• Acrylic TV Tray

Acrylic TV Tray

Weprofab is one of the first-rated manufacturers, creating uncommon designs for acrylic tv trays. You can avail different kinds of acrylic tv trays, including acrylic tv tray tables, colored acrylic tv trays, and custom acrylic tv trays. Select your ideal products for competitive prices.

Get WeProFab Acrylic TV Tray to Delight Your Customers

Weprofab is a leading factory of high-end acrylic TV trays in China. We are able to create precise designs for you, to satisfy the needs of your business.

Wholesale Acrylic TV Tray

Weprofab provides unbeatable quality of acrylic TV tray worldwide. You can also order through wholesale ways to save huge costs.

Foldable Acrylic TV Tray

Weprofab foldable acrylic TV tray offer high flexibility and durability. Try to order your ideal foldable acrylic tv tray at the most popular factory, Weprofab.

Custom Acrylic TV Tray Set

Weprofab custom acrylic TV tray set is the best to handle any TV units in very organized and safe ways. Get your ideal acrylic TV tray at Weprofab.

Contemporary Acrylic TV Tray

Weprofab has a big role in supplying any kind of acrylic TV tray, such as a contemporary acrylic TV tray. We fabricate by using the most systematic equipment.

Acrylic TV Tray Supplier & Manufacturer

Weprofab is an absolute supplier and manufacturer of all kinds of acrylic tv tray. It offers trendy and flexible designs for prior applications.

Acrylic TV Tray on Stand

Weprofab is experts in manufacturing acrylic TV tray on a stand to increase your business capacity. Weprofab is the most known fabricator for this product.

WeProFab: Your Leading Acrylic TV Tray Manufacturer

WeProFab is a company that focuses to produce the needs of each customer. We always wanted to offer you a one-stop solution for plastic fabrication & metal fabrication.

Since Weprofab is a leading factory in China, we provide uncommon designs for acrylic tv tray, like foldable and modern acrylic tv trays. We choose to manufacture acrylic tv trays from acrylics, due to the durability and strength of this material. It surely brings solidness and style to the area where it is located.

You can forever trust Weprofab as your acrylic tv tray producer in China. We have more than 20 years of experience in this field, so expect outstanding services from Weprofab!

Inquire us now, we will respond asap!

Custom Acrylic TV Tray to Skyrocket Your Brand

Vintage Acrylic TV Tray

Weprofab possesses an amazing super trained staff to create the best design for an acrylic TV tray. We offer competitive costs at all times.

Furniture Acrylic TV Tray

WeProFab highly introducing furniture acrylic TV tray. Attractive and eye-catching designs to expand your business faster.

Clear Acrylic TV Tray

Weprofab clear acrylic TV tray is with absolute quality and features. We’ve done a lot of research to make perfect suitable for everyone’s needs.

Acrylic TV Tray with Metal Stand

Weprofab is your reliable manufacturer of acrylic TV tray with metal stand. We can make sure the quality to help you gain great profits.

Frosted Acrylic TV Tray

Frosted acrylic TV tray is now obtainable at Weprofab with a lower price offer. We can make sure the quality supplies intended for your business.

Clear Custom Size Acrylic TV Tray

Clear custom-size acrylic TV tray is trendy, sturdy, and highly customizable. Made from a clear glass acrylic that is best suited for all kinds of TV in residential or commercial uses. Also offers appealing aesthetics.

Crack Resistant 2mm Acrylic TV Tray

Crack-resistant 2mm acrylic TV tray is made to bear the harmful and unwanted elements. Comes with a 2mm thickness that offers chemical and humidity resistance. Made with high quality and long-lasting acrylic.

Curve Edge Acrylic TV Tray

Curve edge acrylic TV tray is remarkably durable with its high scratch resistance. Features a curved edge that guarantees both protection and safety. Can be used for either recreational or industrial use. This won’t also shatter or crack.

Custom Shape Acrylic TV Tray

Custom shape acrylic TV tray is a versatile tray table. Perfect for temporary setups or as a permanent TV table. Arrives with elegant and brushed accents with different shapes and styles to choose from.

Folding Metal Base Acrylic TV Tray

A folding metal base acrylic TV tray offers high flexibility and durability. Features foldable storage and a metal base. Applicable for serving and displaying TV for both residential and commercial purposes.

Horizontal Acrylic TV Tray

Horizontal acrylic TV trays come in a range of sizes and thicknesses. Arrives with a horizontal structure and is made with premium acrylic. provides a flat and compact design that can be placed in different kinds of locations.

Impact Resistant Acrylic TV Tray

Impact-resistant acrylic TV tray provides unbeatable quality and sturdiness. Perfect to handle different kinds of TV units safely. Known for its excellent strength that can resist high impacts and unwanted scratches.

Large Acrylic TV Tray

A large acrylic TV tray has all the aesthetic and transparent qualities. Accessible in large sizes with varying shapes, and designs. Guarantees unbeatable originality with upgradable styles and functional features.

Metal Based Acrylic TV Tray

A metal-based acrylic TV tray is known for being sturdy, multifunctional, and long-lasting. Engineered from metals that are easy to clean and easy to store. Available in a variety of options and is highly customizable.

Modern Acrylic TV Tray

A modern acrylic TV tray provides a sleek design with a clean-cut frame. Stylish enough to attract more customers. Known for being multi-purpose, compact, and lightweight. The height and angle can also be customized.

Rectangular Acrylic TV Tray

A rectangular acrylic TV tray fits perfectly in any type of interior design. Arrives in a rectangular shape that is very easy to clean. Ensures stability and easy portability. Available also with any graphic printed designs.

Scratch Resistant Acrylic TV Tray

Scratch-resistant acrylic TV tray can withstand scratches and spills. Guarantees safety and will not shatter and break. Can be kept in perfect condition and available in a broad variety of dimensions, styles, and colors.

Small Acrylic TV Tray

A small acrylic TV tray is stylish and practical. The small size makes a modern TV table offer enough space for any type of TV. Can be used in a variety of ways for a long time. Feature surfaces that are free from scratches and spills

Square Clear Acrylic TV Tray

Square clear acrylic TV tray ensures unmatched sturdiness and durability for everyday use. Square in shape and folds away easily. Compliments any area because it has an acrylic modern design and is also stackable.

Vintage Clear Acrylic TV Tray

A vintage clear acrylic TV tray is a safe and reliable choice for any business. Handcrafted with luxurious, elegant, and vintage acrylic. arrives with a crystal-clear finish and is available in different choices.

Wood Based Acrylic TV Tray

A wood-based acrylic TV tray is made to last long and survive continuous usage. This TV tray is made from wood that maintains the style and adds décor to any space. Provides a useful surface that is perfect for storage and display.

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Why WeProFab Acrylic TV Tray

Weprofab is an executive supplier of acrylic tv tray in China. We supply quality items not only in China but all across the globe. We have complete collections of acrylic tv trays that is a very essential element in most residential uses. All thanks to this, you`ll get the chance to be successful one day.

At Weprofab, you can find acrylic tv trays in many shapes, measurements, and designs.  There`s a lot of options we could offer that may suit your desires and preferences. These awesome acrylic tv trays are unbeatable with its originality. It is suitable to set on home settings. It featured with upgradable styles and functional applications. These will really suit your applications and the needs of your business.

Acrylic TV Tray

Since Weprofab is a leading factory in China, we provide uncommon designs for acrylic tv tray, like foldable and modern acrylic tv trays. We choose to manufacture acrylic tv trays from acrylics, due to the durability and strength of this material. It surely brings solidness and style to the area where it is located.

Enjoy the practical use of Weprofab acrylic tv trays which is practically used for household applications. It won`t make the house interior be cluttered, though it will bring elegance to the ambiance.

Acrylic TV Tray

As a well-trained manufacturer, Weprofab produces acrylic tv tray which is safe to use and handy. It can be used whether outdoors or indoors applications.

However, if you`ll become one of our valued clients, Weprofab will help you in all terms of acrylic tv trays. We show professionally produced products using reliable acrylics. We are completely concerned about the progress of your company. That’s why we produce high-quality and satisfying acrylic tv trays to gain the success you desired for business.

Acrylic TV Tray

You can forever trust Weprofab as your acrylic tv tray producer in China. We have more than 20 years of experience in this field, so expect outstanding services from Weprofab!

In Weprofab, feel free to pick up your ideal acrylic tv trays and get inspired to run a business!

Acrylic TV Tray: The Ultimate FAQ Guide

Acrylic TV tray refers to a type of collapsible acrylic furniture functioning as a small, portable, and foldable table made from thermoplastic material.

In some instances, it is known as acrylic TV dinner tray, and it’s available in numerous designs.

This FAQ guide presents detailed information surrounding different elements regarding acrylic TV stands.

In the end, it gives you sufficient knowledge to guide you in making right decision when purchasing this piece of furniture.

acrylic tv tray

acrylic tv tray

What Are The Design Options Of Acrylic TV Tray?

You can find acrylic TV tray table in a wide range of design options.

Mostly, they come in standard and custom designs.

Custom designs available depend on capacity of specific manufacturer you are purchasing the furniture from.

Standard design options are, however, available in many reputable manufacturer’s and supplier’s stores.

Nonetheless, here are the common acrylic TV tray designs you’re likely to come across when looking for one in the market;

  • Colored acrylic TV tray
  • Custom acrylic TV tray

customized acrylic tv tray

customized acrylic tray

  • Standard acrylic TV tray
  • Clear acrylic TV tray

clear acrylic tv tray

clear acrylic tv tray

  • Multicolored acrylic TV tray
  • Decorative acrylic TV tray

How Much Weight Can Acrylic TV Tray Hold?

Generally, a typical acrylic TV tray is strong thus can hold a reasonable weight.

Of course, the specifics tend to vary based on numerous factors such as the following;

Material thickness – Often, acrylic TV tray with a relatively thick material surface can hold a heavier weight than one with a thin surface.

It is possible since the former can withstand the mechanical pressure better than the latter.

Design construction – Acrylic TV tray is available in numerous designs, which affect its ultimate strength regarding weight endurance.

For instance, a relatively tall unit can hold lesser weight than its short alternative. In essence, the gravitation

al force in these two applies differently, thus affecting the overall weight they can hold.

Size – It is also a crucial determinant factor of weight that acrylic TV tray can hold.

Primarily, the bigger the size, the heavier the weight it can hold and vice versa.

Nevertheless, a standard acrylic TV tray can hold weight ranging from 300-1000lbs depending on the factors mentioned above.

You can as well get custom units, which can hold heavier weights of more than 1000lbs based on your needs.

What Is The Ideal Weight Of Acrylic TV Tray?

Acrylic TV tray tables come in different weights depending on several factors.

For instance, a bigger size is more likely to be heavier than a smaller one since the former utilizes more materials than the former.

One with a relatively thick material surface is also likely to be heavier than one designed using somewhat thin material.

Additional components included when making acrylic TV trays also influence the net weight depending on the customization extent.

In general, acrylic material used for making this piece of furniture is relatively lightweight.

Thus, the net weight of acrylic TV tray is somewhat light.

However, the actual weight is dependent on various factors, including the abovementioned ones.

But it lightweight and portable making it functional and efficient.

Where Can You Use Acrylic TV Tray?

You can use acrylic TV tray in several settings, both indoors and outdoors.

Mostly, this table tray is used in living rooms to display and watch TV from.

You can also use it in your kitchen, living room, and dining room to display and serve food and beverages.

Moreover, you can use this piece of furniture as a sleek bar cart in your balcony or any other space within your residential building.

Technically, acrylic TV tray comes in handy in setting up temporary arrangements for entertainment to enjoy drinks, foods, snacks, etc.

Therefore, you can easily use them in virtually any space available within your house or compound.

What Are The Benefits Of Acrylic TV Tray Over Other Materials?

This thermoplastic piece of furniture offers a wide range of advantages compared to those made from other materials.

Some of these reasons include the following;

Easily portable – Since it is lightweight, acrylic TV tray becomes easy to carry around.

In essence, this is advantageous because the portability enhances convenience, which is vital when creating temporary setups.

Easy to clean – The surface material of this component makes it easy for you to clean since you only need a soft, damp cloth or paper towel.

Hygienic – Typically, acrylic material resists liquid from penetrating the surface.

Thus, this type of foldable TV table prevents contamination from bacterial build-up due to dirty water seepage.

Durable – The surface material of this piece of furniture exhibits incredible resistance to impact and other environmental elements.

This makes it more durable since it can withstand harsh conditions without wearing out.

Appealing to the eye – The quality of acrylic material and level of workmanship integrated into making this component is beyond reproach.

This makes it attractive to have it around and use it for different functions.

What Are The Main Properties Of Acrylic TV Tray?

Notably, acrylic material, which forms the core basis of this piece of furniture, is popular for exhibiting several fundamental features.

Most of such properties, of course, reflect directly in acrylic TV tray.

Some of the main features of this component, however, include the following;

  • High strength – A standard acrylic TV tray can withstand intense mechanical pressure without breaking or cracking.
    Ideally, it is about 20 times stronger than a glass TV tray of similar dimensions.
  • Excellent weatherability – The structural design of acrylic TV tray makes it resistant to many weather factors.
    Thus, you can use it in harsh climatic conditions, including outdoors, but it will hardly wear out or degrade.
  • Optical clarity – Acrylic TV tray exhibits excellent optical clarity, which gives it a quite attractive appearance.
  • Flexible – Acrylic material is relatively pliable; thus, you can mold it to make TV trays of different designs.
  • Exceptional dimensional stability – This type of TV tray can withstand high temperatures without necessarily degrading or its edges deforming.
  • Lightweight – The primary material used for making this component is lightweight. This allows the TV tray to exhibit the same weight, which is important for portability and convenience.

Is Acrylic TV Tray Shatter-resistant?


Acrylic TV tray can never shatter irrespective of the amount of mechanical pressure it is subjected to.

Ideally, this component is designed using acrylic material, often derived from natural components such as petroleum and gas.

These natural components have a solid molecular structure, which cannot break easily regardless of pressure level.

Moreover, the manufacturing process of this component involves integration of different strength-enhancement additives.

All these ensure the furniture is shatter-resistant, notwithstanding the pressure you exert on it.

Can You Use Acrylic TV Tray In Outdoor Applications?


This piece of furniture is portable and lightweight.

It also features a structural design allowing it to fold and unfold depending on your needs.

Therefore, you can use it in a wide range of outdoor spaces for different purposes, including entertainment, food, and beverage serving.

You can also use it to display different items such as bottled drinks when having an outdoor drinking event.

Acrylic TV tray also comes in handy in product promotions, which are mostly structured in outdoor spaces.

Technically, this piece of furniture has ideal properties making it suitable for many outdoor applications.

What Types Of Acrylic Material Are Used To Make Acrylic TV Tray?

Acrylic material is available in different grades and types.

You can find it in more than 20 grades, all offering unique features.

Thus, the quality of final product is immensely dependent on the specific acrylic material used in making it.

However, the main types of acrylic material usually used for making TV trays include the following;

Cast Acrylic Material

This acrylic variant combines strength with clarity.

It is lightweight, exhibits excellent impact resistance, and relatively durable.

You can easily fabricate this acrylic material into any desired shape, thus ideal for acrylic TV tray.

Furthermore, it comes in various colors, thicknesses, sizes, and finishes, thus work better for making this piece of furniture.

Continuous Cast Acrylic Material

It is an exceptionally clear and sturdy acrylic variant compared to cast acrylic.

You can also fabricate this material into any shape or size. It is also available in a variety of colors, thus a suitable option for TV trays.

Continuous acrylic material offers consistent thickness throughout the entire sheet due to the manufacturing process.

Extruded Acrylic Material

This variant is impact-resistant and almost three times stronger than most double-strength glass but weighs half as much.

It works well for acrylic TV tray and can either be color tinted or crystal clear based on your preference.

Moreover, this acrylic material variant hardly yellows with time, thus suitable for outdoor applications.

What Is The Difference Between Acrylic TV Tray And Polycarbonate TV Trays?

Ordinarily, acrylic and polycarbonate are the main thermoplastic materials used for making different TV tray designs.

They share quite a lot of technical features, making them popular and suitable for this piece of furniture.

However, there is a slight difference between acrylic TV tray and polycarbonate TV tray on the following grounds;

Strength – Polycarbonate TV tray is seemingly marginally stronger than its acrylic alternative.

In essence, polycarbonate material is almost 300 times stronger than glass compared to acrylic’s 20 times stronger than glass.

acrylic tv stand

acrylic tv stand

Optical clarity – Polycarbonate TV stand exhibits slightly better optical clarity compared to what acrylic offers.

The former’s material surface permits up to 95% of light to pass through it compared to the latter, which allows about 93% of light.

Scratch resistance – Acrylic TV tray offers a better alternative than polycarbonate unit as far as scratch resistance is concerned.

Typically, acrylic material has a relatively hard surface than polycarbonate, allowing it to resist scratches better.

Flexibility – Polycarbonate material is more flexible than acrylic.

Thus, you can easily fabricate the former better than the latter when making TV trays.

polycarbonate tv tray

polycarbonate tv tray

In essence, the differences between polycarbonate and acrylic TV trays are quite marginal.

Therefore, cost aside, you can use both materials interchangeably as a replacement for each other when need be for TV trays.

How Does Acrylic TV Tray Compare With Glass TV Tray?

Acrylic TV tray and glass TV tray exhibit different features on various grounds.

Here is how they tend to vary in several aspects;

Acrylic TV tray table is exceptionally stronger than glass TV tray. Ordinarily, the former is about 20 times stronger than the latter.

It implies the former is has better weatherability and durability qualities than the latter.

In terms of optical clarity, acrylic TV tray allows up to 93% of light to pass through its material surface compared to glass, which allows up to 88%.

This shows the former is clearer thus more attractive than the latter.

When it comes to pliability, you can only fabricate a glass TV tray to a limited extent.

Acrylic TV tray, on the other hand, is more flexible thus easier to fabricate.

Regarding scratch resistance, a glass TV tray exhibits better quality than acrylic option.

glass tv tray

glass tv tray

 Essentially, the surface material of the former is quite hard, making it a better scratch-resistant option than the latter.

How Do You Maintain Acrylic TV Tray?

Maintaining acrylic is relatively easy since it does not require too much attention.

However, you need to know that better maintenance practices enhance the efficiency, reliability, and durability of this component.

One of the best ways of maintaining acrylic TV tray is regular cleaning.

When cleaning this unit, use a microfiber cloth, recommended non-abrasive plastic cleaning solution, and plastic polish kit.

All these enable you to attain best results and prevent the surface material from wearing out, scratching, or fading.

Another suitable acrylic TV tray maintenance practice is by polishing the surface material.

Polishing is essential since it often restores the component to its original state.

Thus, it becomes difficult for this piece of furniture to appear faded or aged at any given time.

Even so, ensure you use the correct polishing method based on the specific surface material of the acrylic TV tray.

It is what guarantees ultimate results from the whole process.

What Is Ideal Color Shade For Acrylic TV Tray?

Ordinarily, acrylic material is usually clear in its natural form.

But its surface material is relatively adaptable; thus, you can easily infuse it with a particular color shade of choice.

What this primarily implies is you can get acrylic TV tray of any color shade you’d prefer.

Most manufacturers offer up to 50 color shades or more of this piece of furniture.

Of course, this is advantageous since it enhances your choice options as far as obtaining what fits your requirements is concerned.

What’s more, is you can also get a multicolored acrylic TV tray.

Most of these designs are usually custom-made since different customers have varied preferences regarding color choice.

In a nutshell, the ideal color for this piece of furniture is entirely dependent on your taste and preference.

How Durable Is Acrylic TV Tray?

Incredibly durable.

Acrylic material used for making this unit is impact-resistant and portrays high weatherability qualities.

It thus means the TV tray can withstand different harsh environmental, mechanical, and chemical elements without degrading.

Also, the material features different surface coating treatments, which are integral in enhancing the durability of this component.

A typical acrylic TV tray can last for at least 20 years when all factors remain constant.

And with better routine maintenance and exposure to favorable surrounding conditions, it can last for 30-40 years without aging.

Therefore, the actual durability is dependent on several factors, but in general, acrylic TV tray is incredibly long-lasting.

What Is The Difference Between Acrylic TV Tray And Acrylic TV Stand?

There is a significant difference between acrylic TV tray and acrylic TV stand in many aspects.

Acrylic TV tray is a compact, portable, foldable, and lightweight piece of furniture table originally designed for placing TV while taking meals.

However, the purpose has changed with time, making this component relatively versatile.

It is relatively compact-size, thus only takes a small portion of the space available.

This piece of furniture is portable; thus, you can move it to different spaces indoors or outdoors.

Since it is foldable, it is challenging to incorporate various storage elements on it, such as drawers or shelves.

On the other hand, acrylic TV stand is a relatively large piece of furniture for placing a TV.

In some instances, it is known as a wall unit, entertainment center, or media center.

Mostly, wall unit is affixed or stationed in one place, mostly in the living room for TV and other multimedia accessories.

It typically occupies significant space on the wall surface and offers a host of display and storage options via cabinets, shelves, and drawers.

As such, it is primarily used indoors, specifically in the living rooms.

acrylic tv standacrylic tv stand

What Is The Suitable Size For Acrylic TV Tray?

There is no fixed size of this component.

An ideal size varies based on your specific needs and demands.

In most cases, though, the standard size is 23 by 17 by 26 inches.

However, you can always find custom units with varied size dimensions matching your specific requirements.

Why Should You Import Acrylic TV Tray From China Manufacturers?

China is considered the best marketplace for purchasing various acrylic TV trays.

Purchasing this unit from this country is beneficial in many ways, such as follows;

Flexible MOQ – You can get as little pieces of this unit that fits your needs and budget.

Quality workmanship – The level of craftsmanship induced in Chinese acrylic TV trays is top-notch.

It gives you value for money, which is important when buying this furniture.

Affordability – Most Chinese manufacturers offer reasonable discounts on purchasing various acrylic TV tray designs.

This allows you to save a considerable amount of money and increasing your business’ profitability index.

Several designs – In China, you can find all types of acrylic TV tray designs, whether standard or custom-made.

Ideally, this broadens your choice options, which is vital in finding what suits you best.

Fast turnaround time – You can get acrylic TV trays in China within the shortest time possible irrespective of the quantity you need.

How Safe Is Acrylic TV Tray?

Generally, acrylic material used for manufacturing this TV tray is derived from natural components in an inert state.

Thus, it is non-reactive and can never emit any toxic gases even when it comes into contact with chemical substances.

This shows you can use it and have peace of mind irrespective of what you use it on.

Also, the surface material of this component is quite impact-resistant and can hardly break nor crack.

Of course, this is a safety issue since it guarantees zero accidents likely to arise from this component.

And most importantly, it is lightweight and hence somehow harmless even if it falls on you.

What Is The Best Surface Coating Treatment For Acrylic TV Tray?

You can use different surface coating treatments on acrylic TV tray.

However, the best one is dependent on the specific application and surrounding where you are using this piece of furniture.

Some of the common variations you may consider include the following;

  • Anti-scratch coating to prevent abrasive and sharp elements from forming and leaving scratch marks on the surface.
  • Anti-fog coating to eliminate moisture from accumulating on the surface material, especially in outdoor activities.
  • Anti-reflective coating to reduce or do away with excessive or unwanted light reflected on the surface material.
  • Anti-fingerprint coating to prevent fingerprint marks from forming on the surface, especially if it is touched often.
  • UV stabilizer to prevent ultraviolet rays from penetrating, attacking, and weakening the molecular structure of acrylic TV tray.

What Factors Do You Consider When Buying Acrylic TV Tray?

They are quite a lot of aspects you ought to look into when purchasing an ideal acrylic TV tray, and the main ones include the following;

Material thickness; ensure it fits your needs and can withstand the specific weight of the items you intend to place on it.

Size; is a necessary consideration since it is influenced by the space available and specific items you intend to place.

Color; choose a color, which suits your needs, specifically the general décor of your home or other furniture.

Cost; ensure the price of this component fits in within your budget. You can always shop around by comparing prices for better deals.

Design; choose whether you need standard or custom design depending on your preference and needs.

Brand; ensure you are purchasing this piece of furniture from a reputable manufacturer or supplier to guarantee quality.

What Is The Manufacturing Lead-time For Acrylic TV Tray?

It depends on the manufacturer you are purchasing from.

Ideally, some companies have stringent policies guiding production lead-time, whereas others tend to be flexible irrespective of quantity.

Thus, you need to inquire from the manufacturer to be certain before placing an order.

In other instances, the manufacturing lead-time is dependent on the quantity of your order.

Technically, high quantity order is likely to take more days or weeks than small quantity order.

Also, the actual acrylic TV tray design you are making determines the average manufacturing lead-time.

Often, custom designs tend to be a bit involving depending on the extent required; thus may take longer than standard designs.

In a nutshell, several factors, including the few mentioned, determine the particular duration it takes to produce this component.

What Are The Shortcomings Of Acrylic TV Tray?

They are pretty few, but the main ones include the following;

  • It can be relatively costly depending on the level of customization, surface color, and material thickness among others.
  • The surface material can easily scratch, especially if exposed to sharp or abrasive objects such as knives.

Can You Repair Acrylic TV Tray?


However, the type of repair you carry out on this piece of furniture depends on the level of damage.

Scratching is the common destruction often experienced in acrylic TV trays due to constant touching, folding, unfolding, and shifting.

Even so, it is easy to remove the scratches since all you need is to wash it using a simple microfiber cloth and recommended detergent.

But if the crack is somewhat deep, it would be unnecessary and costly to repair.

Moreover, there is no guarantee that a sealed deep crack won’t recur.

Another destruction you might experience and repair on this component is dulling.

This either requires thorough cleaning to remove the debris or polishing to restore the glossiness.

How Do You Establish Quality Of Acrylic TV Tray?

You can use several interventions to ensure the particular acrylic TV tray you are purchasing meets the required quality standards.

The ideal practices you may consider include the following;

  • Always buy this piece of furniture from a reputable manufacturer or supplier.
    Most reputable dealers often guarantee quality since they have quality control systems and measures in place.
  • Check the quality standard certification marks on the surface material of this component.
    These certification marks validate the furniture meets the required quality standards.

How Best Can You Remove Scratches From Acrylic TV Tray Surface?

It depends on the extent of scratch marks on the surface material of the acrylic TV tray.

Light scratches are easy to remove since you merely need to apply toothpaste on the surface material of the furniture.

Rub the toothpaste gently in a circular motion for about 3-5 minutes and allow it to dry for 20-30 minutes.

Once it dries, wash it off using clean water and wipe the surface using a damp microfiber cloth.

Let it air dry, then apply polishing solution, and you’ll have acrylic TV tray with shiny surface material.

For deep scratches, you’ll need to sand the scratched spot continuously using 600, 800, and 1200 grit sandpaper for 5-10 minutes each.

Wash the surface using clean soapy water, then repeat the process using wet 600, 800, and 1200 grit sandpaper.

Let it dry, and use a buffing machine to polish the surface material using polishing paste.

Allow it to air dry.

For all your acrylic TV trays, contact WeProFab team right now.

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