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Acrylic watch displays are an elegant way of showcasing watch collections and protecting them from dropping, scratches, damage, or dirt. These displays can give customers a great view of the watches. They can attract the attention of customers and boost sales. Aside from displaying watches, you can also use the acrylic watch displays for bracelets, necklaces, etc.

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Acrylic Watch Rotatable Display

The acrylic watch rotatable displays feature 360-degree rotation. You can rotate them right or left. Therefore, customers will have a full view.

Acrylic Watch Display Case with Drawer

The acrylic watch display cases with a drawer are used in watch stores and jewelry stores. Their drawer can be stored with jewelry and other items.

Acrylic Arc-Shaped Watch Display

The acrylic arc-shaped watch displays feature high clarity. Due to that, they blend well with any tabletop or counter area.

Acrylic L-Shaped Watch Display

The acrylic L-shaped watch displays can be used for retail applications or watch collection photography. They have an elegant look.

Acrylic Watch 3-Tier Display

The acrylic watch 3-tier displays have 3 layers with different heights. They have a large storage capacity and can hold multiple watches.

Acrylic 7 Arc Watch Display

The acrylic 7 arc watch displays are commonly used in jewelry stores, watch stores and shopping malls. They are space-saving and stylish.

Acrylic Watch Adjustable Display

The acrylic watch’s adjustable displays can be adjusted according to the watch’s size. They are durable and easy to adjust.

Acrylic Watch 4-Slot L-Shaped Display

The acrylic watch’s 4-slot L-shaped displays feature a stable base. They will not fall when stored with multiple watches.

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Variety of Applications

Acrylic watch displays can be used for showcasing watch collections in jewelry stores, shopping malls, exhibitions, watch shops, trade shows, supermarkets, and other retail stores.

They can also be used for displaying watches for social media marketing or online stores.

In event planning businesses and gift companies, acrylic watch displays are also used as prizes or gifts.

Additionally, acrylic watch displays are also perfect to use to showcase and store watch collections at home or in the office.


Main Features

  • Lightweight: Acrylic watch displays are more convenient and lightweight than glass watch displays. Due to that, you can display or move them to any place.
  • Stylish & Elegant: Due to the modern and elegant designs of acrylic watch displays, they can surely catch the eye of customers, and sales will increase. They are very attractive and will surely stand out.
  • Excellent Durability: Acrylic watch displays have excellent impact strength and durability. Compared to glass watch displays, acrylic watch displays are more resistant to cracking and breakage.

Customize Your Acrylic Watch Display with WeProFab

WeProFabmanufactures all kinds of high-quality acrylic watch displays including vertical and horizontal displays for single or multiple watches. Our acrylic watch displays also come in various sizes and colors including clear, white, black, or grey. We can also custom-manufactureacrylic watch displays to fulfill your exact business needs. You can also send us your sample or drawings for your custom acrylic watch displays.

To improve your brand recognition, your brand or business logo can be printed on the acrylic watch displays by digital printing, engraving, silk-screen printing, etc. We ensure to provide competitive prices, professional after-sales service, and excellent OEM services to boost your business.

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