Acrylic Watch Glass

Acrylic Watch Glass

Acrylic watch glasses are also referred to as acrylic watch crystals. These glasses or crystals are used to protect the watch surface from dust, stains, scratches, and other elements. They can also protect the interior components of your watch from damage when hit accidentally. Aside from protection, the acrylic watch glasses also add an aesthetic touch to watch products.

Choose WeProFab Acrylic Watch Glass to Grow Your Business

At WeProFab, offer acrylic watch glasses in many colors, shapes, and sizes ranging from 10-50mm or custom sizes. We can produce acrylic crystals or glasses for wristwatches, fashion watches, smart watches, digital clocks, retro-inspired watches, wall clocks, and other timepieces.

Acrylic Flat Curved Watch Glass

The acrylic flat curved watch glasses feature a flat curved top. They are lightweight and scratch-resistant.

Acrylic Low-Domed Watch Glass

The acrylic low-domed watch glasses feature shatter resistance and high optical clarity.

Acrylic Round Watch Glass

The acrylic round watch glasses can be used for fashion watches, wristwatches, and other watches.

Acrylic Flat Watch Glass

The acrylic flat watch glasses feature smooth and crystal-clear surfaces. They also have high durability.

Acrylic High-Domed Watch Glass

The acrylic high-domed watch glasses are ideal for pocket watches and wristwatches. They have an anti-glare feature.

Acrylic High-Curved Watch Glass

The acrylic high-curved watch glasses feature maximum optical clarity. They fit most watches.

Square Acrylic Watch Glass

The square acrylic watch glasses have resistance to dust and water. They have exquisite design.

Thin Acrylic Watch Glass

The thin acrylic watch glasses have a slim and lightweight design. They feature improved visual clarity.

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Main Advantages

  • High Optical Clarity: To ensure that the acrylic watch crystals have crystal clear clarity, we manufacture them using virgin-grade and premium-quality raw acrylic materials.
  • Easy Polish: The acrylic watch glasses can be polished easily to remove dirt, stains, etc. And their clarity will remain the same.
  • Highly Durable: Due to the durability of acrylic, they can resist hard impacts and typical wear. As a result, the internal components of watches will be safe and protected.
  • Shatter-Resistant: When acrylic watch glasses are dropped, they won’t be broken or shattered. Unlike sapphire watch glasses that will shatter and may cause damage to the watch’s interior.
Acrylic Watch Glass

WeProFab | Your Leading Acrylic Watch Glass Manufacturer

WeProFab has been supplying high-quality and reasonably priced acrylic watch glasses to customers globally. We have rich manufacturing experience and established a good reputation. That’s why many watch suppliers, watchmakers, watch brands, and other businesses have worked with us.

In addition, all our acrylic watch glasses adhere to the highest quality standards. Before their shipment, they have undergone rigorous tests and inspections for their mechanical strength, thicknesses, and other physical characteristics. We strictly implement quality control to ensure you get acrylic watch glasses that will exceed your expectations.

To ensure your special needs are fulfilled, we offer customization services. We are capable of producing acrylic watch glasses based on your designs or drawings. Just send us your requirements.

Contact us today for more details.

What are the Coating Options for the Acrylic Watch Glass?

There are many coating options suitable for acrylic watch glasses. We offeranti-reflective, anti-scratch, anti-glare, anti-fingerprint, and anti-smudge coating.

What are the Add-Ons for Acrylic Watch Glasses?

To make the acrylic watch glasses more functional or aesthetically pleasing, extra features can be added. They can be added with tension rings, magnifier windows, outside/inside printing, and other designs you require.

What are the Acrylic Watch Glass Edge Designs?

The acrylic watch glasses can have edges that are stepped, beveled, 2D, 3D polished, or 2.5D edges depending on your needs.

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