Acrylic Wedding Invitations

We, Weprofab is a global-based provider of high-quality acrylic wedding invitations for wedding plans. We can produce wide-ranging options for our high-valued customers. Don`t hesitate to talk with one of our technical designers and experts. We can create designs that can exactly fit your business essentials.

Get WeProFab Acrylic Wedding Invitations to Delight Your Customers

Weprofab is very proud to offer acrylic wedding invitations with different designs. To run your business, a profitable product like this is good to include!

Custom Clear Acrylic Wedding Invitations

Weprofab custom clear acrylic wedding invitations are a great addition to any related acrylic businesses. Large selections are produced to satisfy you.

Double-sided Acrylic Wedding Invitations

Whether you need a reliable manufacturer or supplier, Weprofab is the right one! We have expertise in whole fabrication process.

Floral Color Acrylic Wedding Invitations

Our special acrylic wedding invitations in floral color designs are proudly represented. Obtainable on different prints and designs.

Frosted Acrylic Wedding Invitations

Are you basically in need of frosted acrylic wedding invitations? Weprofab is capable to do entire services in order to produce a high-class acrylic wedding invitations.

Modern Acrylic Wedding Invitations

Looking for modern acrylic wedding invitations? Don`t go far from Weprofab! We have the solutions you need. Check us out!

Personalized Acrylic Wedding Invitations

Are you typically in need of personalized acrylic wedding invitations because its high demand on the market? Select from our options provided.

WeProFab: Your Leading Acrylic Wedding Invitations Manufacturer

As a global supplier of high-quality acrylic wedding invitations, Weprofab can custom and make personalization base on your demands. We offer the services for very affordable rates so you can save a lot of cash.

We provide wide-ranging options for acrylic wedding invitations for you.

Weprofab is an ISO 9001, UL, SGS certified manufacturer. We are also focused on providing the best acrylic wedding invitations you are needing for.

Please discuss your ideal acrylic wedding invitations with us, we will do the rest procedures.

Custom Acrylic Wedding Invitations to Skyrocket Your Brand

Laser cut Acrylic Wedding Invitations

We are specializing laser cutting of various wedding invitations made from high-quality acrylics.

Wholesale Acrylic Wedding Invitations

Do you want to purchase acrylic wedding invitations by wholesale? No need to worry! Weprofab offers the right services for you.

Engraved Acrylic Wedding Invitations

In WeProfab, you can shop for different types of engraved acrylic wedding invitations. For competitive prices, you and your customers will surely satisfied.

Luxury Acrylic Wedding Invitation

Its color can be changed with your unique ideal color that you want. It’s an artificial style with 2-3mm thickness.

Clear And Mirror Acrylic Wedding Invitations

It’s used for parties, events, as decoration, and most especially for weddings. Its size, design, color and logo are customizable.

Acrylic Burgundy Silk Wedding Invitation

It is composed of high-quality acrylic that is non-toxic and eco-friendly material. Acrylic Burgundy Silk Wedding Invitation accepts OEM and ODM service.

Acrylic Embossed Wedding Invitation

It’s usually used for weddings but it can also be for any events that you’ll make. It features an elegant and glossy appearance.

Gold Foil Acrylic Wedding Invitation

Gold Foil Acrylic Wedding Invitations’ theme is love that has regional features of Europe. It is composed of high-quality acrylic material.

Festival Wedding Acrylic Invitation

Its size and color are customized by our dear customers. It is durable, recyclable, and heavy-duty with 2mm thickness.

Pink Acrylic Wedding Invitations Card

Pink Acrylic Wedding Invitations Card is made of 1-3mm thickness with clear acrylic. It can also be used for Valentine’s Day, Christmas, and Parties.

Hardcover Acrylic Wedding Invitations

It can be used for decoration and even gifts with a love theme. Its size, color, design, and shape are customizable.

Acrylic Wedding Cards With Envelope

It is applied in weddings and to any parties with a love theme or has folk art style parties. It is composed of high-quality acrylic with 2mm or customized thickness.

Acrylic Wedding Invitations With Box

It has a lovely and pretty appearance that is suitable for your event or occasions. Its an eco-friendly and customizable product.

LED Acrylic Wedding invitations

It has a battery inside that is rechargeable. LED Acrylic Wedding invitations have a nautical style with a loving theme.

Unique Acrylic Wedding Invitation

It has a modern, classy, and archaic style that is composed of 100% acrylic material. It’s also used as a business invitation, paty, and event invitation.

Frosted Acrylic Wedding Invitations

Its design, color, size, and surface are made with your unique ideas. It’s an eco-friendly and recyclable item.

Acrylic Wedding Invitation with Self Sealing Wax Seal

It has an artificial style with regional features of Europe with 1-3 acrylic thickness. It can be used for advertising but mostly used for weddings.

Acrylic Place Escort Wedding Invitation

Acrylic Place Escort Wedding Invitation is made with strict procedure and customizable by our dear customers. It is composed of high-quality acrylic that is durable and reliable.

Floral Acrylic Wedding Invitation

Floral Acrylic Wedding Invitation is personalized based on your demands with 2mm thickness. It’s an eco-friendly and durable product.

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Why WeProFab Acrylic Wedding Invitations

Do you want more facts about Weprofab Acrylic wedding invitations? Well, you`re in luck because we can provide the essential info you need. Weprofab is working in mainland China providing the best version of acrylic wedding invitations. There are different options suitable for wedding plans. But if you have your own layout of acrylic wedding invitations, it`s our duty to fabricate in full accordance with your designs.

Acrylic Wedding Invitations

Our factory in China is incorporated into fully skilled designers and experienced manufacturers. In making the design process, we ensure the capacity and the quality of the product to withstand unfortunate circumstances. Our version of acrylic wedding invitations is printable and machinable to skyrocket your own brand!

Our Acrylic wedding invitations come from various small-large sizes, styles, and formations. Please don`t hesitate on asking assistance to us. We are an organization full of excellent designers and fabricators on service. So rest assured about the quality of acrylic wedding invitations we present.

Acrylic wedding invitations

Weprofab Acrylic wedding invitations come from our silk printing machines for easy customizations. Made printable so you can add your own brand on it. This is the perfect way to make your brand recognition by a lot of people. Obviously, our acrylic wedding invitations can be personalized by our experts. There, you can print wedding info like the wedding ceremonial location, reception, name of the witnesses/ bridesmaid and groomsmen. By relying on Weprofab, you can experience the exceptional guidance we are capable of.

Weprofab, as one team committed to providing your business essentials will never give up on you. We provide the best product which potentially gives a brighter future for your business! To purchase our one of a kind acrylic wedding invitation from Weprofab, better to purchase by bulk. Through the bulk of orders, we can help you save cash and together we`ll achieve the growth you want for your business!

Acrylic wedding invitations

Weprofab offers services like laser cutting for your ideal acrylic wedding invitations. Discuss the exact dimensions you require. For a cheaper yet profitable acrylic wedding invitations finish, shop to Weprofab!

The product finish you see is what actually you get! Send inquiries now, and wait for a fast response.

Acrylic Wedding Invitations: The Ultimate FAQ Guide

If you have any question about acrylic wedding invitations, you will find the answer right here.

Because this guide covers everything you need to know about acrylic wedding invitations such as best designs, features, cost and customization options, amongst others.

Let’s dive right in

What is Acrylic Wedding Invitation?

It refers to a letter asking or requesting the recipient to attend a wedding but designed on transparent thermoplastic material.

All the wedding details are imprinted on the acrylic material to convey particular information to the recipient.

Acrylic wedding invitations may be minimalist or sleek depending on your preference to make a statement.

However, they are available in various designs, making it possible to choose one, which suits your specific requirements.

acrylic invitation card

 acrylic invitation card

How do You Create Acrylic Wedding Invitations?

There are numerous techniques you can always use to make acrylic wedding invitations.

Even so, it depends on the type of acrylic material and the particular design of the invitations you are making.

Ideally, the use of a laser cutting machine is the common method used by many suppliers or DIY’ers.

Once you have a suitable acrylic material of an ideal thickness, you need to get all the relevant tools such as markers.

Ensure you set the machine to cut automatically depending on the preferred size.

Laser machine is multipurpose. It means you can use it to cut the sheet, print and polish it accordingly.

Moreover, this method is faster, efficient, and provides incredible precision when making wedding invitations on acrylic material.

What is the Best Design for Acrylic Wedding Invitations?

Essentially, acrylic as a material is relatively adaptable.

It is comparatively transparent and lightweight than glass.

Therefore, you can easily dress up acrylic wedding invitations for a super-luxe design.

Alternatively, you can dress down these invitations if you’re looking for a minimalist approach.

Ultimately, you are guaranteed of getting a style option, which fits any wedding’s aesthetic.

In other words, there are numerous acrylic wedding invitations designs you can choose from based on your liking.

For instance, you can choose a soften-up design, which incorporates florals, sand, moss or any natural element.

Primarily, it is the theme that determines the best design for your acrylic wedding invitations.

best acrylic invitation card

best acrylic invitation card

What is the Cost of Acrylic Wedding Invitations?

The cost of acrylic wedding invitations varies based on a wide range of elements.

A comparatively basic printed invitation will come in under budget than a well-polished option that has multiple layered effects.

Quality of the acrylic sheet and the cut design also determine the overall price of the invitations.

Technically, acrylic material come in different grades, which define the level of quality.

Higher grades are somewhat more expensive than lower grades since the former are of higher quality.

Therefore, acrylic wedding invitations made of higher material grade are costlier and vice versa.

While at it, some invitations are simply cut using a saw blade, whereas others are cut using laser machines and edge polishers.

In this case, the former is a bit expensive than the latter.

The size and thickness of these items are also significant determinants of actual cost.

Bigger and thicker acrylic wedding invitations are seemingly more expensive than smaller and thinner ones.

Also, some manufacturers often base pricing of these elements on the order quantity you are purchasing.

Often, the higher the order quantity, the lower the price since discounts on larger volume is higher and vice versa.

And importantly, the level of complexity and finish also determines the price range for these items.

More complex design with premium finish tends to be quite expensive than simple and basic finish designs.

In other words, there is no precise cost for acrylic wedding invitations since it is dependent on many factors such as ones mentioned above.

However, you should always have a budget of at least $50 per piece for premium acrylic wedding invitations.

How do You Mail Acrylic Wedding Invitations?

First, you must ensure you deal with a reliable mailing service provider.

This guarantees you safety of these items and timely delivery to the respective recipients.

An ideal mailing mode depends on the distance and location of the recipient.

For local recipients, you can opt for local mail service as long as they are reliable.

Also, you can choose to work with independent courier service providers to mail the invitations to the recipients.

In most cases, mailing acrylic wedding invitations require use of protective packaging.

However, you ought to know that cost for mailing these invitations is likely to be higher in ensuring they arrive intact.

Mostly, mailing fee depends on the size, thickness and quantity of the invitations and destination.

Why Should You Consider Acrylic Wedding Invitations?

Here are some of the beneficial reasons for choosing acrylic wedding invitations;

Easy to Customize

Acrylic material is easy to customize, making it possible for you to tailor the invitations to suit your preference.

You can use different colors, graphics and fonts to yield a design, which matches your specific needs and wedding theme.

Appealing to Eye

Unlike traditional materials for wedding invitations, acrylic gives one of the best in terms of visual appeal.

The invitations are generally attractive, thus providing a touch of class, which creates a good impression among the invitees.


Material and other elements used in making these wedding invitations are relatively durable.

They are designed to resist different weather and mechanical aspects.

This makes it an ideal consideration since you are guaranteed the invitations will arrive to the recipients fully intact.


Since the invitations made from acrylic have high aesthetic value, you may consider them on other aspects of decoration.

For instance, recipients can place theirs as desk decoration or choose to use them as a paperweight.

Multiple Designs

You can create acrylic wedding invitations of any design that might cross your mind.

Acrylic is quite an easy material to work on; thus hardly limits you when it comes to the type of design you want to incorporate.

Relatively Affordable

Compared with other materials of its category you’ll notice that acrylic wedding invitations are quite affordable.

And when you buy them, especially in bulk, you are likely to save a considerable amount of money.

Most suppliers often offer better discounts on bulk purchase.

Can Acrylic Wedding Invitations Break?


Acrylic, which the base material for these wedding invitations is naturally hardy.

It has excellent resistance to impact, thus cannot easily break even when subjected to mechanical stress.

Ideally, acrylic material is about 17 times stronger than glass, which shows it is quite difficult for it to break.

But should it breaks when subjected to extreme and deliberate circumstances, this material never shatters.

What is the Best Color for Acrylic Wedding Invitations?

The best color is dependent on your preference.

Mostly, acrylic invitations are designed based on the theme color of the wedding.

Therefore, you can get these invitations of any color you’d wish to have, irrespective of your wedding theme.

You have multiple colors to select from when designing the wedding invitations.

In essence, it gives you the necessary flexibility in determining a preferable one for your needs.

Additionally, you can blend different colors when designing your acrylic wedding invitations.

This means you can incorporate more than two colors and obtain multicolored-based acrylic wedding invitations.

Can You Customize Acrylic Wedding Invitations?


The general idea of creating acrylic wedding invitations is to customize it to suit your specific requirements.

Often, there are standard templates used for designing these items.

However, customizing your invitations makes them unique and stand out from the standard designs.

You can use several techniques to personalize acrylic wedding invitations.

For instance, the graphics design, fonts, color and shape are some of the elements you may consider when customizing the invitations.

3 customized acrylic invitation cards

 customized acrylic invitation card

Are Acrylic Wedding Invitations Durable?

Of course, yes.

Since acrylic material used for making these invitations is resistant to many factors, it means the final product will be durable.

It can last for as many years as possible without degrading.

They hardly break even when they fall from a particular height.

Also, acrylic wedding invitations are resistant to moisture, corrosion and scratches.

You can have them many years without noticing any form of quality deterioration on the material, graphics and fonts.

For such reasons, most recipients who get these invitations often use them as souvenir and memorabilia.

How Do You Select the Ideal Style for Acrylic Wedding Invitations?

At the most basic level, an acrylic wedding invitation is merely a rigid, cut-piece of acrylic with imprinted graphics on it.

However, these invitations can come in various forms.

Thus, weighing the many designs and material options is fundamental when selecting the best style for this component.

It is advisable to go for a relatively simple color option given you can create these invitations from any color of your choice.

Also, ensure you look at the thickness of the wedding invitation when selecting the best style.

Mostly, 1/8 inch is the recommended thickness for acrylic invitations.

Even so, you may consider the ideal material thickness based on your requirements and preference.

To obtain a more polished look, it is advisable to pair acrylic material with another material.

For instance, if you create a more complex design, you will need to sandwich multiple acrylic pieces with other materials.

It is essential since it helps layered or framed effects.

An ideal design should feature two pieces of material sandwiched with various elements.

Some of these elements include dried floral, hand-painting design, or green mosses among others.

In general, the best acrylic wedding invitations depends on your preference based on the wedding’s aesthetic.

What are the Available Ideal Shape Options for Acrylic Wedding Invitations?

Shape options for acrylic wedding invitations are quite numerous.

The specific choice is dependent on your preference.

You can create a wedding invitation using any particular innovative shape since acrylic material is quite flexible and easy to cut.

Nevertheless, some of the commonly used shapes include the following;

  • Rectangular wedding invitations
  • Heart-shaped wedding invitations
  • Hexagon-shaped wedding invitations
  • Pyramid-shaped wedding invitations
  • Square wedding invitations

Ideally, there is no limitation when it comes to creating suitable shapes for acrylic wedding shapes.

What are the Features of Ideal Acrylic Wedding Invitations?

In some instances, it can be challenging to determine the right acrylic material for making wedding invitations.

However, here are some of the qualities you should look into when choosing these items;


Typically, acrylic material is almost half the weight of glass.

Therefore, its wedding invitations should be relatively lightweight, which makes it essential when it comes to mailing.

Excellent Optical Clarity

Ideal acrylic wedding invitations are also clear.

They allow sufficient light to pass through, thus making them attractive.

UV resistant

Mostly, acrylic material is often coated using an addictive known as a UV stabilizer.

This addictive makes it highly resistant to UV hence cannot necessarily fade or yellow even when exposed to direct sunlight.


These items have incredible resistance to impact.

In many instances, they cannot break easily even if they fall from a particular height.

Essentially, this allows them to last quite long, which is vital since most recipients regard such invitations as souvenirs.

Quality Construction

Acrylic provides high-quality wedding invitations, which is essential given the essence of these items is to create an impression.

Technically, a well-constructed wedding invitation increases the upscale appearance of the items.

What is the Best Type of Acrylic Material for Making Wedding Invitations?

Acrylic wedding invitations come in different types based on the particular design you prefer.

However, here are the common types of acrylic material you are likely to come across when making wedding invitations;

Clear Acrylic Material

Arguably, the most common type for manufacturing these items.

It is quite flexible and can provide a staggering variety of dimension.

This type is also available in wide-ranging thickness, making it an ideal choice where thickness is a concern.

Mirrored Acrylic Material

This material offers both form and function hence guaranteeing strength and durability.

Moreover, mirrored acrylic makes attractive wedding invitations and are available in up to about 14 different colors.

Non-glare Acrylic Material

It features a special matte finish, which is vital in reducing the amount of light passing through it.

Moreover, this acrylic material provides exceptional unobscured observation of the graphics and information on the wedding invitations.

Abrasion-Resistant Acrylic Material

This material is common for acrylic wedding invitations.

It features a double-coated variety, which increases scratching and scuffing resistance.

You can choose this material for recipients likely to be exposed to abrasive components.

Colored Acrylic Material

If you are looking for a colorful wedding invitation, this type of acrylic material would be suitable.

You can find it in more than 20 different hues to choose from.

It makes some of the best and most vibrant wedding invitations you can ever imagine of.

What Factors Must You Consider Before Choosing Acrylic Wedding Invitations?

When choosing acrylic welding invitations, you must be meticulous to ensure you get what meets your demands.

You must look into several factors regarding these items, and some of the fundamental ones include the following;


You can find these items in plenty of designs.

However, the specific design, which you choose should fit your specific needs.

For instance, you may decide to choose a design, which befits the wedding theme.

Other than complementing the theme, it also makes it easy to relate to the subject.


Graphics on acrylic wedding invitations come in different aspects.

Some prefer a simple logo, whereas others may choose animations or particular patterns.

Irrespective of your choice ensure the graphics are well imprinted on the invitations.


Size also matters largely since you can always create acrylic wedding invitations of different dimensions.

While at it, also ensure you consider the thickness since it influences several aspects such as mailing.

Type of Acrylic Material

Typically, acrylic material is available in different varieties.

You must always ensure you choose the right material, which perhaps suits the preference of the recipient.

Ideally, you can always use different acrylic materials for different recipients when making wedding invitations.

Quality of Acrylic

Of course, acrylic material is available in different grades.

In essence, you can find relatively low-grade acrylic to premium grade acrylic for your wedding invitations.

It is important to make your choice based on your respective recipients since you understand every one of them better.


Ultimately, you must find a particular manufacturer or supplier of these items that guarantee reliability and quality.

Finding one can be problematic, especially if you are somewhat inexperienced in this sector.

However, you can always search online from various B2B platforms, social media and referrals.

Importantly, ensure you carry out due diligence before settling on a particular supplier if you are a first-timer.

 types of acrylic cards

 types of acrylic cards

How Do Acrylic Wedding Invitations Compare with Glass Wedding Invitations?

Both acrylic and glass materials are often used for making wedding invitations.

However, there is a considerable difference between these two materials, which make them unique.

Here are some of the elements on how these two materials compare;

Regarding weight, acrylic wedding invitations are seemingly more lightweight than glass wedding invitations.

In essence, acrylic material is almost half the weight of a similar glass material.

In terms of scratch resistance, glass wedding invitations seem to be better compared to acrylic wedding invitations.

However, it would be challenging for both wedding invitations to get scratches since they are often placed in scratch-free areas.

You can easily customize acrylic wedding invitations by imprinting different graphics, logos and texts using different techniques.

However, this is somewhat challenging to attain compared to what you can achieve on acrylic material.

In terms of strength, acrylic wedding invitations outdo glass wedding invitations. Ideally, the former is about 17 times stronger than the latter.

Also, acrylic welding invitations are relatively friendly to the environment compared to glass wedding invitations.

Generally, acrylic seems to be a better option compared to glass wedding invitations in numerous aspects.

What is the Suitable Size of Acrylic Wedding Invitations?

Acrylic, as a material, is quite easy to cut to size.

It, therefore, means that you can easily determine the ideal size of your acrylic wedding invitations by cutting them to a suitable size.

There is no limitation to the actual size you can use, but it is also essential to make it a bit reasonable.

Standard size for acrylic wedding invitations is usually (8 by 5) inches.

However, you can create relatively larger or smaller than the standard dimensions depending on your demands.

Moreover, the specific shape of the acrylic wedding invitations is another aspect, which determines the size.

Nonetheless, always ensure that irrespective of your preferred shape the size of acrylic wedding invitation should be reasonable.

What is the Suitable Surface Coating Treatment for Acrylic Wedding Invitations?

They are quite a number, but the specific ones often used on these items include the following;

Anti-fog coating – This prevents moisture from accumulating on the surface of the material.

It is a vital treatment since it averts dampness from damaging the invitation, whether before or after         it is sent.

Anti-scratch coating – Essential in preventing surface material of invitations from getting marks caused by abrasive materials.

UV stabilizer – A vital coating material designed to prevent ultraviolet rays from penetrating through the surface material.

Additionally, it also prevents the invitations from fading that would result from ageing.

Anti-impact coating – Designed to enhance strength of the invitations, thus preventing it from cracking should it fall.

Do Acrylic Wedding Invitations Scratch Easily?


Acrylic naturally has better scratch resistance.

The surface material is relatively hard hence portrays an ideal resistance to abrasive materials.

Furthermore, an anti-scratch coating is often incorporated during processing of raw acrylic material.

This enhances the scratch-resistibility of wedding invitations made of acrylic material.

Are Acrylic Wedding Invitations Eco-friendly?

Not really.

Generally, acrylic material is manufactured from fiber, a product containing an elongated chain of synthetic polymer.

Of course, acrylic offers a great alternative for making wedding invitations, but it is not necessarily eco-friendly.

Essentially, this material, in its raw form tend to emit carbon dioxide into the ecosystem when processed.

Secondly, acrylic material is relatively difficult to recycle. Of course, it is recyclable, but the entire process is quite challenging.

Moreover, it is not readily biodegradable hence can be detrimental to the environment when disposed of in the landfills.

Manufacturing raw acrylic to useful one utilizes a lot of energy hence continuously depleting fossil fuel.

Nonetheless, these invitations do not affect the environment directly unless disposed of in the landfills where they take time to degrade.

Can Acrylic Wedding Invitations Fade?

Not necessarily.

In most instances, acrylic materials used for making wedding invitations normally exhibit excellent clarity.

Essentially, they allow up to about 92% of light to pass through the surface.

Fading of these items often happen due to continuous exposure to direct sunlight.

In such instances, the molecules making the material weaken due to attack by ultraviolet rays.

However, most wedding invitations from acrylic material contain a UV stabilizer, preventing UV rays from penetrating through the surface.

Also, these items are often used indoors hence making it difficult to fade.

Can You Polish Acrylic Wedding Invitations?


You can use numerous methods to polish acrylic wedding invitations, and the essence is to enhance clarity and glossiness.

Buffing is the common way you can use to polish these items.

Typically, it entails the elimination of accrued debris on the surface of the wedding invitations.

Alternatively, you can flame polishing method.

This technique involves using a fine hydrogen-based high-temperature flame.

In this case, the flame flows over the surface of these invitations leading to an amazingly glossy finish.

Vapor polishing is another method you can use, especially for a large scale project.

It uses solvent vapor, which flows over the surface of acrylic wedding invitations.

Which Material Can You Substitute for Acrylic Wedding Invitations?

Here are some options you can consider:

Polycarbonate Material

In essence, polycarbonate tends to have similar or better properties as acrylic.

For instance, it exhibits better strength, clarity, resistance to many environmental and mechanical conditions.

Moreover, polycarbonate material is also somewhat softer; hence you can easily cut it to right sizes of the respective invitations.

Also, just like acrylic, polycarbonate is available in many colors, which gives you more options to select from when making wedding invitations.

What are Shortcomings of Acrylic Wedding Invitations?

Yes but a few, which include the following;

i) It can be quite expensive, especially if you are ordering a few customized and premium finish quantity.

ii) Are not readily bio-degradable hence can lead to environmental degradation when poorly disposed of at the landfills.

At WeProFab, we will help you get the best acrylic wedding invitation materials depending on your specific needs and requirements.

Contact us now for all your acrylic wedding invitations from China.

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