• Acrylic wedding signs

Acrylic Wedding Signs

Weprofab is a huge fabricator of acrylic wedding signs in mainland China. Here, you can select your most favorite acrylic wedding signs designs. If it’s your first time here, Weprofab can help you through exporting acrylic wedding signs all across the globe.


Get WeProFab Acrylic Wedding Signs to Delight Your Customers

As one of the expert fabricators of acrylic wedding signs in China, we make sure we will provide you the guaranteed products with unique designs.

Personalized Acrylic wedding signs

Here in our factory, we can provide all your ideal personalized acrylic wedding signs with the best features and properties. Whether you need an elegant or simple design, we will make them for you.

Hand Painted Acrylic wedding signs

Weprofab has all your ideal hand-painted acrylic wedding signs. We are experts in all fabrications especially in all terms of acrylic.

Engraved Acrylic wedding signs

Weprofab Engraved acrylic wedding signs are one best-seller in the global market now. If you also want this, inquire to Weprofab!

Custom Acrylic wedding signs

Weprofab is offering extensive range of custom acrylic wedding signs that is obtainable at most cheaper rates. We make designs based on your preferences.

Crafted Acrylic Table wedding signs

Weprofab crafted acrylic table wedding signs are one most popular and common kind. If you are looking for these now, let Weprofab to help you.

Brushed Acrylic wedding signs

If you run a business and need brushed acrylic wedding signs, Weprofab brought extensive options for you. At our factory, you can select the best products.

WeProFab: Your Leading Acrylic Wedding Signs Manufacturer

Weprofab is your excellent manufacturer of acrylic wedding signs in China. If you are looking for magnificent acrylic wedding signs for business purposes, allow us to help you. Avail our top-quality acrylic wedding signs at very competitive yet low prices.

We can personalize and customize your ideal acrylic wedding signs. Also, these are available in different prints and calligraphy. We will make the whole fabrications for you at low costs.

Reach us now and get quick quotes!

Custom Acrylic Wedding Signs to Skyrocket Your Brand

Custom Rectangular Acrylic wedding signs

To make it more elegant and appealing, we can custom and personalize acrylic wedding signs for you. Available in various shapes and designs.

Acrylic wedding welcome signs

Only in Weprofab, we do our very best to provide what`s clients deserve. We make modern and unique acrylic wedding welcome signs for affordable rates.

Hand-lettered Acrylic wedding signs

All of our hand-lettered acrylic wedding signs have their glossy and gorgeous designs. We have high-end equipment for fabrications.

Frosted Acrylic wedding signs

Weprofab is very excellent in all terms of fabricating frosted acrylic wedding signs. It is widely used at weddings.

Clear Glass-look Acrylic wedding signs

Weprofab clear glass-look acrylic wedding signs have shiny and chock styles. You are free to ask for our assistance in custom printing.

Wedding Acrylic Sign for DIY

It features a strong surface with good weather resistance has high transparency with 93% light transmittance. It’s applicable in advertising with ISO9002:2008 and RoHS certificate.

Acrylic Wedding Table Name Sign

Acrylic Wedding Table Name Sign is also used in the banquet, hotel, and restaurants with modern European style that has 3mm acrylic thickness.

Acrylic Wedding LED Neon Sign

It features waterproof, energy-saving, and can be used as a wall hanging. It’s applicable indoor or outdoor and even as stage props with creative and retro style.

High-Quality Acrylic Wedding Display Sign

High-Quality Acrylic Wedding Display Sign is available in transparent color and customizable size. It features an environmental friendly; it welcomes OEM and ODM service.

Acrylic Wedding Letter Signage Sign

It’s composed of acrylic, neon flex, and PVC with RoHS and CE certification. It’s used for decoration with an input voltage of 12V and 20,000hrs of a working lifetime.

Acrylic Wedding Welcome Sign

Its needs high-quality clear acrylic material with 5mm thickness. It’s available in custom design, and it accepts 3D drawings.

Acrylic Wedding Card Sign

Acrylic Wedding Card Sign is used as decoration, but it can also be used for gifts. Its size and color are customizable that are composed of museum-quality acrylic.

Acrylic LED Neon Lights Wedding Sign

It’s composed of high-quality acrylic material and high-quality neon flex that has a working temperature of 30℃. Its size, color, and design are customizable.

Acrylic Wedding Table Number Sign

Acrylic Wedding Table Number Signs base color is clear, black, and white that has a round shape, and features an eco-friendly, handmade, and durable.

Acrylic LED Wedding Sign for Wall Decoration

The light source is waterproof LED modules with a 30℃ working temperature. Its working lifetime is 50,000hrs with an input voltage of 12V.

Acrylic Wedding Guest Name Sign

Acrylic Wedding Guest Name Sign is available in round, hexagon, and square shapes with clear color. It’s composed of eco-friendly and durable acrylic with 3mm thickness.

Acrylic Wedding Bar Menu Sign

Acrylic Wedding Bar Menu Sign has customizable size, color, and shape; it’s made of high-quality and eco-friendly 5mm thick acrylic material.

Acrylic Wedding Invitation Card Sign

Acrylic Wedding Invitation Card Sign is eco-friendly, fade and abrasion resistant, and it accepts any size and colorful artwork.

Acrylic Wedding Decor Sign

Acrylic Wedding Decor Sign is available in 3-5ft height with white color. It uses LED light with 30℃ working temperature with 220V of input voltage.

Outdoor Acrylic Neon Wedding Sign

It’s applicable in shops, schools, bars, hospitals, and more. Its light source is LED neon light with CE and RoHS certification.

Acrylic Neon Sign for Wedding Party

Acrylic Neon Sign for Wedding Party is applicable in outdoors and indoor parties with customizable design, colors, and sizes that will suit your needs.

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Why WeProFab Acrylic Wedding Signs

Weprofab specialized in fabricating high-quality and catchy acrylic wedding signs. Wedding signs in acrylic is more durable than glass. Weprofab Acrylic wedding signs are popular and in-demand in the market. It carries durable and elegant, making perfect as wedding decorations.

Acrylic wedding signs

As a world-class dealer of acrylic wedding signs, Weprofab produces the way customers wanted. We also offer customization services for affordable costs for the fast progress of your business. We, Weprofab is fully engaged in all terms of distributing and fabricating your required acrylic wedding signs.

Weprofab Acrylic wedding signs have the best features. All of our acrylic wedding signs are lightweight, anti-scratch resistant, great impact-proof, and have shatterproof resistant as well. However, these have anti-aging conduction, weather-resistant, and non-toxic acrylic wedding signs.

Acrylic wedding signs

Our series of acrylic wedding signs are popular due to their excellent impact and corrosion-resistant abilities. As one of the largest suppliers in China, Weprofab is most knowledgeable in all acrylic fabrication industries. In the entire process, we show our whole dedication is able to fulfill our customers` satisfaction.

In our factory, we have professional designers in producing and designing all kinds of acrylic wedding signs that fit your desire. In terms of acrylic wedding signs quality, it is unbreakable and not easy to get destructions. It has tough and thick structures, same as the crystal glass finish.

Acrylic wedding signs

What makes Weprofab acrylic wedding signs the best? Weprofab acrylic wedding signs are the best product you should never miss. These kinds of product have high potential in the global market.

Furthermore, we, Weprofab develop the trendiest acrylic wedding signs to meet your strict demands. We have friendly representatives assigned to accommodate your necessities. We are here to assist you on choosing the perfect acrylic wedding signs you can sell to your customers.

For more details, contact us!

Acrylic Wedding Signs: The Ultimate FAQ Guide

If you have any questions about acrylic wedding signs, you will find the answer right here.

From designs, benefits, material grade, to various finishing available, among other essential aspects.

Keep reading to learn more.

What is Acrylic Wedding Sign?

Refers to various types of acrylic signage placed in different spots within the wedding venue purposefully to guide guests.

It is designed using a thermoplastic material known as plexiglass material.

Acrylic wedding signs come in various designs, shapes, material thicknesses, sizes, and colors among others.

You can also use it to add a personal touch to your wedding since you can customize it to suit different aspects of the event.

Just like any other aspect of a wedding, the choice of specific acrylic wedding signs is based on your taste and preference.

acrylic signs

Acrylic signs

What Varieties of Wedding Signs Are Available?

They are available in numerous varieties to guide guests to different spaces within the wedding.

As such, they are displayed in different places, but some of the common variations include the following;

Welcome acrylic wedding sign – Often placed at the venue’s entrance with personalized welcoming messages or symbols.

Specifically, it creates the first impression and image for guests arriving at the venue.

welcome acrylic wedding sign

Welcome acrylic wedding sign

Directional acrylic wedding signs – Usually set around the wedding venue grounds directing guests to the ceremony, reception, phot-booth, etc.

directional acrylic wedding sign

Directional acrylic sign

Acrylic ceremony décor sign – Allows guests to determine the specific spots for different functions.

For instance, a “Pick-a-Seat” sign helps guests to take seats from reception without pressure on which side to seat on.

ceremony decor sign

Ceremony decor sign

Acrylic Wedding hashtag sign – It lets your guests establish your personalized wedding hashtag to share their images.

wedding hashtag signs

Hashtag wedding signs

Acrylic Photo booth wedding signs – Lets guests know where to go and what’s to be done. For instance, gathering groups and picking up props among others.

photo booth wedding signs

Photo booth wedding signs

Acrylic wedding gift sign – Quite a pretty signage allowing the attendees to know where to deposit wedding gifts and envelopes.

wedding gift signs

Wedding gift and sign

Acrylic wedding menu sign – It lets the attendees know what’s available on the wedding catering menu. This enables them to search for their favorite dishes at the party stations.

wedding menu sign

Wedding menu sign

Acrylic wedding family photo sign – Shares persons in different photos to enable guests to know the respective persons.

wedding family photo sign

Wedding family photo sign

Cocktail bar acrylic wedding signs–Shows the varieties of wines, beers, signature drinks, bubby, and cocktails among others.

Essentially, acrylic wedding signs are in broad varieties.

You can always create one for anything you’d wish for in a typical wedding venue as long as it can guide the attendees respectively.

coctail bar acrylic wedding sign

Cocktail bar acrylic wedding sign

Are Acrylic Wedding Signs Expensive?

Not necessarily.

Ideally, several factors influence the actual cost of buying acrylic wedding signs.

For instance, the quality of raw material used for the sign plays a significant role in determining the precise cost.

Acrylic material is available in numerous variations with different quality ranges.

As such, the higher the quality of the material, the more expensive it is likely to be.

Also, acrylic wedding signs designed from relatively thick surface materials are a bit expensive and vice versa.

Another element is the customization extent you want to have on the surface material of the signs.

Highly customized or detailed acrylic wedding signs tend to be somewhat more expensive than simple and less detailed pieces.

Moreover, bigger acrylic wedding signs are a bit costlier compared to relatively small pieces.

And most importantly, the particular manufacturer you are purchasing the pieces from also determines the actual cost.

Some companies price these products a bit higher than others depending on various factors such as brand position and reputation in the market.

Technically, these wedding signage are not necessarily expensive.

The price varies based on many factors, including the few mentioned above.

What are the Benefits of Acrylic Weddings Signs?

At any typical wedding, signage can be everywhere, and they are functional in many ways.

Some benefits of using acrylic wedding signage include the following;

  • Enhances stylishness – Unlike the traditional purpose of providing directions, acrylic wedding signs enhance wedding décor.

They also complement the specific theme of your event, making it appear more upscale.

  • Multipurpose – You can use it to provide a warm welcome to guests and informing guests regarding the order of the event.

Moreover, they enable the attendees to navigate the wedding easily and improve the overall ambiance.

  • Improves novelty – Acrylic wedding signage can communicate most poignant quotes and other sweetest sayings. You can also share a joke or two to entertain your guests.
  • Easy to customize – The base material for making these signage is soft and supple, allowing you easily personalize it.
  • Highly durable – Acrylic wedding signs are built to endure different weather, mechanical and environmental conditions.
  • Relatively affordable – Of course, price for purchasing these signs vary depending on numerous factors. But in general, they are cost-effective, giving you value for money.

Are Acrylic Weddings Signs Breakable?

Not possible under ordinary circumstances.

These signage are designed from acrylic material, which is typically hardy and thus resistant to impact.

Ordinarily, acrylic wedding sign is almost twenty times stronger than a glass wedding signage of a similar dimension.

Moreover, the design construction and level of artistry are solid, enabling it to withstand any form or ordinary impact.

As such, it cannot break easily unless it is subjected to deliberate extreme impact pressure.

Even so, it can only crack into large and dull pieces.

What is the Ideal Color for Acrylic Wedding Signs?

It is entirely based on your particular taste and preference.

Mostly, the ideal color for this type of signage would be what complements the overall theme of your wedding.

Therefore, when selecting a suitable color shade, always factor in the aspect of your wedding theme.

The fortunate element is that you can get acrylic wedding signs in a wide variety of colors you’d deem ideal for your needs.

There are up to about 50 different color shades you can choose from.

Moreover, you can find this signage in multicolored hues.

It means in more than one color.

Essentially, this gives you the necessary flexibility when it comes to color choice and making it easy to find what suits you best.

Can You Customize Acrylic Wedding Signs?


customized acrylic wedding sign

Customized acrylic wedding sign

The essence of having acrylic wedding signs is to exhibit uniqueness, which is largely achieved by customization.

Customizing these signage allows you to incorporate specific details, which fit into your wedding requirements.

Also, it makes the wedding stand out compared to using standard designs.

There are numerous ways you can use to personalize acrylic wedding signs depending on the specific details you need to be incorporated.

Some of these ways include painting, photoengraving, cutting-to-size, stamping, machining, folding, etc.

Use of graphics, stylish fonts, and shaping the signage are also among the common customization techniques you may consider.

Bottom line is there are numerous ways you can use to customize these types of wedding signage.

Are Acrylic Wedding Signs Long-lasting?


They are built to endure different unfavorable environmental, weather, and mechanical conditions.

Ideally, the acrylic material, which forms the basis of the signage, is naturally strong.

It is derived from natural fibers, which makes its building units quite sturdy.

The overall workmanship integrated while manufacturing these signage also guarantees utmost endurance.

Most manufacturers factor in different elements likely to lessen the general durability and countering them during processing.

For instance, most acrylic signs for weddings are treated using different coatings to endure specific conditions.

In general, these signs can last for as many years as possible of up to 20 years or more.

And this is fundamental since you can use them as memorabilia for your weddings long after the event.

How Do You Choose the Best Acrylic Wedding Signs?

As you evaluate your wants and preferences, there are also several aspects you must have in mind when selecting acrylic wedding signage.

Some of these factors include the following;


Always choose acrylic wedding signs with relatively large dimensions.

Such sizes are vital for effectiveness since they are visible enough for your guests to see the information clearly.

Fixed or Freestanding Design

Also, figure out whether your signage will be mounted on a certain surface or stand free within the venue.

In this case, the decision is always based on different aspects such as available space and proximity among others.

Print Sizes

It is also necessary to ensure the print sizes are visible at least from a particular distance within the wedding venue.

This allows the invitees to easily read the information on the signage and act accordingly.

Acrylic Material Quality

Choose a particular acrylic material grade you are certain will serve your needs satisfactorily.

Your budget should also guide this.


They come in different designs depending on your specific design of wedding signage.

You may go for simple designs or, better still, choose relatively detailed designs based on your preference.

Regardless of your selection, always ensure the prints or images are clear and well imprinted on the signage.


It is vital to consider your budget when purchasing acrylic wedding signs.

The price usually varies depending on numerous fixed and prevailing aspects.

Always ensure the choice is based on your budget.

What are Shape Options Available for Acrylic Wedding Signs?

They are quite numerous, and the particular option you choose is dependent on your preference.

Nonetheless, here are some of the common shapes you are likely to find for these signage;

  • Square acrylic wedding signs

square acrylic wedding sign

Square acrylic wedding sign

  • Rectangular acrylic wedding signs

 rectangular acrylic wedding sign

Rectangular acrylic wedding sign

  • Hexagon acrylic wedding signs

hexagon acrylic wedding sign

Hexagon acrylic wedding sign

  • Pyramid acrylic wedding signs
  • Oval acrylic wedding signs

oval acrylic wedding sign

Oval acrylic wedding sign

  • Heart-shaped acrylic wedding signs

heart shaped acrylic wedding sign

Heart shaped acrylic wedding sign

  • Diamond-shaped acrylic wedding signs

diamond shaped acrylic wedding sign

Diamond shaped acrylic wedding sign

Essentially, you can create acrylic wedding invitations off any shape since the primary material is quite flexible.

It is also easy to cut and shape.

What are the Properties of Ideal Acrylic Wedding Signs?

The common features of a suitable acrylic wedding sign include the following;


The surface material of acrylic wedding signage is integrated with a UV additive.

This additive prevents ultraviolet rays from penetrating through the surface material of this component.

As such, it bars its molecular structure from weakening and preventing discoloration or yellowing effects on the signage.


It has incredible resistance to impact because of its sturdy nature.

The building units of the base material used for manufacturing these signage are strong and can endure impact pressure.

Therefore, it is easy to break or crack, especially when subjected to impact under ordinary circumstances.


Ordinarily, acrylic material is lightweight, almost 50% less than a glass of similar dimensions.

This makes such wedding signs a bit lightweight, which is vital especially for easy movement and shifting from one place to another.

Optical Clarity

The surface material of this signage allows sufficient light to pass through it, making it quite clear.

It is necessary since it enhances the attractiveness of the signage, whether for indoor or outdoor wedding venues.

High Quality

The overall quality of acrylic signage is excellent.

Its construction offer quality workmanship and the material is also derived from natural organic elements.

What Acrylic Materials Can You Use to Make Wedding Signs?

Generally, acrylic materials come in many variants, which define the actual quality.

A higher quality, of course, makes better and more durable wedding signs than relatively substandard quality.

Nonetheless, here are the common acrylic materials often used for manufacturing acrylic wedding signs;

Extruded Acrylic Sheet Material

Often considered as one of the best acrylic materials for making wedding signage, particularly if you’re working on a fixed budget.

Producing this material is relatively cheap than most available materials used in manufacturing wedding signage.

However, it provides limited material thickness, but many wedding signs manufactured using it are quite affordable.

extruded acrylic sheet material

Extruded acrylic sheet

Cast Acrylic Sheet Material

Also regarded among the top quality acrylic materials you can use for wedding signage.

Typically, this variant offers incredible strength, exceptional optical clarity, and outstanding impact and weather resistance.

It is available in different material thicknesses as well as color variations.

Of course, this is essential because it widens your option as far as a preferred choice is concerned.

Moreover, it is an ideal option to consider when manufacturing somewhat big acrylic wedding signs.

Continuous Cast Acrylic Material

Arguably, the best acrylic variant for manufacturing superior quality wedding signage.

It is an improved version of cast acrylic, which means that most of its properties are largely augmented.

In essence, the production process of this acrylic variant entails cooling and heating to control curing.

Nevertheless, it has more implausible optical clarity and improved tensile and impact strength than an ordinary cast acrylic sheet.

You may as well consider it for relatively big wedding signs or for those you’ll use in somewhat unfavorable environments.

Other acrylic material variants you may also consider for different types of wedding signage include the following;

  • 2-way acrylic material
  • High gloss acrylic material
  • Light-up acrylic sheet
  • Reflective acrylic material
  • Frosted acrylic material
  • Perforated acrylic sheet

Can Acrylic Wedding Signs Chip?


The edges of acrylic wedding signs are usually smooth and have a standard finish.

It is chip-free and, in many instances, does not require polishing.

Can You Photoengrave Acrylic Wedding Signs?


Ideally, this process involves use of a light-sensitive photoresist applied to the acrylic material surface.

It creates a mask shielding some sections of the wedding signage during a successive operation.

The essence of photoengraving is merely to make the overall appearance of your wedding signs relatively unique.

Also, it makes the signage attractive since the novelty involved induces eye-catchiness.

How Do You Select the Most Suitable Acrylic Wedding Signs?

When selecting acrylic signage for your wedding, it is imperative to base your choice on various aspects.

It allows you to find the most suitable designs, which fit your wedding demands.

Some of these elements include the following;


It refers to whether the signage will be used indoors or outdoors.

Of course, there are a few specifics to integrate into acrylic wedding signs for outdoor spaces.

For instance, exposure to direct sunlight requires use of a more robust and UV-resistant material.

Therefore, you must look into this and determine it appropriately.

Type of Acrylic Material

You can find acrylic signage in a wide range of materials.

But you should base your choice on a particular material, which guarantees effectiveness and practicality.

Surface Material Thickness

The material thickness is another fundamental consideration to have in mind when choosing suitable wedding signage.

Essentially, these materials are available in wide-ranging thickness sizes.

It determines various aspects such as durability, stability, and mechanical resistance of the signage.

Moreover, you can easily figure out the appropriate customization details to include based on the material thickness.


You can always find a wide variety of acrylic wedding signs, including standard and custom-built.

However, in case you are choosing customized designs, ensure the detail meets your specific demands accordingly.

What Can Make Clear Acrylic Wedding Sings to Yellow?

Mostly, prolong exposure to direct sunlight contributes significantly to yellowing of clear acrylic wedding signage.

What happens is direct sunlight emits ultraviolet radiations, which penetrate through the surface material of the signage.

Once it penetrates the material, UV rays attack molecules, which gradually weaken the more it is exposed to sunlight.

After weakening, the molecular structure breaks down, leading to yellowing of the once clear surface material.

Another primary cause of yellowing of such wedding signs is use of relatively inferior quality acrylic material.

Acrylic materials come in different grades defined by quality level.

Wedding signage manufactured using lower grades acrylic material will likely yellow sooner or later.

It is because they have a weak molecular structure that cannot endure various unfavorable weather conditions.

Also, failure to treat acrylic wedding signs with anti-UV coating may lead to yellowing, especially when exposed to sun.

It makes it easy for UV rays to penetrate through and attack the building units of the surface material hence yellowing.

On the flipside, though, it is always easy to eliminate yellowing effect from the surface of acrylic wedding signs.

Routine maintenance and proper polishing techniques restore the signage to its original glossy and clear state.

How Do Acrylic and Glass Wedding Signs Compare?

Traditionally, glass was the common material used for making different types of classy wedding signs.

However, this has changed in the recent past since preference shifts to acrylic and other types of thermoplastic materials.

Nevertheless, wedding signage from acrylic or glass materials tends to vary significantly regarding features, efficiency, and practicality.

glass wedding sign

Glass wedding sign

Here’s how these two materials compare;

a) Acrylic wedding signage are more lightweight than those made using glass material.

Ordinarily, the former weighs about half the latter’s weight.

It is vital since it shows acrylic wedding signs are more portable thus ideal for such events.

b) In terms of tensile and impact strength, acrylic wedding signs exhibit stronger features than glass wedding signage.

Acrylic material is about 20 times stronger than glass material of similar size.

It explains why the former has better resistance to impact and cannot break easily compared to the former.

c) Wedding signage made from acrylic material are flexible, soft, and easy to customize.

You can paint, fold, engrave, drill, print, or cut-to-size accordingly without any meaningful challenge.

On the other hand, it would be difficult to fabricate glass wedding signs appropriately since it is relatively rigid.

As such, it is only possible to customize it to a limited extent, which can be disadvantageous if you need to incorporate more details.

d) Acrylic wedding signs portray superior resistant features to several elements. UV, moisture, glare, corrosion, and scratch are some aspects it resists perfectly.

Glass wedding signs, on the contrary, exhibit somewhat lesser resistance to most of these elements apart from scratches.

In other words, acrylic wedding signage comes out as better alternatives to consider instead of glass signs.

It gives you value for your money, given it guarantees quality, style, durability, practicality, and efficiency all in one.

What is the Best Size for Acrylic Wedding Signs?

It varies depending on several factors.

Essentially, it is to a great extent based on how you’d wish to match your wedding decorations and the budge.

However, acrylic wedding signs vary depending on the specific direction it is designed to provide.

For instance, a welcome acrylic wedding signage is likely to be larger than a wedding table sign or menu sign.

The standard size for the former is approximately 1X10X5 feet, but this can vary depending on various factors.

Other types of signage used in a wedding setup may vary based on your preference and your décor.

In short, there is no one-size-fits-all for acrylic wedding signs.

Can You Apply Surface Coating Treatment of Acrylic Wedding Signs?


You treat the surface material of acrylic wedding signs with a wide range of coatings.

The commonly used option is the anti-UV coating, which protects the signage from ultraviolet radiation attack.

Another ideal option to consider is anti-glare coating.

This prevents or reduces unwanted or excessive light from reflecting on the surface material of the signage.

It somewhat absorbs the excess light, thus a suitable coating treatment, especially for indoor acrylic wedding signage.

Moreover, an anti-fog coating is also an ideal treatment you may consider for this component.

Technically, it prevents moisture from accumulating or sticking on the surface material, thus vital for outdoor wedding signs.

Are Acrylic Wedding Signs Easy to Scratch?


What happens is the primary material used for manufacturing this component is naturally hard-surfaced.

This makes it difficult for various types of abrasive elements to scratch the surface material since it is relatively resistant.

Moreover, most manufacturers also incorporate anti-scratch coating on the surface material of these signage.

It reinforces its scratch resistance thus can withstand abuse without necessarily attracting the unpleasant marks on it.

Are Acrylic Wedding Signs Eco-friendly?


First, the raw material is derived from inert gases.

Intrinsically, it means the signage cannot emit any form of toxic fumes when subjected to different elements such as chemicals.

Secondly, acrylic material used for making these types of signs are fully recyclable.

It can break down fully when subjected to recycling process, albeit it takes a lot of effort.

As such, it implies you’ll hardly find them in landfills, which is an essential way of environmental conservation.

How Can You Polish Acrylic Wedding Signs?

There are three major technique often used for polishing acrylic wedding signs, and they include the following;

a) Buffing – It is common acrylic, which utilizes an abrasive surface, leather strop, and work-wheel to smoothen the finishing of this component.

It involves applying an acrylic cream on leather strop, which is fixed on work-wheel then used for polishing the surface material.

b) Vapor-polishing–Entails exposing the acrylic wedding signs to chemically-induced vapor to cause surface flow.

The resultant effect enhances a surface smooth surface finish.

c) Flame Polishing –Involves subjecting the wedding signage to a set heat or flame.

Immediately the surface material melts; briefly, surface tension starts smoothening surface, enabling it to obtain high gloss.

Is there Any Suitable Material You Can Substitute for Acrylic Wedding Signs?


In most cases, polycarbonate comes out as a better alternative to acrylic for making wedding signs.

Polycarbonate and acrylic share many features such as impact strength, durability, optical clarity, lightweight, and dimensional stability among others.

Moreover, polycarbonate is slightly superior to acrylic in many aspects, making it an ideal consideration for wedding signage.

What is the MOQ for Acrylic Wedding Signs?

This varies from one manufacturer to another.

Some companies have a specific MOQ for different acrylic wedding signage designs.

However, others are flexible and allow you to negotiate and arrive at a favorable but reasonable MOQ.

Nevertheless, it is imperative to inquire from the manufacturer regarding the MOQ before placing your respective order.

What Quality Standards Should Acrylic Wedding Signs Conform to?

Quite a number, but the major ones include the following;

  • American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM)
  • CE
  • Restriction of Hazardous Substances Directive
  • SGS

Why Should You Consider Purchasing Acrylic Wedding Signs from China?

China is the leading marketplace for different types of acrylic wedding signs.

Sourcing these signage from this country offers a wide range of benefits, making it an ideal consideration.

Some of the reasons you should procure these items from China include;

  • Flexible MOQ – Most Chinese manufacturers are flexible when it comes to a specific MOQ for the different types of wedding signage.

You can always negotiate and arrive at a fair MOQ based on your budgetary needs.

  • High-quality products – You can always get superior quality acrylic wedding signage from Chinese manufacturers.

They have invested in infrastructure, technology, machine, equipment, and skilled labor to ensure you get nothing short of quality you require.

  • Affordability – In China, you can always find different acrylic wedding signs at affordable rates.

In many instances, the manufacturers often offer great discounts, especially on bulk purchases.

  • Faster turnaround time – Since the Chinese manufacturers have invested heavily in various aspects of production, it hastens manufacturing time.

As such, your order is processed relatively fast, which is essential in enhancing convenience.

  • Variety to choose from – You can always find the specific type of acrylic wedding signs you need for your event.

Whether you need a customized design, you can order and be certain of getting it according to your demands.

At WeProFab, we help you get the best acrylic wedding signs depending on you unique requirements and specifications.

Contact WeProFab now to skyrocket your acrylic wedding signs business.

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