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Aquarium Acrylic Sheets

WeProFab is one of the premier in regards to fabricating acrylic sheets. We have plenty of designs in our aquarium acrylic sheets that can captivate attraction and leave a fine and nice-looking display. To know more about our aquarium acrylic sheets, just send us your inquiries now!

Get WeProFab Aquarium Acrylic Sheets to Delight Your Customers

In WeProFab aquarium acrylic sheets, you can assure and gains satisfaction with our various types of products since we can offer you high-quality and very pleasing products.

Aquarium Acrylic Sheets Manufacturer

Since WeProFab is the main manufacturer of acrylic sheets products, we can reassure you to give the best and high-quality aquarium acrylic sheets we have and assist those in need of constructing aquariums.

Clear Aquarium Acrylic Sheets

WeProFab clear aquarium acrylic sheets are perfect for displaying gorgeous design. Since it gives a much clearer view of what’s inside and allows guests to look all over the admirations of the ocean.

Custom Aquarium Acrylic Sheets

We accept a custom-make product from our customer’s demand and we produce it by following your dimensions, shapes, and other design you wanted to have.  All you want to do is to send us your designs now.

Laser Cut Aquarium Acrylic Sheets

WeProFab is your best option in regards to your aquarium acrylic sheets since we can produce your laser cutting size and shapes. We do product processes like CNC cutting, so you can count on us!

Resistant Aquarium Acrylic Sheets

Since our aquarium acrylic sheets are lightweight, easy to fabricate and it can last for how many years. It is also ideal for those looking for the progression of their businesses.

Sturdy Aquarium Acrylic Sheets

At WeProFab, the sturdy aquarium acrylic sheets are very ideal for making aquariums since it is durable and stronger. It is good for business development and personal use.

WeProFab: Your Leading Aquarium Acrylic Sheet Manufacturer

WeProFab can offer you a one-stop solution and we assure you that we meet the outlook of our customer’s demand. We have many aquarium acrylic sheets products that fabricated and we are glad to give you more assistance regarding aquarium acrylic sheets.

We conducted custom-make for you to acquire satisfaction with our products.  You can free to choose whatever your desire is and WeProFab can manage it.

You can get what you earn. We can give our excellent services to our dear customers.

Get in touch with us now!

Custom Acrylic Handles to Boost Your Business

Clear Cast Aquarium Acrylic Sheets

WeProFab fabricates with high-quality and unique in regards to clarity, lightweight, and sturdy products. It has also crystal-clear in appearance.

Decorative Aquarium Acrylic Sheets

We offer a very eye-catching decorative aquarium acrylic sheet that is perfect for your desire. It can be accessible in high-quality material.

Large Aquarium Acrylic Sheets

If you’re looking for a very wide material for your aquarium, WeProFab can offer you a large aquarium acrylic sheet that has a greater optical distortion and a durable product.

Thick Cast Aquarium Acrylic Sheets

In our thick cast aquarium acrylic sheets, we can assure you the product is super thick and has a glossy appearance.

60mm Aquarium Acrylic Sheets

If 60mm is your specific measurements for your aquarium acrylic sheets, we can produce it for you and obtain adorable looking.

Impact Resistant Aquarium Acrylic Sheet

Impact-resistant aquarium acrylic is engineered using high-strength acrylic. Offers great optical clarity and is super durable. Guarantees optimum impact resistance and has better insulating properties.

Bulletproof Aquarium Acrylic Sheet

Bulletproof aquarium acrylic sheet is made up of abrasion-resistant and crystal-clear material. Arrives with a flexible design that fits a broad variety of ballistic shield applications. Has excellent light transmission.

Translucent Aquarium Acrylic Sheet

A translucent aquarium acrylic sheet can be cut to the exact size and arrives completely ready. Comes with a translucent appearance and a stable and sturdy structure. Applicable both indoors and outdoors.

2mm Aquarium Acrylic Sheet

A 2mm aquarium acrylic sheet is ideal for various purposes. Includes a pliable film for easy transport and installation. 2mm in thickness with distinct shapes, styles, and configurations. Can last a long time.

8mm Aquarium Acrylic Sheet

8mm aquarium acrylic sheet provides excellent resistance to possible hazardous outdoor elements. Capable to be drilled, formed, and bent. Applicable in any educational model making and construction.

20mm aquarium acrylic sheet

20mm aquarium acrylic sheet can be used in large water projects because it is non-toxic and eco-friendly. Provides excellent transparency, weather resistance, and easiness of installation. Has a thickness of 20mm.

High Gloss Aquarium Acrylic Sheet

High gloss aquarium acrylic sheet is widely used in displays, exhibition decorations, and many more. Made with high-gloss acrylic that is easy to clean and install. Provides unmatched heat and sound insulation.

UV Proof Aquarium Acrylic Sheet

UV proof aquarium acrylic sheet features a great scraped area and excellent optical clearness. Ensures astounding UV protection and solvent resistance. Made with stable and durable acrylic.

Decorative Aquarium Acrylic Sheet

Decorative aquarium acrylic sheet characterizes good mechanical performance and admirable electrical insulation. Highly decorative in structure with superior impact resistance.

Customized Aquarium Acrylic Sheet

Customized aquarium acrylic sheet arrives in a variety of styles and dimensions that fit your preferences. Popular due to its high strength value and optical clarity. Can be customized according to any requirements.

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Why WeProFab Aquarium Acrylic Sheets

WeProFab is the premier fabricator of acrylic sheets in China. We fabricate aquarium acrylic sheets which give very gratifying, enjoyable, and suitable for several applications.

WeProFab aquarium acrylic sheets are accessible in various types that include clear aquarium acrylic sheets in which they can give magnificent visual clarity. We also offer sturdy aquarium acrylic sheets that proffer you a tougher and more durable.

WeProFab aquarium acrylic sheets can be applicable at home, hotels, offices, shower cabinets, outdoor signs, and more. If you have a project of constructing an aquarium, our aquarium acrylic sheet is the best for you! It is perfect and suitable for your business demand and personal use.

Our aquarium acrylic sheets can be accessible in a lightweight and easier to heave.

Aquarium Acrylic Sheets

In constructing aquariums, WeProFab can be your solution since we fabricate aquarium acrylic sheets that have heat-resistance so it cannot cracks easily since we produce our aquarium acrylic product in more durable, UV resistant, and high-quality materials.

Choosing WeProFab in constructing your aquarium, we can assure the satisfaction since we fabricate many types of our aquarium acrylic sheets and expect inexpensive cost.

WeProFab aquarium acrylic sheets have a high gloss finish, hardwearing, and high visual clarity aside from that, it can also gain more attractive and obtain gorgeous display designs.

Aquarium Acrylic Sheets

In our aquarium acrylic sheets, we can guarantee you the high-quality products we have. Since we manufacture it in making use of 100% acrylic material and we assure you that our aquarium acrylic sheets attain your demand and expectation.

Aside from our fabricated aquarium acrylic sheets, we also accept custom-make aquarium acrylic sheets.

WeProFab can do crafting the products in regards to our customer’s demand. You can select your dimensions, sizes, and shapes that base on your desire.

We are pleased to assists you in your business development or for your desire. We conduct product processing that includes CNC cutting, bonding, and more.

Aquarium Acrylic Sheets

We have a lot of experience concerning fabricating aquarium acrylic sheets since we strictly follow the procedure and we make use of our latest machinery types of equipment.

We are very glad to know that our dear customer meets their expectations of the exact design they send to us. And also obtaining customer satisfaction with our product will be our pleased too.

To know more about our aquarium acrylic sheets, just message us!

What are the Features of Aquarium Acrylic Sheets?

The aquarium acrylic sheets have a lot of features such as:

  • Great weather resistance
  • Lightweight
  • Excellent light transmission
  • Great impact strength
  • Scratch resistant coating
  • Non-toxic
  • Excellent electrical insulation
  • Easy to transport
  • Superior transparency
  • Good chemical resistance
  • Excellent durability
  • High resistance to pressure
  • Easy to maintain and clean
  • Waterproof
  • Easy to glue
  • Wear-resistant
Which is Better: Aquarium Acrylic Sheets or Aquarium Glass Sheets?

To know which is better between the 2 materials for aquariums, we will compare them in some of their characteristics.


In terms of durability, the aquarium acrylic sheets are far superior to the glass ones.

The aquarium acrylic sheets are about 30 times more durable than the aquarium glass sheets.

They are extremely durable. When there are earthquakes, the aquarium that is made of acrylic sheet will not break, unlike the glass aquariums.

Lighter Weight

The aquarium acrylic sheets are also much better when it comes to lighter weight.

The glass sheets are 2 times heavier compared to aquarium acrylic sheets.

Since the aquarium acrylic sheet is lighter, it will also be easier to install and transport in any place.

Also, since they are lightweight, the transportation fee is also cheaper than the glass sheets.

Greater Clarity

In terms of clarity or transparency, the aquarium acrylic sheets are also better.

The aquarium acrylic sheets can transmit more light than the glass sheets.

The aquarium acrylic sheets can transmit up to 93% of light. While the glass sheets have only up to 82% of light transmission.

As a result, you will have better viewing and a more natural display when you use the aquarium acrylic sheets.

Also, the aquarium acrylic sheets will remain their clarity regardless of what thickness.

Easier to Process

The aquarium acrylic sheets are also better in terms of processing.

The aquarium acrylic sheets can be cut easily into your desired shape or size. They can also be drilled easily. And they will not break or crack.

However, the glass sheets are very fragile. You should be extra careful when drilling them because they might break.


The aquarium acrylic sheets are better when it comes to safety.

There is a possibility that the 2 materials might break. And when they break, the aquarium acrylic sheets are safer.

When the glass sheets are hit, they will probably break and shatter into sharp, tiny, and thousand pieces.

And their broken pieces might harm the skin of the people that are surrounding them.

However, the aquarium acrylic sheets do not break easily. They will break if they are hit too hard.

When the aquarium acrylic sheets break, they will shatter into dull and large pieces. And the broken pieces of it will not injure you.

Therefore, the aquarium acrylic sheets are safer to use than the glass sheets.

To sum up, the aquarium acrylic sheets are better when it comes to durability, lighter weight, safety, clarity, and processing.

What is the Right Thickness of Aquarium Acrylic Sheets Should be Used for an Aquarium?

When making an aquarium, the needed thickness of aquarium acrylic sheets will depend on your desired size of aquarium.

As an example, when you like your aquarium to be 0 to 12 inches high, the thickness of aquarium acrylic sheets should be ¼ inches.

Also, when you want your aquarium to be 13 to 19 inches high, the thickness of aquarium acrylic sheets should be ⅜ inches.

Moreover, for an aquarium that is about 20 to 24 inches high, the thickness of aquarium acrylic sheets must be ½ inches.

Additionally, the thickness also depends on the volume of your aquarium.

As an example, if the aquarium holds up to 100 liters of water, the thickness of aquarium acrylic sheets should be 8 mm.

When the aquarium holds up to 200 liters of water, the thickness of aquarium acrylic sheets should be 10 mm.

And when the aquarium holds over 200 liters of water, the thickness of aquarium acrylic sheets must be 12 mm.

What is the Aquarium Acrylic Sheet Made of?

The aquarium acrylic sheets are made out of durable and transparent thermoplastic material.

Does the Aquarium Acrylic Sheet Become Blurry When it is Very Thick?

No, the aquarium acrylic sheets will not become blurry.

The aquarium acrylic sheets stay transparent even if it is very thick.

Thick or thin, the aquarium acrylic sheets will not change their transparency.

aquarium acrylic sheets

What are the Different Colors of the Aquarium Acrylic Sheets?

The aquarium acrylic sheets are usually transparent or clear.

However, other colors are also available depending on the request.

What are Applications of Aquarium Acrylic Sheets?

The aquarium acrylic sheets are used to construct different types of aquariums, fish tanks, or swimming pools.

They are commonly used in:

  • Luxurious Hotels
  • Home
  • Company
  • Marine Museum
  • Mall

aquarium acrylic sheets

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