Acrylic Triangle Rod

Acrylic Triangle Rod

Acrylic Triangle Rod Manufacturer in China

Our acrylic triangle rods are fabricated with triangular cross-section with all sides of its face being equilateral triangles. As for appearance, its unique and sleek outlook can enhance its aesthetic appeal. Meanwhile, it has seen various applications such as DIY projects, display and signage. Both standard and custom acrylic triangle rods are available here. Whether you are a hobbyist or a professional, you can have it cut, drilled and shaped according to your specific needs. If you want to find desirable acrylic triangle rods, our product featuring cost-effectiveness and exceptional performance can be an ideal choice for you.

Item Specifications

Available length1830mm and 2000mm, custom
Dimensions5mm – 25.4mm
Colorclear, green, pink, frosted, red, yellow, purple etc.

Keys Attributes and Advantages of Acrylic Triangle Rod

Unique triangular shape: One of the most noticeable features of acrylic triangle rod is its unique triangular shape, the unique appearance of which can yield striking visual effects compared with other acrylic rods at normal shape.

Lightweight: The lightweight property of our acrylic triangle rod can facilitate the installation as well as transportation. Thus, it is preferred by many users.

Versatility: Our acrylic triangle rod has a wide array of applications, including educational tools, lighting fixtures, display, and signage. 

Transparency: We can offer acrylic triangle rods with transparent or translucent color, which can ensure its superb clarity. This, in turn, elevates the brilliance of colors as well as renders fascinating visual effects.

Durability: Acrylic is noted for its durability as well as shatter-resistance, the distinctive features of which allows it to be more prone to wear and breakage compared with its counterparts. 

Weather-resistance: Our acrylic triangle rods can be subject to harsh weather conditions without severe degradation. Meanwhile, it is UV resistant, which means that it can be better exposed to scorching sunshine.

Keys Attributes and Advantages of Acrylic Rriangle Rod
Manufacturing Process

Manufacturing Process

The major steps for fabricating acrylic triangle rods include material preparation, extrusion, shaping the rod, cooling and solidification, and sizing and cutting. The preparation of acrylic acrylic pellets is the first step. Then, these acrylic pellets will be melted into a viscous liquid in the extrusion process. In the following procedure, the acrylic material will be shaped with a triangular cross-section. As the shaped acrylic model is removed from the die, it will be cooled immediately, which can help solidify the desired shape. Last but not least, the acrylic triangle rods can be cut to the standard or custom sizes and go through other surface treatments to achieve a smooth surface. Following these procedures, we endeavor to fabricate high quality acrylic triangle rods that can be applied in various applications.

Where can you Find Acrylic Triangle Rod?

Where can you Find Acrylic Triangle Rod?
Where can you Find Acrylic Triangle Rod?

Display: Our acrylic triangle rod is stable given its triangular shape. Plus, its modern appearance can enhance its aesthetic appeal. Taking these factors into consideration, it can serve as the stand in the retail stores or exhibitions.

Sinage: Acrylic triangle rods can be used as signage to create captivating effects for corporate events or directional purposes. 

Architectural models: You can tailor your acrylic triangle rods by cutting and assembling. Given its ease of manipulation, it is a popular choice for architects and designers to construct architectural models.

Arts and crafts: Our product is also popular among DIY enthusiasts to create DIY projects. They can be used for creating photo frames and jewelry displays.

Aquarium accessories: In the realm of water landscape, acrylic triangle rods can be used for  tank dividers, plant holders, and unique fish shelters. Its durability and water-proof property enables it to be adaptable in aquatic environments.

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