• Acrylic Wishing Well

Acrylic Wishing Well

Weprofab is an organization providing first-class acrylic wishing well production. Weaprofab team of experts is focally operating in mainland China. We have wide-experiences in manufacturing your acrylic wishing well needs. Just send us your own layouts and specified sizes, and we`ll proceed for the next process.

Get WeProFab Acrylic Wishing Well to Delight Your Customers

Weprofab provides customized and a classic acrylic wishing well designs. With our expertise in fabrication, we can supply your requirements within a short period of time.

Acrylic Wishing well card box

For your acrylic wishing well card box needs, there`s an outstanding manufacturer for you, and that is the Weprofab! We can originate acrylic wishing well base on your specifications.

Custom-printed Acrylic Wishing Well

Want to include custom-printed acylic wishing well for an operating business? This is it! Weprofab has broad selections of acrylic wishing well, choose your desired printing designs now.

Laser-engraved Acrylic Wishing well

Weprofab is specialized for laser-engraving acrylic wishing well. We can cut them in different sizes depending on your intended applications.

Lockable Acrylic Wishing well

If you want a further secured lockable acrylic wishing well, you know where to ask assistance! Weprofab has skilled staff, equipped to provide full customer service through online.

Personalised Acrylic Wishing well

Need personalised acrylic wishing well for weddings, birthdays, and for other occassions? Then it`ll never hard for you searching the best manufacturer. Weprofab is the perfect one!

Acrylic Wishing Well Manufacturer

Do you need further supplies of acrylic wishing well? Weprofab is the leading manufacturer providing the best class of any acrylic ishing well formations.

WeProFab: Your Leading Acrylic Wishing Well Manufacturer

Weprofab is well-known giving the most outstanding fabrication services worldwide. This company is a partnership of WeeTect Material Limited and a Chinese local Plastic-thermoformed manufacturer.

In every customer`s demands, Weprofab can help them fabricated in most speedy ways.

For questions, contact us and we`ll promptly respond!

Custom Acrylic Wishing Well to Skyrocket Your Brand

Clear Acrylic Wishing Well

Is your business in need of clear acrylic wishing well? No worries! We can help you get the right product for you!

Mirrored Acrylic Wishing Well

The mirrored acrylic wishing well brings high elegance for various applications. Weprofab is an ideal manufacturer for your mirrored acrylic wishing well orders.

Impact-resistant Acrylic Wishing Well

Do you need of impact-resistant kind of acrylic wishing well? We can surely provide you! Weprofab has been serving for 0ver 20 years and won`t ever fail you in every process.

Glossy Acrylic Wishing Well

The contemporary glossy acrylic wishing well features a laser-cut white acrylic lettering on the outer part of the box. Modern handwritten lettering is open for personalization. It comes with a lock for added protection. And perfect for various purposes since the sizes are customizable.

Multifunctional Acrylic Wishing Well Cube Box

The multifunctional acrylic wishing well box is ideally utilized as a wishing well at any wedding, though it has many other benefits and is perfect for a lovely gift idea. Other uses may include but are not limited to engagement parties, birthdays, christening, and more.

Transparent Acrylic Wishing Well with Lock

The transparent acrylic wishing well comprises a slot on the top and elegant accessories, including a personalized lock for added security. The standard dimensions are said to accommodate more than a hundred letters in any form and size.

Acrylic Charity Wishing Well

The exceptional acrylic charity wishes well complete custom designs and specifications are available. The product employs durable raw materials and undergoes numerous inspections throughout the production process, guaranteeing a quality well used for charity-related events.

Round Edges Acrylic Wishing Well

The elegant round edges acrylic wishing well are customizable and meet your needs and applications. The polished edges of the wishing well add extra uniqueness and function. It is especially beneficial for wedding parties, birthday celebrations, anniversaries, and many more.

Frosted Acrylic Wishing Well

Frosted acrylic wishing well are eco-friendly materials ideal for exhibition applications. They are available for modern design customization. Their dimensions, colors, and logo prints also depend on customers’ requests. They are also practical for engagement and other occasions.

Luxury Acrylic Wishing Well

The luxury acrylic wishing wells are available in various bright colors or transparent. They are produced using multiple technics, including polishing, cutting, printing, and gluing. These acrylic-made wishing wells have numerous usages, like donation, suggestion, and collection boxes.

Acrylic Rose Box Wishing Well

Acrylic rose box wishing wells are in square shapes yet customizable. They are unique and romantic, wishing well, perfect for decoration or gifts. Their acrylic composition makes them sturdier and resists impacts. These simple acrylic wishing wells have compartments inside to put some letters.

Rectangular Acrylic Wishing Well

The rectangular acrylic wishing wells have a wide range of colors and sizes. Ideally, they are used as a charity, donation boxes, or wedding letterboxes. These rectangular-shaped acrylic wishing well have screwed covers to ensure insides’ items.

Reflective Acrylic Wishing Well with Lock

The reflected acrylic wishing wells with locks have various usages, including a ballot box, suggestion box, or donation box. Their reflective effects enhance the great appearance and luxurious looks. They are available in rose gold, gold, silver, and more.

Colored Acrylic Wishing Well

Colored acrylic whishing wells are accessible in numerous shapes and sizes selections. They are available with glitters, marble, and mirrored surface appearance. These acrylic wishing well have a custom design, like a flip lid, lockable, or cover lids.

Acrylic Candy Box Wishing Well

The acrylic candy box wishing well have screen-printed customized logos. Their dimensions and tints are also customizable as customers’ requests. They have two layers for gift candies and wishing letters. These are great ideas as a gift for loved ones.

Wall Mounted Acrylic Wishing Well

Wall-mounted acrylic wishing wells feature eco-friendliness, transparency, and excellent personalized marks. They are easy to install and available in various hues and sizes. These wall-mounted acrylic wishing well are perfect for wedding and birthday applications. 

Wedding Decor Acrylic Wishing Well

The acrylic wishing wells as wedding decor are secured with locks aside. They also have pastel-like colors to maximize their beauty and catchy looks. These acrylic wishing well are also suitable for exhibition halls, advertising, and marketing utilization.

Non-Toxic Acrylic Wishing Well

Non-toxic acrylic wishing wells are ideal for offices, hotels, or home usage. They have high hardness features with customizable specifications(sizes, shapes, patterns, logo prints, and colors). These acrylic-made materials are more unbreakable and lightweight than glass.

Printed Acrylic Wishing Well

The printed acrylic wishing wells are available in different personalized prints. The logos are silk printed or engraved. The patterns can be names, wedding dates, customized designs, or brands. They are available in various thicknesses, shapes, and colors.

Acrylic Wishing Well with Hinged Lid

Acrylic wishing wells with hinged lids are excellent candy boxes or wedding boxes. Sliding covers or hinged covers are available, depending on customers’ choices. Rectangular, square, heart, inclined-top, and more shapes are also attainable.

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Why WeProFab Acrylic Wishing Well

Acrylic Wishing Well

Do you want to get more facts about Acrylic Wishing Well?

Well, you come to the right place! Weprofab provides facts about the acrylic wishing well for your big day or any occasional applications.

We have different acrylic wishing well types to offer, obtainable in best yet competitive prices.

Weprofab produces enlightened wishing well that comes from acrylic thermoplastics materials.

This Weprofab acrylic wishing well can complement various color concepts.

Used as fashionable containers to gather wedding accessories like cards, also called as wish cards.

Also, Weprofab acrylic wishing well is the perfect box to keep your valuable wedding souvenirs after the event.

Weprofab acrylic wishing well is popular with clear transparent colors.

Acrylic Wishing Well

The acrylic wishing well from Weprofab is uniquely manufactured.

This actually has good sizes, the best popular to add for more upcoming wedding ceremonies.

Weprofab attached removable lid and lock to the acrylic wishing well for a great finish.

We can also customize them for your business, we`ll give advices for effective business additions.

Our version of acrylic wishing well is a modern solution for wedding gifts. Different size options are provided for your business applications.

When wanting customization, our team is experts.

We can help you achieve the brightest future for your business!

Acrylic Wishing Well

Weprofab is more focused on giving customer personalized assistance.

We manufacture premium-quality acrylic wishing well to be added to your business.

A great partnership between us is expected! Complete services packages are provided for you.

Send now your ideal Weprofab Acrylic Wishing Well finish! We can`t wait to work for it.

Ultimate FAQ Guide To Acrylic Wishing Wells

Creating enlightened wishes for those special moments, acrylic wishing wells are fashionable containers that turn your color and design concepts into personalized messages.

 Acrylic Wishing Wells

Acrylic Wishing Wells

The acrylic wishing well is popular in transparent shades and is the preferred box to store keepsakes after important cards from those special occasions.

Get that safe removable lid and lock wishing well as an effective business addition or choose one of those modern new releases as a wedding gift.

If you have a question about an acrylic wishing well, you have come to the right place.

This guide will answer all your questions about acrylic wishing wells.

How Do You Design Acrylic Wishing Wells?

Designing Acrylic Wishing Wells

Designing Acrylic Wishing Wells

· Sizing

Pick a design that you like and would like to use as an acrylic wishing well.

Decide on its tentative dimensions starting with standard dimensions (300 X 300 X 300 mm).

Your design will eventually turn into an exclusive box based on factors like the overall shape, a combination of lower and upper characters, and the wording you want to be printed on your acrylic wishing wells.

· Layout

Professional acrylic box makers have inhouse design teams that ensure your designs have the best wishing well sizing and layouts.

· Fonts And Colors

Once you choose the type of font and color, the manufacturer’s in-house design team will match the text and subtext or changes in the message with the same color or colors you chose for your acrylic wishing wells.

You have a list of color combinations at your disposal.

Inhouse designers have color codes that you can utilize to arrive at the ideal color combinations.

For example, a font color combination can be pink text with a UV printed pink subtext.

Any amount of customization is possible including custom fonts, colors, and prints.

How Do You Make Acrylic Wishing Wells?

Decide on the size of the acrylic wishing wells based on the level of transparency you need to display items stored in the box.

· Materials Needed

  1. Transparent acrylic sheet
  2. Cutting mat
  3. Acrylic cutting knife
  4. Acrylic glue
  5. Metal ruler
  6. Screen printing kit
  7. Glass cleaner
  8. Tape

· Cut The Transparent Acrylic Sheet

You can either get cut-to-size acrylic sheets or cut the sheet to meet your requirements.

Here is the process to cut the sheets to size.

1. Place the transparent acrylic sheet on a flat surface and mark the dimensions you need over the sheet.

As an example, let’s take 6 cut-to-size pieces of 10 inches each.

2. Along the marked lines, make sharp and deep cuts over the sheet with the acrylic cutting knife using the metal ruler as support.

3. When you turn the sheet over, you must be able to see the cuts you made on the other side.

4. Turn the sheet over and hold the metal ruler over a cut you made.

5. With your thumb as support, apply force with the other fingers until the cut-to-size acrylic piece completely separates from the sheet.

6. Follow the same technique to get all your cut-to-size pieces.

7. You will also need 4 small square pieces of the same material to support the top cover at the four corners.

· Screen Printing Acrylic Wishing Wells

Screen Printing Acrylic Wishing Wells

 Screen Printing Acrylic Wishing Wells

Screen printing is an easy way to get your chosen fonts on the acrylic wishing well.

You will need the following items to complete the screen-printing process.

  1. Cut-to-size transparent acrylic wishing wells
  2. Screen and frame
  3. Silkscreen fabric ink
  4. 250-watt bulb
  5. Photo emulsion and sensitizer
  6. Cardboard piece
  7. Latex gloves
  8. Squeegee
  9. Dark Room

Choose the font you want to be printed on your acrylic wishing wells and create an image of the words.

You can choose the text, subtext, and font on each surface and screenprint accordingly.

Apply a coat of emulsion on your cut-to-size transparent acrylic wishing wells pieces.

The emulsion includes the emulsion and sensitizer. Proportions are highlighted in the user guide or pamphlet offered with your screen-printing kit.

Use the squeegee to spread the emulsion over the screen.

Expose the image on the screen’s surface. To avoid blurry images, take care not to overexpose the image.

After this, use cold water to clean the screen.

Check the screen against the light to match it against the transparency.

Allow the screen to dry.

Place the screen with the design over the transparent acrylic wishing well side piece.

If you need a completely transparent box, it is best to choose lighter to almost colorless shades of the dye for your chosen font color.

Run the dye to screen print your message over the side panel.

Once the process is over, remove the screen and clean it.

The dye dries almost instantly.

Follow the same process with the other pieces until you have the text and subtext highlighting your messages on the appropriate sides.


· Prepare The Pieces For Bonding

Check the edges of these cut-to-size acrylic pieces.

Use a glass cleaner to remove dirt and other impurities.

The edges must be smooth with sharp perpendicular cuts.

· Bonding Cut-To-Size Pieces Together

Place the bottom piece on the flat surface.

One by one, start bonding the side pieces to the bottom sheet.

Apply acrylic glue to both surfaces and hold them together with tape.

Allow the side pieces to dry over the bottom piece.

Now apply acrylic cement to the top corners of the side pieces as well as the small square acrylic pieces that bond at the corners.

Place those small square pieces over the side pieces making sure they are perfectly aligned at the edges.

· Assembling The Box

Place the top sheet over all four corner pieces.

The top cover must completely cover the corner pieces.

Your acrylic wishing well is ready.

What Are The Different Types Of Acrylic Wishing Wells?

· Acrylic Wishing Wells Card Box

Acrylic Wishing Wells Card Box

Acrylic Wishing Wells Card Box

Uniquely designed as per your specifications, the acrylic wishing wells card box is the perfect collection box for your baby shower, wedding, graduation, birthday, and other events.

This completely transparent acrylic box has a high-quality finish with printed designs in gold or custom color.

Custom text like “Cards” are printed on the front panel with custom subtext with or without images printed on the back and side panels.

Made of sturdy acrylic material, this versatile acrylic wishing wells card box is a handy box not just to collect cards at weddings and other events, but also as a keepsake to store memorabilia and cards.

Personalize your acrylic wishing well card box with flowers, ribbons, or other imaginative decorative elements.

You can get ready acrylic wishing wells card boxes with card slits on the top to slide cards inside the box.

You can also opt for a ready-to-assemble box for specific events.

· Custom-Printed Acrylic Wishing Wells

 Custom-Printed Acrylic Wishing Wells

Custom-Printed Acrylic Wishing Wells

Created to increase visual appeal for your operating business, the custom-printed acrylic wishing wells come with top panels that open on hinges, allowing you to collect cards on a regular basis.

Collect cards from clients, friends, or use it as a business-related collection box.

These attractive custom-printed acrylic wishing wells are highly visible.

Keep it at locations accessible to your chosen audience.

You can opt for a latch to secure your box and prevent unauthorized access.

Decide on the size and message for your box.

A custom-sized card slit allows cards to pile up neatly one over the other.

· Laser-Engraved Acrylic Wishing Wells

Laser-Engraved Acrylic Wishing Wells

Laser-Engraved Acrylic Wishing Wells

Cut into different sizes depending on your applications, laser-engraved acrylic wishing wells display highly appealing and clear messages.

A limitless supply of designs, fonts, and colors are available to engrave on your classy and elegant acrylic wishing wells.

Professionally laser-engraved, these boxes are personalized with custom details that match the chosen décor and theme of your chosen event.

These trendy laser-engraved acrylic wishing wells allow clear views of contents stored within.

Large envelope slits on the lid allow users to post even extra-large cards into these boxes.

Bulk OEM/ODM laser-engraved acrylic wishing wells orders can be easily matched with acrylic invitations, décor, table numbers, signs, and keepsakes using similar designs.

· Lockable Acrylic Wishing Wells

 Lockable Acrylic Wishing Wells

Lockable Acrylic Wishing Wells

Designed as fully secured decorative containers, lockable acrylic wishing wells are assembled from laser-cut, high-quality cut-to-size acrylic panels.

These boxes can be handmade with your personalized messages.

Place any number of bulk orders produced with transferable decals, laser-engravings, florals, chalk markers, and other additions.

Acrylic or vinyl decals are worded on this lockable acrylic wishing wells.

Different types of attractive locks can be included that match other design elements found around this elegant acrylic wishing wells.

· Personalized Acrylic Wishing Wells

Personalized Acrylic Wishing Wells

 Personalized Acrylic Wishing Wells

If you need unique messages, designs, and wordings for those memorable occasions, then choose personalized acrylic wishing wells that showcase your feelings.

Choose from “Circle of Love,” “From the Heart,” and other contemporary designs for your acrylic wishing wells.

Convey personalized messages engraved on this acrylic wishing wells to your chosen audience.

Include the names of participants and the date of that special event.

Try out exciting color combinations and fonts that add appeal to your endorsements.

Use your personalized acrylic wishing wells to store wedding cards, well wishes, and keepsakes.

· Clear Acrylic Wishing Wells

Clear Acrylic Wishing Wells

 Clear Acrylic Wishing Wells

Laser-cut and engraved, clear acrylic wishing wells can be hot bent, polished, and combined into highly transparent storage boxes.

This clear acrylic wishing well is durable, elegant, and eco-friendly.

Made of top-class Perspex or Plexiglass materials, these clear acrylic wishing wells come with custom logos, colors, designs, and sizes.

Top grade laser cutting and engraving, mold making, heat bending, jointing, silk-screen printing, ink-spraying, and other technologies are used to produce these trendy clear acrylic wishing wells.

High-quality non-recyclable acrylic material is used to make box panels for this clear acrylic wishing well.

· Mirrored Acrylic Wishing Wells

 - Mirrored Acrylic Wishing Wells

Mirrored Acrylic Wishing Wells

Adding elegance to your custom applications, mirrored acrylic wishing wells are safe and eco-friendly boxes made of top-quality Plexiglass material.

This acrylic box has highly reflective mirrored panels.

You can use these mirrored acrylic boxes in shops, supermarkets, and stores for promotions.

Display products and price tags of new products to your customers.

Diamond-polished smooth edges make these boxes safe to handle.

Custom sizes, shapes, and colors are available with humanized messages that appeal to viewers.

· Impact-Resistant Acrylic Wishing Wells

Impact-Resistant Acrylic Wishing Wells

Impact-Resistant Acrylic Wishing Wells

Reinforced with sheets of 3mm thickness, impact-resistant acrylic wishing wells are available in rose gold and other shades with outstanding impact-resistant capabilities.

Exquisite designs are laser engraved into precise laser-cut smooth panels as per your requirements.

These impact-resistant acrylic wishing wells can be thermoformed, fabricated, and machined to withstand chemical and acid attacks.

They have excellent light transmission, UV- and weather-resistant properties.

· Acrylic Wishing Wells Wedding Gift Box

Acrylic Wishing Wells Wedding Gift Box

 Acrylic Wishing Wells Wedding Gift Box

Especially made for your sentimental wedding keepsakes, the acrylic wishing wells wedding gift box is a premium, ultra-clear acrylic box that you can use to store your guests’ well wishes.

Personalize your wedding gift box with chalk markers, transferable decals, and laser-engraved messages and designs.

Engrave custom wedding messages like “Cards and Gifts,” “Well Wishes for Mr. & Mrs.” etc. to attract immediate attention.

You can get crystal-clear, gold, silver, mirrored and other types of boxes customized to create unique wedding keepsakes.

Adjustments can be easily made to bulk OEM/ODM orders with quick turnaround times.

Do Acrylic Wishing Wells Turn Yellow?

High-quality acrylic wishing wells are coated with UV-protected layers that prevent them from turning yellow for 8 to 10 years even on direct exposure to solar radiation.

These attractive wishing wells can be used in store displays and outdoor applications without losing their transparency.

Do Acrylic Wishing Wells Crack Or Break?

Yes, they may crack under great force.

However, they will not shatter but break into dull pieces that do not cut your skin.

Depending on the thickness of the sheets used to make them, you can get acrylic wishing wells that are customized for your application.

The professional acrylic box maker employs modern technologies to create unique and eye-catching acrylic wishing wells for all occasions.

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