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Acrylic Water Tank

WeProFab is an administrative manufacturer and provider of high-quality acrylic fish tank solutions. We mainly operate here in mainland China. For many years, we experienced different strategies in producing your in-demand Acrylic Fish Tank orders. Ask quotes now, we can give particular answers.

Get WeProFab Acrylic Water Tank to Delight Your Customers

WeProFab offers the largest selection of high-quality Acrylic Water Tanks. For you to avail of our high offers, communicate with us and make a dealing agreement.

Acrylic Water Tank Manufacturer

WeProFab has the superior ability in providing the most sequential acrylic water tanks on your needs. We can supply high quality yet suitable finish for your applications.

Clear Acrylic Water Tank

WeProFab provides Clear Acrylic water tanks in the local town. We can supply you thousand of stocks for your retail customers.

Customized Acrylic water Tank

We customized acrylic water tanks for your equipped applications. We can provide customized designs for fulfilling your business requirements.

Round Acrylic Water Tank

WeProFab is the most recognized manufacturer in mainland China. Most professionals in creating round shaped acrylic water tanks.

Scratch Resistant Acrylic Water Tank

WeProFab is highly engaged in manufacturing scratch resistant acrylic water tanks for years now. We can supply different varieties of high-quality finishes.

Weather Resistant Acrylic Water Tank

WeProFab is the most trusted grand producer of weather-resistant acrylic water tanks. Our complete tanks supplies are strengthen for various applications.

WeProFab: Your Leading Acrylic Water Tank Manufacturer

WeProFab is a joint-venture company between WeeTect Material Limited and a Chinese local fabrication manufacturer. We tend to offer you a one-stop solution for plastic fabrication and also metal fabrication.

WeProFab is your outstanding manufacturer of acrylic water tanks in mainland China. We have capacities in providing all sorts of acrylic water tanks qualities.

WeProFab is the most expert manufacturer of an acrylic water tank. WeProFab is an enhanced sheet solution in many years now and continues shows effective manufacturing strategies all over the world.

Custom Acrylic Water Tank to Expand Your Brand

Cooler Acrylic Water Tank

WeProFab offers high-quality varieties of cooler type acrylic water tanks. We are your number one source of any plastic-formed solutions.

Cylinder Acrylic Water Tank

A cylinder-shaped is now offered in WeProFab at lower costs. These are easy to install and attached at the desired locality.

Large Acrylic Water Tank

The large size of acrylic tanks is now cut into different sizes. So it is not only available at large sizes, this can be accessible within small and even medium sizes.

Cylindrical Acrylic Computer Water Reservoir Cooling Tank

The cylindrical acrylic computer water reservoir cooling tanks come in a variety of sizes. They are made from premium and high-quality PMMA material. They are used to keep the right temperature of your computer. They are highly transparent, durable, acid-resistant, heat-reducing, and have no leakage.

Aquarium Fish Breeding Incubator Isolation Acrylic Water Tank

This type of aquarium fish breeding water tank is used so the fishes will have a safe hatchery place. It is also used for shrimp or fish breeding, isolating injured fishes, small fishes, aggressive fishes, shrimp, and many more. This tank is made from high-quality and fully transparent cell cast crystal acrylic material.

Self-Cleaning Acrylic Water Fish Tank

The self-cleaning acrylic water fish tanks are perfect for busy people. These tanks discharge the dirty water automatically when poured with new water. They are commonly used in offices, malls, and at home. They have a large storage capacity, great impact resistance, clear body, and are leak-proof.

Acrylic Aquaponics System Water Fish Tanks

The acrylic aquaponics system water fish tanks help you grow plants indoors. They have an aquaponics cycle that is very beneficial to the fish. They are great to display in the living room, bedroom, or office. Moreover, they are made from durable, non-toxic, clear, top-grade, and premium PMMA material.

Three Compartment Acrylic Water Tank

The three compartment acrylic water tank can be used for separating small fish, newborn fish, aggressive fish, and other types of fish. They have a strong acrylic structure, lightweight nature, smooth surface, and excellent durability. They are also environmentally friendly, non-toxic, and leak-proof.

Square Clear Acrylic Computer Water Cooling Tank Reservoir

This type of acrylic water tank has high clarity, large capacity, alkali resistance, acid resistance, great impact resistance, and good heat resistance. It is made from thick, clear, and durable acrylic material. It is used to keep the CPU cool and running well. It is easy to add water and remove the waterway.

Mini Acrylic Water Fish Tank

The mini acrylic water tanks are widely used at the home, office, stores, and so on. They are non-toxic and safe for fish. They have high surface hardness, high transparency, excellent resistance to impact, and have no leakage. They have durable acrylic construction and they will not deform and crack easily.

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Why WeProFab Acrylic Water Tank

WeProFab Acrylic water tank is very lightweight and set out with smooth edge corners.

This presents a lesser twisted view compare to any glass materials.

Also, on the downside portion, acrylic water tanks strictly required support stands that surely underneath the whole bottom length, makes it not easily prone to scratches.

It is also easy to scrubbed because it`s not liable to scratches.

It is highly supported on exterior tank`s edges.

Acrylic water tanks are offered pricey because it holds more strength and has extreme durability compared to any plastic or glass grades.

Acrylic water tanks commonly have huge sizes that able to hold heavier amounts of water.

Hence, when planning to purchase water tanks, consider the needs of fishes that might live inside of it, the location where it probably positioned and the care it can give.

When requiring precise measurement size of acrylic water tanks, it depends of amount of fishes probably live with it.

The fishes` security should reconsider as well.

All-inclusive rules of lean on is 1 inch of fish each net water gallons.

Thick-bodied fishes must have a tank with more space when highly compared from slimmer bodied fishes.

Overall, it’s exceptional when prefer having a tanks where there are larger space areas and reserve permitted.

Not just the size of the tanks have big effects, the shape can cause trouble in numerous fishes which live within.

The oxygen comes into the water along the surface, so a huge surface locality might result in having more oxygen getting into the water.

Tall yet thinner tanks should strictly be avoided. Further lengths water tanks provide more area to swim compared to a tall one.

WeProFab Acrylic water tanks are packed with lights, filters, and socialized heaters.

Packaging deals simplifies the combination of split up products.

It has all-inclusive quality standards that have high capabilities to endure pressures.

And once the tanks are filled with water, it will become heavy.

That is why WeProFab provides high-quality stands that can support the positioning of the tank.

When planning to purchase in bulk, ask assistance from professionals.

Different varied colors and materials are now easily accessed in low-cost prices.

WeProFab originates Acrylic Water Tank through our high-tech enginery.

If you are in need of high-quality acrylic water tank, we supply in numerous stocks that highly depends on your needs.

Acrylic Water Tank: The Ultimate FAQ Guide

In this acrylic water tank guide, you will learn about uses, design, benefits, quality compliance, and lot’s more.

It covers everything you need to skyrocket your acrylic water tank business.

Take a look:

What is Acrylic Water Tank?

It refers to a type of water container made from acrylic thermoplastic designed to hold water for a wide range of purposes.

It comes in different sizes, shapes, designs, and can hold varied capacity depending on various factors.

It is also available in varying color shades, thus making it ideal for you to choose a suitable one, which suits your requirements.

What is Acrylic Water Tank used for?

You can use it to store water for residential and commercial use.

For instance, you can have this type of tank in homes for domestic use such as drinking, cleaning, and watering the patios.

You can as well use it to store water in commercial reservoirs for distribution for various activities.

It is also used for keeping, displaying as well as conserving a wide range of aquatic plants and animals.

It could be as a result of learning, entertainment, research, or decoration, among others.

You can as well use it as a decorative component in various open spaces such as shopping malls, convention centers, and commercial buildings.

Of course, this will hugely depend on the specific design of the acrylic water tank.

What are the Benefits of Acrylic Water Tank?

Acrylic water tank

Acrylic water tank

  • Acrylic water tank is durable. It is made from materials derived from natural gas and process using techniques.

The manufacturing process of this item also combines different aspects, which guarantee extreme durability.

So it’s advantageous since you’ll be able to save on cost of replacements and repairs.

  • It is relatively lightweight, especially when compared with other materials such as glass. And this is fundamental since it increases its portability.

It also allows you to install it at the specific points without difficulty.

  • Acrylic tank is quite safe, and you can have it for a wide range of uses without worries of health or environmental issues.

It does not corrode with the content and any other supplement hence making it suitable for the specific applications.

  • It is quite easy to maintain and clean acrylic water tank. You only need to have recommended washing detergents such as soaps and lukewarm water.

You can as well polish the surface of the material in case it starts fading or get scratches.

  • You can easily modify acrylic water tank using a wide range of fabrication techniques.

The surface is soft hence guaranteeing easy and clean fabrication without breaking, distorting, or degrading.

  • It is available in several color variations hence broadening choice of suitable shade, which can complement the surrounding elements.

And the essence of this is it adds on to the aesthetics of your space by enhancing visual appeal.

  • Acrylic tank is also quite affordable considering the value it gives you in terms of durability, easy maintenance, cleaning, repair, and installation.

What are the differences between Acrylic and Glass Water Tank?

Small water tank

Small acrylic water tank

The differences are reasonably a number since these are the mainly used materials for making water tanks.

Of course, they vary in regards to different aspects, and some of the outstanding ones include the following;

Acrylic water tank is somewhat lightweight, almost half the weight of glass water tank of similar dimensions.

It thus makes it more convenient to handle acrylic water tank than glass water tank.

The other difference is in regards to scratch resistance.

Glass water tank has a relatively hard surface, making it an excellent scratch-resistant.

Acrylic water tank, on the other hand, has a softer surface making it more prone to scratches, especially when rubbed against grainy items.

Acrylic water tank has better resistance to impact and breaking compared to glass water tank.

Of course, this arises from the fact that acrylic is quite strong, almost 17 times stronger than glass.

Additionally, glass is also somewhat brittle hence tend to crack and break easily upon impact.

When it comes to optical clarity, acrylic seems to stand out better than glass water tank.

Acrylic generally allows a significant amount of light to pass through it, almost 92% compared to glass, which allows about 84% of light.

The thickness of acrylic water tank hardly affects the clarity and thermal insulation.

On the other hand, the transparency and thermal insulation of glass water tank are somewhat affected by the thickness level of the glass material used.

Are Acrylic Water Tanks unbreakable?

Not necessarily!

What happens mostly is this type of tank is made from raw materials originating from natural gas.

So during processing, it becomes inert in solid-state.

During processing, several interventions are also incorporated to ensure the molecules making up this material remain stronger.

In the end, it becomes difficult for the acrylic tanks to break under any normal circumstance, irrespective of the amount of pressure exerted.

Unless it is a deliberate process, this item remains unbreakable, and even if it breaks, it can never shatter.

Acrylic water tank

 Acrylic water tank

Is Acrylic Water Tank Scratch-resistant?

Generally, the surface of acrylic water tank is somewhat soft as much as it is a hardy material.

This tends to make it quite sensitive to scratches, especially when rubbed against fairly abrasive items.

And this would leave some marks on the surface of this component, either deep or light, depending on the intensity of abrasion.

However, most manufacturers of this component, nowadays tend to incorporate several interventions as a way of enhancing its scratch-resistance.

The common technique is often coating the surface of this water tank using an anti-scratch treatment.

This treatment typically comes in different forms, thus making it easy to mitigate the chances of scratching the surface of this material.

In simpler words, acrylic water tank is not necessarily scratch-resistant.

You can, however, choose to prevent it from scratches using anti-scratch surface coating.

Is there a Thickness Limitation for Acrylic Water Tank?

Not at all!

The ideal thickness of acrylic water tank is based entirely on the specific type of application and projected water pressure.

Also, the need for thickness level in these components also increases with the capacity of water it holds.

You’ll notice the thickness of relatively big water tanks is somehow larger compared to small-sized acrylic water containers.

Additionally, the desirable clarity also tends to determine the ideal thickness for this type of tank.

Generally, when you use thicker colored acrylic materials, the clarity will be lower compared to using clear acrylic sheet of the same thickness.

In a nutshell, several factors determine the suitable thickness of acrylic water tank, but it does not have any limitations.

Can Acrylic Water Tank leak?

Several aspects can lead to leakage of acrylic water tank.

One the common cause is an improper assembling of the different pieces during manufacturing.

This can lead to formation of pressure points where water from the tank can easily leak through.

Wearing out of the sealant is also another possible factor, which could make this type of acrylic water container to leak.

Over time, the sealant tends to wear down, albeit gradually, and becomes too weak to contain water pressure in the tank.

However, this can be as a result of extreme circumstance since most sealants in this type of tank last for several years.

The bottom line is acrylic water tank can leak but only in extreme situations, which rarely occur.

Can you Fix Acrylic Water Tank Under the Ground?

Absolutely yes!

What’s important in this essence is making sure all the dimensions of the underground surface match those of the acrylic water tank.

It is also necessary to ensure you create an ideal base for the tank to rest since it prevents it from scratching.

However, before installing this tank under the ground, it would also be necessary to consult with an expert to provide professional advice.

It is what would enhance efficiency and functionality of this particular tank.

Can you Repair Acrylic Water Tank?

Most definitely!

You can do almost any type of repair you would wish to on any form of acrylic water tank.

The material is soft and strong but quite easy to restore to its original state.

Besides, the main repair concerns for this item often arise from scratches, dulling, and in rare cases, cracking.

Scratches and fading are the easiest repairs to do on acrylic water tank.

You can choose to go for a DIY technique if the impact is not severe.

You can as well choose to go with fairly advanced techniques, which would possibly require some form of power tools to repair the same.

Cracks hardly occur on this type of water tank.

However, in extreme instances, should it happen, you can also repair it using either DIY or cutting-edge means.

The latter might include involvement of a professional, especially if the crack is long or widely spread.

Fully transparent acrylic water tank

 Fully transparent acrylic water tank

Which Shapes are available for Acrylic Water Tank?

Ideally, acrylic water tanks come in various shapes, both standard and customized.

The choice, of course, is dependent on your preference and the specific application of the item.

Some of the common shapes you are likely to come across include the following;

  • Cylindrical shape
  • Rectangular shape
  • Round glass bowl
  • Hexagon
  • Octagon
  • Pentagon
  • Coffee-table shape
  • Tower-shape
  • Square

Nonetheless, you ought to know you can always have unique shapes for this item.

All you need to do is consulting your supplier to design and manufacture the customized shape.

What should you Consider when Buying Acrylic Water Tank?

Several factors come to play when looking for a suitable acrylic water tank.

It is essential since it allows you to get the best selection, which suits your specific needs.

Some of these elements, which you have to consider include the following;

Purpose – Ideally, when looking for a suitable acrylic tank, you have to know what you are going to use it for.

They come in different designs engineered for a wide range of uses.

Therefore, once you identify the actual usage of yours, it becomes easier to select the ideal one.

Size – It is also vital to consider the shape of the tank.

It plays a great role since it makes it possible for you to determine the precise dimensions you require for a suitable tank for the usage.

Type of acrylic sheet – It is a fundamental aspect to look into since acrylic materials are often available in different grades.

The specific grade you require is a vital consideration since it enables you to determine whether or not it suits your usage.

Budget – Before thinking of buying any of the available acrylic water tanks, you have to know your budget range.

It does not matter whether you are going for customized or standard designs.

Manufacturer – It is also another ideal aspect to consider whenever you are purchasing this type of tank.

And in most instances, it comes to play when in need of custom-made units since only specific suppliers have the capacity for the same.

How can you Fabricate Acrylic Water Tank?

The specific technique for fabricating acrylic water tank depends on what you ultimately need to attain.

Some of the key fabrication methods you can use on this type of tank include the following;

Cutting-to-size – It is primarily about reducing the dimensions of the acrylic water tank to a particular size befitting your requirements.

You can use wide variations to cut this component to size, such as laser, CNC, and saws, among others.

Drilling – It is a fabrication technique, which entails creating holes on a specific point on the surface of these items for different uses.

When drilling this type of tank, you have to be meticulous enough and use the right procedure to prevent it from damaging or distorting.

Surface treatment – It involves applying a thin coat on the surface of this material for a particular purpose.

They are quite a number, and the ideal form of coating depends on the particular element you’re reinforcing.

Printing – It is unusually common in many water tanks used for decorations or beautification in different establishments.

It entails creating logos, graphics, and other decorative texts on the surface of this tank.

You can do this through laser printing, silk-screen, or any form of printing technique suitable for this material.

Welding – It refers to a process of creating a molecular bond between the different surfaces of acrylic water or with other compatible materials.

You can choose to use an ultrasonic, hot plate, speed tip, or hot gas welding depending on what suits your needs.

Lamination – It is another common way of fabricating an acrylic water tank involving creating a barrier along with the surface material.

It is essential as it helps to enhance the durability, aesthetic, and styling quality of this particular type of tank.

Are Acrylic Water Tanks expensive?

Ideally, expensive is quite relative, but when compared to other materials such as glass, acrylic comes out a little bit pricey.

This, however, does not hold water as such.

Acrylic water tank is far much superior to materials like glass in regards to many aspects surrounding functionality and quality.

However, the cost of acrylic water tank will generally depend on the grade of acrylic material used, size, color shade, customization, and shipping charges, among others.

It would be dependent on the specific supplier you’re purchasing from since various brands are priced differently.

What is the Suitable Capacity for Acrylic Water Tank?

The ideal capacity of this type of tank is dependent on many factors, such as the overall size, thickness, design, and usage.

In other words, there is no definite or standard capacity for this type of tank.

What’s important is making sure other elements of tank construction, such as design, size, and thickness, can hold the specific capacity safely.

How do you Cut Acrylic for Plastic Tank?

It depends on the thickness, size, and the design of the tank.

Of course, you can use several techniques, all with varying elements.

Some of the common, however, include the following;

Sawing – It involves using a hand or power saw to cut the grains of this component to the relevant required dimension.

You need to ensure you use a saw with fine blade-teeth for finer cutting surface.

You also need to balance the cutting speed to prevent any possibility that would see acrylic tank size melting.

Drilling holes – It is a technique, which requires you to create a series of tiny holes along the surface of the material you’re targeting to cut.

The holes help in facilitating easy cutting even if you’re not using a power tool.

Laser cutting – This is a more advanced technique for cutting acrylic water tank.

It involves using laser beams to slice the material by directing the output high-power laser through optics.

CNC cutting – It is also another tech-oriented cutting technique you can use for slicing acrylic water tank.

It involves using CNC cutting machines with preprogrammed computer software set to cut this component accurately.

Are there any Challenges you can Face with Acrylic Water Tanks?

Of course, albeit a few, and some of them include the following;

It is prone to scratches given the surface of this material is somehow sensitive to abrasive items.

The resultant marks can degrade the quality of this tank, especially by reducing its clarity and glossiness.

With time, it can accumulate dirt debris on the surface, particularly if the water is not as clean as possible.

It thus requires proper and regular cleaning and maintenance to enhance its quality at all times.

In extreme circumstances, depending on how it was manufactured, the sealant might begin to wear out, thus causing leakage.

And this can be detrimental since, in some instances, it would be difficult to repair the leakage appropriately.

What Customized Acrylic Water Tank Designs are available?

They are quite a number, but it also depends on the particular supplier you’re sourcing these items from.

For instance, at WeProFab, some of the customized designs of acrylic water tank you can get include the following;

Transparent acrylic water tank – This is a type of a super clear acrylic water tank. It allows you to see end to end of every detail inside the tank,

Frosted acrylic water tank – It is a customized design, which has a surface resembling a foggy glass. It appears frosty but still allows some reasonable amount of light to pass through it.

Cooler acrylic water tank – It is a design customized to incorporate the chilling effect of the water. It is suitable, particularly when you’re using it in high-temperature areas.

Cylinder acrylic water tank – It takes a cylindrical shape, but the size can vary depending on the dimensions you deem ideal for your need.

Can you Regulate Acrylic Water Tank Temperature?

Absolutely yes!

However, this would require you to have a customized acrylic water tank with a temperature regulating device.

Of course, this is essential, especially when you are using this sort of tank in areas, which often experience extreme weather conditions.

It is thus a necessary feature in enhancing the functionality of the water tank.

Which Material can Replace Acrylic Water Tank?

Numerous types of materials can substitute acrylic tank.

They come in different qualities and features.

However, the most suitable one can only be polycarbonate.

Some of the reasons it stands out as ideal material include the following;

Polycarbonate tank, just like acrylic, is lightweight, about half the weight of glass of the same dimensions.

It thus makes it convenient and easy to transport as well as install, without the need for any significant support.

It is also a material with extreme resistance to impact, making it a better choice to replace acrylic.

And this is especially when it comes to applications where human traffic is common and other physical elements.

Polycarbonate can be an ideal replacement for acrylic water tank because it also has higher optical clarity.

Of course, this is an essential aspect when it comes to applications where light is a necessity, such as displays, among others.

Furthermore, just like acrylic, polycarbonate also excellent resistance to chemicals, extreme temperatures, and better dimensional stability.

All these features, among others, are what make a suitable water tank.

And most outstandingly, it is also easy to fabricate polycarbonate material just like it is for acrylic.

The significance of this is it allows you to customize the water tank to meet your specific requirements.

How can you Test Quality of Acrylic Water Tanks?

Acrylic water tank for cooling system

Acrylic water tank for cooling system

For quality purposes, it is the prerogative of manufacturer and other mandated quality standards agencies to ensure that these items are subjected to various tests.

Some of these tests include the following;

Physical property testing – It primarily tests the molecular structure of the acrylic material, making the tank. Some of these properties include;

  • tensile strength
  • impact-energy tolerance
  • elongation
  • hardness, etc

Thermal Insulation testing – It is a test to determine the ability of the water tank to lose, gain, or retain heat.

Scratch resistance testing – It is an evaluation to determine the ability of the component to withstand scratchy elements when rubbed against the surface material.

UV stability testing – It is a test to figure out the ability of this water tank to withstand ultraviolet rays when subjected to direct sunlight for a prolonged period.

Is Acrylic Water Tank BPA Free?

Generally, it depends on grade of acrylic used for manufacturing the water tank.

It also depends on the kind of process the component was subjected to during manufacturing.

Not all acrylic water tanks are BPA free, but quite a huge percentage of these items, nowadays have to be BPA free.

It is one of the safety standards policies, which manufacturers need to conform to when manufacturing these items before they get to the market.

With the information in this guide, certainly you can choose the best acrylic water tank for your business.

However, in case you have more questions about acrylic water tanks, feel free to contact us.

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