• Anti-glare Polycarbonate Sheets

Anti-glare Polycarbonate Sheets

Weprofab is a great manufacturer of anti-glare polycarbonate sheet in China. One of the services we have is to distribute and engineered anti-glare polycarbonate sheets. We have full capability to custom, design and provide excellent solutions for your polycarbonate. Send your inquiry!

Get WeProFab Anti-glare Polycarbonate Sheet Delight Your Customers

Weprofab has a big production experienced and knowledge, you can ensure a reliable and manufacturer to handle your orders. Weprofab is the ideal source of an anti-glare polycarbonate sheet. We are manufactured by using modern equipment to produce a high-quality product.

Clear Anti-glare Polycarbonate Sheet

The clear anti-glare polycarbonate sheet in Weprofab has the ability to protect the image from yellowing and fading caused by UV light. For special applications, Weprofab can do an excellent clear anti-glare polycarbonate sheet.

Anti-glare Polycarbonate Sheet Manufacturer

Weprofab is well-known as the best manufacturer with many years of quality experience of anti-glare polycarbonate sheets. We will provide you the one-stop solution for all your anti-glare polycarbonate sheets requirement.

Anti-glare Polycarbonate Sheet Cut-to-size

In Weprofab, we can cut to size anti-glare polycarbonate sheets into required dimensions according to your application. If you want to have the exact size of anti-glare polycarbonate sheet come to Weprofab.

Outdoor Anti-glare Polycarbonate Sheet

Weprofab supplies specialty polycarbonate sheet materials requiring optical quality including an outdoor anti-glare polycarbonate sheet. Our products are designed to solve any projects problems.

Weatherproof Anti-glare Polycarbonate Sheet

Weatherproof anti-glare polycarbonate sheet is a stronger alternative to non-glare glass. Weprofab offers and provides weatherproof anti-glare polycarbonate sheet which is made to the strictest quality specifications.

OPTIX NG Anti-glare Polycarbonate Sheet

OPTIX NG  anti-glare polycarbonate sheet is ideal for silk-screening, and point-of-purchase displays. Weprofab could offer you outstanding durability and robustness OPTIX NG polycarbonate sheet.

WeProFab: Your Leading Anti-glare Polycarbonate Sheet Manufacturer

WeProFab is a joint-venture company between WeeTect Material Limited and a Chinese local fabrication manufacturer. We tend to offer you a one-stop solution for fabrication.

Weprofab is a full-service industrial fabrication that providing solutions for business problems and lower-cost alternatives to processing products. We can supply you with a number of types of anti-glare polycarbonate sheets and more.

Have a special application? Contact us today!

Custom Anti-glare Polycarbonate Sheet to Skyrocket Your Brand

Extruded Anti-glare Polycarbonate Sheet

Weprofab offers services such as cutting and customizing extruded anti-glare polycarbonate sheets tailored to your needs. Weprofab is confident to distribute your precise design and high-quality product.

Flat Anti-glare Polycarbonate Sheet

Flat anti-glare polycarbonate sheet reduces unwanted glare and reflections. Weprofab do all sorts of fabrication of products including flat anti-glare polycarbonate sheets.

Anti-glare Polycarbonate Sheet for Laptop Screen Protector

Anti-glare polycarbonate sheet for a laptop screen protectors is an ideal protector which supplied with protective film on both sides. Weprofab can custom-design industrial anti-glare polycarbonate for laptop screen protector for you at favorable prices.

Anti-Glare Frosted Polycarbonate Sheet

The anti-glare frosted polycarbonate sheets feature excellent heat preservation and high-impact strength capacity. They are suitable for advertising displays, rail transits, and highway applications.

Anti-Glare Screen Polycarbonate Sheet

Anti-glare screen polycarbonate sheets are applicable for sidewalk, roofing, and more. They are usually available in silver and grey hues. These sheets have UV-protected layers.

Semi-Transparent Anti-Glare Polycarbonate Sheet

The semi-transparent anti-glare polycarbonate sheets have customizable thicknesses available. They usually have UV-coated and polycarbonate granule treatments.

Anti-Glare Solid Polycarbonate Sheet

Anti-glare solid polycarbonate sheets are suitable for skylight, greenhouse, and carport roofing applications. They have lightweight, making them easy to transport, install, and process.

Anti-Glare Polycarbonate Sheet for PC Board

The anti-glare polycarbonate sheets for PC boards protect your eyes from UV rays. These sheets have flexible transmittant, outstanding hardness characteristics.

Soundproof Anti-Glare Polycarbonate Sheet

Soundproof anti-glare polycarbonate sheets transmit light up to 88%. Their weather resistance helps discoloring and deformation occurrences. They are the perfect sheet for expressways’ soundproof shields.

Anti-Glare Polycarbonate Sheet for Railways

The anti-glare polycarbonate sheets for railways have extreme surface hardness. They feature anti-scratch resistance with customized colors. These sheets have lighter and solid properties.

Anti-Glare Mirror Polycarbonate Sheet

Anti-glare mirror polycarbonate sheets are accessible in rose gold, silver, gold, and more colors. They are suitable for interior decorations, make-up products, and furniture applications.

Anti-Glare Satin Polycarbonate Sheet

The anti-glare satin polycarbonate sheets are typically used as office partitions, soundproof walls, carports, and more. There are immense color ranges available that fit your specific utilization.

Anti-Glare Polycarbonate Sheet for Machine Cover

Anti-glare polycarbonate sheets for machine covers are practical for household applications. Aside from anti-glare, these sheets also have anti-static, antifogging, and anti-fingerprint features.

Anti-Glare Plastic Polycarbonate Sheet

The anti-glare plastic polycarbonate sheets are ideal for hotel applications. They come in multiple thicknesses to suit your specific usages. These sheets are available in various types, like flat, colorful, embossed, and more,

LED Anti-Glare Polycarbonate Sheet

LED anti-glare polycarbonate sheets are suitable for buildings, crafts, and advertisement utilization. They are easy to bend, economical, and hard-wearing types of sheets.

Awnings Anti-Glare Polycarbonate Sheet

The anti-glare polycarbonate sheets for awnings feature excellent flame retardant, good sound insulation, and perfect light transmittance. They are in demand in a wide variety of applications.

Glossy Matte Anti-Glare Polycarbonate Sheet

The glossy, matte anti-glare polycarbonate sheets fit in the skylight, greenhouse, and roofing usages. These sheets are known for their fireproof, weatherproof, and lightweight characteristics.

Matte Anti-Glare Polycarbonate Sheet

The matte anti-glare polycarbonate sheets provide up to 80% to 95% light transmission, depending on your chosen colors. Their thicknesses are customizable according to your request.

Unbreakable Anti-Glare Polycarbonate Sheet

Unbreakable anti-glare polycarbonate sheets are practical as sound walls and wind walls. They have scratch-resistant, high transparency, customized colors, and lighter weight advantages.

Anti-Glare Display Cover Polycarbonate Sheet

The anti-glare display cover polycarbonate sheets have excellent hardness, adjustable transmittance, and homogeneous spreading of light characteristics. They are ideal for advertising utilization.

Hard Coated Anti-Glare Polycarbonate Sheet

The hard-coated anti-glare polycarbonate sheets are perfect for carports applications. They are available in wide color selections, including opal, bronze, orange, blue, and transparent.

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Why WeProFab Anti-glare Polycarbonate Sheet

Anti-glare Polycarbonate Sheet

Weprofab anti-glare polycarbonate sheet is designed to lessen the total amount of light that reflects from screen, LCD, or even in monitor.

Weprofab is one of the largest manufacturers in China.

All of our anti-glare polycarbonate sheet is manufactured with excellent raw quality of materials compared to others.

Our anti-glare polycarbonate sheet has great features. I

t is easy to maintain, has a weather-resistant, heat resistant, and has outstanding protection towards corrosion and scratch.

Anti-glare polycarbonate can be applied in various applications, like screen protectors, signage, and many more.

Anti-glare Polycarbonate Sheet

Most of our clients place their belief to us as their and supplier of polycarbonate products because all of our products are in good quality.

We can provide a huge range of anti-glare polycarbonate sheet that comes in the highest and personalized styles and designs.

You can pick your own designs for your anti-glare polycarbonate sheet type.

In Weprofab our anti-glare polycarbonate sheet has a capacity to get rid of all undesirable glare and feature protective film on both sides.

Anti-glare Polycarbonate Sheet c

As a professional anti-glare polycarbonate sheet manufacturer, we engineer each of our products considering the issue of quality standards.

Weprofab is an ISO certified, guaranteed quality anti-glare polycarbonate sheet products are assured.

We are the most cost-efficient choice regarding the anti-polycarbonate sheet.

In Weprofab, we have all types of anti-glare polycarbonate sheets available and you can ensure satisfying protection standards.

We have been managing a lot of projects regarding polycarbonate sheets.

In Weprofab no more worries if how to find your specific needed, our respective staff and team are willing to help you and give you a satisfying service.

Weprofab strives hard to provide an anti-glare polycarbonate sheet with excellence in our distributing process.

You can be sure that we treat you in a professional way.

Contact us anytime regarding your needs, you can be sure that we will not ignore it.

Anti-glare Polycarbonate Sheets: The Ultimate FAQ Guide

Today’s guide will focus on all aspects of anti-glare polycarbonate sheets.

So, if you want to be an expert in the anti-glare polycarbonate sheets, this is the right guide for you.

What is Anti-glare Polycarbonate Sheet?

It is a polycarbonate sheet with a special treatment that eliminates glare.

In many instances, this coating is usually applied on the polycarbonate material during the manufacturing process.

It forms part of surface treatments on the polycarbonate sheet.

The surface of this thermoplastic material is somehow hard and appears frosted or matte.

Anti-glare polycarbonate sheet

 Anti-glare polycarbonate sheet

What are the Benefits of Polycarbonate Sheets with Anti-glare Coating?

Anti-glare polycarbonate sheets have a wide range of benefits, which include the following;

  • This material generally enhances viewing experience and greatly helps in reducing eye strain. Therefore, it leads to ideal image resolution, color contrast, display sharpness as well as comfort, among others.
  • It offers comfort in various sporting applications that require maximum vision, such as tennis, badminton, and gymnastics courts. This is vital since it helps in enhancing overall performance of the athletes and better vision among the fans as well.
  • It is durable since it also integrates other surface treatment coatings like anti-scratch and UV resistance. It makes it to remain intact even after lengthy use.
  • This type of polycarbonate material also improves safety among drivers since it helps in faster recognition of potential hazards on the road. And this is even critical at night. It helps in eliminating reflection of headlight or streetlamps on your lenses.
  • It is easy to customize for specific application needs.
  • It helps in defusing sunlight in many building roofs such as schools, hospitals, shopping malls, and administrative offices. This helps to improve the comfort indoors.
  • Anti-glare polycarbonate coating also enhances workers’ concentration and precision in machine shops by defusing sunlight.
  • It is lightweight and also combines excellent impact resistance with high flammability ratings. Therefore, making it a suitable material for various applications.

What are the Characteristics of Anti-glare Polycarbonate Sheets?

Different tints of anti-glare polycarbonate sheet

 Different tints of anti-glare polycarbonate sheet

Lightweight; naturally, this material is lightweight hence making it easy to handle.

It is also suitable for various applications both indoor and outdoor.

Abrasion-resistant; it also offers resistance to abrasion, which makes it more ideal for various applications as well as enhancing its durability.

Matte finish; it is a non-glossy but provides overall subdued appearance, as well as slight sheen.

Weather-resistant; it is never affected by any type of weather since it has properties that can contain all the possible unfavorable weather conditions.

Varying thickness; makes it suitable for you to choose the ideal thickness, of course, depending on the specific application.

Impact resistance; it is naturally made from polycarbonate, which is known for its excellent strength.

Easy to fabricate – you can choose to cut, drill, bond, bend, thermoform, print, or machine this material without breaking a sweat.

And this is vital when it comes to customization needs.

Are Anti-glare Polycarbonate Sheets Anti-scratch?


What happens is that during anti-glare surface treatment coating on polycarbonate sheets, anti-scratch substrates are also incorporated.

In other words, the anti-glare treatment encompasses several other coatings, including anti-scratch.

And for that reason, it enables it to resist any form of abrasion on its surface.

Additionally, if the surface is scratched, it also becomes easy to eliminate it from the material by using simple DIY techniques.

Why should you Invest in Anti-glare Polycarbonate Sheets?

Anti-glare polycarbonate sheets offer high optical clarity, which is essential in many applications that require the same.

You’re guaranteed of better and non-interrupted vision when using this type of material.

Easy maintenance is the other reason that makes investing in an anti-glare polycarbonate sheet worthwhile.

Ideally, cleaning this material is simple, and it also uses readily available materials and equipment.

Furthermore, you can as well maintain it by simple DIY procedures and not necessarily involving a professional.

Anti-glare polycarbonate sheets are wildly durable.

It thus means that you will save on huge costs related to repeat purchase and maintenance should you decide to invest in this particular material.

It is lightweight hence making it possible for you to carry it around with a lot of ease.

And this way, it becomes suitable for outdoor applications that require portability such as marketing displays and exhibitions.

The other worthwhile reason here is that you can choose to customize anti-glare polycarbonate sheet to suit your particular requirements.

The fact that you can bend, thermoform, machine, mill, drill, or even print on it makes it suitable for customization solutions.

Anti-glare polycarbonate material is versatile. What it means here is that you can use it on many different applications at the same time.

And this is important since it will eliminate the need for purchasing and using different materials in diverse applications where you can use a single one.

Naturally, this type of material helps in enhancing comfort, display sharpness, image resolution, and color contrast.

All these are helpful from a visual point of view, thus making it necessary to invest in this material.

How does Anti-glare Coating Work on Polycarbonate Sheet Products?

What happens is that clear polycarbonate sheet products often have a problem known as back-glare.

Primarily, this refers to the light, which hits the surface of the material and bounces into the eyes.

So the anti-glare coating works in a way that it reduces or eliminates such reflections from the surface of the material.

Now, this coating is usually hard and thin-film incrusted on the material.

And the content of this material has index refraction, which lies between air and polycarbonate.

So this makes the intensity of light reflected from the inner surface of the material and that from the outer surface of the film to be almost equal.

And when the thickness of the polycarbonate sheet is about a quarter of light’s wavelength.

These two reflections tend to cancel each other out through what is referred to as destructive interference.

It is for that reason that glare you see becomes minimal.

 Anti-reflective coating

Anti-reflective coating

Can you consolidate Anti-glare Coating with other Coating Options? If yes, which ones?

Absolutely yes!

Some of the conventional coating options that you can consolidate with this type of coating on polycarbonate sheet include the following;

UV resistant coating – This helps in preventing or reducing the UV radiations from getting onto the surface of the polycarbonate material.

Light diffusion coating – It helps in softening the light regardless of its intensity. This treatment helps to scatter the lights and comes from all directions

Anti-fingerprint coating– It merely assists in ensuring that no matter how you touch the surface of this material, the fingerprints will not be left on it. It is essential for an anti-glare polycarbonate sheet widely used in high traffic and POS display places.

Shatterproof coating – It is vital since it enhances the strength of this material, thus preventing it from breaking.

Anti-scratch coating – It reduces incidences of abrasion by ensuring that the surface material remains scratch-free.

Anti-fog coating – It prevents moisture from sticking on the surface of the polycarbonate sheet.

Anti-static coating – It helps in controlling electricity charges from generating on the sheet. This makes it easy to control particulate attraction as well as preventing ESD events.

What are the Disadvantages of Anti-glare Polycarbonate Sheets?

Some of the shortcomings of anti-glare polycarbonate sheets include the following;

 Surface with and without anti-reflective coating

Surface with and without anti-reflective coating

  • It is a bit tricky to determine the extent of anti-glare properties within a batch or from batch to batch as well as over the surface of a particular polycarbonate sheet.
  • The other disadvantage is that applying this coating treatment is a bit costly.

This treatment is naturally expensive, given that it involves quite many laboratory aspects and requires sophisticated equipment.

And it even becomes more costly the more you try to attain tight tolerances.

  • There is no standard anti-glare polycarbonate coating for all applications. What it means is that different applications require specific types of anti-glare treatment.

So this makes the entire process a bit demanding since it compels the user to know a particular kind of coating that suits their needs.

  • Depending on the application, you might need to constantly clean it as a way of attaining desirable results out of it. This can be relatively difficult, especially if the item is a bit large.

How do you Apply Anti-glare Coating on Polycarbonate Sheets?

There are several techniques you can use to apply anti-glare coating on this material.

However, the most common one is a laboratory process. It is quite technical and requires hi-tech equipment and expertise.

This process involves cleaning of the material surface meticulously to remove any contaminant that might hinder the effectiveness of the coating.

The material is placed in a machine, bombarded by electrons, and vaporize within coating chamber and adheres to material surface.

This leads to the creation of uniform, microscopic thin optical layer on the surface of the material.

This technique is quite intensive and requires qualified personnel to undertake.

There is also another common method that you can use for a DIY anti-glare coating application on your polycarbonate sheet.

In this case, all you require is to find a recommended anti-glare substrate and use a spraying machine to apply the substrate on the material surface.

This technique can be somewhat challenging because it requires high level of precision to attain a uniform layer.

Once you are done, you also need to allow the substrate to dry and form the coating.

The other typical method is merely finding an anti-glare film and apply it on the surface of polycarbonate sheet.

It is also a simple DIY procedure that you can do without difficulty.

The only problem with this anti-glare film coating is that it not necessarily durable, chemical laboratory anti-glare coating.

How many Types of Anti-glare Coating are there for Polycarbonate Sheets?

Some of the most common types of anti-reflective coating you can use include:

i. Single layer anti-glare coating

ii. Multi-layer anti-glare coating

iii. Absorbing anti-glare coating

iv. Gradient index anti-glare coating

v. Circular polarize anti-glare coating

vi. Anti-glare spray

vii. Anti-glare film

You can choose anti-glare coating for polycarbonate sheet depending on your unique application requirements.

Is Anti-reflective Polycarbonate Sheets the same as Anti-glare Polycarbonate Sheet?

Not necessarily.

Of course, the difference is quite minimal. It difference is based on their ability to eliminate or diffuse light waves in all spectrums.

In other words, anti-glare solutions tend to use diffusive elements to fragment light reflection off the material surface.

And it is this diffusion that reduces or eliminates the consistency of reflection hence making them blurred or fuzzy to the eye.

The other difference is that anti-glare polycarbonate sheet uses either diffuse particles or etching on material surface.

An anti-reflective polycarbonate sheet, on the other hand, uses film structure over the material surface.

Additionally, anti-glare is often visible to human eye.

Anti-reflective, on the other hand, is invisible to the human eye and also tends to display a soft blue or green hue, particularly when deposited.

How do you Choose Anti-glare Polycarbonate Sheets?

Anti-glare polycarbonate sheet

 Anti-glare polycarbonate sheet

When shopping for anti-glare polycarbonate material, it is always fundamental to ensure that you consider quite many factors.

Some of the most vital ones include the following;

Application – different anti-glare polycarbonate sheets are designed for various applications.

It is always essential to ensure that you identify the specific one that is engineered for your use.

The essence of this is that it enhances chances of attaining best results as well as efficiency.

Size – It is also another critical aspect that you have to consider when selecting a suitable anti-glare polycarbonate sheet.

In most instances, you’ll find that they come in varied sizes.

But that notwithstanding, you can always find the right size for your application.

Additionally, it is always easy to cut this material to size, thus allowing you to get the exact size that you require.

Color – It is another essential element that you have to factor in when looking for this material.

Ideally, different color shades also suit different applications.

For instance, if you’re using it on POS displays, it would always be advisable to go for a clear anti-glare polycarbonate sheet.

If it’s for decoration purposes, you can choose a color that suits you.

Thickness – What happens is that this type of polycarbonate material often come in a wide range of thickness.

And this, of course, has an impact on the overall results.

So it is crucial to ensure that you determine the thickness that you require when procuring this material.

Customization needs – It is necessary to look into the level of personalization that you’d desire to achieve from the anti-glare polycarbonate sheet.

It makes it easy for you to know the right type, size, thickness, and grade to choose.

What is the Best Way to Care for Anti-glare Polycarbonate Sheets?

An anti-glare polycarbonate sheet is a relatively sensitive material that requires a somewhat high level of maintenance.

And this is if at all you need to get the best out of it and at the same time ensure that it lasts for longer.

You can use several techniques to make sure that this material stays in shape and some of them include the following;

· Cleaning Anti-glare Polycarbonate

It is always essential to ensure that you clean it often.

But at the same time, you must factor in the specific elements revolving around cleaning it.

When cleaning, it is advisable to use lukewarm water and a soft cotton cloth to rinse it.

Also, it is recommended to use mild soap water when cleaning this material then use a separate cloth to dry it and prevent water spotting.

And while at it, never scrub or use squeegees.

· Scratch Removal on Anti-glare Polycarbonate Sheet

It is another significant way of taking care of this material.

It is prone to scratches, which can hinder its quality as well as physical appearance.

Removing scratches from this material is a simple DIY process, especially if they are light.

All you require is to apply toothpaste on the scratched spot then rub it in a circular motion for about 20 seconds.

Then take a soft damp cloth and wipe over the surface to remove the paste.

And finally, take another soft cloth and use it to dry the material.

You’ll have a sparkling scratch-free anti-glare polycarbonate surface.

It is always essential to do this immediately you notice any form of scratch on the content.

· Buffing Anti-glare Polycarbonate Sheet

It helps in leveling out or eliminating residue as a way of enhancing the gloss of the anti-glare polycarbonate sheet.

It is more or less similar to polishing since all you’ll be doing is restoring this material to its natural form.

Buffing is essential and always ensures that the article looks appealing and, at the same time, offers efficiency.

Are there Thickness Limitations for the Anti-glare Polycarbonate Sheet?

Not necessarily.

The anti-glare polycarbonate sheet comes in different thickness levels.

The ideal thickness is, of course, contingent on your specific application.

Nevertheless, experts often recommend a minimum thickness of 3mm.

But this material is available for up to about 12mm thickness or even more.

In other words, there is no thickness limitation, but for the sake of attaining better results, it would be ideal to use at least 3mm thickness.

Anti-glare polycarbonate coating with anti-scratch properties

 Anti-glare polycarbonate sheet with anti-scratch coating

Are Anti-glare Polycarbonate Sheets Coated on both sides?

Again, this is dependent on the specific application and, in other instances, the preference of the user.

However, coating both sides is recommendable because it makes it effective when it comes to displaying filters.

It is also essential for applications where pressure and weight are critical factors such as electronic automobile displays, among others.

How Durable are Anti-glare Polycarbonate Sheets?

The durability of this material is wholly dependent on how you use it, application, and other elements that it might be exposed to.

Additionally, how you take care of the anti-glare polycarbonate material also plays a significant role in ensuring that it lasts for longer.

The truth, however, is that it can last for as many years as possible without wearing out.

However, when exposed to extreme conditions such as high temperatures all the time could lead to shortening of the lifespan of this material.

Nonetheless, this material can still last for several years.

So, in other words, there is no definite period of how long this material can last since some can go for infinity.

How much do Anti-glare Polycarbonate Sheets Cost?

It is also quite challenging to tell the definite amount of money that a specific anti-glare polycarbonate sheet costs.

What happens is that the price is contingent on several factors.

Ideally, different suppliers often price their specific brands differently from others.

So we can say that the brand is one element that determines the cost of this material.

The other factor is the size of anti-glare polycarbonate that you’re looking for.

Other aspects include color as well as the thickness of the specific material you are purchasing.

Additionally, issues such as tax and shipping also determine the cost of this material.

In general, though, the cost of this material is usually valued based on the size.

Suppliers such as WeProFab can provide this material in wholesale prices.

Can you repair Worn off Anti-glare Polycarbonate Sheets?

Most definitely!

You can use several techniques to repair this material in as much as it is exceptionally durable and resistant to many elements.

The essential thing, in this case, is finding out the cause for the particular issue that contributes to wearing out of the anti-glare polycarbonate sheet.

Remember that every cause has a unique approach or technique for repair.

So, upon identifying the actual cause, you can undertake the specific repair method that suits it to ensure that you restore the sheet to the ideal state or shape.

Does Anti-glare Polycarbonate Sheets Block Blue Light?

Absolutely yes!

Anti-glare polycarbonate is naturally a UV filter.

It thus implies that it can block up to 99% of the blue light without necessarily treating it with blue light blocking coating.

But if you so wish, you can go for an anti-glare polycarbonate sheet that has blue light coating treatment.

This treatment is specially engineered to reflect off blue light.

With this information, you can definitely choose a suitable polycarbonate sheet for your applications.

For questions or inquiries, WeProFab team is here to help you.

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