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  • Adhesive Bandage Wrap

Adhesive Bandage Wrap

WeProFab can supply your ideal adhesive bandage wrap according to your request and business project special requirements. Our adhesive bandage wrap is flexible, waterproof, colored, 100% cotton, elastic, and more applicable for medical and sports purposes. Send your desired adhesive bandage wrap selections.

Get Adhesive Bandage Wrap to Delight Your Customers

As your premier choice to get outstanding quality adhesive bandage wrap in China, WeProFab has the best capability to ensure your products and purchase satisfaction. Our adhesive bandage wrap samples are complete provide 3D and video samples that help you choose the right selections easier and fast.

3M Adhesive Bandage Wrap

You can choose a wider 3M adhesive bandage wrap for your business support. It has perfect customizations perfect for any purpose with perfect thin textile strips surface.

Colored Adhesive Bandage Wrap

If you have ideal adhesive bandage wrap colors, you can request customizations from blue, yellow, brown, red, and more at different lengths. Lower rates are guarantee according to your customization.

Elastic Adhesive Bandage Wrap

We have elastic adhesive bandage wrap in different colors and wide sizes. It has a soft surface and durable sticking ability to treat strains and also reduce the flow of blood.

Medical Adhesive Bandage Wrap

WeProFab adhesive bandage wrap is widely used for medical purposes supplied to many medical facilities worldwide. Our adhesive bandage wrap has suitable colors for medical.

Self Adhesive Bandage Wrap

Our self-adhesive bandage wrap has a lot of options and uses which has great support in all types of injuries and wounds. You can choose elastic, non-woven, and more choices.

Sports Adhesive Bandage Wrap

We have sports adhesive bandage wrap with excellent customizations and types of textile strips. It compresses wounds and strains to lessen the pain and blood flow.

WeProFab: Your Professional Adhesive Bandage Wrap Manufacturer

Choose long-term partners for all purchases easier. WeProFab has great connections with many customers from around the world and builds perfect relationships. Our adhesive bandage wrap is supplied to all types of industries and healthcare facilities.

WeProFab is a professional and one-stop solution provider that able to handle and support your business to success. We can manage your adhesive bandage wrap documents well and ensure fast and secured transactions offering complete information. You can trust the safety of your payments with our terms of payment offered.

Custom Adhesive Bandage Wrap to Boost Your Brand

Custom Adhesive Bandage Wrap

We can custom you adhesive bandage wrap sizes, colors, lengths, prints, and more options. We have also perfect suggestions that will suit your special requirements.

Non-Woven Flexible Adhesive Bandage Wrap

Our non-woven flexible adhesive bandage wrap has different sizes, prints, and color selections. You can choose base on your applications offered at amazing prices.

Plain Color Adhesive Bandage Wrap

Our plain color adhesive bandage wrap is accessible in brown. White, red, blue, yellow, orange, and more custom colors and sizes as well. We guarantee prices base on the sizes.

Printed Adhesive Bandage Wrap

Our adhesive bandage wrap is accessible in different prints. We designed different types of prints suitable for medical use, sports, and so on. You can request your ideal adhesive bandage wrap prints.

Waterproof Adhesive Bandage Wrap

Our adhesive bandage wrap is waterproof perfect for medical and other purposes. It has suitable sizes perfect for lower body parts and upper parts of the body applications.

Stretchable Adhesive Bandage Tape

Adhesive bandage tapes are stretchable. Provides comfortable and safety for any parts of the body fracture. A smooth texture and anti-bacterial that helps application fast healing. You can order in bulk and get cheaper rates to offer.

2 Inch Adhesive Bandage Tape

You can choose bulk orders of 2-inch adhesive bandage tapes at WeProFab. Available in various colors according to its applications and uses. You can get the best price offer and gain excellent profits for your business.

Breathable 5 Yards Adhesive Bandage Tape

You can choose different types of adhesive bandage tapes with WeProFab. 5 yards bandage tapes have a lot of selections such as textures, colors, and sizes. Breathable for arm and leg fractures that provides fast healing.

Athletic Adhesive Bandage Tape

Adhesive bandage tape for athletes has different color coding. Accessible in a variety of sizes and textures, prints, and more. Durable and long-lasting bandage tape that provides great wound and fracture protection.

Assorted Color Adhesive Bandage Tape

Choose different colors of adhesive bandage tapes. Smooth, comfortable, and breathable bandage tape is suitable for different applications such as medical, athletics, and more to prevent sweat, treat wounds, protect fractures, and more.

Anti-Bacterial Adhesive Bandage Tape

WeProFab adhesive bandage tapes are anti-bacterial. Safety from any type of skin that prevents irritation. A competitive price offers for your expandable business and helps you gain the best profits.

Adhesive Bandage Sports Tape

Adhesive bandage tapes are suitable for sports. Widely apply for knees, ankles, wrist, and more. Protect and heal different parts of the body like wounds, fractures, dry skin, and more. Competitive rates offer for your growing business.

4.5m Adhesive Bandage Tape

Choose 4.5m adhesive bandage tapes. It has a great ability to provide comfortable protection that withstands moisture and sweat. It helps the body parts’ blood circulation and swelling.

3 Inch Adhesive Bandage Tape

There are plenty of options when choosing 3-inch adhesive bandage tapes. Suitable for a small wound dressing that protects from dust and bacteria. We ensure the safety bandage tapes that passed FDA certifications.

Brown Adhesive Bandage Tape

Adhesive bandage tapes are common supplies in brown color. Use for wound dressing and fractured parts of the body. An effective application, flexible and comfortable that provides robust protection.

Custom Print Adhesive Bandage Tape

Are you looking for quality custom print adhesive bandage tapes? We can custom your ideal prints and colors including your own logo. Suitable for medical and sports which do not soak if it gets wet.

Disposable Adhesive Bandage Tape

Adhesive bandage tapes are disposable. Great ability to restore injured parts and helps good circulation. Flexible and long-lasting bandage tapes at a lower price offer.

Medical Adhesive Bandage Tape

Adhesive bandage tape is commonly used for medical. Available in a variety of sizes, textures, uses, and more. Different colors and sizes such as brown, red, blue, and custom prints.

Non-Slip Adhesive Bandage Tape

If you are looking for excellent quality adhesive bandage tape, non-slip has an effective solution for a variety of applications. Easier to apply and remove that provides a comfortable feeling.

Strong Elastic Adhesive Bandage Tape

The adhesive bandage tape is strong and elastic. Easier to use and does not stick to the skin which causes irritation. It is a waterproof and breathable tape which use for a long time.

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Why WeProFab Adhesive Bandage Wrap

Are you looking for cost-effective and plenty of selections of adhesive bandage wrap in China? WeProFab has a lot to offer for you.

WeProFab adhesive bandage wrap is a stretchable bandage widely used for muscle sprains and reduces blood flow to all types of wounds. It has an elastic and smooth surface made of cotton and rubber latex consist of knit fabrics.

Our adhesive bandage wrap is also applicable for the bone fracture treatment process. It has different wide sizes and colors you need to consider to add for your business requirements. Our adhesive bandage wrap is accessible in different sizes from 2cm to 10cm and up. It has different procedures base on the applications like muscle sprains, wounds, sprains, bone fractures, and more.

WeProFab adhesive bandage wrap has great protection and support to all types of applications made of natural rubber that keeps it smooth to your skin with knitted fabric. It totally provides perfect compression.

Our adhesive bandage wrap has a lot of uses as well aside from medical and sports purposes. It is also applicable for venous conditions and treatment for lymphedema. It can provide high resting compression which one of the best medical supplies recommended.

WeProFab has the full capability to handle all types of processes to supply excellent adhesive bandage wrap. We have great production machines and convenient plant area especially expert manufacturing staff. All of this has a great advantage.

Send your inquiries to get our complete information so we can quickly satisfy your special requirements. Get in touch!

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