• Adult Resuscitator

Adult Resuscitator

WeProFab is a trusted manufacturer and supplier of adult resuscitator in China. We have a lot of experience in adult resuscitator production. The quality of our products has been proven and tested our valuable clients around the world.

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As a professional adult resuscitator manufacturer, WeProFab offers the best quality products at an affordable price. Our wide range of adult resuscitators will surely meet your requirements.

Adult Manual Resuscitators

WeProFab adult manual resuscitators are latex-free and disposable. It features structured surface and handy design for a safe grip.

PVC Resuscitator Mask

WeProFab manufactures a wide range of PVC resuscitator masks available in different size variations for adults. These are manufactured using latex-free PVC or high-quality silicone.

Silicone Resuscitation Mask

WeProFab silicone resuscitation masks are made from full silicone that features anatomical shapes. These are also autoclavable and reusable.

PVC Artificial Ventilation Mask

WeProFab manufactures a high-quality PVC artificial ventilation mask that features anatomical shape, latex-free, adjustable head strap, wide nose clip, and 2000ml fixed reservoir bag.

Mouth-to-Mouth Resuscitation Mask

At WeProFab, we are a trusted manufacturer of mouth-to-mouth resuscitator masks for single use. It has an anatomical shape, O2 connector, and more advanced features.

Reusable Resuscitator Masks

WeProFab manufactures reusable resuscitator masks that provides maximum comfort to users. These are made from high-quality PVC and manufactured with different sizes.

WeProFab: Your Leading Adult Resuscitator Manufacturer

For many years, WeProFab manufactures efficient, high-performance, safe, and durable adult resuscitator. For hospitals, pharmacies, and retailers, WeProFab adult resuscitators are the best for you!

As a professional manufacturer, WeProFab manufactures adult resuscitators that are fully customizable according to your needs and specifications. It comes with different sizes, materials, and more features.

WeProFab manufactures a wide range of adult resuscitators for your needs. Contact us now for your inquiries!

Custom Adult Resuscitator to Promote Your Brand

Artificial Respirator for Adults

At WeProFab, we manufacture a wide range of artificial respirator for adults that features self-inflating double-ended silicone bag, side feed oxygen inlet, and more customizable features.

Adult Silicone Resuscitator

WeProFab is a professional manufacturer of adult silicone resuscitator with wide range of sizes for adults. These are fully customizable according to your needs.

Adult Resuscitation Kit

WeProFab manufactures a complete set of adult resuscitation kit with different airways and Guedel airways. It also has mouth opener, hand suction, oxygen tube, oxygen reservoir bag with valve, and more.

T Piece Resuscitator with Manometer

WeProFab offers a high-quality T-piece resuscitator with manometer for pressure monitoring. It features peep flow control and 2-n-1 valve for easy use.

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Why Choose WeProFab Adult Resuscitator


Adult resuscitator

WeProFab is a trusted manufacturer of adult resuscitator in China for many years. We supply high-quality and efficient adult resuscitators to international customers. We have a wide range of adult resuscitators for hospitals, retailers, and pharmacies.

WeProFab adult resuscitators are used for patients that has a breathing difficulty. It consists of oxygen reservoir positive end-expiratory valve, pop-off valve, flexible bag attached to a face mask, and a pressure relief.

Adult resuscitator

It features a wide range of ventilation volume. These are also made from medical grade materials such as silicone and PVC.  WeProFab manufactures reusable and disposable adult resuscitators.

WeProFab adult resuscitator features simple technology. It is integrated with pop-off valve to help prevent lung over-inflation. It also helps in avoiding gastric insufflation. Its PEEP features also help in maintaining residual lung pressure.

Our adult resuscitators are often used for treating patients with cardiopulmonary arrests. These are also used in intensive care and anesthesia for patient ventilation.

Adult resuscitator

At WeProFab, you can find the widest selection of adult resuscitators such as adult silicone resuscitator, adult resuscitator kit, adult PVC resuscitator mask, and more. These are available in different customizable sizes to meet your requirements.

WeProFab always manufactures adult resuscitators while adhering to international standards and strict guidelines. In fact, our adult resuscitators and other products are FDA and CE approved. Thus, you can assure that your adult resuscitators are safe, durable, and high-performance.

Adult resuscitator

WeProFab is your best manufacturer and supplier of adult resuscitators in China. We offer competitive prices, high-quality products, and excellent customer services. We also have experienced professionals to manufacture your ideal adult resuscitator!

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