acrylic tray to make your room organized and look spacious, airy and uncluttered can be quite easy.

To make a beautiful acrylic tray, you will need a clear acrylic sheet, ruler and marker pen, multi-speed jigsaw, clamps and gorilla glue.

Check the size of the tray you need for example 30x20x5cm sized tray.

Measure the base, top and bottom panel as well as the two panels on each side.

Place marks using a pen and a ruler on the acrylic sheet coating where you will make the cuts.

Use a jigsaw to cut slowly and perfectly straight edges.

Use a metal blade with small teeth to avoid leaving some marks at the acrylic sheet edges.

You will have to be careful when doing this as the acrylic sheet is delicate and may shatter and break easily.

Make sure you have your protective eyeglasses on when cutting.

Place the sheet on a flat piece of wood making sure that the section to cut is as near as possible to the edge of the flat wood.

Clamp them together several times to avoid any movements that may otherwise affect your cutting.

Once you have all the pieces you needed, remove the protective film from both sides of the acrylic pieces.

You can use light sandpaper to smooth any bumpy places that may be on the sheets.

Use clear gorilla contact adhesive to bond the pieces.

Apply a thin layer of glue to the base of the side panels as well as the edges of the base of the tray.

Give it a minute before placing the panel on the base to stick it.

Wait for two minutes as make any necessary adjustments to ensure they all fit in their right positions.

Wipeout any excess glue using a damp cloth.

After the tray is complete, leave it safely undisturbed for 24 hours for the adhesive to cure fully.

You will now have a very nice clear acrylic tray.

Clean it and use it to hold any of your items.

So, in case you go for this option, WeProFab will offer you high grade acrylic sheets.

How do You Paint Acrylic Tray?

Sometimes you will want something unique or change the appearance of the existing acrylic tray and give it a new look.

Well, it can be very fun with satisfying results if done correctly.

Below is a guide on how you can give your acrylic that colourful and beautiful look you imagined.

You will need:

  • Paper towel
  • An alcoholic ink
  • Straw
  • Masking tape (good quality)
  • Spray or sealer
  • The acrylic tray

Wash your tray clean with some alcohol and seal with tape the edges.

You should be able to see the sides of the panel through the bottom.

Drop a few drops of ink on the back of the acrylic tray.

Bust the alcohol inks and straw.

Blow around using the straw.

To spread more gently, blow the drops from the top, blowing them from the side and this will give strong streaks.

If you make any mistake, use a little bit of alcohol and a paper towel to clean it up.

Apply layers of different colours.

Continue adding more and more layers until you are satisfied with the coverage.

You can add more than two layers on each drop of different colours.

Take the acrylic tray and seal carefully seal the backside.

You will now have a very artistic tray.

Try putting it on a white background and see how bright it will appear.

Depending on the background you place the acrylic tray on, the painted look will be subject to change.

Can You Put Warm Water on Acrylic Trays?

Acrylic trays are heat resistant which makes them useful for holding hot items.

This is to mean that you can also wash them well I clean hot water without having to worry.

When you need a beautiful tray-like container to carry your hot water or other ingredients, an acrylic tray will work for you.

Only use it hold carry hot products that you probably can handle with your bare hands.

Anything close to 100 degrees Celsius is not recommended.

Is Acrylic Tray Safe to Hold Food?

Acrylic trays are very safe for food handling.

They are more considerable as compared to glass trays.

They are also more convenient, good in saving space and shatterproof.

It works well for the storage of both dry and cold food.

The only time you may have to think of the counterparts like the glass is if you need to microwave the food.

They can be used to store noodles, flours, cookies etc.

Another advantage of acrylic trays is that it does not release BPA (Bisphenol A) when hydrolysis occurs.

Does Acrylic Tray Yellow in the Sun?

Acrylic trays will most likely be used away from sunlight.

Its application lies indoors.

Acrylic trays may sometimes turn yellow if they are exposed to too much sunlight.

But if proper maintenance is done you should never have to worry about them turning yellow or hazy.

Proper Washing with recommended cleaning solutions will greatly impact the lifespan and clarity of the acrylic tray.

What are the Benefits of Using Acrylic Tray?

High transmission of light– Acrylic trays has a light transmission capacity of more than 92% and as such most clear trays will be made of acrylic.

Ease of installation– The acrylic boards are very easy to process and connect.

They can be bonded and combined directly to be combined with different installations.

High-quality surface finish- Acrylic trays will offer a very good quality surface as compared to those of wood.

It has a high density with a smooth appearance which makes it fit for purpose

Improved overall image: Acrylic serving trays can help in increasing brand awareness.

It is easy to silkscreen logos and other advertising patterns on the acrylic trays.

This can help with your brand promotion, especially for restaurants.

Clear acrylic trays not only display products but will also offer advertising effects as well as help in increasing sales.

Wide range of processing– Acrylic trays are known for “plastic crystal” as well as having perfect weather resistance.

It has a good surface and strong enough to absorb shocks as compared to others like glass.

Is Acrylic Tray Scratch Resistant?

Acrylic by nature is known for its ease in scratching.

The acrylic trays are made with a polished surface which diminishes any looks of scuffs or scratches.

The clear acrylic trays are made with a resistant finish.

This allows for easy cleaning.

Some materials can easily cause scratches when acrylic is being washed and for this reason.

The acrylic trays are made with a finish that is resistant to easy scratches.

How sharp are the Edges of Acrylic Tray?

Acrylic trays are mainly held through the edges.

Leaving the edges sharp may pose a threat to the life of a user through frequent cuts.

For this reason, manufacturers will use saws and routers that can leave a nice edge free of chips on the acrylic tray.

You should however be careful.

Although the edges are not so sharp, you should not run your hand through the edge too fast with pressure enough to make it cut you.

You may develop a paper-cut type kind of injury.

In case you find the sharpness of the acrylic desk hard to work with, you can use a sanding block and one hundred grit sandpaper.

Pass the sandpaper over and over until it feels good for you.

How Can You Reduce the Sharpness of Acrylic Tray?

Polishing the edges of an acrylic tray is not that difficult as long as you use the appropriate tools.

One way to achieve this is through sanding.

Sometimes you will be required to wet the sandpaper and as such, it is good you have some water with you.

It may be time-consuming but it is worth it.

You need several sandpapers in this case.

Use the rough ones as you narrow them down to smoothing sandpaper to get a polished finish.

To start, sand the edges of the acrylic tray using coarse sandpaper as you move closer to the finer options.

You can start with a grit of probably 180.

Rub until you are satisfied that the edges are have levelled and are smooth to your satisfaction.

You can then move to 320/360 grit.

This is much finer and will be used in giving the acrylic tray a polished finish.

You can finally move to 600 grit sandpaper and this will give the super fine polish.

How can You Tell the Difference between Polycarbonate and Acrylic Tray?

The edges of the acrylic tray are easy to polish smooth and make them shine more.

On the contrary, polycarbonate trays cannot achieve this.

 polycarbonate tray

polycarbonate tray

Acrylic trays are much cheaper compared to acrylic trays.

Acrylic trays will be 35% cheaper compared to polycarbonate trays.

Acrylic trays have a better bonding with glue than polycarbonate trays.

Acrylic trays can be polished to attain smooth edges and remove scratches while polycarbonate trays may not allow for this.

What are the Disadvantages of Acrylic Tray?

The difficulty and high cost of production for acrylic trays have led to a rise in a lot of many low-cost trays in the market.

Although they are referred to as “acrylic”, they are ordinary composite boards.

Acrylic trays also scratch quite easily as compared to glass.

This is to say that one will need to be extra careful when they are handling them as the risk of scratching is high.

A good thing though is that the scratches are easy to remove.

It becomes easy to restore a scratched acrylic tray to the original form.

Acrylic trays are less strong with little resistance to matting as compared to most of the other synthetics.

Acrylic trays may get stained so easily by oil and grease.

However, with mild detergent and water, it may be easy to clean them.

And again this way you won’t be able to leave scratches on the acrylic tray.

Acrylic trays have very little resistance to impact.

Their solvent resistance is very poor.

It is easily cracked if subjected to stress.

Which are the Colours Available for Acrylic Trays?

Acrylic trays will come in very many colours.

The acrylic trays will come in a variety of colours.

This is to give them a blending chance with different interior decors.

Some of the colours are green, yellow, purple, red, clear, blue, turquoise, orange and many others.

They also allow you to try out your painting techniques just to bring out a taste that goes with your décor.

How does Acrylic Trays Compare to Other Plastic Trays?

Plastic trays as opposed to acrylic trays will get easily scratched.

Although acrylic tray will also get scratched easily, for plastic it is different as they cannot be buffed out like acrylic tray.

Acrylic trays are much stronger as compared to those of plastic.

Plastic trays will easily turn yellow something that may take quite some time with acrylic trays if it ever happens.

Acrylic trays are more stylish and will give an expensive elegant look apart from holding ingredients on the table.

plastic trays

plastic trays

How does Acrylic Trays Compare to Glass Trays?

Acrylic trays may be preferable to glass in many ways.

Acrylic trays in many cases will require carrying around.

Their weight and transparent nature give them an upper hand.

Glass is heavy to carry around.

Acrylic trays are also easy to maintain.

They do not break so easily like glass.

Although they may scratch easily, the scratches are easy to fix as opposed to broken glasses which you may only have to throw away.

Acrylic trays will also have good insulation properties as compared to glass.

 glass tray

glass tray

What can I Use Acrylic Tray with Handle for?

Handles in Acrylic trays come in handy when carrying them from one point to the other.

They can be better used in places where the carrying of items is needed.

This may include parties, home duties, restaurants and hotels etc.

They can also be used to serve edible fruits in the dining.

The handles make them easy to pick up and drop easily.

How do I Disinfect Acrylic Tray?

You can wipe to disinfect acrylic trays using a cleaning wipe.

Some of the disinfectants include at least 70% alcohol, ethyl alcohol, bleach, isopropyl alcohol or any other approved disinfectant.

If the acrylic tray is visibly dirty, wash it with warm water and soap and thoroughly rinse it.

Dry it with a soft piece of cotton cloth.

Always avoid ammonia contents on acrylic trays.

Is Vinegar Safe for Acrylic Tray?

Acrylic trays will not do so well with acidic cleaning solutions.

Among them is vinegar.

You should avoid vinegar at all costs.

Vinegar is very acidic for acrylic trays.

Any use of it on the acrylic tray will mean total damage to your acrylic tray.

Vinegar may however work pretty well on the traditional glass trays.

Can Acrylic Tray Break when it Falls?

Acrylic trays are known for absorbing shocks.

They don’t easily break like glass.

Acrylic trays have high resistance to impact.

They are flexible and will bend easily making them hard to break unless extremely stretched.

Even when they break, they do so in large pieces that are not so sharp to cause harm.

Are Acrylic Trays safe to my Children?

Acrylic trays are very safe for use in all your family needs including kids.

They are non-toxic and will not release any chemicals.

The acrylic trays are BPA-free and you should therefore have nothing to worry about.

Probably the thing you should be worried about is how your children may handle the acrylic tray.

It is easily scratched and therefore leaving them to kids may mean more work in polishing them.

Another thing is that acrylic trays unlike glass have little or no effect when they break.

Glasses may hurt your kids due to cuts from sharp pieces of glass.

Acrylic trays will not break easily and even when they do, the pieces are big and not so sharp to harm your kids.

How Affordable Are Acrylic Trays?

Acrylic trays are affordable.

They can serve you for many years without having to replace them.

If you move into your new home with one, you probably may have to change a lot of other items before getting the need to do away with your acrylic tray.

The initial cost of buying may be a bit high especially when compared with the price of others like glass.

The overall cost of maintenance goes way too low compared to trays that are made of other materials.

At WeProFab, we here to help your business thrive by providing high quality acrylic trays.

You can choose our standard or custom acrylic trays, depending on your unique requirements.

For orders, inquiry or questions, contact WeProFab now.

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