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Anti Eavesdropping Film

WeProFab is a professional manufacturer of anti eavesdropping film in China. Our range of anti eavesdropping film product provides excellent protection from electronic and wireless eavesdropping through windows.  It is manufactured from the highest quality materials allow users to experience outstanding security and protection. Message Weprofab now for more inquiries.

Get WeProFab Anti Eavesdropping Film to Delight Your Customers

WeProFab is your #1 anti eavesdropping film supplier with 20+ years production experience. We have a wide range of film fabrication capabilities allow us to produce second-to-none anti eavesdropping film. As a professional manufacturer, we can custom-made your anti eavesdropping film orders according to your requirements.

IR RF Attenuation Film Anti-Eavesdropping Film

Our IR RF attenuation film anti-eavesdropping film gives high attenuation levels to glazed areas. Weprofab is your excellent manufacturer that can satisfy your needs.

Anti-Laser Film Anti Eavesdropping Film

Weprofab Anti-laser film anti eavesdropping film is manufactured with  ultraviolet transmission of (<380nm)= <1%, infrared transmission (800-2500nm)= – <1% and RF (30Mz-6Gz)= Avg 40dB.

Anti-Eavesdrop Window Film Laser Protective Film

Our range of anti-eavesdrop window film laser protective film is designed with visible light transmission (400-780nm)= >53%, visible light reflectance = 13%, and total solar energy reflected = 70%.

Anti-Eavesdropping Film Manufacturing

Weprofab is specialized in manufacturing anti-eavesdropping film. We are equipped with the latest manufacturing equipment and mature technology. It allows us to create a superior quality anti-eavesdropping film on-time.

Custom Anti-Eavesdropping Film

At Weprofab, the custom anti-eavesdropping film is available at a very affordable rate. You can choose the right product based on your requirements and needs.

Privacy Protection Anti-Eavesdropping Film

For great protection, use privacy protection anti-eavesdropping film at Weprofab. This product will increase glazing security and help protect against disfavored entry.

WeProFab: Your Leading Manufacturer and Supplier of Anti Eavesdropping Film in China

Weprofab is you trusted partner when it comes to anti eavesdropping film needs. We are a world-leading film manufacturer that can meet the challenges of the threat of high-tech electronic eavesdropping. This film can absorb infrared laser to protect privacy.

As a leader in this industry, Weprofab is committed to deliver the most durable and high-performance anti eavesdropping film to customer worldwide. We have excellent R&D team and customer service willing to assist you anytime.

You can secure your computer and electronic communications by blocking electronic eavesdropping through window glass with our high-tech Weprofab anti eavesdropping film. Request a quote now!


Custom Anti Eavesdropping Film to Promote Your Brand

UV Protection Anti-Eavesdropping Film

Obtain high-tech electronic eavesdropping in Weprofab. It features UV resistance that can protect furnishings from harmful UV rays. It reduces window heat gain/loss. Using this, you can lower your energy costs.

Military Grade Anti-Eavesdropping Film

The military-grade anti-eavesdropping film is durable and functional. It can protect your confidential information from significant impact according to federal government standards.

High Visible Light Transmission Anti-Eavesdropping Film

We use the highest quality film in producing high visible light transmission anti-eavesdropping film. According to your requirements, we can design anti-eavesdropping film with the given wave of UV, IR, visible light to absorb, etc.

Anti-Shatter Anti-Eavesdropping Film

Weprofab develops anti-eavesdropping film with anti-shatter properties. According to your various applications and processes, our team can supply a broad range of products for your business.

Blue Appearance Anti-Eavesdropping Film

Our version of the blue anti-eavesdropping film is widely used in various settings such as in criminal investigation, Laser equipment’ operating protection, security, etc.

Transparent Anti-Eavesdropping Film

This product is made through nano-grinding and multi-layer optical coating methods. It absorbs and reflects some special waves, blocks the laser, and provides high transmission of visible light.

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WeProFab Anti Eavesdropping Film

Anti-Eavesdropping Film

Weprofab anti eavesdropping film is also known as RF attenuation window film. It blocks radio frequencies and electromagnetic radiation from entering a home or work environment. This film is manufactured with excellent protection from eavesdropping and can provide data rupture safety.

Our range of anti-eavesdropping films can meet the stringent security standard for offices handling sensitive or classified information. This film will protect your customer from electronic eavesdropping and wireless signal stealing through windows.

Weprofab anti eavesdropping film is the perfect film for your business or applications where safety and protection are needed. It provides wireless security to meet SCIF and Tempest requirements. Our Weprofab anti eavesdropping film can be seamlessly installed on glass in virtually any building application.

You can obtain an anti-eavesdropping film with excellent features and benefits. It includes:

  • Protect you from the potential confidential information lost
  • Lower energy costs
  • Reduces window heat gain/loss
  • UV protection – blocks harmful UV rays, protects furnishing
  • Rejects 90% to 95% RF/IR/UV signals
  • Lowers electronic disruptions from outside EMI
  • Provide blast protection
  • Absorb infrared laser to protect privacy

Weprofab anti eavesdropping film is suitable for various applications where protection and security requirements such as in:

  • criminal investigation setting
  • commercial office space
  • government building, etc.

Anti-Eavesdropping Film

For your specific anti-eavesdropping film needs, you can totally rely on us. Tell us your idea, and we will create the best product. It comes in various types, thicknesses, colors, given the wave of UV, IR, visible light to absorb, etc. We guarantee to manufacture 100% quality anti-eavesdropping film for your business or project.

With us, you will get a company with more than 20 years of manufacturing experience and a proven track record of delivering superior quality products and services. Our team offers OEM OEM and ODM services to meet your requirements. Try our anti-eavesdropping film and get satisfaction!

Weprofab has advanced manufacturing lines and a skilled team allows us to offer the best anti-eavesdropping film products. We attain various certifications such as SGS, ISO9001, CE, etc. Our products are best-selling in the market. We serve thousands of customers worldwide. So, what are you waiting for? Be one of our satisfied clients now.

Anti-Eavesdropping Film

Aside from anti-eavesdropping film, we are also a certified provider of polycarbonate film, glass safety film, PVC film, anti-glare Film, HDPE film, surface protective film, and many more. In short, Weprofab is your one-stop shop solution for any film needs in China.

For your next anti-eavesdropping films orders, contact us. We have a cooperative team willing to work with you 24/7.


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