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Acrylic Tube

WeProFab is a professional acrylic tube manufacturer in China. We have the full capability to fabricate unique and high-quality acrylic tubes for your brand. WeProFab is your one-stop-shop solution. Send us an inquiry; we will make perfect acrylic tubes for you.

Get WeProFab Acrylic Tube to Delight Your Customers

WeProFab acrylic tube can be made from an extruded acrylic sheet or cast acrylic sheet. Design your own item based on your specifications; rest-assured outstanding product to offer in your customers.

Acrylic Sheet Manufacturer

WeProFab is an acrylic sheet manufacturer; we have a cost advantage to develop an acrylic tube. We can fabricate product to own preference.

Laser Cutting Acrylic Tubes

Laser-cut acrylic tube is executed in advanced mechanical technology. Each item is precisely cut into a specific size.

Custom Acrylic Tubes

WeProFab has full capability to custom-built different type of acrylic tubes. Acrylic test tube, colored acrylic tube, squared acrylic tube and more.

Frosted Acrylic Tube

As one of the professional frosted acrylic tube manufacturers, WeProFab is engaged in designing and fabricating high-quality frosted acrylic tubes through developing various effective production tooling.

Acrylic Bubble Tube with Plastic Base

If you need an acrylic bubble tube with a base for your business, WeProFab is ready to help you. We are pleased to deliver you the finest-quality acrylic tube that your customers who’d love to.

Acrylic Tube Display

WeProFab acrylic tube display available in a wide range of thicknesses and lengths. You will have the best acrylic tube to showcase your brand; customers ensure a visually better container to display goods.

WeProFab: Your Premier Acrylic Tube Manufacturer

WeProFab is a joint-venture company between WeeTect Material Limited and a Chinese local plastic fabrication manufacturer. We tend to offer you a one-stop solution for plastic fabrication.

WeProFab acrylic tube has a strong and durable structure; able to last longer. They are fabricated and assembled to different technologies such as laser-cut acrylic sheet, acrylic polishing, and more. 

 As one of the reliable acrylic tube manufacturers, WeProFab could offer you the highest quality standard acrylic tube product based on your application. We will provide you full technical assistance; we focus to provide worthwhile service to our customers. Contact us today

Custom Acrylic Tube to Skyrocket Your Brand

Acrylic Test Tube

WeProFab acrylic test tube is a stylish and pleasant holder to store any solid and chemical solutions. Customize test tube length, thicknesses to own desired.

Colored Acrylic Tube

WeProFab is your one-stop solution for colored acrylic tube. We have the full capability to fabricate containers with your details.

LED Acrylic Tube

WeProFab quality control of LED acrylic tube fabrication is meticulous. Each piece can be built with diverse cool, stylish effects.

11mm Transparent Acrylic Tubes

This product delivers brilliant quality and superior performance and durability. It is great for interior and exterior lighting, brand merchandising and store fixtures, etc.

25mm Diameter Acrylic Tubes

Our 25mm diameter acrylic tubes are cost-effective while maintaining their great high-impact, excellent light transmission, high surface hardness and are weather-resistant. It comes from a  wide range of different diameters and numerous wall thicknesses.


250mm Length Green Acrylic Tubes

250mm Length Green Acrylic Tubes is used as a reservoir tube with 60mm diameter, 250mm length UV green color.  Using acrylic materials in these applications ensures strong installations and long-lasting performance.

Acrylic Tubes Cut-To-Size

Our company has a wide range of plastic fabrication capabilities. We can cut-to-size your acrylic tubes suitable for your applications or projects such as trays, pipes, fittings, handles, insulators, etc.

Cast Acrylic Tubes

Our range of cast acrylic tubes is available in standard 1.250″ to 27.625″ in outside diameter. You can also get it in .125, .187, .250, .375, and .500 inches standard wall thickness.

Cost-Effective Acrylic Tubes

Weprofab offers a range of acrylic tubes at very affordable rates. Whether you order a small or large quantity of acrylic tubes, we can provide them.

Durable Acrylic Tubes

Due to its durability and sustainability features, this product is extensively used in small feed hoppers on multiple kinds of manufacturing and processing equipment.

Extruded Acrylic Tubes

Weprofab extruded acrylic tubes feature excellent dimensional accuracy and excellent circularity. It offers superior UV resistance and weather ability.

Extruded Clear Acrylic Tubes

The extruded clear acrylic tube comes in diameters that range from .250″ to 8.00″ in outside diameter. It is suitable for billeting, bonding, and CNC turning. We can make the right product for your needs.

Flow Meter Acrylic Tubes

Weprofab flow meter acrylic tubes are constructed from precision-machined acrylic. It is an affordable solution for non-corrosive and low-pressure purposes. For your different custom acrylic tube needs, Weprofab is your best partner.

Fluorescent Blue Acrylic Tubes

Choose the superior quality fluorescent blue acrylic tubes at Weprofab! This product is ideal for various structural. fabrication projects and creative applications. Send your preferred colors, diameters, and lengths at Weprofab!

Highly-Polished Acrylic Tubes

Weprofab acrylic tubes will be delivered with saw cut edges, but can be highly polished upon request. We can custom acrylic tubes to skyrocket your business. It will surely boom your brand and increase your sales.

Impact-Resistant Acrylic Tubes

Weprofab acrylic tubes are made from high-quality acrylic thus, these tubes do not bend or break easily. A comprehensive range of stocks is available in Weprofab.

Lightweight Acrylic Tubes

Acrylic tubes are lightweight tubes and come in different colors. This is available in plain, clear, transparent, or any custom colors. You can get in in various diameters and lengths.

Red Acrylic Tubes

Weprofab red acrylic tubes are available in standard lengths of 915mm and 1830mm. Weprofab can cut acrylic tubes to your custom requirements. Simply message us right away!

Scratch-Resistance Acrylic Tubes

Acrylic tubes from Weprofab are scratch resistance. It is available in different diameters and a range of amazing and stunning fluorescent colour options you can choose from.

Unbreakable Acrylic Tubes

We use high-grade raw materials in making acrylic tubes. It is unbreakable, 1o+ stronger than glass. It offers good weather and scratch resistance. This product also provides low moisture absorption contributes to outstanding electrical insulating features.

UV-Stabilized Acrylic Tubes

We can manufacture UV-Stabilized acrylic tubes guaranteed for long-lasting usage for outdoor and indoor applications. It is used as a container for objects exhibition, lighting projects, etc.

White Opal Acrylic Tubes

White opal acrylic tubes are durable thermoplastic. It has a rigid texture, high resistance to impacts. It also offers excellent thermal and acoustic insulation.

Yellow Acrylic Tubes

Weprofab yellow acrylic tubes are designed with high rigidity and high color finish surface. This tube can be easily bonded, fabricated, or formed to your exact requirements.

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Why WeProFab Acrylic Tube

acrylic tubes

WeProFab acrylic tube is very versatile. It is well-suited for scientific equipment, structural supports, candy dispensers, storage containers, jewellery, and many more applications. In industry, acrylic tubes can be used for commercial, beverages, marine, fine arts, architecture, utility applications. Acrylic tube is strong and durable yet it is lightweight. It can be used for both indoor and outdoor applications. These clear acrylic tubes are constructed to last longer.

Acrylic tube offers excellent light transmission and brilliance. They are popular with their smooth surface polish and crystal clarity. In WeProFab, we fabricate a huge selection of acrylic tubes. Structures are made of excellently durable acrylic making it perfect use for several industrial applications. Acrylic as a material allows easy and cost-effective fabrication. Thus it has outstanding weather resistance, long life span, and flexibility. It can easily be bonded, welded and fabricated to form a new output.

acrylic tubes

High-quality acrylic tubes are offered in multiple sizes – thickness and length. It also comes in different colors that meet all of your needs. We, at WeProFab, can engineer, manufacture and design acrylic tubes that meet your specifications and application required. These acrylic tubes are rigid and hollow. It is perfectly used for products that require shaping and machining. WeProFab acrylic tube tends to be clearer due to its higher quality standards.

Acrylic tubes are also ideal for applications such as aquariums, financial tombstones, sale displays, corporate gifts, and so on. In WeProFab, we have a range of both cast and extrusion acrylic tube. Casted and extruded tube provides various benefits for the product. Casting acrylic tubes minimizes stress so much stronger products are expected. If you are looking for the strongest, clearest tube, acrylic tube from WeProFab is for you.

Our acrylic tube has unique physical properties and performance characteristics. This acrylic tube could be cast or extruded depending on the size you need. WeProFab rich industry experience shows our robust determination to produce the best acrylic tube. At WeProFab, we do plastic injection molding, plastic extrusion, CNC cutting, 5-axis machining, silkscreen, die-cutting, and more. Our full capabilities on plastic fabrication will support your needs, sufficiently.

acrylic tubes

WeProFab acrylic tube meet the most industrial, commercial and residential demands. Here in WeProFab, our goals are to help you to get the perfect product with all your tubing need. With our rich industry experiences, we know how to take care of our customers. We produce excellent quality plastics at a very competitive price. Moreover, we could deliver your order on-time.

With WeProFab you could save your time and money as we guarantee that you’ll get the very best product. Also, we are accredited to the professional quality standards ISO 9001. So for your tubing needs, contact WeProFab today, as we could discuss our products and all our services. We will do everything we can to find a solution to your challenges.

Acrylic Tubes: The Ultimate FAQ Guide

If you are planning to import acrylic tubes from China, you need to understand their technical specifications.

For example, you should know the dimensions, characteristics, coating substrate, characteristics, etc.

Today’s guide will be your blueprint to sourcing for tubes made from acrylic.

What are Acrylic Tubes?

These are hollow, long and cylindrical section made from acrylic polymer, alongside other additives.

Most of these acrylic resins are normally translucent or transparent hence making them highly preferred after material for plastic tubes.

Of course, you can also get colored depending on your specific requirements.

 Acrylic tube

 Acrylic tube

These tubes are normally used in toys, laboratory equipment, product design, museum displays, home furnishing, etc.

Therefore, these tubes are normally designed in different ways depending on the duties of the application.

The acrylic materials are normally of two basic types i.e. the extruded acrylic material and cell cast acrylic material.

However, cast acrylics normally preferred for making tubes since they don’t easily bend and less likely to melt or chip during milling.

It is therefore normally preferred for large structures installation in the acrylic system.

The extruded acrylic material is also good since it offers more resistance to impacts than glass and also a good electrical and UV resistivity.

How can you Cut Acrylic Tubes?

Here the most preferred option is a table saw or you can also use a power saw but power saw are normally expensive.

Another option you can use is a hacksaw with a fine blade.

This method is normally used by many people since it is more affordable compared to the other methods.

After making the cut, file down the edges to clean up them.

Apart from these, you can also laser cut acrylic tubes.

Although laser cutting is slightly expensive, it is accurate and fast.

Laser cutting acrylic is common in most industrial setups.

 Laser cutting acrylic tube

Laser cutting acrylic tube

How are Acrylic Tubes Manufactured?

They are many techniques you can use to manufacture acrylic tubes.

However, plastic extrusion is popular method of producing acrylic tubes.

Plastic extrusion

 Acrylic tub extrusion

Acrylic tube extrusion involves the following key processes:

        i. Choosing High-Quality Acrylic Material

You will choose high quality acrylic material, which can be in pellet or small pieces.

Depending on the types of acrylic tubes you need, you can use virgin or recycled material.

Also, you may also add some colorants depending on the type of acrylic tube you want.

You will pour all acrylic raw material in the hopper.

      ii. Screw System for Acrylic Extrusion Process

Acrylic material will the move to the barrel where there is a turning screw and heaters.

There are a number of factors that will determine the quality of acrylic tube.

They include:

  • Number of screws which can be double or single
  • Rotating speed of the screw
  • Temperature from the heating system

Obviously, you will configure all these to conform to the heating requirements of acrylic material.

As the acrylic material move to the barrel, the turning screw will:

  • Help move the acrylic material throughout the process – as it transitions from solid-state to liquid ready for extrusion
  • Facilitates the melting process of acrylic material
  • Pumps acrylic as it pushes it to the die section

These machines have a gearbox system that helps move the screw system.

Basically, you will have the feed section, melt/transition section, compression section, and metering section.

    iii. Extrusion of the Acrylic Tubes

The machine pushes the molten acrylic material through the die system.

Consequently, it produces an acrylic tube with a specified diameter as the die system.

During the extrusion process, airflow will protect the acrylic tube from collapsing.

     iv. Cooling and Sizing Acrylic Tubes

You will cool and size the acrylic tube.

Of course, what follows is quality inspection, marking and packaging the acrylic tube.

How do you clean acrylic tubes?

You can use water, mild soap and a soft cleaning cloth.

Here do not use any solution containing ammonia or ammonia-based solution on acrylic since it may cause it to craze.

You can clean the outer surface.

However, for the inner section, flush using a solution at high pressure.

Depending on the diameter of the acrylic tube, you can insert a thin material for the cleaning.

What are the Benefits of Acrylic Tubes?

Clear acrylic tube

 Clear acrylic tube

Acrylic tubes are popular in many applications because they are:

  • Durable – Acrylic has excellent mechanical and physical properties.
  • Therefore, it can withstand stress and fluctuating environmental conditions.
  • For instance, cast acrylic can withstand very high temperatures.
  • It is generally strong and last for a long period of time.
  • Acrylic is scratch resistant – compared to polycarbonate tubes, acrylic tubes can withstand scratches. They remain in good condition for a long time.
  • Superior optical clarity hence clear acrylic tubes transmit mire light.
  • Acrylic tubes do not yellow easily on exposure to UV radiation
  • Easy to machine – you can cut acrylic tubes to size or drill holes easily

Are there Disadvantages of Acrylic Tubes?

Yes, but few, they include;

  1. Have poor resistance to solvent.
  2. They do not have flexible grades of acrylics.
  3. Their impact resistance is also not at par. It is only 17 times resistant to impact.
  4. They also scratch more easily compared to glass.

Are Acrylic Tubes Scratch Resistance?

Acrylic tubes are not 100% scratch resistant.

However, they have better scratch-resistant properties that polycarbonate tubes.

To improve the scratch-resistant properties of acrylic tubing, they may come with scratch-resistant coating.

The scratch-resistant coating is also called hard coating. This coating protects the acrylic tube.

How do you Remove Scratches on Acrylic Tubes?

You can use a 600grit sandpaper, soak it in water then run it over the scratched area in a circular motion.

Repeat the procedure using a dry 600grit sandpaper.

Rub with both wet and dry sandpaper for about 3 to 3 minutes and in the process, the scratches will go away.

Therefore you should not be worried when your acrylic looks scratched, you can apply the above procedures.

Remember, like any other plastic, you can polish acrylic to remove scratches.

Acrylic tube

 Acrylic tube

Can Acrylic Tube Turn Yellow when Exposed to Sunlight?

The modern acrylic tubes do not turn yellow on exposure to sunlight.

They will maintain their color for a long period of time.

How much does Acrylic Tube Cost?

The price of these acrylic tubing varies depending on the diameter, the length and the color of the tube.

It will therefore depend on the applications made by customers.

What is the Average Thickness of Acrylic Tubes?

The thickness of acrylic normally ranges from 1.5 to 50mm.

Acrylic tube thickness above this will only apply to clear acrylic.

For tinted acrylic, a thickness of 10mm is used but for colored acrylic, you will get 3mm.

This therefore means that the thickness of acrylic varies depending on its color, design etc.

How is Acrylic Tube compared to Polycarbonate Tube?

Acrylic tubing is less resistant to impacts.

It is 17 times the impact resistance of standard glass.

On the other hand, polycarbonate tubing is more resistant to impact since it is normally 250 times the impact resistance of standard glass.

Polycarbonate tubes do not crack easily due to their strong nature unlike acrylic tubes which can easily crack.

Of course, acrylic tube is stronger that glass.

Polycarbonate is also more resilience than acrylic.

Acrylic tubes are cheaper than polycarbonate tubes.

Do Acrylic Tube Break Easily?


Acrylic tubing does not break easily due to the high impact strength.

Besides, they can withstand extremely high temperatures without losing their inherent properties.

What are the Benefits of Acrylic Tubes over Glass?

Acrylic is many times stronger than glass thus has superior weather resistance compared to glass.

This enables it to serve for a longer period compared to glass.

Acrylic tubes are lighter in weight compared to glass tubes which are much denser, therefore, heavier than acrylic.

This property makes it ideal for DIY projects since it is easier to work with and maneuver.

Acrylic is also easier to fabricate compared to glass.

Acrylic tubes are impact resistant than glass.

 Acrylic tubes

Acrylic tube

Can you Drill Holes on Acrylic Tubes?

Of course you can use a regular metal drill bit.

However, the chances of melting, chipping, cracking or breaking the acrylic tube is much higher.

So in order to avoid these, you must ensure that you go slowly, stop often to cool the drill and always support the tube as the process continues.

Apart from Transparent Acrylic Tubes, do Acrylic Tubes come in Different Colors?

Coloured acrylic tube

colored acrylic tube

Acrylic tubes are normally available in a variety of colors.

For instance, you may have acrylic tubes in red, blue, green or any other color you may want.

This, therefore, means that color for acrylic tubes will depend on the application requirements.

Can Acrylic Tube be Affected by Water after Exposure for a Long Time?

No, prolonged exposure to moisture or total immersion does not have any effect on the acrylic tubing.

Are Acrylic Tubes Chemical Resistant?

Well, it will depend on the grade of the acrylic tube you will be using.

However, acrylic tubes are not affected by dilute alkalis, detergents or cleaners.

Note: Never use an acrylic tube for solutions that are prohibited by the manufacturer.

What are some of the Methods used in Machining Acrylic Tube?

When it comes to fabricating acrylic pipes, you can consider any of the following:

Acrylic tubes

Acrylic tubes

Bonding or Welding Acrylic

Acrylic tubes can be joined using different mechanism.

You can use heat or adhesive to join two or more acrylic tubes together.

Bending Acrylic Tube

At times, you would wish to install acrylic tubes in regions with corners.

In such situations, you can easily bend acrylic tube to fit the specific needs of your application requirements.

Cutting Acrylic Tube to Size

Depending on where you intend to use the acrylic tube, you can use saw or laser cutting machine.

However, before you adopt any cutting mechanism, you need to evaluate the cost and whether the technique is viable or not.

Drilling Acrylic Tube

You can drill acrylic tubes to fit the specific needs of your applications.

However, as you drill the hole, you should be careful not to damage the surface of the acrylic tube.

Printing on Acrylic

Additionally, you can also print on acrylic tubes.

Note: Before machining acrylic tubes, ensure you understand the entire process.

This will save you from damaging the acrylic tube.

What are Acrylic Tubes use for?

There are two types of acrylic tubes i.e. extruded acrylic tube and the cast acrylic tube.

Extruded acrylic tube is mainly used in sales displays and decorative furniture pieces.

Whereas cast acrylic tube is used in food processing industries as well as oil, fabrication work, gas and pipeline research, signs, displays etc.

Basically, you can use acrylic tube in a range of applications.

Just ensure the acrylic tube is compatible with the specific application you intend to use it for.

Which other Material can Replace Acrylic Tube?

Although glass tubes can replace acrylic tubes, they are not the best option.

This is because they are not durable, and prone to breaking, hence, not always recommended.

At the same time, polycarbonate tubes can replace acrylic tubes.

Although polycarbonate tubes have superior properties than acrylic tubes, they are costly.

Moreover, they are prone to scratches, unlike the acrylic tubes.

Are Acrylic Tubes Environmental Friendly?

Generally, acrylic tubes are environmentally friendly.

However, it will also depend on the grade of the acrylic material used in the tube.

Remember, some of the acrylic tubes cannot be easily recycled once damaged nor readily biodegradable.

It is non-toxic to the aquatic organisms and inert to the environment.

It is also a good chemical resistance.

What is the difference between Acrylic Tube and Acrylic Rod?

Acrylic rod is a solid structure that mainly comes in round shape.

On the other hand, the acrylic tube is a hollow structure.

So the difference between acrylic rod and the acrylic tube is the hole within the cross-section.

Acrylic rod vs Acrylic Tube

 Acrylic rod vs acrylic tube

· What is the difference between Extruded Acrylic Tubing and Cast acrylic tubing?

In terms of cost, extruded acrylic tubing is less expensive compared to cast acrylic tubing which is more expensive.

Cast acrylic tubing is significantly stronger than extruded acrylic tubing.

Besides, cast acrylic is more chemical resistant compared to extruded tubing making it to be recommended for laboratory applications.

Cast acrylic tubing can also be easily machined and glued while extruded tubing cannot be machined.

Are Acrylic Tube Heat Resistant?

Most definitely!

They can resist heat up to around 160 degrees C.

How do you Specify Acrylic Tubes?

When specifying acrylic tubes, your main focus should be on:

  • Length of the tube
  • Diameter of the tube
  • Type of the coating surface
  • Thickness of the acrylic tube

Are Acrylic TubesLightweight compared to Glass?


The weight of glass tube is twice that of acrylic tube.

Of course, this is a situation where we compare tubes of the same dimensions.

Can you Print on Acrylic Tube?

Of course you can print to make your unique images more dynamic. This printing process does not require any photo paper or additional mounting material.

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