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Acrylic Trunk

Weprofab offers excellent quality of acrylic trunk. As one of the largest manufacturer in China, we have the executives, skillful that can be used to produce an extraordinary acrylic trunk. We cab able to custom acrylic trunk that goes beyond your wishes. Contact us today!

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As a professional and skilled manufacturer of acrylic trunk in China, we can custom your desirable designs for only affordable and friendly price.

Clear Acrylic Trunk

Weprofab clear acrylic trunk is more eye-catching than others. Find your ideal clear acrylic trunk at Weprofab.

Square Acrylic Trunk

Different colours, sizes, and shapes of acrylic trunk are available in Weprofab. We offer high standard of square acrylic trunk at affordable price.

Transparent Acrylic Trunk

Weprofab transparent acrylic trunk remains transparent as it gets older without excessive yellow tinting. It is extremely ideal for different applications and features can be seen when exposed to sunlight.

Waterfall Acrylic Trunk

You only encounter great services from Weprofab. We have worthy experiences in manufacturing any waterfall acrylic trunk.

Modern Acrylic Trunk
Weprofab is specialized in providing a high-quality modern acrylic trunk for you business or for any purposes and applications.
Display Acrylic Trunk

Weprofab is an excellent manufacturer and supplier of the display acrylic trunk. These will remain presentable even under undesirable weathering.

WeProFab: Your Leading Acrylic Trunk Manufacturer

WeProFab is a joint-venture company between WeeTect Material Limited and a Chinese local fabrication manufacturer. We tend to offer you a one-stop solution for fabrication.

If you nee an acrylic trunk, Weprofab has a lot offer. We manufacture all class of acrylic trunk that is made from 100% acrylic. As the leading manufacturer of acrylic trunk in China, you can acquire our best acrylic trunk at a very competitive price.

We have wide scope in producing divergent types of acrylic trunk that exactly suits to your business needs. In Weprofab, we are glad to offer our best quality acrylic trunk that will bring your business into the highest and amazing level.

Send us your detailed requirements and we will send you an instant quote!

Custom Acrylic Trunk to Skyrocket Your Brand

Acrylic Trunk with Wheels

Weprofab has a unique quality type of acrylic trunk with wheels to offer. We are offering a lot of acrylic products that fulfill the needs of your business.

Acrylic Storage Trunk

If you are needing an acrylic storage trunk for any applications, we can offer you more. We have acrylic trunk for wide storage.

Acrylic Trunk with Brass

We have enough knowledge when it comes to manufacturing an acrylic trunk with brass. Come to Weprofab if you desire to have an acrylic trunk with brass.

Acrylic Trunk Side Table

Weprofab fabricates acrylic trunk side table and we can also able to custom designs. Rely us your acrylic trunk side table for your business.

Large Acrylic Trunk

Weprofab is committed in providing good quality of a large acrylic trunk. You can find your ideal large acrylic trunk at Weprofab.

Trunk Shaped Acrylic Musical Box

The trunk-shaped acrylic musical box has brass accents and latches. They are crystal clear acrylic storage units for musical components. Plus, they are popular for their strength and great stiffness.

Acrylic Event Furniture Trunk

The acrylic event furniture trunk can be used as decoration for any occasion. These trunks are well-known for their excellent stiffness, transparency, and high strength.

Luxury Acrylic Trunk

The luxury acrylic trunk has luxurious quality designs. Unlike other transparent plastics, this one is superior due to weathering resistance. They are the most durable product.


Acrylic Trunk Clutch Bag

The acrylic trunk clutch bag is made of 100% pure acrylics. They have a high glossy and elegant appearance. Since made of outstanding plastic, they are lightweight and easy to carry.

Spacious Acrylic Trunk

The spacious acrylic trunks are very space-saver, perfect to use as item storage. They are half-weight of glass, with extreme resistance to shattering and breakage.

Acrylic Trunk Table

Our acrylic trunk table offers extreme strength and durability for table use. However, they have an attention-grabbing and elegant appearance. They are multipurpose, come in different sizes and designs.

Customized Acrylic Trunk

Weprofab offers customized acrylic trunks at a reasonable price range. They come in customized designs and sizes to totally serve their purpose. They are also popular for their high versatility properties.

Modern Acrylic Trunk

The modern acrylic trunk is perfect to use as storage units, tables, or chairs. When used as a storage unit, you can store utensils, books, clothes, and anything else.

Acrylic Vintage Trunk

The acrylic vintage trunk has aesthetic looks perfect to use as tables. They are a great addition to sitting rooms, offices, restaurants, and many other settings. They are very durable and breakage-resistant.

Decoration Acrylic Trunk

The decoration acrylic trunk is excellent to serve as a supplementary storage unit. They are ideal to use as a drawer, cupboard, travel bag, and more. They can keep your item safe and easy to carry.

Acrylic Trunk Rental

The acrylic trunk rental is perfect for multipurpose storage units. The versatility they offer makes it a valuable investment. And because of their aesthetic appearance, they are ideal to use as decorative elements.

Locker Acrylic Trunk

The locker acrylic trunk is multipurpose, strong, and unbreakable. They are also great decoration elements. They have artistic surfaces that allow them to appear more aesthetically.

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Why WeProfab Acrylic Trunk

Weprofab is the biggest manufacturer and supplier of acrylic trunk located in China.

We designed acrylic trunk for various application and purposes.

One of the main application for acrylic trunk is to hold other personal belongings, stuff, and necessities.

Our acrylic trunk is generally constructed with acrylic materials which were then covered with protective and decorative materials.

Acrylic Trunk

Weprofab acrylic trunk is really nice, gorgeous, and useful.

These all crafted from high-quality materials with the utmost care, choosing our acrylic trunk makes for the perfect addition to your interior accessories collection, particularly in the living room area.

We have wide selections of different styles and patterns available.

We are sure you will be able to find at Weprofab at  the right set of an acrylic trunk.

We strive to meet your special requirement especially for acrylic trunk.

Acrylic Trunk

Weprofab is qualified to handle any acrylic trunk products.

We have plenty of skilled, expert and talented employees to guide you.

If you want to have an acrylic trunk with saving your cash, Weprofab provides lower-cost products worldwide.

As one of the leading manufacturers of acrylic trunk, we manufacture broad variety of acrylic trunk with a wide range of applications.

We want to bring our best in providing best kind of products through our advanced technology equipment in creating and designing your of acrylic trunk.

We pursue on creating acrylic products to give a great level of product performance to our valuable customers and meet their specific standards.

Acrylic Trunk

Deal with us and experience our outstanding and excellent services offered.

Be one of the Weprofab successful customers who expand their business rapidly.

You can trust us because we have been more than 20 years of experience in fabricating and manufacturing industry.

Weprofab is always the best option when regarding in acrylic needs.

Whether you need an acrylic trunk set, acrylic trunk side table, acrylic chest, acrylic box, locking trunk, clear storage trunk, and many more, Weprofab can provide it all.

Need a acrylic trunk for your business, don’t hesitate to contact us now!

Acrylic Trunk: The Complete FAQ Guide

I know you’re looking for the best acrylic trunk in the market.

A reason this guide will take you through everything you need to know about the acrylic trunks.

Whether you want to know the quality standards, color options, features, designs, uses or features – you will find all information right here.

Keep reading to learn more.

What is Acrylic Trunk?

It is a transparent plastic storage unit, which features brass handles, latches and accents.

Acrylic trunk’s strength, clarity, and stiffness makes the thermoplastic material outstanding.

Compared to other transparent plastics, an acrylic trunk is superior in terms of its weathering properties, making it one of the most durable plastics.

This component exhibits qualities of glass such as clarity but it is half the weight of glass and has a higher resistance to impact.

It is attention-grabbing due to its design and convenience as it has various uses, thus multipurpose.

Acrylic Trunks come in various sizes, shapes, colors, and designs.

acrylic trunk

 acrylic trunk

What are the Uses of Acrylic Trunk?

Usually, acrylic trunks have plenty of uses due to their versatility in design.

Some of the uses are as follows:

Storage Units – You can use it to store clothes, books, utensils, and anything else, which would require storage.

Often, it would serve as an extra drawer/cupboard whereby people will place their various items.

Tables – Due to the multipurpose nature, you can use acrylic trunks could as tables in various settings. For instance, in a restaurant, sitting room, or office. You can place items on top of it without fear of breakage.

Chairs – Given acrylic trunks vary in design; it is made as a chair with a storage compartment at the bottom.

Why Should You Consider Investing in Acrylic Trunk?

Some of the reasons why you should invest in it are as follows:

a) Serves as an additional storage unit – You can use it as a cupboard, drawer, or travel bag to place your items and move with it because it is light to carry around.

Whenever space may be an issue, and you have nowhere to place your items, you can always drop them inside an acrylic Trunk.

b) Multipurpose– Acrylic tankscan serve as storage units for items, tables, chairs, or even decorations.

The versatility it offers makes it a worthwhile investment as you can always be used anyway.

c) Durable irrespective of the environment – You can place it indoors or even outdoors. If it is outdoors, it is hardly affected by harsh weather conditions such as rain.

d) Decorative element– acrylic Trunks have an artistic aspect due to the design, size, shape, and color. This makes them aesthetically appealing.

What is the Best Thermoplastic Material to Use in Place of Acrylic?

Polycarbonate Plastic is also known as Lexan or Makrolon, is the best plastic to use in place of acrylic.

Some of the features making this material a better alternative to acrylic trunk include the following;

  • Exceptionally strong, almost 250 times stronger than fiberglass material of similar dimensions.
  • Relatively flexible than acrylic
  • Available in a wide range of variety than acrylic
  • Has a low level of flammability
  • Better resistance to chemical corrosion such as gasoline and acid
  • Excellent dimensional stability with a working temperature of 240F
  • It is more durable against cracks and chippings

What is the Cost of an Acrylic Trunk?

Depending on the size and design, it can range from $12 to over $300.

Mostly, some of the factors influencing acrylic trunk cost include, design, size, and color.

Therefore, if you may want an Acrylic trunk coated with gold on the edges, it may cost more than a basic transparent trunk.

What are the Designs of Acrylic Trunk Available?

The available designs are as follow:

  • Cube-shaped acrylic trunks

 cube shaped acrylic trunk

cube-shaped acrylic trunk

  • Square-shaped acrylic trunks
  • Wheeled acrylic trunks

wheeled acrylic trunk

 wheeled acrylic trunk

  • Colored acrylic trunks

colored acrylic trunk

 colored acrylic trunk

  • Acrylic trunk with artwork done on it

These are some of the designs that you can get for your acrylic trunk.

Is Acrylic Trunk Flexible?

No, it is not flexible.

You cannot bend acrylic trunk because it is made from very hard and resistant thermoplastic material.

This makes it more durable than most other plastics.

However, the material is generally easy to fabricate thus you can mold it to a wide range of designs and shapes.

The stiffness of the acrylic trunk makes the plastic material durable.

What is the Suitable Size of Acrylic Trunk?

There is no suitable size for an Acrylic Trunk.

The sizes vary, and they depend on the purpose you intend to get it for, your preference and space available.

In many instances though, you can find this component in a variety of sizes, which include the following;

18 x 18 x 26 Inch acrylic trunk.

40*40*40cm acrylic trunk.

50*40*15cm acrylic trunk

The sizes all vary depending on the purpose.

As such, based on what you may want to use it for, you can get a size, which will be the most appropriate for your demands.

Can Acrylic Trunk Break?

No, it cannot break.

It is very strong and resistant, thus making it very difficult to crack or shatter.

The base material used for manufacturing this component has exceptional resistance to impact of up to 20 times compared to fiberglass.

Furthermore, the manufacturing process of acrylic trunk also entails several additives, which reinforce overall strength.

Is there Color Limitation for Acrylic Trunk?

Nothere isn’t a color limitation when it comes to acrylic trunk.

There are a wide variety of colors that you can choose from.

You can have it clear, purple, rose gold, brown, and many other colors.

The colors that may be chosen may be in lighter shades because of their transparent nature.

Can You Find Customized Acrylic Trunk?

Yes, you can find and request a customized acrylic trunk.

In case you need your trunk to be coated with gold on the edges and a particular color.

The designs do vary depending on your liking.

Most of customized modifications can be made by requesting directly from the manufacturer.

Since there are different needs you may have for the acrylic trunks and the differences in taste and preference.

You can get their trunks modified to your satisfaction.

However, this may slightly be more expensive than buying one, which is readily manufactured.

You can also get readily available customized acrylic trunks despite not requesting them from a manufacturer.

There is a range of designs to select from depending on the manufacturer you are purchasing from.

For instance, WeProFab offers a broad range of ready-customized acrylic trunks, which may fit your requirements.

customized clear acrylic trunk

customized clear  acrylic trunk

Does Acrylic Trunk Yellow in the Sun?

No, it will not yellow in the Sun.

Acrylic originates from natural gas, and when it is in solid form, it’s inert.

Therefore, the ultraviolet radiation from the sun will not affect it as most plastic may be affected when exposed to sunlight.

Of course, this imperative since it enhances the overall longevity of this component.

It also allows the acrylic trunk to maintain its glossiness and clarity for quite a long time.

Is Acrylic Trunk Durable?

Yes, it is durable.

The physical appearance of this component makes it look a bit fragile since it resembles glass in many aspects.

However, it is much more resistant to impact than glass and it is also tolerant to all weather conditions.

Therefore, given whether outdoors on indoors, you can be assured it will serve for a very long time before it wearing out.

What Add-on Features Can You Include in Acrylic Trunk?

Add – on features you can include are as follows:

  • Gold coating on the edges of the Trunk
  • Wheels to make movement much easier and convenient
  • Patterns, logos, texts and other variety of artistic design prints
  • Brass handles

Most of the additional features to an acrylic trunk are aesthetic therefore adding to its beauty and elegance.

How Can You Remove Scratches from Acrylic Trunk?

For lighter scratches, an acrylic or plastic polish, 800 and 1200 grit sandpaper, and water to soak the sandpaper will be needed.

A piece of 800 grit sandpaper is made wet and ran through the marked area in a circular motion.

Repeat the process but now with it is repeated with a piece of dry grit sandpaper.

Alternate between wet and dry grit sandpaper for three minutes will be required.

The same process conducted with 800 grit sandpaper is repeated with a piece of 1200 grit sandpaper until all the scratches disappears.

Ultimately, you’ll have an acrylic trunk, which is as good as new with no visible marks.

For deeper scratches, a similar process used to remove a light scratch is used to remove a deep scratch though in removing a deep scratch, a 600 grit sandpaper starts you off.

Damp a piece of 600 grit sandpaper for three minutes to make it a bit wet.

Alternate between a wet grit sandpaper piece and a piece of dry sandpaper grit in circular motions.

The process done with the 600 grit sandpaper is repeated for a few more minutes with a piece of the 800 grit sandpaper.

Finally, repeat the process is with a piece of 1200 grit sandpaper to wind up the process until all the scratches disappear.

The area is cleaned with a clean cloth, and the shine is restored with acrylic polish.

The acrylic’s glossy shine is restored by flame polishing the thin sheets (below 4mm thick), sanding or buffing them.

How can you order an Acrylic Trunk?

A budget, type, size, color, texture, and fixtures matter when ordering an acrylic trunk.

Mostly, it depends with the supplier you are purchasing from.

These platforms include WeProFab and B2B.

For instance, if the color is out of stock or not

Whether it will be shipped from abroad before one places an order

Your search for acrylic trunks and wait for the searches to pop up in the search box. Choose the desired and affordable Trunk for you.

Add to cart and then place your order. You can either pay before delivery or pay during the time of delivery, depending on the platform’s terms of service.

What are the Disadvantages of Acrylic Trunk?

  • Just like other furniture, acrylic trunk has a few shortcomings which include:

It will show both big and small fingerprints, just like glass, stainless steel, and mirrors

  • Somewhat challenging to repair when it cracks.

Unlike wood which has a variety and availability of many designs, Acrylic has design limitations.

  • Easy to scratch due to normal wear and tear.

What Techniques Can You Use to Maintain Acrylic Trunk?

When cleaning, make sure to keep chemicals away.

Chemical cleaning products may damage and, in some cases, cause ‘crazing’ since acrylic is sensitive to chemical cleaning products.

Also, never use glass cleaners or harsh cleaning chemicals with acrylic trunks.

Use of soap and water, and in some cases just water.

You may also use of microfiber cloth or a cotton t-shirt are advisable when cleaning.

Remove watermarks with a dry cloth by gently buffing the trunk clean.

When it comes to cleaning, gentleness is crucial. Do not rub the dirt in, as this may cause scratching.

If it’s only dusty, use a feathery duster or a microfiber cloth to wipe away the dust or dirt.

Use scratch removers for scratches that cleaning has not removed.

An anti-static cleaner is used for the build-up of static on the acrylic trunk.


Search for a razor blade or a sharp object you can use to scrape off markings on the acrylic.

Move the sharp object you are using in a sideways motion and scrap off the scratched acrylic.

However, it important to be keen not to dig in to dip in the acrylic.

The best way to curb this is to angle the razor blade at ten degrees.


Sanding ensures your acrylic has a matte finish removing any machine marks that may be evident.

You can use any sander, including a disk, belt, hand, or drum.

The tool that you choose to use is dependent on the size of your Trunk.

The process is similar to sanding a piece of wood.

As you work your way across the surface, begin with coarse sandpaper as you transit to finer sandpaper.

With deep scratches, you could begin with a 220-grit or 320-grit paper and moving up to a 600-grit or 800-grit.

Light pressure and continuous motion of the sandpaper is the technique to employ.

This will assist in avoiding a build-up of heat, thus damaging the acrylic.


Polishing wheels are good for restoring acrylic to a clear finish.

Overheating may be possible.

Therefore, to avoid this, use an 8″-14″ diameter, 2″-3″ wide piece of muslin that’s bleached and has bias strips.

It allows the wheel to run much cooler.

The trunk should be clamped in place so that it may not be mobile when sanding.

In the end, the quality of your finish will be based on the type of polish compound used.

For a glossy finish, a medium-cutting compound is the best.

A fast-cutting compound followed by a fine compound can have a higher luster finish when applied to the acrylic.

Flame Polishing

A hydroxide containing a #4 or #5 tip will do the job. It would be best if you gently melt the edges of the acrylic.

This ensures the glass has a glossy finish on the edge.

As you guide the torch flame over edges at the rate of 3″ – 4″ per second, its edges are heated with swift motions as this is the objective.

However, it is important to ensure you do not overheat the edges of the edges as they may get melted and leave a bad look on your finish.

Also, if you move the flame too slow, bubbles may occur.

As such, when it is done correctly, your edges shall have a clean and shiny finish that shall make your trunk stand out.

What are the Quality Standards for Acrylic Trunk?

  • Light diffusing
  • Bullet resistant
  • Anti-static and anti-glare
  • Good abrasion resistance. It guarantees wearing will not occur when the Trunk comes into contact with another surface.
  • Relatively flexible
  • Durable and able resist harsh atmospheric weather conditions such as high humidity.
  • The acrylic trunk should be able to resist ultraviolet light /sunlight.
  • Good thermal conductivity
  • Resistant to heat, good transmittance, good surface emissivity

Which is better between Acrylic Trunk and Fiberglass Trunk?

An acrylic trunk is better than a fiberglass trunk since it is durable and does not fade, crack or chip easily since its surface is thicker.

Acrylic is non-porous, and acrylic trunk resists stains easily, and it is easily cleaned than a fiberglass trunk.

If you do not clean a fiberglass trunk well, it can create mold or mildew.

An acrylic Trunk choosing offers various colors, textures, and fixtures compared to a fiberglass trunk.

Though it is expensive, and the acrylic trunk lasts longer, it is easier to maintain and repair.

How Do You Thermoform Acrylic Trunk?

It is easily thermoformed.

You can do this by using vacuum, pressure, or stretching equipment and various heating methods.

Some of these heating techniques are coiled chrome wire, metal (call) rod, hot air ovens, ceramic elements, and quartz tube (chrome filament and tungsten filament).

At varied efficiency levels, the average life span of the heat as mentioned earlier sources ranges from 1,500 to 20,000

Is Acrylic Trunk Toxic?


Unlike other plastics, acrylics are durable and moldable. Acrylic Trunk is non-toxic and less harmful to the environment.

It is because it is derived from natural gas, which is completely inert in its solid form.

The furniture is also free of the compound BPA (bisphenol-A) found in many other plastics.

How Does Acrylic Trunk Compare to Other Materials?

Acrylic is one of the strongest plastics.

Alongside, polycarbonate plastic is also known as Lexan. However, it may not be superior to it.

When making a comparison, Polycarbonate Plastic would place as the first, and then acrylic would come as the second one.

These two plastics are deemed superior to the others, thus having their multipurpose uses and increased durability level.

Does Acrylic Trunk Shatter?

Acrylic trunk does not shatter since acrylic has a higher impact strength than glass and does not break when exposed to high strains.

It is very durable and 17 to 20 times more resistant than glass and bulletproof, thus making it unbreakable.

What is the Best Surface Coating Option for Acrylic Trunk?

The most suitable surface coating treatment for this component is largely dependent on the specific application.

Nevertheless, the ideal surface treatment would be anti-UV coating.

This coating element prevents the surface material of acrylic trunk from ultra violet radiation.

In essence, it prevents this component from fading, yellowing, discoloring or dulling.

Another suitable surface treatment is anti-scratch coating.

This coating treatment prevents the surface material from scratching due to rubbing against abrasive elements.

Of course, it maintains the surface material of this container and improves is clarity and glossiness.

You may also consider anti-corrosion coating to reinforce ability of acrylic trunk to withstand chemical components.

Does Acrylic Trunk Discolor?

No, acrylic Trunk does not discolor.

It is made from acrylic material, which does not yellow or discolor when exposed to sunlight or used for outdoor activities/spaces.

This is because acrylic has a high UV resistance.

What Factors Must You Consider When Purchasing Acrylic Trunk?

Cost of the acrylic trunk – is it affordable or too expensive?

Acrylic Trunk’s durability – Whether it is easy to clean and does not fade when left out in the Sun.

Design of the Acrylic Trunk – How do you want your Trunk to look like?

Color of the Trunk – Will it match with the surrounding you are going to place it within

Why is China the Best Marketplace for Sourcing Acrylic Trunk?

China is arguably the world’s leading marketplace ideal for sourcing acrylic trunk and related products.

This is attributed to several reasons, which include the following;

a) High production – There are several manufacturers of these components in China.

Moreover, the raw materials for manufacturing acrylic trunk are also in plenty.

It makes it easy for high production, which is essential since it provides you with many options to pick from.

b) Variety – You can get any design of acrylic trunk you need from China; whether standard or customized.

This is vital since it enhances convenience, especially by reducing time taken shopping for your preferred design.

c) Affordability – The supply of acrylic trunks in China is arguably more than the actual demand for the same.

As such, it becomes easier for you to get these units at affordable rates.

Moreover, most manufacturers often offer them at amazing discounts from time to time.

d) Flexible MOQ – You can always negotiate with the manufacturer and agree on a particular MoQ when ordering these components.

Thus you can get any quantity of acrylic trunk, which meets your demands.

e) Quality products – The overall quality of acrylic trunk pieces manufactured in China is outstanding.

They meet all the requirements of popular quality standard tests.

With the information in this guide, am sure you can get the best acrylic trunk.

For any questions or inquiries, contact WeProFab team now.

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