• Air Purifying Respirator

Air Purifying Respirator

Weprofab is your leading air purifying respirator manufacturer in China. As the most trusted manufacturer by many clients, we make sure to provide the durable and good quality air purifying respirator with the best rates offered.

We are also able to custom your air purifying respirator based on your specific types, sizes, and designs.

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Get Air Purifying Respirator to Delight Your Customers

We have offered the greatest quality air purifying respirator to effectively delight your own customers. We can also support your urgent needs of high-class air purifying respirators. We can be your perfect partner in this industry!

Custom Air Purifying Respirator

Weprofab has the capacity to provide custom air purifying respirators. It can be made of high-class silica gel or silicone. All are used to remove dust and function as anti-gas respirators.

CE-approved Air Purifying Respirator

Our CE-approved air purifying respirator is available spherical full-face design. It complies with GB2890-2009 quality standards and can fit any face shape and size.

Full-facepiece Air Purifying Respirator

Weprofab provides full-facepiece air purifying respirator at many options from features, textures, styles, thickness, size, and colors. It is available for unisex, whether female or male users.

Powered Air Purifying Respirator

This powered air purifying respirator from Weprofab is applicable in removing dangerous contaminated from inhaled air. It has the material that purifies the air before inhaled by the user.

Reusable Air Purifying Respirator

Our reusable air purifying respirator will help you save costs. It is used to safeguard users against polluted air. It is available in different colors, shapes, and sizes.


Positive Pressure Compressed Air Purifying Respirator

Weprofab offers positive pressure compressed air purifying respirator with amazing features. It is effective in trapping toxic gases or dust. It totally purifies the air before inhaled by the user.

WeProFab: Your Professional Air Purifying Respirator Manufacturer

Choosing the most reliable and trusted air purifying respirator manufacturer might be pressuring and not easy especially when you just starting a business. Consider the capabilities of Weprofab! We have rich experience in this industry for more than 20 years and have already trusted by several clients from different countries.

You can always count on Weprofab if you are looking for durable and cost-effective air purifying respirator products.

We used our advanced machines to make health-certified and higher-class air purifying respirator selections. And if you have your own ideas about your orders, we also consider them.

Custom Air Purifying Respirator to Boost Your Business

Air Purifying Respirator for Kids

If you request a specific size for your air purifying respirator for kids, we can give you the exact size you wanted. It is available with custom headgear or filters.

Face-mounted Air Purifying Respirator

Our face-mounted air purifying respirator is anti-toxic gas and anti-dust. It conforms to healthcare standards and secured the safety of the user.

High-quality Air Purifying Respirator

Weprofab high-quality air purifying respirator is one of the best tools to deliver clean and purified air for you. Its durability is well-tested by many clients around the world.

Portable Air Purifying Respirator

We manufactured portable air purifying respirators which available in different colors and sizes. It contained a powered fan, power source, headgear, and multiple filters.

3 Modes Air Purifying Respirator

3 modes air purifying respirator filter out particles such as dust, mist, and fumes. Features reusable facepiece and replaceable filters. Provides eye protection and a powerful circulation system.

Adults Air Purifying Respirator

Adults air purifying respirator runs at 3 different adjustable speeds with a powerful ventilation system. Guarantees perfect fitment and equipped with innovative air tube and mask. Smoothly delivers air.

Air Purifying Electric Respirator

The air purifying electric respirator is three-dimensional and comfortable to use. Includes rechargeable air pump and replaceable air filters. The outer counter of the masks fits the face shape perfectly.

Air Purifying Half-Face Respirator

An air purifying half-face respirator can be used to protect against gases, vapors, or particles. Features an elastomeric half-facepiece respirator that covers the nose and mouth. Allows for superior flexibility and convenience.

Automatic Air Purifying Respirator

The automatic air purifying respirator is made of a revolutionary silicone material that is soft and pliable. Features a large sealing surface and an improved yoke design head strap. Automatically powered.

Customized Air Purifying Respirator

The customized air purifying respirator includes a self-adjusting nose bridge area and is durable. Available in small, medium, and large sizes as well as a variety of colors. Provides high protective performance.

Disposable Air Purifying Respirator

A disposable air purifying respirator enables much more comfortable breathing. Lightweight, disposable, relatively comfortable, and inexpensive. Approved for protection against dust and mists.

Dual Fan Air Purifying Respirator

Dual fan air purifying respirator provides three levels of filter efficiency. Applicable to a variety of workers including hospital employees. Includes a rubber face seal that fits over the nose and under the chin.

Flexible Air Purifying Respirator

Flexible air purifying respirator is relatively lightweight and offers good protection from many air contaminants. Provided with a full facepiece and provides eye protection. Guarantees enhance flexibility.

High-Efficiency Air Purifying Respirator

High-efficiency air purifying respirator is frequently used for protection from a wide variety of respiratory hazards. Provides a better seal and protects the eyes and face from irritating vapors and splashed chemicals

Large Air Purifying Respirator

Large air purifying respirator is designed to provide protection against a specific type of hazard. Features a battery-powered, portable fan and filter unit. Highly eliminates the difficulty in breathing and provides a good facial fit.

Personal Air Purifying Respirator

Personal air purifying respirator is available in a series of filter types. Provides durable protection even in harsh environments. Economical, low-maintenance, and extremely lightweight.

Rechargeable Air Purifying Respirator

Rechargeable air purifying respirator is designed with enhanced comfort and visibility. Includes twin lightweight filters to protect against gases, vapors, and particulates. Available with loose-fitting facepiece.

Reusable Air Purifying Respirator

Reusable air purifying respirator arrives with a medical-grade silicone sealing surface. Offers maximum protection and high wearing comfort. Ensures to provide a soft, secure, and comfortable fit.

White Air Purifying Respirator

White air purifying respirator combines comfort, durability, and stability. Features a unique face seal design for a comfortable fit. Features lightly textured silicone face seal and strong body construction.

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Why WeProFab Air Purifying Respirator

Air Purifying Respirator

Weprofab in China is the best supplier and manufacturer of different air purifying respirator designs. We are known to supply the best prices and quality of air purifying respirator with several options made of first-rate material.

The air purifying respirators (APRs) is functional in removing harmful contamination from inhaled air or used to secure users against contaminated air. It has the essential material that purifies and traps the air that the user is breathing. It can particularly trap dust or toxic gases and delivers clean air to the user`s nose, face, and mouth.

Air Purifying Respirator

Weprofab APRs or air purifying respirators have the main three parts; the facemask, a cartridge filter used to remove fumes and chemical gases, and another cartridge filter to remove mists, smaller particles, and dust. Regardless of the kind, it can also customize with unique headgear (hood or mask), a powered fan used to forces air to enters the device, a power source, and multiple filters to deliver clean air.

Our APRs have low breathing resistance and adjustable airflow rates for total comfort. What`s good with this, it has the ability to fit different shapes and sizes of human faces. However, these air purifying respirators are typically used in healthcare settings and for CBRN defense.

Air Purifying Respirator

Air purifying respirator manufactured by Weprofab is available in different types such as Full-facepiece Air Purifying Respirator, Half Facepiece Air Purifying Respirator, Powered Air Purifying Respirator, Reusable Air Purifying Respirator, Face-mounted Air Purifying Respirator, and many more. It is all offered at the best price and best quality for everyone`s satisfaction.

Weprofab supplies air purifying respirators to all types of hospital, clinical, and pharmaceutical settings as government health care items.

Our types of air purifying respirators reach several countries all over the world. These are completely tested and proven by many in this industry.

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